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Ever since Brenda returned to the scene, Carly has done nothing but whine and worry about her rival returning to town and messing with her claim on the three men whose attention she constantly craves. Can Brenda really compete with her need to control and manipulate everyone around her, or does she easily have her beat?

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  1. From Trinity

    There is something about Brenda that seems to make people WANT to help her and be around her.
    Carly tends to stand around DEMANDING that people to help her and want to be around her.
    Psychotics build castles in the air, and neurotics live in them…and Jason, Sonny, Jax, Sam, Michael, and Dante are the butlers.

  2. From ANNETTE

    loved it when Brenda & Carly had words at Jason’s , i wish they would have a good old fashion cat fight (remember Crystal & Alexis)..

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