Days Of Our Lives Daily Update For November 22.

Out For Blood.

At the Safe loft, Sami cries when Rafe announces they should get married tonight. She hopes this is a plan to solve all of her problems. That’s part of it, but a big part of it is that he loves her. He warns her that Bo said he might have to arrest her. She huffs and puffs so he tries to calm her down and claims the evidence against her isn’t good enough. Sami is sure it would take a miracle to get her out of this and she doesn’t deserve one. She’s exhausted with all the damage control everyone has to do but he won’t let her go through this alone. Rafe loves her because she makes his life less boring and asks her to marry him again. “Marrying you is the wedding of my dreams,” she coos. She doesn’t know how she could have gotten so lucky. Sobbing, she sends him off to get things ready so they can have a wonderful night. She wakes up the children and announces that she’s getting married tonight. Johnny’s happy but Will is concerned and assumes there is more going on. His mom’s not explaining. Meanwhile, Rafe heads to the pub and asks Gabi to be his best man or person. Considering Ari is barely cold and he’s marrying Sami, she’s not exactly in a wedding mood and doesn’t want to go. He says it would mean the world if she was there. Later, Caroline drops by Sami’s with something borrowed and something blue. They head down to the park with the kids for a candle and fairy light wedding.

At the mansion, Victor worries about what Viv might have done to Maggie. He calls Viv, who is relaxing in her hotel and snacking. She nearly leaps out of bed when he announces that he might let her out. Viv begs him just to finish the job and let her die. He doesn’t buy it and rushes off so she calls Gus and warns him. Victor makes his way into the mausoleum. Maggie wakes up in the sarcophagus and mumbles. She spots Victor on the monitor and begs him to free her. As Victor tries to open it, Gus rushes up and tasers him. As he flails on the floor, Maggie cries. Viv strolls in and tells him she’s alive and kicking.

Chad paces around Casa DiMera with his switchblade. Stefano comes in to see him. Chad says that he wants the job he offered him before. Stefano offers to teach him to be more decisive. Highly strung, Chad whips out his blade and Stefano smirks. Kate comes in and gasps. “If you’re going to kill me, you need something bigger than that,” Stefano says. Chad just wants some blood. Kate groans when he explains it’s for a paternity test. Stefano needs an explanation. After putting the knife away, Chad explains the birth certificate he received. Stefano thinks it’s a scam but Chad insists that he doesn’t want this to be true anymore than he does. Stefano looks at the certificate and admits he had an affair with Madeline. Kate recommends they just get tested and settle this. They head to the hospital. Stefano goes to a nurse to arrange for a DNA test and bribes her to rush it through.

Nicole and EJ are at the pier. She wonders if she will have a place in Syd’s life. He interrogates her about why she went to Sami with the proof first. She tries to rationalize it but he’s not impressed. He angrily brings up the time she tried to blackmail him and finds no reason he should trust her. They sit on the bench and she attempts to explain that she was only trying to do what’s best for Sydney. EJ doesn’t see how Sami could even have a bond with the baby since they never see each other. Nicole claims that she is not trying to be the little girl’s mom again; she just wants to see her sometimes. She’s come to realize that Syd belongs with him. He thinks she’s trying to bargain but she reminds him that she may be the only mother figure Syd has for awhile and urges him just to do this for her.

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  1. From Ruth Gwin

    Thanks so much, I missed it today since I had a Dr. appointment.
    I will be 91 on Dec 7th, and have
    been watching DAYS for many many
    years. I like being able to catch up like this…..

  2. From Ruth Gwin

    Thank you for giving me a way to get Days when I miss it.

  3. From Joyce

    How did Ariana get a photo confession of Sami when the camera was in her purse all the time?

  4. From Darlene

    I would like to know what’s up with Kate’s greenish/blue locks of hair by her ears? Is she a Gothic queen or something?

  5. From Kat

    Oh Ms. Gwin, you are so sweet. And I also thank you mr. blogger for the daily updates.

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