General Hospital Poll: Who Is The Balkan?

There’s been a new mystery man tormenting people on the show.

Lucky has already been recruited to go after him and Dante will reveal that he’s well aware of the man in question. But who is the mysterious Balkan and why is he after Brenda?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the choice you would have made listed below? Why not tell us what you think should have been included in the comments section below.

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  1. From Sue Dunfee

    I think it is Brenda’s fiance, Murphy…but he is really Jerry Jax…

  2. From Lisa

    Brenda’s fiance!

  3. From Kit224

    It’s probably Franco or Alcazar but I’d love for it to be Jax! With plans to capture Brenda and run off with her!

    I hate the way GH is having Brenda’s return be all about Brenda/Sonny when Brenda was in love with Jax when she left GH. Brenda was over Sonny but now we’re supposed to believe she never got over him? Please! And Jax is with Carly and calling her his ideal woman? Carly is a manipulative liar and a total shrew. She’s emasculated Jax and that is not appealing to the fans. Plus, it’s obvious that Carly isn’t over Sonny and that Sonny is the love of Carly’s life and yet Jax seems to know that and he still stays with her? What happened to the Jax who ditched Brenda because of her not confirmed feelings for Sonny? The writers at GH may have amnesia about all this but the fans don’t!

  4. From Starling

    Harlan Barrett, Brenda’s dead dad.

    And I also hope Brenda takes Jax back, despite his total and sadistic humiliation of her at the altar on their wedding day in front of everyone she knew. And that moony, aging teenager Sonny goes insane because of it.K

  5. From Stacy

    Well the question is who would want her dead? Franco for her rejection maybe but not likely. I still think Lorenzo is alive but why kill Brenda? Not sure about Karpov, drawing a blank there Balkan sounds evil and crazy (for child trafficing)so I’m going with the Valentie Cassadine. Otherwise I’m lost.

    As far as Romances go…been there done that with the Sonny Brenda Jax love triangle please GH not again, I swear I’ll tune out.

    What about Dante and Brenda? There’s a story(No offence Lulu)or Jason and Brenda? They can’t stand each other but I think there’s something behind all that anger that would be cool(no offence Sam)

    Anyhow still watching Woot!

  6. From Jw

    Nope, it is the cheeky, classy Italian woman that Sonny met and had a coffee with when he first came to Rome.

  7. From Sonal Patel

    Brenda belongs with Sunny. All of the fans are waiting for them to get back together again. I hope this time they officially get married for good. They are meant to be togehter no matter how bad it gets.

  8. From Laronda

    It’s Franco! A few months back he had a picture of Brenda that he handed to an art collector, saying this would be his best work of art yet. It was a few months ago but I still remember it for some reason

  9. From bertram

    I was thinking it would be Jerry Jax, but given the choices, I would think Valentin Cassadine would fit the bill (Greek backstory of the Cassadines/Balkan Peninsula).

  10. From Kallie

    It is not Franco because the character signed a year long contract & James Franco won’t.

    It is not an Alcazar or an associate of anyone because they are someone everyone knows that was around when Brenda was in PC but hasn’t been seen or heard from since… Manny/Karpov was not around when Brenda was.

    ABC scrapped the Valentin Cassadine story so it is not him either.

    Brenda knows exactly who The Balkan is and is covering for him…

  11. From Lisa B

    I definitely think its Franco. I remember his “best artwork” comment. But that’s not why I think its him. He just seems to be the right “fit”. Everyone Franco has gone after has had in some way a tie to Jason. I think Brenda knows who it is, also. But I don’t think she understands the reasons she’s involved. I really wish they had gone a different route for ratings because the Sonny/Brenda romance became a big bore years ago as did the Sonny/Carly fiasco. I hated Claire when she first came on the show but grew to really like her character and the way she affected Sonny positively. I think the writers should give Sonny a chance
    at a REAL relationship. The
    whole “playboy/mobster” storyline has gotten soooo old. Just let the man be happy for a while. Claire compliments Sonny in a way none of the other women have. I’d really like to see them together. Brenda will never stay on the show permanently, so the “Brenda” character needs to just go away because the havok she reeks everytime she comes back is boring and annoying. She’s a villian in disguise.

  12. From Kris

    I think it is Jerry Jax and he hired Franco to torture Jason…

  13. From Jeanne

    It’s Stavros Cassadine…back from the abyss he disappeared into.

  14. From Todd

    OK, here is a MAN’s perspective. I really wish it was another Cassadine, Spoiler was that one was an outcast and was more dangerous than Hilana…. Where the hell is she NE way ? I LOVE Hilana and without her the town is pathetic… I WISH it were another Cassadine from the past Mikos and Stavros !!!! who would also bring back Laura with them and get the Spencer Cassadine War ROARING again, its been cold too long for me… and im sure the rest of the GH watching world.

  15. From James

    I Think its Valentine Cassadine. I think That brenda and dante covered up the fact that brenda killed Valentines son and i believe thats why they showed the episode of Gh today instead of a new one. But i think its valentine cassedine calling his self the Balkan and some of is men are in gh that we all know like maybe ronnie or maybe the mayor, And in the end PC will have to fall back on sonny jason and Johnny and there men to save them.

  16. From Trisha

    I think the Balken is the thought to be dead Cesar Faison

  17. From kathreen

    i love lulu and dante just
    holp that lulu and dante donte barck up b cut if brenda ps love gh becut of lulu and dante

  18. From Kim

    I think it’s Jerry Jax!

  19. From Kerrie

    I think it is Suzanne and Brenda was pregnant with her grandchild.

  20. From Dorothy

    I Hope the Balkan is Alcazar! So Carly and Alcazar can get back together. I don’t like Jax and Carly. I don’t like Brenda she keeps saying she doesn’t want anything to do with the men of port Charles but she obviously wants to mess with them.

  21. From Dorothy

    I hope it’s Alcazar. I want Carly and alcazar to get back together.

  22. From greg

    I wish he is A.J Quartermaine, i miss that charachter. Dead shmead its a soap, bring him back!!!!!!!

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