Days Of Our Lives: Natalia Livingston Joins The Cast.


Soap Opera Digest is reporting that General Hospital alum Natalia Livingston (Emily and Rebecca) has just been cast to take over the role of Nicole’s sister, Taylor Raines.

The role was previously played by Katherine Ellis. No word yet on what this recast could mean for where Nicole’s (Arianne Zucker) story is headed and who it could involve. Look for her to make her appearance in December.

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  1. From dc

    i could see this girl making a play for brady, then maybe nicole would go back to ej to hlp him get sydney back from sami..

  2. From bluejay

    I love Natalia..she is a great actress. I was so mad at GH when they killed off her character, Emily. They had her back for a while as Emily’s twin, Rebecca, but for some reason the writers let her go. Big loss for GH, nice gain for Days! Hopefully the writers give her something she work with and not waste her talents.

  3. From Clear

    Nicole having a sister will certainly be interesting. Why is she coming to Salem, and how will she fit into the convoluted Salem storylines?

  4. From Lee

    Please don’t let Nicole get back with EJ. I think her sister might make a play for Brady, but she’s to young for him.Could possibly see her involved with Will and Gabi. Maybe they should pair her with Chad!

  5. From Nascarladi


  6. From Nascarladi

    Don’t need someone else from another show. This is Days!

  7. From bettyg

    I don’t know this actress, but I’m willing to give her a chance. If only the writers will do the same! I like new, but would still like some old people back, like John and Marlena!

  8. From Jenn

    I think that she would be more suitable for Philip?!? I would say Nathan but we know he will be with Melanie…I think it is cool they are bringing that character back however, I am sure she won’t be all sweet like she used to be.

    BettyG, I agree with you! Their ratings would jump if they brought John and Marlena back.

  9. From bluejay

    >>Please don’t let Nicole get back with EJ. I think her sister might make a play for Brady, but she’s to young for him.Could possibly see her involved with Will and Gabi. Maybe they should pair her with Chad!<<

    Natalia is 34 yrs old. A little info on her can be found here:

  10. From 35 year old fan

    It is time to get rid of EJ, Nicole, without Sammi’s kids. This is starting to get very upsetting what the Dimera’s are still doing to the Bradys. I guess after watching for 35 years I am just to close to the Bradys and Hortons. Time to take out the trash.

  11. From KIM


  12. From KIM

    this actress natalia livingston is thirty four years old, just the right age for ej.

  13. From Danny

    @ 35 year old fan…if they get rid of ej and nicole the show will turn to crap they r the ones that keep it interesting. if the show was just about the bradys and hortons it would become boring. i think bringing nicoles sister for ej is great i used to be a big ejami fan but after the whole rafe thing and the sydney kidnapping i knew they werent getting back together. so theres finally a new love interest for ej besides sami!! and safe (sami and rafe) are super boring they have no chemisry!!

  14. From cara

    i agree fro35yr old Fan!
    have been watching for 26yrs, i sick of the Dimera’s! they never pay for anything, but the brady’s & Hortons do!
    i just want the sami & her kids to just be happy, &the demerias to go away.
    second, i dont want no more new ppl, i want the old ppl back!

  15. From Kara

    EJ is going to fall in love with her (what I read) and Nicole is history!!!
    I’m more curious on if Allison Sweeney is really leaving Days? And if so for how long? :(( she’s always been my favorite so I’m goons be crushed if she is killed off!

  16. From Kara

    They should bring back Shawn D and Belle!!! That could really stir some $h!t up!! Philip was madly inlove with Belle and they were married and I know they called truths but if they bring em back maybe some drama could bring up the show a bit :)

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