Days Of Our Lives Poll: A Salem Halloween.

Halloween is around the corner.

Many of the characters in Salem are scary in their own special way. Some have the dark and romantic character of vampires while others are distinctly zombie like and some are just plain disturbing. Who would you choose to go as if you really wanted to frighten people when you showed up on their doorstep?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. If you don’t see the answer you would have given, feel free to let us know what you would have voted for in the comments section. Still need a costume? Get some ideas through these Easy Last-Minute TV Halloween Costumes.

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  1. From replica bag

    This is a good movie specially Halloween is coming up.

  2. From HRMitchell

    What? No Caroline?

  3. From Precious

    I think Vivian would make a great Vampiress, with Gus as her sidekick! She’s trying to suck the blood out of any female that Victor crosses paths with, so she’s a perfect match at being a vampire.

  4. From Lissa

    Vivian is the scariest hands down!! Every Halloween needs a witch

  5. From Jolie

    Old Viv is indeed a scary gal. Sami runs her a close second. She has the same scruples and is sure showing it while Ari is dying in the hospital…trying to sneak into her purse. Sami is out for Sami at all costs, just like Viv.

  6. From dc

    yea, vivian is a scary woman alright.. she’s already a witch (in my book)..
    no, i think stefano and ej suck the blood out of everyone they meet.. that’s the diera way..
    to bad ari is not going to make it. her and ej would have been a good match..

  7. From Pattypat

    Yes, Vivian is a villian and some of the plots she comes up with is not real. She is an excellent actress and should be nominated for Villian at the next Soap Opera awards and or a daytime emmy.

  8. From Melissa

    Vivian is frightening to say the least, what with her awful hairdos, plastic surgery-ruined face, and God, that voice!!!

  9. From Melissa

    Vivian is frightening in the least what with her awful hair, plasric surgery ruined face, and God, that voice!!!

  10. From Casey

    Sami is scariest to me. she’s a one person wrecking crew!
    BTW where is Gus??
    Wasn’t he knocked out in the crypt? What did I miss???

  11. From Jenn

    Vivian =’s SCARY! hahaha I love how Kate found her in the sarcophagus.

    I think it would be interesting if Kate planned for Ariana’s “accident” because she was worried about Stefano finding out that she ratted EJ out to Sami.

  12. From Evelyn

    I was just wondering, are there any fans out there who are both Days and AMC fans? Because I noticed something very strange on 10/27/10: Days, on NBC, showed an episode with James Scott as EJ, while ABC was showing their Favorite Daytime Couples repeats event, and they just so happened to show an AMC repeat with James as Ethan, which aired at the same time as Days! I sure do hope that there is no trouble between the 2 networks for this happening! I tell you, talk about DOUBLE-VISION!

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