Days Of Our Lives Video Promo: How Do I Live With Myself?

“You planned this didn’t you?”

Carly blows up at Kayla while Caroline fumes after catching Nicole spending time with Syd.

Check out this sneak peek at Friday’s episode and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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  1. From Lisa

    I went on and it was a shocker–I know who switch the DNA test results for Chloe and Philly’s…:O

    I can’t wait to watch Days on tape….:)

  2. From Sandy

    #1 Lisa
    We’ve know about Caroline Brady for about a week now…if that’s who your thinking switched the DNA test. I just can’t figure out when did she become so computer savvy that she knew how to break in through the firewall of St. Mary’s computer system to change the DNA results from Negative to Positive. Stephanie and Ian first hacked into St. Mary’s computer on Friday Aug 20th. where they saw the Negative results. Then on Tuesday Aug 24th when Ian hacked in for the second time the DNA results were now showing as Positive. Where does Caroline fit into the picture, I just don’t see it. Now Monday Aug 23rd Carly was at St. Mary’s checking on the DNA results and the Sister left her alone with the computer. Then also on the 24th we see Philip, Melanie and Nathan all doing something with their computer’s that could lead one to believe one of them had something to do with the switch. It’s all still very curious to me, Caroline being the one who makes the change, that’s pretty hard to swallow. But then this is Days always keeping the fans guessing.

  3. From Sandy

    But then maybe I’m all wrong. This is from page 40 of the November 9th issue of Soap Opera Digest. It explains Caroline’s motivation, but not how she found out the baby is Philip’s or how she actually went about getting into St. Mary’s computer system to make the switch.

    According to McCay, “She’s so jealous and unhappy that she turned down Victor and he married Vivian that it just drives her to do this. He always tells her that she is the love of his life, but then he went ahead and married, of all people, THAT woman! Caroline hasn’t dealt with how much she really cares about Victor and is playing a strange game with him.”

    Which includes keeping him from his biological grandchild because, as Caroline explains to Kayla, she regrets telling Victor the truth about him being Bo’s biological father in 1986. “She doesn’t want him to have a grandchild and the Kiriakises are not a good group of people. Philip certainly in the past hasn’t been, so Caroline doesn’t think much of him. Kayla and Steve were willing to adopt his child and he gave it away to strangers instead. So she has no respect for him as a father.”

    Finally, she did it to secure Stephanie’s future. “She felt so pressured by Stephanie, who never let up about losing Nathan, that she thought she would take care of everything. Clear the way for Stephanie and keep Melanie out of the circle.”

    Kayla is still reeling from her mother’s admission when Stephanie and Nathan arrive at the Pub and announce their engagement. Kayla pulls Steph aside and drops the bomb about Grandma. Caroline says, “Well, I heard you crying about it so many times I just wanted to see you happy. So she does it all for Stephanie who is just flattered and grateful and thankful. But of course, Kayla has to be a party pooper and is like, ‘This is not right. We should set this right.’”

    Fortunately for them, Kayla is called back to Africa to tend to an ailing Steve. “Stephanie and Caroline team up against Kayla and then Kayla has to go, so Stephanie says to her, ‘I guess you can’t call Chloe. You don’t have time, right? You have to go to the airport.’ And Kayla says, ‘I’m leaving this up to you.’” Shelly Hennig (Stephanie) says, “I’m going to take care of it, I promise. Stephanie feels terrible saying that but she knows what the right thing to do is.’”

    McCay says Caroline has no intention of coming clean either. “She feels very guilty, but I don’t think she’s gotten to remorse yet. She’s justified it all. She has a prayer where she says to God, ‘If you think I should be punished for this, so be it,’ which is pretty stubborn. That’s taking a big chance.”

    But they’re both willing to do whatever it takes to keep the true paternity of Chloe’s baby a secret. McCay says, “It was very sneaky, unethical, and immoral, but Caroline believes she did the right thing. People would be better off not knowing.”

    Source: Soap Opera Digest, November 9th edition

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