Days Of Our Lives: NBC Renews The Show For Two More Years.

Network grants the show a new contract.

At the Saturday party marking Days of Our Lives historic 45th anniversary, Executive Producer Ken Corday announced that the series has been renewed for another two years. According to Soap Opera Digest, this means that NBC has agreed to run it until September 2013.

In March of this year the show was given a contract to keep it on the air until 2011. This was only granted as budget cuts and other changes behind the scenes were made. Apparently these were successful. There’s been no information released so far about what other changes, if any, might have been included in this new renewal.

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  1. From Precious

    Well, I voted to GET RID OF HIGLEY…when the stories suck, go to the top suit who “OK’S” them!!

    I really wish they would bring back just a few of the old characters for story purposes..Marlena and John for Sami and her family, also her “twin” which should always be there for her and the family. For the Brady’s…bring back Shawn and Belle for Bo and Hope…there’s only so much sailing around the world you can do before it gets tiresome, and IF they keep in touch by two-way radio, they would be there to support their mother in jail and through her ordeal with Bo/Hope’s break up..that’s what real families do.

  2. From admepa

    Well I quit watching the show three weeks ago because it was so freeeeking boring…and I have watched the show since the early 70′s…I just read the DOOL updates and blogs…much more interesting.

  3. From amarie

    I only watch the show because of Stephanie and I’m glad they brought Kayla back for a while, I wish they could at least for a while also bring back Steve.

  4. From GrandmaRobin

    Drake Hogestyn and Deidre Hall NEED to come back.
    Hope and Bo need to get back together.

  5. From Sherrie

    All I know is I’m totally hating this current abusive storyline. If things don’t start improving soon I’m going to stop watching. You have a “FBI” guy who can’t remember shit except how to have rough sex and yell and intimidate children… Please, do something or expect to lose some viewers.

    Sami is not an idiot, its offensive to her and offensive to her viewers who have watched her grow into the woman she is.

    Has our society gotten so warped that all Days wants to do is hurt the children, and rape the women.

  6. From CM

    With the way soaps are dying, I’m assuming “the end” will be Sept 2013…if that’s the case, then they need to focus the show on the “core” characters. I’d like to see John and Marlena return, as well as Jack (I absolutely HATE what they’re doing to that character off screen). So then I’d like to see John/Marlena, Bo/Hope, Jack/Jennifer, and Steve/Kayla all on the show for the last year. For the “young” crowd, I’d even bring back Andrew Donovon as a young ISA agent following in his Dad’s footsteps and pair him up with Abby. I’d get rid of: Rafe (and all his siblings), Melanie, Carly, and Daniel. Sami should also finally end up with Lucas permanently…they’ve always been soul mates IMO.

  7. From Marie

    Please bring Bo back

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