Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For November 1 – 5.

Stumbling on the truth.

In the prison, Hope ends up discovering some unsettling evidence that makes her wonder about a recent death. In the outside world, Elvis mopes. With his one clear path to the truth now dead, he starts to get even more desperate than usual. Safe’s loft proves not to be so safe after all since EJ easily busts in to search for the evidence which Ari left behind. He’s not the only one getting frustrated either. Nicole’s desperation to get Syd back into her life and away from the mother who leaves her at the chowder factory all day leads to another hair pulling episode. Sami and Nicole battle it out over the little girl.

On a slightly more solemn note, the woman Sami tried to pound to a pulp last week gets her memorial service. Her friends and family gather to say goodbye to the lady whose life took a downward spiral. While EJ mourns the only friend he’s ever had, Brady beats himself up for how her life turned to crap after they broke up. He gets a surprise when her video will is played.

Still trapped in the poison laced sarcophagus, Viv is probably thinking about her will as well. The boredom of being trapped in a bed of pink silk with nothing to watch but reality TV is broken up by a ghostly visited from her dead nephew. Lawrence isn’t the only one to stumble over her. Philip steps into the family crypt for once and discovers her there. Meanwhile, Kayla tells Steph who actually altered the paternity tests. It was Caroline. And as the prospective parents return, Kate warns her daughter-in-law Mel to watch out for her new stepmother Chloe.

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  1. From Clear

    Okay! We get to see another Sami vs. Nicole catfight! Maybe Sami will see that she needs to keep track of her children!
    Caroline changing the tests? How and when did she even have the opportunity! It makes no sense that she did it.
    I for one am not at all interested in seeing Lawrence! Let Viv out because it went sour for me yesterday when she told Victor she has the upper hand. Take her out and let Kate chain her in the infamous Dimera lab with a mad doctor. She and Dr. Rolf (bring him back) can bond!

  2. From Cindy

    There is no reason at all for Caroline to switch the test results. I hope this is wrong.

  3. From Grandma Judy

    Clear, – Oh, that would be something. Dr. Rolf doing his best work on Vivian! Now, THERE’S a storyline!! I don’t get the Caroline and test results thing, either. I voted “because the writers didn’t have any better ideas”. But a spoiler did say “or did she?!”, so maybe they are stringing us along on that.

  4. From latrise

    Maybe she did it to protect Carly. No I’m just playing. I truly do not see why she change it, she will still have to babysit the kid no matter if it is Phil or Dan.

  5. From MAB

    We don’t need rape explained to us. We know what it is and some of us have unfortunately experienced it. The point is that this is a soap opera and the same rules don’t apply as the real world. Besides, NO ONE is going to agree on the subject – some think it was rape and some think it wasn’t – and I’m one who think it wasn’t. The writers tried their best to correct their mistake and Sami forgave EJ, so we should get past this and drop it already. Also, the fact that Sami had no way of knowing if she could find help from anyone else in time to save Lucas happened because the WRITERS wanted it to happen that way.

  6. From MAB

    EJ was absolutely right in making those accusations because he knows either Sami or Will shot him…and for telling Rafe if Ari dies, it’s on him. That is why Rafe attacked EJ because EJ was speaking the truth!

  7. From smokeater64

    wait-I’m lost, how the hell did caroline get into this? Nobody knows anthing except for the current players-I actually think Dr Dan figured it out long ago and altered the tests (but they have not showed us that part) caroline babysits and cooks-she would have the know how to break-in to a secure site and change Paternity tests!!??

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  9. From To whom it may concern

    I’m not sure why EJami fans want to white-wash the rape issue. It did happen and is a part of Sami’s history. It was even called rape by Days and the actors. Even though Sami forgave EJ, it doesn’t mean the fans have to. There are many that think it is twisted and disgusting to have a rapist and his victim together romantically. There is nothing romantic about their storyline. It’s disgusting and Days knows it. That’s why they have never really let them have a relationship at all. The only 2 times Sami slept with EJ (rape and practically brainwashed the 2nd time) she got pregnant. Other than that, there is no relationship or love. She feels bad because he is supposedly the father of 2 of her children – that’s it. EJ played on Sami’s insecurities to get her into bed…she even told him it was JUST SEX – nothing more – NO love. She only told EJ recently that she loved him because she wanted to torture him if he died….LOVE that about Sami. She gave him HELL back. EJ has made Sami’s life miserable since the day he came to Salem USA. That in no way is love. Just because 2 actors may have had chemistry is no reason to put their characters together…it is unrealistic and has alienated millions of long-time viewers. If Days wants to get back to its glory days, then they need to steer clear of EJami and move onto another storyline.

  10. From Grandma Judy

    latrise #4, – maybe Caroline should close the Brady Pub and turn it into a daycare center, huh?!

    It cracked me up today when Kate had the birth certificate hand delivered. I mean, if you don’t want ANYONE to know who sent it, – ever hear of the Post Office? Put a few stamps on it and drop it in a mailbox!

  11. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    I love how Rafe stands up to EJ. EJ has been trying to get “Rafe’s goat” for awhile now. Glad to see Rafe finally respond. Rafe is really going through some emotions lately. Not being mean, but glad to see Ari gone. Just never liked her character at all. There are a few more that can go behind here (starting with Carly).

    Grandma, LOL, I don’t know why so many people send things through a courier. There are records at couriers…like you said just put a stamp on it without a return address and mail it. Of course, then Kate wouldn’t get caught by Stefano and have to face the music.

    I don’t blame Hope for being upset that Bo wants to bring Carly into the investigation. How dumb can Bo be? (and he is my fav). He should know that is one reason why Hope went off the deep end to start with. Carly needs to be out of the picture permanently. He needs to stand by his wife…not his mistress.

  12. From mary

    maybe it wasn’t Caroline but someone using her computer or password. sorry Ari is gone. It’s going to be fun to see who finds Ari’s cell phone first. Where was Sami while Ari was in the hospital? Washing the evidence off her car maybe??UMMMM

  13. From patti

    ok….come on….Caroline….really….she isnt savy enough to do something like that besides how could she have learned the D.N.A. test was done i dint remember seeing where Steph. told her….E.J. however needs to just give up now….he will never have Sami, if she does go back to him she is one SUPER dumb blond….just saying

  14. From Lisa

    What? Caroline switched the test? What possible motive would she have except to protect that nit wit Stephanie.

    How stupid of Caroline to let baby Sydney go off with that mean girl! Has the clam chowder clogged her brain?? After all the baby has been through! If my grandmother did that, she would never see the baby again. But then again, her mother is Sami who never sees her any way.

    Let Micole have Sydney back. At this point, she would make a better mother than Sami!

    Poor Viv! I hope she is wearing a diaper in that coffin!

    Put Bo and Hope back together!!!

  15. From Katherine - PA-.I

    If “holy” Caroline did switch the test, then there is no hope in Salem for anybody, Caroline who appointed you God to play with peoples lives, aren’t there enough babies in this town that don’t know they belong to??????
    I just can’t see it,
    What’s wrong with Bo getting the help of Carly, she is a Doctor, and he might need a doc’s help.
    Hope was going off before Carly even got there, she had walked out and taken his child, something was wacky with her then already.
    So contantly quit blaming Carly for Hope’ dilemma.
    Some of you have no problem with Rafe covering murder, but Carly tried to help somebody, only after she knew the Baby belonged to Dan, otherwise she was turning Chloe in, I guess it’s all in the eye of the beholder, the way we see things.
    I think Nicole knows in her heart and gut, that Sidney is hers, look at Sami, I have never seen a bond between her and Sidney, just ownership rights. Sami talks a LOT but she doesn’t know how to do the walk, to busy running around, screaming all the time, causing problems, blaming everybody, lashing out every chance she gets, Got help her, and I mean that, she needs some intervention in her life, please. I am surprised she hasn’t had a stroke yet, with all that yelling and anger all the time.
    The only way E.J. is able to get Rafe’s goat, because he has one, a biiiiiggg one. Go Elvis, love you.
    E.J. come on over, I’ll tell you who shot you, but it will cost you darling…. HA,HA, are we having fun yet?

  16. From dc

    caroline changing the test, when did she have the time and does she even know how to hack into the hospital computer system to change the results. this makes no sense at all. i did not know she had a computer or even knew how to use one..
    yea, vivian has been in that coffin a long time. is she wearing a diaper.
    i can’t believe that caroline let kinsey, of all people, take sydney anywhere..
    goodbye ari.. you will be missed by this days fan..

  17. From cherie

    I sure hope this is all wrong about Caroline, however, she has been acting strange lately….can’t stand that Sami never has her “Kids” she always talks about them and what’s best for them, but then she never has them…also thought it was funny that Kate didn’t just mail the letter…loved her hair today though…won’t miss Ari at all, never did like her!

  18. From Precious

    ..Lisa..ha ha ha..If Viv is wearing a diaper, she should have a rash the size of Canada by now….that was funny!!! :) And, Victor will need a king-sized shovel to get the poop out of the coffin she’s in!!

  19. From Grandma Judy

    My husband’s sentiments about Arianna are that the character has been a little on the nutty side but that the actress is really “built” and sure looked good in that bikini this summer! I have to agree. Oh, to be able to wear one of those again!!

  20. From kellyann

    Caroline..switching the test results, come on, how stupid!

  21. From Michelle

    To echo what the rest of you have already said, Caroline being the test switcher is just ludicrous. So many questions there – how did she find out about the affair, how did she know about the paternity test, WHY on earth would she want to change them, HOW would she have changed them…. None of it makes any sense and takes away from the s/l a lot. Just another dead end for us viewers. I had a lot of interest in this whole s/l at first, but it has all become so unbelievable (even for a soap opera) that I can hardly care anymore. From Chloe cheating to being ready to pop in a matter of 2 or 3 months to Dan being so stupid and gullible to all of Chloes lies and talking in circles to Mel finding out and stopping the wedding but then deciding to be quiet about it to now Caroline being the test switcher. This has got to be one of the worst written storylines ever!

  22. From Katherine - PA-.I

    can’t wait to find out about Caroline and the test switch, Miss Holy, how in the world would she and why would she do this.
    So weird, well I always said “the cover up is worse than the crime”,right Rafe, Sami and Will..
    The diaper joke is not funny anymore, too much of it, weeks of it. Enough.
    Get Viv out and let the games begin. Getting very boring, like so many other story parts, move it writers, snap to it, we are bored.

  23. From CAKES

    WOW…Caroline switched the results…wow writers you have now turned into the worse writers I have ever seen.Get real. This Sami story is really getting OLD and maybe Nicole and EJ should have the kids,Sami sure doesn’t seem to care enough to want Sidney or Johnny.She never has them any more. To busy jumping in bed with Rafe than having her kids. Sami is a bad mother..look what games she is playing with Will’s life. Open your eyes people and see just how much EJ loves his kids conpare to Sami…again to busy having sex with Rafe. Can’t stand to look at Rafe any more…get rid of him..what a looser. Please stop this story with Via, Kill the b–ch and be done with it. No one can stand her and Victor belongs with Maggie. I beginning to think that these wonderful writers have all gone nuts..get new writers and lets have some real stories.

  24. From Clear

    Grandma Judy–glad you got a charge out of the idea of Kate getting Viv out of the coffin and chaining her in the depths of the Dimera mansion in the lab somewhere with a mad doctor! LOL! It would be too cool, and he could drug Gus to be his man zombie to care for and feed Madame! Where is Gus? Does anyone know what has happened to him? I hate to see Ari die, but I never liked her character much either. Maybe she will end up in the Dimera lab like John Black and come back as Dr. Rolf zombie!

  25. From Clear

    Postscript: I just was reading spoilers and see that Jennifer’s love interest will be the new doctor. That’s fine with me because I never liked Jack Devereaux. He was like a cat with nine lives, and most of them were rotten, or he was a silly dimwit! I’m glad Jennifer is coming back without him.

  26. From renee

    I thought Vivian look like her makeup had been done again. She don’t complain about getting out to go to the bathroom. And that is just not right. It seem like she has been in there for two or three weeks. I thought it was nice that EJ called Brady to let him say by to Arianna.

  27. From Katherine - PA-.I

    So far I do not like the new doctor at all…..
    Open to see what happens.
    He is to short, I don’t care for short man.

  28. From Clear

    Since EJ had few friends, he did it for Arianna he said and now he has a mission to get justice for her as well as himself which will not bode well for Sami or Will. Will is quite young to be involved in a Dimera Vendetta already. It doesn’t look like Viv has lost any weight either! It is unreal, and I’m tired of her in the coffin and want her out of it.

  29. From maryl

    I just read on SoapOperaFan that Natalia Livingston is joining DOOL as Nicole’s younger sister, Taylor! I loved Taylor and was hoping that Eric and her would get together but he had it so bad for Nicole at the time, he couldn’t see Taylor. Natalia Livingston is gorgeous! On GH she played Emily Quartermaine and was great. If all this materializes, she could become the new love interest for EJ that is rumored? Unless the writers change her personality, Taylor was the good one, Nicole the bad. It could also be that they plan to make her Brady’s new love interest. I hope it’s for EJ! He needs a great new love in his life and to forget about Sami–leave her with Rafe! EJ needs to find someone who could love him unconditionally and to bring out that good side of him. Sami brings it out but then turns around and destroys it. That’s getting tiresome. I hope he gets rights to his children fast because someone besides Caroline needs to take care of them! She’s bound to be worn out! Her squirrel of a granddaughter will continue to dump them in her lap. No wonder little Sydney looked so unhappy and lost, she has been taken out of a home where she had love and attention from a father, mother(while in the mansion only), doting grandfather, grandmother and a whole crew of people in the mansion who cared for and protected her! Now she is living most of her little life in a pub! She’s being handed from person to person, some unreliable as Kinsey! Nicole was definitely a better mother! She always had Sydney with her! I laughed out loud when “holy” Caroline pulled Sydney away from Nicole in front of the pub and made her sarcastic remark that Sydney needs to go inside because she could catch some sort of virus, meaning Nicole! I really wanted to slap Caroline at that moment, she has a heart only for herself and her family. She doesn’t have the ability to empathize with anyone else but those she considers worthy!

  30. From karen

    That is the most crazy thing ever Caroline changed the results…what is going on with the writers.?? it so stupid to have her do that. I can’t stand stephanie but again by the time mel/nathan get together no one really cares because it gets so dragged out …just like the baby switch…

  31. From karen

    Michelle.. YOU my dear are right on……Everything you said I couldn’t agree more….

  32. From Minty

    I think Taylor should be a love interest for Chad after he’s outted as a Dimera. I heard rumors that he & Will could hook up but haven’t seen any real evidence supporting that so perhaps could be false. Plus he seems so lost & lonely. Nicole was married to EJ so that just wouldn’t be right. Enough of that stuff went on between Austin & Lucas.
    I don’t get Caroline being involved in the switch at all.

  33. From Annie2

    I was a huge Sami fan for years, but I find I can’t get over what she did to E.J. Shooting him and then jumping in bed with Rafe was too much! The fact that she didn’t confess and is putting Will through such Hell is not right. A good Mom protects her kids first. I love scenes with Johnny and E.J. He is always a good Dad to his kids. I also want him to find someone who loves him unconditionally.

  34. From Nightmare

    Well i guess like all things of past they get bought back and discussed all the time, of course its easy for the writers to change the story line and for Sami to get over her rape with EJ, just as Austin got over it with Sami. As we all know if it wasn’t just a soapy it wouldn’t be that easy..
    I can’t believe Caroline would even know how to go about changing things.
    Maybe she is so upset or jealous with Victor (over Maggie) that she didn’t want him having his grandchild.

    #16 Precious ha ha he won’t need a shovel soon, He better get her out or she will be buried alive in her own poop.

  35. From Nightmare

    Ladies I have a question for you.. lately there has been some discussion about Nicole being Sydney’s mother.. How would that be possible. Where would Sami’s baby be? The baby that died was it Mia’s? Why would they switch sami’s baby with Nicole’s that night…. mmmmm its enough to drive ya silly.. These poor children no wonder they turn out like they do, their screwed up from birth..

  36. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    The past is the history of this show. It can’t be forgotten. It’s part of the character and their story. That’s how I see things. Days writers seem to forget things over time, but it doesn’t mean the fans have.

    I noticed the mentioning of Sydney and Nicole, too. I’ve wanted Sydney to be Nicole’s from day one. She really loved her and showed she could be a good mother (at least to me) because she put Sydney first. I would love to see Nicole happy – even without a man. Interesting if Taylor and Nicole fought over EJ. I just think Nicole would be too smart to fall for that again. But it appears to me that Brady still loved Ari (not sure why) and Nicole finds out. She hates being second choice.

  37. From maryl

    I’m almost willing to bet that the writers will screw up the Taylor SL! They will probably go down the same road as always. Nothing good must ever happen for EJ! Taylor will probably fall for Brady and EJ will fall for Taylor–then Nicole and EJ will try to come between them. Nicole will try to hang on to Brady, so EJ and her will be scheming to keep them apart. I sure hope I’m wrong about this, but this is the only direction the writers seem to be capable of taking. Nothing good for EJ! I’m very excited about Taylor coming on the show, but bracing myself for more disappointment from the writers. Come of writers, give EJ a break! Throw him a crumb please!

  38. From maryl

    PS correction–come ON writers!

  39. From Clear

    For once I totally agree with you maryl!

  40. From SL

    Caroline – seriously? This is not a “surprise” turn of events – it is a lame turn of events – I find it hard to believe that SHE who always preaches do the right thing to her children, grandchildren & great grandchildren would do something like that just to help her neurotic grandaughter hang onto a guy who may or may not want to stick around – geeeeeez – someone PLEASE grab the writers bby the shoulders and shake!!!!!!!

  41. From SL

    another thought – maybe Brady’s wake up call will be Ari’s death – he will end it with Nicole, who in her re-newed interest in Sydney will make nice with EJ – EJ will get the goods on Sami and blackmail her into at least partial custody – EJ can reconcile with Nicole as they are cut from the same cloth, and she can be a part time mama to Syd – Brady needs time to just chill out and get back to being Brady……

  42. From MsBoulder-CO

    I agree the writers had nothing better to do than to write Caroline switched the paternity results.
    How much longer before everyone knows about Viv? All of a sudden everyone is visiting Isabella’s mausoleum and finding Viv. Now it’s Phillip. Funny though everyone is leaving her in there that when she’s released they could all be named as culprits. I see Viv getting to Nicole though and she’ll get her out.
    So Jennifer is coming back once again separated from Jack. No one stays married on Days so it’s no surprise. Can’t believe they are going to have that new geeky looking doctor falling for her.

  43. From MsBoulder-CO

    I also want to say while I don’t like Nicole too much she would be a better mom to Sydney than Sami. I haven’t seen Sami spend any time with Sydney or Johnny!!

  44. From Ky. Girl

    i agree with you renee#24, it is time to get viv out of the coffin, it’s not realistic at all. there is no way anybody could be in a coffin that long and look that good. i know we have to stretch our imaginations to watch soaps but this is too much. also was glad that ej called brady to say goodbye to ari. and i know money is short for days to hire more actors but it is ridiculous they couldn’t have ari’s parents at the hospital, once again they’re makeing rafe an ass for not calling them. do you think they’ll be at the funeral?

  45. From carol a.--PA.

    I for one do not like this new doctor. There’s something creepy about him. And why would they make Jen have a new love interest. Where is Jack.
    Either get viv out or not. I’m sick of it. She hasn’t learned her lesson anyway. She’s already plotting. If vic doesn’t get rid of her, he’s insane. She is really a disgusting person. Just looking at her makes me feel sick. She needs run out of town on a rail.
    I don’t think it’s time to get over it already about the so called rape incident. We should comment on anything we want to. No one should tell anyone to stop it.
    If anything should be stopped then, it should be the e.j., sami discussions. It gets on my nerves, but I don’t tell anyone to stop. It’s all part of the discussions, isn’t it.

  46. From Katherine - PA-.I

    Nightmare, in regards to Sidnye and Nicole, I have mentioned it before.. I could be……
    When Brady took Nicole to Doc Dicks clini, she supposedly lost the Baby, maybe she delivered early and Doc took it to sell it later on. Then when Sami came to deliver, her baby didn’t make, don’t you guys remember Doc rushed the baby outside with that look on his face and Sami got all upset and worried about her baby.
    When Nicole showed up With Mia’s baby and demanded that Doc would switch Sami’s for Mia’s, and he finalllly gave in, could be that h e gave Nicole her OWN Baby that really had never died. Would explain the incredible bond she always had for that child, and still does. Oh Doctor Baker, sounds like something you might have done. If that is the case, that Sami’ own baby never made it, she did not have any natal care in that hideout, lots of stress etc. anything could have gone wrong with that pregnancy.
    That being the case, could be Sami’s final redemption, it could make her re-born and change her whole life for the better. Maybe all the lying, keeping kids a secret, etc. would a thing of the past for Sami, how else is she ever going to come back into good graces, with herself, her family, her friends, childrens fathers and US the FANS. Just a theory… I’ll be surprised

  47. From MAB

    The rape discussion is a very sensitive subject that too many try to compare what happened to Sami to real life. No one is ever going to agree on what happened anyway, and it causes too many people to get the feathers ruffled – that’s why the subject should be dropped – it just rehashes the same argument. And the reason Sami & EJ are talked about so much is because they are the most interesting on the show to talk about.

  48. From Susan W

    Caroline!!! Wow! I’m impressed. She’s a hacker in an Old Lady costume! Trick or Treat!

  49. From Tess

    Caroline didn’t switch the paternity tests. Dustin is pulling our chains. It’s a joke guys.

  50. From Katherine - PA-.I

    wonder if Rafe’s will be seen at the service?????

  51. From Katherine - PA-.I

    My God, I meant Rafe’ MOTHER will be seen at the service.
    I don’t want to see Rafe’s..

  52. From Michelle

    This is not the only site that says Caroline is the test switcher, so I do think it is something DOOL has planned, but I also believe (or want to believe) that it will just be a short lived attempt at sidetracking us from the real test switcher. At this point even if it is Carly it won’t matter because they’ve been playing it in that direction for a while now. The best thing they could do is make Dan the switcher, that is the only s/l that would have any interest.
    Dayscafe says that tomorrow EJ and Sami will be playing tug of war with a box they think contains Ari’s recording and end up falling on the bed together. We know that will be an intense moment with the staring into each others eyes or whatever, I’m looking forward to that.

  53. From kass

    To whom it may concern you sound full of it #9 rape is forced and EJ didn’t FORCE himself on sami, or drug her, like SAMI did to Austin. If you want to argue that EJ is twisted then you need to acknowledge that sami ie as just messed up… and how do you figure she was brain washed the second time they did it , she knew exactly what she was doing she was using EJ because she didn’t want him around nicole, you just like safe and many safe fans keep making cheap excuses for everything sami does ( I’m not calling ANY one out by name because I don’t keep tabs on what everyone posts) . My point is if you think EJ should pay, why is sami above the law. Another thing I don’t see why every one is so surprised to hear Caroline switched the results she has had an evil streak lately and I can to tally see her doing that because I am not blinded by the ” holier than thou shield over the bradys” like a lot of people are, she might of done it to keep the evil kirikis away from the baby or maybe just to be a jerk but I definitely know she’s capable of it … look she never revealed victor was Bo’s dad until he was green because she didn’t want the kiriracas to have an influence on him

  54. From kass

    Haha a lot of mistakes in my last post I meant to say until he was grown, like I said before my phone finishes my words and there not always right

  55. From Michelle

    I don’t see Caroline switching the tests not because she is a “Holier than thou Brady”, but because it just doesn’t make sense, she hasn’t been shown as being involved in the s/l at all or knowing anything about it, and really has no close connection to any of the involved parties. Also, she, as far as we have been shown, doesn’t have the access to have them changed.

  56. From Debbie

    Re: #48 Tess, Dustin’s site is no longer active and he’s not here posting anything, so he can’t pull chains where Caroline is concerned. I just can’t see her actually doing it as she doesn’t have security clearance to have access to private files.

  57. From Nunya

    To whom it may concern, you are absolutely right. Too bad Ejami fans aren’t bright enough to get that though their collective skulls.

  58. From Michelle

    Wrong, wrong, wrong that there is no chemistry between Sami and EJ, no love between them, and that on EJ’s death bed she only said she loved him to torture him. BS!!! Wait until tomorrow’s episode where they fall on the bed together. I only know that by spoilers, but also know any time they have face time together without Rafe (barf!) around it is electric. Watch tomorrow and then argue your point. As I said, it has not yet been shown, but I am confident enough in Ejami to know that it will be good….

  59. From Michelle

    Oh, and also, too bad Safe fans aren’t bright enough to get it through their skulls that Rafe is nothing but a selfish and obsessive bastard, needing so badly to feel the hero he practically drove his own sister to her death by trying to cover for Sami and Will and making Ari feel like she was wrong for wanting to tell the truth. He has his own skeletons that he is trying to hide by focusing attention elsewhere, and I have a feeling when his skeletons come out they are going to be much worse than EJ’s.
    Have your own opinions, but don’t start calling names by saying Ejami fans have thick skulls unless you are ready to take it all in return. And guaranteed, you WILL be outnumbered!

  60. From Vivian

    OK…I have lost track of how long Vivian has been in the coffin…but if \methane gas\ is being generated, she may blow the lid off herself. LOL She won’t need anyone to rescue her.

  61. From Katherine - PA-.I

    E.J/Sami fan all the way, but only if the bitch pays for what she has done, I want Elvis to bring her to her knees, begging him for forgivness, or at least say she is so so terribly sorry,
    he has told her so many times from the heart how sorry he is, and we Fans know it’s true, because it showed him by himself hating what he has done.
    It’ going to take a lot for Sami to get into my good graces again, but I want chemistry, love and lust back between those two misguided lovers.
    Michelle – I am in, who is next….
    I am sure Kass and MAB are in,…..

    Today in hospital when Elvis laid that guilt trip on Rafe, I wrote those lines for him and we rehearsed them when came over the other night. He had Rafe there for a split second, then of course Samanth had to show up.

    All of you, look at Will, what adults have done to him, he won’t be the same for a long time to come.
    Sami and Rafe, I hope you are proud of yourself, but of course you are going to blame E.J. for the coverup and of course how dare Ari try to tell the truth about attempted Murder.

  62. From Michelle

    Katherine, you and I agree so much, I love it. But I love the ones that don’t too, it is fun arguing different points. Although it is frustrating when people deny simple facts just because they don’t like them.
    Ejami and the related s/l’s are the only thing keeping Days going right now. And if Ejami was so horrible, why would they have been the prominent s/l over the past few years? (Including related s/l’s such as Nicole, Sydney, Rafe, etc… – None of those s/l’s would have ever been if it wasn’t for Ejami. Even Ari and her s/l’s with Brady and the Salem mugger wouldn’t have been because she was introduced as Rafe’s sister, who never would have been if it weren’t for Ejami.) Obviously they keep ratings up, and that speaks for itself.
    I’ve been an Ejami fan all along but have for the most part remained silent about it because of all the controversy, but I’m done with that now that people are being so dim-witted as to try to deny any love or chemistry between them ever existed. What their true feeling for each other now remains to be seen, after the kidnapping, shooting, and cover-ups, but come on people, do not try to deny that there was love and chemistry between them at some point, and that none of those feelings linger (if only as feelings for your childs mother/father).
    And just for the record, my opinion is that EJ is way to good for Sami and she is going to get what she deserves with Rafe. But nevertheless, they do make for good watching.

  63. From kass

    “Nunya” you and “to whom it may concern” are probably the same person you probably just used a different screen name to back yourself up, and feel like you have a supporter, but if you want to start your own little army you need to know that this site has way more EJAMI fans than SAFE (even though we do have some really nice Safe fans in here, who are very nice ladies, we just don’t always agree on everything). So what you and both of you screen names need to get through your thick skull is that we have all already fought this argument out several times “is it” or “is it not rape”. The definition of rape is the unlawful compelling of a woman through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse. EJ neither physically forced himself on Sami nor threatened her; he made a negotiation with her. Do I think it was completely moral or ethical? No, but is it rape either? No! He was willing to walk away and both go their separate ways if she refused. No Sami wasn’t exactly pleased to have intercourse with EJ but she was not FORCED, she had the choice to go and try to find help elsewhere, but she chose to take the course that she did so many years ago. Yea EJ was a bastard for not helping Lucas out of the kindness of his heart but that doesn’t make him a rapist. EJ knew that Lucas stood in his way of getting Samantha, and that’s probably why he didn’t want to help him (again class say it with me “no that wasn’t nice of him, but that doesn’t make him a rapist”). As for the fact of EJ being a jerk for not helping Lucas without a cost, look at all the crap that Sami has done out of complete spite, and she actually DID RAPE Austin. EJ has changed from that time and has become a lot more loving to Samantha and she has even forgiven him for his ways (one more time class “it wasn’t rape, it was EJ being a douche or jerk, but not a rapist”). Nunya aka to whom it may concern we all know that EJAMI has the hottest chemistry day time television has seen in a while it is undeniable, even you who don’t like them together can’t deny it as stated in “to whom it may concerns comment” and supported by “Nunya’s” comment, even thought I believe that it is the same person (since you both new to the site, used very vague screen names, and the fact that Nunya didn’t comment on any other post other than “to whom it may concerns” …. It just seems a little convenient to me). So before you go and get in to other people conversations, mind your own, because its “nunya” business.

  64. From Kim

    I’m glad they are giving Caroline a storyline other than serving up chowder and babysitting. Maybe she’s sick of how Victor is always interfering in her and her kids life that she finally decided to hit him where it hurts, she knows he despises Chloe, and loves Dan, so having to deal with Chloe as a God Daughter in law is just payback for the way he’s screwing with Bo and Carly and sorta keeping them together and Bo and Hope apart, she was/is angry that he married Vivian, and she’s mad that he has sights on Maggie. just some thoughts as to why she would have done it…

  65. From kass

    Ladies I’m most definitely IN (about loving the Ejamily) I’m not a really mushy woman that cry’s over movies, acts really feminine all the time, or one that likes watching a lot of love story movies, but something about Ejami make me feel all frilly and like love stories, I guess because it’s not just sex sex sex, there’s a history and there’s fighting and passion, and love, and anger, and they have the ability to love each other at the same time of hating each other, and either way it is just sooooooooooo much chemistry my television smokes. They both are so complicated and hard to figure out yet so simple to understand which in itself contradicts itself. These two characters without a doubt have held this show together, whether you are on this site to say you love them or on here to express how much you hate them either way you are taking time out of you busy day to go to a web site and blog about them. Whether you are a Ejami fan or a Safe fan you have to thank EJ because if it wasn’t for EJ there wouldn’t be a need for you to declare your side it’s much like WWII, you didn’t need to declare if you were Axis or Allied sides until the way began. Not to mention that if it wasn’t for Sami living with EJ at the mansion and witnessing the murder and going into witness protection she would have never met that rogue agent Hernandez, and made one dumb decision after another. I cannot get enough of Ejami, I truly believe the reason that they haven’t put EJAMI together for good is because then there wouldn’t be nothing else for them to do, like Shawn, Belle, and Claire, they had the top story line for nearly two years, but as soon as the writers put them together for the long haul there was no room for drama and we all know that the major story line goes where the drama is! I do want EJAMI back together but before that I want to see her truly be ashamed and ask for forgiveness for what she has done. So I don’t care if I’m the last EJAMI fan standing I be here! (despite my better judgement, I’m going to be like EJ and hope Sami will one day come around).
    As for Rafe’s Punk a*s, come on man, you cant fight man to man? Man up and grow a pair, you have to go out and pick on injured people who just got out of the hospital from brain surgery? He is such a pitiful coward. The thing is is that Rafe knew that EJ was right and that if Arianna died that it would be all his (Rafe’s) fought, and Rafe also knew that EJ was right about Sami and Will being behind the shooting, and that’s why he attacked. See if someone was to call me a name that I know that I’m not like “stupid”, or “fat” or something else, I wouldn’t be offended, BECAUSE IT WOULDN’T BE TRUE. But if some one was to say something offensive to me that I knew was true I would then be offended, Rafe was only offended because he knew EJ was right. Ohhhh and I don’t want to hear the garbage that EJ was badgering Rafe while his sister was dying in the next room because less than a month ago that was ST. Rafe doing that to Stephano, the difference is that Rafe wanted EJ to die then but EJ doesn’t want Ari to die. Rafe showed how much he really cared for Ari when he turned on her that day on the pier, so not only was her partially responsible for her death but also his character should also live with the fact that she died feeling alone, now that’s a TRUE PIECE OF WORK, Rafe is a pathetic looser!

  66. From Holly

    So I watched a ton of ejami u-tub videos the other day and without a doubt there is chemistry.
    I can honnestly say back when i first started watching dools’ there wasn’t this much b-***it of children and parenting. I don’t rem seeing much of bell, phil, shawn until they were older. the stroy lines were always about the adults. But it seems to be the writters want to create these almost relealistic stories about parternaty, since That is our current society. And I am not going to trash sami’s parenting, as she is good mom, when the writters choose to show it. As for shawn is was in boarding school, same with brady, things we never saw. Yes shooting ej is the stupidest and worst thing… But the writters seem at a lose, including if they do make it caroline switching the tests. unles that story leads to a Ralf brain crap.
    As for bringing Taylor back, could be interesting but she was so much younger then Nicole.
    And Nicole lost her baby in her 1st trimester at the cabine, all the blood loose. Also dr. baker was able to revieve the baby of samis. Plus ppl said that the baby looked like sami. But a baby bonds to its parent mostly at the beggining of its life. So Nicole was sydneys mom for almost a yr, making a strong bond. Whatever storyline the create with nicole will have to be put on hold when she goes on mat leave, also with her having two little ones, maybe she’ll take more time off
    I loved watching kate and victor, was great. And lest not make will gay, (i’m not against it) but its not necesary. Lets open up some story lines.
    (thats my rant)

  67. From kass

    I didnt know mrs.Zucker was expecting again (Holly #95) I wander if its EJ, me and her might have another “two babies bit” like Sami and Nicole had (haha just kidding) but thats neat, wander how far along she is?

  68. From Michelle

    Holly – have you read something that says the actress that plays Nicole is pregnant again in real life? I know there has been some speculation among viewers but I haven’t seen anything else saying that she is.

  69. From Mardevil22

    Maybe Caroline is possessed by the devil? Why not recycle that storyline too? LOL

  70. From Sandy

    Hey what if:
    Nathan marries Stephanie before Melanie finds out about Philips indiscretion with Chloe.
    With Nathan being married she doesn’t run to him for support, but as she is sitting on benchie crying her eyes out along comes Chad a new shoulder to cry on. How ironic since Mel & Chad are real life boy friend and girl friend. Then Philip would have to fight a Dimera, since Stefeno is Chad’s father, for his beloved Mel. Just an interesting twist if the story played out that way.

  71. From kass

    i like that Sandy #69

  72. From Holly

    #69 I think that would be a perfect storyline, the kirakkis vs the dimeras… we haven’t seen it, jst heard about it. Lets bring in some mob stuff.
    I’m going off speculation about nicole, but in certain shirts she wears and ways she moves I can see a bump, Like oct 27 esp. with that colorful flowing top, I saw a bump.

  73. From Nightmare

    sorry I have to disagree on this one..I think Ari was a bitch.Rafe is her family she should have not had to lie but just stayed out of it..oh no she had to cause her own death by sticking her nose in it..She has only her self to blame..And EJ had a hidden agender for being nice to her, If he was a decent person he would have seen Rafe was upset about his sister and been nice instead of sticking it to Rafe and causing a fight..

  74. From Nightmare

    Thats what killed her..her own stupidity…

  75. From Nightmare

    This post is weird sometimes it just put that through as 2 posts oh well..
    Ari knew what the Dimeras were like how could she do that to her brother..The writers really changed her character for the worst, I’m glad shes out of it,Never liked her anyway, glad Brady didn’t stay with her..

  76. From carol a.--PA.

    I agree nightmare. I asked my husband on the subject. He said she should keep her mouth shut, unless asked. Then if she is, she could tell what she knows.
    That’s only opinion, that Sami & E.J. are the most interesting story on. It’s just shoved down our throats so much with them, And it gets arguments started when there should be none. It’s only a show, their not real situations. So people should comment on how they feel, not have anyone tell them not to feel that way. That’s wrong. Bo & Hope used to be the couple with the big story line, but that doesn’t mean every one should have thought that was the most interesting story on. I only
    liked Bo, not Hope. They moved on, as this story will too.
    I wish this site could be different, but I guess it never will be. It’s getting old & tiresome.I’ve tried to many times to come back & always the same stuff with some telling people how to feel, It’s just not right any more.

  77. From carol a.--PA.

    Oh, & what’s with the “this site has more ejami fans than safe.
    Is this a contest? What happened to pros & cons discussions. You could at least say, I disagree, here’s how I feel. Instead of saying Ha,Ha, in your face type of comments. That’s real mature!

  78. From Grandma Judy

    Nightmare #72, – I agree with your post. And carol a. #75, I and my husband agree with your husband. Arianna should have stayed out of it unless asked by authorities. I feel she turned on her brother. I still don’t know why Ari ran into the street. She was agueing with Will, yes, but then she turned and saw EJ had arrived so why didn’t she run to him. I think, as a couple of others on here also said (last week), she had a moment of indecision after Will’s pleading and that’s why she ran away instead of to EJ. Rafe is obviously very shaken by her death. I don’t blame him for being at odds with his sister for the reason that he was,but it’s hard to lose someone after you have argued with them. Know it’s a soap and not real life but I saw my Mother-in-law go through that, having her manfriend pass away 2 days after she argued with him and wouldn’t speak to him. I think maybe Rafe will be haunted by Ari’s death. I would also think Sami would be, too, with Ari’s last words being that Sami wasn’t going to get away with it. And Ari grabbed her arm. Eerie!

    I agreed with Lexie trying to calm EJ down yesterday and what Sami said to EJ was the most sensible thing she has said in a long time. It was not the time or place to act like EJ was acting and I agreed with her that if Lexie had been laying there like that, Rafe would not have acted like EJ was. The reason Rafe hassledEJ when EJ was in the hospital was because Rafe knew EJ was faking amnesia. Rafe knows exactly who EJ is. It was good of EJ to call Brady about Ari but the rest of the time he has acted like a complete jerk at the hospital. And apparently he follows through as a jerk quite nicely since a spoiler says he “crashes’ Ari’s memorial service. I hope there is no lock-eyed moment between EJ and Sami on the bed because it will be a turn-off to me. I hope the spoilers are right and EJ will have a new love interest. I am not a Sami/EJ fan, anyway, but in addition to that, the whole issue of them has become boring to me.

    Now that we know something bad is going on at the prison, I hope that will become a big and interesting storyline. Chad finding out he is Stefano’s son is back to the DiMeras again but it could be interesting. EJ no longer the prince?

    Lastly, carol a. is right and let’s give our opinions and not criticize others for feeling as they do, or tell them what they should or should not be postingabout. Whatever anyone on here wants to post is their right to do so, whether it’s rape or anything else.

  79. From MAB

    Nunya – you are pathetic to say we EJami fans aren’t bright.

  80. From MAB

    To all my fellow EJami’s (Katherine, Kass, Maryl, Michelle and all the others – too many to name) we know the truth as we watch this show w/o blinders on. We love EJ, but admit to his faults, we love Sami, but despise her for the things she’s doing to her kids, especially Will, and what she’s doing to EJ. We dislike Rafe for the most part because we see who he really is while the Safe fans continue to make excuses for everything he does.

    I don’t mind arguing different points, but when people deny facts and make excuses for Rafe, and then tell me I’m not bright just because I like EJ, well then I get on the defensive. And the ones who start calling people names are the ones who aren’t bright. I can honestly say there is only person on here that disagrees with me on EJ that I can have healthy discussion with who doesn’t judge me & call me names – and that is BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    If Ari is a bitch, then Rafe is a son of a bitch. How could she stay out of it when she overheard Sami & Will running their big mouths? She knew about a crime and was going to report it yet some say she needs to mind her own business, yet those same people would change their tune if it was EJ she was going to report. You would want her to rush down to Bo and Roman and tell all. Ari disliked Sami basically from day one and she wanted to save her brother from Sami, and that had nothing to do with EJ. Will caused Ari’s death because he badgered her. EJ admitted to using her, but considered her a friend and was the only one there for her right after her accident, and he proved he cared as he didn’t bring up what she knew until she brought it up. EJ also proved he was decent by calling Brady. No one else called him.

    IMO, Rafe hasn’t convinced me at all that he’s been all that upset about Ari – or maybe it’s just his acting.

    So Ari should have kept her mouth shut about Sami. Well, she wouldn’t have known if Sami & Will hadn’t “announced” it on the pier, and if this were real life and my brother was involved with someone like Sami, I’d go to the top of the mountain and shout what she did.

    I’d talk about some on here telling people how to feel. I just don’t get some of you Safe fans & EJ haters. I’m glad I don’t know people like you. If you see Days the way you do, then I can’t imagine how you view real life.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Caroline was involved in changing the tests results, but it just doesn’t seem plausible. How did she get access and how would she know how to do it? Besides, she spends so much time taking care of Sami’s kids, where would she find time? I think she’s covering for someone.

    Brady said Vivian has been in the coffin for weeks. I’ve enjoyed most of this s/l, especially since Vivian still has her sense of humor, but this is just so unbelievable at this point.

    How is Victor interfering in Caroline’s kid’s lives? The only one of her kids lives he is involved with is Bo, and that’s because of he’s his son! It’s none of Caroline’s business that Victor married Vivian and has a thing for Maggie. She refused Victor over & over so she needs to mind her own business. And Victor don’t want Bo with Carly, he wants him with Hope, but there’s not too much he can do about it when Bo won’t listen to him.

  81. From Dice

    After the stuff Rafe said to Will about Ari…he has got to feel really really bad!!!

  82. From Katherine - PA-.I

    He Carol a. Love it, in your face my dear blogging friend, we love Ejami.
    The site is what we bloggers make, like it – or leave it.
    It’s Not a contest, it’s human nature to compete, very healthy.
    Murder, you do not keep your mouth shut and live with it, no way. Look whats happening to Will, you like that, the outfall of coverup. Ari was right in everything she tried to tell her Brother, to protect him from Sami, she could see what Rafe’s life will come to after he marries the bitch, there will be no harmony, she is incapable to be in a happy longterm realtionship, somehow she will start flitting around, with E.J…. and Rafe is going slowly and for sure bonkers, and than watch out Sami, after ALL THE MAN HAS GIVEN UP FOR YOU and Lost.
    #72 #73 #74 Nightmare when I read those blogs, sounded to
    e, like you are coming from another world, and I can not relate to what you are saying in no way. But bring it on, it makes it interesting, Friend, hope your daughter is doing good.
    Well, Ladies, I am being picked up in a few minutes, starving since yestermorning, have my colon checked, hope all is ok. Hope my doc looks like E.J.- well the doc I have, all my friends love him, he is brooding sexy like, so see you later. Lost 9 lbs. with my prep work, so you know I must have been “full of s…”. Amen

  83. From MAB

    Rafe was more than “at odds” with his sister, he was down right cruel to her. And if she was thinking twice about it before she got hit, well she wasn’t thinking that way in the hospital. She was ready to tell EJ and turn Sami in. I think Rafe should be haunted by Ari’s death – partly because he chose Sami over his sister, and he should feel guilty for how he treated her.

    I didn’t mind Sami telling EJ this wasn’t the time, but when EJ was lying there near death, that sure didn’t stop Rafe from going into his room and getting him worked up, then saying he hoped he died. And look how he treated Anna – he didn’t care if she was about to die – all he wanted was for her to tell him what he wanted to know. Also, if it were Lexie who had information she was planning on giving up on EJ, Rafe would have been right in there badgering her for it on her death bed. At least EJ cared for Ari and showed her compassion while he was by her side.

    EJ has not been a jerk at the hospital. He is being normal for someone who wants his children back and needs to know the truth. He knows if he left, that Sami & Will would destroy any evidence they may find.

    I’m glad EJ goes to Ari’s memorial service. At least he cares enough to go and he has every right to be there. She would want him there.

    Most of the criticism and telling people how to feel comes from the Rafe fans because they dislike EJ so much.

  84. From carol a.--PA.

    Not sure what you mean,”he carol, love it.” But I’m not trying to be rude, I’m just saying what is true.
    And also, I was going to say glad I don’t know some of the people on here in real life. Some are way out there. But it was said already.
    And those are the people in real life I stay away from, those in your face kind of people. I stay to myself in real life & mind my own business, here back in my little woods.
    I’m not an ejami fan or a safe fan. I could care less about them. I just watch for others on the show that I like.
    I’ll not be on this mean site any more. As I’ve seen a few others have gone too. It’s really quite sickening on here to hear all this rubbish about something as stupid as all this. My husband has read a few of these postings, as I’ve showed him. He asked me what I’m doing wasting my time on a site with such rudeness. He’s right. I have much better things to do. So I’ll get to it.
    Will miss Grandma Judy, & Nightmare.

  85. From Ky. Girl

    to kass and mab and all the ejami fans on here i totally agree with you. it is so hard to swallow the opinions of the ej haters. and nightmare i don’t know how you could say that ari should have mined her on business and caused her on death.i wonder how long we will have to wait to see sami, rafe and will pay for covering up what tey’ve done to ej and mostly ari!

  86. From Ky. Girl

    also i will be so glad when ej finally gets his children. it was heartbreaking the other day when he realized it was halloween and he couldn’t share it with his children.

  87. From Clear

    Yes #69 and #73. I got that far reading, and want to say NO MORE DEAD BABIES! I hope Nicole’s did survive, but I do not want Sydney to be hers. Yes, let Viv out, and didn’t spoilers say that Gus gets her out? But where is he! All we know is he got bopped on the head!
    I still cannot see Caroline switching results on that test. It still does not make sense.

  88. From Nightmare

    Oh Dear MAB you make me laugh, its so good to come on here and have a giggle.. You are so serious with it all..But of course we view things so differently on here as a soapy, we wouldn’t want to consider Salem or the characters as friends or family in our personal lives..Hell I wouldn’t want to be around gangsters, murderers and such for real..its all soooo fictional our personal lives shouldn’t be questioned at all, and does it matter if anyone else see’s things the same or not. Just have fun..

    Hahaha Katherine that ok I am from another world…And your full of s….
    as you said..I hope all went well with your test.I have had one of those fun days out too.see i was full of it too…haha

  89. From Nightmare

    Carol a You should come on and just say what you want. Your never rude so noone can say that about you.. You are a welcome change on here, you bring up different story lines which is good.I will miss you,I don’t get on here that much sometimes, I have to stay up late to find the time..Its now 2am in the morning here I need some sleep, hope to see you again..

  90. From Grandma Judy

    A post this morning says “I don’t get some of you Safe fans and EJ haters. I’m glad I don’t know people like you. If you see Days the way you do then I can’t imagine how you view real life.” First of all, I don’t know if anyone on here “hates” EJ. I don’t like him at all but not “hate”. But my real point is what kind of person posts something like that on a soap opera blog?! Going that far to cricicize people who don’t agree with her viewpoint?! I guess THAT’S the kind of person I wouldn’t want to know in real life!

    Carol a. is right and this site is very mean. Ever notice how new names show up but then after they are put down for their opinion, they aren’t on here anymore? That should be a hint as to how this site comes across. There are other sites that have rules and regulations against this kind of in-your-face commenting. I will either be on one of those from now on, or I won’t be blogging at all. It’s a soap opera for crying out loud, not the be all and end all of your lives, ladies.

    Happy deer and bear hunting, Carol a., if you read this. My best to your daugter, Nightmare. Hope your colon check turns out OK, Katherine. And Clear and BoAndFancyFace4Ever, it’s been nice. And Maryl, remember, your Grandson is right and you are pretty. Bye -

  91. From MAB

    Carol a – maybe you should show your husband a few of your posts. The rudeness goes both ways.

    ky girl – you know it’s not so much the opinions of the EJ haters, it’s the fact they hate him so much, they can’t even see his good side, yet they uphold Rafe’s actions no matter what.

    Nightmare – your reply to my post makes no sense to me. I’m not questioning anyone’s personal life. I just glad I don’t know some of you. And if I recall, you were the one who enjoyed arguing with me so much in the first place, so maybe it’s you who it so serious with it all. Oh, and enjoy your laugh. I think you’re rude.

  92. From MAB

    Grandma Judy – as I’ve said before, if you don’t like my comments, then don’t read them. You and some others take things too serious. Why is it a big deal that I said I wouldn’t want to know some of you people in real life? Just being honest.

  93. From MsBoulder-CO

    Man, reading some of these posts is like a soap opera. It’s a shame people feel they can’t come on this website and say what the feel without some one attacking or jumping all over what they say. Too bad some people take things too seriously about a soap. Let’s get real people!! Lighten up and enjoy!!

  94. From Just Moi

    #83 Carol I agree with you 100% some people on this site like to critize, put down and call names to those who don’t agree with them. They say the Safe fans pick on EJ too much well whaaa whaaa go cry a river somewhere. They are mean and obnoxious and if you don’t agree with their thinking you are stupid and disolusioned.

    They think EJ walks on water and can do no wrong. And God forbide you say something nice about Rafe, you’ll get put down so low it will take you hours to dig back out.

    Now there is nothing wrong with debates and opions but calling people names because they don’t agree with you that is wrong.

    I do skip over alot of posts mainly MABs because although I like her views alot of times she is way to criticle and down right mean and rude to anyone who is a Rafe fan.

    Just for the record I am a big EJ fan but don’t like to admit it because I don’t want to be grouped with alot of the EJ fans on this blog.

    Grma Judy, Carol and others I hope to find you on some other blogging site someday. I like the fact that you can give you opinion with attacking others.

  95. From Just Moi

    #92 MAB you say some take things too seriously??? Well hun you better go back and read some of your own blogs because here is no one else on this site that takes things more serious than you IMO

  96. From Just Moi

    #93 Oh you can come on this website as long as you agree with a few of the posters about EJ you’ll be fine lol

  97. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    Grandma, I hate to see you leave. I really enjoy your posts. I do see some posters go too far or are viewed as going too far. I guess I just gloss over them and move on. I’m not going to point fingers at individuals because I really don’t want to argue. I enjoy Days for the most part and unfortunately know that their days are numbered. All soaps are numbered. TV is just going in another direction. I hate all the reality, talk and court shows….they are boring to me. The next generation just hasn’t invested in Days. Even my daughter thinks soaps are silly. She’d rather listen to music or a dvd than watch Days. At her age, I was invested in Bo & Hope or Jennifer & Frankie. I understand people are excited or disappointed about their favorite couple….as I said I have mine, too, Bo and Hope. Probably why I hate Carly so much!!…LOL.

    On the Caroline spoiler. I believe she is covering for someone else. I just can’t believe that Caroline has the knowledge to switch the tests. To me, it just doesn’t make sense. I doubt she would cover for Carly. She’s made her feelings known. I just can’t figure out who she would cover for.

  98. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    Thank you MAB for the compliment. Nice to hear :) I do enjoy this site. Wish people would have to sign in or register like the old Wondir site Dustin had. I think that would cut down on some of the one-time poster stuff. I actually have the same name as I had there. We got into heated discussions about Bo/Billie or Bo/Hope. It helps pass my day at work!!!

  99. From maryl

    I’m glad EJ shows up for Ari’s funeral. To say he crashes it, is absurd! I know you can crash parties or weddings, but a funeral? Did they send out invitations? EJ shows that strong caring side of him in paying his respects to Ari when he knows he will not be welcomed. Ari was a friend to him and even at death she wanted him in her room–to tell him what he needs to know–the truth. It is only right and fitting that he should attend the service. Ari would have wanted him there.

  100. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    Maryl, I do agree that I don’t like the term “crashing”. Even though Rafe and Sami don’t want EJ there (and I understand why), it is Ari’s funeral – not there’s. Even though I’m not a fan of EJ’s, I think Ari would want him there and he should be there.

  101. From Just Moi

    Someone once said that they think that what is going on at the prison is that they are selling body parts. Well with this new doc in town and he is pushing organ donation, Im wondering if he is not involved in something more sinister. Maybe he even did something to Ari to make her get sicker than she originally was, at first they were saying she was going to be ok and the next minute she was dying…hmmm

  102. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    Could be. I stated awhile back that I believe they are harvesting organs. The new doc maybe part of it….just guessing. Maybe Days will have it come out that the new doc was involved in Ari’s death down the road. That is a good idea.

  103. From MAB

    Just Moi – how do you know if you like my views if you skip over my posts? You and others who seem to share your same sentiments have repeatedly attacked me, and if you don’t call that being rude, then I don’t know what is. Apparently you and your little friends are the ones who are so offending just by someone being honest. I call that taking things way too seriously. These are just words used for description. I’m not calling anyone names, like b*tch, etc. If you can’t tell the difference, then that’s your problem. And by the way, what is ‘disolusioned’?

  104. From MAB

    BoAndFancyFace4Ever! – I enjoy your posts, and enjoying discussing the show with you even when we don’t agree. Too bad it can’t be like that with everyone on here.

  105. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    I was thinking the other day, that if Sydney really turns out to be Nicole’s – then the jailtime Nicole served would have to be overturned because she couldn’t kidnap her own child if she had custody at the time – even though her and EJ were still married. To me, that would be interesting. I would like to see Nicole change for her daughter. I think that would be the only one that could ever change her….no man could (at least I don’t see it). I love Nicole when she is edgy, but it would be nice to see the maternal side of her. Have someone fall in love with her for her. Not sure who I’m thinking yet. I did love her with EJ at first. Not sure if I really want to go there again or not. Might be fun if Brady or EJ fought for her. But the best would be Eric coming back (especially if Supernatural gets cancelled) to win her over. Nicole could find true love….and yes we could all watch Sami having a cow. I love Sami, but it would be fun to watch.

    Another idea would still have Sydney as Nicole’s, but have Nicole actually soften towards Sami. Have them work together with Kate against EJ. Have EJ fall in love with Taylor (her sister). Any thoughts?

  106. From kass

    “Bo and Fancy Face forever”- I dont know if I’m kind of the next generation but I love Days of our Lives and have a few friends near my age that also love it.

    Carol a. I dont want you to leave the site, I enjoy your comments, as do I enjoy everyones comment (even if they dont agree with me I still like the different point of views).

    I feel like this site has been quite pleasant for a while it only flared back up recently when poster #9 attacked EJAMI fans in general, and then Nunya came in with her two sense and added to the attack saying EJAMI fans are thicked Skulled (all because we view the rape issue differently. What should us EJAMi fans just take it lying down, I feel that would be weak, so I simply made a defensive statement. Personally I dont care if people agree with me I’m not on here for a popularity contest and this isnt highschool. But if others are going to state their opinions and arguments then I will do the same.

    Grandma, your another one that I enjoy reading, of course we never see eye to eye but I appreciate your comments and ideas for the show.

    Of course I’m not begging anyone to stay, I dont feel you should leave but thats just my opinion.

    As for the comment is this a competition, of course this isnt a competition, but if Safe fans “to whom it may concer” and “Nunya” are going to start talking garbage then why cant EJAMi fans refute their statments.

    I know that I dont agree with everyone on here but I deffinately like all of the current posters because we have all grown respect for each other despite our contradicting views. We have all went through that 2 weeks worth of fighting forgave each other, learned to respect each other and moved on. Its not until someone new gets on here and starts talking about (either Safe or Ejami, or their fans) and stirs up stuff.

    Well ladies I think what the person meant when they said that they are glad that they dont know someone in real life like that I think what they meant is that they are glad that they dont someone willing to cover up would be MURDER. I dont care how you want to spin it or make excuses, Sami is a want to be murder and in my book as is in the book of the law attemppted murder and murder is much much much more serious than a cival “family” dispute reguarding custody, no EJ wasnt right in hiding Syd from Sami but it was a family custody dispute, not attempted murder, he took great care of syd, just like he always take care of his kids

  107. From fancycat

    So what is going on at Hope’s new home-maybe some “organ harvesting”. That new doctor could have a side job. The phoenix could pull a frankenstein on her like he did with John-she might be in the basement right now!

    Sammi is doing a good job with Will. She is starting him on that lying and scheming path-way to go you jibbering idiot-take Viv out of her box and put Sammi in instead.

  108. From Michelle

    I agree that throughout the couple of weeks of (pretty bad) bickering us regular posters all kind of gained a new respect for each other and in a way in drew the core group closer together.
    And I also think that everyone getting riled up again isn’t necessary. Sure there were the comments about being thick skulled and such, and I myself did respond to that a bit defensively, but there has not been any serious name calling or anything, so I hate to see us being taken back to that point by someone new who just wants to pop in to stir the pot.

  109. From fancycat

    Oh, meant to say “pull a frankenstein on Ari, with all the new organs.

    And what was with those ridiculous “pumpkins’ those kids had, nice job propt dept.

  110. From kass

    I do not feel at all that EJ was out of place, he wasnt prancing around the hospital wishing for Arianna to die, he sincerly wanted to see her live, and not just to benefit himself, but because he cared for her. He stated several times that he felt sorry for asking her to help him, and I dont feel at all that he used her, she willingly wanted to seek justice for EJ, punish Sami, and save her brother from Sami, she would benefit from telling on Sami too. Not to mention Ari did owe EJ since after all he bailed her out of jail and helped her in her time of need, people like Sami and Rafe want to say that EJ was using her but I see it as a friend helping another friend. Sami is the one using an innocent child (Will).

    EJ didnt push Ari at all when he had the chance he was trying to calm her down so she wouldnt hurt herself, unlike ST. Rafe who pushed her to keep quiet! Either he truely doesnt care about his sister dieing or he is just that bad of an actor, because he has yet to convince me that he is truely sad, I think that he regrets his last exchange of words with her being an argument, but it doesnt seem like he’s really really upset about her death, maybe because her death is also a good thing for him, now he can keep on harbering a criminal.

    I personally had no problem with Sami breaking them up in the waiting room and telling EJ to back off for now, even though Rafe didnt stop bothering EJ OR Stephano while EJ was at deaths door. EJ wasnt badgering Rafe he was simply stating the truth and he even told Lexi that he didnt like doing all of that but he couldnt take his eye off Safe or Will because they would hide the evidence (which they would)

  111. From kass

    Your right Michelle 107!

  112. From z

    #61 Katharine. Interesting. Sami should pay for what she did then get back with him? What good could possibly come from that? I love the double standard, though, EJ has said he’s sorry and is trying to make amends for his mistakes. Hmm, seems that Sami is doing the same thing. As for Ari, what did Sami personally do to her? I would not be shocked if she and not Rafe killed his first love, since Ari seemed to be jealous of any woman that Rafe was interested in.

  113. From Z

    #99, Maryl. Your post is funny in a way. I guess you consider EJ “broken, but he can be fixed” except he’s a Dimera through and through. He has this magnetic effect on the majority of the young women in Salem, that they worship and feel empathy for him. As far as his concerned for Ari how could it be proven to be sincere and not just a ploy to get info from her to help himself?

  114. From edna

    Todays story was realy interesteing, with Sami and EJ fighting on the bed, but nothing happened except to say nothing was in the box. I still can’t see Caroline switching the tests, what would make her to that is unbelievable, she has no idea how to run a computer, let alone switch tests at the hospital. How stupid is that,eh? I still say that Philip did it somehow, it just hasn’t been proven yet.
    And again, where is Gus, did someone drag him off and the writers forgot all about him?
    Just my opion

    I would like to know what happened to Gus, like one of the writers sais, ” he was bopped on the head and that was the end of it”. The writers must have forgotten about him. LOL

  115. From edna

    sorry, I repeated my self there about Gus.

  116. From Z

    #63 #65 Kass. You’re so right. EJ is a psycho nut and so is Sami, they do make a perfect pair. They should get together and have more psycho nut children. Rafe, really is too good for Sami, and as for Ari, she chose to run into the street without looking, and unfortunately got hit. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if it was one of Stefano’s men driving the car? He did not choose her over Sami, he was hoping she would want him to be happy.

  117. From Z

    The real chemistry couple besides Bo/Hope and John/Marlena, has been and always will be Lucas and Sami

  118. From Nightmare

    Grandma Judy and Carol a please don’t let someone like MAB chase you away, she’s full of it sure, she says \if she recalls I was the one who enjoyed arguing with her in the first place\,HA!HA! SHE is dislusional it was actually Kass that made a remark which has long been sorted out (thanks for dragging it up again MAB)
    But it was MAB that caused most of the trouble back then just as its MAB thay starts it always with all the others too,so I’m glad I don’t know anyone like her..but if anyone should leave this site or watch how she treats people it her..

  119. From Katherine - PA-.I

    This blogsite is not for the weak and meak.
    Don’t some of not get tired, of constantly complaining and whining, oh she is so rude, oh she called a name, she does not like my Rafe, but are we dealing here with, a bunch of whiners or Woman.
    Get a backbone some of you, if you want to leave this blog, leave, just do it, no big farewell, oh poor me. I have had it, every few weeks, everybody has to explain and justify themselves. No more please.
    I am on here to blog, give my opinion, like or not, I will call opinions stupid, out of this world, hard for me to understand, please feel free the let me know too. I am a strong grown up woman, have been in this country for a long time, lost my husband 32 years ago, raised my two sons to be wonderful man, one a banker, another in medicine. Have a good family, I am very well respected in the community, ran an office with 35 men for over 23 years, never had one problem with any of them, take man over woman anytime, no offense, but woman get catty, whiney, deceitful, jealous, backstabbing, oh yes, those are facts, and I am Not talking about all woman, so don’t go there, I have seen a few ohsoso man to, that I wouldn’t trust.
    I know soaps are not real, we all know that I hope……………..
    But that dayly hour, it’s our time to go after all those characters on the show, so you think Rafe can do no wrong, fine I don’t, I enjoy E.J., I know his flaws, but prefer him to that nasty piece of work Rafe. Well, I have to say, today in the hospital, when it came to donating Ari’s heart, Rafe actually showed feelings, that was nice to see.
    So if I read something that sounds just stupid to me, I will say so, somebody’s stupid is another once brilliant. Why can’t we be honest about things, NO Polictical correctness please, I have had it with that, all that does do to people, makes them lying hypocrites, I take honesty straight on anytime, than a phony .
    I have never used malice on this show, I do not believe in anybody doing anything out of malice, cowards do that. Give it to me straight, straight to my Name if you like, I’ll respect your opinion and disagreement, I can take it, I might give it right back to you, BUT PLEASE NO MALICE.
    Yes – Z- IMO, I would like for Sami to pay for what she did, all of it, shooting to coverup – and then sometime I like her and E.J. back/interacting again, because they are good, they light up the screen together, and E.J. and Sami deserve each other, the kids deserve better, at least as the mother is concerned. Amen

    My colon was great, glad it’s over, am tired from the anesthesia, so should sleep, and before I go, hear me out there,
    We are Women, hear us roar, get a backbone and take it, I do, have never been upset by what I read, it comes out all even in the wash,.

  120. From Nightmare

    #113 Z I have to agree with you about Sami and lucas..They fit each other like gloves..They were perfect for each other..Its a pitty the writers can’t leave some alone..

    Ha Ha Katherine you crack me up..I like your posts even if we don’t agree on the same things..How ever we do agree on being straight forward and honest.You have to laugh at life or you go crazy..

  121. From Katherine - PA-.I

    Judy, I agree, I read on here that some of us just would not be welcome in some of these bloggers world,
    you and I might not agree about a lot on this soap, but I bet if were out together, having lunch, coffee, we would find a lot of things to talk about and even agree a lot, like grandchildren, movies, food, maybe not politics, but enough to like and respect each other.
    Ms Boulder and Z – anybody can come on this website, what are you talking about, so some of us don’t agree with you, so what…..
    You don’t agree with me and I live just fine, none of you intimitate me. I am all woman, disagree with me, call some of my opinions stupid, maybe they are, so what, it’s fun, yes Moi, moi likes to critizize, I love it, so get used to it. If you give me cause and reason in you comments, there I come, isn’t the purpose of this blog. Come on join in, be brave, nobody is going to bite you, just jump in, the water is just fine.
    All our differences are not personal, it’s like in business, get the job done, and afterwards we’ll go out for a beer. So some of you grow up.
    No more reminders, we know it’s just a soap, but then again, remind us often as you wish, freedom of speech….

  122. From Katherine - PA-.I

    Hi nightmare, I meant you not Judy in #117 blog. Just notices it was your blog I was answering to.
    We might agree today, tomorrow I’ll ask you what world are you coming from, it varies, from story to story,
    Judy, don’t disappoint me and leave, you are stronger stock that that.

  123. From kass

    Katherine 115 I seriously love you girl lol you are so strait foward and honest and a little fiesty, you crack me up, and your right this world isnt for the weak. You have to take the world standing up, like Ej say he like about Sami, when your backed in to a corner you come out fighting. Dont let anyone take you down, you dont have to be mean or say or do things out of malice but everyone has the right to defend themselves. People do take things way too personal, and people dont understand that they have the right to their own opinion and so is everyone else so dont call name just cause some one dont agree with you or say their thick skulled because you dont see eye to eye, if every one looked the same and thought the same this would be one incredible boreing world.

    I like MAB she can be a little fiesty but she seems to habe good values, on the other hand I like grandma judy and nitemare (even though we have seperate views). Mab might sayt things that bother people sometimes but then ‘SAFEYS’ seems to team up on her. Lets just all call a truths the person or persons that stated this whole fiasco seems to not even be checking in or posting anymore any way.

    On another note I loved how when EJ was talking to Stephano and said that Will wasnt like Lucas that he defended Sami and would keep her secrete and Stephano said that Will was brave and bold like Katherine (Kate) and that the Kohonies must have skipped a generation that made me laugh so hard and long , I love when they make fun of Lucas he use to get on my nerves sooooooo bad he was so whiny and weak, his only emotions were whiny, mad, and mad/whinny. I also saw previews of tomorrow episode and my brand new 52′ plasma almost exploded from the smoking hot chemistry EJami presented, they are going for a role in the sheets, but not the typical role, its a fight but wow those two have it.

    I’m tierd orhope being in jail, du du du du du… come on bo be a man and help your lady out weather she likes it or not, stop nailing Carly long enough to realize that you have a family to save!

    I love Vivian’s witt she has became one of my favorite maybe she can go one by one paying everyone back in Salem once she gets out. Maggie and Vic is a big big bore fest. Kate though is also a favorite of mine has been for a while she is also very witty and smart, only thing that she did that i didnt like was bother my other man Dan, which now looking back I kind of whished she would have succeded in killing Chloe beause I think that the writers have drug her character through the MUD and I would have liked to al least see her leave the show with dignity, Nadia is a very good actress and when given a good plot can steal the spot light with her talent and beauty, but the writers have made her one big whore and I dont use that word alot but she cheated on Brady, then was sleeping with Phillip and Lucas back to back (with no strings with Phillip) then
    cheats on Lucas with Dan, the on Dan with Phill. I guess they say if you cant keep it in the pants keep it in the family and she has classlessly worked her way through all of the Kiriakis family minus Bo, Victor, and Justin, which I’m sure are next on her nympho list! Come on Chloe do you really want to explain that to your child ?

    Melany is a big mess, I like her but not with Phil, Phillip should be taking awayt by aliens or something he is so ruthless and smugg. I have always loved Lexi and theo but Abe looks old enough to be Lexi’s grandaddy? Like whats that all about?? And why is it that there the only black people on the show besides that nures? I would like to see more ethnicities…. but NO MORE HERNANDEZES!!!! The new Gabi cant act to save her life, and isnt convincing at all, I think that we are going to meet the mexican mother of the year that keeps sending her young children out on their own to raise themselves, seriously what mother does that, unless you have like 20 kids? No wonder Rafe has no morals he didnt have a good momma to teach him right,I wander if he has a green card?

    EJ ^_^

  124. From Nightmare

    Ky. Girl #85 its just the way I see it..I believe Family should stick together..If my brother was involved in a situation like that i for one would knowing what the Dimeras are like try and protect my bother.I wouldn’t hand him over to the gangsters,or his partner even if I wasn’t keen on her..I would do it for the love of my brother not the hots for a gangster.Of course thats my take and you don’t have to agree.

  125. From kass

    SWEET nitemare Ari was trying to protect her brother but not from the Dimeras but from Sami. Ej knows that Rafe knows the truth and he isnt out to hurt Rafe he want to take Sami on head on hell EJ even warned Rafe about Sami and how Ari was tring to protect him from Sami, EJ isnt the one who shot a person (ex lover) in cold blood that was Sami, she reacts like a child with out thinking of consequences when she dont get her way. Its like if your daughter or son brought this completely bad seed of a boy/girl friend home to meet you and you know just by being able to jude character that they are BAD, then you hear rumors of all the horrible things they have done or all the pain that they have inflicted, and then you see them in action hurting people, what do you do as a loving mother (or in Aris situation a loving sister) set back and allow your loved one make the biggest mistake of their life of fight to keep them away from them. I would try to protect my own, and thats what she did and if people want to criticize her for wanting justice IMO I think its wrong, but thats just me! EJ knows that Sami is dangerous but he is man enough to deal with her but Rafe IS NOT UP FOR THE TASK!

  126. From Michelle

    Katherine – You, my dear, are the backbone of this site (IMO!). You keep things straight forward and honest, you shoot from the hip, which encourages other to do the same. I know that personally, I have been reluctant in speaking up about things for the fear of being “attacked” so to say for my opinions.
    Kass, Maryl, MAB, Nightmare, Grandma Judy (if I am leaving anyone out forgive me, I go from memory and don’t review prior blogs before writing) – you are all great too and the site would not be the same without your input. I think it is great that out of the gazillions of people in this world with access to the internet, this site has a core group of maybe 10 true regulars and fans. Think about that for a minute. We’ve got Americans, Canadians, Germans, Australians, etc…, yet we are still so small as to be able to get personal. That in itself to me is incredible and reminds me that no matter our difference of opinions, we all have one thing in common and that is our total investment in DOOL. Let’s all build on that. To me, it is totally awesome to have this comraderie with people all over the world over a silly soap opera.

  127. From Michelle

    I just reread my prior post and maybe I didn’t word the first part of it correctly. We are ALL the backbone of this site, but there are those that encourage honest opinions and those that try to thwart them. I guess what I really meant was that I truly appreciate and welcome the ones who encourage the honest opinions and thoughts and can take others in return without getting hurt feelings, and I have seen that exhibited by many but overall the most by Katherine.

  128. From Sandy

    We’ve know about Caroline Brady for about a week now…if that’s who everyone is thinking switched the DNA test because of the spoiler in I just can’t figure out when did she become so computer savvy that she knew how to break in through the firewall of St. Mary’s computer system to change the DNA results from Negative to Positive. Stephanie and Ian first hacked into St. Mary’s computer on Friday Aug 20th. where they saw the Negative results. Then on Tuesday Aug 24th when Ian hacked in for the second time the DNA results were now showing as Positive. Where does Caroline fit into the picture, I just don’t see it. Now Monday Aug 23rd Carly was at St. Mary’s checking on the DNA results and the Sister left her alone with the computer. Then also on the 24th we see Philip, Melanie and Nathan all doing something with their computer’s that could lead one to believe one of them had something to do with the switch. It’s all still very curious to me, Caroline being the one who makes the change, that’s pretty hard to swallow. But then this is Days always keeping the fans guessing.

  129. From Michelle

    One more thing. Regarding EJ and his reaction to Ari’s death, some say it is because he genuinely considered her a friend, others say he was just using her. The fact that there is the gray area tells me that it is probably some of both. We haven’t been shown him expressing feelings totally one way or the other with it, which (IMO) only supports how complex a character he really is and is not all bad. Until they show him straight out saying his intentions for her, we can all speculate and have our owm opinions but we will never know. And I for one don’t think we will ever be shown that he was just using her. He may have Dimera blood but his heart is his own and he has never been one to deny it. That is what makes him so interesting, he tries to be a big bad tough Dimera, but has a soft and caring heart he can’t deny.

  130. From Sandy

    But then maybe I’m all wrong. This is from page 40 of the November 9th issue of Soap Opera Digest. It explains Caroline’s motivation, but not how she found out the baby is Philip’s or how she actually went about getting into St. Mary’s computer system to make the switch.

    According to McCay, “She’s so jealous and unhappy that she turned down Victor and he married Vivian that it just drives her to do this. He always tells her that she is the love of his life, but then he went ahead and married, of all people, THAT woman! Caroline hasn’t dealt with how much she really cares about Victor and is playing a strange game with him.”

    Which includes keeping him from his biological grandchild because, as Caroline explains to Kayla, she regrets telling Victor the truth about him being Bo’s biological father in 1986. “She doesn’t want him to have a grandchild and the Kiriakises are not a good group of people. Philip certainly in the past hasn’t been, so Caroline doesn’t think much of him. Kayla and Steve were willing to adopt his child and he gave it away to strangers instead. So she has no respect for him as a father.”

    Finally, she did it to secure Stephanie’s future. “She felt so pressured by Stephanie, who never let up about losing Nathan, that she thought she would take care of everything. Clear the way for Stephanie and keep Melanie out of the circle.”

    Kayla is still reeling from her mother’s admission when Stephanie and Nathan arrive at the Pub and announce their engagement. Kayla pulls Steph aside and drops the bomb about Grandma. Caroline says, “Well, I heard you crying about it so many times I just wanted to see you happy. So she does it all for Stephanie who is just flattered and grateful and thankful. But of course, Kayla has to be a party pooper and is like, ‘This is not right. We should set this right.’”

    Fortunately for them, Kayla is called back to Africa to tend to an ailing Steve. “Stephanie and Caroline team up against Kayla and then Kayla has to go, so Stephanie says to her, ‘I guess you can’t call Chloe. You don’t have time, right? You have to go to the airport.’ And Kayla says, ‘I’m leaving this up to you.’” Shelly Hennig (Stephanie) says, “I’m going to take care of it, I promise. Stephanie feels terrible saying that but she knows what the right thing to do is.’”

    McCay says Caroline has no intention of coming clean either. “She feels very guilty, but I don’t think she’s gotten to remorse yet. She’s justified it all. She has a prayer where she says to God, ‘If you think I should be punished for this, so be it,’ which is pretty stubborn. That’s taking a big chance.”

    But they’re both willing to do whatever it takes to keep the true paternity of Chloe’s baby a secret. McCay says, “It was very sneaky, unethical, and immoral, but Caroline believes she did the right thing. People would be better off not knowing.”

    Source: Soap Opera Digest, November 9th edition

  131. From Michelle

    If the writers really are going to play this out as Caroline being the test switcher, then I hope they follow it up with some other bizarre behavior by her. That is the only thing that will make it interesting, otherwise, it’s still just too off the wall (even with the explanation offered by SOD). She needs to stand up and tell everyone to take care of their own kids, maybe give the pub to someone else to run temporarily, and go on a “All about Caroline” spree (for a change). Spice her up a little. Being the test swicher doesn’t spice her up enough unless there’s follow up to the behavior showing she just really reached her breaking point.

  132. From kass

    thanks 126 sandy for the great insight! Hopefully Caroline will fry for her crime, haha no I’m just joking, I’m really not to invested in that story line, Stephany is soooooo whiny, annoying and way way tooooooo desperate! Chloe is a big whore and too decietful and Daniel and Nathan are too dense to see right through their women, Melany and Phillip dont belong together. Carly is possible the MOST UNATTRACTIVE woman I have ever seen WOW did Bo lower his standards for the Oager SERIOUSLY BEAUREGARD from Hope to THAT???? he hasnt only lost his mind but also his sight, I never even thought she was pretty when she was on the show a long time ago. Carly is a bad case of plastic surgery gone WAY WRONG! she lookd soo fake literally like her face has been sergically constructed! But besides her hidious appearence (and I usually try to not judge people by their appearence because God makes everyone how he wants them to be and everyone looks different, but God did not intend for people to augment his design). I will NEVER have plastic surgery, I know that I’m not 100% perfect, no one is but Carly is a prime example of what happens when you have constructive surgeries, I think that natural ageing is beautiful and is how God intended! Like I was saying besides her looks her acting isnt all that bad, but she doesnt belong in Bo’s bed, or running Dans life and thats really why I dont like her!

  133. From maryl

    Z– Yes, you could say “EJ is broken and can be fixed”. I guess that’s me–always wanting to fix things!HA! I can’t help but think of the Bible story of the lost sheep, and of the joy in heaven over one repentant sinner! Hope one day EJ will be “mended”.
    The character of EJ, being raised and groomed under the thumb of a crime lord has cost him much. He recognizes and acknowledges this at times, but he still loves his father. He sadly admitted he has few friends.
    As far as not knowing whether he was sincere in his concern for Ari–all you have to do is listen to him! If he was faking his feelings, he wouldn’t be faking them with Stefano. Yet in speaking with Stefano, he is consistent in showing remorse and even blaming himself for getting her involved in his search for the truth. In today’s episode he came across the dollar bill that Ari paid him while in jail. He had saved it and was reflecting on her giving it to him. If he had no feeling or concern for her, he wouldn’t have hung on to the dollar. He considered her a friend and she him. He was there for her when she needed help, paid her bail, and there was never anything shown to us that he had an evil agenda in doing so. He told Stefano he enjoyed his work and helping someone like her. EJ didn’t blatantly manipulate Ari into doing his bidding when she came to see him at the hospital. He planted the idea in her head, but she was willing on her own and volunteerd to help him find the person who shot him. Actually, she had vowed to find the person who shot him before he even awoke. He never made her do his bidding! He didn’t have to because once again, she wanted to help him!
    You have to really listen to EJ, not just to what he says, but what his eyes say too. He really expresses himself with his eyes. Even the batting of them is brought on by emotion! Ha! He lashes out when he is angry or hurt or someone tries to take away his children–who wouldn’t? All that he will be doing now that appears so bad, is because of his love for Sydney and Johnny and his fear of losing them.
    I rest my case! It’s up to the jury (that being the writers)! Ha!

  134. From kass

    As a biased jury member Maryl I am sold on EJ didnt intend to hurt Ari and like you laid the argument out he did really consider her as a friend and I felt that he had almost just as much emotion about Ari dieing as Rafe did. If EJ truely didnt care for Ari he wouldnt have called his arch enemy Brady Black to give Ari the chance to be around people that she loves, that was out of the kindness of his big bad Dimera heart.
    Also like you said EJ didnt have the best upbringing and his want to please his father and love for Sami has the poor man torn. Although he was willing to give up his Dimera ways and forget his father, “Cordays” fate had a different path for him. I believe the only way that Sami and EJ have a chance is if he disowns his father and she disowns her family, because much like shakespears Romeo and Juliet, their love is FORBIDDEN and literally that is what the writers refer to EJAMI as “forbidden love” if you go to and type in forbidden love EJAMI pops up. They are one in the same, yet from two seperate universes and neither one of their families will accept them together … Stephano despises the Bradys, and the Bradys hate the Dimeras. Which I’m getting sick of the whole Bradys being holy rollers, even though they cause trouble, and starting to side with the Dimeras and Kiriakis because they are the underdogs that no one likes and are to some extent outcasts.

  135. From Vivian

    Two things. 1) I think “body parts are being sold” from the prison — so does anyone know if the good old doc Baker is in that prison? LOL The Warden and Lee are involved in it together. And the new doctor in town may be “dirty” also. He did set his sights on Carly but she told him she had someone. 2) I think Henderson took care of Gus…but don’t know where he could have put him. Vivian made a remark about Henderson having no upper body strength and would be unable to lift the lid on the “box”. Henderson may have thought that Gus was trying to break into Isabella’s resting place. Henderson may just be the butler, but I bet he knows more than we do LOL

  136. From maryl

    Man, what’s with these Brady women?? They seem to jump into bed with men who have “questionable businesses” and lifestyles, and wind up pregnant! But then, lo and behold, the man is evil and must not know about the child, so you have to hide it from him! Lie and deceive, do anything but don’t let him know the truth! Obviously, Sami had a good teacher in Caroline. She lectured Sami on marrying EJ while she still has the hots for Victor! She just doesn’t have the guts to follow her heart. Poor old soul. Now she is so desparate to hurt Victor in some way, she has to play God with Philip’s and Chloe’s child? And also with that act, she can so conveniently secure her granddaughter’s relationship with a Horton? Sick, sick, sick! I’m beginning to see where some of Sami’s bad genes come from!

  137. From Nightmare

    Kass i can understand Ari being concerned about her brother (I would have too )with Sami, she has done lots of dumb and stupid things but Rafe is a big boy and you can’t choose who they fall in love with..Just be there if they need you at all..I still think she should have stayed out of it..Been loyal to her family not the Dimeras. If she hadn’t made a choice to get involved she would still be alive..

  138. From Nightmare

    I’m not as you know an EJ lover, not that I don’t like James ,I think hes an excellent actor, very believable.I don’t like him with Sami mainly because he’s a Dimera. The Dimeras in my books are low life’s, but they choose to be. They wouldn’t see them selves as outcasts. DOOL needs Sami , even though she’s a pain, she keeps the show going.. Rafe well I think his character still has lots to explore..Galen well I love his eyes and I think He and Sami are good together, they suit one another..

  139. From Z

    #116 Nightmare. Thank you
    Katharine, Sorry I don’t see it with EJ/Sami, I don’t watch the show as much, since Lucas, my favorite character is gone. It was magic when Sami was with him, much more so than EJ. Both were fun to watch and “crazy” but in a good way. Days has gone down, since John/Marlena, “crazy” Ava, the Dean, father of Max, Chelsea, and even Nick have left. EJ, as nice as he looks, is BORING, that’s is my opinion:}

  140. From MAB

    Nightmare – I don’t need to watch how I treat people because I’m not treating anyone any differently than you or anybody else. Seems you can’t stand it when someone is speaking the truth. There are plenty of others who say the same as me, yet you continually point the blame finger at me. So if you don’t want to know anyone like me, then stop reading my posts. It seems your problem is only with me, so the only solution is to stop reading my posts, or continue to attack me and make an fool of yourself.

  141. From MAB

    To kass: thanks for your comments, they are much appreciated and it’s nice that you see where I’m coming from. And you are so right that I seem to be the one the Safe fans like to team up on. I guess I just ruffle too many feathers, but I don’t care. I say if they can’t take the heat, then get out of the kitchen. LOL

  142. From MAB

    #128 kass – I so agree with everything you said. You know what though, I’m truly sick of Caroline’s attitude lately. And the SOD article explaining Caroline’s reason behind changing the test results, well I’ve said all along she was jealous of anyone being with Victor, yet she thought she was too high & mighty for him (I guess since she is a Brady). And for her to say she is sorry she told Victor that Bo was his son is so selfish. If Bo didn’t know, then Victor wouldn’t have been able to be there for Bo at all, and there have been several situations when Bo needed Victor’s help.

  143. From Katherine - PA-.I

    # 135 Z – Girl you like or dislike whoever you want, that’s what it’s all about, don’t be sorry. We are blogsisters, let it rip, whatever your opinions are about the characters and the show.
    MAB, you make reading blogs worthwhile, never a boring moment.
    All of you, be honest, let it out, we are all intellegent enough, to disagree without going into the gutter, good language speaks very loud and clear, so keep it hot and spicey and don’t be afraid, yoy are safe, ha, on this site. We are all good feisty/or not woman.
    This is not a teaparty, with prizzy phony people, honest opinions are the Best alway…
    See you later, going to lunch at Middleschool with my Grandson. Love it.

  144. From Lola

    Personally, I think this Caroline thing is just something that, in Day’s typical fashion, will turn out to be nothing. It’s probably nothing more than the computer being hacked in the chowder factory and some IP address leads back to Caroline who will be immediately taken out of the whole thing. I don’t think she’s a saint, but I do think she’s a grandmother and doesn’t have it in her to do things like that.

    By the way, play nice kids, it’s a soap for the love of God and we all have our opinions.

  145. From Just Moi

    #133 Nightmare..I agree with you about Rafe being a big boy and I too agree that Ari should of minded her own business. She only ran when EJ came along. If she sooo wanted to give him the info she should of stuck around and talked to him and not run out in front of a car. I don’t blame Will, if in his shoes I would of done whatever I could to protect my Mom however misguided he is. Ari should of known how dangerous the Demiras are and that they wouldn’t just get back at Sami they would go after Rafe and anyone else who trys to protect her.

  146. From Just Moi

    #105 BoandHope…I also like Nicole alot. There is never a dull moment when she is on screne. I kinda like the idea of Syd being hers because then it would give EJ a connection with someone other than Sami. I loved EJ and Nic together there were so bad they were good! But I have to agree “not sure if I want to go there again” either. But I guess as long as James is on Im happy :)

    If Taylor were to get involved with EJ she is going to have to be one tough chick to follow EJ. I think I would rather see her involved with Brady and Brady turn back into the good guy, well maybe not as good as he was ;)

    I am a big Vivian fan, I think she is funny and a great actress but it is past time to get her the hell out of there and back to plotting her revenge.

  147. From Marie

    EJ is nothing but a BIG BULLIE. He likes to push people around and intimidating them. Look how he grabbed Will at the hospital and threaten him. That was an assault, but some of you think EJ can do no wrong. Now he is man-handling Samie. As far as the funeral for Ari, it is for the family, and they can decide who attends.

  148. From Katherine - PA-.I

    Have to clear up something,
    first – Gram Judy, does that mean now that the wine/milk part in your house is cancelled?
    Carol # 77- when I you conceeded that there are more Ejam fans than safe fans, I replied, love it, in your face my dear blog friend, no you tell me what could possibly have offended you about comment, and if it did, you are right you should go out to the woods with your deer friends, the have no opinion, it’s very safe out there.
    Even now I am not trying to be mean, I am so baffeled, of how thinskinned some people are.
    I bet, you guys never watch politics, can’t handle that one for sure, those people don’t agree on nothing, they critizize all the time, how dare they, why can’t we all just get along.
    I think it’s a great site, full of spunk.

  149. From MsBoulder-CO

    Oh no…… Just read Nicole gets her hands on Ari’s camera! Days just love to write storyline where people are given the upper hand to get what they want don’t they!! I also wonder if the witness in the hit and run the person EJ is suppose to become attracted to.

  150. From cherie

    I agree totally with #139…Z…Sami needs Lucas in her life…he was the one that kept her “grounded”…so many good characters were let go and the show is suffering because of it!

  151. From Clear

    I’m disappointed that Sami and Rafe back together now don’t get to have some exotic trips and romantic evenings. I know it couldn’t last, but could Sami not cut off her nose to spite her face every time she opens her mouth or moves! I’m looking forward to the new love interest for EJ, and wonder how she is going to fit into the storyline. From my older son’s perspective for a fresh opinion, he suffers through Days while waiting for the controls to play XBox while I watch at times. He says all the characters on Days are busybodies and need to mind their own business. Plus as I said about Sami, he says they are their own worst enemies talking to themselves! I agree there and think it would make more sense if a Dimera or Kiriakis henchman was shadowing and evesdropping, but there are other ways to let evidence come out. At least they finally figured a wauy for Chad to get the paternity news about Stephano. That was a good idea to have it delivered anonymously. My son is beginning to know the characters and cannot stand Nathan and Stephanie, or some of the other tear jerking “Pinebacks” where Melanie or Arianna or someone else is crying and screaming the same thing again. I have to fast forward through those or watch on my own. I will admit that I did not mind fast forwarding through the Daniel and Melanie reunion or the Melanie and Carley angst today. I like Kayla, but they made her the biggest busybody on the show, and I don’t see how she helped Stephanie

  152. From Frustrated days fan

    So I occasionally come to voice my opinions, and after reading up on the safe vs. ejami, I think that things went to an ugly place once ejami fans were attacked for their preferance. I was an ejami fan, but with the writers turning her into a character I despise, I prefer her with no one, maybe foucus in her kids for once and actually grow the hell up. But I am a EJ fan, he is my favorite character and I pretty much could care less for rafe, I don’t have a beef with safe fans, but is extremly annoying when we are all here to discuss the show and your opinions are being bashed because you like a “rapist”, yea it really is. I personally have in real life been through rape, and I will have to say it does anger me to hear what he did to her as actual rape, when in essence she was given a choice, was it a unfair choice? Absolutely! But did he force himself on her and violate her, no he did not. At the end of the day it really is the writers fault for throwing a serious issue as rape around loosely to be interpreted. And I think they knew it was big mistake because they have tried to clean it up and create his destined love story between the two of them, but the damage is done, it just left a bad taste in some viewers mouth’s and it’s no going back. I am not going to bash safe fans, but I do find it ironic that, a safe fan was the one who created this heated argument and ejami fans did not sit back and allow it and now the other safe fans want to leave because it’s a mean spirited blog and blah blah, but if anything they should understand it was one of their fellow fans that attacked first and that’s the reason it became what it did, not because we over react and forget it’s a soap, actually in my opinion, safe fans take it to serious, omg he’s a rapist, I will never forgive him, he deserved to die, oh poor Sami, really ???? Because all of those reactions are ok? All I can say is the writers got one thing right, they keep us talking and debating over a controversial character, hate him or love him.

  153. From Clear

    My box froze! Guess I wrote enough! Kayla is not going to be much help to Bo leaving town again. I keep reading that spoiler that Gus gets Viv out, and wondering where he is and what Viv will do. Victor will have his hands full. I still think he needs to hand her over to Kate to put in lock down with a mad scientist in the Dimera lab!

  154. From Clear

    I just read the frustrated above, and just want to say we don’t have to agree, and we can all vote for whomever we choose. I enjoy reading when someone finds a spoiler that I didn’t see, or speculates on a conclusion or possible scenario that I haven’t thought about and then expand from there. Much of the time when I comment on the direction of the opinions, I can’t remember the names of the people on the posts and scan through as much as I have time to do. Did any of you ever think about that it doesn’t matter who has the last word on something, and once you have stated an opinion, if you add to it or say it again–fine. Talking about opinions and characters, but not sniping at people that disagree is hard for some people. Of course, it’s more validating when we read something someone writes that we had thought when we watched the same thing! This is supposed to be enjoyable. If some people skip over what I wrote today it’s fine, and I hope we are all enjoying Days and can express on here how we feel about the things we watch without hurting feelings.

  155. From Canadian_gal

    Caroline DID change the results!!! It was on today’s episode in Canada. She said she heard Stephanie and Ian talking and how upset Stephanie was so she used her volunteer powers and changed it. She was telling Kayla she lied for years about Bo’s paternity and regretted telling the truth. She is just protecting her family. Kayla thought it was Caroline denying victor a grandchild. Caroline was adamant Kayla not tell anyone and just go back to south Africa with the secret. WOW who would have thought.

  156. From Sandy

    Follow the Yellow Brick Road, follow the Yellow Brick Road….to the land of Oz all Soap Fans go! Love, romance, hate, cheating, deceit, conniving, trickery, dastardly deeds, murder, mayhem, exotic trips, questionable births, whiny, annoying…isn’t this why we fans watch the soaps? They take us into a land of fantasy where we can exercise our thoughts to what ever direction satisfies our inner needs. The drama of it all, the good, the bad and the ugly of the story lines drive us to return every day (whether you watch the soap or just read about it) seeking that little morsel to hold us over to the next day. So let’s have some fun and stop being so personally critical of one another. Just like the soaps, if you don’t like it don’t watch it; if you don’t like the comments made by other fans don’t read it, but certainly don’t stir the pot by responding to a post you don’t like. Opinions will differ, so follow the yellow brick road to Oz, come on ToTo let’s have fun. Just my unsolicited and humble opinion.

  157. From justafan

    i am so glad it’s not carlie that changed the test it looks like melanie is going to tell daniel can’t she leave it alone now caroline knows about it the only one that doesn’t is daniel. i love ej i brought up the rape just to say something not to cause all this pickering. hope is like the same old hope in prison i am torn on her and bo and carlie..

  158. From justafan

    the shame on viv is noone feels bad for her but she is evil…she keeps plotting what she is going to do when she gets out. i love stephanie telling phil off to protect nathan she scared him.i am starting to like steph and nathan together love mel and phil and victor and maggie

  159. From Leah

    I agree with some above PLEASE lets just drop the rape issue. It gets us nowhere… for my two cents worth BOTH Sami and EJ are guilty of the same thing. In fact which is worst… Sami drugged Austin so she could have her way with him. Austin was not in his right mind and thought he was making love to Carrie BOY DID THAT BOY GET A SHOCK NEXT MORNING. Oh and lets not forget Austin was Carries boyfriend and in love with her… Carrie is Samis sister for heavens sake! EJ manipulated and took advantage of a situation. He gave Sami a choice… sleep with me and I’ll help you with Lucas don’t and forget it Lucas can die. Sami chose to let him have sex with her to save Lucas’s life. We may not like it BUT she was given a choice something Austin was given. SO BOTH SAMI AND EJ ARE AS BAD AS EACH OTHER AS FAR AS I’M CONCERNED. I personally hope the writers have learn’t a big lesson from this and never go there again. While the writers have MOVED ON since then and had their characters Austin/Sami and Sami/EJ forgive each other and move on many in the audience haven’t and that is a shame. I would rather concentrate on recent storylines and plots than that of years ago. The show and writers can’t change their decisions and either can we. How can we go forward if we keep looking back in the rearview mirror? Agruing about TPTBs choices ain’t gonna change a thing. Frankly I’m over it…

  160. From Leah

    Oops sorry… should have read something Austin WASN’T GIVEN A CHOICE!

  161. From latrise


    i agree about steph, i just wish she found this backbone when mel was telling him off, instand of just standing there like a deer caught in headlights. i would have love to see steph vs. mel. they always have great fights, and alot times steph wins, but this time she just let this woman that she hate talk down to her man and make him feel lower then what he was ( I’m not a fan of nate i am happy that he got told off i just wish is was someone else telling him off, because sometime he acts like he is a saint when he is not.). i do hope that they start to clean up this chole/dan/phil babyline. since we all know now who switch the test. i hope that they let it go, and if mel is deciding to tell her father then just tell him. don’t you all get so sick of i’m go to tell you or we should tell them or they should know. i mean to me it is just a waste of time and airtime. when all the characters do is talk about how this person should know, but yet they never tell them, then they decide to tell them but the person keeps cutting them off. if you are like me and you record the esp. then you know what i’m am talking about. because there is time when i would fastfordward thru certain converstaion, where the person is either arguing that they are going to tell the person or the person is talking to the person and is trying to tell them but never does. if you fastfordward thru some of those converstaion, where the characters are talking in circle. then you the show is pretty much 25mins long, yes. i’m not lying, during chole/dan wedding i fastfordward pretty much thru their scence becuase i knew that in the end mel was not going to tell her dad. and i was left with 25 mins of the show where the people were not talking about the whole baby situation or there was not arguement about i’m going to tell, no you are not. i mean that tio me is crazy.

  162. From mj

    I am really enjoying seeing 2 actresses from one of my old favorite soap “Santa Barbara”, playing opposite of Hope as the warden and an inmate. In my opnion those are 3 powerhouse actresses on one screen. I think it will be interesting to see where this story leads. Sorry to see Ari go but she has moved on to another soap so I’m glad she found a job. Can’t wait till Jennifer comes back! Just wish they’d bring John and Marlena back!

  163. From Lola

    MJ, I miss Santa Barbara!

  164. From fancycat

    So who ran over Ari….Chelsie?!?!

  165. From Katherine - PA-.I

    # 152 – Frustrated – wow – you said it all, love your blog, I couldn’t have written it better myself. Bravo.
    Well Kayla today, what a busy body b..tch. She was going to throw Carly under the Bus, on assumptions, mind you No proof, you know Kayla what that makes you, an a..
    What a trip the woman has become, following people, lurking behind bushes, evesdropping, trying to tell Bo stuff without proof, Kayla, you dissapointed me greatly today. You and your little Joe, go home to your husband Steve, mind your own business, and take care of YOUR FAMILY, you did your best for Stephanie, hope She heard you.
    LEAH – I hear you #159, but you know what, let them talk about the Rape Issue until the cows come home, it’s their right, but I do know what you mean my dear, I get it, but let them talk,whatever they want, how often they want, and goes for all of us.
    I agree, the writers have gone with Samantha almost to the point of No Return, they better come up with something real real good, to redeem her character, because she is good, makes the show, but boy do I dislike the character right now so very much, I am torn, I want a good and exciting show, but darn it the has to redeem herself period, and then we can all go on, till the next time she messes everyting up again, but that is hopefully a while down the road.
    Caroline, you old wizzard, didn’t think you had it in you, nothing like a little jealousy to get you going, bring you back to the land of the living and feeling, and boy are you feeling, you want that bad boy Victor, don’t you, had sooooooooooooooooooooooooomany chances, but you had to play goodytwoshoes primadonna, well you missed the boat, now swim, maybe you can still catch it, never know girl.
    At least your whole life is NOT CHOWDER anymore, that’s progress.
    Thank you however, for setting your busybody daughter Kayla straight about Carly, that was good Caroline.
    I think Father Matt should pretty soon make a lot of time for Sami Brady, Caroline Brady, anymore goodie twoshoes, to talk to them about having lost their ways, some more than others, boy Sami, you need to go into seclusion with Father Matt, that’s how long it’s going to take to get you straightend out, look how upset Father Matt got with Chloe, for cheating(before marriage) picture you Samantha, for willfull attemped MURDER, MY DEAR.
    But Sami, you can do it, you can redeem yourself, but first you have to admit to yourself that you are sorry you tried the life of your children’s father.
    To all my Blogfriends out there, have a wonderful weekend, don’t forget to vote, the country needs your vote, I am so lucky and proud that I became a citizen of the United States of America.

  166. From Katherine - PA-.I

    tried to TAKE the life of your children’ father

    CORRECTION ————–

  167. From Canadian_gal

    #157 From justafan
    Nope Mel doesn’t tell Dan. She almost did but didn’t.

  168. From Katherine - PA-.I

    Michelle, # 126 – my dear blogsister, if I inspired you to give you some backbone on this site, thank you, more power to you.The world need strong woman, not wimps.
    When I blog,what you read is what you get, honesty, straight on, isn’t that what we expect from everybody in our lives, honesty is the only way to be, if some of you can’t take it, as proven so far, just leave.
    I have never liked “kissyfaces” in my life, oh yes it’s so pleasant to listen to all that phony shit, but is that really what you want, I want, In my Face Honesty any day – period, and I know I am strong enought woman to deal with it., what about you woman out there, are you made of the same stock….. otherwise put on some disclaimers next to your names, so we can be careful with the meak.
    You all know I am being very vesisious- lord help me, I don’t know how to spell that word, but all you good people hopefully get my drift. I am going to stay off for a while, have things going on in my life, but I will be back. God bless all of you, Safe/and Esami fans, etc. God Bless. Katherine

  169. From Lola

    This is a soap opera blog. I’d really like to read what people have to say about Days. Why do I have a second soap on here? Please get over it! When Dustin ran this, none of this crap happened. Does anyone monitor this site? I’m sick of trying to scan through the BS to find things. If you can’t respect someones opinion, GO AWAY!!!

  170. From Katherine - PA-.I

    #169 LOLA, I blogged at 7.09,you blogged at 7.16, so I still have some time for my “vacation” from this site, We here on this site do both, we blog about the soap, but we also find time to put in a little bit about our lives, if you don’t like our few comments about our personal lives/and feelings and pain/joy, just leave, this site is not for your, otherwise you are more than welcome to stay, who knows even you might have a moment in your life, that you might want to share with some strangers to make you feel better, dear Lola, neve say, never.

  171. From Paula

    I felt bad for Nicole today when she was with Sidney. I have to say she shows much more love for that little girl than Sami does. At least when Nicole had her, she was with her a whole lot more often than Sami is. Sami talks about what’s best for her children, but is never with them..sickening! Even when Sidney is home, Sami does nothing but put her to bed..and half the time she doesn’t even do that…she has Will do it for her.
    This Caroline switching the test thing is stupid. When did she become so computer savey!

  172. From Lola

    Katherine – YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. YOU ARE A BULLY. I’m NOT going to leave this site. GROW UP!

  173. From Lola

    This site is not for your personal problems. Go to another site for your mental issues.

  174. From Michelle

    I don’t see anything where anyone has used this site for therapy or “mental issues”. New bloggers to this site fail to realize that there is a core group of bloggers that have gotten to know each other and share certain aspects of their lives. Certaintly nothing wrong with that, especially when there have been issues such as children hospitazized due to diabetes, colonoscopy’s, new pregnancies…. thing such as those can use as many prayers as possible, and we have all grown to care for and respect each other (though this is not to say we all agree!). My response is that if you don’t want a site that has a bit of a personal touch then YOU find another site! And no one has ever told anyone to leave the site. Many have said they were going to, others have responded that they weren’t going to beg anyone to stay, but everyone is welcome, regardless of your opinion. The ones who are not welcome are the ones who want to intentionally cause trouble and speak to others in a deragatory manner.

  175. From Clear

    Come on people–back to the soap! Thanks for the Day Ahead, Canadian Girl. Didn’t the spoilers say that Kayla didn’t buy Caroline’s version? I still find it hard to believe Caroline changed anything on a hospital test which was at St. Mary’s Hospital–supposedly across town, and certainly not by herself. Now whose hands were those (Victor’s? Henderson’s?) that has the tape of Sami confessing, and how does Nicole get her hands on it?

  176. From Sandy

    How could it be…one of the most under used characters on Days suddenly has the key story line in an even bigger story. This should thrust Caroline into more air time than she’s ever known. How is she going to handle the lie, Victor, Maggie, Philip, Melanie, Carly, Daniel, Chloe, the Pub and I’m sure Vivian will be in there somewhere. Not to mention her son may have to arrest her, but then other characters never went to jail for changing Hospital records. What I’m most interested in is how will Victor react when he finds out Caroline is trying to keep his grandchild from him and Philip (that is if Philip is truly Chloe’s baby’s father). Will be interesting for sure, wait for me ToTo this ride is getting just to crazy.
    By the way where is Gus…we saw him get knocked on the head and suddenly he’s gone…but from the spoilers he will save stinky Viv. Where has he been?

  177. From Clear

    I just read the spoilers saying that Arianna left most of her estate to Brady. What estate? Insurance? If so, I still don’t see the signifigance? He already has a ton a of money anyway.

  178. From Nightmare

    MAB i don’t have a problem with what you say on here about Days, its the way you you treat others by trying to drag them down personally, it doesn’t matter how they see things on here, it has nothing to do with the way they think or feel in their personal lives..But on several occasions you see fit to judge them by the way they see things on Days as to how they must be personally, and you have no right.
    I like it straight, honest, theres no other way to be..
    Thats what you get from me.

  179. From carol a.--PA.

    Katherine, there is something seriously wrong with your attitude.I am no longer blogging about the soaps. I may occasionally read some, as I did now. Yes, I will stay in the woods, the animals are the only things that are real. You are so real & honest, I wonder do you treat you own kids & friends that way. Telling them tough it up & grow up. I dought it. I don’t understand what you write. The words are mispelled to the point that I don’t know what point your trying to make. So I thought you were telling me, in my face. If that makes you want to write a rude comment to me, so be it. You truely need help. You have one of the worst attitudes I’ve come across. Get help, & leave me alone. As you can see, I haven’t written in days, but then I still read something rude about me. Leave it alone. You’re pathetic.
    You’re just so real, HAH! If it came right down to it, You couldn’t hold your own in a wet paper sack. Get over your self once & for all.

  180. From Janiebell

    How on earth would Caroline have gained so much knowledge about computers, how would Caroline get access to hospital records, and how would Caroline know what DNA was whose, these things are in code for privacy. Caroline for my knowledge was never shown to use a computer. Caroline must be coveringfor someone but who? Caroline is a scape-goat. The writters, once again wrote a story-line that they have no way of explaning, so another innocent person is draged into the mud.

    Yes, that was a tender moment when Nachole was with Sydney; but Nachole isnot Sydney’s mother Sami is. Yes, it is time that Sami begins acting like a mother. A person can be a good parent and still have a personal life, or so I have been told.

  181. From Clear

    It just doesn’t ring true about Caroline somehow to me because I cannot see her making that decision whether she had the skills to do it or not.I’m thinking she is covering for someone and there is more to it. Remember when Victor tried to get close to her after her husband died? Too bad she didn’t give him a chance then–other than tell him she wouldn’t because of the business he does. Then again he didn’t promise to change anything or pursue her either.

  182. From Sandy

    #180 Janibell
    From what I have seen and heard Kyla wanted to confront Carly about changing the DNA test but Caroline was animate that Carly didn’t make the change. Kayla was quite surprised to hear her mother say she made the change. Caroline explained to Kyla through her volunteer work at St Mary’s Hospital in the finance department she has some kind of supper access to everything in the St Mary’s computer system. She apparently overheard Stephanie and Ian talking in the park about Chloe’s predicament, including the results of the DNA test and the phony name Chloe used when she went to take the test. Stephanie was so upset Caroline just wanted to do something to help her granddaughter that was in so much pain over the thought of losing Nathan. That is if the news came out that Philip was the father of the baby, not Daniel, Melanie would run to Nathan for support leaving Stephanie in the cold. So she used her supper access to change the DNA record from Negative to Positive.
    According to the Nov. 9th Soap Opera Digest article the reason for changing the DNA results goes further than that. Caroline has some grandiose idea that neither Philip or Victor should be involved in Chloe’s baby’s life after what Philip did to his first born Tyler (Pocket). This is all explained in detail in Post #130.
    I am personally reluctant in believing this story line….but it’s going to be fun watching it unfold. Just another walk up the Yellow Brick Road to the Land of Oz where anything is possible if you just believe.

  183. From kass

    Just moi 145 &146 Let me say first I enjoy reading your posts… However in one comment I cant help but noticing that you say how dangerous the Dimera’s are and how they seek revenge (and I am assuming that because they are bad… you dont like them) However in the VERY NEXT post you talk of how you love Vivian, who in my opinion has been JUST as evil if not more, Burrying people alive, poisioning a girls comb to kill her just to get back at her mother (Mel was COMPLETELY innocent in the whole situation), and so many other things that Vivian has done that I think is worst than the Dimera’s. Vivian plots to hurt innocent people like Maggie, Melany, and Chole, where as the Dimera’s plots to hurt people out of revenge who have done them wrong! Just my thought on the whole thing, but to me I like both the Dimera’s and Vivian, they bring life, drama, and entertainment to the show if it wasnt for them the Bradys/Hortons wouldnt be able to keep the show going because they are to perfect and boring.

  184. From kass

    MARIE #147 hahahahahaha you are FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY, EJ assulting Will and Sammi by man handeling them, well maybe he should be arrested, be trialed and go to Prison for the rest of his life….. OR …. OR ..OR Maybe Sami should FIRST pay for tring to KILL him, its alright for her to try to kill him but he shouldnt try to bully them to get them to admitt what he already knows, please, that comment?? hmmmmm Bullying v. attempted murder…. sounds like Sami committed the more serious crime! Or is she excused because she is a Holy Brady, like Caroline will be?

  185. From Katherine - PA-.I

    This needes to be said:
    Lola, when you don’t know something intellgent to say, you make it personal, calling me a Bully, I have problems, mental issues, shame on you, you went over the line period, nobody has ever talked to another blogger like this. If people like run out having an intellegent conversation, they get nasty and personal.
    and you Carol a. don’t you go to my kids and friends, that is none of your business, I have a very loving family and friends, lifelong friends, and I have a heart full of love. So if you can’t beat me with intellegens, stay out of personal matters, you know nothing about, shame on you,
    And yes WE ALL make mistakes writing fast, including you my dear and many others, live with it.
    Learn to handle the truth, I don’t need to grow up, I have lived all over the world, seen good and bad and made it to 67 in good health and lots of love and friends in my life. Don’t need a little nasty one like you try and tear me down getting so personally nasty.
    I have never been nasty to anybody on this site.
    If all of the bloggers want me off, I’ll gladly go

  186. From kass

    Clear maybe Ari leaving her estate is how Nicole comes across Ari’s video camera.
    Not trying to intervene in anyone’s conversation but I couldn’t help but reading someone’s comment toward another person and it says ” I dought it. I don’t understand what you write. The words are mispelled to the point that I don’t know what point your trying to make.” First of all this site isn’t about grammar, spelling, or writing it’s about laying back and relaxing on a blog site, I personally save writing professionally for business letters, or Emails to my boss. However to anyone who does want to be critical of other people and how they write please be sure to spell check and proof read your own material. My point being is “I dought it” is suppose to be “I doubt it”, and even the word misspelled is Mispelled … but like I have already said relax it’s just a blog site.

  187. From Vivian

    WARNING: As we stumble along this Yellow Brick Road…please be careful…as I am sure there are some loose bricks LOL Seems as if everyone is going to find Vivian in the box…wonder how long till Melanie finds her..that should be interesting. I enjoyed Victor and Kate’s little party afterwards. Whoever has the “camera/recorder” wears a suit and tie. And, if Nicole gets it..what male in Salem would want her to have it?..and not give it to EJ or the police? But most important..why give it to Nicole. I am not sure what is going on with the “Caroline Caper”…because that is just not “normal irrational DAYS storywriting”. I think we are at a point now…that we need to stop re-hashing what has happened and try and figure out what is going to happen. Have watched since DAY ONE and everyone has undergone personality changes at one time or another. Someone earlier mentioned Taylor coming back and hooking up with Brady….now that would be a Party Stopper! I would like to see Kinsey and Chad together…Can you imagine Kinsey and Kate in that mansion? LOL I could sit here and imagine all day…but …. have other stuff to do. Everyone have a Safe Halloween and please remember to vote on Tuesday.

  188. From Vivian

    My very best imagine of all times was “Eric to come back to Salem as Erica”….

  189. From Katherine - PA-.I

    186 Kass – you read #172/173 by Lola and 179 by Carol a. and tell me that was not nasty and very personal…thanks for pointing out about spelling, she mocks me, while not spelling right herself.
    To cross the line and accuse people of being mental, a bully and being a louse mother and friend, that went to far. And yes the site should be monitored for attacks of that nature.
    It takes a low personality to do something like that.
    Like I said, if ALL of YOU on this site, think I am the bad one, I will gladly leave..

  190. From kass

    Wow EJ & Sami really brought it Friday. That fighting scene was really believable, I can’t get enough of EJAMI!

  191. From Katherine - PA-.I

    Lord, what was I thinking, I want to apologize the All of you Bloggers, I allowed myself to be dragged down into the mud by two low lifes that called me names (bully, ass, mental, etc.) and attack my children and family, I guess I lost it, and I am deeply sorry, strange what emotions can do to you.
    This site should be for Salem and characters only, yes,we did put a little pers.moments in, like nightmare’s loss of family, daughters with diabetes, baby news, ya, my colon, Gram Judy going on a trip with hubby, what am I leaving out, so what was wrong with that. I have been on this site for maybe a couple of months now, but never, and mean never, have I experienced nastiness like that from Lola or carol. a.
    Again, I want to apologize to all my bloggers, if I offended any of you, and I am not acting like everybody is picking on me dear Lola, you are the guilty one, you alone and of course carol.a. so live with it.I am out of the gutter, should never have crawled in there with you……. so sorry

  192. From Michelle

    To everybody – do not let anyone else drive you away from this site. If you choose to leave, do it for your own reasons outside of what anybody may have to say about you. I know it is human nature to get defensive when someone who doesn’t even know you tries to trash you, but remember that they do not know you, not deep down, so try not to let it get to you (easy for me to say but hard for me to practice).
    And since Katherine seems to be the focus of the nastiness right now I will say this. Yes, she is blunt and honest, but what is wrong with that? She speaks her mind, there are times I don’t agree with her, but do respect her as a human being and an individual with her own thoughts and opinions. None of us are ever going to agree, that is a given, but let’s learn to disagree respecfully. Attacking someones personal character or making assumptions of their personal lives is OFF LIMITS. I was guilty of this myself with Janiebell a while back, and truly am sorry for it. As I said in a previous post, if you don’t care for the personal touch this site has, maybe it isn’t right for you. This is not me telling anyone to leave the site, it is just saying perhaps you should find another site more suited to what you are looking for.

  193. From Katherine - PA-.I

    I have never tried to dictate this website, and why would you call me a horrible person, you don’t even know me. The only time I have ever responded to you is when you called me names, nasty names my dear, that tells me a lot about you, namecalling that’s all you are good at. I am sorry for you.
    I know who I am and what I stand for, kindness, no nasty words, no namecalling, understanding and I think I have demonstrated that on this site many time,
    so Lola, or whoever you are, find peace, I forgive you, because I know something else must be wrong in your life, for you to lash out at me for no real reason at all.
    Still waiting for you to give me one quote of what I have said, that makes me so bad.

  194. From Stacey

    Lola, – —, Katherine, don’t let her get to you, she is not worth it. I like your straight forward honesty, even though I never blog, I just like to read. I just don’t want to be involved, but the names you were called, really, that doesn’t belong on this site. But Katherine, remember, the world is full of people like that, ignore them, don’t let them upset you. I enjoy reading you, you keep them straight. Hang in there.

    That is enough please. Don’t get in the middle and this will pass. -ADMIN

  195. From Lola

    You really make me sick. It’s sad to know that there are peole like you in this world. Go terrorise someone else.

    Please stop responding to Katherine at once. Ignore each other if you cannot get along. – ADMIN

  196. From Katherine

    Please somebody responsible on this blogsite, please read all of Lola’s comments, 169, 172, 193, 198,199, 202, 203 I do think there is a loose cannon out there, or should I say on this blog, the hate she is showing is not natural, it gives me the creeps.
    Lola, sometimes the person yelling the loudest, is the one that needs help the most.
    I know I am fine, and my family knows I am fine.
    Why are you so full of Hate, you still never will quote to me what I have said to upset you so much, back up your hate, or shut up.

  197. From Katherine

    Please somebody on this site,
    now I am a terrorist, Lola are you sane…

    Please STOP responding to Lola and anyone else you have issues with at once. If you have issues with another poster, ignore them.-ADMIN

  198. From Bevie

    Not to change the subject, but….why wasn’t there any security cameras at de’mansion?

  199. From Michelle

    Unfortunately, because I spoke up about the situation I am now involved, although I said nothing nasty to or about anyone, I am being named by name. I thought I was trying to be somewhat of an advocate and got called out by name for that.
    So in response, LOLA, nobody could care less about you either. You have popped up out of nowhere and caused all kinds of trouble for no good reason. To refer someone to webmd and tell them to look under the psychiatry section REALLY is going way too far and totally uncalled for. It is indeed simply hateful, nothing more, for you know nothing about anyone on this site. So I implore you to please stop. Maybe you don’t like Katherine or mines or others directness, but your personal character has never been attacked. There is a world of difference between being straightforward and between being hateful, and you have seriously crossed the line.

  200. From tee

    In regards to the following post From Katherine – PA-.I
    Comment added October 27th, 2010 at 11:10 am

    Nightmare, in regards to Sidnye and Nicole, I have mentioned it before.. I could be……
    When Brady took Nicole to Doc Dicks clini, she supposedly lost the Baby, maybe she delivered early and Doc took it to sell it

    later on. Then when Sami came to deliver, her baby didn’t make, don’t you guys remember Doc rushed the baby outside with that look on his face and Sami got all upset and worried about her baby.
    When Nicole showed up With Mia’s baby and demanded that Doc would switch Sami’s for Mia’s, and he finalllly gave in, could be that h e gave Nicole her OWN Baby that really had never died. Would explain the incredible bond she always had for that child, and still does. Oh Doctor Baker, sounds like something you might have done. If that is the case, that Sami’ own baby never made it, she did not have any natal care in that hideout, lots of stress etc. anything could have gone wrong with that pregnancy.
    That being the case, could be Sami’s final redemption, it could make her re-born and change her whole life for the better. Maybe all the lying, keeping kids a secret, etc. would a thing of the past for Sami, how else is she ever going to come back into good graces, with herself, her family, her friends, childrens fathers and US the FANS. Just a theory… I’ll be surprised


  201. From tee


  202. From Katherine

    Gram Judy, sorry, I know it could never be you, but for a moment, it crossed my mind, when you disappeared and Lola appeared.
    I know better, so please let’s forgot my stupid moment of doubt about you. Hope you are doing well.

  203. From Clear

    I couldn’t read all the vitriolic comments and fast forwarded through most. I hope I didn’t miss something interesting about the soap. Talk about the show ladies and stop burying the hatchet in each other.
    Grammar and spelling is important to communicate, but we are limited in this box without a spell checker, so no worries and who’s counting? Not me. I was thinking about what you said, Kass about Brady getting Ari’s estate and maybe the video. That made sense to me thinking of Nicole pilfering around at the mansion in Brady’s old girlfriends belongings. You are one smart cookie, and come up with some good ones. BTW, that was a compliment, and meant in appreciation of some of your posts.

  204. From kass

    Thank you Clear #211

    Katherine dont leave we love you!

    Lola- your the bully, back off, who do you think you are to tell someone that they need a psych. evaluation? You might need your head check. If Grandma Judy was still on she would set you straight!

  205. From Debbie

    Loved all the actors’ work on the show this past week. Especially Bo and Hope in jail, Kayla confronting Bo and Carly at different times,Caroline and Kayla at the pub, and the best one I think is Carly and Melanie’s fight.

  206. From Debbie

    And how is it that everyone can just enter Ari’s old room at the pub? How did both Sami and EJ get past Caroline and the others? And couldn’t anyone hear the racket they made when they each trashed the room separately? Why isn’t the room closed off by the police so it can be searched? Sheesh, my head hurts. lol

  207. From Nightmare

    #208 TEE Thanks for explaining that for me..I can see how it could be possible now. It would be horrible for Sami and EJ to have to go through that bad news all over again.
    TEE I was about 12 when I first started watching too and I’m nearly 52 now, mind you I never saw some of it inbetween times, When I had my kids I never had time to watch it but it never takes long to catch up..
    I’m off to bed now, its almost 12am goodnight.

  208. From Janiebell

    Even if Caroline did volinteer at St. Mary’s {or where ever} Hospital, would a Volinteer, even if she has had her own business for years, be put in the finances department? If so maybe that is why my med. bills and other bills get “messed up”.
    Iam not a grandparent, so I don’t know how that is or the limits a grandparent would go to so they could protect their grandchildren. Yet, we are talking about Caroline Brady, grandpa Shawn’s widow, Roman, Kim, Kayla and Bo’s mom; anda very respected citizan of Salem. There is just no way Caroline could have done such a thimg as changing hospital records. Once again the writers goofed.So they have to pin their mastake on someone as a “cover up”.

  209. From Lola

    I’m done with this. Katherine, you are a bully and I don’t want anything to do with you. I am the sweetest person in the world until you cross me, then yes, I turn into a bitch. I don’t put up with people like you and I speak my mind. I will no longer post on this site because of people like you. This is a daytime soap we are talking about here and, naturally, you have made it about you. I don’t have the time or energy for it. I’m so done with this crap. People like you make this world a sad place.

  210. From Lola

    Oh, and to actually talk about the matter at hand, I don’t know if I could believe that Caroline would switch paternity results just to make Stephanie happy. I think there has got to be another explanation like it was done in the pub using her IP address. I just don’t feel that she has it in her to do it.

  211. From Bev

    All this “gossip mongering” going on…does nobody keep secrets any more? Kayla…kayla…kayla..shame on you. When would Caroline have time to switch the paternity? or the know-how? Same old, same old…Days is getting boring! Time to switch the channel after all these years!

  212. From Katherine

    217 Lola, WORDS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES, AND YOURS SPOKE LOUD AND CLEAR. You showed your stuff for everybody to read, name calling that’s your strenght.
    God bless

  213. From Janiebell

    Is all of the “cat fighting” over? Has it been desided who goes and who stays? I did learn something, we can now use our pet’s names to logg in; to bad I don’t have a pet. I am not a cat or dog lover. Don’t care for pets. Don’t need them More power to all of you who do have pets and take good care of them. Would a pet help Vivian now?

    I have always woundered if maybe Nachole’s babby was a live but instead of being a girl,Nachol’s baby was a boy andput on “black market”? Would not suprise me.

  214. From Katherine

    I am beginning to think, that Caroline has a lot in her, look how she has changed already, didn’t think that was in her.
    She wants bad boy Vic, and it is stirring up a lot inside her.
    But I might be wrong, hope we will find out soon, what really happened, and hopefully it will be a suprise.
    Melanie is starting to loose it a little bit lately, wonder if she is going to tell her Dad? It’s a tough position she is in, Ari was in a tough position.
    Michelle, thank you, you helped, not used to being in situations like that.
    tee – well let’s see what happens, the toothbrush for DNA, is what got me going, why did the writers do that? It just seems to me when Doc left, he still had some secret, something wasn’t all resolved yet.
    Janibell, Grandma’s can do crazy things for their grandchildren, so let’s see.
    Kass- Baby doing good? Thank you, you are a good person.
    Got my grandson a cell phone, of course night now I am IT, love it.

  215. From Clear

    I read Tee’s idea about how the baby might actually be Nicole’s, and I don’t like that story line, though it is an interesting speculation. I hope Nicole’s baby did live, but I don’t want her to be Sydney. I hope they let Nicole have another baby of her own, just not Sydney. There has been so much baby switching that many of the offspring need paternity tests to verify their parents! Salem may have to bring in Maury P! LOL! I will glad to see Jennifer back minus Jack D. I like the new doctor, and hope he doesn’t turn out to be the mad organ switcher. Maybe Doc Baker is back there in the wings somewhere organizing and collecting for his gambling habit. A business like that might go back to the Dimeras because I’m remembering the mad Dr. Rolf and the organ switches and harvesting previously. Remember how Stefano got a new kidney?

  216. From carol a.--PA.

    I agree with you Lola. I am a nice person too. But when I am trying to be nice & someone gets snotty, then I am a real b—- too. I always was the kind of person to let everyone be snotty to me, & never say a word. But as I got older I learned to defend myself.
    How this got started with me was When Katherine wrote something to me I totally couldn’t understand, also because the sentences weren’t even sentences I could make out. That’s why I asked
    nicely “what do you mean, I don’t understand that statement.” I was really wanting to know, not being rude at all. All she had to do was tell me what she meant, that’s all. Instead She wrote a nasty sentence about what has she offended me with now. And that maybe I should stay in the woods with the deer,since they don’t have an opinion. If that’s not being rude & attacking me personally, I don’t know what is. I love my woods & the animals. That’s the real peace I get out of life. So I was just as rude right back. I know how bad fighting is, but she also has showed her true colors by being rude to me with saying something like that to me. Especially when I have never ever said anything bad to her. I don’t know what made her turn on me. But that’s ok. I know I am good too, just like she is. I am done with this. And I have no intentions on blogging on the soaps, as I haven’t been, just checking in to read.

  217. From Kat

    First off if your going to kill a dimera then it better be done right.The story lines of EJ going after Sami and Sami retatiliting to protect the family or getting old. Get john and marlena back to solve the problem with brady and sami.JOhn can solve anything or get roman involved more in his daughters life than playing cop let us see him play dad for a change let us see a differnt side of roman the protect his children side create new story lines with Roman for once throwing his career on the line to protect his children let us see bo get involved with vivan scandel in the coffin becuase he hates her as much as the rest of them and get some stories brewing enough with the same crap get something new and creative and get somthing the fans our telling you what we want to see listen to us for a change.Ive watched days for many years and the cycle is beginning to old get something new and something interesting that people want to watch

  218. From Allie

    Hey ladies this is my first time on this web site and I just wanted to share my views on the show. I love Rafe with Sami, he trys to make her a beeter person. Samie is a snotty nose brat that has always done what she wants to do and hurts people, but Rafe trys to change her, and she needs to be changed. I use to like samie with ej before rafe came along because they have some good chemisty but ej didnt make samie a better person he’s always been a bad guy be cause of the gloved crimes and rape stuff. I cant stand ej’s character because he is bad but Rafe is the best charactter that dayofourlives has he is nice to samie he loves samie and he is good looking. ej is just a jerk he is always hurtin samie he raped her he took her baby he lied to her and she is always his vicitm. Rafe is always he savor. although samie and ej have good chemisttry ej’s no good

  219. From Katherine

    carol a. I wrote you back in my blog 148, very niceley to tell, when you agreed there were more E.J. fans, Rafe’s and yes I said, Love it, in your face my dear blogfriend, there was no malice there at all, read it again, It was like hi-fiving you, ha in your face, that’s an expression some people use, whatever possesed you to take that the wrong way. And you brought up that you rather be in the woods with the deer, and I agreed, they don’t talk or critizize, it’s peaceful out there.

    You were plenty personal nasty, when you brought my kids/family/friends into that, that showed character, and I still don’t know what the wet paperbag remark means.
    I have never been rude to you, read my blogs again, and understand what they mean, and if you condone Lola’s mouth, you are no better than she is.
    I am done with both of you, do whatever you want to do, but stay away from me..

  220. From Saralynn

    I have been watching Days of Our Lives for almost 35(on and off) years now and been with them through their ups and downs. I have had quite a few favorite power couples, Tom and Alice, Bo and Hope, Jack and Jenn, John and Marlena, Kayla and Patch, Shawn and Belle, and so many more. On of the things that Day’s is missing today is the existence of power coples. There is no power couple left. Bo and Hope are split up, mel/phil/stephany/nathan/daniel/chloe do not qualify for power couple at all. Grandpa shawn and Micky died leaving Caroline and Maggie alone. Sami and EJ are split up. I would love to see Kayla & Patch back, Belle and Shawn, and Bo and Hope back together on the show. I also think that Sami and EJ has what it takes to be a power couple, they have the history, the chemistry, the family, the passion, the acting skills, and the looks. I would love to see ejami over come their battles and come out one of days supercouples. They go so good together!

  221. From Lola

    Thank you Carol. She is just back talking. I’m really sick of your posts Katherine and I am no longer responding to them. How can you say you have never been rude when you are rude to eveyone. Have a happy halloween and just go away. I’m done with this. Stop playing the victim

  222. From Leah

    WHAT DO YOU RECKON IS GOING ON WITH RAFE GIVING SAMI TABLETS? After the pill he gave her the other day she couldn’t remember her earlier conversation with Will. What’s up with that? Could something else be going on here that the writers haven’t bought to light yet? I remember the statement made a month ago… nothing is as it seems. Mmmm….

  223. From Leah

    Have to say I enjoyed the Ejami scene in Ariannas bedroom the other day. EJAMI TOGETHER ARE DYNAMIC… they always knock it out of the park! Sami searching for the camera, EJ standing cool, calm, collected, arms crossed knowing she was inside waiting for her to come out, then the Ejami glares, the Ejami sharp tongues, the accusations, the denials, the struggle, the end up on the bed on top of each other, the fighting for the box, Sami running away with her tail in between her legs. Love it, love it, love it… now thats entertainment. A simple Ejami scene like that IS FAR MORE EXCITING than a boring Safe love scene. Ejami never disappoint. Ejami are GOLD, Safe must go. Go Ejami and Ejami family… that’s what alot of us are wishing for for Christmas.

  224. From kass

    Leah 228 I think that you are on to something, I was wandering why Sami couldnt remember telling Will that her and EJ got into a scuffle in the loft over the cell phone call. I thought it was very strange that it was pointed out, How could she completly forget telling Will about that on the phone, or forget a whole phone conversation??????? I must have missed Rafe giving her tablets though, I dont know, I believe that someone was really on to something a month ago or something they said that Rafe might be woking for Stephano and he may be put in place by Stephano to keep Sami in place. Rafe would play the position of keeping Sami and the kids in one place but also Rafe keeps Sami away from EJ and tied up with Rafe. Rafe is a perfect pawn for Stephano to use, he serves two purposes for Stephano to ensure the Dimeras have access to Sydney and Johnny and to keep Sami out of EJ’s bed. Rafe is just WAY TOO SHADY!

  225. From Katherine

    Leah, I guess I missed Rafe giving Ssmi some pills, must mean something or they wouldn’t do it….
    The bed scene, dynamo… 3 secs. better than one hour with Rafe.
    I would love to see Sami and Elvis, stranded somewhere, I don;t care, for Christmas, maybe even with the children, that would be a story to watch and enjoy, one can only dream.
    I still say there is something off with Rafe, come on writers, what is it, give us a clue, have you made up your mind which way you are going with Rafe.
    Have any of you heard, if we will actually get to see Ari’s Mother?

  226. From Katherine

    229 Kass, you go girl, what you are saying, ding, ding, makes a lot of scense, a bell just went off in my head, that sounds so plausible, good thinking. I don’t remember the pills either, better pay more attention.
    Wouldn’t that be Ulitmate Stefano, always two steps ahead of everybody, wow I love it.
    And now, Rafe might possibly?? even be drugging Samantha, I have said before, Someday it might be E.J. that will come to Samantha’s rescue, good possible storyline, love it.

  227. From kass

    Katherine, someone else actually pointed something like that out a while back that Rafe may be associated with Stephano, I just connected the dots of why stephano would hire him, to keep Sami and EJ apart but keep Sydney and Johnny in EJ’s life. Plus where is Rafe keep getting money from he just quit his job but he can afford a new place?? Not to mention Rafe is just way way tooooooo shady and mysterious! I would love that to be the case and see EJ have to save Sami (his woman) and the kids from the rouge agent Rafe

  228. From carol a.--PA.

    I said I agree with Lola, never said I condoned anything else. Your words were not nice. That’s how I saw it. I can read. I only asked because I was confused about what you wrote. Could not understand it. That’s all. So stop responding to me. I asked you to leave me alone too. So end it. I’m done.

  229. From Katherine

    Comment removed. Please stop this or we will ban you from posting. ADMIN

  230. From Katherine

    Correction: crossed

  231. From Janiebell

    Does the writers have to turn every good person in Salem into a do good louce? First Brady gets involved with Nicole, then Brady breaks Ari’s heart, and now it was Brady who locked Vivian in the box. Vivian deserved that but couldn’t ithave been Victor, Kate or Stefano who locked Vivian in there? Stefaney was playing “a good girl”, now the writers have Stef playing a “flake”. Cloie was once good but now all mixed up. Caroline Brady changing hospital records. Sami was good for a while now noone knows where the writers will take her charactor. Now putting Rafe with Stefano hu. What about leaving a few good people in Salem. Don’t make everyone a low life. I know in soapland there must be some bad people but shouldn’t there also be some good people too?

  232. From Katherine

    Removed post. ADMIN

  233. From kass

    Katherine and Carol- I dont want to intervene in your dispute, but I think that your conflict is over a misunderstanding. I think what Katherine meant when she said “in your face” is like “high five” or “good going” but I think that it was misinterpreted to mean “I told you so” or something mean. I dont think Katherine meant anything bad by it but I can see how it was misinterpreted, because at first I did myself and thought it meant soemthing mean, but now looking back I think that it was all a misunderstanding!

  234. From mary

    I like to read info on the show Days but find a lot of those here very offensive ( EX. post # 246 : really necessary to use the F word ? ) If the people need to blow off steam & tell their life stories I am sure there are other sites to do this

  235. From Clear

    That is a good question about where Rafe is getting the rent money, and neither he nor Sami have any known means of support other than John Black is rich and Sami’s stepdad. If Rafe is drugging Sami, I hope he’s not paid by Stefano. How would that make sense with what he did to find out about Sydney? Could he be drugging Sami to make her forget that she shot EJ? Like Janiebell said, can’t we depend on knowing some of the characters are good, even if conflicted and gain some justice and at times happiness. I like to watch something besides turmoil, stress, and violence all the time too–though I must admit in fiction I don’t mind seeing the known evil characters pay. Pay, but not die off!

  236. From Michelle

    Ok, enough is enough. Seriously. The downright crude language is offensive, and not just to your intended target, but to others. Argue, bicker, fight back and forth, whatever… but please, out of respect for others, keep the seriously crude language out of it and to yourself.

  237. From Michelle

    I have been reading this site for about a year or so and have NEVER seen someone use such foul language here. It is not welcome. PERIOD. No if’s, and’s, or but’s about.

  238. From Janiebell

    Monday again and another week begins. What are we to expect from Days this week; more of the same old same old or will something exciting happen? Only the writers know and each eposode will tell.

    I have always been a bad speller, even way back in my school days; might be a family thing, scence I have brothers who are poor spelliers also. Sorry but there are a few of us out there; and I don’ t always use perfect english either. So should I go away because of that? Sorry I ain’t going anyplace. I have watched Days scence the beginning, don’t remember a lots of story lines, but I am here to stay, bad spelling, imperfect Eglish and all. Some of us have more to do than “find fault”.

  239. From Leah

    Rafe/Stefano connection? I would love that twist… Does anyone remember when EJ was first hospitalised Stefano and Rafe got into it. Stefano made verbal threats to Rafe and about his past. I remember clearly Rafe looking Stefano in the eye and saying “Do you REALLY wanna go there?” Uncharacteristically Stefano quickly shut up and backed away. Stefano has done this a few times with Rafe which is not like him. Could be more to this than we’ve thought. OR SHOULD I SAY I HOPE SO… Rafe needs a little something.

  240. From Katherine

    LOOKS LIKE SOMEBODY TOOK AWAY THOSE Two F..remarks by Lola, hope not to many of you had to read them. I guess Michelle saw them.
    I am truly sorry to anybody on here, but I still don’t know what I did to Lola, guess I never will.

  241. From Grandma Judy

    Lola, – I see your f-word comment has been removed but not before I saw it. I am guessing you have some problems in your personal life and can’t effectively vent to your family and friends so you come on here and use such foul language to do it anonymously. I’ve been off this site for a week and got on this morning to see some opinions about Caroline and also if Sami is headed for some kind of health issue. I left because I got tired of comments getting too personal and even judging others’ personal lives according to how they view the show. But YOU are the first one I have EVER seen use foul language. If you can’t control yourself, LEAVE this site! But maybe your posts will be monitored from now on,anyway, since it seems your f-word comment has been taken off.

  242. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    Just read another spoiler that questions what will Caroline do next to protect her family. Seems to me that the writers are trying to taint the Bradys and Hortons. As a long time fan, I do not like where Days is headed. I’ve never thought the Bradys or Hortons were saints, but they always had some sort of morals and ethics that made them different from the Dimeras, Kirakis, Vivian and Kate of the world. To me that is what made Days fun to watch. To explain away that Caroline did all this because of Victor, her feelings for him and jealousy just is ridiculous to me. Same with what Days did to Hope. Also, the spoilers say that EJ is thinking about kidnapping his children and go on the run (spoilers words not mine). Haven’t we already been down this road before? With the latest spoiler about Caroline, I am wondering if she will be the next to go after EJ – if he takes the kids. Unless Carly is next, since Caroline does not like Carly at all. I do agree with Caroline about Carly. Never liked her – even the first time. I really wish Days would get back to the adventures and romance of the 80s and 90s. Even Kristen locking Marlena in the room was fun to watch back then. This thing with Vivian was funny at first because she deserved it, but she needs to get out and move onto something else. What happened to balls, cruises, picnics, etc? I’m sure everyone remembers John & Marlena and the strawberries – why don’t any of the couples now have anything like that. This thing with EJ and Sami has gone beyond boring. Days needs to move on in another direction.

  243. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    Wow, looks like I missed alot since Friday. I had to leave work to take my daughter to the doctor. She broke a muscle fassle (sp?) in her legs and is on crutches. Glad I missed all the “heat”. I only come on during the work week anyways. Gives me something to do when my workload is nonexistent…LOL. Boss is in meetings all day today.

    I really want to see Bo drop Carly – NOT Carly leave Bo. I want Bo to chose Hope over Carly. I am really hoping that he will come to his senses soon. Tired of how the writers have written both Bo and Hope over the last couple of years.

  244. From Just Moi

    #183 Kass..yes I guess I did contradict myself. I love Viv and the Dimeras, I love that they have the bad side but you also get a view of there good side sometimes. IMO they are what makes Days so interesting and they round out the perfect Hortons and Bradys. Oh how boring Days would be if everyone was good and nice to each other…hmmm kinds of reminds me of this blog site lol

  245. From Just Moi

    BoandFancy…I missed it all to and am really glad about that.
    Sorry to hear about your daughter, hope she gets better soon

  246. From carol a.--PA.

    I already explained to you that your comment to me sounded rude. YOu can trash me any way you’d like. I read it that way, & if tears were brought to your eyes, I felt that way too when I read yours as maybe an insult. I wondered what I had done to you for you to say that to me. Alot of your writing sounds rude. It must be the way you write, I don’t know. But I guess it was a misunderstanding, but you continue to insult me for not understanding your post. I don’t know what else to say except I only wanted an explanation for it, but you got mean. And you can continue to do it, I am not reading any more, because I know you only see it one way, & can’t figure it out. You hurt my feelings, so I can’t read anymore. I am deleting this site so I never see it again. I never attacked you in any way personally like you did me. All I said was do you treat your kids & friends like that. If you took that as an insult, Oh well, I took what you said to me that way too.

  247. From maryl

    I missed out on Sami’s memory loss? Can someone please enlighten me on that. I remember Rafe giving her some pills for a headache, but not sure if that was right before the memory loss.
    I also think that Stefano could possibly know something about Rafe that hasn’t been divulged yet. The hospital conversation exchange between the two of them made me think that. Rafe got a “deer in the headlight” look on his face when Stefano made his remark. Right now it seems, however, that Rafe is a real prince and can do no wrong. Appears that everyone in Salem is being dirtied somewhat except him! There may be a good reason for that! All of a sudden, EJ doesn’t look quite as bad with all the other shenanigans going on! Appears that he isn’t the only one in line now needing redemption! Ha!

  248. From MAB

    Nightmare – I do not discuss my personal life on here and I do not bring up others…I don’t call anyone names…I’ve used words to describe what some may be thinking, but it’s not personal, although you take it that way. In fact, you take EVERYTHING I say in a negative way. While there are others who share my SAME sentiments, you point mine out and attack me. You’ve had a problem with me since day one, so why don’t you just admit that you enjoy badgering me. Don’t deny it, because I know it’s true. And what else I know is true is that you have a problem, and I hope you get help for it because you are one of the nastiest people I’ve ever encountered while blogging. I’M DONE WITH YOU! It’s really not even worth typing this to say that, but I wanted to make sure that you know that, and I will no longer respond to you directly. You are not worth my time, and I don’t know why I ever let you be.

    kass – there’s no doubt in my mind that Stefano has “something” on Rafe. After Stefano made that statement to and about Rafe at the hospital, well my suspicions were validated. Rafe is no good.

    Leah – I’m not sure if you’re referring to a different hospital scene than I am, but if you’re thinking of the same one I’m thinking of, then you have it wrong. It was Stefano who told Rafe something about not going there. It was the real first indication that there was something about Rafe that Stefano knew.

    BoAndFancyFace4Ever! – I so agree with you on the Bo/Hope/Carly situation. Bo’s choice should be Hope, period. I’m so shocked that the writers have changed Bo like they have. Bo & Hope were always each other’s true love/soulmates. Now he acts like none of that ever existed, and that his future is with Carly. Veteran fans of the show will NEVER believe this, and I hope the writers know how upset we fans are about it, and what a huge mistake they have made.

    Katherine – I missed all the drama you went through the past couple of days. Don’t let it bother you. Keep posting and speaking your mind no matter what anyone says!

  249. From Sandy

    From Days Cafe this morning:

    EJ is shown bumbling his way to the evidence simply to throw viewers off, for he, in the end, will be the one with that camera. This is probably how Nicole gets the camera…past has shown us EJ can’t keep secrets from Niki the Super Snoop! This may also give her the evidence she needs to blackmail Sami into letting her have a relationship with Sydney.
    Also in Days Cafe: “EJ concludes that desperate times call for desperate measures. Therefore, he should kidnap his children!” Hasn’t he learned kidnapping doesn’t work?

    I was hoping the writers wouldn’t go down the kidnapping path, we’ve been there watched that! Can’t he just fight for custody in Court after all he is suppose to have the Judge on the DiMera payroll. So why isn’t he using the DiMera power to get access to his kids? I wonder what Stefano will say about another kidnapping? Stefano would have to go on the lamb with EJ and the kids if he wants to see them. No kidnapping…there’s has to be another way!

  250. From Katherine

    Thanks to the ADMIN.
    I regret my part in this, should have never gotten so involved, it’s best to walk away and ignore bad behaviour, again I sorry for my part in all this.

  251. From Katherine

    I better start paying good attention to Sami now, see what’s going on with the pill Rafe is giving her. I like to see a real in court custody battle for once, with an HONEST Judge for once, that could be very very interesting. And no family laywers, outside, not paid off attorneys.
    Something must be up with Stefano, he always has something going behind our backs. I hope there is no kidnapping, enough of that.

  252. From Lois

    So, how long can Viv lay in the sarcophagus and not have any food water or a bathroom? Please just get rid of her now!!!

  253. From Clear

    Sandy, I really wouldn’t mind the kidnapping thing if it would bring back the romantic trips, strawberries, balls, and adventure. However, I wouldn’t want the kidnappings to drag out like they have, and the good guys have to win!! While Sami is no saint, there are quite a few things EJ has never paid for in the areas of crime and dirty dealings either and he never stays in jail. Stefano was in jail more than he has been.

    Boandfancyfaceforever, I find myself agreeing with quite a lot of what you posted, however, I still want Hope to apologize to Bo! I never thought she should have gone to prison to stay there though. She should have gone to a sanatarium.

  254. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    Clear, there are 2 ways I wouldn’t mind the kidnapping:

    1 – If Sami took the kids on the run with Lucas and they fell in love again….with them winning.
    2 – If EJ & Nicole were on the run and fell in love again…with Sami winning.

    I do agree with most of what you post, too. I guess I still side with Hope on this issue because to me this all started with Chelsea hitting Zack. I don’t think Hope ever got over Bo siding with Billie/Chelsea over Zack’s death. I do agree that they should have talked things out. I do agree that Hope should have left the house with Ciara, BUT I believe Bo should have gone with her. I don’t agree that Bo should have moved Carly into their house. Even Abe warned Bo, that he should have told Hope what was going on. Bo should have been honest with Hope about Carly and let her help. Bo and Hope are still my favorite couple. I really hate what the writers have done to their characters. I firmly believe if we had consistent writers this would never have happened. I always prefer the love conquers all stories – where they would have chosen to work things out no matter how difficult. To me, Bo and Hope or Doug & Julie should have been the ones to replace Alice and Tom.

  255. From maryl

    Maybe EJ will kidnapp his kids again but this time he’ll take Sami too! Ha! Wouldn’t that be a hoot! I always thought he could take them all to Maison Blanche and hide out! Of course we know that’s not the way it will go down, because EJ is supposed to have a new love interest. I really don’t see the kidnapping SL coming up again–I think EJ is just weighing his options. I sure hope the writers don’t go there again. Once EJ gets his hands on the camera, he will not need to kidnapp the children because he will have some very strong leverage to strike a deal with Sami. The only problem he might have there is if sticky Nicole gets her hands on the camera before him. We know things always go Nicole’s way.

  256. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    I’m, too, wondering whether EJ or Nicole gets the camera first. To me, the spoilers lead you to believe that Nicole gets it first; then EJ.

  257. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    TV Guide interview with Louise Sorel about getting out the sarcophagus this Friday. This sounds good. Sounds like it is finally going to be fun to watch. Vivian gets the mansion, Titan, everything from Victor. Now this is the Vivian I love to hate. Still wish Carly were in there!!

  258. From Michelle

    Maybe the mystery hands we saw with the camera were those of the person that hit Ari. I don’t know though, because it makes sense that Nicole gets it by snooping through Ari’s things that Brady inherits. So maybe the hands were the attorney or something. Who knows, we’ll just have to wait and see. I do think Nicole will run to EJ with it though, and that is how he will come across it.
    I also missed some of Fridays episode so I didn’t see Rafe giving Sami pills, but I did see where Will said she called him and she had no recollection of it, so I think those things are significant or they wouldn’t have shown them. And I think they are significant in a way that is beginning to show Rafe’s true side. I agree with the rest that Stephano and Rafe are somehow connected, by blood, by a dirty little secret, something…

  259. From Debbie

    I don’t ever remember Rafe giving Sami any pills but then Days gets pre-empted a lot at 1pm with breaking news a lot of the time. I agree with those who say the pills may be affecting Sami’s memory. I, along with some of you, did notice the funny exchange she had with Will when she said she didn’t remember talking to him on the phone.

  260. From Katherine

    Stacey, Kass, Michelle,MAB, and Judy, thank you. You all know for what. Katherine.
    I had to say that.

  261. From Michelle

    Thanks for the link to Louise Sorel’s interview, I enjoyed reading it.
    Katherine, you’re welcome. Right is right, and all I did was stand up for that.
    Debbie, it’s on at 1pm for me also, and it’s so frustrating when it gets interrupted, especially for me since I have a 2 yr old and don’t get to watch every day, and it seems like when I do get to sit down and watch an entire show it is always interrupted. News is important, but I wish they would just have a ticker on the bottom saying tune into CNN for breaking news or something instead. Unless it’s a 9/11 kind of thing, but for me, presidential speeches don’t warrant every channel having to air them live. Just my view, but then again I’m not that into politics either.

  262. From Clear

    Right, Michelle. That’s why we have the news channels! I don’t want to hear O. come on and tell us what we already heard reported, or more political lies from him or any of the rest that have us dug down into a financial hole. Just let me watch my soap in peace. No sports preempts either!! We also have sports channels!

  263. From Sandy

    Which episode did Rafe give Sami pills? I watch each epi twice (if not more)when there are political cut in’s on the show, but the only time I saw him give her pills was a few days ago when she had a headache. Was there something more recent?

  264. From Clear

    Looking at the spoiler about Vivian getting one up on Victor and getting everything she wants I don’t like. However, if Victor has nothing, perhaps he can move in with Mags.

  265. From Katherine

    Oh Caroline, you miss bad boy Vic.
    Now that it seems that Vic is loosing all to Viv, wouldn’t it be funny, if he got a job at the Chowder factory, working for Caroline, helping making soup, babysitting, cleaning, waiting on tables, boy could I see the clams fly. Vic in Jeans, T-shirt, messy hair, that could be so much comic relieve.
    Bo and Hope will be together again, just a matter of time, they are soulmates, we just have to let it play out, if they are meant to be, they will.
    Hope the Pill, Rafe is giving Sami are not the same stuff Hope took….

  266. From Leah

    Another kidnapping… yes I read that spoiler alert to and I thought to myself “Oh goodness me NO! The writers are just recycling storylines.” B-O-R-I-N-G! Please no oh no, not so shortly after the last one. We’re all STILL reeling with plots, schemes and storylines from the last one. However I did laugh at the suggestion that if EJ does in fact kidnap the kids he should take Sami too. Now I would be for that! Ejami reconnect and both finally unable to resist and cave into their love. Ejami never fail to deliver and keep me entertained so I’d be up for watching that. But I do also agree
    with a poster above… what about a good old custody battle slogged out in the court. EJ in his confident lawyer stride sticking it too Sami and hypocritical Safe. Would love to see EJ win that battle and get full custody of his kids with Sami having visiting rights. About time EJ was no longer her victim and in charge for a while. I’d like to see Sami having to flex for him for a change. Imagine seductress Sami trying to weave her power and magic. NOW THAT WOULD BE ALOT MORE FUNNIER AND ENTERTAINING TO WATCH THAN WHAT WE’RE GETTING NOW!

  267. From Canadian_Gal

    From DaysCafe:

    - Friends and family meet Chloe’s son.
    - EJ’s plans change!
    - Kate’s marriage could be in jeopardy …
    - Dr. Walters has a crush on Jennifer.
    - The prison situation is ready to blow!

    - The cops have a new witness to Ari’s hit and run!
    - Nicole gets her hands on Ari’s camera and watches Sami’s
    admission of guilt!
    - Victor continues to lash out at Viv – and hell hath no fury like
    Madame scorned!
    - Poor Maggie is locked in the sarcophagus!
    - Carly suspects Bo and Hope still care for each other.
    - Kate informs Chad of the DiMera darkness …
    - Mel must help Chloe deliver her early baby.
    - Things get dicey for Hope in prison.
    - Jennifer Horton Deveraux (Melissa Reeves) is back
    to Salem – to stay! Good news for cuz Hope, who
    would rather sleuth around with her instead of Carly …
    P.S. Jennifer is rather unofficially separated.
    - EJ concludes that desperate times call for desperate measures.
    Therefore, he should kidnap his children!

    - The cops have a new witness to Ari’s hit and run!
    - Nicole gets her hands on Ari’s camera and watches Sami’s
    admission of guilt!
    - Victor continues to lash out at Viv – and hell hath no fury like
    Madame scorned!
    - Poor Maggie is locked in the sarcophagus!
    - Carly suspects Bo and Hope still care for each other.
    - Kate informs Chad of the DiMera darkness …
    - Mel must help Chloe deliver her early baby.
    - Things get dicey for Hope in prison.
    - Jennifer Horton Deveraux (Melissa Reeves) is back
    to Salem – to stay! Good news for cuz Hope, who
    would rather sleuth around with her instead of Carly …
    P.S. Jennifer is rather unofficially separated.
    - EJ concludes that desperate times call for desperate measures.
    Therefore, he should kidnap his children!

  268. From Canadian_Gal

    sorry for the double…

    Jen is unofficially separated?!?!? What about their little boy was it Jack Jr?

    Chloe has a boy, i wonder what his name will be??

  269. From Sandy

    #268 Canadian Gal:
    I believe I read in the Salem Spectator Chloe’s baby boy will be named Parker.

  270. From Michelle

    Ha, that’s fitting for Chloe’s baby, since she is like a parking spot – park it in, pull it out, and be on your way!
    Ok, sorry, I know that’s lame, but that’s what I thought of when I saw Parker.

  271. From Janiebell

    Why are the writers re writting everything and why or what would cause the writers to ruin the roll of “Caroline Brady” and drive a wedge between Caroline and Kayla? The Bradys have always been a close knit family. Oh sure, they disagree amongest themselves sometimes; but don’t most families? Still the Bradys have always been ready to fight for each other, if need be, but the way Caroline talked to Kayla today was uncalled for. If I were Kayla I would take my son Joe,{which was suspose to have come to Salem with Kayla and was not seen} and go home. Kayla will have to do what she thinks is right as to wheather or not to tell Bo about the mix-up involvingCarly. Caroline said that what she reghretted about Bo being Victor’s son was that she confessed. That is very unCaroline like, and hard to belive she said that. Yet mother’s do change as time goes by. My own 77 years old mom is doing things I never thought she would do and I find that so upsetting.

  272. From Z

    #150 Cherie Thanks. You’re so right, Lucas was so forgiving of what Sami put him through. Katharine, no I don’t care for EJ, and have not ever since he started on the show way back when. Remember he was the gloved one and never was punished. I wonder how Ari would have felt about him if she had known that.

    Again Ari should have stayed out of it. I think she wanted to be the only one to be happy, and was jealous of any woman her brother was involved with. Funny she was so angry at Sami for what she “did” but did not catch on to the sister of the lady Rafe was going to marry trying to brick him up in the basement of that house,and eventually dumping him in the river. Did she rage and try to go after her for almost killing her brother? Probably not,

    As for the comment of Lucas being whiny, how so? He forgave Sami for denying him time with his son for many years, years that he would never get back, manipulated him when she was enamored with Austin oh so many times, and destroyed their marriage when she married EJ. Oh yeah, I don’t recall Ari, jumping down Lucas’ throat when he actually did shoot EJ.

  273. From Sandy

    #271 Janibell
    If I remember correctly, Caroline stopped Bo from killing Victor by shouting out “he’s your father”. That’s a little different than what she is doing now with wanting to make Stephanie happy or making the decision that the baby didn’t need to be a Kiriakis because of what happened with Tyler/Pocket. It’s all still very confusing to me, when she told Kyla “you don’t even know me” it was obvious Kyla was very hurt. I just wonder if Steve’s sudden illness is leading up to him dying so Kyla can return to Salem? Or she brings him back to Salem, played by another actor, for medical attention. It’s going to be interesting when all the lies come out, trying to unravel them is fun.

  274. From Nightmare

    MAB you should go back and read your own post#80 thats what causes trouble on here..You can say all the things you like about me, but it dosen’t change the fact that we all know the truth, the proof is in your writings..

    Good to see you back Grandma Judy it was really only the ONE who must pick on our personal lives so is best we ignore her and just post away.
    Carol a I think you should come back too and join us.
    I must say this site has more going on than DOOL lately..

  275. From Olive

    If Caroline switched those results, I’ll eat my computer! I’m not sure who she’s covering for or why, but she didn’t do it. Maybe she thinks Steph did it…all I know is that nothing she said made any sense and unless the writers have completely changed her character, she didn’t do it.

  276. From Nightmare

    God, trust Nicole to get her hands on the camera, surely the writers won’t have her blackmail Sami into giving her Sydney..

  277. From Katherine

    Janiebell, I agree, Kayla has to do what she thinks is right, and so did Ari, she had to try and do what she thought was right.
    One is denying a child his birthright, another is attempted murder, so that Is My opinion, you are welcome to have your own.
    MAB I just went back and read your Blog #80 – nothing there that upset me at all.
    Nothing will ever change on here,
    people are people, and you can never make everybody happy.
    Truth and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so let’s leave it at that.
    Z – that’s fine- you don’t have to care for E.J. you see him with different eyes, no problem there, .
    I don’t recall Ari being around when Lucas shot E.J., help me out here, I might be mistaken. Somehow I don’t think Ari would have protected Lucas either, no I am sure there was no Ari, because there was no Rafe back then when E.J. got shot the first time.
    You are also so right, Lucas forgave Sami about The Will/Austin thing and all the time he lost with his child, same way Sami forgave E.J. the so-called-rape thing and had another child with him.
    Z – I enjoy reading your blogs, you make me think, I like that, and it’s a nice and easy back and forth thing.
    Something’s got hold of Caroline, don’t count out the yellow monster, it happens.
    Don’t forget to vote tomorrow.

  278. From Vivian

    Maybe there are two Salems in parallel universes and we are tuned into the wrong one. LOL I don’t mind the weird storylines, etc…I just get frustrated with inconsistencies/writer’s memory loss. I don’t think any of them keep tally cards. I have always felt that Johnny and Sydney both belong to Lucas. She was with Lucas that one time when he returned before she went back to EJ. I think Nicole’s baby lived and Baker sold it…and he will use it for a bagaining card one day soon. I think the ditzy nurse at that hospital mixed up records and Daniel actually is the baby’s father. Kinda think that Nicole may turn up pregnant with Brady’s baby. I think Meredith is the one who hit Ari and if not, then it was someone Stefano hired. I don’t think the bullet from Sammi’s gun is the one that got EJ. If I had to pick someone who did shoot him, it would be Caroline. And I don’t think she did the Baby DNA Switch.

  279. From Michelle

    Nicole can only blackmail Sami for Sydney IF SAMI LETS HER.
    Sami, for once, needs to forget about herself and if it comes to blackmail, she needs to go ahead and fess up to the attempted murder of EJ. Don’t let Nicole get the upper hand and make your child suffer through yet another “who’s my mommy, where do I really live” scenario.

  280. From thelittleimp

    Has Caroline been taking some of Hope’s sleeping pills? Her behavior today was strange!

  281. From Michelle

    Yeah, it seems like the whole town is being drugged with Hope’s pills, everyone has really gotten wierd(er) lately.

  282. From Clear

    I doubt Sami will fess up. She will bide her time and look for a weakness in Nicole’s life and then go in for the kill. About Vivian, my son remembers when she got rid of Kate for a while on the tramp steamer cleaning fish. He says they should let Kate have her and make her clean fish on a tramp steamer going across the ocean with no means of communication like she did with her! It was hilarious if any of you remember it.

  283. From renee

    I agree Carolina was not her self today. I wonder who found that tape that has Sami confess to it. I thought it was Nicole but it look like a guy hand on Friday episode.

  284. From Debbie

    I’m confused as to this
    “great friendship” between Melanie and Arianna. When did they become best friends?

  285. From Nightmare

    #277 Katherine why do you always make things out to be about you..MAB was directing it to those who like Rafe and Sami not you, so I wouldn’t think it would upset you.But you are right nothing will change while people condone bad behavior.

  286. From Mellie

    Carly switched the paternity results to “make” the baby Daniel’s–then lied to Chloe and said it was daniel’s. IF Caroline is involved otherwise it is news to me. On Nov 1 show I think she was just saying things in general terms, and Kayla took it as Caroline being the one who changed the paternity test.

  287. From Janiebell

    Caroline is most defentley protecting someone, has gone bonkers, or hada “body invasion”. I hope we are not going through another “possed by the Devil”, storyline like we did with Marlena; exceptthe writers have “tagged” Caroline to be the Victum here. The writters are simpley taking old storylines and rewriting them, using different people to play the rolls; like”the buried alive” thing, Vivian buried Carly alive way back when, so far back that I have forgotten if Bo or Lawrence found Carly and had her “dug up”. Then Vivian was going to put Maggie in the box but ends up there herself, and I am sure there are many more “repeat story lines.’. Can’t the writers giet up off their duffs and write something new. LEAVE CAROLINE BRADY,A GOOD PERSON.

  288. From carol a.--PA.

    Thanks Nightmare. I like to hear from you. See, you & I had the rape thing going in question. You asked me about it, not being rude, & I responded, not being rude. I like that. But I am not coming back. I read now & then, but I don’t care for the animosity on here, so It’s best I stay off of the soap deal. Maybe now & then I’ll say hi to ya, but sorry, I won’t be back. I joined a great book club on line. I talk to people who read the same books I do. It’s a christian site,& everyone is real nice. That’s what I need. Talk to ya sometime.

  289. From MAB

    Nightmare – I don’t have to go back and read my post. I know what I said. In that particular post, I was just being honest and making an observation. I don’t see where anyone had a problem with it other than you. Also, YOU couldn’t ignore me if you tried. Otherwise, you wouldn’t continue to badger & attack me because I know you enjoy it. Keep on making a fool of yourself – doesn’t bother me in the least.

    Bad behavior = Nightmare.

  290. From Katherine

    285 Nightmare, I gave an opinion, is that ok. with you, you give yours all the time, so equal time please.

  291. From Katherine

    288 MAB – Big Ditto

  292. From MAB

    Spoilers say Chloe’s character will be temporarily replaced (if need be) by another actress as Nadia has a virus and is too ill to work.

  293. From MAB

    Thanks Katherine!

  294. From SanDee

    If Caroline did this to make Steph happy she probably shot EJ so Sami could live “happily ever after”!

  295. From Janiebell

    Another Cholie at this stage of the game won’t seem right.

    Hope had the guard call Bo today, at least Hope is beginning to reach out to Bo about police matters. a start in the right directions at last. Hope could have asked the Guard to call Roman to check on her liottle girl, that was the excuse Hope used to get Bo to come to the prison. Hope could have called Roman to come tell her about her little girl;but Hope asked for Bo. Hope could have told Roman what she found about April {or whatever her name was}, but I think Hope wantedto see Bo; and as my daddy use to say, “kill 2 birds woith 1 stone”.

  296. From Janiebell

    Another Cholie at this stage of the game won’t seem right.

    Hope had the guard call Bo today, at least Hope is beginning to reach out to Bo about police matters. a start in the right directions at last. Hope could have asked the Guard to call Roman to check on her liottle girl, that was the excuse Hope used to get Bo to come to the prison. Hope could have called Roman to come tell her about her little girl;but Hope asked for Bo. Hope could have told Roman what she found about April {or whatever her name was}, but I think Hope wantedto see Bo; and as my daddy use to say, \kill 2 birds woith 1 stone\.

  297. From renee

    I am so glad to see them take John Black off this page. And I like the new one and it so true. And today episode was good but I just don’t like how Carline is acting here lately.

  298. From Dee

    The way the storyline is developing with Hope investigating the death of April is setting the stage for Hope being pardoned as reward for discovering some illegal activity happening in the prison.

  299. From Jan

    the writers just can’t seem to let one person remain respectable on the show…poor Caroline. She did have a boring part lately though. How did Chloe happen to get so huge with her pregnancy so fast? Also why is she always holding her stomach? Is she pregnant in real life?

  300. From Nightmare

    Katherine glad you said that I stayed out of your fight wih LOla maybe I should have had my say too. She was right in what she said she just went about it the wrong way..

    Mab you make me laugh your the trouble maker and why do youthink all the other left because of you..

  301. From Katherine

    300 nightmare, when did I say I was glad you stayed out of that mess with Lola?
    You can have all the opinions you want about me, that’s your priviledge, all that matters to me, that I know who I am and that may family and friends, think I am a wonderful, well educated, classy Lady. So there you go.
    Don’t go down the slippery road, like MAD MAB ETC. NOT GOOD, THINK ABOUT IT.
    Peace, Nightmare, I have never meant any harm to anybody, period,. and that is my word, so help me God.

  302. From Janiebell

    Days did not come on in my area today; the President did his speech thing leaving me thinking, why doesn’t he {the President} waite untill days goes off today to say all of thet. They get on the air and say things then do right the opisit. So as far as I am conserned, I missed days for nothing today.

  303. From Katherine

    Janiebell 302 – you didn’t miss an episode, DOOL wasn’t on anywhere, they did pre-emt it, so none of us will miss an episode, ok, girl, be good. Hope your life is better…

  304. From Alli

    Glad I checked here-was wondering why Days wasn’t on-thanks for the info!

  305. From Janiebell

    Thanks Katherine. I keep waiting to wake up from a nightmare, that isnot a nightmare but facts. Then maybe that is what happens when one looses 2 brothers and a cousin in 21/2 months; Hubbie and I have been having med. problems also. So maybe how I fill is normal, at least I hope so.

  306. From Wilson

    When Sammie had the twins- wasn’t there something about “altered records” that were changed so that E.J. could be the father of one of them. It seems odd that 2 men could each father one of 2 children. Maybe I’m missing something here

  307. From wanda gentry

    We’re just seeing Viv’s ghost. She is dead from lack of oxygen!
    Really, they should at least make it more realistic – show her breathing hard, or let her say \I’m Hungry!\

  308. From wanda gentry

    Viv should be dead from lack of oxygen! Or, water dehydration!
    Or Hunger!

  309. From Janiebell

    I hope Steve/Patch will beat his illiness and Come back to Salem with Kayla. Steven Nichols and no one else should play the part of Steven Earl Johnson/ Patch.

  310. From Janiebell

    Vivian’s brain has been starved for oxygen for years. The elevator stoped going to her top floor a long time ago. Yet some way somehow Vivian will get out of that box and rack havoc on Salem again. It looked like Phillip finds put that Vivian is in the box. Will Phillip let Vivian out of the box? I hope not buy by now this is not a closely guarded secret, as more and more people find out about “Vivian in the box”.

  311. From Janiebell

    Vivian’s brain has been starved for oxygen for years. The elevator stoped going to her top floor a long time ago. Yet some way somehow Vivian will get out of that box and rack havoc on Salem again. It looked like Phillip finds put that Vivian is in the box. Will Phillip let Vivian out of the box? I hope not b by now this is not a closely guarded secret, as more and more people find out about “Vivian in the box”.

  312. From Janiebell

    Sorry about the double-take but some of my posts don’t post at all.

  313. From Janiebell

    A light was shining in Viv’s box at the end of today’s days. Is someone letting Viv out of the box and if so who is that person; or was Vivian seeing “the great white light”that we hear comes at the end of life?

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