Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For December 6-10.

Recovering, recoiling and running away.

The fallout from locking up Vivian continues. Brady goes to see Maggie to lend his support and apologize for his part in the battle that ended up ensnaring her. Victor and Kate are left to try and do damage control, but Viv is determined to get revenge and enlists Gus to start work on her newest scheme. Kate takes a break from dealing with a possible death sentence to try and mend some fences with Stefano. He’s not entirely forgiving when it comes to her various betrayals though. After they decide on the next step in their relationship, she runs off to rail at Elvis.

Rafe continues trying to comfort Sami and keep her cool so that she can’t make things any worse than they already are. Instead of listening to him, Sami decides that she is going to fix everything herself and runs off. Elvis is distracted when Nicole takes her turn lashing out at him for the way he’s been treating her and everyone else. Sami sneaks into Casa DiMera to see her kids, but the plan goes south and she gets the boot. She slouches back to Rafe who tries to comfort her some more. Meanwhile, his sister gets some comfort from Will and the young ones finally share a kiss.

Now that they are no longer facing the prospect of a grisly death, Chloe and Daniel take the time to plan Parker’s baptism. The diva turns to Carly and thanks her for being such a swell friend. Meanwhile, Hope’s probably wishing she had a BFF nearby as she plans her escape from the prison. The plan gets more urgent when Lee begins threatening her.

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  1. From patsy

    EJ doesn,t care anything about his children ALL he cares about is hurting Sami. That doesn,t make a very good parent. I hope Johnny is not his .Useto want EJandSami to be to gether but not any more .He,s too cold hearted.

  2. From Clear

    Lee is a disgusting character, and I hope Hope kicks her b#%t and leaves her somewhere trussed up like a turkey! Then she can truss up the warden and throw her in with Lee while she calls for back-up on the Warden’s cell phone which may be used later for evidence of the Warden’s dastardly deeds!

  3. From Jolie

    It is really hard to believe that the citizens of Salem who Viv’s has in her sights are not fighting back. So what does she have on them that they don’t have on her? I just can’t think that Victor will roll over and play dead. Kate either. Viv better watch her step. I think Victor will take another try at Mags and she’ll relent. Viv will probably do something that Vic has to get involved to save Mags and she’ll see he felt he had no choice so she’ll forgive him. Viv’s plots will backfire on her. But of course that won’t keep her down for long. And I can’t see Stephano being mad at Kate for long. They are so perfect for one another. When Elvis starts in on Chad, Kate will rise to protect him. She just has that mama bear mentality and she has sort of taken an interest in Chad since his mom is gone and his DA dad has forsaken him. Oh please! Let’s get past the baby daddy story as quickly and painlessly as possible. This is not going to be pretty and there will be so much fall out. Just cut quick and deep then start the healing…maybe all will recover and get married again as soon as Sami. She could give a seminar on the subject of bounceback. Maybe she’ll give up on the kids and have a few more to use as pawns in her bickering with Elvis. Gee, that was harsh.

  4. From Precious

    Patsy..I’m glad you see the light about EJ. He’s just using those kids as pawns over Sami’s head to hurt her and TORTURE HER. Why do most of the fans want this S.O.B. with Sami is soooo beyond me??!!! He is so obsessed with Sami he doesn’t care about the children’s welfare or feelings whatsoever. This is a man who is so HATE/REVENGE driven because he can’t “have his own way” with Sami and “CONTROL” her….that he resorts to this. Personally, I do NOT LIKE the way the writers are writing EJ’s character these days. To me, I would prefer someone anonomously, put him out of his misery instead of all the brutality that is shown with him. With the economy in the toilet, and Christmas right around the corner, why can’t we have some light-hearted shows, instead of all this nastiness??????

  5. From barbara

    #1, how could anyone be more callous than sami? ej isn’t perfect, but sami just acts like a spoiled brat. she whines and pouts and never spends quality time w/her kids. let’s have more w/daniel and chloe and “whose baby”! give us a rest w/sami and company, please. .

  6. From Shani

    I agree with Patsy #1 and Precious #4. EJ doesn’t love his kids like some think. They are only of use to him to get at Sami. For all kinds of reasons in the past and now it’s because she married Rafe and EJ can’t stand it. He is all about possession, the kids and Sami. I just hope the documents Kate referred to yesterday are some that will prove EJ is not Johnny’s Father. Or maybe something like that could come out when Johnny is in the hospital this month. I really like Rafe and hope his and Sami’s marriage lasts. They’ve got a lot of baggage coming along with it, though. Like Sami always doing her own thing and making things worse! The remarks EJ made to Rafe today about Ari’s death were disgusting.

    I think Carly is proving how much she loves Melanie. I don’t think Carly should be with Bo but I hope she and Melanie end-up having a great mother/daughter relationship.

  7. From randy

    I don’t understand why days of ours has not gotten rid of EJ, he is one of the worst character I have every seen, He is one reason i have stop watching, but my mom does, i just can’t stand to watch the show. how much more can sami take, i love raff, he’s great with sami, i do watch it a few episodes a month.. buts its just evil. i used to watch almost everyday for about 30 years,, i hate what happen to days the last few years,, if u would get rid of EJ.. hes a mess with angry , if a real guy had that much angry they would put him away with angry management… he just carry’s it alittle to far… get rid of him,,, !

  8. From Wait...What?

    So Will and Gabby wait till they are related to kiss and become a new couple. WTF?

  9. From Steph

    EJ taking the children is disturbing! If he & Nicole get back together, I wont be watching anymore!

  10. From barbara

    one more question, pls. didn’t i read some time ago that mel is not daniels daughter? not sure on mother, but thought it was carly? will someone please tell me whats what. thanks!

  11. From Clear

    Jolie,it’s okay because it’s not real life–it’s soap! Barbara, people were speculating that Carley was wrong or lying about Melanie that’s all I remember. As far as I know she is. I surely do not want her to be Lawrence’s child. He was a disgusting character if ever there was one!

  12. From MAB

    maryl – you’re so right, everyone talks about EJ throwing temper tantrums and about the things he does in front of the children, but what about Sami, and especially Rafe? IMO, Rafe is way worse than EJ. Just like the day he took Sydney over to see Nicole…all the stuff he was saying in front of her, cussing, etc. And today, him going over to the mansion…he has no business going over there. Those kids are NOT his. But those who like Rafe refuse to admit he does any wrong.

    I don’t think there’s a question that Sydney is EJ’s. I hope Johnny is too. I hope Kate doesn’t have proof otherwise. If Kate all of a sudden produces documents saying Johnny is not EJ’s…after all this time…that would be just plain stupid for the writers to pull something like this.

  13. From MAB

    Sami should have been the one to go to the mansion to talk to EJ, not Rafe. Those kids are NOT his and what parent they are with is none of his business. He’s just causing more trouble for Sami with EJ by going over there running his mouth. He needs to stay out of it. If her wants to do anything, he needs to support Sami and let her make the decisions regarding HER & EJ’S children.

  14. From NewEnglandClamChowder

    Sami is a whiney, selfish brat who doesn’t care at all about any of her children. That is a known fact. EJ always seems to care for his children. He’s really good with Johnny and Sydney. Maybe it’s just because I like James Scott, but I prefer EJ over Sami as a parent anyday.

  15. From NewEnglandClamChowder

    I forgot to mention what a joke Rafe & Sami’s marriage is. They will be divorced in no time. He apparently has no respect for anyone, but himself. He loses his sister to a car accident, doesn’t seem to mourn at all, but decides that marrying Sami is the best thing to do. Interesting!

  16. From justafan

    hey i lost my post say it again ej is cruel but sami does the same to him yet ej makes me mad when he does it. steph told phillip parker is his on no poor daniel he is going to be hurt hurt maybe he and carly will be together…i want mel and phillip to stay together but can’t see that now

  17. From susan

    regarding all the comments people are making about sami not spending quality time with her kids….just because they dont show it doesnt mean it isnt happening….if that were true then no one in Salem goes to the bathroom!

  18. From CARLY

    WOW,,has EJ got Sami’s number or what??!! Everything he said about her is true! Kid the kids and Nicole EJ…I’m sure the baby-machine will have a few more with Rafe. I wonder if Sami even wants Sydney & Johnny back, or is it just a power-play with EJ??? Maybe after this ordeal with the virus, Mel will FINALLY grow up!(although I doubt it)

  19. From Carrie

    Great acting from EJ and from Nathan today. Nathan seriously looked like he was going to die. And EJ was so ruthless, “if she sends Christmas presents, I will burn them.” Wow Days has been so good lately and I haven’t been this intrigued in years.

  20. From Kelly

    Why does everyone constantly harp on about Nicole taking Sydney away from Sammi. Doesn’t anyone remember that Sammie put that child up for adoption? Sammi, Rafe and EJ make my skin crawl, and I am sick of their never ending story line about the kids. Nicole is the best of the bunch. They need to redeem her already, and give her family.

  21. From katherine

    Sami is not good enough for EJ, she is his problem, the woman is one person disaster machine, eveything and anything she touches, gets hurt, distroyed, etc.
    she has been like this for 20 years people, wake up, at this point she will Never ever change, that is Samantha Brady, run people if you see her coming. Rafe, will find out, just like all the other men in her life, especially now EJ.
    Nicole and Sami, the two lyers have put to EJ, to much, when she finally told hime Grace was his child, that was brutal, and she never had any regret, but when half crazed EJ did it about Sydney and then regreted it dearly, the sky is falling in. Some people are just a little over the edge about Sami.

  22. From Shani

    Good point, Susan, #14. And EJ is always putting them in for a nap. But that’s how the soaps handle the situation with children. The storylines are really about the adults and the kids are off camera supposedly taking naps, playing in their room or outside, visiting someone else in the family, etc. I can’t believe how many people on here support what EJ is doing with those children right now. Or I should say “to” those children. He is punishing the kids right along with Sami. Rafe sees that, but EJ can’t because he is so filled with rage and evil thoughts.

  23. From Gdthang63

    The way Sami is because of the past from Stephano. He torture her family. He switched her father who she loved very much. She learned from Stephano. EJ is just cold blooded and cruel. Sami is a learned behavior because of the past in her childhood. She has always been about family. She also wants what she can’t have if you remember her sister boyfriend. She had no intention of shooting EJ it was the thouht of him taking her children away from her. EJ know who is father was and what he was and he is acting just like him or even worst. If Sami is evil she learn from the best Stephano and so did EJ. Those two definitely do not belong together. He is mad not because Sami shot him but because she married Rafe.

  24. From Gdthang63

    About Nicole she is wrong. How can she justify what she did and got a get out of jail free card. EJ mad with Sami because she didnt tell she had his daughter who by the way he had their child the whole time. Sami is the one that lost time. If you push a mama against the wall she is coming out fighting. She has the instinct of a mother.

  25. From katherine

    Today I saw a Man, a father, a human being in total turmoil about his life, his family,
    let him come to terms with all that has happened to him, let him process all, and things could get worked out.
    Anyboyd trying to cross him now, would not be good for anybody.
    Rafe stay out, it’s not your place,all you end up doing add more fuel to the fire, just let it be between Sami and EJ, the parents. Stay out of EJ’s way, his life etc. Sami has done enough for now. I know she misses her kids, but for once in her life, show some restrainet for all the kids sake, otherwise she will make things only worse, as usual of course. She can’t help herself, and for God’s sake don’t team up with Kate, double disaster.
    EJ is not filled with Evil, rage, pain turmoil, yes – and why wouldn’t he be. Open your eyes, be fairminded for once, look at all that happened, it’s all been a ripple effect, a big avalanche, and as usual started by Samantha, none other. If she could only learn to quit lying, take a deep breath (maybe 10 – 15 in her case) everybody’s life would be better, especially the kids.

  26. From Fracesca


  27. From Terry


  28. From Precious

    When EJ came in the picture, HE fell in love with Sami. He was sent here by Stefano to DESTROY THE BRADY FAMILY…instead he fell for the Brady girl…is that suppose to be Samantha’s fault??? He kept sniffing up her behind for months to convince her he was OK, all the while she was with Lucas. He didn’t care about that either when he RAPED HER to get Lucas some help….how soon we all forget WHERE TO PUT THE BLAME!!!

  29. From latrise

    I wish that people would stop and look at both sides of the coin when it comes to ej and sami. look i’m not a fan of either, but i do agree that some are not being fair at the fact that rafe and sami did the same thing, and not once then they think about the children needs and the fact that they wanted to see their father. the fact that even sami walk into ej hospital room with rafe and her father and just push the issues even harder is crazy. look people its only been a day, Sami have those kids for more then a month after ej left the hospital. i do not remember her calling him up and saying that he could see the children or taking any of his calls, etc… i do remember her actions at the hospital when ari was dying and the fact that she was only thinking of her self and not of rafe and the fact that he was losing his sister. look i think that ej has all the right to be the way that he is right now. but if he is acting this way after a month, then i would agree that he needs to be adult and work out a deal with sami, he does not have to let them spend the night, but he can pick a netural place were the children can spend time with their other sibling.

    now i’m still trying to see, were is it that steph has to be the one to tell dan that he is not the father of his child. i think that it would be funny is dan is the father and that steph is the one that went all around town telling people that he is not and you find out that she was wrong. i wonder how everybody would act to her after that. i mean she was not the first person to found out the secert, and she is not the last since it seem that she can tell everyone but the person it is about. to me the only person that should be pressure to tell is either chole or phill since they are the two parties that the secret is about and since it only affects their lives and the life of parker. i think that everyone should just leave it alone.

  30. From katherine

    The way I remember it, when EJ opened his door, Sami looked at him, and was totally gaga, like a teenager, she couldn’t even breath.
    That was the beginning of the Sami and EJ saga. It’s in their blood, it will never go away, no matter what, they will fight tooth and nail, they will have nuclear wars, you name, but whatever they share, love/hate etc. it’s there and help us all, we get to watch it. Sorry Rafe, but what will be, will be….

  31. From kathy

    I have it figured out…Sami did not shoot EF, EJ shot EJ….he was blind staggering drunk and depressed and pulled the trigger….Sami shows up in rageand grief….she screams at him, picks up the gun and pulls the trigger…gun jams….Sami runs off to the river and tosses the fun….weeks later, Rafe gets a diver to find the gun, it is jammed and Sami’s finger prints are on top of EJ’s……Sami gets kids, EJ goes to jail for Sydnapping and everyone is happy til Jack comes back for Jen, by now she and Dr. are in love.

  32. From katherine

    21 latrice, very well said, I agree so much. It all depends now on Sami how she will conduct herself, and EJ should come around, I really hope, but if she messes things up, EJ will only dig in deeper, and it would be all her fault again.
    Sami, take a deep breath for once, act like an adult, do it for all the kids, it’s not all about YOU.

  33. From katherine

    # kathy, you could join the salem PD.
    There were No powder burns on EJ’s hand/fingers, also the positon of the hand and gun do not go with suicide….
    Also there was No blood on his head, not until Sami shot the gun…
    Sorry kid, nice try, keep trying, it’s fun to read.

  34. From SheriH

    You hit the nail on the head Latrise. I like how you put it that people need to take a step back and look at what caused EJ to do what he did. I do believe that EJ will soften in time once he has had some time to process everything and heal. That is the difference between him and Sami. He is already showing conflicting emotions. Sami and Rafe need to stay away and let him heal and make up for some lost time with his children. Hopefully the two of them will work through their issues for the sake of the children.
    EJ truly loves his children and will do anything for them.

  35. From Mamasita

    I think Rafe is weak personally…and Sami really does belong with Elvis… yes Elvis is pissed and hurt and hurting people hurt people..but he does love his family and is loyal to his family….Sami was playing the same game with him in keeping him away from the kids… they both are 2 black peas in a pod…but I like the fireworks between those two better…they are a much nicer looking couple for sure….I’m going to guess Sami is going to get tired of Rafe’s weak smack…I love you and do anything for you…quit my job, backstab my sister even though she right, lie, steal, break the law whatever it takes to get your love… in my book thats such a spineless man….Anyhow- I’m guessing Ej and Sami will get back together at one point. haha…might be under the guise so she can be there with her kids and then she will truly fall back under that tall dark handsome man. I’m hoping Hope and Bo get back together…it’s just not right ….I know some of my family members that’s been watching for the past 30 yrs that quit watching…but am thinking they will sooner or later bring Bo and Hope back together again.

  36. From maryl

    Latrise, Katherine, SheriH–I agree with you guys–you’ll saved me from typing a lot more tonight! Ha! You spoke for me! I too noticed that EJ, when he was alone on the couch, showed conflicting emotions. When he put his hands over his face and head, you could see that he was struggling with his decisions and actions.

  37. From cherie

    I for one can’t stand EJ at this point…I just wish this whole tug of war with the kids would be over and move on to something else…where is this new love interest EJ was supposed to have???? I’m ready to see someone else with him besides Sami/Nicole….

  38. From Nicole

    I totally agree Cherie. I cannot Fathom how anyone could defend EJ. My word what else does the man have to do to prove he’s an evil retched person??? He is Not a great father, nor is he a great person. I for one cannot wait til he is off the show entirely. He’s gotten to the point that seeing his face literally makes me sick. Thank goodness I have DVR so I can fast forward through any scene that he is in. He disgusts me all the way around. I DO NOT BLAME Sami one bit, and any mother on the face of this planet would go to ANY lengths to protect their children. And if they say otherwise they are a ball faced liar. I know I’m a mother of two boys and would do anything to keep them safe.

  39. From Nicole

    And to Katherine Post 20. Yeah she may have gone gaga at the time but what does that prove?? That’s like saying a woman who is dressed provocatively deserves to be raped!! Sorry but that doesn’t fly. EJ is horrible no matter which way you cut it!And there is no way for anyone to justify any thing he has done! Like I said a woman will do everything or anything to protect her child!

  40. From kathy

    #25….I did forget about the GSR, bur remember, this is Salem and anything is possible….I must admit that i had this brainstorm while lying bed at 4:00 am with insomnia……at least my idea would end this storyline for a while…..if Kate and Viv can get away with attempted murder, EJ could have shot himself….LOL

  41. From Clear

    Kathy #23 That sounds good, and I wish the writers would write it that way.
    BTW, my family was saying Sami is just as bad as Ej, and why would you want her to get the kids back. Yes, Sami is a disaster area waiting to happen and emotions rule her, she lies, cheats and tried to off EJ. At least EJ didn’t die. EJ is a criminal who has done a whole laundry list of evil plots including murder. I still like watching EJ fight his fatal attraction to Sami, and seeing her use his weakness to her own ends. They should go back to shared custody and forget their bickering. That is probably what will happen after Kate steals the evidence and EJ gets a new love interest to torture Sami with too. If it’s Nicole’s sister, I wonder if she will have some fatal flaw that Sami wants kept away from her children? Maybe even Nicole will not be sisterly?

  42. From Vivian

    I was tolerating the “He Said, She Said” or “He Did, She Did” with Sammi and EJ and figured they were holding at 50-50…till EJ told Rafe today that each year on Johnny and Sydney’s birthdays he was going to show them the video of Sammi confessing to shooting their Daddy. That has been, by far, the lowest…..

  43. From Jennbean

    it’s really been one amazing performance after another for James Scott as EJ. I love how he can convey so much emotion-bravo!

    The same for Louise Sorrell who plays Vivian, I love her whimsicle-evilness. She’s like the fairy-God mother off her meds and off her rocker, lol.

    I like how conflicted EJ is; it’s ‘in his blood’ persay to be ‘evil’ yet he does try to fight it (at times). I just wish that we would see more interaction between EJ and other characters besides Rafe/Nicole. There’s so much he has to give.

    I’m getting tired of the whining sap that Sami has turned into. Sheesh. Seriously story writers–bring some character integrity back. >=(

  44. From Ky. Girl

    to all of you sami lovers let me remind you that sami is no saint. if she wasn’t so egotistical she would have told rafe the night kate called and told her that ej was going to take their kids. rafe could have called roman and police could have stopped ej. instead she took matters in her own hands and caused everything that has happened. and from the spoilers i see she is going to continue to make things worse by not trusting rafe or roman to help. i’m glad ej has the kids, sami is too impulsive.

  45. From Grandma Judy

    I never like it that the children are in the middle of Sami and EJ’s battles but I especially don’t like that storyline right now with the holidays coming up. But maybe the writers will build to some miraculous solution to the problem just in time for Christmas. At least a temporary solution, as it usually is on a soap!

  46. From Grandma Judy

    I haven’t been on here in quite a while but came on for a peek to see how the current Sami/EJ and the kids storyline is going over. I don’t like it! I see a few familiar names on here and a lot of new ones.

    I haven’t changed any. I still think EJ is the worst of the worst, except for Stefano, and I still love Rafe. Although I’m sorry Rafe has strayed from being strictly a law & order kind of guy, and was fighting with his sister when she died, in order to protect Sami from . . . well, from HERSELF. I find it rather romantic but I hope he will never regret being so devoted to her. Wonder how EJ will take to his new step-brother, Chad? Maybe some jeanousy there?, – depending on how Stefano treats Chad?

    I’m glad the sarcophogus story is over. I wondered why the fumes effected Maggie in such a short time and not Vivian? Vivian’s wrath will be interesting. The deep do-do Kate will be in with Stefano will apparently be temporary. I like the way she has stood up to EJ, even though she has no room to criticize evil behavior.

    How about that make-uo job on Melanie and Nathan?! Really look like they’re at death’s door, don’t they?! I like Carly better than I used to and think she has certainly proven her love for Melanie. But I don’t want her with Bo and I think Carly and Daniel may get together. I still don’t like Stefanie and think she is taking too much upon herself trying to put out there what she thinks is the truth about Parker’s paternity. And, OF COURSE, Jennifer will be working at the hospital. What a surprise, huh?
    I hope somehow Hope can be home for Christmas, for Ciara’s sake, as well as her own.

    Everyone else on the show seems about the same to me. Nicole will never learn to be happy and Brady doesn’t know who he really is. Feel sorry for Will, knowing what his Mother tried to do and now protecting her. It will probably cost him his relationship with Gaby. Seems Caroline is going to end-up with a health issue, which may explain her odd behavior. I wonder if she really switched the paternity test? I rather like Maggie and Victor together but that relationship will take some time. I was never a great big Marlena fan but I read that she might come back.

    Hope all of you are looking forward to a terrific Christmas season!

  47. From Grammy Jo

    Can someone tell me if Nicole was ever found out to be the one who set the plan in action to frame Ari for the muggings. Does Brady know? She seems to have gotten off and there is no mention of this from EJ to hold over her head.

  48. From Rachel

    EJ is once again showing he has no heart. He wants Sami..period and will use those kids to hurt her if he cannot have her. He did it when she was with Lucas and doing it again because she is with Rafe. When is EJ going to learn, she doesn’t love him…never did…never will. Sami isn’t a saint…haven’t seen where anyone has ever said she was. Anyone can understand why Sami is doing things on her own…just take a look at the Police Department. How many crimes have they actually solved? How many people have they really protected? I wouldn’t use them either. Sami should have been smart and finished EJ…that would have been the end of it. She could have pleaded temp insanity and gotten the kids back when her time was up. Even Lucas didn’t spend much time in jail. Sami would have been a lot better off in the long run…so would Salem.

  49. From B

    I hate EJ so much he’s soooo sick

  50. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    Hey Grandma Judy!! Glad to see you back. The EJ storyline has gotten quite boring lately. It’s the same thing over and over again. He gets jealous and the kids become pawns again. I’m tired of it, too. Wish the writers would move Sami and EJ into different directions once and for all.

    I’m looking forward to Hope getting out of jail. I really want her back with Bo. Can’t wait for their reunion. Still not a fan of Carly. Just don’t care for the character or actress that plays her. I do hope Carly ends up with Daniel. I prefer Melanie with Phillip. I like them together. They are cute. Nathan is a wuss. Stephanie is, too. I’m not sure she is even over Phillip, which is why she is so obsessed with his baby.

    I read about Caroline, too. Was wondering what the health issue will be. Also, wonder how Johnny ends up in the hospital. Nice to see Kate actually siding with Sami. Also, hard to believe that Nicole feels sorry for Sami. Loved when Nicole and Sami were actually friends. Would like to see them bond over their love for Sydney and EJ’s cruelty.

  51. From Betsybee

    I still say without EJ (James Scott) and Sami (Alison Sweeney) DOOL would go down the drain. As a Fan of the show I prefer to pay attention to the superb acting of of the two mentioned. Their abilties deserve Five Star Treatment. They certainly have made a number of fans heed the characters they enact. !!!!!

    Rafe tries too hard to be good as his job but to me fails somewhat. Needs ore acting lessons. Maybe he should go to James’ coach.

    Enjoy readig your quotes but boy some of you forget that this is only a Soap Opera for your entertainment and NOT REAL LIFE.

    If the Laws on soaps were for real we could get away with a lot of things in real life WOW !!!!!

    Have a great day friends.

  52. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    I disagree about James acting abilities. I know there are others that agree and a lot that will disagree. I still see him as green and needs to learn how to act. I see him on the same level as Melanie. I truly believe it is Sami that brings the magic to the screen when she is on…no matter who the guy is. She is a very talented actress and has chemistry with just about any male she is onscreen with. I mean no disrespect, but I wouldn’t pay to see a movie with James in it. I would for Bo (Peter) and maybe one or two others, but not James.

  53. From cand

    The thing that I don’t get is …Rafe and Sami are so horrified at EJ and yet they were fine doing that to him. Sami would have kept the kids from him if she had them, but for EJ to do it is heartless….help me out here. Sami has gotten the babysitter she always has wanted. He takes them and does not bring them back. Unlike grama who does. ha ha

  54. From MAB

    patsy – if EJ was in action getting ready to walk out with the kids when she showed up at the mansion, and they fought and she shot him, then ok, maybe you could justify Sami shooting EJ, but when a man is lying there unconscious and you shoot him point blank, there is no justification for it.

    Janiebell – I didn’t have a problem with Sami showing up at the mansion, it is Rafe who should have kept his @$$ at home. The kids are none of his business.

    Shani – It’s NOT all about Sami marrying Rafe for EJ. He was already mad and was preparing to take the kids from Sami way before she married Rafe.

    maryl – EJ is saying all this right now about keeping the kids from Sami, Ally & Will, but I don’t think it will last. EJ’s feelings for Sami will eventually come into play and he will probably give into her. I just hope EJ demands that Rafe is no way involved in seeing the kids.

    Katherine – I remember Sami ripping Sydney from EJ’s arms at the hospital. Those EJ haters think it’s ok when she does those things to EJ, but it’s not ok for him to do the same to her.

    susan – I think we fans are smart enough to know that Sami spends time with the kids off screen, but the writers have even made it a point to put it in the script of her not spending enough time with the kids and having Caroline baby-sit all the time. Kinsey, Nicole, EJ have all commented on it.

    Jennbean – you are so right about James Scott as EJ. He has SO many dimensions to his character and he plays them all beautifully! He is such an asset to the show, and the writers better keep that in mind. I bet he’s glad he gets to play a character like EJ. Poor Galen has to play Rafe. I bet he don’t have to do much preparation for his character since he’s so one-sided about everything.

    Betsybee – you are so right about Days going down the drain w/o James Scott & Alison Sweeney.

    Rachel – EJ wants his kids away from a mother who tried to kill their father and replace him with a wanna be father in Rafe. Yes, EJ loves Sami and always will, but this fight is about the kids. She ripped them away from him, and he has taken them back where they belong. If Sami comes back into the picture someday, I’m sure EJ will take her back, but at this point he’s done with her…done!

  55. From MAB

    Since their wedding, I can see how the writers are trying to push Rafe & Sami down our throats. Well, this fan will never like it or buy their relationship. I like your idea about EJ & Sami being marooned on an island and letting them settle things between them, because all Rafe has done since day one is added fuel to the fire. He is the problem.

    I’m glad Brady will stand by Nicole where Sydney’s concerned.

    I’d really like to know what show some of you are watching. EJ is always putting the kids down for a nap? What about Sami putting them down for naps, that is when they are not with Caroline? We RARELY see the kids over in the little shack of Sami & Rafe’s. The first day EJ had his kids, there he was playing with BOTH of them in the living room. EJ has every right to punish Sami for what she’s done, just like she was punishing him for what he had done. And Rafe, he can’t see 2 inches in front of his face. All he wants to do is take Sami to bed and start fights with EJ.

    If Sami is the way she is because of Stefano, well then why did she ever get involved with EJ to begin with? When she found out he was a DiMera, she should have ran the other way, BUT she didn’t. She fell for him and had 2 children with the man. Can’t blame Stefano for any of that.

    Why can’t the people who believe EJ raped Sami put that issue to rest? The writers let Sami forgive EJ, and they don’t even allow Sami to refer to it anymore. So why do some of you keep dredging up this issue constantly? You will never change the minds of us who know it wasn’t rape.

    We EJ lovers can and do admit when he’s wrong, but we see the other side to him that some of you refuse to see – and we cannot fathom how some of you can defend Sami & Rafe’s actions.

  56. From Mimi

    I would like to talke Melanie and Stephanie. First off, does anyone remember that when Mel first appeared and met Max as her brother, Stephanie and Max were together and Melanie didn’t like Stephanie because she could see right thru her as a bad person. Then, Mel managed to break up Steph & Max. Steph then moved on with Phillip and Melanie wanted him, too (managed to break them up, also). Now Steph is with Nathan and Melanie now wants him, too. Well, she can’t have them both. Who will be next? Whoever, it is, you can rest assured that it will be whoever Steph dates next. The writers have managed to make Mel seem like a good person when she really isn’t.

  57. From Lydia

    I want to know why Salem even has a police department! They are worthless! Don’t get me wrong but the good guys on Days need to get some balls! They just let the DiMeara’s walk all over everyone!Can we please let these guys be the hero’s their characters are supposed to be?

  58. From kathy

    we all seem to have forgotten that this is Salem…..people get away with murder, attempted murder, drug dealing, kidnapping, rape and other forms of mayhem…..this has to be the most ineffectual police force in the world!!! Regarding my idea of who shot EJ, to expand….the balistics department will analyze the gun, only 2 bullets missing from the clip, trojectory is wrong given the varibles: Sami’s height, weight of the gun, angle of the shot….it will turn out that Stefano used some magic lotion to clean off all of the GSRb (he didn’t want anyone to think that HIS son might kill himself, sign of weakness), the blast from the failed shot started the bleeding and Sami has blocked the whole truth from her mind…..OR……shades of Dallas, it’s all been a bad dream….LOL

  59. From missyb

    i hope with the prediction of a snow storm, some how ej, sami and the kids are stranded some where and make up, they can leave will at home, he is just trouble. hopefully nicole choices brady over sydney, if that happens i look for her to get pregnant to brady and have her own family

  60. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    LOL…Kathy, Love your idea!! Even though we have seen Sami shoot EJ, I just think it is all too simple and there is a twist coming to this storyline. Willing to bet Will did it again and Sami saw it. Sami, being a mom, lost it and her mind will not let her comprehend that her own son shot EJ…we are seeing what her mind wants her to see…thus the mirror image. I like the bad dream idea, too, but let’s go back to when Bo and Hope were still talking and Carly wasn’t here yet.

  61. From missyb

    one more thing, if sami would go and talk with ej herself, he would listen, she almost had him on the day he gave her 24 hrs until he saw the picture of her and rafe, he would do anything for samantha!!!!!

  62. From katherine

    56 Kathy,how can Stefano clean the gun with macig lotion, when Sami held it, used it, and then threw it in the river…..
    MAB 54/55, why don’t you just add my name next to MAB/katherine, because you write what I would write. Great stuff, good deep thinking and analyzing the situations with a clear head, no bias.
    53 cand, I agree with you, another logical thinker…
    48 Rachel, Lucas got early prison release, because he went under-cover and helped solve a crime in prison, risking his own life, otherwise, he might still be in there. At least he owned up and paid (still wonder about Will??)
    35 Mamasita, good writing, thinking alike….
    39 Nicole, I don’t get your comparion, about women dressing etc.
    what does that have to do with Sami and EJ, the moment she saw him, there was a bond between both of them and there always will be.
    Your comparison is just so way out, can’t believe you wrote that, but then again, I respect the way you see things, but also respect the way I do, and aswer you back. After all, that is why we are here on this blog, to give OUR OPINIONS, even tough some bloggers will never be able to handle that.
    I am open minded, and the tide would really shift about a character, I can go with that and critizise that, but right now Samantha (and Rafe) have done nothing to impress me, yes, EJ gets hard sometime, but always after he has been royaly scr..d and betrayed, he re-act, as were Sami just dishes it out whenever the mood strikes her. KY girl, you used a good word, Impulsive, that’s Samantha, running around like a chicken/with her head cut off.
    Don’t like EJ’s demand to Nicole, Sidney or Brady, curious what will happen.??
    Proud of Brady backing Nicole on Sideny, he knows how much Nicole loves that little girl, still thing it’s her own daughter, her feelings/bond are to deep….??!!!
    Rafe, I have a feeling, soon you will learn, what Sami is all about, you might get very hurt, I think, we’ll see,
    Boy, that was some bonding between Carly, Melanie, Dan and then also with Nathan.
    Carly’s letter to Bo was beautiful, she loves him, so, he’ll get back with Hope, but Carly and Bo will always have a very special bond, and there is nothing wrong with that. Carly will find happiness too.

  63. From MAB

    #58 katherine – I know, I feel the same about you, maryl, and some others. I like that we can think outside the box, and see things for what they really are.

  64. From MAB

    At this point, why should we believe anyone but Sami shot EJ?

    1) Sami was literally on top of EJ when she shot, so I doubt very seriously she missed
    2) Roman apparently investigated the room at the mansion after his conversation with EJ in the hospital
    3) No gun powder residue was found on EJ’s hands, also according to Roman
    4) Sami threw the gun in the river, so Stefano wouldn’t have a gun to tamper with
    5) The writers have not even hinted at another suspect

    IF someone else shot EJ, the writers will have to basically rewrite the script and completely change that entire scene that we have thus far seen over & over.

  65. From kathy

    re: #60…..Stefano used the magic lotion on EJ…..and since this is a soap opera, anything can happen…reality has nothing to do with the stories and plots….it is silly a lot of the time, but at least these people have problems that take out minds off of our own day to day issues…….

  66. From MAB

    #61…I’m not using real life as a premise to my statements. I NEVER compare this show to real life. But I am going by the facts of the show, and what we’ve seen thus far, and so far Sami is the only suspect in shooting EJ. Yes, anything is possible, but we fans have not been shown or even hinted at any new information for EJ’s shooting, so at this point Sami is the culprit.

  67. From Tess

    It really bugs me to see Brady snuggling up to Nicole the bitch who framed Arianna who was supposedly was the love of Brady’s life. And what ever happened to Doctor Dick? I sure wish the writers wouldn’t leave so many loose ends and tie up these stories. What do they do, change writers every two weeks so the new ones don’t know diddlysquat about what is going on? Sure seems that way to me. Anyways, Nicole is as evil as Elvis and I hope the writers put them together so they get married again and go on a cruise and the ship sinks in the Pacific. I am starting to like Sammi and Kate. Never thought I would say that.

  68. From katherine

    62 MAB, I agree, we are judging what we get from the writers, I think it’s not even worth mentioning anymore, we all know it’s a soap.
    63, right now, Brady is not an innocent either, he showed us what he is capable of doing….
    who knows what else he could do, if pushed again…..
    After all, some of you condem by name, and his name is Brady Kirakis DeMira. His grandfather Vic, has committed crimes, ordered killings, etc. I remember, probably running neck to neck with Stefano, but now because he cracks a few jokes he is Wunderman,
    let’s face it Stef and Vic have been at it for at least 50+ YEARS.
    56 Kathy, I agree with you, in Salem people do get away with murder, need to keep the story going, usually it is always attempted murder, the victims usually don’t die, so we swallow it easier….
    I would like for the writers, to Rafe some storylines, so he could show us if he can act,so far he is just a plain bore, making smirky faces, there is no depth to him.
    EJ brings out emotions in people, just look at these blogs, how many people just plain hate, that means he is doing something right, James Scott is prob. very please to see all this reaction he is getting from people, good and very convincing action, otherwise you wouldn’t care.
    EJ gets to me, Rafe just annoys me, don’t really care. Now Allison she gets you, great super actress, her and James bring the screen to life…

  69. From michele

    I think EJ is acting cold too but I believe he loves his kids more then anything else in the world. I believe he is acting rightfully discussed with Sami and trusts no one because every time he has they have betrayed him.
    Like EJ said to Sami she had 24 hours to spend with her kids and she marries Rafe??? So he has every right to feel that Sami cares more about herself then her kids. I also loved it when EJ asked Sami what the difference was between her keeping the kids away from him and him keeping the kids away from her. She said she was mad at him, I think if someone shoots you in the head you do have a right to be mad too.
    If you do not want EJ to have the kids I understand that but to want Sami to have them blows my mind. She has used her kids to get what she has wanted from the time she conceived Will.
    Also I do not know if everyone remembers that both Rafe and Sami are only alive because of EJ. He saved Rafe when his father put a hit on him and is the only person stopping Stefano from killing Sami. Sami feels righteous about shooting EJ she looked him in the face when she had the kids and said she only regrets not succeeding. I have no sympathy for Sami and think it is about time that she has to truly suffer for her actions.

  70. From katherine

    65 Michell, ditto, put my name next to yours,
    Maryl, you too.
    Could not say it better.
    You are right about EJ saving both Rafe and Sami from Stefano….
    Forgot about that.
    Both Rafe and Sami have become pathetic, and EJ I hope you will warm up again, but in the meantime don’t trust anybody.
    He knows that this will not last forever, he as much to Stefano, so we’ll see, however, something drastic has to change with Sami before she should have those kids back, on a shared basis.
    It’s a mess, but intertaining, who wants to read a boring book, with everything just so fine, so perfect, everybody in love with the right person, la, la, la, who would watch, not me. I don’t like Rafe and Sami, but I am glad they are there, because it makes the story diverse.
    Don’t understand some bloggers, they want characters of the air, but what then, blah, blah, who would get your emotions then.??

  71. From kass

    Love how EJ is making sami go through the help she went through haha she deserve it

  72. From kass

    Yea Mab they have been trying to shove safe down our throats for quite a while now and I just fast foward through all of those discusting scenes

  73. From cindy

    why do some of you keep talking about sami not spending her last 24 hrs with the kids and marrying rafe instead, when all the kids were there and in the wedding!!! it wasn’t like she ran off to vegas or something. plus, it wasn’t even her idea. she resisted at first, then gave in. i really don’t see anything wrong with the wedding taking place when it did, except for the fact it was bo’s idea to begin with. about kelly’s posting #20. when was sami going to put up the baby for adoption; she might of considered it for a brief moment, but did she ever really consider it? i could be wrong, but i don’t remember that. #46 grandma judy…..agree with everything you said.100%. do gramma jo…to my knowledge no one knows nicole’s involvement in the frame-up of ari…certainly not bo or brady. i’m not surprised ej is trying to make nicole chose between brady and sydney. brady warned her, and nicole should have known herself, seeing sydney wasn’t going to come without a price!!! did she really think ej was just going to do this out of the kindness of his heart? thought the hospital scenes in the quarantine room were good. they all looked REALLY sick. the antidote sure worked fast though. glad melanie and carly made up. i’m hoping they keep melanie and phillip together but doesn’t look that way. does anyone else think melanie’s pregnant?

  74. From maryl

    cindy–If I knew that I had 24 hrs. to spend with my kids before they would be taken away from me, I would spend that whole time holding them and loving them privately, trying to help them understand what change is about to happen that will change their little lives. I sure wouldn’t put them in my weddding and forgo all the precious time I had left with them just to please a lover who is in such a hurry to marry. But then, this is Sami we are dealing with and we know Sami is a little “tetched” in the head, she never stops to consider what can happen from rash, thoughtless decisions. As EJ said, the wedding was a farce that the kids were forced to witness and participate in. The farce being that they were being force fed the idea that they would be a happy little family when Rafe and Sami both knew what was fixing to happen. Once again, Sami didn’t think of the kids–only herself!

  75. From Leah

    Over the gender bias here… poor Sami this and that. SAMI CREATED HER OWN MESS… first she ignored Lucas’s advice and didn’t tell EJ about being pregnant with his child yet again and then it all unfolded from there. AND FINALLY WE HAVE SOMEONE WHO WILL STAND UP TO SAMI AND GIVE HER A TASTE OF HER OWN MEDICINE… well done EJ. She’s been dishing it out for decades. I did have hope for her when she was living in the Dimera household as her eyes were wide open and she was truthful about the pain she and EJ have caused each other. BUT NOW SHE IS SURROUNDED BY A GROUP OF ENABLERS so I don’t think she has a hope. Sami will continue to be a whinge, winey, weak and wimpy woman content to play the victim and not take any responsibility of her actions. I FIND IT ALL RATHER PATHETIC! And for people to carry on about how cold EJ has been… EJ has had a good teacher – SAMI! Lets not forget EJ is the victim in this storyline… original sin -SAMI’S!

  76. From Leah

    PS: As for the Bradys they are a bit of a worry. I MEAN THEY ARE MEAN’T TO BE ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE LAW… NOT COVERING UP CRIMES! I wonder how Rafes mates at the FBI etc etc would feel about all these “so called” favours they are doing IF THEY KNEW THEY WERE AIDING AND ABETTING A CRIME? Rafe chose the wrong side of the law with his actions but his mates are innocent… just goes to show how selfish and self centred he is. He doesn’t care about them, their careers or families.
    We had better watch out these “so called” good upright honest Bradys may get their mayor or state governor gee they may even wanna get the president of the USA involved. Who knows how what they are prepared to do or how high they will go to cover their crimes… LOL! Yes I reckon Roman, Bo, Caroline, Mr former FBI agent Rafe and Will ARE ALL RATHER RIDICULOUS.

  77. From katherine

    72/73 LEAH, you said it girl, just add my name next yours, saves me all that typing.
    Maybe what they say is right, Sami has to really, really, for once and for all, hit rock bottom, before she can ever come back up again, and totally rebuild her life, as an mature unselfish adult/mother, one could only wish ….
    Former FBI agent Rafe, Roman, Caroline, even Bo, what can I say, they don’t care, because the victim’s name is DeMira, that’s sad. They are supposed to be the law, unbiased law.

  78. From Rachel

    LOL… The Dimeras victim…yeah, right…NOT. the Dimeras are the cause of most of the problems in Salem. They have messed with the Bradys’ lives for decades. Switched tests, attempted murder, kidnapping, brainwashing, etc. It’s a wonder any of the Bradys are actually sane. It’s no wonder the Bradys take the law into their own hands. They can only take so much. Sami has been the victim of Stefano for years. Yes, Sami has done her fair share of things to herself and her own family…but she is nothing like EJ. He is much worse. I hope Sami does let her nasty side build up and takes EJ down once and for all, with Rafe beside her.

  79. From MsBoulder-CO

    You always have to give up something when dealing with the DiMera’s. EJ telling Nicole to chose between Sydney and Brady tells me he has no one’s interest at heart but his own. He’s the puppet master pulling everyone’s strings. Of course we know Nicole will give up Brady for her precious Sydney. Can someone tell me if Nicole was able to show EJ the video of Sami’s confession or not? After reading EJ tells his men to keep searching the river something tells me he only has Nicole’s version of what she saw on the video. I have a feeling Roman or Rafe have already done that and they may have the gun.

    Whoever commented on Will and Gabi being related and now kissing each other. Gabi is only Will’s step-aunt so there is no blood relation or anything else otherwise saying they can’t be involved.

  80. From MAB

    Spoiler – Daytime newcomer Kate Mansi has been cast as Jack and Jennifer’s daughter Abby. She will begin airing in mid-February.

  81. From kass

    Latrise #29 I completely agree with you that people need to realize that EJ did what he did as a reaction to what safe did. And that wasn’t the first example he also kidnapped syd as a reaction too. But apparently the safe fans are easily manipulated. The writers are clearly safe fans and never been ejami fans therefore they shove safe down our throats and instead of forming their own independent opinions about choosing sides some just go with what the writers push, and don’t dare Ho against the grain. Another thing that have been shove down our throats is that the Bradys are holier than thou and a lot of people on here live by that and blog by that rule without ever questioning it. Don’t dare be different and form your own opinion about things let others tell you how to think and conform to what everyone else thinks. Because if you stand out like those stupid ejami fans. People STOP conforming and letting the writers form your opinions for you you are adults with an independent brain in a free country feel free to make your own opinions

  82. From Rachel

    Kass, What nerve you have to think that we are conforming just because we don’t agree with your views on EJami. We HAVE stated our opinion of Days. We just do not like EJami at all. They are NOT a couple. NEVER have been and hopefully NEVER will be. We form OUR OWN opinions. Just because you see things different than SAFE fans does NOT give you the right to basically say we are drones. There are a lot of people that do not like the Dimeras because they are villans. Everyone sees the world differently. I’m not telling you that you can’t like EJ. You can do whatever the h*** you want, but don’t tell me how to see things. That is just wrong. I will never see why so many people find James soooo attractive or why some people want Sami with EJ. It wasn’t a romance at all….it was abusive, sick and twisted on both ends. It was not healthy at all. Safe has shown romance, love, and support for one another. No abuse there. Such a big difference from Sami around EJ. EJ always brings out the worse in Sami. That is not a good thing.

  83. From Just Moi

    First let me state that yes I am an EJ fan, but I do not wear rose colored glasses like some. I know he is a bad seed and thats what I like about him, he is a great actor but I see Rafe as a great actor also. I like Sami and Rafe together. EJ and Sami are like oil and water.

    I think right now neither EJ or Sami deserve to have the kids. They BOTH have done some terrible things to each other and alot of others. The kids should be taken away from BOTH until they have had anger management and parenting classes.

    To say EJ or Sami loves the kids more? I think they both love them and love to use them to hurt each other. Alot say if Sami was honest about being preggo with Sid this wouldn’t have happened…I say if EJ would of told Sami about the kidnapping when they were all lovey dovey and the mansion I think she would of forgave him and they would be happy together now but no he lied about it and she found out at the wedding from Rafe. Why couldn’t EJ tell her hiself and explain the reasons why he did it? It take two to tango people.

    As for the Brady’s breaking the law where the Dimera’s are concerned, my opinion on that is going by the law they have never been able to convict a Dimera on anything because they have to many officials in the “pocket” so the only way to get some “justice” against them is to do it illegally and I don’t blame them.

  84. From BoAndFanceFace4Ever!

    Just Moi, I agree that the kids should be taken from both parents at this point. Let them have separate supervised visits with the kids.

    I think Sami does love her kids. Still don’t see it with EJ, but I know others do.

    I also agree about the Bradys breaking the law. They have tried it by the book for years, but it never worked. You are right, the Dimeras do have cops and judges in their pockets, so they never pay for their crimes. I don’t blame the Bradys for their actions either. Like Rachel, said it is amazing they are sane….(who knows maybe some aren’t..LOL).

    Personally, EJ doesn’t do anthing for me either….now Bo…hubba hubba…some eye candy for me!!

  85. From katherine

    #79 Just moi
    To do justice against the bad DeMiras or Victor K. illegally, however has not work either so far.
    I am right now concentrating on Sami and EJ and their battles, quit saying the DeMiras, yes they are bad, but this is strictly about Sami and EJ, to me they are like Oil and Vinegar, mixed together not so good, but mix in a little salt, a little, sugar, pinch of water and some spices, and you have great tasting mix, EJ and Sami both need to learn and find some common ground and learn to really put their children first.
    I take EJ and Bo, Brady, for who they are, not judge them by the sins of their father/grandfather, forgot Phil, but who they are. Yes there might a be some in their blood, look at Brady, Phil, sometimes Bo ready to bend the law.EJ is torn between good and evil, he potrays that very well in my opinion, but a woman like Samantha is no help, not in her current form. Bring on a good woman for EJ, to help him to trust again, I think that is his biggest issue, he doen not trust, not even/or especially his father Stefano, and he is right.
    #78 Rachel, no need to get all huffy, there are nicer ways to communicate, I know when we read other bloggers opinions, we tend to get hot, but we are all good people here, just voicing our opinions, but lets do it in an adult way, I am learning also, not to reply repulsivley. Peace

  86. From Rachel

    katherine, you should practice what you preach…God knows that you have had some of the rudest comments on here. My comments weren’t to you…they were to Kass who because she seems to think we are all brainwashed into our views when we are not. Not everyone has to agree. People need to stop telling others have to act and view days. I don’t see MAB, Maryl, Grandma Judy, BoAndFancyFace and others doing that – yet not all of them agree on things…yet they are pleasant and express their opinions politely. Why can’t you and Kass do the same thing?

  87. From MAB

    Seeing more & more of the kids since they are now with EJ – again today, he has them in the garden playing with them.

    Also, on today’s show, Lexie calls Sami out for calling EJ a monster. She says, “who’s calling who a monster?”

  88. From Kat

    In real life, a judge would NEVER give either Sami or EJ the kids, they would be in foster care or with another relitive. Both have done crimes and would be in Jail. Plus the fact of the matter is, if a mother has to take a child to a jail to visit with a father. Then both parents would have some visitations schedual unless it harms the child. The show is getting really awful and unreal. No parent can just take a child and get away with it and not allow visitation rights of the other parent.
    Right now, I wish they would do more on getting the story line right and along with real life not making it like it is. Yea I know its a Soap. But, it needs some more real life added into it, and for now I am going to stop watching. Lost a fan of 25 years

  89. From Clear

    What EJ told Rafe was pretty “Monsteress!” However, I think James Scott, Allison S. and others are doing a great acting job. James Scott isn’t British at all is he? Just wondered if the accent is real? Making Nicole choose is a “Monsteress” thing to do to her too. EJ’s character cannot abide the thought of Nicole being happy and not under his thumb for what she did before it appears. He will just punish her along with Sami as much as he can. I hope the writers resolve this tug of war over the children before Christmas. I want to see Sami with he children for the holiday. EJ and Stefano can have them Christmas Eve.

  90. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    I think EJ will always see Brady as his rival…just like he did with Lucas and now Rafe. EJ hated Brady during his marriage to Nicole because she always confided in Brady instead of him. EJ was very jealous of Brady and I think some of those feelings still linger. I do believe that once upon a time, EJ loved Nicole. Now I think it is out of spite and he will not cower to his rival (Brady), so EJ is making Nicole choose. Let’s hope Nicole does the right thing this time. At least she did tell Brady before he found out somewhere else. That is a step forward for her, but she still has a way to go. That’s why I love her character.

  91. From Clear

    PS I like Rafe with the children too. Maybe the reverse–Christmas Eve at the Pub and Rafe can read the “Night Before Christmas” story as Sami looks on adoringly! LOL!

    EJ may not be able to corrupt little Johnny because he’s FBI man when he puts on his FBI jacket and catches bad guys like Dad and Grandfather Dimera!

  92. From coogar

    To expect justice from the key stone cops AKA: Salem PD,well when was that the last time to happen? Not in recent memory, usually the judge or DA is rotten or paid off. I do like the comment of Sami & EJ disappearing on a desserted island. Make that forever if the SL can’t improve from what it has. Either use the talents of Sweeney & Scott or get rid of them forever. We could put up to a viewr poll. Sami came after EJ , either he was going to make off with the kids OR MAYBE he tricked her into thinking so. They struggle at the contoles after the pilot conveniently dies. The plane goes down. Let the viewers decide 1)kids or no kids on the plane 2) no kids: the Blue Lagoon or Gilligan’s Islan 3) with kids Lord of the Flies or Swiss Family Robinson

  93. From suzy

    AND this is the reason I stopped watching!! To much ugliness, to much wishy washy and WAY TO MUCH SAMI AND EJ!!! And when did strong Hope become weak and needy?

  94. From katherine

    81 Rachel, I have never been rude or nasty to anybody on this site, yes I have voiced strong opinions, but never nasty like others, period.
    And as far if blog somethinge on this site, we All can react on what you say.
    What was so wrong what Kass said, she voiced her opinion, my God you poor dears, is that so bad, aren’t you grown ups, but you had to come back nasty and snippy.
    So here you have my opinion, I thought my blog was pretty nice and respectfull but you again had to come back huffy.
    I was even trying to be understanding, maybe you better read my comment again, it was not nasty, it was very very respectful. So I stand by it all the way.
    So not everybody has to agree with Kass, what is she going to do, make you, how, give me a break.
    Of course, now you can say again I am being rude, which I have never been, funny maybe, critical maybe, but never rude. People who are no longer on this site, have been rude. So let us just stop it now, we will never agree, but that’s okay, that’s makes it interesting.
    In my opinion.

  95. From MAB

    I think some of you need to remember that times (and soaps) have changed. A lot of the norm doesn’t apply anymore, but some things will never change. For example, where would this show be w/o their villains? I’ll tell you where they would be…they would be off the air. The DiMeras (specifically Joseph Mascolo – Stefano) are the best villain characters ever invented for daytime TV. They have been a part of this show for years and are just as much of a staple on this show as the Brady’s. So what it wrong with mixing things up – NOTHING! Nothing is wrong with EJ & Sami having a relationship. Nothing is wrong with Victor & Maggie doing the same. It’s called thinking ‘outside the box’. We need that drama in the show, and these 2 couples alone can offer that up to us fans. They have chemistry that works, along with storylines that would make for great storytelling – so many stories to tell.

    I think it’s a shame when some try to compare Days to real life. This is entertainment, and is supposed to be an escape from real life. We are supposed to see things differently when watching Days. We’re not supposed to analyze every little detail and think that soap situations have to play out like real life situations. Love the characters you want, but also love to hate the others. After all, they are just actors. We don’t need to personally disrespect the actors for doing their job.

  96. From MAB

    kass – I do agree with what you said about the writers. IMO, they are trying to make Sami & Rafe into something they will never be.

    Just Moi – at least you see both sides of the story.

    katherine – I agree, this situation is about Sami & EJ, and not about the DiMeras.

  97. From MAB

    #83 Clear – James Scott’s accent is definitely real.

    On the other hand, Joseph Mascalo’s accent is fake, even though he speaks it very well.

  98. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    Rachel, some of the posters, you just have to overlook and move on. Some just like to stir the pot. There are some I just don’t respond to period. To me, it’s just better that way. It keeps the peace. Don’t take things personally.

    MAB – I don’t see Safe or Ejami working into anything more than they are now. I hope EJ’s gets a new love interest soon. I really hope Lucas returns. I have to admit, I have a feeling John and Marlena are coming back, even for a short period. They sure are doing a lot of signing and publicity for Days right now.

    I do agree with the others that the situation has always been about the Bradys vs the Dimeras. EJ is a true Dimera. I think EJ will show his jealous side if/when Stefano takes Chad under his wings.

  99. From MAB

    Clear – I think Johnny will be a full fledge DiMera when he grows up. EJ won’t have to turn him into a DiMera. He will want to be one. I think Johnny will turn on Sami when he’s older for shooting his father.

  100. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    I think a lot of fans – no matter what side you are on are tired of the back and forth that Days has had Sami doing for years now. First Lucas & EJ – now Rafe & EJ. I think most fans want some decisions made and stick to it. It’s not just Sami. It’s Bo; Phillip; Melanie; Chloe; Daniel. etc. There are too many relationships that seem to flip flop. I think most of us want to see some real romance on the show. Some real love stories. It’s been a long time since we have seen anything like that.

  101. From katherine

    93 Bo.Fancface 4ever,
    I agree that we need a good solid, respectfull of each other love story on DOOL, all we are currently getting is depressing.
    My girlfind saw Stefano, Joe Moscola in Hartford, and yes his accent is fake. He was very nice and sounded good.
    She is also a Safe lover, imagine that, my best friend in the world, and we debate and love it, even when we get hot, at the end we often end up laughing about ourselfes, need more that on this site for heavens sake, we are not enemys, don’t even know each other, so we all need to lighten up a bit, can we do that???????
    If I critizise, my God I become enemy # 1, it’s ridicilous.

  102. From katherine

    I forgot to mention one thing, the Only rude blog on this site is # 81 by Rachel, so there we have it, read it again, the way you answered Kass, we all had to read it, wondering who is next….

  103. From ME

    STUPID STUPID STUPID,,,,,,,BORING BORING BORING==== SWEEPS???? Come on ,better story lines PLEASE!!!!!

  104. From michele

    Loved Loved Loved EJ asking Roman the same question he asked Sami, why is it wrong for him but ok for her. I also Loved Loved Love Lexi calling Sami out.
    For me , my feelings about Sami have been the same since she first knocked on Carrie’s door. I understand that the DiMeras, Kate, Victor are all bad guys but as I said before they have all suffered in one way or another. Kate has lost relationships with all her kids from time to time, Lucus even changed his name. Stefano;s children have died hating him and Bo hated Victor and he never got to be apart of Bo’s life when he was a child. Everyone was behind them loosing their children due to their bad and/or violent actions and for me it is time Sami Brady has to suffer for hers/ I have been waiting for it for years and it makes me happy to see people finally calling her out on it. Also I love that Bo had to arrest Hope but not Sami.
    Also Will and Gabbie getting together is classic days, Daniel made his way through Kate’s family, then Kate being with Roman when Carrie and Austin and Sami and Lucus are couples but the one that makes me cringe the most is Stephanie and Chelsea dating their Uncle. I know he is not a blood but he was adopted very young and was raised a Brady and that is just so wrong to me.

  105. From maryl

    michele–good blog! I too loved the exchange between Roman & EJ and Lexie and Sami! I was also glad that Lexie showed Ej compassion once again. Heavens knows he can use some right now! It could help soften him if more of that could come his way instead of all the hatred everyone throws at him.

  106. From katherine

    #97 Michelle, did you notice how Roman did not aswer, I enjoyed the scene, need more of them. EJ has had some good lines lately, telling people to take a good look at Sami and her actions, she is not always the victim.
    Lexie was nice today, enjoyed that, not to shocked or outraged however, when she heard Sami was he shooter….Loved her scene outside the pub, she told Samantha, and Rafe,,, what could he say.
    Maryl, I agree with you, EJ needs some compassion, that could go a long way. Samantha slow down for once and realize, you are not the only one that loves the children, EJ has a father’s heart, that loves, hurts, feels, not just YOU.
    You be surprised, how far a little fairness about the kids could have gone with EJ before all this mess started. It was you Rafe plotting down by the docks, to take the kids from EJ and of course he overheard you both. Now he is doing to you, what you tried to do to him. However, it bothers me to no end, that the kids have to suffer with both your selfishness. That is sad, but if left alone to think and evaluate, EJ would come around, because he loves the children, I think he heard what Lexie said today, in a kind and loving voice, that is more effective with EJ than anything else, no threats or intimitation, they don’t work with him.

  107. From katherine

    corr. it was you and Rafe

  108. From margerykazad

    im so sick of ej too bad sami didnt kill him. he acts like he has never done a bad thing in his life. did we forget how johnny was conceived. he forced her he is no better than sami is so for him to act like sami is a horrible person that is the pot calling the kettle black. too bad they dont kill ej off the show im tired of looking at him and listening to the same crap every day.

  109. From To Whom It May Concern

    Katherine & Kass at it again. Weeks and weeks of blogs being rude and obnoxious and now jumping down Rachel’s throat because she called you on it. Nothing changes on this site. Still 2 that want to tell people how to act and what to think. Just learn to comment on days and stop telling people what to do. Rachel was right….you go girl!!!

  110. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    Has anyone heard about these rumors?



    Christie Clark Back to DAYS
    Soap Opera Digest has learned that Christie Clark (Carrie), who last appeared on the show in June as part of the farewell to Alice, was at the set today, filming again. The actress, who recently gave birth to her second child, will appear in early February.

    There was also this tweet from Sweeney.…31103772917760

    I am sitting in the nbc commissary having lunch with Christie Clark & Patrick Muldoon! It is still 2010, right?! LOL”

    Not sure how I feel about Carrie coming back. Would like Patrick Muldoon to play Austin again…he was by far the best and sexiest Austin.

  111. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    There are also rumors that Ali (Sami) has not resigned her contract. That Sami may be out by years end. The article states that Ali has been frustrated with her role ever since Brian was fired. Has anyone heard anything else about this? Maybe this would be a good thing. The character of Sami may need a break. Would love to see her leave for a little while and come back with Lucas.

  112. From katherine

    Carrie coming back, so so, Austin/Patrick Muldoon, oh yes, I liked him playing Austin.
    Sounds like even the actors did not like the characters they were potraying, not only us fans….!
    What are they going to do with Rafe, find a new love for him, or is he going with her??
    I think we all agree – the character of Sami needs a rehab, the writers just did not know when to stop, 20 years of the same old same old for Sami, they really should have let her grow up a little in all that time specially with four kid to think about now.
    In her personal life, Allyson has been very busy, she has two little ones at home, maybe she wants more time with her family, understandable…
    I read somewhere, that Sami’s upcoming choices would be disasterous, maybe they are paving the way out for her….

    Good Info – 4ever.

    Janiebell, hope things are getting better for you, still in my prayers. Stay strong, I know the Holidays, that’s tough, my little brother 4 3/4 old got killed by a truck and died Dec.6, that was the sadest Christmas, and after that,and still today, Christmas is always bitter/sweet in my heart.
    But I always did the very very best for my family, two boys etc.

  113. From Goodoldmom

    If EJ’s confession about kidnapping Sydney was taped without his permission and can’t be used against him; then why is Sami’s taped confession any different and can be used against her?

  114. From Clear

    I love Alison S. and she is so versatile. One day she is wash and wear, and then another time spit shined and elegant. I thought she looked really good with the outfit yesterday bringing out her blue eyes, and the pony tail too. She has nice high cheekbones and the hairstyle made her look thinner. She’s great! Her character, Sami, is immensely entertaining. I hope she stays on the show. I for one don’t need Deirdre Hall back as Marlena though.

  115. From katherine

    I would like for Alison to stay too, no matter I don’t like Sami, but without her, who will get me all geared up. She plays the character to perfection, or we wouldn’t have such strong feelings, her and EJ are the sparkplug of the show.
    Marlena – I can take her or leave her… maybe just a short visit would be nice…maybe they have her show up to take her daughter away or help her.
    So until we find out that she actually did re-sign, keep our fingers crossed she stays.

  116. From michele

    katherine #99 yes I did and loved that he could not answer that.

    I love the idea of Carrie and Austin are coming back, they can bring in many story lines. Austin being Kates son and Carrie being Anna and Roman’s child and Sammi’s sister. Also the fact that Sami and Austin raised Will. I can not wait to see what they will bring in I just hope that they are not coming back to just get in the Sami storyline alone and that they get their own story lines as well.

  117. From Jenny

    I wish the writers would make EJ into a nicer character. I think he could be better played as a good guy for once.Sami does a good villain. Maybe Nicole and Rafe would make a good couple. I believe Sami and EJ are made for each other,if they could just get the timing right & quit fighting the love and obvious attraction. toeach other

  118. From jill

    They need to bring EJ in another woman to make Sami jealous.Then she would come running back to him Please make them quit fighting over the kids though. When is Bo & Hope going to get back together?

  119. From Natalie

    Ej deserves his kids! Sami is a mess! She wouldn’t let Ej see the kids and now she can’t! She got what she deserved. As for Clhoe, I love her! And I hope when the secret comes out Daniel doesn’t totally hate her!

  120. From Patti

    Love reading everone’s comments about DOOL. I’ve watched the soap ever since it began. Story lines repeat themselves all the time. Still, I love watching it, and yes, getting angry at the characters, but still love them all. If they can make us feel like we do, then they are all doing their job. I always feel entertained when I watch it.

  121. From katherine

    # 109, Obiously you read the blogs, but don’t understand the meanings, I repeat, I have never been rude on this site period, and I deeply resent your comments. Read 81 Rachel, etc. that’s what I call rude. I enjoy Kass’s writing, they are some of the most intellegent on this site, now I am not being rude, just honest, voicing my opinion, but I guess by now I have to accept and realize, some on this blog, just can’t accept other people opnions, they have to call it being rude.
    You go and point out my blog numbers, that are rude in you opinion, and let me know, are you woman enough to do that,.?????Otherwise, I am highly offended by your remarks.

  122. From Darlene

    sami is not perfect i know but she is just as good as ej..after all he shot john black in the back and left him for dead what the different ihope sami get the kids back ..and can be happy at last i dont like ej and for nicole she is just plain dummb for believing anything ej says..he will dump as soon as he can..i am all for sami and rafe and the kids let her be happy for once on the show and put hope and bo back together please!!!!

  123. From Clear

    Yes, Darlene, I keep thinking that it would be nice to have some peace and good will for the holidays. A little justice and happiness for the good guys for a while please!

  124. From Janiebell

    Stefano and Kate are marred and no marrage, I ever heard of, is without a few disagreements. O.k. alright even, Stefano and Kate had a big bang; betrail is never easy to deal with and Stefano sees what Kate did as a major betrail. Never mind that if the tables had been turned, Stefano would have done the same things that Kate did. In time all will be forgiven.

    Bo has rescued Hope many times and I can not belive that Bo will ever let serious harm come to his \fancy face\.

    Maggie will recover and Melanie will be there towatch over Maggie.

    Some how, Victor will get the \jump on Vivian and make her sorry she evercame to town.

    Fact will come to light that Parker is Daniel’s son.

    Victor will give up on Maggie and marry Caroline. Roman will marry Maggie.

    Sani will get all 4 of her kids back, learn they are Lucas Horton’s kids, and kick E.J. to the curb.

    Now, I am not a daysof our lives writer and I don’t play one on T.V., but these things I think would make good story lines.

  125. From Debbie

    BoAndFancyFaceForever, good point you made in #98 about John and Marlena maybe making a return visit to Salem. I wondered why Deidre Hall was in town (Detroit) on Thanksgiving at an Art Van store for a book signing that, I believe, was for the show. I don’t think she’d be doing that after getting fired if there wasn’t something to it. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if Alison Sweeney wants out of the show. She’s so busy with ‘The Biggest Loser’ too and her two kids…when does she find the time to do it all and still have a front burner storyline for years on end without looking tired all the time? She’s a superwoman if there ever was one.

  126. From katherine

    125 Debbie, I just hope if Alison leaves the show, should they bring the character back, it will we Alison.
    A visit with Marlena and John would be nice, maybe Marlena’ reason for coming is that Sami’s situation is getting even worse???
    Don’t want to speculate to much, rather see what happens.
    I saw that Dr. Ben is in with the Warden and Lee, he is now looking for a heart…….
    Be careful Jen.
    #124 Janiebell, maybe you should do some writing,do it about your own life right now, I hear it could be very theraputic. Always the best to you, especially with the holidays coming. Bless you and your Family.# 98 Bo and Fancy 4ever
    it’s Christmas coming, if people on this show have to make negative remarks, if somebody voices an opinion, how can we expecet the world to get along, even enemys stop shootin on christmas, and what have some of us done, that is enormous that you have to proclaim you have to ignore us, I just don’t understand some thinking. I enjoy all your bloggings, just don’t get personal like Rachel did with Kass. It had to be said again.
    Good personal sometimes is good, like with Janiebell, when somebody supports bad personal, that means you are just like them.
    We are going to the outlet mall, shopping and it is snowing, looks beautiful outside.

  127. From BigA

    Don’t understand what is going on. Only the villans are getting their way. It seems like nothing the fans want are happening.

  128. From Clear

    I am sorry to hear the Walters is the bad doctor using the transplants. But then there has to be a villain.
    I liked Janiebell’s ideas except I don’t want the four children to be Lucas’ though. I hope if Deirdre Hall comes back that it is only for a visit. I also hope Alison Sweeney stays on Days. I really enjoy watching it these days and am looking forward to seeing what she will have to do to get her children back. I still would like some happy endings for the holidays–at least temporarily.

  129. From Clear

    PS. Maybe Salem should have a nice Christmas Ball with all invited–Policeman’s Ball for Charity or something where everyone attends!

    Anyone know what illness Little Johnny is supposed to come down with yet? It must be bad if he has to go to the hospital-tonsillitis, appendicitis?

  130. From Olive

    LOVE the rumor about Christie Clark and Patrick Muldoon! IMO, only bring back Austin IF it’s Patrick Muldoon! I’m sorry, but Austin Peck was a terrible Austin.

    I have always liked Carly (just not with Bo when Hope is in the picture), but she was great with Bo when they thought Hope was dead. I hope she stays and would love to see her with Daniel. I actually like Daniel, except with Chloe. She is nothing but irritation. And who are they trying to kid, she doesn’t have one maternal bone in her body. I can’t WAIT for the truth to come out though on that baby. Phil and Chloe need to pay the piper on this one.

    I’d love to see Maggie and Victor together – hope they work that out somehow.

    And how can you not love Nathan and Mel? They did such a good job being sick, except maybe when Mel was hysterical when she thought Carly was dead…that was a little over the top – IMO.

    Ans far as the whole EJ mess…I’m sick to the point of nauseousness. It’s so ridiculous and waaay over the top. He’s no kind of father – just a class A control freak!

  131. From rem

    I am so..tired of hearing about EJ and how unfair Sami is treating him. Did anyone forget he rape her that is why she has the twins. Did we forget that E.J. also took one of John Black kidney, had stephany kidnapped, put Nicole and the baby he thought was his out of the mansion. As well and stage a kidnapping, fake death of his little girls. sound like EJ is a chip off the old block

  132. From Lola

    Oh Katherine. Really. I haven’t been on this site in weeks and you are still acting out. Why is it that you are the only one that gets others angry. Thought maybe you’d be gone and be stalking others, but you are still being your typical self. If you want to make this page a soap about yourself, lets do it. Keep going, we’ll end it and go back to talking about Days. For right now, it’s all about you. Go……

  133. From SheriH

    Mab Great post #54! Your comment make a whole lot of sense.

  134. From katherine

    130, Merry Christmas, Kind hearted Lola is back with more cheer.
    Thank you for all your kind words, blogs were not the same without you, I missed your goodhearted comments to me. Just which one of my comments did get to you, do you have a #, I am curious.

  135. From Michelle

    Lola – I’m not sure but I think you are one of the ones that was reprimanded by admin a while back for rude comments. If I am wrong then I truly stand corrected and sincerely extend my apologies.
    Katherine has her own way of expressing herself, but does make a point in almost every post of saying that she is not attacking anyone and that everyone is entitled their own opinion, as that is what makes this site interesting – different viewpoints.
    To come onto this site to not post about the show at all but to attack one poster specifically, well, then why are you even on here?
    What is important for each poster to remember is that we all have our own ways of expressing ourselves. That doesn’t make one person wrong and another right. It’s all about respecting others.
    I read a lot of posts, post my own thoughts as time permits, but throughout it all always respect the fact that we all have our own opinions and viewpoints and our own ways of expressing those.

  136. From katherine

    133 Michelle, thank you, you are right Lola and her famous 4 letter words, she was reprimanded by the admin. a while back.
    I appreciate you being a stand up gal.
    I always respect and like your bloggins.

  137. From Hildie

    I wish somebody could get the “found” gun away from E.J. so a bullet check could be made. I still believe that Sami’s shot landed in the headboard and the REAl bullet was fired by the elusive ANNA. Perhaps Anna was the driver who drove by to check on E.J. … and didn’t mean to hit

  138. From Michelle

    Katherine – ditto, I appreciate you being a stand up gal and am really tired of you being singled out so often because you speak openly and honestly about your opinions. It seems people need some one person to target for some reason (maybe it makes them feel better if they can put someone ele down ???) and unfortunately you have become that one. All I can say is don’t change a thing, as you are doing nothing wrong. Keep it real, shoot from the hip. You never disrespect or put anyone else down. You may have a different way of expressing yourself than others, that doesn’t mean it is wrong.
    Variety is the spice of life!

  139. From Clear

    Hildie, I keep thinking that Kate is still going to help Sami by finding the gun and or the video to get even with EJ for helping make Stefano and distrustful of her. Of course, now Kate has another secret she is keeping from Stefano. I don’t know why Kate and Victor didn’t just tell him what was going on with Vivian. What did either have to lose there? It isn’t as if he would have had any evidence or control over a situation he had not had a part in anyway! Some of the characters tell a big one when the truth would serve better.

  140. From Clear

    I meant mad and distrustful of her. Also, I was thinking that not too many young men would walk out on money and a chance to live in the Dimera Mansion. What is next for Chad?

  141. From Lola

    Clearly I wasn’t, or I wouldn’t be posting, right? Katherine, you are a bully. There is a big difference between sharing your opinion and being an ass when others don’t agree with yours. I enjoy reading the comments on this site and finding a couple spoilers. I’ve been watching Days since the 80′s and love the show. It’s nice to find a place to share thoughts, but you make it ugly. Don’t act like you’ve never used a four letter word. Katherine is not a “stand up gal”, she’s a bully. BIG difference.

  142. From katherine

    139 – Reprimanded – does not mean Kicked off, it was a warning and we All read it.
    136 Michele, you got class.
    Think I am honest and straight forward, maybe not Political Correct, but to me for the most part that means being a phony.

  143. From Janiebell

    Something good needs to happen on days for Christmas. Give Sami her children back so the 4 children can be together.

  144. From Debbie

    I enjoyed the scene between Stephano and Chad on Friday. I don’t know if I could have resisted his offers of moving into the mansion and the tuition money. As much as I dislike his illegal lifestyle, I was surprised to find myself falling under his spell of providing protection and safety. lol

  145. From Janiebell

    Yes, Stefano wrote a check to cover College and other expences. Yes, Stefano told Chad he could move into the Demear mansion. Yes, Stefano offered to have Chad a sute talor made. Yes, Stefano offered Chad home, Family, and money, to which Chad said no to everything. Smart boy, that Chad. If Chad had said yes, to any or all that Stefano offered, what would have been the price ?

  146. From kass

    First of all I haven’t been on in a while and I want to say hi to Katherine and Mab (a few of the ones who see things my way).

    To Rachel, “to whom it may concern” and anyone else whose looking for a fight or drama grow up or go back to high school where all there is to life is talking trash to people and looking for drama. Its really old: I can say whatever the hell I want to say, I don’t live under some rock in communist country where I have to censor what I say, I live in a free country where I am sheltered under the second amendment f freedom of speech. You can like or not like whoever you wish too frankly I could care less but if you cannot see the truth then that’s not my problem! EVERYTHING in this whole world has a bias EVERYTHING!!!! There is not one news paper, magazine, website, television show, actor, politician, world leader or person for that matter that doesn’t have a bias (even I do). And they are out to sell their beliefs and it all comes down to who has better marketing skills haven’t you taken Economics 101???
    Days of Our Lives doesn’t fall out of that category, they have a bias too, and they market couples that suite them (DUHH freaking Duhh) it really doesn’t take a freaking rocket scientist to figure that one out DOC!
    It’s like commercials, if you have proctor and gamble shoving their Gain products down your throat in on every other commercial break then most likely people are going to go to and use Gain. Because it’s the NORM and they everyone’s conforming, (societies do things in patterns). Also you’re being slowly brainwashed to believe that Gain is the superior product (It must be the best product because the company has all this money to spend in advertising $$$).
    Days is advertising Safe, not just advertising but pushing. (If they have to have more than one sex scene in a week, to keep their audience satisfied then they are lacking seriously in other departments). Therefore many people like Safe its simple economic strategies of marketing.
    It is suppose to be an individual’s job to look past all the biases that society presents you with and form your own opinions not just eat what the media feeds you. That makes people weak minded and unable to form their own thoughts.
    Just because you are told not to like someone (Dimeras) make your own mind up, stop believing what others throw at you. If some of you are this gullible then I need to come to your houses and sell you stuff, because I have some Beautiful Ocean front property in Arizona, and a scenic ski lodge in Florida! Maybe you would buy that … hahahahahahah.
    Now do what you do best, get behind that keyboard, and be bad to the bone and let me have it because your sooooo tough when your typing, and I know I just open a can of worms. Because some people are too too too sensitive and need every one to treat them like a child and “spare their feelings” and I am in no mood for whiners! Grow up little Drama Princesses!

  147. From kass

    OHH by the way do you believe everything on every grocery store magazine rack says too??

  148. From katherine

    #144/145 Kass, bravo, I mentioned in my blogs before, that I enjoy your readings, because you have intellengence to guide you, unlike other people that only have 4 letter words to call fellow bloggers.
    Glad to see you back.

  149. From katherine

    when I said other people. lord help me, I only meant about 2-3, the rest are all very nice and interesting bloggers and I enjoy all the pro and con opinions,
    respectfully, just me

  150. From kass

    Lola is someone upset?? Did some one miss their afternoon nappy? You are acting so imature its not even funny. You get on here (after not being on for so long) and the first thing you do is attack someone. You say that Katherine is making the blog site all about her (and if you truely believe that) than you are making it even more true by talking to and about her (thats kind of stupid dont you think?)

    Lola: “Ohhh all you do is make this site about YOU….. ohhh by the way YOU ……????
    If you dont like her ignore her, she didnt directly come out and attack you or anyone else for that matter so how does that make her the “bully”?? Of matter of fact it was YOU that attacked her so that makes you the “bully”. If you even like to use that childish word.

    Katherine for the sake of being the bigger person the more mature I would also ignore the childish whimpering of paticular ladies on here, their not even worth you typing time!

  151. From susan

    I woke up yesterday and the first thought in my mind was “Anna shot EJ” She would have so many reasons to do it. I think she was hiding and shot him. The bullet Sami shot will be found in furniture or the wall.

  152. From Diane

    Has anyone considered that the mother daughter revival might be Sami and her daughter?

  153. From kass

    Haha yes Katherine I know some people get by by calling others names and cannot articulate why they dont like a person other than “they are #%&* or *(%^ ” … its realy immature and shows how underdeveloped their brains are!

    I too enjoy reading your blogs, MABS blogs, MARLYS blogs, MICHELLE, and so many others. I even like peoples blogs that didnt agree with mine like NITEMARE & GRANDMA JUDY and a few others but some people Man are they nasty, immature and simply Ignorant! Those are the ones that I get personal hours of entertainment from laughing at! But like you said there is only a few but they are like roaches you try and try and try but never manage to get the pests out of your life lol

  154. From katherine

    I miss Nightmare and Gram Judy too, we did not agree, but I respected their opinion, they stayed professional about this whole blogging business. I have stated a million and one times, I respect difference of opinions, but maybe I guess I didn’t say it enough. So many great bloggers on here, so Kass you are so right, let not the minor few spoil it for the rest of us.
    Looking forward to tomorrow, when we have more SL to talk about, I think for last week we pretty much blogged it all.
    Kass I hope, Mom and Baby are doing fine, take care..

  155. From kass

    Yes Katherine I can’t wait till the sl also unfolds and see how everything plays out with Sami and EJ and the kids. I don’t like how the kids are always thrown in the middle of Sami’s problems but like EJ told Rafe Sami uses everyone even her own children and its true! That girl is a piece of work but you cant help but love Samantha lol.
    Yes all is very well on my side, I am looking forward to celebrating Christmas with the family, we already have all of the decor up and it looks really nice. Christmas is my favorite time of the year although it has became so commercialized that I hate seeing all the advertisements. Society tries so hard to make Christmas all about gifts and money and I am so over it. CHRIST(mas) to me isn’t about gifts and money and no I WONT be politically correct and conform to the rest of society and say “Happy holidays” I will say “Merry Christmas”… but that’s just me!
    ohh and Katherine how have you been? Sorry havent had a lot of time to get on recently I have been really busy at work. But I will have a short vacation soon so I’m excited about that!

  156. From Michelle

    Kass and Katherine – we are sooo much on the same boat, love you both. But as you both have said also, love Mab, Maryl, Grandam Judy… regular posters who we may not agree with but can disagree with in a respectful way.
    Lola – very first blog in a matter of weeks after being reprimanded for saying ***k you is to attack Katherine, second blog you are already calling her an ass. I am all for someone having their own opinion and being able to express it respectfully; unfortunately, Lola can’t do that so I say GO AWAY AND DON’T COME BACK!
    By the way Kass, how’s the pregnancy? How far along now – 3 months or so? How are you feeling?
    So what, I’m getting personal. If we didn’t care for others we wouldn’t be human.

  157. From Michelle

    And DITTO to Kass about the CHRIST in Merry Christmas. That is what it is all about – CHRIST. To non-believers and non-conformists, well, good luck to your eternal soul.

  158. From kass

    Michelle thanks and all is very well I am 10 weeks this week. So far I have felt suprizingly well, just moody, everything seems to irritate me and theres still 30 more weeks lol I wont know the sex at least for another 8-12 weeks. So we havent bought anything anyways. Theres been a few names thrown around but nothing deffinate yet. Its looking like he/she will be here around the 10th of June or so well enough about me. Hope all is well with you and thanks for seconding my Merry Christmas comment its nice to know that there are a few good people outthere still!

  159. From kass

    Ohh I did forget to mention the worst side affect Michell is that I cant seem to get enough sleep! It doesnt matter what time a day it is I just want to crash! I was at a big meeting at work the other day and I could hardly hold my eyes open I felt so rude but haha I guess it happens. I havent mentioned it at work yet to any of my coworkers so they probably thought it was just me being rude. But I’m just not ready to say anything to anyone yet.

  160. From katherine

    Merry Christmas to all of you, it’s all white where I live, snow keeps coming down.
    And my older son will be a very young step grandpa early May.
    I am very excited.
    MAB, Maryl, Melissa, Michelle, so many of you, this is the season to be kind, and wish everybody well.Grandma Judy, hope all is well with you. Maybe we can have an Eggnog Party now, Gingerbread and good things.
    I know we are writing lots of personal stuff this weekend, but it is December, also on weekends no Story line to talk about.
    I think it’s nice we all can be friends on a silly soap blog, so Salem and it’s citizens are good for something, Ha, Ha, Ha, Let’s all meet at the Salem Pub, and get all chowdered out. JUST HAVING A LITTLE FUN, ….

  161. From kass

    Haha Katherine you are too funny! Yes the Brady pub sounds like a good meeting place and there we can talk about our attempts at murder and plot kidnapping all the while our family police department sits back and does NOTHING lol Merry Christmas love!

  162. From Michelle

    Yeah, the fatigue is horrible during pregnancy. I didn’t get morning sickness, it came on late afternoon for me. But I hear you, my work didn’t know I was prego till like 5 months in. But then again, I was Plant Manager and my “baby’s daddy” (now husband) was the General Manager at the same company, so we kept things quiet and our working relationship separate from our personal relationship.
    Katherine, yes, especially with the holiday season, we tend to share more about our personal lives. What’s wrong with that? Speaking for myself, I don’t really have any “girlfriends”, so I consider my blogging sisters the closest thing I have to friends, and considering facts we have shared about ourselves, I find it comforting to have you gals and have a true concern for and interest in you all. I’m not into the social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc…), so I see this site as a sort of social networking site on which we all share a common interest – DOOL – but also have genuine interest in each other.

  163. From Michelle

    Just re-read my post #154 and I said “non-conformists”; what I meant was really those who do conform to society’s PC views, not non-conformists. The non-conformists are the soul of what is left of our great country, the one’s that stand by their values regardless of whether it is socially acceptable or not.
    Just felt I needed to clarify…

  164. From Michelle

    Janiebell, I love your outlook. After all you have been through in your personal life, you have a very altrustic view of how things should be on DOOL. That tells me a lot about you – in a good way. Always believe in the happy endings.
    It would be very hard for anyone to reject Stephano’s so called “generous” offers to Chad, but you are so right, at what price do those offers come. Good for Chad for rejecting them, if only for the time being, he is showing he is bigger than that and that money and material comforts don’t mean everything.

  165. From Michelle

    Ok, last blog for tonight, I promise.
    Just wanted to clarify that there are 2 Michelle’s on here. I am “Michelle”, there is also a “michele”. (Main difference, mine has 2 L’s).
    We share similar views, but again, just wanted to have that clarification out there.

  166. From Clear

    Susan, I would so like to find out you are right and that Sami didn’t shoot EJ. Anna would have great reasons to do it. Maybe when the gun comes out in the open and is tested it will show that it is not the weapon used to shoot EJ. That would be a wrinkle wouldn’t it?

  167. From Michelle

    Kass, following is text from an email I got yesterday from my aunt, I felt compelled to share it with you based on your earlier post regarding Christmas vs Happy Holidays.:

    Pass this on to your church, co-workers, family, and friends. What do you have to lose but 44 cents, what do you have to gain ———– more than you will ever know.

    What a clever idea! Yes, Christmas cards. This is coming early so that you can get ready to include an important address to your list.

    Want to have some fun this CHRISTMAS?

    Send the ACLU a CHRISTMAS CARD this year.

    As they are working so very hard to get rid of the CHRISTMAS part of this holiday, we should all send them a nice, card to brighten up their dark, sad, little world. Make sure it says “Merry Christmas” on it.

    Here’s the address, just don’t be rude or crude:

    125 Broad Street , 18th Floor
    New York , NY 10004

    Two tons of Christmas cards would freeze their operations because they wouldn’t know if any were regular mail containing contributions. So spend 44 cents and tell the ACLU to leave Christmas alone. Also tell them that there is no such thing as a

    ” Holiday Tree”. It’s always been called a CHRISTMAS TREE!

    And pass this on to your email lists. We really want to communicate with the ACLU! They really DESERVE us!!
    For those of you who aren’t aware of them, the ACLU, (the American Civil Liberties Union) is the one suing the U.S. Government to take God, Christmas or anything religious away from us. They represent the atheists and others in this war. Help put Christ back in Christmas!

  168. From Grandma Judy

    Katherine, – an eggnog party sounds good, at my place, with gingerbread and all good things . . . . but I’ll still have wine available!!

    When I’m Christmas shopping I tell everybody “MERRY CHRISTMAS”. If they don’t believe, they can ignore it.

  169. From katherine

    167, Kass, 168 Judy — Ditto
    In my world, heart and soul, it is Merry Christmas -Froehliche Weihnachten -
    Oh I only wish I could be at a nice Christmas party with all of you good people, put our different opinions about DOOL down and just enjoy the miracle of it all, Gram Judy, thanks for saving the wine in spite of it all. Merry Christmas and to your hubby too.
    Looking forward to today’s show, to have something new to blog about.
    Christmas Card it is,
    I wish all people no matter what they are celebrating at various times the always, everybody’s believes should be respected the same as we want our’s respected, if we ever get to that point we might even have Peace on Earth, (and on this Blog……..)

  170. From kass

    GRANDMA JUDY… eggnog and gingerbread haha… And I am with you on the Merry Christmas thing if they dont like it then they can choose to ignore it but I am not changing my beliefs or traditions just accomodate everyone, its insane to think that you should. Frankly I am tierd of going to department stores and only finding decorations and stuff with santa,snowmen, penguins, and other non religious related pictures. I want to put Christ back into the holiday (where it should be!)

  171. From katherine

    Kass, meant to say, Christmas Card it is for the ACLU, Christmas is worth fighting for, not with bullets, but with Cards and kindness.

  172. From Sandy spoiler for Dec. 6th. quote: “If you have any contact with Brady, all bets are off,” EJ warns Nicole.

    More evidence what a control freak EJ is as he forbids Nicole to see Brady after she helped him get his kids back. He lives at the darkest place in the pond where only ooey, gooey, creepy, crawly, pond scum can survive. With that said to all the EJ fans, have a nice Monday.

  173. From MAB

    Carrie’s return will start in Feb. and it will be short lived for now.
    Patrick Muldoon is not returning to Days as Austin.
    The stage is being set for Bo & Hope to go on the run! (I’m personally excited about this spoiler!)

  174. From MAB

    I LOVED the exchange between Stefano & Chad. I’m glad Chad rejected Stefano’s offerings too, but I think that’s just how Stefano shows his love. A lot of wealthy people are like that. They shower one with money & gifts, not to be crass, but to genuine in a way to show their love. That’s how I see it.

    I understand some trying to “reason” that Sami didn’t shoot EJ, but from what we’ve seen so far, there is no evidence that she didn’t shoot him, unless the writers change the entire scene we saw originally.

    I haven’t been on in several days – just want to say Hi to Katherine, Kass, Maryl, Bo&FancyFaceForever, Michelle!

    Katherine & Kass…I so enjoy reading blogs of those who agree & disagree with me too, but some you can never have a pleasant disagreement with, and for me that was Nightmare. Now I know y’all didn’t really have a problem with her, but I did. She was disrespectful, rude, and down right mean to me, and called me names as well. She accused me of all the drama that went on, when in reality she was the one who started it, and she couldn’t stand it because I wouldn’t back down from her tirades. So for me, I’m glad she quit blogging. It’s one thing to disagree, but another to personally attack someone because of it. And that is why my favorite person to disagree with is Bo&FancyFaceForever. She and I disagree on just about everything (except Bo & Hope), but I can still have a pleasant discussion with her on any topic. Too bad some others can’t be the same way.

  175. From MAB

    Sandy – EJ said what he did to Nicole about Brady because he is protecting himself from all sides. Brady is Sami’s half brother, so why would EJ trust him, or want Nicole around him when she’s with Sydney. EJ doesn’t know if Brady would try something to get Sydney back to Sami. Seems logical to me. Oh, and I will have a great Monday. Anyday I get to blog about EJ is a good day.

  176. From Janiebell

    Stefano will get back with Kate if only because Stefano saw Victor and Kate talking and Stefano could thinkthat if he does not take Kate back, she could go over to Stefano’s camp.

  177. From Just Moi

    I can’t believe how Mel, Nathan and Carly went from deaths door to jumping around and back to work for poor Nath. Poor guy didn’t even get a chance to have something to eat or shower lol. Days can drag a story on forever then end it in an hour…uggh

    PS Merry Christmas to All!!!

  178. From katherine

    #174 MAB, I remember about nightmare very well.
    I guess we all have our “friends”on here.
    Right now it’s Christmas seasong, and if Lola etc. could learn to fit in respectfully, I wouldn’t mind sparring with them either.
    Respect and Tolerance should be practiced on this site, of course a little passion about SL or characters also goes a long way.
    I think, Stefano really likes/loves Kate, it shows on his face, his actions, he is Italien, they have tempers/passion, I hope they get back together, makes such good SL.
    MAB, I think you are right about EJ, Nicole -Brady – he has been burned badly, doesn’t trust anybody right now, not even Nicole, but it is very evident, he is doing it for his little girl Sydney.
    Guess what Sandy 172 – that POND is closed for Christmas, to clarify, I am trying to be funny.I truly hope the writers will give us something nice and heartwarming for Christmas, we already missed Thanksgiving.
    Janiebell, whats wrong with a little jealousy, it goes a long way, even Stefano sees the yellow monster. I think Vic has enough woman right now to contend with, Viv, Maggie, Caroline, let Stefano, and he will, keep Kate.
    MAB, I don’t even care if somebody else- in addition to Sami – wanted EJ dead. In my mind she is still killer material.
    #177 Just moi, I agree, Dan must have devoloped Instand cure – they cut that SL so quick, I would have liked to see the family there when they finally came out, wanted to watch the reunion, we never saw Bo with Carly etc. I think they are starting to cut back on to intimate scenes with them, because they are on the way to Get Bo and Hope back together, hope it will be a great thing to watch.
    Oops – eat my words, there a Carly and Bo on the screen. Got to watch.

  179. From MAB


    #1 – Brady & Nicole “stage” a break-up so she can continue to see Sydney without giving him up as well. Brady stands up for Nicole to Melanie and says, “I have her back and she has mine.”

    #2 – Things begin to look up for Victor & Maggie.

    #3 – Lexie is troubled when she examines Johnny, says he needs medical attention, and EJ blames Sami.

    #4 – Dr Walters makes contact with the prison warden.

    #5 – Snowstorm alert! (not sure what this entails, but it sounds exciting and hope it involves all the cast).

  180. From MAB

    Another spoiler: Monday Dec 13th, it says Rafe tells Sami he has the authority to arrest EJ.

    My thoughts: How can Rafe have the authority to arrest EJ if he quit the FBI? I don’t think he ever quit the FBI. I think he’s lying to everyone, including Sami, and is still working for them undercover. It would be very typical of him…to use Sami and her kids all just to nab the DiMeras. If this is really what he is doing, I hope Sami finds out and leaves him for using her and the kids.

    I think Rafe is obsessed with everything in his life…not only Sami, but trying to put the DiMeras away. Now, I don’t think Rafe will be able to actually put the DiMeras behind bars, especially since it John, Roman, Bo and Abe were never able to do so. So the writers better think twice if they are planning to allow Rafe (of all people) to put the DiMeras behind bars. If they decide to take this path, then it would be a slap in the face of all who have tried to do it before.

  181. From patti

    I hope Sami stays with Days…and EJ also. They both are great actors…or we would not discuss them. Lucas can stay off the show or come back not so tied to kate’s apron strings. He was just too whiney for me….. I want Bo and Hope back together…just do not like him with Carly

  182. From claire

    Ok for starters, I am sick of the Chloe/Phillip/baby Parker drama. Enough already! And if Mel ends up pregnant by Phillip I will stop watching this show. It’s the same ole thing over and over again. Please don’t make little Melanie have a Kiriakis baby. She is too young and needs to move more in the direction of a Jennifer-esque character (heroine). And get rid of Stephanie, please! She is the most irrelevant character on the whole show. All she does is give me a reason to dvr the show and fast forward through her scenes. I’m sure she is a nice person but her acting is terrible and has no dimension whatsoever. The only thing I’m happy about is the return of Jennifer-our true heroine. Now, get Bo and Hope back together and put Carly with someone else AND most importantly, find some more creative storylines instead of all this baby daddy paternity, Nicole stealing Sydney and looney toon in the coffin (again) drama. It’s been done before people. Gah.

  183. From Grandma Judy

    I don’t imagine Rafe will succeed in putting any DiMeras behind bars, either, but I agree it’s possible he never quit the FBI. I wouldn’t look at it as “using” Sami and the kids, though, more that he can protect them better if nobody knows he’s still an agent. Geez, everytime he’s working together with Sami on something, she messes things up! I feel that it’s just all part of EJ’s controling nature that he has given Nichole an ultimatum. Doesn’t want her with Brady, doesn’t want Sami with Rafe. Hope sure is looking rough, and now with getting hit in the face.

    Sometimes I can’t figure myself out. I get disgusted with all the evil and underhandeds on the show but then there is Maggie, so pure, and right now I find myself thinking “Maggie, enough with the goodie two-shoes routine! If it
    wasn’t for those people keeping Vivian in the sarcophagus, you would have been toast!” So I guess I want Maggie to have a little revenge in her heart. Or at least not blame the ones who did revenge on her behalf.

    I’d like to go on record that I always liked Nightmare and her comments. Thought it was interesting with her being in Australia and so far behind watching the show but yet able to keep up with our comments. She has twins, I have twins, that whole twin bonding thing, too.

    Kass, if you are 10 weeks and your co-workers don’t know yet, you must be holding your figure well. Good for you! I had such morning sickness the first time, especially when I put my lipsick on for work. Even after the morning icky stuff went away, I could never wear that particular lipstick again and had to change brands.

  184. From Grandma Judy

    P.S. – I thought Jennifer looked absolutely lovely today! (Monday)

  185. From Jolie

    Wow, it got sort of nasty. Even Stephano would not approve. So let’s play nice. I think Jennifer is a lovely gal. Good to see her back on. Interesting theory about Anna being the shooter. Surely the Salem po-po have looked around for any and all evidence….oops, what am I saying! I liked Anna so much but could see her pushed to it. We really need something to pump up these storylines, get things moving. It is cold outside,even in the Deep South this week. Give us something juicy to keep us boiling!



  187. From kass

    Patti thank you I also think Lucas is super whiny too the point that its annoying! To MAB lol I hope that rafe trys to arrest EJ because everything rafe does he ends up making a fool of himself. Grandma Judy yea Ive been hiding it pretty well, I’ve only gained 3 pounds so far and hope not to gain a whole lot of fat weight

  188. From cindy

    well everyone. this has been some interesting reading!!!! agree with all of you about keeping Christ in Christmas. it’s commercialized enough without removing the true meaning. it’s too easy to forget in our busy lives what Christmas is really all about. and i wish you all a wonderful Christmas. you’re so right about jennifer. she’s so beautiful. glad she’s back. maybe maggie would understand brady’s actions a little more if he told her what vivian did with isabella’s remains. that was horrible. interesting idea about rafe still being in the fbi. hadn’t thought about that but it sounds feasible. sounds like a s/l the writers would come up with. can also see them vindicating sami somehow. not sure how they’ll do it, but they will. did anyone else think it strange dr. ben could use any old heart for that transplant!!! what happened to cross-matching blood types and making sure the two are compatible. if they have bo and hope go on the run that should be really interesting. kind of like s/l’s of long ago. sort of romantic in an odd way. have a great evening everyone. oh yeah…..kass good luck with pregnancy. just found out my daughter is about 8 wks. will be my 2nd grandchild. have a grandson 6 yrs old. apple of my eye.

  189. From Clear

    So, is Dr. Ben dirty or deluded? I thought it was interesting that the Warden had the conversation saying that Hope’s enemy will not be handcuffed and will kill her. Let us look for Hope to put up a MMA fight of her life and whip the big woman’s a@#! I’m looking forward to the possibility of some action/adventure.

  190. From kass

    Aww thanks Cindy and congrats! I recall someone on here not too long ago predicting that the new doc at the salem University was in on the jail murders in some high scheme to sale and collect organs sounds like they are right who ever it was … they would make a great dectective maybe they should apply in Salem because the whole salem force is stupid and corrupt! Rafe, Bo, Roman, Hope… We need new cops in town please writers !!!! The only cases that they ever solve are the ones that are handed to them in wrapping paper or if they do dirty work out side ofthe law to catch someone!

  191. From maryl

    Kathrine–I’m so jealous of all that snow you’re getting!! It’s very rare here in the Gulf Coast area of Texas–we had a 7 inch snowfall in 2004 on Christmas Eve–we all thought it to be our Christmas miracle. I never thought I would live to see that happen here.
    kass–glad you’re doing well with the pregnancy–my daughter experienced the same stuff you describe–she is a CPA and during tax time she would get so sleepy she had to take a nap sitting at her desk!(Ha) She has a great boss and he told her to sack out any time she needed to.
    Michelle–thanks for the tip on sending a Christmas Card to the ACLU–I’ll make sure I send one with a Nativity scene!
    MAB–I appreciate the spoilers–I don’t always have time to look them up myself so it’s nice to read them on this blog. I’m sure curious about little Johnny needing surgery.
    Grandma Judy–nice to have you back on the blog! That gingerbread and eggnog sounds heavenly. It sure is a sign of the season!
    Not much to blog about the soap today. I found it pretty boring, but you know me, I just want to see EJ! HA! He’s on my Christmas wish list, that bad, bad boy! Grandma Judy, don’t shake your head because I’m willing to bet you put Rafe on yours??

  192. From cindy

    if i read the spoilers correctly it sounds like hope stays in the same prison. don’t understand cuz they made it sound like she’d be moved in next couple shows. the warden did say hope would be handcuffed and the other prisoner would not. something must happen to change that plan, cuz SPOILER hope gets a letter out to bo, plus jennifer infiltrates the prison…doesn’t sound like hope is going anywhere. Clear, if there is a fight, we all know hope will do just that…kick her ###>. after all, the other prisoner got a lucky hit in and hope won’t let that happen again. can’t wait for bo to come to hope’s rescue. been waiting months for that. hope they find another love interest for carly though. i like her now (didn’t at first, was to irritated that she hooked up with bo). looks like the s### going to hit the fan with daniel and phillip. wonder when daniel is going to find out phillip’s one-niter was with chloe?

  193. From cindy

    maryl….you think snow is rare in south texas!!!!i live in southern calif. if i want snow, i have to go to the mountains. did live in olka for awhile though. got snow every winter there. (4 years) i loved it cuz i had never lived anywhere but la area before. now i’m back. really miss the seasons. funny how i never thought about it much before. guess you don’t miss what you’ve never experienced. now that i have, i miss it.

  194. From cindy

    sorry, meant to say i lived in okla for awhile. anyone else wonder where olka is? lol

  195. From renee

    I was wonder what was up with the people at the prison after surgery. But I never guessed it was for the patient at the Hospital. I wonder where the doctor is saying the organs was coming from.

  196. From Sandy

    Elvis doesn’t waste time telling Caroline that she’s out of the kids’ lives. This is from the latest NBC Promo….Now he’s keeping the kids from their Grandmother. Please don’t try to tell me this is ok and it’s the consequences of Sami’s action. Pure pond scum that’s EJ. Isolation of the kids from anyone but him and Stefano is CHILD ABUSE plain and simple. Just convince me any fan on this site would understand or allow this to happen. This Grandmother would not!

  197. From katherine

    Hi, it will snow all this week, my neighbor plows me out, but a few hours later, I am out there shoveling new accumulation.
    Good excercise. Maryl, I’ll send you some. ACLU card on it’s way.
    looks like Kate really cares for Stefano, I read that he is going to make her apologize to Chloe, and whatever else…..
    I like it that Stefano has a wife, well now we saw him without his tie, maybe he will loosen up some more, hope the same for Vic.
    Baby steps, Gram Judy, the cozy pants might follow…..and is Rafe on your xmas list, Kass, EJ is on my list too, so what will happen….Did you guys notice, Lee showing concern for Hope today, what’s that all about??
    Looks like Jen the investigative reporter.. might be back, it should get interesting.
    Cindy I used to live in the San Fernando Valley.
    Seems like with Dr. Ben, they left a window open, he acted for a moment as if he thought?? the heart might come from a legitimate inmate death, that he does not know what really goes on in the prison, maybe I didn’t pick that up right.
    # 184 Jolie, maybe we should have called our \Godfather\ Stefano to take care of things for us. Disclaimer, I am being funny…
    #186 Cindy, you are right, I have never yet heard anybody tell Maggie ALL the details of what Vivi did, especially about Isabella and the Pet Cemetery, etc.
    Has anybody heard anymore about Alison/Sami leaving the show. I hope not, she is a sparkplug just like EJ, the show needs them, what about Rafe if she leaves.
    Can understand her wanting to take time off… I heard she was not happy the way her storyline was going.

  198. From katherine

    Maryl, I meant I’ll send you some snow, maybe…
    Michell, ACLU card on it’s way.

  199. From susan

    up early today so I went back and skimmed through posts I had missed. wow and I thought all the drama was on the screen!
    a couple of points:
    *when did Kate go from being married to Stefano because of blackmail to being married to him because of love?
    *still cant understand people being so negative about Sami and Melanie. They both had such incredibly difficult and stressful childhoods. Have a little understanding.
    *I hope there will be some sort of heart warming Christmas story for Days. Things are so difficult for my family now (illness, finances) that I could use a little harmless escape.
    Merry Christmas all.

  200. From Janiebell

    Vivian will never learn to keep her noise out of other peoples business. Just out of the box, Maggie just home from the hospital and Victor goes running to tell Stefano on Kate. Oh sure Vivian is innoicent and Stefano is perfect. HA-HA NOT SO.

  201. From Janiebell

    Masteke: I ment Vivian goes running to tell Stefano about Kate. I ment Vivian not Victor.

  202. From MAB

    Grandma Judy – we all know you liked Nightmare. I only brought this up because there are some others on here experiencing what I had to endure for quite some time. I never mattered to me what comments Nightmare made when it pertained to the show…only about her personal comments to me. She showed her true colors when she continually attacked me. I asked her multiple times to ignore my posts, but she never would so I had to constantly defend myself. So for me, it was a breath of fresh air when she stopped posting.

  203. From MAB

    I so agree with some of you that Brady should have told Maggie the whole story about what Vivian did, especially to Isabella’s remains. Why is it when the truth comes out, no one ever tells the whole story and leaves pertinent information out?

    According to what Hope’s been reading in the prison paperwork, the people that have died in the prison have been cremated.

    EJ keeping the kids from Caroline is not child abuse. If the tables were turned and Caroline had the kids, she wouldn’t allow EJ (their father) anywhere near them, and EJ knows that, so if he sees fit to keep them away from their now crazy grandma, I really don’t blame him. Reminder people, this is a soap opera. We shouldn’t be comparing these situations with real life. No family member should be kept from children’s lives, unless they are extenuating circumstances, like abuse.

    I do think Dr Walters is knee-deep in what’s going on at the prison. I just think he got freaked out thinking there was a problem and they could all be found out.

  204. From MAB

    This was posted as a spoiler, but it hasn’t been confirmed…Dr Walters will be doing double-duty in a good twin/bad twin type storyline.

  205. From maryl

    I think it’s funny that EJ is keeping “clucky” Caroline from the kids–heavens knows she would love to keep HIM away from them, so I like that the table has turned for a while. I’m sure none of this keep-away game EJ is toying with will last too long. Something is going to give–this is a soap opera after all! But seeing Caroline all frustrated, should be fun. EJ better watch his back, I think Caroline is just as capable of murder as Sami. HA! And of course, she has proven herself to condone switching DNA and keeping father’s from knowing about their children. So what EJ is doing to her is sort of payback for what she had done to Victor/Bo and now Phillip and Parker. Caroline has a tendency to want to play God every once in a while and I guess she thinks she has the wisdom to do it. Bad, bad girl Caroline! HA!
    Katherine–don’t forget to send me the snow–10″ ought to do it!

  206. From Grandma Judy

    Rafe on my Christmas list?? You betcha!! Mmmm, baby!! I could elaborate but might get kicked off this site, – or end up in divorce court if my hubby ever read it!!

    Katherine, I had the same impression you did, that poaaibly the doctor doesn’t know the organs come from intentional prison killings. For now, guess the writers could go either way on that.

    I think, too, that somebody should fill Maggie in on what Viv did with Isabella. I agree with MAB about the whole truth often not coming out about things and I find it frustrating. I also felt Kate should have told Victor right up front about Viv being in the sarcophagus. He would have admired her part in it, as he does now, but now he is jealous of her being in on it with Victor and will humiliate her to make her pay.

    I know soaps are soaps, movies are movies, and fictional books are just that, too, but I also think when we see or read something being portrayed that we have lived though, it can’t help but tug at our hearts. My husband and I have had the situation where we couldn’t see one of our Grandsons for a period of about 4 years. Would you believe we would sneak over to Dusty’s school once or twice a week to see him for the 5 or 10 minutes before he got on the bus to go home? It was an awful time but, thankfully, is over now. The ins and outs of it are lengthy but bottom line is when he turned 17 he moved in with us. What a joy that was! Boy, we can tell stuff on here that we wouldn’t share with anyone else, huh?

  207. From Grandma Judy

    Just read MAB’s spoiler about Dr. Walters maybe playing good twin/bad twin. I think that could be fun!

  208. From Just Moi

    I hope that Maggie has a “back bone” on her Christmas list. How can she feel bad for Viv after all Viv has done, not only to Maggie but to all the others. How can she doubt that Viv had everything set up for Mags. I can understand her being upset about Brady and Co.’s part but come on Mags go kick some Vivi butt!!

    I said awile back that I though the prison was harvesting organ, Im usually not the first one to guess things but looks like I could be right :)

    Where I live we have 4 seasons of winter…almost winter, winter, winter again and lingering winter lol

  209. From maryl

    Today is Pearl Harbor Day–a very sad time in our history. Please say a prayer and remember the poor souls who died on that day just as horrid and unexpected as the 9ll attack.

  210. From Just Moi

    Grma Judy, sorry to hear about your grandson and Im glad things worked out in the end.
    I understand when you say there are some SL we can all relate to. I guess that is why I dont comment on the was it rape or not story line because sometimes a person can get coerced into things and in the end there are many forms of rape.

    I hope for Jen’s sake there is a good/bad twin because I think she will be falling for the new Doc

  211. From Grandma Judy

    Anyone else read the spoiler that says “another pregnancy in Salem, just when a certain someone has other things on her mind. Oo, la la!” That spoiler also says Hope returns to a career in law enforcement. Guess we could have guessed that but when? Probably not far off.

  212. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    Hey all. MAB, Sorry, I missed you yesterday. Been a hectic week at work. Thank God, the boss is gone through Dec 17!!!!

    Love the spoiler about Bo and Hope on the run. Read that yesterday, myself. Can’t wait for that. We all know that Carly will now be toast. Bo and Hope will reconnect. I cannnot wait to watch that.

    I read some more to the spoiler about Rafe and The Dimeras. I’ll have to see if I can find it again, with the exact wordings, but the site made it look like Rafe actually gets something on the Dimeras…just not sure what.

    I have seen Austin is not returning. Now there are rumors circulating that Carrie may be the new love interest for EJ. I hope that remains just a rumor. Sami and Carrie have already shared Lucas and Austin. I would think Carrie would be smart enough to stay away anyways. Hopefully, EJ’s new love interest will be someone new with no ties to Sami.

    I like the twin idea, too. I bet the bad twin is part of the prison harvesting the organs. But the good twin is probably the one with Jenn, but she won’t know it until much later.

    I think it is sweet that Brady is standing beside Nicole. I love that he tells Melanie, that Nicole has his back and he has hers.

  213. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    Grandma, I saw that too. Wondering who is pregnant? Melanie, Carly, Stephanie…hopefully not Sami again. Would really love it if it were Nicole with Brady

  214. From Sandy

    #203 maryl
    My post #194 is not about what EJ is doing to Caroline. It’s about what this Father is doing to his Children. Which is isolating them from all they know and love. Yes, yes I know your going to say that Sami was going to do the same when she walked out on their wedding and told EJ she would never see the kids again. Well it might surprise you to know I think Sami was wrong then and so is EJ wrong now. And not to make excuses for Sami but she did just find out the man she was about to marry kidnapped their daughter after convincing her Sydney was dead. Unfortunately the writers are showing no compassion for either Sami or EJ and we have to contend with this abuse from both parents. In my opinion there’s no joy in keeping a grandmother from her grandchildren for any reason.

  215. From Jean

    MAB #64 – what you posted is all reasonable. BUT, you forget that soaps, especially this one, are not based in reason. Remember when all the real Salemites seemingly were killed, and put on an island? Or when Hope had the alter ego – Princess Gina? Or when Marlena was possessed?

    These writers live with one foot in the real world, and one in fantasy land.

    I’m just waiting to see what preposterous scenario they come up with about who really shot EJ – it won’t be Sammi.

  216. From Just Moi

    ohhhh please don’t make Carrie to be EJ’s new love interest. She is as whiney as Lucas, she was never one of my favorite characters. I actually felt her and Lucas made a great pair.

  217. From Jean

    Has anyone speculated that Hope’s imprisonment is all part of an undercover scheme to reveal corruption at the prison?

    How is she going to get out of the long prison sentence? Another miracle pardon like the one that Nicole got? Only in Salem, USA.

  218. From Jean

    GREAT speculation that EJ’s shooter might be Anna. That’s the best scenario yet.

    Michelle #167 – just read a story that the FL turnpike toll booths can’t have any holiday items in their booth ’cause some drivers complained about Halloween decorations. Someone always wants to be a spoilsport, don’t they?
    Let folks complain, I say. Don’t cave in to the minority scrooges. Love the idea of cards to the ACLU, they are out of control.

    Wonder how many complaints DOOL gets over the traditional Night Before Christmas reading?

  219. From maryl

    #212 Sandy–I’m sorry but I was not responding to your blog at all. I was just stating an opinion on the same topic–not trying to minimize yours. I do agree with you about grandparents not allowed to see their grandchildren–I think it is heartbreaking and don’t know if I could handle that happening to me. However, in this crazy mixed up SL we are going thru on Days, where everyone is seeking revenge and payback, in an “eye for an eye” fashion, I’m beginning to see it as one big joke and since all these flawed characters are not real, it’s pretty easy for me to see them in a different light and sit back and watch them all self- destruct or get what’s coming to them. I guess the blame really falls on the writers for feeding us all this mess! Sorry if I came across as callous, but really I just don’t take things too seriously with the folks of Salem anymore! HA! I just don’t want EJ to self-destruct even if you think he lives in a pond! HA! At least with EJ you know what you get–he is what he is!

  220. From Glo

    How is that Hope did some prison time and Carly got off scott free. and Nicole gets by with murder. What is wrong with Days writer. Jennifer needs to decide where her loyalty is Hope or Carly. Bo is digusting. Wife in prison and another woman living in his house with his daughter. What kind of example is he setting for the daugher. Days has lost all of its moral of this story. Keep Safe and Ej and nicole can jump in the river

  221. From MAB

    Grandma Judy – I’m sorry to hear about your situation with your grandsons and glad it all turned out ok.
    It’s not that I can’t relate to things on Days, we all do. And of course some situations get to your emotions. They make you angry, cry, laugh, but in the end, you can walk away from it. In real life, you can’t walk away. That’s why I view watching Days or any other TV show differently. I look at it for it’s entertainment value. I lost my mother right before they aired Alice’s farewell. NO ONE could relate more to that situation than me at the time. But again, watching it was no comparison to what I was experiencing in real life.

  222. From MAB

    BoAndFancyFace4Ever – I’m with you. I cannot wait to see Bo & Hope back together. I hope during this time they address ALL of their problems and work everything out. I still want to see him explain his feelings for Carly. Let’s keep our fingers crossed the writers don’t mess this up!

  223. From MAB

    I LOVE Victor & Maggie together. Their scenes together are great. So far, I’m applauding the writers on their storyline.

    I don’t think Carrie is going to be a new love interest for EJ. I’m sure that’s just a rumor. I have a feeling it’s going to be Nicole’s sister.

    I just hope who ever is pregnant this time knows who the father of their baby is.

    No one is saying EJ is right in keeping his children from Sami. He has turned the tables on her though and is just making her feel the same pain she made him feel.

    Blah, blah, blah…Sami found out EJ kidnapped Sydney. I’m so sick of hearing that. Sami was preparing to keep Sydney from EJ and he would have never found out he was her father if Sami would have succeeded with her stupid little plans she make with the ultimate troublemaker, Rafe. There is NO difference.

  224. From melissa

    Yeh I wonder who will be pregnant! Samie did come to mind but I think it could be Melanie! However this person has something else on there mind! Carly is too old and she just had a questionable paternity!

  225. From MAB

    Jean – you’re entitled to your opinion and if you think Sami didn’t shoot EJ, then ok, but I think she did, and it’s just as plausible for Sami to have shot him as anyone else. Also, regardless of whether this show is based on reason or not, you don’t need to point that out to me. I was just trying to make a point. I’m simply stating the FACTS of what’s been shown thus far. I’m not saying someone else couldn’t have shot EJ, but from what we’ve SEEN, all points to Sami. If it turns out to be someone else that shot EJ, that entire scene will have to be completely rewritten for it to make any sense. And IMO, I think IF someone else shot EJ, we fans would know something by now.

  226. From katherine

    217 Jean, recall, Lucas got out of jail/shooting EJ in the back in church– for doing undercover work in jail. I guess Hope will have to get a complete pardon, in order to get back into policwork…
    206 GramJudy, you go, you red hot Grama…..
    197 Susan, so sorry to hear about your plight, hope you and your family will get a Christmas miracle.
    Just moi, agree with you about Maggie, I would like to watch when somebody sits her down and gives all the details of Viv’s orig. plan, she still might not condone what they did, but maybe understand a little better.
    I think the writers owe us a really good, creative, exciting, never done before storyline between Hope and Bo,.
    To all our men in Military and all veterans, thank you for your service and all you do to give us freedom, Freedom of speech and so much more. I respect all of you very much.
    Still always wonder, why did the writers make EJ’s child so short, and Lucas’ child so tall, always thought it should be the other way around, just odd to me.
    All I know at this point, I am not prego.
    Snow on the way for Maryl
    Kass – check out some “Boost” for energy, if you can drink it. I know a lot of old people drink it and it is also very much recommended for people on Chemo to keep up their strenght.

  227. From Michelle

    It seems the writers are REALLY trying to turn all of the viewers against EJ. I just read tomorrow’s Day Ahead on Dayscafe, and it’s not pretty.
    This being said, I am an EJ fan and really can’t stand Rafe, but the way EJ is handling the situation with Johnny and Sydney really stinks.
    Like others have said, I guess it is their way of force-feeding us Rafe. I’ll never swallow that one. I understand EJ’s hurt and feelings of betrayal by everyone in his life, but as a mother, it broke my heart to see today how Johnny ran to Sami crying and from what I read about tomorrow’s episode, Johnny asks EJ why his mommy hates him. Granted, Sami could improve as a mother (can’t we all?), but she does NOT hate her kids.

  228. From Sandy

    #219 maryl
    Maybe we will get that dream sequence story line after all and all this craziness will go away. Oh Joy To The World and Days if this should happen.

  229. From soapy

    The only thing that will work is for EJ to admit he loves Samanter and tell her to divorce no personality Rafe and marry him if she wants her kids, then in 2 weeks of living with EJ she will be preggers again!! Leave Carly and Bo together, no couple is as perfect as he and hope were, they were just sickening to me, Hope with her holier than thou attitude, and yes I have watched since 1965!!!!!!!!!!

  230. From Janiebell

    E.J. wake up!! Without Sami you would not have those 2 children that still might not turn out to be yours. You could allow the Brady’s their rights to see Johnny and Sydney, after all Christmas is right around the corner and you may be felt with a huge hunk of cole.

  231. From maryl

    Michelle–I feel the same as you about the things the writers are doing with EJ’s character. I really am beginning to think that they want us to hate him, which is really stupid of them. The only thought I have about the way his character is behaving right now is that its a build-up for his melt-down. I think when he sees that Johnny is in pain wanting his mother and sister, he will do the right thing. Hopefully that will change this goofy war between him and Sami. Maybe Johnny’s illness will be the start of the end of the hatefulness between EJ and Sami. His illness will serve a purpose–either to draw EJ back into reality or it will be revealed that Johnny is not EJ’s son. If anyone messed with Johnny’s DNA, it would be Kate. She wanted to tie EJ to Sami so that it would cause trouble between Lucas and her. She bribed Nick into falsifying the DNA before the twins birth, heavens knows what she did in the test that was performed after they were born. Anyway that’s my speculation.

  232. From katherine

    230 Maryl, I see your point, do you think that Kate would go so far as to deny Lucas one of “his” children, meaning Johnnie, just to to tie Sami to EJ. that would really make her a big monster, what am I saying she’s been one, but to mess with her own grandchild, that is really rich even for kate, you say what????
    I truly hope that EJ will be visited by an xmas angel and let Sami see the kids for Christmas, but I also hope the Angel also visits her, and softens her heart to beat more and more for the good of the kids, no matter how she feels about EJ. We need heroes here….. for the children.

  233. From cindy

    i would like to think johnny’s illness would bring ej to his senses about letting family spend time with the kids. however, i think i read in a spoiler that ej was going to blame sami for johnny’s illness which will only cause more trouble and heartache.hope its not to serious. never thought they would seriously kill off a child until they did it to zack!!! i was never more surprised at a s/l than that. jean…i believe hope was only given a 2 year sentence, which in soap land probably only a few months. don’t know how they will justify allowing her back into the police force though. who knows in salem???!!! can’t imagine her being undercover even though it’s an interesting idea, since her crimes were pretty bad (attacking all salems high society and bo). but well see. liked brady and nicole together today. didn’t origanally like those two but they’ve grown on me. at least they seem to be openning using one another. maybe they will really fall in love….but it would be another disfunctional couple. don’t think we need another one of those.

  234. From kass

    Thanks Katherine for the boost comment I never thought of that, I know I am suppose to steer clear of caffine so I dont drink sodas, coffe, of any carbinated drinks. I also never have needed an energy drink but now that I do I cant have it because I’m sure it wont be a healthy choice. Also I have too thought why is Allie so tall and Johnny so short, Johnny and Sydney are more the same size than Johnny and Allie and Johnny and Sydney actually look alike and look more like identical twins than Johnny and ally but I dont know. I most deffinately dont want to see Johnny not be EJ’s, they are already too close and have bonded too much. I dont want to see EJ keep the kids away from Sami forever (and knowing how much he loves her I know he cant stay away from her) but he should deffinately keep them away for a while to punish her for her wrongful actions

    Grandma Judy I think that the person that might be pregnant now is Nicole I know that they said that she cant get pregnant but maybe since she thought that she didnt try to prevent a pregnancy with Brady, that would be great… and also would make sense, she has other things on her mind now like getting in EJ’s good graces and back in Sydneys life???? I dont know? and you are tooooo funny in your comment in #206 but I’d much rather have me a delicious english treat under my tree any time, give me some EJ he doesnt even have to come wrapped just like he is lol but I should quit too befor I get kicked off too hahah

    Marly thats too funny about your daughter and her boss telling her she can sleep I wish I could do that lol!

    Mab I remember the arguing b/w you and nitemare, and me and her actually exchanged words a while back too. I just realized that me and her were different people and saw the world differently but didnt wish to continue arguning. It didnt get either one of us nowhere I wasnt changing her mind about EJ and she wansnt changing mine either but now everythings fine I guess.

    Well night Ladies!
    Haha JUST MOI where I live we have Summer, hot&humid summer, mild summer, and summer again… never never never any snow always a day at the beach.. well almost it can get cold here and the humitity magnifys it and makes it even colder… but I love the sunshine state!

  235. From kass

    ohh one more thought I am behind EJ 100% keeping the kids from Sami and the rest of the Brady Bunch. She was the one that shot him and kept his kids from him so he’s paying her back as he should and as for the rest of the gang, they know that Sami shot him (Bo, Roman, Grandma Caroline, Rafe, Will, ect…) so they deserve to pay in some way to the only one I feel bad for is Johnny, Sydney and Ally, but EJ is right if he lets Syd or Johnny around Ally, Sami is going to poision Ally against EJ! As for Caroline who is she to tell what God is going to do? If I had to guess what God was going to do I would believe that he would be so tierd after punishing all the Bradys that he might be too exhalsted to punish EJ (for being a good father)… Look EJ has had the children back for a few days and already we have seen him do more with them than we saw Safe do with them in almost 2 months… Safe is to busy acting like two teenagers in heat to take care of 3 small children… at least EJ can give the kids a stable loving family environment, and is a father that spends time with his kids. If Rafe Hernandez was ever right about anything it would have been on todays episode when he told Sami not to worry because she knew where the kids were and that they were safe…

  236. From katherine

    Kass – about the Boost, maybe you don’t know what I mean, maybe, Boost, you buy at the Drugstore counter, it comes in Chocolate, Vanilla, etc. its full of Vitamins – it’s Not a so called Energy drink, like athletes etc. drink.
    This is good stuff, and very healthy. Als your Pharmacist about it, or your doc.
    Made Gingerbread men today, with names on them, and they say EJ, EJ, EJ, what can I say, Judy I will bring one with the name Rafe on it, saying Bite me… just for you to go with the eggnog. Kass I’ll share my “EJ’s” with you, it’s Christmas after all.
    Nicole pregnant, could be, that would keep her busy with Brady, and her sister could get involved with EJ, helping him with the kids.
    Isn’t Caroline supposed to get sick here too, when I wonder and what.

  237. From Janiebell

    Writers do not have anything happen to Caroline. The show needs a few people around that are not teenie-bumbers, air heads, and ruling their own empires by having people “taken care of”, any way they chose.

  238. From Grandma Judy

    Well, if Nicole were pregnant, that could take her mind off Sydney. Not that one child can replace another but, since Sydney is not hers (we don’t think), if she had a bio child of her own it could make all the difference for her. And how many women (our daughter-in-law included) are told they can’t have any more children so they don’t use protection and before they know it they’re decorating another nursery?!

    I just can’t go along with EJ keeping the kids from Sami and her family. It’s wrong for the kids. And I might even feel worse about him keeping them from Caroline than from Sami because they have spent so much time with Caroline. And I also hate the children not being able to see each other, and I know I am not going to like it when EJ blames Sami for whatever is wrong with Johnny. Agree with Maryl’s thoughts about Kate messing with Johnny’s DNA. I am one who is also wondering when the health problem of Caroline’s is going to come out.

    Oh, Katherine, a “Rafe” gingerbread man all my own. Be still my heart! I would preserve it, varnish it and put it on my night stand or something,and keep it forever. My hubby might go along with that, too, since he also thinks Rafe is great. ‘Course he doesn’t think Rafe is great in the same way I do! Just want to clarify that!! Oh, and you could also send me an “EJ” one so I can bite his head off!! Ha! Love Kass referring to him as an “English treat”.

    No snow here yet in southern Michigan -

  239. From Sandy

    The following are excerpts from todays show….more evidence the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Or should I say the scum doesn’t fall far from the pond!

    Stefano put a freeze on Kate’s credit card:
    “Kate tries to get a drink at the pub but the bartender tells her every place in town will refuse her service”. “Kate says to Stefano “She tells him everything EJ knows about payback he learned from his daddy. Though he loves her, Stefano refuses. He’ll never change. REVENGE IS LIKE AN ADDICITION TO HIM”.
    EJ continues to Abuse his kids:
    “Johnny wants to see his mommy and rushes to her side, latching on to her leg. EJ reminds Sami of the rules. Sami struggles not to cry and asks EJ’s help in pulling a screaming Johnny off. EJ TAKES JOHNNY AWAY AS HE BAWLS”.
    “EJ and Nicole arrive to the DiMera foyer and Nicole lashes out at EJ for how he treated Sami on the pier. EJ doesn’t care, even when she tells him he’s hurting his kids. EJ REMINDS HER IF SAMANTHA SEES SYDNEY, SHE WON’T BE ABLE TO”.
    At Sami’s apartment:
    “Allie wakes up screaming, worried about Johnny”
    Where will the writers go with this story line, it is getting impossible to ever make EJ a likeable character.

  240. From Grandma Judy

    Sandy, I like your reference to EJ being “pond scum”. I have not liked him from the time he first came on the show and I doubt there is anything they could write for him that would make me like him less. To me, the current storyline is just exactly like what he would do and right up there with making everyone think Sydney was dead. I suppose I could change my mind about EJ if I ever really thought he was tring to be a better person but, so far, I have never seen that in him, even when others have pointed out that he’s doing it. He can change on a dime and I have never trusted him. I can see EJ having deep jealousy over Chad being his half-sibling.

  241. From katherine

    237 Judy, you crack me up, does hubby want a ginger bread girl, and who, like to decorate both of your night stands. English treat, that is to good, kass I must have missed that comment.
    Why are so many of you still on last weeks site, I have to go on both, last week and this week, back and forth to keep up is to much work, but if I don’t I am missing to many comments.
    It is so nice again, not to have people on here that have “Blog Rage”.

  242. From maryl

    #231 Katherine–I know what you’re saying and it makes sense to think that Kate would not deny Lucas his child and you’re probably right as far as the Kate we are seeing today who is so protective of her grandchildren. But, if you will recall, when Sami was still pregnant with the twins, and a DNA test was done–Kate bribed Nick to falsify the results so it would appear EJ was the father. Back then she didn’t seem to care if Lucas would be denied the twins. She was more concerned about keeping Lucas and Sami from bonding as a result of the kids—she wanted to destroy their relationship and what better way than to have EJ thrown into the ring and have ties to Sami. I have this feeling that the document she memtioned to Sami that could stop EJ from carrying out his plan, is something about the twins’ paternity. I HOPE I’m wrong!!! I want Johnny and Sydney to both be his with Sami.
    Has anyone considered that Nicole might be the one who will become pregnant? We know Melanie & Phillip are trying but what if it’s Nicole that scored with Brady?

  243. From katherine

    #242 Maryl, good point abou the “old Kate” I think she hated Sami more back then, then she loved Lucas/or his kids.
    That’s what is so great about blogging, we all complete each other, about current and past storylines.
    I waant a Christmas Miracle for those kids, and for Ciara- hope Mommy will be home or at least she will be able to see her in hiding or what ever is going on with the story.
    Looks like Kate is moving with Vic, Viv might move in with Stefano, could be such a twist, could be interesting SL.

  244. From Michelle

    I love all the gingerbread man comments. I’ll take one of EJ, but it won’t be his head I’ll be nibbling on. :-) (so sorry, I couldn’t resist. my apologies if I offended anyone.)
    I really am not agreeing with EJ’s actions these past few days. I do understand his motivation, which is being totally and completely miserable, though. It is difficult not to lash out when we are feeling so desperately miserable.
    And while Caroline is in to position to preach to EJ about God’s wrath, she was being sincere about asking EJ and the kids in for hot cocoa. She didn’t start going off on EJ as soon as she saw him, she really just wanted to see the kids and if that meant EJ being there she was going to put up with that.
    Finally, I think Nicole and Brady have the “real thing”. They have moved beyond her keeping secrets and him being so rough on her, I really hope they make it. Nicole has undoubtedly done her share of dirty deeds, but deep down she was just a sad lonely girl. I’m rooting for her and hope the new pregnancy is her.
    I wonder if Maggie is now going to be forced to face her feelings for Victor now that Kate is supposed to be moving back into the mansion. I bet Mag’s will feel some jealousy and that may propel her to move forward. I read on another site for upcoming spoilers that Maggie and Victor obtain supercouple status.
    Kate, as evil as she has been in the past, I hated seeing her have to grovel to Chloe and Dan and say though things about herself (true though they may have been). Especially considering the fact that Chloe cheated on Dan and got prego, that only solidified Kate’s opinion of her. And Chloe sounded like a 15 yr old teeny-bopper when she said “was that just like the strangest thing that’s ever happened in the whole history of the universe?” Gag – I can’t stand her. She’s beautiful, no doubt, but looks arent’ everything! And come on, quit dressing like a street walker and start dressing like a new mom! That doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy, but modesty goes a long way.

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