General Hospital Weekly Summary For October 18 – 22.

Sex, schemes and separation.

Lucky and Siobhan made love. He wanted to go and find Brenda on his own but she insisted on going with him. They quickly discovered that the model had gone to Port Charles. Then the Balkan’s men cornered them and ordered Lucky to prove his loyalty by killing Siobhan. Lucky managed to make an opening so she could run off. After he found her again, he declared that they were leaving for Port Charles. When they got there, he decided to hide her at Wyndemere and then slipped off to meet Jason and talk strategy. The Balkan’s men followed them.

Luke drifted into the Metrocourt and asked Carly for a room. She agreed but made him owe her a favor. He then turned to Tracy and begged her to take him back again. She admitted that she loved him but still demanded her cash back. He turned to Ethan, who came up with a plan to have his father fake a heart attack. He thought they should recruit Maya into the scheme to make it more believable. Luke went back to the Metrocourt. When Tracy showed up, he faked a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital. Tracy refused to believe it until Maya faked his test results and handed them to an unsuspecting Matt who then confirmed that the coronary was real.

Dante and Brenda met up and agreed to keep their secret. Then they made a public display of how much they couldn’t stand each other, which confused everyone. The tension was getting to Dante and he flew off the handle at Michael. Robin paid her friend a visit and Brenda sent her off to see Sonny and tell him that they don’t have a future. She then asked Jason to do the same things. The mob boss seemed to take the hint. He got a note from Claire asking to meet her. Simultaneously, she got a note from him asking to meet. When they met, they realized that Carly had set them up but were glad about it and decided to try again. For her part, Carly continued to panic about Jax and Brenda. To try and make Jax jealous, she attempted to get Jason to sleep with her but he refused.

Lisa taunted Patrick by walking by him in her underwear and he got grouchy. Later, Robin warned him not to ruin things for himself more and then got in a fight with Lisa, slapping her. Lisa didn’t report this and Robin got super defensive around Steve. He had no idea why and started to think she was losing it. When Robin suspected that Lisa was messing with her patient’s meds, she flipped out on her in front of everyone. It turned out she was completely wrong and just looked crazy. Robin left to take a breather and chat with Maxie. Patrick showed up and she asked for a divorce. He wasn’t ready for that.

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