General Hospital Spoilers For November 1 – 5.

Confrontations and admissions.

After being stood up by Jax, Carly enlists Spinelli to dig into Brenda’s problems. Meanwhile, the kidnapping goes all wrong as Brenda is grabbed only to be saved by Dante. She ends up shooting someone and the Balkan’s goons grab Siobhan in the chaos. Lucky is sent a picture of her tied up. The Balkan’s men offer to trade her for Brenda. Sam is uncomfortable watching Jason comfort Brenda, but the couple is soon back at work trying to figure out what Brenda has been hiding from them all along. Even though they don’t trust her, Sam, Jason and Dante agree to use Brenda as bait to get Siobhan back.

Robin continues accusing Lisa of attempting to snatch her daughter and then making her look crazy. Patrick questions Lisa and then apologizes for being paranoid. Meanwhile, Robin throws a party for Emma but things get out of hand when a candle rolls off the cake and starts a fire. Robin slips and knocks herself out by accident only to be rescued by Lisa. Robin immediately begins accusing her of arson. She’s taken to the hospital where her burns become infected.

Kristina thanks Ethan and Johnny for telling her that her dad didn’t nearly make mincemeat out of her. While Claire and Sonny are getting intimate, she gets called back to work where Ronnie shows her there is evidence pinning the bombing on Sonny. Diane tells her client the latest but he’s unphased until Claire sticks evidence against him in his face. Brenda and Carly both show up at the station to support Sonny. It becomes obvious to Kristina that her father is actually guilty. When she confronts Michael about it, he admits that he’s known all along.

Luke continues convincing Tracy that he is frail thanks to the help of Ethan and Maya. He manages to move back in the Quartermaines, much to Edward’s chagrin and Alice’s delight.

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