General Hospital Weekly Summary For September 20 – 24.

Crashes, captures and escapes.

Just as the date for Jax to adopt Morgan got close, Morgan started to have second thoughts. There was a family discussion and Morgan agreed to go along with it. Jax moved back into the house and he and Carly could barely keep their hands off each other. Michael even walked in on them making out on the couch before awkwardly excusing himself.

Lulu pried to the truth about what her brother was up to out of Dante. She decided that they should go to Ireland to track him down. When they got there, Lucky was literally tied up and being held prisoner by one of the Balkan’s thugs. He broke free and headed back to the local pub where he ran into his sister and her boyfriend. They did their best not to blow his cover in public, but when they got him alone, tried to convince him to drop this adventure and leave. He wouldn’t hear of it.

As Sonny and Claire got it on, Max and Diane sneaked into his office to eat his food and have sex on his couch. Sonny caught them at it and a fight blew up between the attorney until Sonny kicked Diane out. After he and Claire bonded some more, she left for the night and he called Diane back. She warned him that using Claire like that would backfire. The next day, Claire went to warn Johnny that she would go after him if he broke the peace. The young mobster was too busy getting back with Olivia again to care.

In Rome, Jason was forced to accompany Brenda to a gala and the paparazzi went photo mad with them. Then they went back to her room and she tried to reminisce with him. The next day, Murphy arrived and assumed that Jason was making the moves on Brenda. It soon became clear that wasn’t the case. Suzanne then informed Jason that he could no longer be Brenda’s bodyguard since she learned that he was in the mob. As soon as he left, some of the Balkan’s thugs came for Brenda. Suzanne called Jason to tell him she was worried because Brenda didn’t show up for a fitting so he went back to the hotel. He walked in on Brenda being drugged by the thugs. He shot them and then a private doctor came to treat her. Back in Port Charles, everyone was abuzz about the paparazzi shots of Brenda and Jason together. Sam tried to fob it off but Jax started to worry about his ex. Carly got paranoid when she discovered this and tried to convince Sonny to run off and take care of Brenda so Jax wouldn’t have to.

Once again, Maxie encouraged Robin to take Patrick back. He was busy trying to convince Lisa that he was done with Robin, but she knew better. She went over to Robin’s and, after eavesdropping on her talking to Patrick, slipped in and changed Robin’s HIV meds for tranquilizers. Robin took her pills while explaining her plan to take down Lisa to Matt. Meanwhile, Lisa told Patrick that they had to slow down and shouldn’t go away together. The next day, the nurse Lisa sent to get the tranquilizers showed up dead. Outside town, Robin drove her car into a ditch after accidentally taking the tranquilizers. Patrick flipped out when his wife went missing and Emma was soon found sitting in the back of the SUV in a ditch. Robin, however, was sitting in a cabin, still groggy from drugs. She woke up to discover Lisa there and taunting her.

Nikolas hired Maxie to be Brook Lynn’s fashion consultant. That led to a fight between the women. Brook wanted to run off but the prince talked her into sticking around.

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