Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For October 28 – 29.

Confrontation and determination.

Now that Kate knows the skinny on Viv’s vacation in the family crypt, she wastes no time cornering Victor about it. “I know your dirty little secret,” she tells her ex-husband. They put their heads together to figure out how they can keep Viv under wraps. Nicole may end up making that more complicated though. Viv’s recent offer seems to have rekindled her keenness to get the power back in her life as she vows to find a way to bring Syd back into her life.

The theatrics at the hospital continue as Elvis refuses to back off from bellowing for the truth. “Get away from her!” Will yells at Elvis. Sami yells back at her almost husband until Lexi breaks them up and sends her miserable brother home. He and Stefano call Marco to find out how he could have let Arianna slip through his fingers and into traffic. Meanwhile, Sami slips into Ari’s room to search for the camera.

Bo drops by the prison to see Hope. She tells him all about April’s suspicious death and the cover-up she suspects. He has some bad news for her. On the outside, new husband Daniel acts optimistic and hopes that the gooey goodness of Chloe will be enough to heal the mysterious rift that she has with Melanie. Mel may have other things to be annoyed about though, like Nathan proposing to Steph that they pool their blandness with a matrimonial vow. And since giving her daughter advice barely works, Kayla goes to her mom for some advice of her own.

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  1. From Jolie

    Ouch. Nathan and Steph. This is like Lucas and Sami all over again. Steph is turning into Sami but at a slower rate than Sami turned into Sami. Nathan has that same Horton incredulousness that others do not rise to the loftiness of the Hortons and Steph will do anything to anybody if it suits her. A match made in DOL heaven.

  2. From MusicIsOurHigh

    No don’t tell me I’ll have to put up with Sami & Rafe’s and Nathan & Stephanie. That is too much to handle

  3. From Tess

    A Nathan and Stephanie wedding would be the most nauseating marriage in Salem. I voted that they should get married only if they move away since they are so ridicuous together and nobody likes Stephanie. To change the subject, I think somebody should start a “Vivian in the Crypt” Facebook Group. I think a lot of people would “like” it. Half of Salem already seems to “like” Viv’s new place of residency. However, I don’t know how she goes to the bathroom in there. Any ideas on how this happens?

  4. From Precious

    I wanna puke!! The writers keeping Nath and Step-on-me together must be smoking the wrong stuff!!! Why they keep her character on this show is beyond me, she has no life except to stick her nose in everyone elses. If she ever went back to car racing, I would be a happy camper~ANYWHERE BUT ON THIS SHOW!!

    Nathan belongs and LOVES Melanie. I am hoping these two get together real soon~probably when the bombshell Phillip/Chloe cheating scandel comes out.

  5. From dc

    i don’t think a wedding between nathan and stephanie will ever happen..
    he will eventually be with melanie, at least that is what i think..
    i think vivian wears diapers, just a thought..
    the ej and sami thing is gonna go on for awhile.. but i have read sami and rafe will wed..
    can’t wait until chad finds out he is a dimera.. i can see him spying on will for ej..

  6. From Peg

    If they get married, Ethan would make a lovely bridesmaid!!

  7. From Kim

    Nathan and Stephanie are just boring. I don’t want Nathan with Mel though, because I’m hoping for Mel and Brady. Stephanie deserves Philip, come on she only dumped him because she thought he was slime, now lucky for her so is she,and she kinda sees she’s really not that better than him at all!

  8. From Sandy

    Hey what if:
    Nathan marries Stephanie before Melanie finds out about Philips indiscretion with Chloe.
    With Nathan being married she doesn’t run to him for support, but as she is sitting on benchie crying her eyes out along comes Chad a new shoulder to cry on. How ironic since Mel & Chad are real life boy friend and girl friend. Then Philip would have to fight a Dimera, since Stefeno is Chad’s father, for his beloved Mel. Just an interesting twist if the story played out that way.

  9. From sue

    we need some humor at Days! Give me Jack…or Eugene and Caliope…or even Elvis’ crazy mom Susan. Just something to give us a break from all these stories that go on and on and on. Never any joy anymore. Need a laugh once in awhile. Viv in the tomb gave me a few giggles at first but now all I can think about is how they are going to have to hose her down when she gets out.

  10. From Days Blues

    they are marrying Nathan and Stephinie so they can break up when cloe secret comes out… same old, same old.

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