Days Of Our Lives Poll: Kids’ Choice.

What do they want?

The custody fight over Sami and EJ’s kids keeps getting nastier and more vindictive, but no one has ever asked the kids what they want. If you were Johnny and Syd, where would you rather be?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the choice you would have made in the list? Why not tell us what you think should have been included in the comments section below.

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  1. From Precious

    I think it’s stupid that Rafe or Sami do not have jobs, yet they carry on like “normal” people. Where did the money come from to do a wedding? Who’s paying the rent on that apartment of theirs?? Realistically, this doesn’t fly, yet we are suppose to believe in these characters. GET REAL, WRITERS!!!

  2. From portia

    I would want to live at the Dimera mansion. I would have anything I wanted, and nobody would mess with me. Even if you lived at the safe loft, you wouldn’t spend much time there since sami and rafe just dump the kids off to everyone else so they can make out. yuck.

  3. From coogar

    If you REALLY want to know what the kids want they probably would say new set of parents instead of the 2 losers their stuck with. I agree with portia 2 & precious 1. How ever if push comes to shove what kid in their right mind would not want to live in the Dimera mansion: heateed indoor swimming pool, servants to wait on your every beck and call and a doting evil grandpa. No disrespect to gandma Caroline but that is who Sammi seems to have raise her kids while she and Rafe do . . . what? oh that’s right their are unemployed but don’t seem to concerned about getting a job or parenting in the down time. Al least Rafe got a job in construction last season when the FBI kicked him off the force.

  4. From Di

    Sami don’t need to work with child support from E.J. and Lucas.Rafe needs to become a private I. With Sami’s help wow another Bo and Hope and Jack and Jenn, also Patch and Kayla. If days can afford all these new actors… then bring back John and marlena for god sake.!!!!!!!

  5. From Di

    I do believe these two should call a truce for the kids sake!! kidnapping and the shooting. enough already with Sami and E.J. let’s move on with another couple.But I think the kids should be placed with Roman or Caroline until these two have therapy sessions about revenge and anger manament.

  6. From Lisa

    Safe ( Sami and Rafe )!!

  7. From dc

    as much as sami has done over the years i think she should raise johnie and sydney. ej is no kind of a father (he is an evil dimera) and will never be anything else. he cons alot of people into believing he is a good father but sometimes i wonder.
    rafe and sami should raise the kids.
    rafe quit his job at the fbi but i could see him working for salem police dept.

  8. From nancy

    i know what is like not to hav a father sydney and johnny should be with ej ej has a job and rafe doesn’t ej is more stable than rafe

  9. From nancy

    they should stay with ej having a real father is important rafe is unstable ej has a job unlike rafe

  10. From chante

    i think the kids should be with caroline and lexie and ab should be able to visit them

  11. From Julie

    I am so sick of Nicole thinking she should have anything to do with Sydney. Please writers stop this crazy writing in the story line. No one would ever allow Sydney’s kidnapper to get close to Sydney. Please get Brady to wake up and see how evil Nicole is. If this does not change, I will stop watching after watching for 30+ years.

  12. From IRIS

    The kids should be with Sami & Rafe. EJ is too crimal to raise kids….and Nicole is not stable enough to raise them, besides that she is also a criminal. lets not forget the blackmail of Anna and Sami.

  13. From ejami fan

    I think Sami needs to realize she truly loves EJ as much as he loves her. They have great chemistry together. They need to raise the children as they should be raised-with lots of love. Rafe and Sami seems boring when they are together.

  14. From NoToEJandSami

    Some of you people are crazy wanting Sami and Ej together. I feel that they have no chemistry. If mental abuse is chemistry, then I guess they should be together.Perhaps, you feel it is a love/hate thing? Ummmm not good for the kids. Funny thing, Sami always wants her kids however, she is never with them. She uses her kids to create drama.
    I agree with some of you regarding the whole Nicole and Sydney scenario, it is ridiculous. However, if you think that Nicole is evil and Sami is not, then it seems that you have a selective memory.

  15. From a 45 year fan

    Hello??? Sami’s temper allows her to physically attack anyone she wants…remember Ari, Nicole? She shot EJ, for God’s sake. He was unconsious and was no threat when she shot him in the head and left him for dead. Sami needs to go to jail; EJ needs to raise his kids; and Rafe and whinny-ass Will need to go to jail, too, as accomplices after the fact.

  16. From Jolie

    “From a 45 year fan”, my friend, I believe you have told it all and very well said.

  17. From katherine

    #15, 45, You said it very well, I am also a 45 yr. fan.
    Sami needs some anger management, she always has, as long as I can remember, always acting before her brain can think.

  18. From Maggie

    EJ and Nicole shouldn’t be allowed to raise a puppy much less a child. When DAYS began letting go namy of the veteran actors (I was annoyed) but I decided to keep watching because I thought maybe the storylines could be interesting with some fresh, new characters. I loved Melanie and Nathan together but they never really fleshed out Nathan’s character enough. I have been waiting forever to see the two of them together and now they’ve shot that storyline to hell. I was never a fan of Phillip but bringing he and Chloe together would make for an interesting storyline (with Kate interfering and trying to drive Chloe to the brink of destruction). Phillip could’ve been Chloe’s hero but apparently that storyline, too is out the window. Tension between Phillip and Nathan could have been explored while Nathan and Melanie rekindled their obvious love for each other but once again DAYS appears to be dropping the ball. After watching DAYS for over 20 years (it is the only soap I watch), it might lose me as a viewer. The only storyline that even remotely is of interest is the Rafe switch story. I’m tired of Vivian, the Brady turning ruthless story is lame and once again there is no storyline for the only black couple in Salem. These days, I’d rather watch the Food Network.

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