The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For October 25 – 29.

New feuds between old rivals and unexpected new directions.

The latest round of fighting between old enemies Taylor and Brooke breaks out as the brunette lays into the blond over the way she’s been acting around Thomas. He tries to order his mother to keep her nose out of his affairs but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. When the women continue to battle over what’s best for him, Ridge is forced once again to get between them and act as a referee.

As soon as Stephanie is allowed out of the hospital, she’s eager to make her way to the homeless shelter and start her charity work. On the way, she stops to apologize to Brooke for the way that she’s been treating her this whole time. While Stephanie sets about on her good deeds, Brooke fills Eric in on the matriarch’s new activism. Eric worries and admits that this wasn’t exactly the kind of retired life that he’d imagined. He worries about the danger that she could be in, but Stephanie feels invigorated by her newfound mission and sets about interviewing the homeless to try and come to terms with what their lives are like.

Worrying that her work isn’t up to snuff, Amber plans to rip off some designs from Forrester to impress Nick. To get her hands on them, she convinces Oliver to take her home with him. Not long after, she’s submitting some new designs to Nick that she’s sure he will fancy. Meanwhile, flirting, and more, with Amber actually seems to have succeeded in getting Oliver Hope’s attention again. Bill catches her staring at him and teases her about it. She responds by flying off at him about how he’s been treating his son. She then runs off to dole out advice to Oliver about the dangers of tangling with Amber.

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