Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For November 15 – 19.

Realizations and renewed plans.

Realizing that life is short, even if the days seem to go on for weeks, Rafe decides to get decisive and put his latest plan into action. Bo doesn’t hesitate to suggest that he hurry up and marry Sami as soon as humanly possible. After all, the food from her wedding to EJ is still in the fridge at the pub. Bo has other things on his mind, and other people have Bo on the brain. Carly and Hope talk all about the man they both love. After this friendly prison conversation, Carly pays Chloe a visit to reaffirm their friendship.

Knowing that doing anything legal will doom him to Brady justice, Elvis decides that the only sensible option is to grab his children and hightail it from town. Before he can put this plan in motion, Nicole pops up with a little something that could prove to be a game changer. She wants Syd, of course, but she can get EJ back his babies with the video she just happened to snap up from a dead woman’s box. Not long after, EJ is attempting to make a deal with Samanther.

It dawns on Victor that the reason his video feed of “Death by Sarcophagus” is out must be because Maggie is the one who is trapped in there. He rushes to her rescue, but will she be too far gone to know what’s going on? Meanwhile, Jennifer runs into Ben and tries to make up for their awkward encounter but he blows her off.

Nathan and Melanie come to the conclusion that they can’t spend any more time together. Unfortunately, they both have cooties and have to be quarantined before they can infect the rest of the world with whatever else seems to be ailing them. It isn’t long before they’re cooing about how they really feel about each other. Maybe it’s the drugs talking, or maybe it’s just the effect of spending time together with no pants in nothing but barely concealing hospital gowns.

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  1. From Patty

    How often do we have to beat this dead horse???

  2. From Sarah

    lol i don’t understand a marraige between Sami and Rafe will not change the fact that Ej will have the proof and now can throw Sami (and Will and Rafe as accessory) in what the children will not be with any of their parents or she can blackmail her to give him full custody anyway it is a lose lose outcome for Sami..well with the blackmail at least she will not to jail..but she will not have her children..if she goes to jail she will have jail time and no children at all (even Allie and Will) and she will throw her own son Will in luck Sami her being married to Rafe yes he can’t testify against her but anyway it doesn’t change everything !! lol..they just wanted to showcase a Sami Brady wedding for sweeps..lmao

  3. From Melanie Hater

    Who are Jennifer and Ben??

  4. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    The tape is not admissable as evidence in a criminal case – so Sami wouldn’t go to jail. However, the tape is admissable in family court – where she could lose the kids. I think Rafe marrying Sami like this is romantic – but crazy. He is her alibi the night that EJ was shot. If they are married, he cannot testify against Sami.

    I watched Two & Half Men last night. Chloe was on. Charlie set his Mom (Evelyn) up with his pharmacist last night. It didn’t go well. The pharmacist is an older man. He bought Chloe along as his date. Needless to say, Evelyn got upset and left the room. Chloe left shortly after that. The show ended with Chloe and Evelyn giggling in the shower. It was too funny.

    For sweeps, I wish it were a Bo and Hope wedding or at least a reunion :)

  5. From Sandy

    What is going on here, Bo the Police Commissioner is telling Rafe to hurry up and marry Sami so he can’t testify against her?
    And the food from Sami’s wedding to EJ is still in the fridge at the pub? How many days has it been since Sami walked out on that wedding? How could food be good that long? Not to mention, if the food was still good why would Sami and Rafe want that food for their wedding…UKKKK! And am I really losing my mind, grandma Caroline wasn’t even invited to Sami and EJ’s wedding why would she make food for the event? And holy cow..that wedding was planned on the spur of the moment wouldn’t the cooks at the DiMera mansion make the food…besides it didn’t look like it was going to be a ceremony followed by a reception with food….only drink! Help me here fellow fans Food in the Pub from Sami & EJ’s wedding now to be used for Sami & Rafe’s wedding….Days budget problem must be really serious to recycle food from one wedding to another.

  6. From Jill

    Sandy, I think the “food still in the fridge at the pub” line was just a little joke……

  7. From MAB

    It’s obvious we can’t see all the kids on the show all the time – that’s a given. It’s the fact that when Sami is on the screen, they seem to make it a point that someone else is always taking care of her kids, instead of her, and she’s more consumed with Rafe, or EJ, or fighting with someone. As little as we do see the other kids, at least they are usually with their parents when we do see them, like Ciara and Theo.

    I don’t find anything romantic about rushing into marriage so your husband can’t testify against you. Actually it’s kind of pathetic. Their marriage won’t last anyway. We’ll soon see the real Rafe emerge.

  8. From Clear

    Nicole can torture Sami and finally make visiting arrangement, but do not let Nicole have Syd. She is in trouble as much or more of the time than Sami!

  9. From Cindy

    Sandy – They were just making a joke about the food from the wedding still being in the fridge. It is a commentary about how quickly Sami will jump from one wedding to another.

  10. From Sarah

    BoAndFancyFace4Ever! Sami’s tape is totally admissable as evidence in a criminal case since it was a confession of an attempted murder duh ! It is Ej’s confession of kidnapping tape that Nicole and Rafe had illegally which is admissable in family court and not in a criminal court so Sami with her crime could go in jail and lose her children (her confession would also be admissable in a family court) so Rafe as her aliby doesn’t matter since she has confess and Ej will soon have the proof..Sami is just toasted whereas this night she should have been with her kids and not boiking her boyfriend and trying to murder her children’s father..When you do your dirty evil deeds be clever have lot’s of practrice you should have known you will lose everything and Nicole will raise your own children..not smart not smart at all Brady girl..

  11. From carol

    ithink that nicole shuold gave samie the camera and samlie should let nicole see syd from time to time
    and ej should go to jell for what he did to samie thats what Iwant to see has for mel should die from
    beeing sick

  12. From Joy

    Was wondering why the EJ confession tape wouldn’t be admissible and the Sami confession tape could be and came to this conclusion. I think EJ/his lawyers could argue that the *audio* recording can not be authenticated – that there’s no way to prove it’s really his voice. On the other hand, Sami’s tape is a *video* recording showing her actually confessing. Can’t really dispute that it’s her in the video.

  13. From brighteyesrose

    This writing staff is a joke…don’t mean to be rude but…i would really like to know where Viv was defecating…

  14. From patsy


  15. From Koda

    I’ve watched DOOL since the late 70′s with a break in the 90′s because it was getting too ridiculous. I get that it’s a soap opera…totally understand it; but pleazzzzze, give us a break already!!! The writers are getting worse in terms of insulting the intelligence of the viewers. BTW, where did Viv do her business? And the Bo/Hope/Carly storyline, sadly is not ageless, it’s just sloppy, lazy writers. Not just that storyline, a lot of others, too. I’m considering my own hiatus and stop recording it once again for several more years. If I do, and decide to come back, I can catch up with it in less than a day. Sloppy, boring, drag it out until it’s not even interesting writing, is what’s going to take Days down. I don’t care if it was renewed through 2013. There hasn’t been a contract written that can’t be broken. I should know, I’m an attorney! Shape up Days writers. Make the anticipation of watching an episode and a storyline unfold with excitement again. Give us, the viewers, some ah ha moments again!! I like the fact that the more seasoned characters, (e.g.) Victor and Maggie, are being given a possible storyline?? Viewers have been faithful, how about a return favor? Please don’t let Stefano “die” again, only to rise like the “Phoenix.” UGH, that one has long worn me out. E.J., does he really have to tighten his lips to get a point across? Sure, he’s a cutie, but those tight lips, not so much! Time will tell what direction the writers are going. I only hope it will be in a more interesting direction than the past several years have been.

  16. From Gentzy

    How did Nicole manage to get her hands on the camera to begin with? I think the writters need to change whatever drugs they’re on and make this at least a ‘little’ realistic!!!!! Come on!!!!!!!!
    And Vivian OUT of the coffin and Maggie is dumb enough to go meet Vivian there after she’s been ‘away’ and then Maggie ends up in the coffin – REALLY???????
    Why do the writers feel compelled to put all the viewers through more of this ridiculous coffin ordeal!!!!!!!!!!!
    I guess when they have a writter’s block, they put people in an accident/acoma, in jail, shot/in acoma or in a coffin.

  17. From Canadian_Gal

    3 From BoAndFancyFace4Ever
    I saw that too I thought ewww gross shes kissing that old guy. Sorry to all the grannies but thats just gross.

    12 # From Gentzy
    Nicole stole it from Brady’s safety deposit box that he got from Ari’s will.

  18. From Sandra

    Surely, the only way that Sami will get out of this mess, is if EJ blackmails her into marrying him. If he get the tape, he’ll just tell her, “marry me, or else I’ll turn this over to the police”. What else can she do? It will be either, marry EJ to keep her kids or go to prison.
    And then again, maybe the writers will somehow twist the whole shooting episode around to where someone was behind Sami, also, with a silencer on the gun, and they shot EJ at the same time Sami did. Hey, that was pretty amazing shooting for Sami to get him right in the head with one random shot. I can totally see someone finding another bullet hole, like in the headboard of the bed.
    Sami will get out of this, one way or another. Can’t wait to see how!
    Oh, and another thing, ‘ol Nicole will make a deal with EJ. I can totally see her offering him the tape, in return for either marrying her or giving her visitation rights.

  19. From Sunni

    I gave up watching when they embalmed Marlena!!!!!!!
    Any one who beleives that this story writing is anything but
    fake and fantasy is a fool!!!
    What happened to real daytime drama!!!!! Oh right its on the
    Young and Restless and GH

  20. From JH

    Could someone please tell Chloe that babies don’t come out until they are ready. I’m so tired of watching her hold her stomach!!!

  21. From melissa

    Sandy yes Caroline wasn’t invited to Samies wedding! but I think Bo is talking metaphorical! The same well as EJ said a recording Is NOT admissiable in court! I think he just was playing on how stupid Nicole is!! ( anything is allowed in court it’s up to the judge to admit it) !!! Yes there is NOTHING romantic about Rafe & Samie!!!

  22. From melissa

    Sunni if you gave up on Days “when they embalmed Marlena” why are you on this blog?we are devoted and love Days!! And I NEVER LIKED MARLENA! I loved when other characters told her off!! The only other I hated more was John Black! He was a ridiculous man!

  23. From Ky. Girl

    to #10 brighteyesrose, i am with you and as i have said before i know that we have to stretch our imaginations to watch this show but this is too much. why wasn’t viv’s clothes soiled she had to poop in that coffin and there were no signs of it. come on days get real!and #16 melissa you are right on about nothing romantic about sami and rafe, no CHEMISTRY!!!!!!!!

  24. From DoolCool

    lol Melissa
    John Black was the biggest overactor Ive ever seen in my life. And what did I hate more than seeing John Black act. SEEING JOHN BLACK AND MARLENA KISS

  25. From Michelle

    Anyone who watches DOOL and expects any reality out of it whatsoever is a fool! Quit complaining about how unrealistic it is. It’s a SOAP OPERA for goodness sakes! If you don’t want the drama, don’t watch. Tune into a reality show if you want reality. But if you want to escape, watching DOOL is just like picking up a good Nora Roberts, Sandra Brown, James Patterson, etc… book.

  26. From dcam

    melissa you suck

  27. From dcam

    gutten gabben

  28. From Holly

    lol, Ok ladies,
    one the only wedding sami has succeded in was the one with lucas that ej inturrupted, then of course the ej sami black dress wedding that ej was shot in. so who know might not happen. I mean smai has more failed marriage attepmts then normal people. I am sad to see nicole and ej working toget… i mean didn’t nicole learn the last time.? And yeah the whole maggi thing is dumb…
    Lol, I have seen chloe on a few other tv shows, work must be hard, the two and half men, and she was a slut for NCSI////lol… its sad.
    I do think hope and bo need to be brought back toget.
    caroline and victor need somehting, cause there has been a hugh somehtin there…maybe they ould be a super couple?
    Lets see what the writters can do for the next 2yrs…. i mean, if this soap crashes… I give up…
    (thats my rant)

  29. From maryl

    Many have commented on how bad Viv probably smelled when she got out of the sarcophagus. Apparently, Gus didn’t find her too stinky as he hung around her without seeming to have a nose problem. I guess there something to be said about devotion! Now the prim and proper Ms. Maggie will absorb some of Viv’s leftovers and add a lot herself, but I guess because she has all the “goodness” in her (Horton), she will come out smelling like a rose??

  30. From patsy

    19 shame on me for wanting to see something good and happy to watch on the soaps MY BAD But still would like to see some happy and fun on sceans.

  31. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    #8 Sarah, this tape is not admissable in criminal court even if it is a confession. Sami was taped without her knowledge, which makes it inadmissable – no different from Nicole’s tape of EJ. EJ can only use the tape in family court to take the kids away from Sami….in reality with BOTH tapes, the courts should take the kids for BOTH parents. To me, they have reached a stalemate.

    Question, is anyone else having a hard time getting into this site or last week’s. It takes forever for this site to open and then it does not load fully for me. I fought with it for awhile yesterday and just gave up.

  32. From MsBoulder-CO

    I am disgusted Nicole always comes out on top.
    1) Kidnaps Sydney and blackmails her way out or jail using Anna.
    2) Gets job as a reporter but like everyone else when does she work?
    3) Gets hands on camera to blackmail Sami and possibly EJ.
    4) Gets Brady back using potential blackmail about Vivian before everyone found out.

  33. From MAB

    #19 Michelle – you took the words right out of my mouth! Anyone who watches any soap opera and expects any reality is the real fool. I get so tired of those who say they are going to quit watching, yet still complain about the show, so I guess it’s obvious that they are still watching when they say they’re not – makes no sense.

  34. From MAB

    There is NO WAY Rafe could EVER fill EJ shoes in anyway. I think it’s very odd some think Rafe would be a good stepfather to Sami’s kids when he treats people the way he does. Look how he’s bullied Will in the past…and how he bullied his own sister! We have never seen ANY parenting from him so we have no idea what kind of stepfather he would be. Also, he barely knows her kids, especially Johnny & Sydney. They have been raised thus far by their REAL father EJ and he’s done a great job! Those kids have grown up pretty normal being in the DiMera household, so if EJ is such a bad father as some say, wouldn’t we be seeing some kind of problems out of those kids? No…they are fine. They love their father and Sami needs to stop trying to let Rafe be their father. There’s no way Rafe could be a better father than EJ.

    If Nicole gets to spend time with Sydney, she would make a deal with the devil. Sydney is the only pure thing that has ever been in her life, and I can see why she would make a deal with EJ.

    Sorry, but I can’t see Caroline & Victor as a supercouple, and I don’t think we will, especially since TPTB know how popular the pairing of Maggie & Victor has become. No disrespect to Peggy McKay (Caroline), but she doesn’t have the looks or acting chops that Suzanne Rogers (Maggie) has. Go Maggie & Victor!

  35. From dc

    i just wish brady would find out about nicole stealing the camera and kick her to the road..
    the kids (sami’s kids) are the ones suffering in all of this.. being tossed to and fro..
    i bet when philip finds out that cloe’s baby is really his he will try and take him..
    sounds like nathan and melanie are gonna get together.. just wonder what stephanie will do..
    i read where carly takes a experimental vaccine (that they are going to give melanie and nathan).. i wonder if carly is gonna be gone soon and hope and bo get back together..

  36. From Shani

    You guys are all bonkers who think EJ’s a good dad.Rafe would be the best one for that.Too bad he has let himself get in the middle of Sami’s mess.The tape is not admisable in criminal court because Sami wasn’t aware she was being recorded.But it could be used in family court.

    Please do not call other posters names. Everyone has their own opinions and perceptions about the show. This only causes an uproar. – Admin.

  37. From saralynn

    Haha my mother in law never watches the show but was over yesterday while I was watching, she saw the scene of EJ sami and rafe questioning the witness and ask me if EJ and sami were together and I said no but I would like them to be and she said no he is too good looking for sami, she said rafe is a better fit because him and sami are both average lolololol I laughed sooooooooo long but I agree… if you notice almost all of the couples in the show the men are better looking (with the exception of phillip) this is because they Target women viewers hahaha

  38. From Clear

    What I kept thinking when Nicole was so supportive of Brady mourning Ari was that Nicole had evidence planted to put her in jail. So, if it was anyone’s fault that Ari was not with Brady, Nicole took him from her. The question is when Viv is out will Brady still keep Nicole around–especially if he finds out about her blackmailing Sami, you know he will not!

  39. From lyndainaz

    Well, I started watching Days when it began in 1965 and it really has gone down hill due to the writing. It used to be you could hardly wait until the next day to find out what was going to happen. As many of you have said, we can go weeks, months and pick up where you left off. There were times (since there were no VCRS) that I had friends watch it for me (since I worked) to take notes. What I can’t stand is that they recycle old characters and they come back as someone new, i.e. John Black was Roman Brady for years. The current Roman was a character named Chris. The blonde prison guard was a former bad girl on the show. What also is ridiculous is they are using former soap characters to do commercials. John/Roman/Marlena was always a draw but when the writers went to attracting a younger audience everything fell apart. There were great story lines with Bo/Hope, Patch/Kayla and going way back to Bill, Mickey and Laura. I can’t stand Melanie, Stephanie and some of the younger actors. Their story lines are pathetic. Sure wish they would get some decent writers.

  40. From NewEnglandClamChowder

    Lol to Melissa & Doolcool. Marlena always struck me as a stuck up know-it all, but really didn’t have the slightest clue in the world. John Black did overact. I liked “new” John Black. He was funny at least.

  41. From Bollygirl

    Koda, I so agree with you. I had a six year long hiatus from this nonsense, now I’m beginning to remember why. Not only is the viewers intelligence constantly insulted, but the writers lack any form of imagination. Maggie in the crypt? – offensive to everyone. Nicole finding the camera, give me a break. The only intelligent move so far is Chad turning out to be a Dimera.

    sheshe have

  42. From Michelle

    What ever happened to Nicole being the one that set Ari up, they totally dropped that s/l like it never happened. Even EJ seems to have forgotten about it and isn’t he the one that had the proof? Or was it all just speculation and nobody ever got any proof on her?

  43. From Angel in New Orleans

    #15 – Koda…. I have been watching days since the eraly 70′s too. I started watching because it really was to only soap opera on that had actual couples (back then they were super couples). You had Tom and Alice that were married since day one. Tom died and Alice never remarried. The stories were fast paced and the adventures were awesome to watch. There was not really any stories about sleeping with your fiance’s son-in-law, your spouses best friend or better yet there worst enemy! :} I have stayed faithful to DOOL but find it hard to watch. I hope before they are cancelled that they go back to keeping a couple together for the right reason’s. I think that this whole baby switching, kidnapping blackmailing story on one child has more than run it’s course.

  44. From Sandra

    The only thing I can figure out about the tricked out sarcophagus is that Viv had a porta potty installed in a strategic position! LOL! Can’t believe I have actually been pondering on that. I mean, shoot, that thing pretty much had everything in it except a recliner. The writers had to know that the omission of “how did she go” was bound to cause consternation and worry with DOOL fans!! Oh, man, am I really on here discussing how Viv and Maggie “went”? Good grief.

  45. From Misty Loo

    Will everybody just chill! Are forgetting that Sami is a nasty character? Everything that she has done in the pass, she is not a good person!!! Plus, she is still calculating. Look how relieved she was when Ari died! She is selfish and I for one am tried of her watching her cry and whine.

  46. From Misty Loo

    Will everybody just chill! Are forgetting that Sami is a nasty character? Everything that she has done in the pass, she is not a good person!!! Plus, she is still calculating. Look how relieved she was when Ari died! She is selfish and I for one am tried of her watching her whine.

  47. From renee

    Sandra when she got out I thought she would say I need to go the bathroom. And she didn’t she worried about other stuff. And how did that video get in that box. I thought it was in her purse at the accident. And it got threw out of her purse. That just does not make sense to me. And also I thought Gus warned Maggie before he left town. Why didn’t Maggie ask him about that when she saw him there with Vivian. I’m confused.

  48. From Sandy

    For criminy sakes Nicole just act like a loving human being. Stop with the conniving and blackmailing and earn your way back into Sydney’s life. Show Sami and everyone else you can be trusted and just maybe Sami would let you see Sydney…..well it could happen that way this is OZ land where all dreams come true.

    #42 Michelle
    I don’t think EJ ever did get the actual evidence that Nicole set up Ari, he only had strong feelings about it. Unless Nicole eventually tells on herself Dr. Baker is the only other one that knows this secret. And since EJ never did have the evidence right now he has nothing to hang over Nicole’s head.

    My question for now is where is Nicole’s 5 million dollars. Her account in the Camen Islands was frozen but who froze it? I thought the last I heard it was EJ but how could that be it was in her name? Brady knew about it but he could have it frozen? Where oh where is Nicole’s dough?

  49. From grandma to many

    Days used to be about strugeling couples that did not always have an easy path but they stayed together and you were happy when things worked out for them did Kayla give up on Patch when she thought he died no she raised their daughter and became a doctor when Doug dropped Julie and married her mother Hope was born but eventually Doug and Julie became a couple you were happy for and have been together a very long time who is there to cheer for and anticipate their finally getting back together NOBODY but possibly Bo and Hope I guess Abe and Lexie are the only happy people in Salem and you rarely see them together what’s up writers ?

  50. From kass

    I have been off for a while but where are all my ladies, Katherine, Granma Judy,Nitemare, and I know that I am forgetting a few of you but I dont see you on here! Haha I didnt like Marlena that much either she seemed to snobby, and MAB I agree Rafe could never fill EJ’s big shoes, he couldnt be half the dad that EJ is he doesnt ever do anything with the kids, and when EJ has them he is always taking care of them, everyone even people that hate EJ says that he loves his kids and is a good father, I hope Nicole nails Sami and brings the evidence to EJ!

  51. From melissa

    DCAM #26 I commend you on your extensive and obvious unsurpassed volcabulary!! I wait in endless breathlessness for you to post your next syllable!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. From melissa

    Doolcool yeh John was an overactor my mom imitates him!! But he was better as new John!! I just never liked Marlena! Even from the beginning but I do miss Wayne Northrop though!! You know for years after Josh Nolan took over the role as Roman I would always watch and think ‘Why is Chris Kozicjeck arresting someone?’ now I YouTube old episodes and think ‘Why is Roman tending Bar’ LOL

  53. From melissa

    Guys yes DOOL was stupid a few years back ( I too stopped watching ) but it’s back to it’s old formula!!! Just because one does like how the storyline is going! (example one wants Samie with EJ, Bo with Hope, Nathan with Mel, etc) doesn’t mean the show is bad!!!! And for those who posted ‘BACK IN THE 70′s’ I whatched back them too & how many other women did Doug Williams marry befor him an Julie FINALLY end up together? Sure let’s make this a trivia Q! LOL

  54. From Saralynn

    Shani #36 your quite funny, you tell people not to call others names because everyone has their own opinions but then you call EJ fans Bonkers, because they like EJ and in their opinion they think that he is a good father… WOW! That doesnt make sense to me!

  55. From Saralynn

    Ms. Boulder CO #32 you forgot to mention her framing Arianna, getting away with it and getting Brady then! But all in all I like Nicole, because she is a great actress and has what it takes to entertain and be believable. Not to mention who ever really pays for their crimes in Salem anyways? its not just Nicole always getting off the hook!

  56. From latrise

    48. Sandy
    nicole account where frozen by the FBI. remember when she went to chole places and ask her for money, she told her that the FBI frozen her account so she couldn’t leave until they finish the investigation against EJ. which she cry that she need help, because she knew that EJ was going to kill her for letting Rafe steal the information and then confession to Rafe after he have the tape, what EJ did and how she came into this evidence. She told chole that Rafe have all her accounts frozens and place her with bodyguards to not only protect her but to make sure that she stay around and testify against EJ. i think he also threaten her when he made her confess. i can’t remember what he say that he was going to use against her, but i remember that he say that he could send her back to jail if she didn’t cooperate. so i wonder if that is the reason why he truly is in a rush to marry sami, because he doesn’t want nicole selling the beans to the higher bider.

  57. From latrise

    you are right, soon after EJ was shot and in the hospital, the FBI pull the bodyguards off of nicole and rafe never talk to her again about the issues. remember when she was calling rafe to ask him for help after EJ try to kill her on the pier and daniel save her. and he never return her calls or even talk to her at the hospital. i don’t even think that rafe has talk to nicole after ej was in the hospital. i don’t think that they ever have a scence with them talking about the night at nicole place and the fact that they never unforzen her monies. that just goes to show you how little rafe does care. i mean he was an jerk to nicole until he needed something from her, then once he got it, he drop her like a bad habit. he didn’t even care. he didn’t even check on her to ask her if she was ok after ej attrack her, i would think that rafe would have use that attrack to his advance and either cite or arrest ej. i just don;t get rafe, he seem to be selfish when it comes to him and sami, and he doesn;t care about anybody else. he doesn;t care about how he get the information, as long as he gets it. i mean today, brady have a point, all rafe seem to care about was the carmara. which is why brady ask him tommrow if sami shot ej, which he will lie and say no. even thou brady could care less about ej, i do think that he would feel differently about the sitaution if he truly knew what ari went thru in her last days. i think that brady would talk to sami, and tell her to just give supervise vistation to ej, he would probably tell her to throw ej a bone. in hopes that he would drop this issue. that way ari last wishes are fullfil, and ej would drop the issue if he have some contact with his children. and sami and rafe can move on with theirs lives and not have to worry about this issues every coming up again. i’m just saying. they all need to stop being selfish and think about the needs of the children and not just trying to hurt each other which never works out for them in the end.

  58. From Nightmare

    Hi Kass hope all is well with you..
    I haven’t been on, I have so much to do from now until xmas.I have my triplets 18th birthdays the day after xmas and my 2 girls have formals in 2 weeks.
    I enjoy Days but I’m not really into any of the characters on now, I was a Lucas and Sami fan and I still think they belong together.I think the writers need to find a story line that keeps you on the edge of your seat..Its a little morbid and boring at the moment.
    Its nice to see Admin taking notice..

  59. From Nightmare

    Actually i am into Mel I think she’s a really good actress but lately she’s a bit of a drag..I would like to see her and Nathan get it together, I think they would be the next Super Couple..

  60. From Shani

    Saralynn #54 I never said nobody should call others names.#36 was my first post ever.Was the administration who added that last part to my post.And they were probably right to do that.Sorry for the name calling.Glad to see they are monitoring.I was just surprised to read on here how many think EJ is so great and I disagree with those who call EJ a good father.He is a bad person. Rafe is the best one to be the kids dad, even if it’s only a stepdad but now that might be messed up because he is in this Sami mess.Unless Sami is going to get out of it somehow and someone else actually shot EJ.Sure looked like it was her,though.Maggie is doing some great acting in that coffin.

  61. From Shani

    #59 I want Mel and Nath to get together, too.

  62. From maryl

    Shani, other than EJ kidnapping Sydney when he was going through his bad spell, list some of the things he has done to his children that makes you think he is a bad father. He is involved in the crime world because that’s the way his father raised him, but he does keep the children out of that part of his life and has the ability to protect them. So how, in a personal one to one relation with his children has he mistreated them or not shown them any love? Even when he kidnapped Sydney, he made sure she was taken care of and chose her Aunt Anna to keep her. Sydney looked happier with Anna than she does with Sami now. I know she had better care because now she gets passed around like a coin. So to form an opinion such as you have of him being a bad father, I would like for you to give me instances where EJ abused, neglected, or showed lack of concern and love for Johnny and Sydney. Even in the real world crime lords have families. I always think its so ironic that Sami left EJ in charge of her kids when she went into protective custody. She has family she could have left them with. Obviously she thought that was OK and felt safe with that, yet she couldn’t tell him about expecting another one of his children! Hogwash! EJ was great with the kids during this time, and he kept in touch with Sami to update her on their behalf whenever he was allowed to do so. Not such a bad father IMO.

  63. From Debbie

    Regarding recycling former Days actors and using them again as different characters on the show, someone here said the blond prison guard used to be a bad girl on Days. What character did she play and in what storylines? She doesn’t look familiar to me.

  64. From MAB

    ITA with latrise – Rafe is selfish when it comes to him & Sami. He doesn’t care about anyone else. I also agree that Brady would feel differently about Sami shooting EJ if he knew the WHOLE truth. We know he could care less that EJ was shot, or even if Sami did it, he said so, but if he knew how Ari was involved and all the crap Rafe & Sami put her through, I think he would look at the situation in a completely different way. Of course, when he does find out, Rafe & Sami will only tell him part of the truth, or spin the truth to suit their story.

    No way Rafe could be a better father than EJ for Johnny & Sydney. For one, EJ is their REAL father. He has done nothing to harm them. Sami knows he loves his kids and has taken very good care of them, even financially. If EJ was a child abuser, then this situation would be totally different, but that’s not the case. So Sami had no right to shoot EJ just because he kidnapped Sydney. Sami did the same – she not only kept Grace from him, she intended to do the same with Sydney after Nicole was caught. EJ overheard Sami & Rafe planning to keep her from him, and like any normal father, he wasn’t going to allow that to happen.

    Rafe’s statement of Sami shooting EJ, “any rational person would have done the same thing”. What a bunch of BS! No rational person would shoot their kid’s father in the head. The writers just continue to make Rafe look like a total fool.

    Although I want Melanie & Nathan together, the ONLY way they could ever be a supercouple is if they share years together like the supercouples of the old days, like Bo & Hope.

    I see Admin has intervened again. I have to say though the word ‘bonkers’ is not as bad as some others have used in the past, and they know who they are.

  65. From maryl

    ATTENTION ALL EJ HATERS! Stefano is obviously going to do some underhanded things behind EJ’s back in his attempt to get his kids. Please take note, EJ has asked him to stay out of it, so if something bad happens, it may NOT be attributable to EJ! Just to get facts up front! Ha! I’m sure EJ won’t exactly play “nice” with Sami either, but render to EJ the things that are EJ’s and to Stefano the things that are Stefano’s!!!

  66. From Shani

    I agree with #64 about the administration and my word they took exception to.Guess they missed comment #26.

    EJ’s deep down criminal personality and family history will take its toll on the kids eventually, especially when they get older.It will be interesting to see what happens to Chad now as a DIMera and will be exposed to their way of life and “handling” things.

  67. From Katherine

    MAB, Maryl,Shani,
    It’s about time the ADMIN, pays closer attention, they did miss comment#26.
    In my case(problems with carol a. and Lola) it took them forever to come out, not until the fwords started flying.
    That episode really turned me off, still don’t know, what I did to those tho ladies. But that is history.
    I always said to all of you, bring it on, whatever your opinions are, I can take it, but I draw the line when people are so locked into their opinions, that they have to get nasty, it shows a lack of intellegence, let’s disagree in a respectful way, I respect opposite views, always have.
    Thank you.
    Kass, hope you and Baby are doing good.

  68. From maryl

    #66 Shani–assuming that EJ’s personality or family history will take it’s toll on his children is just that–an assumption. But if we are going to assume things, let’s look at what Sami brings into the life of their children! She has a history of evil doings from her teenage years and a personality of self-gratification and irrationality. Look at the mess she has always made with Will! That poor kid has never had a normal life!! So IMO even though EJ is the son of a crime lord, he is just as qualified as Sami for parenting his children. IMO he is much better! At least EJ can support and protect them better and he doesn’t pick up strays like Rafe to force feed to the children as being their new daddy! He has always stood up for Sami as being a good mother–never has tried to substitute someone else for that role. She makes the comment all the time about how good a father EJ is and loves his children, but in an instant she turns on him and tries to replace him in their lives–just depends on who she picked up or has the hots for at the time! Rafe is going to be one of Sami’s victims, you can bet on it. The writers may never change his character as being a bad guy, but you can bet that Ari’s concern for his well- being will be realized. He will just be another one of her victims who she will have used up and alienated! So far EJ has not alienated himself from her–he still loves her but I’m hoping that someone new will change that at least for a while until Sami realizes where she missed the boat!

  69. From Shani

    I agree with #68 about Sami being a poor parent and that Rafe may be one of her victims eventually. That’s why I say it is too bad Rafe is in the middle of Sami’s mess because I think he would bring some normalcy to the children’s lives, over what EJ will bring.Speculation, yes, but we’ll see. I really like Rafe.

  70. From maryl

    Shani–right now Rafe doesn’t even have a job and why would he want to raise four kids, none being his, unless he was with their mother–who once again is a bigger problem than their real father. Rafe needs to get a new woman and have kids of his own. He is not experienced in parenting and four kids that do not belong to him is an ultimate challenge. I think he might make a good father but not to EJ’s children. He has already created a bad example for Will in lying and abetting a murder attempt to save Sami’s hide. The truth is Sami could have spared everyone by confessing to EJ and giving him some rights to Sydney and Johnny in exchange for forgiveness. The problem with Sami is that she would then have to forgive EJ for the kidnapping and that of course is beneath her. She’d rather cause the conflicts that her family is going through now. EJ stated that he didn’t blame her for shooting him so I think he would have agreed to a truce consdering it to be a “eye for an eye”. IMO

  71. From Michelle

    I just want to apologize for my comment #25 where I said anyone who expects reality out of DOOL is a fool. I should have worded it differently. I did not, though, mean it against anyone personally or as derogatory against anyone, I was being passionate about my point. Again, apologies now to any who were offended.

  72. From Sharon

    once again,it is time to take a break from watching days. why?? the writing is simply tooooooo bad. Chloe had a perfectly clean baby today, after what was maybe a 2-3 hour labor????? seriously. And once again, Sami and Nicole are fighting…..who the heck cares anymore. And EJ stomping around, barging in everywhere..does the man ever work?????? And how is Rafe supporting his family??? I know, it is only a soap, as I have often said, but geesh, it helps to be a little real at times. and maybe the best part…Stephanie is now miss goody-goody, with a conscience?????
    strange. time for a break. bet I won’t miss a thing!

  73. From Katherine

    68-70 – Maryl, couldn’t have said it better.
    71 – Michelle, you just stated a true fact, nothing wrong with that. That’s a F-word I can live with any day.
    It was interesting today to watch Victor and Santos’ Grandson talk to his blood cousin Brady.
    EJ DiMera and Brady Kiriakis DiMera. Anybody notice how Brady’s genes are starting to come out,…?
    There again goes Samantha, violence is in her blood, again she does harm without thinking, when is this going to stop, did she have another Snap Moment, will they ever end. All we need is for Will to come in and see more blood caused by his mother.
    I still wonder about paternity for Parker, it is unusual for DOOL to solve a mistery that quick, I think the SL some day after a Lot of harm has been done by every busybody in town, that Daniel is indeed the baby’s father, but until we have a lot of bad, hurtful and destructive SL going.
    Maybe I am wrong, but somethings doesn’t sit right. IMO
    Brady, wake up soon and find out how they treated Ari in her last days of life, shame on Sami,Rafe and Will. Look what all that cover-up is leading to, but without all that we wouldn’t get all excited and involved, we wouldn’t have anything to disagree about. So keep all thos weird storylines going.

  74. From latrise

    i can’t believe that another person has falling victim to sami, i mean i do not like nicole on most days. but come on, when is sami going to stop using violence to clean up her mess. this is why i don’t blame nicole for going to ej with the proof, because at least ej would have given her what she wanted. since he knows that deep down she is a better mother then sami. i hate to say it but everyone knows it. truth be told, if sami didn’t have that tape of ej saying that he kidnap sydney. i hate to say it but she would have lost custody to him. here are my reason:
    1. the kids has spend more time with him then her.
    2. sydney was raise by ej, and at the time does not know sami. so any court order dr. would tell the judge to give full custody of sydney to ej, for a certain amount time until she gets to know sami. since any family/ parent site would tell you that the first few years of a infant/toddler life is very strong for deveploment. meaning, they create such bond with sorting people, by taking them out of that enviroment and placing them with a strange ( to her sami is a stranger since they didn’t have enough time to bond)can hurt a child development especially if they felt safe and love and now they did not feel that way.
    3. sami does not have a job.
    4. and her partner does not have a job.
    5. the children does not spend anytime with their bio parent that is sami, everytime we see her she is not with the children, they are with her grandma. who deserve to be pay day care prices.
    6. her home life is not stable.
    7. as well as she is not mentally stable at time, if nicole was to report any of the times that sami attack her, she could be faces charges which would help ej in family court. because he could argue that she has an anger problem that could be danger for the children.
    i hate to say it, but after watching this show for one year, i do not see how anyone could call sami a good mother. the only time that we saw the kids is when they were with ej.i mean most of all his scence were with the children and she was just walking in.i mean look if my husband pull the same crap that he did, i would be mad at him to. but i would not let my anger wash over the feelings that my children has for their father. i would try to work it out with him. but i would make sure that they were safe and it was a public place with lets of eyes on them. as well as i would start it off with phone calls and use web cam so that they both can see each other. i would try to make it safe and as comfortable as i can for my children, not for him but for them. thats the burden that we take on by being mothers sometime we have to let go of certain sitaution and think about what is important for are children. if that means being the better person, then we have to. but we always have to put are children first. and i don’t get that from sami. she not thinking about her children, she using them as excuse for any and all of her actions. she says that she is doing this to protect her children, but how is fighting ari and nic protecting her children. if she truly wanted to protect her children, she would not have shot ej. are after she shot ej she would have kept her mouth shut and not talk about it to anybody. she could have told will that she never shot ej that she found him like that, and knew that if she call the police that they would look at her as an suspect. so that is why she ran off, she could have also told him that ej look like he was trying to commit sucide and place all the blame on her which would of mean that his father would have blame her as well and came after her. we all know that sami can be a great lyer when she want to, she could have came up with something that may it look like she have nothing to do with it, she was just helping ej by saving her self. that way will could go on with his life and no body would have to know that she truly did shot him. and rafe would have not have to quit his job. speaking of that what are they doing for support, are they living off of ej or lucas? i mean is she getting child support, is that what she and the kids are living off of?

  75. From LISA- PA

    Just a quick thought…
    everyone is debating the whole Rafe/EJ better parent thing, well we may see Rafe being a parent soon enough with Sami’s track record. I agree that the storyline is lame can’t say I won’t watch.. wanna see Bo and Hope get back together have been watchin for 25 years and they were teenagers when I was a teenager kinda attatched.. lisa

  76. From Katherine

    Latrise, I agree with just about all of it. Sami has a violent anger streak in her 1000 miles long. There we go again, more blood.
    I don’t see how she could have lied to Will, he saw her with gun in hand, but I do agree with your theory, she should have kept her son out of it as much as she could.
    As for Rafe the Father,
    I have yet so see a tender moment with Rafe and Sydney, Ally, Johnnie, holding them, hugging them, cuddling them, talking to them, reading a story to them, show love and tender care to them, wher are those scenes, BUT we have seen Nicole and EJ, doing all those things I mentioned over and over, Nicole has more bond in her little finger with Syd, than Sami ever will have, at least what we see on the TV. Maybe the reason is, that Sydney is Nicole’s baby….
    Sami never thinks about her children,she uses them to hurt their fathers, she always has (Lucas, EJ) never thinks what she is doing to the kids, look at Will, is that what we want for the other three kids. Do any of you want Samantha as the mother of your grandchildren, please raise your hands. Yes, I know it is a soap, so please respectfulle spare me that reply.

  77. From Katherine

    Lisa from PA,
    I think we are starting to see, the beginning of a new romance between Hope and Bo. We All knew that would happen sooner or later, but the SL as bad as it went between those two, had to take some time and different happenings, in order to bring out a brand new love story between those two, so here we go, let’s enjoy Bo and Hope in tiny baby steps finding their way back to each other, Soul Mates, that went through troubled waters, well, those two do like the Waters and sailing, …I am going to enjoy watching their new adventures, but that doesn’t mean -they should kick Carly to the curb, let her find her new way in life, let her find her own happiness, she is good woman, maybe to a fault sometimes.
    One more thing, IMO Sami has no reason to constantly dump her kids at Grandma’s – she has No Job – neither does Rafe,
    however with Ciara, Hope is in Prison and Bo works all day long, they need help.
    Abe and Lexie, had their big problems, before they became a happy couple, Lexie cheated on Abe with his own Brother, than with his Son, then with Tex, so that road wasn’t smooth either, so down the road we might have many more happy couples, once all the problems get worked out, one at a time. Amen – Respectfull IM

  78. From Sandy

    #56 & #57 latrise
    Thanks for the reminder that it was the FBI that put a freeze on Nicole’s $5 million so she wouldn’t run and be available to testify against EJ for the kidnapping. Which leads me to ask the next questions:
    When are the Salem Police Department or FBI going to arrest EJ for the kidnapping?

    If Nicole hooks up with EJ to get access to Sydney in exchange for Sami’s recorded confession and EJ is arrested, will Nicole testify against him for Sydney’s kidnapping.
    The story line as it is going right now it looks like it will be a while (if ever) before EJ is prosecuted for Sydney’s kidnapping. And when EJ gets the goods on Sami (and he will) once he gets the kids and Sami back he won’t have her prosecuted…so Olly Olly Oxen Free everyone is safe. But then there is the big guy Stefano…what oh what could be up his sleeve?

  79. From Sandy

    Here’s something that will put a big smile on your face an interview with the twins that play Johnny DiMera:…n-griffin.html

  80. From LISA- PA

    Thanks for your thoughts on Bope I know Hope acted like a spoiled brat but I think life has knocked off a few of the ugly edges and she is becoming a different person. Carly, well, there’s alot of people who like her… not my favorite…. kind of a busybody with issues it would be fun to see her turn ugly if Bo goes back to Hope I definetly think she’s capable of alot more than the writer’s have brought to the surface……. lisa

  81. From Debbie

    Has the proof come out that EJ actually did kidnap Sydney? I don’t remember ever seeing anything that showed this other than the accusations. And why hasn’t anyone asked EJ directly just HOW he “found” Sydney? I’ve been waiting for those scenes with someone, ANYONE, questioning him on this and I’ve yet to see anything. Have I missed any episodes where this was covered?

  82. From Toby

    has anyone considered that the baby might need blood because of the problem of the delivery? Do you think Mel will fall in love with the baby and make nice with Chloe? To make it interesting, I would love to see Sami make it with EJ. They are so nasty but the chemestry between them, GREAT. Now that will be show stopper for sure.

  83. From Sandy

    #81 Debbie
    Yes the actual proof that EJ kidnapped Sydney is the tape recording that Nicole gave Rafe and Rafe played for Sami to stop her marriage ceremony to EJ.

    Rafe tells Sami EJ is behind Sydney’s kidnapping:

    EJ admits everything:

    Take a look at these you tube video’s the proof is shown here.

  84. From kass

    Maryl #68 & 70 Very well stated! This all falls back on Sami, after doing what she did she did (shooting the father of her children) she should of tried to call a truce with EJ, and I know as well as Sami knows he would have accepted it (knowing how much he loves her), instead of involving Will in all of this. Rafe as a father, COME ON like you pointed out he’s already teaching Will to cover up attempted murder, its just plain wrong no matter who was on the recieving end of the bullet. And face it Rafe would have nothing at all to do with those kids if it wernt for his want to constantly nail Sami!!!! He is an underdeveloped character! They have never showed him spending any time with her kids, he is a horrible role model!and if people think that EJ isnt a fit parent refer to Maryls comment #68 she’s on a roll!!!!

    Katherine, everything is fine, just really busy! and your right Sami has a violent streak, and I too want to know when it will end… the answer in NEVER because it is Sami Brady and she will NEVER change, and all of her bad acts dont hold a candle to what EJ has done!

  85. From patsy

    You said it Kass enough of this EJ,SAMI RAFE NICOLE and Sydneystory line ItIS GETTING OLD . .

  86. From susan

    I read so many complaints about Melanie. Have you all forgotten that she was set up by her “dad” to have sex with men when she was just a kid? It is amazing she is as sane as she is. So you think she whines too much? All she wants is the kind of family she never had growing up. It will be horrible when she learns the truth.
    As far as Sami and all the trouble she gets into…her childhood was tragic too. Stephano kidnapped her mother for goodness sake! and now she has to deal with his son over and over.
    It is time for something light and funny on this show! Bring back Calliope and Eugene…or Susan. meet your mom EJ!
    and I respectfully submit that bonkers just means crazy!

  87. From Brenda


  88. From Katherine

    Susan, I agree, bonkers means going crazy, it is used all the time, I think I am going bonkers,
    I really don’t think the Admin. was referring to that comment at all. Sounds more like #26 replying to Melissa. IMO

  89. From delores

    I Think that with Jonny going into the Hospital, they are going to fine out that E.J is not his father and that Lucas is, that will be great since the only reason E.J. thinks that Jonnie is his son, is because Kate told him this was his son. If that is true sydney might not be his also, he also might belong to Lucas. That would be great and E.J. could be kicked to the Curb.

  90. From Faith

    #52 – You know for years after Josh Nolan took over the role as Roman I would always watch and think ‘Why is Chris Kozicjeck arresting someone?’

    LOL! Too funny! I felt that way for years. Now I actually like Josh Taylor in the role better now than Wayne.

  91. From Faith

    #88 – I would love it if they made ALL of Sami’s kids from Lucas. It really would be the only way to get rid of EJ, although he still actually wants Sami. Stefano basically got him to admit this the other day. Even though she shot him, he really does want her back. He wants to gain power over the situation first though, then somehow convince her to be with him. I’m afraid that his last attempt was his best attempt and she will never go there again, UNLESS Rafe somehow gets killed off…..

  92. From Texas Chick- TX

    Chloe has got to be the worst pregnant actresss ever. So glad I won’t have to watch her hold her belly and wear rediculously slutty “maternity” clothes anymore.

  93. From renee

    I didn’t know that Johnny was going to the hospital. What is supposed to be wrong with him to go to the hospital? I wish they would hurry up and get Maggie out of the coffin. I wonder what is going on with Hope and BO. It has not shown them much. And today when Sami hit Nicole I thought you messed up again Sami.

  94. From Holly

    Watched the episode 1577, and I was in agreement with rafe.
    I mean, let nicole have visits with sydny. Cause its always better to keep your enimy close. I don’t know how nicole is gowing to end up with siding with ej, but i actually believed nicole had sydny’s interest at heart. I mean she came to sami first. It would be a easy story line to adapt to, but we’ll see. Granted if and he probably will, Brady finds out nicole had the proff of sami shooting ej, he’ll dump nicole, cause he said at ari’s funeral lunch in, that ej (the bastard) she be dead for what he did to sami. So we all know how that story will go, same as with the money as he is a family man, like his father john. Look what he’d did for victor and Maggie…. I feel there will be the usual crap for a split with jen and jack, but at least sofar their still married. can’t wait for hope to get out of jail, and for stephano to find out he has a son. I think kate has over played it up… stephano is ALL about Bloodlines.
    Ps. Kate had a hand in sami’s attept in trying to burn ej, back then. funny how kate is a initiator…lol
    (thats my rant)

  95. From Michelle


  96. From kass

    haha texas chick #89 your right and i said the same thing the other day while watching it, where does she get those maternity cloths “sluts or us”? and the holding of the belly come on we know that isnt necessary, I have known women who have had babyies and they didnt hold on to their stomachs, and guess what … the baby’s didnt fall out! lol wow

  97. From Bevie

    to #32…You are right that the bad guys always come out on top, but sami is a bad guy too! Why should she get away with shooting an unconscience man in the head to “save” her kids. Don’t forget all the other “bad stuff” she’s done that makes Nicole who truly loves that baby look like a good person. (I’m talking about going way back to her kidnapping her own sister out of jealosy!) What’s she’s always done to the people she supposedly loves, her mom and her sisters for her own selfish reasons. I personally would love to see Nicole make a deal with EJ to be near Syd. I admit I didn’t like her when she kidnapped sid the first time, but after seeing all that Sami, Rafe and Will have done in the past month, she’s a better choice IMO. She truly loves Syd and so does EJ! Let Sammi suffer for a while and beg to get her kids from EJ! I CANNOT STAND THAT MEAN, HATEFUL CAROLINE BRADY! The sneer on her face when she talks makes me want to slap her!!!

  98. From Debbie

    I agree with what everyone’s said about Chloe’s acting during the delivery … she really overdid it. As for all the belly holding, maybe the prop department couldn’t strap the fake belly onto her well enough to keep it from slipping out. Hence, she was told to hold what looked like a soccer ball. Also, the costumes are the fault of the costume designer. So the writing isn’t the only thing wrong with this show. The cheap costumes and props are two more.

  99. From MAB

    Nicole said it best on Thursday’s episode – “you should have thought about that before you pull the trigger and shot EJ”

    Sami certainly had the right idea when she went to the mansion that night to have it out with EJ. Once she saw him passed out drunk though, she should have left and came back the next day.

    Sami has to “deal” with EJ because she put herself in that position in the first place.

    We don’t need Calliope back on the show for humor. We get plenty of that with Victor, Vivian, Nicole, and several others. When Calliope did come back for that short time when Anna was in hiding, she was annoying!

  100. From MAB

    #86 Brenda – my exact words were: “No disrespect to Peggy McKay (Caroline), but she doesn’t have the looks or acting chops that Suzanne Rogers (Maggie) has.”

    Don’t put words in people’s mouths when they didn’t say it. I didn’t say Peggy McKay wasn’t a good actress, she is, and yes I remember her in several shows on TV. But I think Suzanne Rogers is a better! That’s my opinion and you don’t have to like it or agree with it. Also, I know what a western is, so don’t try to insult my intelligence by trying explain it.

  101. From maryl

    Good posting Bevie–I totally agree with everything you said. Especially the part about giving Caroline a good whack across that sneering mouth! Ha! She has really been getting on my nerves lately. I have never liked her. Now I can see why–she is and has been a two-faced, self-righteous hypocrite, hiding behind her religious facade.
    Peggy McCay–pet yourself on the back for great acting! You have convinced us that Caroline is capable of wrong doings because of human weakness like everyone else in Salem!

  102. From maryl

    Whoops–I think I misspelled McKay as McCay, I believe MAB got it right! Sorry, Peggy!

  103. From barbara

    nicole got the camera while going thru the box of stuff for brady, in case you missed it. when i saw sami in the low cut cocktail dress at the hospital when adrana dide and one boob was padded and sticking up and out, i almost gave up! how tasteless and shoddy are they going to make her? ugh!

  104. From Katherine

    I Caroline had not changed the test results, we wouldn’t be where we are, Carly would told Dan, or made Chloe tell him, after the Test, Dan would have had a choice, Phil would have known, but that wouldn’t have made a good story,
    Quit blaming Carly for all of it, at the time I think she did the right thing, for the babies sake, she did the test, when it turned out to be “Dan’s” she backed off.
    Chloe did not have an affair out of love, Phil and her were drunk, because they both were misled, it happens, Carly was willing to give the “family” a chance, it was not up to her anymore, there was a Baby.
    I blame it on Caroline (of course also Chloe and Phil) but the new witch just had to play God.
    Sorry writers, but the whole Caroline change, just does not make any sense to me, it just doesn’t fit.
    MAB, I think it will never change, some people just don’t get, we are all allowed to voice our opinions without getting dished back.

  105. From nancy

    Little Parker is the cleanest newborn right after delivery that I have ever seen……actually kind of big too.

  106. From kass

    Nancy #102 I was actually thinking the same exact thing, and he is big espicially since he is a month early… ohhh by the way I was just watching a few shows from earlier this year that I still have recorded and I realized that Chloe found out that she was pregnant in like the 1st week of July, and now she has already gave birth hahaha those silly writers… ohh and Parker is a very cute name!

  107. From MAB

    #101 katherine – yeah, it’s one thing to have a difference of opinion, but to put words in people’s mouths of things they didn’t even say, well let’s just say those people need to learn how to read the posts properly.

  108. From Lisa/St. Louis

    Without the testimony of a qualified police officer, the video would probably be inadmissible.

    If you videotaped anyone in a private situation (such as inside a building) it would be TOTALLY inadmissible.

    How do the police know the tape is real? How do they know it has not been edited or tampered with? How do they know someone with a gun wasn’t standing behind the camera forcing the confession.

    Also, I believe it is illegal to video, tape and wiretap people without their permission even if you are a private citizen.

    BUTTTTTT this is a soap and the writers will do what the writers wil do.

  109. From Just Moi

    In this case it doesn’t matter if the tape is legal or not because once Stefeno finds out the true identity of the shooter they will never make it to trial anyway.

  110. From Shani

    comment #34 did say “no disrespect to Peggy McKay” before she criticized her looks and acting ability.However, I think it was unfair to sell McKay short.She and Suzanne Rogers are each pretty in their own way, and look what McKay has done with the character of Caroline and very believably turned her personality completely around.She had the “chops” to do that.Like #87 I have seen her in many TV shows over the years.

  111. From LISA- PA

    Yeah, Caroline has been a very “disciplined” Salemite maybe a bit hypocritical but she did try to raise her kids right, I would like to see a cat fight over Victor with this “transformed” Caroline and a firery red-head just to put a new spin on the Victor/Maggie/Caroline thing. I think with a makeover and some help from Chloe’s favorite clothing line Sluts-r-us it could get interesting. Just to give the older audience a little trip down a different path other than squeaky clean cooking, mothering and smothering grandma. What do you think Katherine?

  112. From LISA- PA

    Oh yeah, good comments lisa/St Louis cool name too!

  113. From MAB

    Shani – what are you people reading?? Regarding Peggy McKay, I’m not selling the woman short. I think she’s a fine actress. I simply stated that I think Suzanne Rogers is a prettier woman and is a better actress. Again, this is MY OPINION.

  114. From MAB

    I think it’s obvious that Sami wasn’t been forced to tell all during the taped confession. For one, you can hear Ari’s voice on it, and you could tell they were having a conversation. The judge will be using EJ’s taped conversation, according to the person who called Stefano and told him. So I think if Sami’s tape if not admissible in court, then EJ’s shouldn’t be either. Not fair! But the writers will handle it the way they see fit…and as far as the DiMera’s, they will handle it their way!

    I still can’t believe the writers have turned Sami into someone who shoots her children’s father, and attacks anyone who would challenge her. It just seems she’s changed TOO much since she’s been with Rafe, and I think he’s the cause. And on today’s episode, Rafe AGAIN shows what an @$$ he is – threatening Nicole the way he does. So pathetic! I hope EJ gets those kids away from her. Too bad Lucas isn’t around to take Allie away too. Will is old enough to choose where he wants to be, but I think he needs his father, pronto!

  115. From Michelle

    How funny that Kate was out jogging with a scarf and a bunch of dangling necklaces. Ha.
    Although I do not care for Caroline and the actress that plays her does have some nuances that get to me, she is a good actress.
    And Nicole, I really think she’s probably the best actress on the show, even better than Sami. IMO, Sami tends to overact in taking every emotion being portrayed to the extreme. But that does go along with her character too. I loved how calmly Nicole handled her yesterday and today.

  116. From Katherine

    Lisa PA – I say go, Vic/Caroline/Maggie/ and not to forget dear Vivi. That could be so much fun.
    Shani, I prefer Suzanne over Caroline, it’s a matter of choice, so quit picking, we all have our preferences. Peggy McKay is a fine actress, just like Suzanne better. It’s a personal opinion.
    I don’t like Tom Cruise, maybe you do, bravo. Shani, let people have their freedom of speech and choice.

  117. From Katherine

    Lisa, St. Louis – good comment,
    at least Ari made a video, with her voice on also, EJ’s and Stefano’s tape, is only voice tape.So, even in Salem looks likes Ari’s might carry more clout, if any. I don’t think anyboyd would think Ari held a gun on Sami,
    I know in the real world, but we’ll see how the writers will spin it…
    St. Louis, nice city.
    We have so many nice new bloggers on, with some really good comments and opinions.
    Sami and Rafe are going of the deep end, what next in this cover-up, enough soon, hurry the story up a little.

  118. From Katherine

    Lisa PA – love to see Vic-Maggie-Caroline, and not to forget loveley Vivi – in some great plotline, that could great, specially, if they insert a little humor, I think we could use a bit of that.

  119. From Shani

    #116 Katherine, don’t go overboard with this.I wasn’t questioning anyone’s freedom of speech or choice.I was giving my own opinion about Peggy McKay.I am new on this site but from what I’ve read, some of you get pretty intense.Relax!

    I thought Sami seemed almost childlike today while Rafe was dealing with Nicole.Glad Rafe knows Nicole will not settle for what she is asking for right now with Syd.I haven’t really cared for Carly but am liking her better and thought she looked pretty today.

  120. From kass

    Guys here is how the admissable and inadmissable works in the U.S.: A statement made out of court that is offered in court as evidence to prove the truth of the matter asserted.

    It is the job of the judge or jury in a court proceeding to determine whether evidence offered as proof is credible. Three evidentiary rules help the judge or jury make this determination: (1) Before being allowed to testify, a witness generally must swear or affirm that his or her testimony will be truthful. (2) The witness must be personally present at the trial or proceeding in order to allow the judge or jury to observe the testimony firsthand. (3) The witness is subject to cross-examination at the option of any party who did not call the witness to testify.

  121. From Katherine

    120 Kass, now this in good fun and you know it, we should tell the writers that and the Judge in Salem, I hear you, thank’s for the info.
    Shani, not trying to go overboard, believe, no disrespect at all, it’s just we have gone through that so much in the past, you are new, please enjoy blogging with us, I will never mean you any harm, honest, like your blogs,so let’s move on.
    My thinking is, Would any of you go to the ball games, if everybody in the park was rooting for the same team, it will always be Rafe,Sami vs. EJ, or who ever will come next, we’ll take sides.
    This blogsite is our BallPark, so let’s play.

  122. From Karyl

    It’S amusing that some of you get so worked up over a show that really insults the intelligence of the viewers.

  123. From Michelle

    If the show didn’t get us worked up, we wouldn’t enjoy watching it. We all realize it is dramatized fiction. For 1 hour a day we put ourselves into their world. We know most of the stuff that goes on is ridiculous, that doesn’t mean our intelligence is insulted. We may question stuff that happens, but in the end we all know it is not the real world. As I’ve said before, it’s just like reading a good book and this is our book club.

  124. From Holly

    Here here!!! Michelle (123)
    We are pathedic…lol, I use to watch Rosanne and that show was good and bad, but I was addicted… its funny how as people we need releases and watched these kind of shows. men have their RAW(monday night soap)
    I was a fan of Passions but that show took WAY to long with storys and got too stupid.
    But we should start a book club online, us ladies…

  125. From Daisy

    About the \birth\, for a first time baby it sure arrived with a few grunts, and twenty minutes! And had no blood or lanolin on it! Maybe I missed it, but did the cord ever get clamped and tied? Guess she had no afterbirth either!! And Mel, who never finished high school has now become a nurse in less than a year!

  126. From Katherine

    123 Karyl, Why…..

  127. From Katherine

    #125 Daisy, I am willing to give them artistic freedom, otherwise each scene might take up to much time….

  128. From Vivian

    I can relate to Caroline…she is as fed up as we are with the way the writers are scripting the bad storylines, so she is going to express herself…in other words, she is venting!

  129. From Sandy

    Caroline’s change in personality and attitude reminds me of the 1997 movie Bella Mafia where five Mafia widows join forces to exact revenge on their husband’s killers, led by the family matriarch. Not the part about revenge of the husband’s killers, but the part about the family matriarch taking revenge on those that have done harm to her family. Caroline seems to have gone into revenge and protection mode of her family from both the Kiriakis and DiMera family. Could work if the writers don’t drop the story line mid-stream.

  130. From Vivian

    Playing catch-up reading here and most of the items seem to be about looks and acting ability. You can’t compare most of them when it comes to looks as there is a large age difference between some of them. And as for acting, I think DAYS has some of the best in daytime or nighttime, but if you give them a lousy script or a really dumb storyline to act out ..then the performance is lacking. The writers have done a hatchet job on the Chloe Lane character and am not sure if she can ever be saved. They did the same thing with the Dr Baker character. (there was a great storyline potential there) And now I think they are working on Caroline. We will just keep watching and whining..and gasp everytime they come up with something stupid. I can predict one thing (as a 45 year veteran)..and that is Jennifer is going to do something to help Hope and get herself in trouble….that is her MO. :-)

  131. From Katherine

    Whatever is going on with the character of “CAROLINE’ is what the writers want to go on, I just can’t quite understand, why, unless they are trying to show, that nobody is ever old enough, to get jealous, go overboard, Caroline thought for years that Victor would go on forever pining away for her, now that changed, and she is in Culture Shock, poor dear, and Vic will pay, loosing his grandbaby is only the beginning. Watch out for “scorned” Caroline. Should be fun to watch, however all the heartache she is causing will not be fun.

  132. From maryl

    I am looking forward to the Chad SL. I think it could get quite interesting. Chad has already experienced some of the stuff EJ has–the withholding of the fact that he had a child. He, like EJ didn’t learn about Grace’s existence until she died. EJ and Chad will have that in common and as it turns out, little Grace was a DiMera after all. The head stone EJ placed on her grave turns out to be the right name after all. Very touching!

  133. From nita

    Rafe by far is much better Dad than EJ could ever be. EJ needs to be in prsion. That stupid Nicole needs someone to shut her mouth up. EJ does not deserve to be around his children. I hope when that stupid Nicole runs to him with the tape he puts that dumb thing in jail for being so stupid& going to EJ for help..
    That tramp Stephen needs to keep her mouth shut & stay out of other peoples business. I hope she looses everyone that has anything to do with her.
    But Bo & Hope do belong together & So does Sami & Rafe belong together.

  134. From Katherine

    Maryl, wait till Stefano finds out that Grace was his Granddaughter by Chad.
    Could turn into a good storyline,

  135. From Daisy

    Maybe Carolines personality change is due to “sleeping pills” bad side effects as they affected Hopes personality/actions?

  136. From houston

    How about this kicker?? Nicole will end ACTUALLY being Sydney’s mom!!! Awesome!

  137. From houston

    I don’t believe Caroline switched the results. I believe she’s only SAYING that in an effort to stop Stephanie from telling the truth, because she truly believes the baby belongs with the Daniel. I still think Daniel changed the results and knows the REAL truth!!

  138. From playinghooky

    So, I think the Saint Anne statue taht Arianna left EJ is a big clue.
    St Anne in Hebrew means hannah or GRACE!
    Could be that Grace was his child with Sami & Sydney is in fact Nicole’s child. Or her “adopted” one.
    Arianna might have been trying to tell EJ even more than we knew!

  139. From Sandy

    #136 houston
    I gotta say I’ve always had strong feelings Daniel is the culprit in changing the DNA results. But the issues that might go along with this belief might be: (1) Does this mean Dr. Dan also knows Philip is Chloe’s one night stand? (2) By changing the results he is doing exactly what Carly did to him, keeping the the real father from his child. (3) Could he be so selfish as to keep the child as his own and protect his daughters marriage? It’s a mess no matter how you look at it!

  140. From CARLY

    PLEASE give the kid to Nicole…Sami is such a terrible mother…look at her a Will…that kid will be scared for life! And what’s the matter with Rafe for putting up with her…he is way smarter than that…or at least should be. Let EJ and Sami both float away to never-never land. Loved Carly’s blond hair..she is such a good person…now she is helping Hope…but she will probably get kicked around for doing so just like with everyone else she tried to help. I feel sorry for her..Melody is such a drama-queen…so immature…please, have her grow up and keep her mouth closed when she is not talking! Poor Mags…hope Vic gets her out soon…she will never be the same..and Viv better start running for the hills when he finds out what she did. Love the new Caroline…glad Kayla took a self-rightous can you get…wait til they find out Caroline shot EJ hahhaha

  141. From kass

    I could not stand Rafe on friday’s episode. If people think that he is better that EJ wow they need to reevaluate their moral codes… every time he and Sami doesnt get their way they try to kill someone or threaten them. Them two are two of a kind and I am begining to think that they deserve each other, because they are both horrible human beings!!!!

  142. From Katherine

    2nd try..
    Who on this site would like to have Sami as a daughter or daughter-in-law, Mother to their grandchildren….

  143. From Katherine

    # 135 Houston, I always thought that Nicole is Sydney’s real Mother. Clue – the toothbrush used for DNA- sloppy work, opening for the writers, to go wherever….

  144. From Janiebell

    The way the writers go; if we can remember back to a time in the past when someone wanted someone else’s child, and remember how that turned out then we can know how the Sami/ Sidney/Nachol thing will go. The storylines r rewritten and rewritten.We cannot do a test like in bible days, when there were 2 mothers, 1 live baby and one dead baby. It was said to cut the child in half{the live child}, and give half to each mother. The true mother said it would be better to give the live child to the other mother than to divide the child. This way the truth was made known. The true mother was given the live baby and the other baby was buried by the other mother.

  145. From barbara

    way too much sami and sex. that seems to be her hold on rafe anyway. he’s making me sick and so is sami. vivian must be really nuts and is leaving the show? caroline is pitiful as a monster and we need more mel, dr dan, phil, brady and nicole!

  146. From barbara

    and stephano and victor!

  147. From Katherine

    Janiebell, when Solomon was King, there was no DNA, sooner or later, blood, or DNA will prove again one way or the other who is Sidney’s mother. Sami or Nicole, Only the writers know right now.
    Janiebell, how is your life going, how is your husband, be good.

  148. From melissa

    Janiebell Right on with the verse from Soloman! It isn’t the point who the biological mother is just whom loves the child! Another bible verse for Samie is ‘ thee who has not sinned caste the first stone’!!!!!

  149. From barbie

    I agree that the writers definitely are not what they used to be, not sure why it’s so hard to come up with some good storylines. Heck, just reading some ideas posted on here would be inspiration enough. I think they should have a contest for the best ideas for storylines and award some prize to them. I do like that they are giving Bo and Hope something to investigate together like they used to and bringing in Jennifer is a good idea too. I still cannot stand Stephanie and hope that her lying blows up in her face this time and isn’t dismissed by Nathan. Chloe’s screaming was impressive, but then afterward she went back to her drab personality once the baby was out. I like her and Daniel together and was hoping there would be a twist and that he would know everything that happened and was keeping it secret to protect Melanie and because he loved Chloe. Now why can’t they do stuff like that instead of making Caroline Brady the mystery record changer. Sheez. I must remain hopeful because I’m still watching. lol

  150. From Karyl

    #123 Michelle ,#126 Katharine I understand that, but some of these story lines really push the boundaries of believability. It started with aging the young actors from children to teenagers without the same for their parents, now it has evolved into a woman being trapped in a coffin for a long time, but looks and smells none the worse for wear. Then the show has evolved into the Sami hour, probably because Ali Sweeney has found success on The Biggest Loser. Her flip flopping from being good to being evil to being good again, is wearing thin. Plus, she’s “dragging” lovelorn Rafe down or up with her. Enough already, Either she’s decent or not and just stick with it.

    As for the majority of the rest with very few exceptions, their either dull, predictable, or in Maggie’s case, dumb. (Suzanne Rogers deserves better).

  151. From Katherine

    148 Karyl, good points

  152. From melissa

    Barbie Maybe you should write all 60 pages A DAY for the DOOL writers!!!!

  153. From Leah

    I agree with your comments 114.
    Have to say how twisted is Rafe, Sami and Will’s thinking to think it is ok to use Sydney as a pawn with Nicole… DESPICABLE. Oh how the mighty have fallen!
    As for Coppa Uncle Bo… he’ll lose his job when it comes out how he knew the truth about Sami shooting EJ yet how he covered their tracks and advised them to have a quickie Safe wedding so Rafe can’t testify against Sami. The Bradys are sinking to lower and lower lengths. Hope Uncle Bo has other qualifications. Happy job hunting – LOL!

  154. From Yin

    I’ve read in the soap opera digest that Bo divulges (or some what to that effect) that police has a strong case against Sami regarding EJ’s shooting, and that is why he tells Rafe and Sami to wed ASAP.

  155. From Janiebell

    Katherine#145, thanks for asking. My live is still like a fog; things still don’tseem rill. I am trying to keep in connect with one of my other brother’s, {a stroke victum]. I fill that right now we need each other and I belive that is what our 2 brother’s we lost would want me to do. I have a sister that E-mail’s me often. Yet it seems that I find myself going deeper into aplace that I am pulling away from my son and other family member’s as well as a good friend and becoming more isolated.
    Hubby is doing as well as can be expected. Thanks for asking, Katherine#145

  156. From Shani

    So people who think Rafe is better than EJ need to re-evaluate their moral codes?!(#139 Kass)Now, there’s a really fair and open-minded way to handle an opposing view!!

    I enjoyed the sarcophagus story at first and thought it was funny but then I thought it went on too long with Vivian in there and now I agree it’s dumb (#148) with Maggie in there.But I think Suzanne Rogers is doing a good job of acting and making the best of the writing.I hope Nath realizes soon what Stephanie is really like.I am glad Jennifer is back and without Jack.I never cared for him.

  157. From Janiebell

    I belive that law states that, a person can not be “forced to testify against their companion/mate”, not that they cannot testify against the other. If one has evendence against the other; and wishes to give this evendence to the police he/she can do so; but he/she can not be forced to testify against the other. I do belive thatis the law.

  158. From Katherine

    LEAH, 151 -
    If anybody (Roman, Bo) know about the shooting and advise a quick marriage, haven’t seen it yet, but hear rumors, –Then I think the Brady’s can just pack it in.Why would Bo take such a risk right now, I could see Roman, yes, smirkey Roman, Rafe and him seem to a LoveFest anyway. I think Roman is just happy, that anybody will take troubled daughter of his hands. Pathetic anymore, Karyl, well see, but you might have a point.
    Janiebell, don’t go to the alonePlace, get on here and talk, and blog, I like to read your stuff. It will not stay dark forever, your family needs you.
    Yes, I am getting a little personal, because I am also a Human Being with a heart, not just a blogger. Just know, you are included in prayers, maybe I am not the only blogger.

  159. From Michelle

    Janiebell, I agree with Katherine. I know you have been targeted before for getting personal – I am one that targeted you. From the bottom of my heart I do apologize for that. Please know that your fellow blog sisters are here for you. Talk as much or as little as you want, sometimes it helps to be able to just “vent”.

  160. From maryl

    I guess one could say Rafe and Sami using Sydney in their little scheme against Nicole has sort of evened the score with EJ’s using her to fake the kidnapping. Once again the writers are leveling the playing field between EJ and Sami. Sami is just willing to hand Sydney over to Nicole, the original kidnapper, just because Rafe thinks that’s the only way to save her hide? Never considers that Nicole could grab Sydney and run? We all know that when Nicole become determined, she can accomplish almost anything she wants–we have seen plenty of such instances. In this case, we know it won’t happen, because she will work with EJ, but Sami didn’t know this when she agreed to Rafe’s dangerous little plan. IMO Sami is willing to place her little girl in the middle of a dangerous game just to save her own hide and to be able to hang on to her pathetically disgusting little life with Rafe.

  161. From Leah

    Your SPOT ON… Maryl. Yes we hear Sami go on and on and on and on and on and on and on… about wanting to be a good mother and be a good example to her kids and what do we get??? Will is now following in his mothers footsteps (something he has previously despiced about her. Her decept, her lies and her manipulations.)Now she is using Sydney as a pawn to cover her tracks and hand Sydney over to Nicole to protect herself and her lies. To be honest these kids would ALL be far better off with their dads. If Sami wants to continue ruining her life so be it but keep the kids right out of her rubbish. Give her visiting rights…. at least then the kids may have a chance.

  162. From Janiebell

    Ididnot think Sami would give into Nachol’s demands, but sence that has happened; Nichol deffently doesnot need to be left alone with Sidney one minute. Nachole will run with Sydney again if given a chance and so will E.J. Rafe is the one who told Sami that she had no choice but to give in to Nachol. So Sami should hold herself and Rafe responsible for seeing that Sydney and all of the children are safe.

    I just recived a phonecall that a friend’s daddy just died. We are awaiting news to know about the arangenments. Looks like I will be going to another furneal home. I hope I can be strong and not break down. This is about my friend not me and I must remember that. Luann is a daddy’s girl{woman}, so I know this is going to be tuff, but I must be strong.

  163. From melissa

    Janiebell my prayers are with you and your friend! I’m sure you’ll be strong for your friend, but remember you are at a funeral soo feel free to break! Crying is one of my favorite emotions!!

  164. From Clear

    I read some place that crying releases a chemical in the brain that makes one feel better. Having a good cry is sometimes a good idea. Back to the story: I don’t want Sydney to be Nicole’s baby, but as I’ve posted before that I’d like to see Doc Baker come back and blackmail Nicole and EJ to get him to tell where he sold Nicole’s baby because she did not die. That would be really cool. They could catch Doc Baker and he could rat Nicole out for getting evidence for him to plant on Ari to set her up too–finally justice! I like Doc Baker’s character, and enjoyed his one liners. He was almost chivalrous about Hope whom he began to love. I liked the Evil Hope too with him. They were funny! Meanwhile, where was Gus all the time in between being bopped on the head and rescuing Madame! Who hit him on the head? Plothole needs filling.

  165. From Janiebell

    The writers jump from one story to another without explantation, drag some storylines to the boneyard and back a couple of times, or the writers favorite rewrite, rewrite, and rewrite. Why not pick a storyline that has not been done a thousand times, {a brand new story line}, play that story line to the full, and give an ending. A beginning, a middle and an ending.

  166. From Julie

    Can’t DOOL ever have Sami happy? I would really like to see Sami & Rafe get married! They make an awesome couple! Send EJ to jail for awhile.

  167. From MAB

    Regarding the comment of us getting worked up over a show that insults the intelligence of the viewers…well about 90% of television does that, even the real life stuff, like the news. How about how men (and some women) get worked up over sports? Some of us may get worked up over Days, but at least those same people know it’s not real life, and we know where to leave it.

    The actress who plays Caroline is not acting this way because she is fed up with the way the writers are scripting the bad storylines. She is acting that way because that is her job. She is an actress and she is acting the way the writers have written her to be.

    I can’t believe I can’t make a comment about how I think Maggie is prettier and a better actress than Caroline without being accused to insulting Peggy McKay. Some of you just don’t get it and never will.

    I don’t think Carly is a good person. I think she has a hidden agenda and has had it since she returned to Salem. She has stuck her nose in everyone’s business and pretty much has ruined every life she has touched. And every time Carly has interaction with Hope, I think it’s a slap in the face to Hope.

    I can’t believe some think Kayla is self righteous. I guess telling the truth and doing the right thing is unfashsionable so Kayla gets slammed for it.

    I agree about how Rafe & Sami acted on Friday’s episode. They have hit rock bottom IMO. They are both just horrible. And everyone wants to paint Nicole & EJ as the bad ones. I felt sorry for Nicole. She really loves Sydney.

    I agree that Sami is putting Sydney in danger just to save her own hide.

    The only way EJ or Nicole would run with Sydney is if the writers write it that way. And why would it matter anyway. Either one of them would take better care of Sydney than Sami does.

    EJ vs. Rafe: It doesn’t matter who you like. The bottom line is Rafe is just as bad as EJ. EJ lovers admit to his faults, so you Rafe lovers need to start admitting to Rafe’s faults.

  168. From Katherine

    163 MAB, I agree with almost everything you wrote, except for Carly, I think she handled that Chloe thing as good as anyboyd could have, she did not ask to be involved, she was her doctor, and she found by overhearing I believe Nathan..? about the one night stand. She would have told Dan, but finally compromised with the paternity test, so when she found out the baby did belong to Dan, she made a very hard decision, she kept the family together, for the innocent Baby.
    And it was a very hard decision for her to make.
    Seems like daughter Melanie, after carrying on, and on, now came to the Same conclusion, keep the Chloe’s Mistake, a secret, for the Baby, that’s what Carly and Mel know right now, Dan’s Baby.
    So on Carly, right now, I am still open to see.
    I do miss Doc Baker, he was cool.

  169. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    MAB, I agree Maggie is beautiful. Caroline is pretty, but not on the same level as Maggie. I believe Caroline is going to be diagnosed with something soon as her health starts to detoriate. I am wondering if her behavior is a sympton of this condition. Personally, I think both actresses do a good job with the script they are given.

    I also agree about Carly. Carly is no saint, but she tries to come off as one. She is a busy body. She has to know that she is merely a distraction until Bo comes to his sense and realizes that Hope is still the love of his life. I’d love to see Hope punch Carly like she did Billie.

    Kayla is a good person. She doesn’t like Phil and how he treated Pocket. He took that baby from Kayla and Steve when they truly loved that baby. Kayla put that aside because she believes in the truth.

    You know the place we disagree is EJ. To me, he has lost his charm and isn’t appealing to me anymore. I don’t like Sami caving to EJ. The tapes should cancel each other out in family court. I wish Sami would stand her ground – or better yet – take the kids for BOTH parents. I don’t see EJ as a good father because I see his temper. I still remember him yelling at Johnny, making him drop his puzzle. He “may” love his children (I’m not so sure), but I still think he uses them in a game against Sami. I feel for Nicole, too. I really want Sydney to be Nicoles. No one loves that little girl like Nicole. EJ kidnapped her and took her away from her mother…to me putting her in harms way because she was with Anna. Sami leaves her kids with Caroline…I know it is more of a plot point because of child labor laws, but Nicole truly love her with everything she had. This was the first time Nicole felt unconditional love. She has never had that from any man in her life.

    I don’t think Rafe is a saint and he may have some hidden agenda…I don’t know because I haven’t seen that yet. I do know that Rafe truly loves Sami and is putting everything on the line for her (his career, reputation, etc). I see that as romantic. I don’t see any romance between Sami and EJ – probably won’t change on this one. I guess I will always see EJ as the villan, just like Stefano. I see Sami as gray…she has been the villan and even won an award for it. I think Days is trying to make her the heroine – in Marlena’s absence. The shooting, however, has put a blemish on that, IMO. I still agree with Sami’s motives behind shooting EJ. I think she was finally pushed to the point of a mental breakdown. She had just gotten Sydney back…though she was kidnapped and killed…then found out to be alive….then found that EJ was behind it all. Once she heard that EJ was going to take the kids yet again, she snapped. I would have done the same thing – except I would have emptied the gun. I think any mother would do that for their child. It shouldn’t matter whether he was the father or not. If Sami has custody, then he had no right to kidnap her like he did. Usually the mother’s have custody when the child is born if the parents are not married. EJ is a laywer, he could have filled for joint custody or for visitation rights. To me, EJ proved that Sami was right to keep the pregnancy a secret. His actions have shown that he is not to be trusted when it comes to his kids. If he doesn’t like the way things are going, he is just going to kidnap the kids and take them out of the country.

  170. From Katherine

    EJ did have part custody with Sami, at that time there was no reason not to, the kids were living with him just fine while Sami was away, it was when he overheard Sami and Rafe plotting down at the dock, that he took “stupid” action.
    As for Sami – she will never be a here in my eyes, she can’t even get a job in Salem because of her record, anybody forget that.
    She blackmailed Kate at one time, took all her jewlery, caused Vic’s stroke, the more I think about it, the more bad deeds by her, I remember. Call her anything, but please not a hero, my dear writers, I don’t think I could swallow that one.
    I agree, Carly and Bo, ?? but it takes two, Bo and Carly, it will fizzle out, because Bo and Hope are on their way back to each other, in time.
    You know, Hope could be a Hero, if should would truly do what is best for her child, and fight to get out of that jail, she has a great chance, because of those pill, but no, she has to atone, well guess who is atoning right with her, her little girl…. Now of course her police work is again more important than Ciara……IMOthink

  171. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    I think Hope has a conscience and she could not live with herself if she got off scott-free. Even though the pills really did cause her breakdown, Hope took responsibility for it – which is why I love her character. I agree Ciara is paying for this, but I believe Hope is setting a good example for her daughter – actions have consequences. I, too, hope that she becomes the heroine and gets out of prison to reunite with her family.

  172. From Shani

    BoAndFancyFace4Ever.WOW!Your comments #169 and 171 are exactly how I feel and you wrote all of it beautifully.The Days writing staff should hire you!I think Hope is doing the honorable thing going to jail for what she did, pills or no pills.And I think she will do something good there, finding out what’s going on with prisoners dying when they shouldn’t, and then she will possibly get out of jail early.I hope the show doesn’t age Ciara too fast too soon because that little actress is a doll and so good at playing the part.

  173. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    Thanks Shani. When comparing Hope and Carly, to me, there is no contest. Carly came to town after murdering her husband. She hid from the law instead of turning herself in and facing the consequences. She may have gotten off on self-defense, but that never came to be. Instead, Carly hid behind Bo. I know Carly did not break up Bo and Hope, but she did cause additional tension that should have never been there. In my eyes, Hope will always be classier than Carly. I know there aer some that will disagree…that’s fine :)

  174. From kass

    whoah Bo and Fancy Face forever 169 I usually can at least see where your coming from even if I dont agree with you but now you just sound dangerous and I cannot believe that you said that you would empty a gun into the father of your children,where did your morals go???? how is that fair to your children to kill their father, not only is that not moral but for a woman to do that to the father of her children and more importantly to their own children is just redicilous, I’m sure you wouldnt really do that your most likely just siding with Sami. My thing is if you dont want to have kids with a “monster” then dont sleep with one, plan accordingly and pick a better partner. If Sami didnt want to have kids with EJ why did she hop in bed with him, and take the chance of having Syd?? You say that she “SNAPED” well she did the exact same thing to EJ and he didnt try to kill her, she hid her pregnancy and the baby from EJ then, after all was said and done and she got Sydney back EJ overheard her and Rafe on the pier talking about how they wish things would have worked out and EJ would have never found out and they wanted to keep Sydney from EJ. IMO he SNAPPED and thats why he hid syd from sami, but in his case he didnt cause life threatening damage, like she did, he didnt set out to physically hurt someone, he just wanted revenge and wanted to hurt Sami’s feelings (if she even has any in that cold hearted evil chest of hers), he wanted to make her and the rest of the people who betrayed him feel as much pain he had been put through… It would have been one thing if Sami would have regretted putting EJ through Hell but she didnt and she wanted to take Syd from him again like she had Grace. Sami is pure evil from head to toe! She never regrets her bad actions she just trys to cover them up or justify them, its truly disgusting. Imo Sami has been using Johnny and Sydney since day one as pawns to get back at EJ. Even when EJ took Nicole on as his first case as a lawer Sami used Johnny, she told EJ she wouldnt let EJ take Johnny to the park or anywhere else until he decided to not take Nicoles case. She has already screwed up Will’s life HRS needs to intervene and take the rest of the kids from her before she destroys their lives too. Sami Brady is poision, always has and always will be, some things never change. My sister has been watching on and off for about 15 years and she said that too, she said that she can goa a year with out watching and not miss a thing… she says every time she tunes in Sami’s causing some kind of mischief or problems.

    On a serious note, I know that this is a television show and is fictional, as everyone else on here should. But I really hope that there really isnt any ladies on here that would kill that is just simply disturbing, and horrible, please think before you post! There are people in this world that make me angry but never angry enough to pull a trigger and kill, its just UNMORAL, no matter who is on the recieving end of the bullet. I really dont wish to see any of you ladies on the Oxygen tv show snapped. There is a difference from loving your children and wanting to protect and them killing someone. No one on here is God and gets to decide who lives and dies.

  175. From LISA- PA

    I definetly want Bo and Hope to get back together, but there is a part of me that wants to see Bo pay a little in this too. He always is the one that “strays” and is always accepted back with open arms, I would like for someone to see Hope for the beautiful person she has grown into and fall for her and show Bo that “straying” has consequences too. Remember the Billy storyline, Bo went back and forth and couldn’t seem to stay out of Billie’s bed, well it is happening again. Bo needs a good wake-up call, Hope has always been there for him, it’s time he hurts a little too. Ciara will ultimately be the one that suffers the most though. Kids always do…..

  176. From MAB

    Katherine – I think they are all in the wrong where Chloe’s baby is concerned, not just Carly. I do see your point, but Carly could have handled things differently IMO. Lying is going to get them nowhere, including Caroline, because the truth always comes out eventually. Carly and Caroline say they’re trying to do what’s best for everyone, but in the end, it’s going to be worse for them all. And if the couples love each other the way they say they do, then they’ll find a way to work through it. I believe Parker needs to know who his REAL father is. No one could dislike Philip more than Kayla, yet she was willing to tell the truth about the baby’s paternity.

  177. From MAB

    BoAndFancyFace4Ever! – I wonder what kind of illness they have in store for Caroline? It’s possible if something is wrong with her already, it could very well be initiating her current behavior.

    I agree about Hope taking responsibility for what she did, yet the only reason she got to that point was because of Bo & Carly. They are to blame too. I know Ciara is suffering though and that’s the reason Hope should be wanting to get out of there and go home.

    I dislike Carly about as much as I dislike Rafe. I don’t trust either of them and think neither have shown their true colors.

    I don’t think they tapes should cancel each other out. I just think if they are using EJ’s tape against him, they should use Sami’s tape against her as well. You say you don’t see EJ as a good father because of his temper – well what about Sami & Rafe’s temper? Sami has attacked 2 women as of late, and Rafe threatened to kill Nicole. I remember EJ yelling at Johnny too, but what parent hasn’t made that mistake before? I think it’s Sami & Rafe who has put the kids in danger, not EJ. And look what she’s turned Will into. He is slowly becoming his mother. He’s also in danger as well, yet all she cares about his keeping her secret.

    I think Rafe’s so called love for Sami is more obsession. Now I know some would say they same thing about EJ, but I find it hard not to believe that it’s in fact EJ that truly loves Sami, especially knowing she shot him. I don’t think what Rafe has done for Sami is romantic. I think it’s scary, especially after the way he treated his own sister Ari. EJ (and Stefano) are villains and there’s nothing wrong with seeing them that way, but it doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings just like everyone else. They have proved that IMO. I cannot get behind your reasoning of Sami shooting EJ. There are too many reasons why she shouldn’t have shot him, other than the claim that she just snapped. For one, with everything that has been done to Sami in the past, she has NEVER gone to these lengths before to kill someone. I find that way out of character for her, but I guess that’s how the writers want it. Two, she saw EJ was unconscious. He wasn’t able to do anything that night, so she could have easily left and came back to confront him. Three, if she did snap and was so distraught over what EJ had done, how could she just go back home and act like nothing happened, and have sex (yet again) with Rafe? I find that very abnormal. If I shot someone, I can’t imagine going back home like nothing happened and hop in the sack with someone. In the end, Sami is at fault for numerous reasons, namely that she was the one who was going to keep Sydney from EJ in the first place, and all EJ did was react. Sami knows she has a hold on EJ, and she could’ve worked that and made some kind of peace with EJ, and shared the children. Now, if EJ had harmed Sydney or if he was an abusive father to her & Johnny, then I would be the first to cheer for Sami, but those kids have had no harm come to them while in EJ’s care and they love their father. So IMO, Sami has no reason to want to keep them from him. EJ only took Sydney because Sami was conspiring with Rafe and was going to do that same thing and keep Sydney from EJ, and he was not going to allow that to happen.

  178. From goodgrief

    I watched todays episode 11.15.2010 and I thought Jack was dead. Why does Jennifer talk like he is alive. Im lost???

  179. From kass

    MAB 177 YOU are right EJ isnt the violent one with the temper, so he blew up on Johnny ONCE, like you said what parents havent had that one laspe in judgement, also like you said it wasnt EJ it was Sami who is guilty of attempted murder and who beat two different women up in a matter of a few weeks and Rafe is the one out threatened to kill people(Nicole). So like you said dear MAB, SAFE are the ones which are dangerous and have explosive uncontrolable tempers not the victim EJ! Ej doesnt physically hurt people, even todays episode, he didnt physically hurt Sami, he cloroformed her, picked her up placed her on the couch and gently rubbed her arm. Due to his stupidity he still love Sami =/ Hopefully she will change and accept his love or he will smarten up and froget about her!

    I think that Johnnys surgery might bring EJAMI close together, life threatening situations usually do that to two people espicially when its a child. I have a friend, and his parents were married for over 15 years, and had 4 children together. They divorced when he was like 13 and were seperated for 7 years and didnt like each other. Around the time he was 20 and his little sister was 18, his sister was involved in a fatal accident and as much of a tragedy as it was it drew the family closer and the parents ended up remarring and finished raising the two smaller children (my friend little bro and sis). I think that this is five or six years they have been back together now and their younger children are raised, but point of the story is tragedy can bring a family together, or in some cases push them farther apart!

  180. From kass

    another thing MAB, if Sami “snapped” and was temporarily insane then why was she sane enough to cover up her actions like thow the gun in the river and return to the bed with Rafe?

  181. From Leah

    177 and 178… I agree with your comments. SPOT ON about Sami and Rafe. As far as I see it Rafe is weak… as EJ so well put it “How do you do it Sami? Your partly responsible for his sisters death and yet here he is as your little lap dog!” Spot on and well said!!! EJ is mean’t to be the bad one so we EXPECT (as we do with Sami) wrong choices and wrong reactions to what is thrown their way BUT Rafe is mean’t to be the good one, the saint. Yet he throws his sister under the bus, threatens her, breaks the law, covers up the truth, bullies, threatens, manipulates, uses Sydney and yes even threatens to kill Nicole AND HE’S THE GOOD ONE? Wake up people, he ain’t good, he ain’t a saint, SOMETHING ELSE HERE IS RULING HIS DECISIONS AND IT AINT THE HEAD CONNECTED TO HIS SHOULDERS! Ha ha He’s weak, wimpy and willing to compromise his values and principals for a bit. All I can say is Sami must be all that in bed.

  182. From Katherine

    #169 Bo and Fanc/4ever.
    I can’t believe what you wrote, you condoned shooting a human being,that was unconcious, and to top it, you would have emptied the gun. I know Salem is fiction, but how many out there that read all those blogs, not stable at all, and you condone and even further Sami’s action. I think you went way overboard, and you are probably already regretting your writings, at least I dearly hope so. You went to far.
    There isn’t a parent alive, that hasn’t snapped at their children, but not all parents involve their kids in attempted murder cover up.
    I think Rafe and Sami in their threats to Nicole really – they need help big time. Now there is a big need for anger management, see what cover-ups will do to you, it will ruin your life and your family.
    MAB- I see your point, but now Carly and Mel are lying, for the Baby’s sake, it’s a tough decision, everybod will handle it differently, I know, one little leak, or bloodtest, and bingo.
    Lisa, PA – Ciara, not ultimately suffer, Ciara has been suffering very much for a long time already, Hope can atone, by getting out, teaming up with Jennifer (the journalist) and expose those pills, before they ruin mor lifes, and that would also be a very good excample for Ciara, her Mom getting those pills of the market, but be there with her girl, #1 Priority in life, period…

  183. From Katherine

    # 189 Leah- right on….

  184. From Jennbean

    Am I the only one that’s disgusted with Rafe and Sami using any surface available to slap skin on? it’s like ‘oh no, there is a major issue happening in salem’ and the first thing Sami and Rafe do is go boink in bed.

    “EJ almost kidnapped the kids.”
    “Quick, lets profess our love to one another and go have sex!”
    B. O. R. I. N. G. and also disgusting. I’m hitting fast forward whenever Sami and Rafe are together. I’ll watch the parts when they interact with other characters.

    I almost laughed out a lung when Rafe was saying that Arianna would have wanted Sami and him to be happy together-that’s a total lie. Back when Arianna thought her brother was a decent guy, she was pretty certain he would dump Sami for shooting EJ. Rafe was such a tool to his sister.. where is any of that guilt that she died?

    anyways. I’m happy that EJ is getting his kids back. Sami is just a downer these days.. and Will is so annoying.

  185. From felix

    I love Carly’s new look, and Nicole’s outlook. I hope she gets Syd, she didn’t always pawn her off on “invisible sitters and naptimes” She always carried her and was a loving attentive mother.
    While Sami doesn’t get Grace to the doc fast enough, she dies? EJ was as his father told him, a fool for kicking his own child out. Out with the Proof Nicole, I wanna see she and EJ TOAST with a bubbly clink!!

  186. From Karyl

    #151 Katharine Thanks:}
    #180 Leah, you think EJ is a better man, lol. He “loves” Sami yet he still does things to hurt her. What kind of love is that? Sadistic. Masochistic. Maybe Sami has the power that any man she gets with gets touched in the head and can’t stand to be without her. Heck, even Austin, was under her spell. Maybe if EJ and she get together (slim chance), she can send him over the mental edge, lol

  187. From Janiebell

    Maggie should get out of that box and show Vivian that Maggie is still a better woman than Viv will ever be.

  188. From Clear

    Ladies! Please not again. I understood the concept without thinking it was condoning murder! Most mothers, and I can say that if I perceived my children were going to be harmed, that I would stand and fight to the death however I could in self defense. However, I doubt I’d have a gun available. I don’t think anyone is condoning murder, and I for one from a fictional viewpoint think that Sami really did not want to kill him. Though she certainly could come up with a temporary insanity plea because she was really out of it. I still hate it along with all the EJami’s and many Safe’s that the writers let her shoot him at all.

    Meanwhile I’m enjoying Nicole’s manipulation and wonder how many copies of the video she has? I would like to see Safe happily married with jobs and I’m sure that could still be some EJami tension. When is EJ’s new love interest going to turn up?

    I’m glad to see that Jack Devereaux was given the label he always deserved today–”Jerk.!”

  189. From Clear

    I’m commenting on Spoilers for some of you that don’t want to know ahead. I see Brady gets another visit from Isabella’s ghost. Her ghost needs to tell him what Nicole did to Ari with the evidence!

    I see that little Johnny must undergo an operation, so I wonder about the spoiler saying EJ gets custody back and Sami has no choice. Will it be before and then his illness causes EJami tension again.

    It says that Caroline has a health crisis, so did anyone know if it’s for real or just part of the story line? It says that friends and family
    fear the worst, so is she maybe retiring?

    I guess that Stephanie after all her machinations will come clean about the paternity which makes little sense after all she did. So no wonder that Dan and Phil fight! Dr. Dan should know the weak spots, but Philly is the big war hero!

  190. From kass

    Clear 185, Bo&fancyface4ever did condone Sami trying to murder EJ and said if it was her she would have empited the gun (meaning it wouldnt have been attempted murder it would have been murder). I can see standing up and defending your kids protecting them and keeping them out of harms way. But the kids were in no danger with EJ, of matter of fact the only time the kids recieve any attention is when they are with EJ. And Sami only acts like a mother when shes around EJ. EJ is a far better parent than Sami ever thought about being, she is too wraped up with Rafe in the bed to care about her children, and using the kids like pawns. I think if Stefano and Ej were seperated EJ would have no connections with the dark side of the law, meaning if he ran away with the kids, he would focus on being a father and not working for a crimelord father. I think all the babies (Johnny, Ally, and Sydney) would be better off with EJ. Let the want-to-be murders Sami, Rafe, and Will be all alone!

  191. From Katherine

    #187 Kass, I have never agreed with anybody more than I do with today.

    Darned it, there is a fine line between judging fictional or real, it comes form deep down no matter what, to say, I would have emptied the gun on a passed out defensless person, really is over the line, and there are enough nutcrackers out there, that need no motivation at all, but boy if it comes from a respectable Blogger, it must be ok. to shoot, do whatever. How do any of us know, who is reading our blogs, no matter what you do in life, once you open your mouth or blog, you have some responsibilty, of what actions you condone, or not, even if we are talking about a soap, some people don’t \see any difference between fiction and real\ we all should know that by now,…..Get real, when it comes to going overboard how we whitewash some of characters, but our opinions about what the characters did, be careful what you condone.
    I think EJ would be the best parent any child could ever have, I have seen it, so far he has been the Best, next to Nicole.
    If they want to disprove that, than please, I am waiting to see Sami and Rafe in loving unselfish caring moments with those kids, like I used to enjoy when they were with EJ and Nicole, and yes even Stefano, he was a dotting Grandpa, I have never ever yet seen a \dotting Grandpa Roman\ Roman Grandpa, where are you, I guess Stefano is the only Grandpa we’ll ever see on the screen, how about that, Safe lovers, IMO, so keep it cool, this is only blogging,but it feeeeeeeeelsss … so good.

  192. From Katherine

    Ok, I just have to go there, tired of Carly being so disliked, but the queen of mean always being defended.
    Carly had her son Nick stolen by Viv, never even knew she had a child, only the ones who watched back then will know the history,
    yes she left Bo for Lawrence because of Nicky their child, it was a hard decision, but Hope came back from the dead, and it all turned out ok.
    Yes she killed (or so we are made to believd) Lawrence, in Self Defense, while he was wide awake looking her right in the eye, threatening her, unlike Sami shooting an passed out EJ.
    so she came to Salem, scared to death about Viv and all of Larry’s Henchman, they did try to kill her on the boat, she did not break up Bo and Hope, granted, she should not have moved into his house and bed, bad move,
    but now compare all this to Samantha’s whole life, it makes Carly look like Mother Teresa, and I have watched for 45 years.
    What is this obsession some of you have with Sami, she is a bad seed, period, face it people there is no getting around it, only the writers can redeem the character of Sami, hopefully they will.
    Be fair between Sami and Carly, is that so hard to do….
    If you tally up Carly and Sami side by side, the bigggggg winnnnnner will always be Samantha Brady, the nast, coniving, coldblooded, scemer ??– hurting everybody in her family and whoever crosses her. Nobody on this soap has been more harmful and nasty than the character of Sami brady and that is a fact.
    Well, Caroline, something has to be wrong with her medically, otherwise the change in her character just makes no sense,
    still think, the Baby really belongs to Dan, might take a long time to get one resolved, much heartache in the meantime for everybody, what’s new.

  193. From Katherine

    Just watched today’s show, but am I the only one that sees chemistry between Nicol and Rafe, there is something there,
    even when he tried to seduce her before, something was there,
    Maybe I am the only one that sees that, but to me those two compliment each other, even if not what they are talking about, something is in the air between those two, writers, maybe you can see that two, Do not like Rafe with Sami, it’s just so unnatural, uneasy, just something doesn’t fit,
    EJ and Sami, yes,
    Rafe and Nicole, yes, something there, I even enjoyed watching him….. a little more than usual….

  194. From maryl

    Seeing Rafe handling Sidney today looked so out of place–not at all like when EJ holds her (and lovingly and gently rubs her little head). Rafe packs her around like a little piece of luggage! He looks no more like a father than Atilla the Hun! And in the same breath, I have to say that Nicole holding Sidney looks a lot more natural and loving than Sami toting her around, which isn’t often–usually when she’s taking her to Caroline’s.
    So Will grew up to be this wonderful son in spite of Sami? Yeah, right! The only thing Sami is so pleased about his “growing up” is that right now he is siding with and abetting her in the crime she has committed. Since he is on her side, he is just too marvelous for words! If there is any decency in Will its thanks to Carrie and Austin. I’m wondering what Carrie would say to Sami about all this stuff she is dragging Will into–making him an accessory to a murder attempt, just to once again save her hide and have things go her way. Will was always a handy “commodity” to Sami–she used him to get to the men in her life at the time, Austin and Lucas. Carrie and Austin raised him during adolescence and he came back to Salem with some values–already Sami’s influence on him has his values going down the drain. And to top it off, Rafe is making deceit and dishonesty look like it’s the right thing to do as long as you can justify it to suit yourself.

  195. From Leah

    Katherine I agree…. There is something there between Nicole and Rafe. I saw it along time ago and like their interaction. Yes Rafole could be cultivated I reckon. BUT I do also like Nicole with Brady. Even the actress who plays Nicole said she likes Nicoles relationship with Brady. I would like nothing more for Nicole to successfully have another baby with Brady or Rafe for some interesting fun.

  196. From maryl

    At this point, I’m not sure who I want with who or who goes well with who. Ha! All I know is that I want someone really special to come into EJ’s life and lighten up this dark world he has been living in. I want him to have his children back in his life and hopefully maybe Taylor (Natalia Livingston) will come into his life in a positive way. That depending on the writers having the courage and imagination to throw EJ a crumb! Then, I want Sami to burn with jealousy just as Caroline does over Victor. Oh, by the way, the writers are already going to redeem Caroline–she will have done all the nasty things because she is deathly ill. Same old same old! Redeem the Brady’s at all cost!

  197. From Janiebell

    Any mother thatis a mother will protect their child by whatever means nessary. If something or someone is out to harm either of my children; I am coming after them in full force, no matter what. I have done things that I am not so proud of to protect my children and if need be, I would do the same things again, if that would keep my children safe. Sami did not go there to shoot E.J.; Sami only went there to have a talk with E.J. and yes, to rase a little heck, Sami did not have murder in mind; if Sami had gone there to shoot E.J. she would not have come into the mansion yelling out E.J.’s name and Sami would have brought her own gun. Sami was filled with worry, anger and fright; when Sami saw E.J. she snaped. I don’t see why Sami could not walk on “momentarly insainty”. Anyway, we don’t know for sure that itwas Sami that rilly shot E.J.;all we know is Sami did fire the gun. Sami’s bullet could have gone anywhere in that room. There never wasa through search done to that room, and asfar as the gun coming from Stefano’s collection, there was a complete “collection of guns”. There could have been another gun taken from the collection, used, cleaned and put back in the collection. The gun that Sami used may not even be the gun that shot E.J. WHY was Susan, E.J.’s mother not brought to E.J.’s bedside when it looked as though E.J. might die?

    My friend’s family decided on a burial instead of a furneal for my friend’s dad. There was no viewing, visitation, or anything like that. The family gathered at the graveside and the family had a burial. They did the family thing. I know this makes me sound like a big coward, but I am glad that they chose that way, because I was dreading going to another furneal home, just now; but had they had the old fashioned way, I somehow would have been there for my friend.Hubby and I called my friend and told her we were praying for her and anything we could do, just call.

  198. From Janiebell


  199. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    MAB, I agree about Bo and Carly being partly responsible for Hope’s condition. I think their “affair” pushed her over the edge. Even though they were separated, they are still legally married.

    You know I respect your point of view and I definitely can see where you are coming from on Sami and Rafe. I’ve said before, I think at this point both parents need to lose custody for awhile. Or let them have supervised vistations (at different times).

    As for the shooting comment, I stand behind it. My morals are fine – I believe murder is a sin, period. As Clear stated, I am not condoning murder…that was not the point I was trying to make. At that moment in time, Sami was filled with fear for losing her children….she snapped. If I had been standing in that particular moment and feared that EJ would take my children away from me to never see them again, I would have pulled the trigger emptying the gun. To me, Sami’s mistake was shooting him and letting him live. You either walk away from the situation or your finish it. By Sami shooting EJ and letting him live, she will now either need to turn herself in (the smart choice) or make a deal with EJ.

    I can see where people think EJ snapped over losing Grace and finding out Sydney was his child….but he let this scenario go on for a long time. If he had taken Sydney and come clean in a day or two, I guess I could see that he snapped, but you normally snap out of it. Even Sami did, when she realized what she had done. I love Sami’s character, but she does need to turn herself in and face the consequences, just like anyone else.

    I would like to see EJ fall in love with someone that is his equal. I just don’t see it as Sami. I think there is potential for a true romantic storyline with him and the right lady.

  200. From L

    How dumb why doesn’t Rafe just tell Nicole that if she give EJ the video he wil tell Brady what she is up to. So she will lose Brady and Syd and out on her lonely butt again. That woman doesn’t learn does she. Why does EJ always get away with treating Sami like an idiot that she is, first he rapes, drugs her, how many times is she going to open the door for this idiot. Get a life EJ. Leave her alone. Women they can’t live with them or with them.

  201. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    MAB, the shooting comment above was not directed at you…it was directed at another poster for her uncalled for comments. By now, she should know better about posting comments like that. I enjoy debating with most on here…we all don’t agree, but I love to see others’ points of views. We aren’t trying to change anyone’s mind or view….but there is still one that just cannot seem to word things without attacking someone. I’m not going to call names or get into it any further.

  202. From Just Moi

    EJ kidnapping Sydney was one thing but to let not only Sami but everyone believe that she was dead was mean, cruel, sadistic and some think that EJ is not worse than Sami? He cut his little baby somehow because there was blood found on the clothing and to be made to look “real” he would have had to be more blood than a pricked finger. It is one thing to kidnap her and make everyone wonder where she is but to have everyone believe that she was dead, to find bloody clothes of a baby is just cruel.
    I do not condone murder, it is a sin and is wrong. But threaten my child and watch out, this Momma would be after you with a vengence.

  203. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    Exactly, Just Moi….I think it is inbred in every mother to protect their child at all costs. Sami went through hell thinking Sydney was dead. She didn’t want to feel that way ever again.

  204. From MAB

    kass – I agree with you. I don’t think Sami snapped either because I don’t think she would have gone back to Rafe’s like nothing happened. She knew what she was doing. She seems to remember everything she did, as she laid it out on the now infamous taped confession. Most people with temporary insanity don’t recall a lot, if any, of what they did. Sami was mad, she saw the gun, and she shot him, plain & simple. But again, I don’t see why the writers put her in that position. There have been worse things done to her in the past that would have called for even worse behavior from her, yet she never tried to kill anyone, instead she got revenge. I blame the writers for turning her and others on the show into people I don’t really recognize anymore.

    Katherine – I know Carly and Mel are lying because they think they are protecting Daniel and the baby, but the truth will come out, and lying to him this long, well they are taking a chance of Daniel turning on them and they will have no one to blame but themselves. The truth should have come out in the beginning, and Carly should have made Chloe tell him the truth, or Chloe should have loved him enough to tell him the truth w/o someone forcing her to do so. And anyway you want to look at it, I do not agree with keeping the paternity of a baby from a father. The ONLY reason that would be a reasonable solution is if the father was abusive to the child.

    Clear – I don’t know of any mother who would not fight to the death for the children if they were being harmed, even if it meant killing someone, BUT the fact still remains that EJ has NEVER harmed his children. I do agree with you that they writers should have never let Sami shoot EJ.

    Leah – I want Nicole with Brady too. And for those who see something between Nicole & Rafe, well I think it’s simply because Nicole has chemistry with nearly everyone she comes in contact with on the show – much like Brady and EJ.

    Maryl #191 & #193 – I can’t even think of anything to add to your comments – you are so on target!

  205. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    I agree Chloe should have told Daniel about the one night stand she had and why – WHEN it happened. He would have forgiven her. Then when she got pregnant, he still would have stood by her side and the baby. Chloe, Carly, Mel, Nathan and Phillip will not fair well when this all comes out. Carly will yet again be accused of keeping a secret from Daniel. He is not going to like that. Just look at how mad he got with Carly over Melanie.

    I don’t like Nicole with Rafe. It’s about as bad as Nicole with Roman (Thank God we didn’t see that). I like Nicole with Brady, but I also liked her with EJ. Just not sure I want her to go down either road again, though. EJ was horrible to her – some of it she deserved, some she did not. Brady is using her right now. I don’t like that. That’s why I want Nicole to be Sydney’s real mom. I want her to experience unconditional love and then find true love with a man. Nicole is a bad girl, yes, but with all Nicole went through with her dad, I really feel for her. I don’t think Nicole ever learned what real love was – except maybe with Eric and she blew it for money (to marry Lucas).

  206. From MAB

    Just Moi – EJ DID NOT cut his child to get her blood on her clothes. She had a nose bleed, and that’s how he got the idea to put her bloody clothes in the river to be found. Get your facts straight!

  207. From MAB

    BoAndFancyFace4Ever! – Well one thing I can say is I enjoy discussing the show with you whether we agree or disagree. It’s refreshing when we can do that w/o insulting one another. I understood the point you were trying to make, and I do not question your morals. I’m sure you don’t condone murder no more than I or anyone else does. Like I said, if EJ would have harmed Sydney or Johnny, then I wouldn’t have thought twice about Sami shooting him, but EJ has brought no harm to the kids. I could even see her shooting him if he were awake and threatening her, etc. But he was unconscious and posed no harm to her or the kids at that moment. She had many options to take, but she took the one I never thought I’d see her take, to just point blank shoot him. Again, though I guess that’s what the writers wanted her to do, which I still don’t understand. As far as EJ letting the kidnapping go on, I do think for that period EJ had snapped. He was so angry with her, Nicole and Stefano that he wanted to make them all suffer. He eventually came to his senses though, and it seemed like an awakening for him. He realized what he did was wrong, and that he still loved Sami.

  208. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    MAB, I agree…it’s fun. It’s the one thing that helps me get through the work day…yeah, I’m supposed to be working. I figured you understood what I was trying to say. I admit that EJ being unconscious is something that does bother me, but I’m trying to see through Sami’s eyes. Guess I watch way to much Bones, CSI and Criminal Minds…LOL. I love those types of shows. At this point, I’m just not sure if Sami or EJ need to be around each other at all….things keep escalating between them. I’m afraid the kids will become a casualty in their war. EJ now knocking Sami out with chloroform to kidnap the kids shows he didn’t learn his lesson (at least to me). I know Alli screams. He does come to his senses and doesn’t take the kids. Both parents have caused the children pain – I admit that. I don’t believe Sami is perfect or even close (that was one thing I hated about Carrie, but won’t go there). Sami, to me, has never been one to just sleep around or cheat on the one that she loved…I think the writers made a mistake when they had Sami sleep with EJ because Lucas pushed her away while he was in prison. To me, the true Sami wouldn’t have done that. She had remained faithful to the person that she loved..that was one characteristic that I loved about her.

    As much as I love Sami, I hate that the writers keep taking us down the same road over and over again with her and EJ. Sami is no saint and I hated all the things she did to Austin & Carrie and even Belle. I despised Sami back then. Over time, I grew to love the character as she matured and fell in love with Lucas. I think Lucas was the only one that actually grounded her. She always tried to be a better person for him. He wanted her to do it for herself because he knew deep down that was the person she wanted to be. To me, neither Rafe nor EJ have brought out the best in Sami.

    I’m wondering if Sami will be off the screen at all. She just resigned her contract, but her negotiations took a little longer than normal. They just couldn’t reach an agreement at first. If she is off screen, I’m wondering what they will do with Sami’s character.

  209. From maryl

    If Sami had a speck of a brain in that stubborn head of hers, she would never have to be “afraid” of EJ kidnapping their kids! He has always tried to have a peaceful and trusting relationship with her in sharing the children, but SHE always screws things up between them! Since both of them are ALIKE, when Sami starts her little games and plans of deceit, bad things happen–revenge, selfishness, and a need to be on top, while the children pay the price. It was not necessary for Sami to shoot a harmless, passed out EJ that night–Please! How stupid could she be, acting out of her anger in such a ruthless way with no consideration to their kids. EJ has NEVER been a danger to the kids, he unfortunately fell prey to Sami’s deceit and lies which led to his revenge game. That’s what those two do to each other–they are like two magnets being drawn together but one of the magnets is attached to a brick wall and therefore can’t meet the other. Look out when the attached magnet breaks loose and finally lets thing happen!!

  210. From Just Moi

    #201 MAB…so sorry for not having my facts straight. I love days and have been watching for 26yrs but unlike some I do not watch every minute of every day. I think you can be a little bit more diplomatic when someone makes a mistake!!!!!!

  211. From Just Moi

    I also agree with BoAndFancyFace that the children should be taken away from both parents as neither Sami or EJ deserve these children at the moment. They are both guilty to using the kids to hurt each other. Yes Sami has gone much farther than EJ but still 2 wrongs don’t make it right. EJ now planning on kidnapping the kids yet again, ohhhh please not again.

  212. From kass

    QUOTE: “I still agree with Sami’s motives behind shooting EJ. I think she was finally pushed to the point of a mental breakdown. She had just gotten Sydney back…though she was kidnapped and killed…then found out to be alive….then found that EJ was behind it all. Once she heard that EJ was going to take the kids yet again, she snapped. I would have done the same thing – except I would have emptied the gun.”


    “it was directed at another poster for her uncalled for comments. By now, she should know better about posting comments like that.”

    BO&Fancyface4ever- I was not trying to arouse an argument, I did not approach you in an aggressive manner, I spoke respectively. I am simply reminding you of the LAWS!!!! I am not calling you unmoral because we simply don’t agree on a point. I am saying that it is simply UNMORAL to kill people period. Even the women that “snap” have to pay for what they have done, because it is simply not right to take the law into your own hands and play God with someone’s life! How would a woman feel if she wanted to leave her husband and run away with their kids and kidnap them would it be alright for the man to shoot and kill the woman? I am by no means saying it is wrong to defend and protect your children, it is instinctive… I am however saying that when someone crosses the line and commits murder it is not only unmoral, it is illegal. So if that is something that you would do, I’m done trying to help!

    After the comment “I would have done the same thing, except I would have emptied the gun” how can you turn around and say you didn’t just condone murder??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? You really have me confused here PLEASE explain! Like I said in my first comment, QUOTE “I’m sure you wouldn’t really do that your most likely just siding with Sami.”
    Murder isn’t like abortion or gay marriage; it’s not a controversial topic, there’s no two sides to the story, and it is a serious and irreversible act. I understand a mothers instinct to protect their children, but if a mother is capable of committing murder, maybe someone else like HRS needs to protect your children from you (not you specifically, but anyone who would commit murder). Like I previsly stated I am not calling you a murder and also like I said you were probably just saying all that to defend you favorite character (sami), BUT THIS IS NOT AN ATTACT, I don’t even see how you could see it as an attack.

    The sole purpose of my previous blog and this one is to state 1.) It is perfectly fine and natural to protect your children from harm (it is your job). 2.) Murder is bad, even if it’s for your children. 3.) The only person that you are hurting by killing the father of your children is your children, (you’re not hurting him HE’S DEAD) it’s the children that have to not only live without the Daddy that they know and love but also the fact that they are the offspring of such an evil person that would take another person’s life for their own selfishness. 3.) Even if you think murder is right in some circumstances, you better consult with law enforcement first because chances are the law doesn’t and you will pay!

    This comment is not directed just to you Bo& Fancy face 4ever but I am just putting it out there for anyone who condones murder! Some of it doesn’t even apply to you, Especially if you are changing your story and saying that you don’t condone it now, I think I am more confused than anything now about your comment and that is why it may come across strange. You agree with Sami and say you would have “emptied the gun” but then you say you don’t condone murder, to me it sounds like you’re on the fence?

    I do however enjoying reading your comments and don’t wish to further argue, maybe if you can just clear it up for me a little bit. Are you for or against murder?????? I’m truly baffled!

  213. From Shani

    BoAndFancyFace4Ever you are smart to drop the “empty the gun” comment.I think most on here know exactly what you meant but you will never convince that one person who has attacked you.You didn’t say the name but I think it is the same one who posted that people who think Rafe is better than EJ should check their moral code.I mean, discuss the opinion but don’t attack the people who have the opinion!

    I don’t know if I could kill someone but protecting my children sure is the thing that could bring me to it.Whether it be from a nighttime intruder into our house or their father who kidnapped my baby, made me think she was dead, and then I found out he was planning to run away with her again, along with another of my children.Would make me absolutely nuts!I think Sami should have confessed right away, though, and then she could have pled insanity but now it has gone on too long for that to stand up. I’m not an attorney but it would seem so.

    I hope Maggie is not going to have long-lasting effects from the fumes in that coffin, like the spoiler on the new page indicates.I also wonder, like someone else posted, if Caroline will be retiring and her “illness” will be how she leaves the show?But I hope not.

  214. From Katherine

    #196 – in my 188, I gave my opinion about your statement, emptying the gun…..
    it was not a wise statement, and I even mentioned, that you probably alreay regreted the comment, I guess I was wrong.
    IMO and maybe a few others???? this did not belong on blog, and very respectfully I will stand by my opnion.
    However that does not mean I don’t enjoy all your other blogs,
    I was not disrespectful to you or called you names, let’s not go there, let’s stay with the facts please.IMO Kass also spoke to you respectfully, but she spoke her mind. How do we know how many unstable people are reading this site, just reading it…..
    Janiebell, understand your frustration, there are time I have to type my blog 2,3,4 times, don’t know why.

  215. From Katherine

    #199 MAB, hi – I agree – nobody sould keep a childs paternity from a parent, that’s what Caroline is doing and whoever else knows what she did, However at this point…
    All Carly and Mel know, is that Dan is the Father of Parker. Will they ever be surprised when the truth comes out, I still think that Dan is the Dad after all, but first he are going to have a big mess, when Phil gets exposed as the Dad.
    At this point, the only thing Mel and Carly are covering up, is the fact that Cloe had made a (sexual) mistake, and his hard then when you Dan is the father, to play God and tell on that one night stand, that is playing God too.
    I would not do it, it’s up to Chloe.
    Gosh, MAB I am disagreeing with you about something, I am mostly totally in agreement with you.

  216. From Shannon

    If Rafe had his way, his sisters and Sami would only be able to leave the house if they were accompanied by a male family member. Seriously, he exhibits sexist behavior as he seems to want to control the women in his life and tell them what to do. He’s maddening.

  217. From Katherine

    MAB – IMO – as long as Carly and Mel think the baby is Dan’s, all they have is the lab test, (which “God Caroline) changed, I think it is a very hard decision to make wether to tell Dan about Chloe’s on night “sexual” mistake.
    It’s an age old thing, to interfere or not in somebody elses life…. Now if they new the test results were changed, yes you go tell the truth, right from day 1 on.
    But they don’t know.
    Hopefully, Caroline has a big ecxuse, medial, for what she did, it’s up to Stephanie or Kayla now to set the record about paternity straight, if they don’t, the blame should go there.
    When Carly did the test in good faith, she believed the results in good faith.
    Rafe did look better, acting with Nicole, if Nic and Brady don’t work out, Rafe could maybe turn into a likeable character with her.
    We’ll see.

  218. From MAB

    BoAndFancyFace4Ever! – Yeah at this point both EJ & Sami need to take a chill pill. But I still want them together. I love the chemistry they share. It’s there in EVERY scene they’re in together. As far as Sami sleeping around, you’re right, she was never one to do that. She was a one-man woman, but I have to disagree with you about her & EJ. I don’t think she slept with EJ because Lucas pushed her away. She had real feelings for EJ. That’s what I don’t understand why some refuse to believe she loves or loved EJ. She’s admitted to it more than once, even Lucas and Rafe have admitted to it.

    I agree somewhat about Sami & Lucas, but as a couple, didn’t like it and it was nothing but a disaster. That’s why I always preferred them as friends. They were so good together that way.

  219. From MAB

    Just Moi – sorry if you took what I said about ‘getting your facts straight’ the wrong way, as we are all allowed to make mistakes, but you seemed to be sure of yourself, while slamming EJ for something he didn’t do. And usually bloggers who do not like him, blame him on a regular basis whether he’s at fault or not.

  220. From MAB

    kass – not to butt into your conversation with Bo& Fancy face 4ever, but I don’t think anyone would know what they would truly do when pushed to the limit – and by limit I mean if someone was to physically harm your child, whoever that may be, even if it is their father. Now, not that any of use would ever do it, but I think everyone is capable of murder, depending on the circumstances. And for example, I would like to use the Farrah Fawcett movie ‘The Burning Bed’, where she killed her husband after years of abuse. I’ve watched that movie a dozen times, and have always felt she was justified in what she did, and the court saw it that way as well and she was exonerated for her crime. Not that she felt good about what she did, but she had to do something or eventually it would have been her or the children dead instead of him.

  221. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    Kass, don’t worry, it wasn’t you I was referring to. I have no problems with you or your posts. The one person knows who she is…she seems to have problems with everyone..period. I’m not going to call names…I don’t like that. I’m really a hard person to offend, so don’t worry about it. Trust me, I can see that most posters on here are polite and state their views and opinions in a fun manner. I didn’t take offense to your post and I know you didn’t to mine. I feel everyone has a right to view the characters their own way. Always have. I, by no means, am going to go anywhere. I’m just not going to fight on here…that’s not why I come on here.

    I understand some people don’t get what I am trying to say about the gun, emptying it or the situation…that’s fine. I haven’t changed my mind at all about the statement – was just trying to explain to those what I saw in Sami and that moment in time and what I would have done in her place. It’s hard to put things in writing sometimes; it is better to hear the words and the tone. Anyways….Sami has dug herself into a hole by not fessing up to her actions after the fact…whether I agree with her or not. Sami should have come forward. It would have been better for her. I guess the writers thought they would create more drama by dragging this out. To me, the writers should have had Rafe make her see the light and confess. Then let the courts get involved with lawyers that were not friends of the Bradys or in the pockets of the Dimeras.

  222. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    Thanks MAB!!!

  223. From Katherine

    MAB, when did EJ ever physically harm any child,
    and how could you compare the Burning Bed, with Sami and EJ.
    EJ and Sami are like a tennis game, back and forth, even Sami knows no matter what, EJ would never ever harm a hair on their children.
    Sami is wild card, and she proves it every day, more and more.
    That is my humble opinion, when did EJ ever lay a hand on Samantha, he worshiped the ground she walked on, and she knows it… and uses it.

  224. From Just Moi

    #211 MAB…the thing is I was not trying to slam EJ as I am a big EJ fan. I was just trying to make the point that he makes mistakes and does some questionable things also. But I love, love, love me some bad boy lol

  225. From kass

    Katherine some people are more sensitive than others and like to make things all about themselves, and victimize themselves even when they are not the victim…. idk

  226. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    Some spoilers :

    Looks like Jennifer infiltrates the prison. That should be interesting to watch her help Hope.

    I still don’t like the Melanie and Nathan thing. I really wanted Phillip to have 1 good marriage. I think he really loves Melanie.

  227. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    Also, Carly and Dan have a moment over Melanie. I wonder if this is the beginning of them as a couple.

  228. From kass

    Ok Bo & fancyface forever I must have misunderstood I thought it was directed to me, my mistake, I was confused because shani quoted something else I had said about EJ and rafe and it seemed as if you two were referring to me. I still wander what your stance is on murder I’m lost there? I have reviewed my thoughts and have found a discrepancy, there is one case in which you are legally and in my opinion morally allowd to kill, and that is if you life, child’s life, ect… is in immediate danger for example an intruder breaks in an is armed or dangerous. But in sami’s case no ones life was in danger and she could have brought the situation to the cops (her doting family) or could have even came back to confront EJ when he was awake, but to try to kill? I use to like sami, and still think she is an amazing actress but she’s gone way to far, if it was temp insanity then why did she make the statement that she wished he would have died later, usually in cases where people snap they regret doing what they did because they normally wouldn’t have done it. maybe rafe is drugging her idk

  229. From Shani

    If someone on here gets their feelings hurt, or feels like they have been attacked, along with their opinion,(and a couple who post do attack),wouldn’t a simple apology be better than saying those who take exception are playing the victim. So far, I have seen a couple people say they were sorry and I believe that is the best way to handle it.

  230. From kass

    Mab, sorry I never seen that movie, but I don’t see how EJ can be compared to abu.ser if your lifes in danger protect yourself, but sami had no right as I know you agree

  231. From kass

    I’ll accept your apology shani

  232. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    Kass, you may have hit the nail on the head with the last statement….there has been talk on this blog and others about the pill Sami was taking.

    As a long time viewer, I still think there is more to the shooting that hasn’t been revealed to us yet. I know I am grasping at straws, but I still think Sami is not really the shooter….this is just my opinion, not a fact or spoiler. With the pills, her memory, etc, I think Sami thinks she shot him. I have a feeling way down the road, we may find out something different (if the writers do not change). I know right now all we have to go on is Sami is the actual shooter, though.

  233. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    I’m not speaking for MAB, but I think she was just trying to say that she understood what I was trying to say. I do not believe that MAB ever thought EJ harmed or could harm his kids. Hope that makes sense :)

  234. From Shani

    Kass, I did think BoAndFancyFace4Ever was referring to you but I guess she wasn’t. Mmmm, interesting! I felt your post that people who think Rafe is better than EJ need to check their moral code was out of place. I like Rafe better and think he is the better man and my moral code is fine. I was woman of the year in my community a few years ago for work I do for others. But maybe you didn’t really mean it the way it sounded in print.

  235. From Shani

    I, too, wonder if down the road the way the writers will get Sami out of this mess is to have there be another shooter.

  236. From pam

    I hate EJ and I hope he leaves the show. He is just like Stefano.
    Sammy belongs with Rafe.
    If EJ gets those kids I will stop
    watchi9ng Days. That would be
    insane and anybody that likes EJ is insane also.

  237. From kass

    Shani 227, all I meant by that comment was that we know nothing good about Rafe he is a mystery all we actually know is that he would do anything for Sami including covering murder (even that rat Lucas wouldnt do that he has more morals, and I use to really really really not like Lucas) we also know that he is a bully, he breaks the law just to prove someone else did. He is a rogue agent that uses his position to get what he needs, he uses people, like Nicole, Ariana, even baby Sydney. He lacks character, he strongly strongly strongly hates the Dimeras all because Sami tells him to, with out actually knowing them, (and to those who say that he actually knew them before he met Sami- well if thats true then that makes Rafe a LIAR, because he told Sami he didnt know them). He is extremely shallow only caring about a role in the sheets. He has spent NO QUALITY TIME WHAT SO EVER with the kids but trys to keep them from their father who loves to spend time with them. He is encouraging a CHILD, Will to abett a murder. He originally was in the plot to keep EJ from knowing his daughter, but mad at EJ when he turned the tables and did the same thing (which makes him a hypricrit) But atleast in EJ’s case he kidnapped his own daughter, unlike Rafe who helped kidnaped a child who has no relation to him. The whole Emily thing was never really resolved as far as we really know he killed her because she had a secrete he never wanted to get out, and I see it Safe and Will are the ones partially responsible for Ari’s death they did everything other that pushing her out in the street. He is very weak minded and agressive, unable to form his own thoughts and opinions, and very influenced by Sami, but easily angered and agressive, like when he attacked EJ TWICE since EJ had head surgery, and EJ kept his composure, and tried to defend hisself. To me he is extremely egotistical, he had to prove hisself to Sami before they could get back together by finding Sydney’s kidnapper, because he could not stand the fact that EJ was Sami’s hero for the moment and EJ had brought Syd home and Rafe had failed and almost got Syd killed. Rafe WALKED OUT on Sami after she got Syd back, something that EJ has never done, if Sami is willing to have him he would never ever leave her.

    Then you have EJ who since Johnny has been born has done nothing but show adoration to his children. He doesnt create violent situations or seek to hurt Sami. The only times that he has truly hurt Sami is with the Sydnapping, and in that situation, he wasnt acting he was reacting to a situation he had unwillingly been placed in. Everyone he loved had betrayed him Sami, Stephano, Nicole, he had no where to turn, the only person he knew wouldnt hurt him was his children. He retalliated against all Sami/stephano/nicole by hiding Sydney, but more importantly he had heard Safe plotting to run with Sydney, so as a protective father he stopped them from doing that.

    Sami knows that EJ is haed over heals for her and would move the heaven and earth for her, she knows that nothing she does could ever make him stop loving her, I truely believe that she loves him to but knows that their love is FORBIDDEN. She continually strings EJ along like a puppy and time and time again Sami walks all over EJ’s heart and sh*ts on him (so to speak) and him like a little puppy who is abused keeps coming back looking for love. Because EJ metaphorically speaking is like a puppy, you can beat it, starve it abuse it and it still bleeds for love and attention. EJ has never harmed a hair on her head and no matter how mad he has been with her he wouldnt allow anyone else to either. He defends her time and time again in a natural way, and then theres Rafe who defends her in the unnatural way like covering murder.

    So to me Rafe is the bad guy and EJ just reacts to situations that he is placed in and then later regrets what he’s done. EJ regrets kidnapping Syd, but Safe cant regret trying to kill a defensless human being?? It was one thing when she shot him if she wants to claim temp insanity I think she wrong but whatever, but not being able to admit that she was wrong for doing it and regret it that shows lack of morals and anyone that defends that or would do the same is has moral problems. but thats just my opinion!

  238. From Shani

    Nope, no morality problem here. I’m in my early 50′s so it probably would have shown up by now.

  239. From kass

    PAM 234 I will take your insult of insanity and love me some EJ and you can take your hypercritical, lying, scheming, egotistical, bully, weak minded, shallow, lack of character, murder abetting, and probably murder himself, aggressive, shallow, rogue shady agent Hernandez, and then you can see who looks insane, have a nice day sweet heart!

  240. From Leah

    I realise probably most that post on this site are ladies…. hence the sympathy more towards the woman characters than the men on the show. BUT come on… what a mother would do to protect their children? YES we know because we are mothers BUT LETS NOT ALSO FORGET WHAT A FATHER WOULD DO TO PROTECT HIS CHILD!!! I believe alot of fathers cop and are judged on the actions on a minority. Plenty of fathers would do whatever to protect their kids, work 2 or 3 jobs to provide for their families etc etc. So I don’t agree that we can simply wash away or explain away Sami’s actions because she is a mum. If ya wanna play it that way THEN whether you like or not we could simply say the same for EJ he did want he thought was right to protect his kids from Safe (who by the way hid Sydney, lied about her, did an illegal adoption, shut him out when who they thought was his daughter died in hospital THEN cruelly revealed the truth after she had died. EJ was spot on when he said “I could have told her I loved her, I could have held her hand, I could have said goodbye.” Safe robbed him of that and then after learning the truth had the horrible gaw to openly say at the pier how they wished they could have had Sydney all to themselves and how good it could have been. Remember up to that point Sydney had been with EJ from birth and only spent a week or two with Sami or Rafe!!!) NO EJ has been written as a hands on dad, involved and interested in every aspect of his childrens lives. EJ was scared and thought Safe were going to AGAIN shut him out of his kids lives. So yes a desperate father did for his kids. AT THE END OF THE DAY AT LEAST EJ WAS REMORSEFUL FOR HIS ACTIONS. Safe NEVER apologised for the Grace/Sydney incident and have NEVER shown any remorse in fact they just keep justifying their actions.) They are hypocrites! You can’t have it both ways point the finger at the other for something you yourself are doing also. Remember for every finger pointing out there is three pointing back. I’m not gender bias and would like to see a single father on Days having full custody of his children. If anyone is able to fit
    that bill on Days it would be EJ. Deep down EJ is a big softie… we have seen that with him with his kids and we’ve seen it in his ability to be able to forgive the woman he loves “Samantha.” When it came to the crunch it was his love for Sami that had him change his mind about taking his kids out of the country and his love for Sami that made him bring Sydney back! Go EJ… go get your kids, go get the hypocritical, gross and ugly pairing of Safe! About time they paid for their crimes.

  241. From kass

    Shani I wasn’t directly speaking to you, I was making a generalization. Perhaps it was a bit blunt and honest and maybe I could have beat around the bush to spare the feelings of Rafe fans. However I stick with my opinion that if someone was to behave in the manner that Rafe does they might have issues. On the same note I believe that if any REAL person was to behave like a soap opera character then they have issues too, because soaps are filled with loonies and whack-a-doos (even EJ has been extreme). I’m not saying you have Moral problems, that is your conscience speaking. As I know from experience and having taught psychology and social science, a self interpretation can often be inaccurate, and misrepresentative. A self interpretation is partial and filled with many biases. I feel like I am backed in the corner if it’s not one thing it’s another. I feel you are being too sensitive and taking this too personal. Maybe guilt? I don’t know but congratulations on the woman of the community award!

  242. From MAB

    Katherine – what are you talking about and what are reading? I never said EJ physically harmed his kids, in fact I said the exact opposite. And I wasn’t comparing the movie The Burning Bed to Sami & EJ. I was referring to that movie to make a point of how someone can be pushed into killing someone.

    kass – I’m not comparing that movie to EJ & Sami, I was just trying to make a point of how one being abused can be driven to murder. EJ is not an abuser, and I never said he was, in fact I said the exact opposite. I only said IF he was abusing Sydney or Johnny, then I wouldn’t have a problem with Sami shooting him.

    Just Moi – ok, I guess I just read your post wrong. Glad to hear you’re an EJ fan.

    BoAndFancyFace4Ever! – thanks, I’m glad someone got it!

    pam – how would you like people calling you insane just because you like Rafe? You don’t need to call people insane just because they like EJ, which is a fictional character by the way. If you don’t have anything pertinent to say, then spare us all and stop posting nasty comments.

    terry – if you’ve watched this show as long as I have, then you should know you can ‘never say never’ about anything on this show. I do believe one day we’ll see an EJ & Sami reunion. A recent interview with James Scott, he stated that he’s sure EJ & Sami are not over with, even though it will probably be a long time coming. Besides, it shouldn’t matter if she is a Brady and he is a DiMera. If the storyline is good, along with their undeniable chemistry, the writers would be fools not to explore their relationship some time in the future.

  243. From kass

    LEAH, I’v said it before and I will say it again your words are like a song to my ears, you are very good at expressing things that are on my mind (like Katherine and a few others) But I really enjoied reading your last post #240! It made me smile! There is EXTREME gender bias on this site, the woman is always sympathezized with. Hope tries to kill her husband, and “Bo is blamed, because he is a cheater, even thaough Hope ended things”, she was a complete and udder B*tch to him befor they split up and she was the one who left but its some how “falls back on him”, Caroline switches a paternity test and somehow turns the situation around to peg it on Phillip, because he is such an evil person and not that many women on here object to it of matter of fact many encourage it, because Caroline told her sob story about Bo and Vic, boo freakin hoo hoo, Dont cheat on your husband Ms. Brady and maybe you wont have another mans child. Carly killed her husband, but ohhhh thats okay, she was protecting her longlost child. Its also alright for her to lie to Daniel because she has good intentions for Chloe the baby and Dan. OHHHHHHHHH and dont get me started on Sami and what she has done, I have heard it all from that girl, she has used and reused every excuse in the book. She is a walking, talking liar, and excuse maker, she reminds me of a song I heard a long time ago it goes “She could telephone, tell a friend, tell a lie about where she’s been.
    Send a pigeon, send a fax; Write it on a post-it pad.Send a signal up in smoke, tap it out in Morse Code.I’d prefer a bad excuse
    She missed her bus, missed her plane; surely this can be explained.Lost her car at the mall; got locked in a bathroom stall.Playing guitar with The Band; on the road with Pearl Jam.
    Buried with The Grateful Dead; came back as a Parrot Head.
    Got derailed, got de-iced; offered as a sacrifice.FBI, CIA; if they’ve seen her they ain’t saying.” The point I am saying is that she is a liar it is her nature! and people buy it!

  244. From kass

    Sorry MAB I was just a bit confused, I see now. =]

  245. From Shani

    My conscience? Guilt? I think Kass that you ought to quit while you’re ahead with this. Only making it worse. I wasn’t being sensative for myself in particular, I was being sensative to your comment about all who think Rafe is the better man. I feel you are painting with too broad a brush. Only reason I mentioned my award was to indicate that you don’t really know who you are posting to and what kind of people are reading your comment. That the Rafe fans are most likely good people and just diagree with you.

  246. From kass

    Good for you Shani, you are a great person, you are so incredible wonderful. I bow in your presence. Oh so noble, and worthy, I shall never question your sense of reasoning or morals again. The world is a better place for having you as an inhabitant. I stand in awe of your magnificence, and praise your glorious being. I wish only for one day to deserve to stand in your presence, to my knees I will fall and worship the holier than thou SHANI! Here is this what you wanted? Are you happy, I used a touch of sarcasm, if you couldn’t tell?

  247. From Shani

    OH, darn it! You were being sarcastic?!?! And here I thought you had come to your senses!

    Lots of new posts on the new page, everybody.

  248. From kass

    I’m sorry if I offended you, your majesty, my intentions were pure and sincere. May I grabble at your feet and begeth your forgiveness. Ohh holy sire, fair woman of her community, have pitty and forgivness on this poor misguided soul, for I did not mean to offend thy holy one. Please oh please show me mercy and understanding. I dont know what I would do if I were to fall out of your good graces. I suppose my life would be void of purpose, the blog gods would yield their wrath upon me, by banishing me from the kingdom of “Soapopera fan-Dustins Days of our lives” for eternity. Life would be meaningless if I couldnt come to this land and patronize you.

  249. From Katherine

    Mab – I re-read your Blog 218, about the burning bed, and I guess I didn’t see to even use the comparison, to Sami and her kids,
    I see, that you did not mean to do that, quite frankly, when I read that, it just didn’t sound like you, and I was a little taken back.Are we good again. But THANK YOU, Mab, for telling it to me by Name, I wish Bo/Fan/4 ever could give the person that she has much problems with a name, that would truly be the brave thing to do, implying things, can only cause problems among all of us. So Bo/Fa take a big breath and tell the “bad Person” who she is, and please back it up, with excact quotes, so we all can read it again,.
    Kass, you are so right, I am with you lady, and yes sometimes it gets very hard to keep composure, but everybody can say what they want, so why can’t we agree to just let people voice their opinions, like them or not, no more boohoo……
    Well, I already know, I will get chastized for that, perfectly good, non-hurtful comments, just opinions….
    I like a little sarcasm Kass, spices up the blogs, who can be so boring at times.
    Leah, I love your writings, of course, we think alike, for the most part,
    Shani, don’t get sensitive, but I don’t like Rafe either, just don’t.
    Kass, thank God for you and your wide open opinions, with out you shaking things up a little, what a bore this could be.
    Even Movie critics, like and dislike the same movies, we are DOOL critics, why is that so hard to get sometimes.
    Still stand by my opinion about emtying the gun comment, it showed that they thought Sami had not gone far enough with one shot, but then in the sam token, they don’t condone murder, which way is it.

  250. From Karyl

    Here’s an idea, why doesn’t Sami go it alone for awhile. She acts like she can’t function without a man around.

  251. From Janiebell

    Once again: it has never been proven that Sami shot E.J., true Sami did fire a shot but was that shot the one that hit E.J.? That room was never rilly serched to see if another bullet could have also come from another gun. So we still don’t know for sure that Sami shot E.J.. The Demears do have enemys.Or someone could have taken out a “hit” on E.J. we rilly don’t know.

    Rafe took Sydney to visit Nacole and then Nacole goes to E.J. and tells him that Nachol can help E.J. get his children back. Now that is a low-down double-dealing 2 faced so and so.

    E.J. pushed his way into Rafe and Sami’s apartment, Choliformed Sami, with the intents of “kidnapping his own children”, yet again the jerk.

  252. From Karyl

    #249 Janiebell. I agree, but I question Sami’s intelligence. This is the fourth time she has shot off her mouth at the wrong time and paid for it. The other times was trying to restrict Lucas from seeing Will, which was also on tape, that Victor got a hold of and threatened to turn her in, if she did not agree with his demands, then the tape of her telling Lucas, when he was injured that “Austin would believe her…” which Austin of course hears, wedding off.

    Then, the letter telling what she did to Carrie regarding the baby, etc, again, Austin finds out, wedding off, and now this. When will she, if ever, learn. EJ keeps playing her for the fool, and she keeps falling for his tricks

  253. From kass

    Rafe seemed really awkard holding Sydney, very unnatural, held her almost like a bag or item, unlike the loving way EJ does. Which is ironic to me because Galen Gerring is a parent in real life where as James Scott isnt, so its amazing how good an actor JS is to be such a convincing father on screen, whereas GG isnt a convincing father type and he is a real life father? Idont know???

    Yess Katherine some people fire me up and the best way to respond it to use sarcasm. Its being mean in a nice way, its usually works. I would be happy to agree to disagree with her, but I not disowning my beliefs and morals. Rafe is all that I accused him of in #235, therefor he is bad, and people who act like him IMO are worse then EJ. But I enjoy your post to, they can be very entertaining.

  254. From Katherine

    249 Janiebell, how is it going,
    Nicole went to EJ, because Rafe doublecrossed Nicole, at least that’s the way I see it.
    I did not like the chloroform bit that EJ did, not good, see I can disapprove some of EJ’s actions.
    Wheter Sami or somebody else shot EJ, is almost a mute point, Sami meant to do, thinks she did it, even if another bullet hit EJ, she is still a want-a-be, would-be murderess, not getting around that.Maybe if she confessed, Salem’s finest could drag the river, find the gun, and see if the bullet matches, so simple.
    MAB, I really hope you and I are clear, …

  255. From Katherine

    249 Janiebell, the way I saw it, Rafe doublcrossed Nicole, and that is why she went to see EJ. What she wants more than anything in this world, is to spend time with that little girl, that she had from birth on, yes she”stole the baby” hopefully her baby is still alive, and maybe even is Sidney. The writers are letting a lot of bonding happen, so might tell us something.
    Did Not like the chloroform bit at all, agree with you.
    Maybe there is another bullet in that room, but Salem PD, couldn’t find one if they tripped over it.
    Hope, you are hanging in there. Kass, enjoy the intellegence in your writings. Thanks

  256. From Katherine

    Janiebell, Rafe doublecrossed Nicole, that’s why she went to EJ.
    At least in my opinion.
    You expect the Salem PD to find the other bullet, if there is one.
    Hopefully, sooner or later they will drag the river for gun and see if the bullet matches, but first they have to find out that Sami is the one…..
    Coverup, of course, and the case will never be solved…
    Kass, you got guts and convictions, I admire that, and you are a very smart writer. Good Combo in my book.

  257. From maryl

    Karyl–Sami pretty much tries to play EJ for a fool also! She has proven herself to be the queen of lies and deceit. In the past, it involved Austin and Lucas–now it involves EJ.
    Kass #251– If you read my post #194, you will see that you and I see the same thing in Rafe when it comes to his parenting abilities. I thought it was ridiculous of him to be telling Sydney about how he was going to take Nicole down and the bad lady wouldn’t be in her life anymore! That poor baby doesn’t need to hear any of that stuff!

  258. From SheriH

    Leah: ITA with your comment “Go EJ… go get your kids, go get the hypocritical, gross and ugly pairing of Safe! About time they paid for their crimes.”
    I truly believe EJ is the better parent. You can see it in every minute he is with his children. He looks at them with so much love. You hit the nail on the head.
    Its funny how certain groups condone the crimes of one person, but if it is EJ, he is wrong to commit the same crime. Sami is a bad person who has no conscience and least EJ feels bad for the mistakes he has made.

  259. From kass

    SherriH 253 you are soooo right! about Safe should have to pay and EJ being the better parent, I loved the scenes between him and Johnny and Allie today it was too sweet! And Maryl yes we do agree on alot, and I think now looking back I remember reading your comment, and IMO you couldnt be more right!! I love how EJ adores his children, he is a natural, and I believe he’ll make a wonderful father in real life, and face it he’ll have one hot baby! haha

  260. From Janiebell

    Some people hold babies one way and some another. As a mother of 2, it looked to me as though Rafe was holding Sydney just fine. Rafe never dropted Sydney did he?

    I am tired of this. I have “sent “this same post 3 times and not posted. Everyone gets posted but me I am very dissatisfied!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  261. From Shani

    I saw the same thing you did, Janiebell, with Rafe holding Sydney. I think he is good with her, and with all the kids, and maybe could give Sami a lesson or two. The scene with EJ and the children was OK, too, but I didn’t like him leaving them alone with an unconscious Sami.

  262. From kass

    The point is that EJ is like 10 times better with the kids, just because he didn’t drop syd doesn’t make him good with them. Ej’s scenes with johnny and allie was really good, he picked them up and tickled them and blew on johnnys belly, that is the kind of parent those kids need, one that is involved and spends time with them. BTW the kid that plays johnny is awesome he has such a little personality. He is like the sweetest little kid ever

  263. From Debbie

    Shani, I didn’t like how EJ left Sami’s place either with her unconscious like that. Maybe he thought the effects of the chloroform wouldn’t last and figured she’d be waking up soon? BTW, why can’t the writers at least make the actors look like they’re turning the locks in doors when they leave places? Especially when they’re leaving someone else’s home and don’t want any suspicions aroused.

  264. From Shani

    Debbie, I agree about the doors and have noticed that. But, then, there are a lot of things they don’t do to polish off the scenes. But I still watch and am interested in the show so guess I can’t complain too much.

  265. From Jean

    In trying to think of a scenario that will get Sammi out of her attempted murder situation and blackmail by Nicole, the only solution I can see is if it turns out that “someone” shot EJ at the same time she did, perhaps one of Victor’s henchmen. It will come out at a trial.

    Don’t remember anybody from CSI investigating the crime scene, but I’ll bet they’ll find Sammi’s bullet that missed in the wall or headboard.

    I can also see the truth coming out about Parker who will turn out to be Phillip’s son, that will open the door to Mel and Nathan getting back together.

    Of course, this will take until the week before the show ends!

    I also thought about the potty situation in the casket. Viv came out and hung around in those same clothes for awhile, didn’t she? No adjustment for the difference in lighting either. Didn’t the writers watch the Chilean miners get rescued?

  266. From kass

    Has any one in this world ever woke up after their toddler children in the mournings like on a saturday??? Sami was just sleeping and capable of waking up, plus Ej keept looking at her and was realizing that the chloroform was wearing off, he didnt put the kids in any danger!

  267. From Katherine

    #261 Kass, why do you always make so much sense, thank you my dear.
    I did not exactly like the chloroforn thingy,, but Sami would have used it — If needed…..

  268. From Karyl

    #252 Maryl. I agree. Yes Sami does. Maybe she has a little bit of Dimera in her, just like Lexie.

  269. From Karyl

    Nicole being a better parent? Probably not. When she was pregnant wasn’t she more concerned about keeping EJ, than the health of her unborn child? As for EJ loving them, sure, but they also spend a lot of time with the housekeeper and he will leave them in an instant to jet off out of the country, even when he really does not have to.

  270. From Katherine

    #264 Karyl, with all Due Respect, where do you come up with that….in your blog, when has EJ ever jetted off, when was Nicole taking care of her pregnancey, at least while she was really pregnant, come on Karyl, give them both a break, Sami refused to get Renatal Care in hide-out even though it was offered to her, so may it was her baby that died when Doc Baker took her out so quick, and she was so concerned about, why don’t any 0f you reasonable people out there ever, ever, respond to that therey, that the Baby that Doc had there, maybe ready to sell to somebody was Nicole’s earlyborn child, and when Doc agreed to the switch, he really gave Nicole back her own Baby, not Sami’s, because Sami’s just didn’t make it, without care in that Safe House she was in with Rafe, without NOOO Healthcare, she refused if I remember correctly,
    That was EJ’s Child, and she did not do all she could to protect that child.
    Remember, Grace was Mia’s child, so what ever health problem Grace had, where not because of Sami, she was not Grace’s mother…….
    Personally, I hope Sidney belongs to Nicole, because unless the writers throw us a curve, Nicole will the the best Mommy that child could ever hope for.
    God, I love my Opinions, Katherine, you are so cool….

  271. From Katherine

    Help me, I meant Pre-natal care
    but still let’s face it, Sami’s Baby did not have the care a baby should have had for nine month, and if I remeber correctly, it was Samantha that refused medical care… so maybe Her baby did not make it, but Nicole’s did, and that’s what Doc Baker gave her back in exchange for Mia’s Baby grace, Nicoles own baby, I hope so with all my heart, because I had it with Samantha the out of controll, willfully murderous, lying, involving whoever, like Will, etc.,hurting her children at will, at any moment,whenever she feels the need too…………. never mind Johnnie, Ally, Syd, they love their Dad and StepDad, (bye the way where is Super Dad Lucas, Oh yeh, out of the country, but EJ is here, but Still Lucas absentee,Dad, Better than Loving caring EJ.
    Rafe, give me a break, father, to what, all his lies and deceptions, ya,good dad to that, but loving, caring and nurtuting??? I know, wrong,….give me a break,.

  272. From Janiebell

    I thought it was going to be like a “flash in the pan”with Maggie being in that box. Maggie has been laying in Viv’s left overs far to long, set Maggie free now. Vivian came out of that box with hardley a hair messed up, not at all like someone that had been “enclosed” as long as Vivian was.

  273. From kass

    Katherine #262 I wouldnt mind about the chloform thing if EJ had of done it to me… hehe I’s love him to man handle me lol jk

  274. From Katherine

    268 Kass, I hear you, when Nicole played the video for him, what composure the man had, .

  275. From susanne

    I like the new Stephanie. She is no longer a victim or acting from
    desperation. Maybe, she and Nathan can still be together, but
    only after conflict and sparks.

  276. From Lonnie

    Some body please take Bo down and get him some clothes that aren’t so dang ugly and such an odd fashion…I have never seen sport coats like what he wears!! gawd ugly..

  277. From Joyce

    Just how did Arianna get a photo of Sami’s confession on her camera when the camera was in her purse all the time. Must be some kind of magic.

  278. From Karyl

    #265 Katharine. Sami may have had prenatal care, they just did not want to focus on it. Maybe Sydney really is Nicole, which in reality would help out Sami. That would be less of a hold that EJ would have on her. It will probably play out, Sydney is not hers, and she gets pregnant with Rafe’s child. So EJ would have Sydney, they could share custody of Gianni, and Sami and Rafe would have a child of their own. Everyone comes out a winner and happy

  279. From Katherine

    271 Karyl, good points, I have wondering when Sami will get prego again, it’s been a while.
    A little Rafe- hope he doesn’t get those eyebrows, that one of our bloggers likes so much, forgot who that was.
    Will always wonder, what else Doc Baker knows, something just doesn’t sit right with me yet, about that whole Baby business. If Sidney is Nicole’s and Sami’s baby did not die, maybe Doc sold Sami’s baby to somebody out there, I mean, that was his business, there were 3 babies, one might have been sold, but which one……. I might be so off, but it’s fun to speculate.

  280. From Marie

    What happened to the hit and run driver who killed Arianna? Remember when Rafe was driving years ago and his fiance died before she could disclose something important? Maybe he prevented Arianna from showing the evidence to EJ? Just a thought……

  281. From Marie

    btw, where are Sean Douglas, Belle and Claire? You’d think they would be back with Hope being in jail to help with Ciara. I don’t think they’ve ever seen Ciara. They didn’t even come back when Grandma Horton died. I guess they’re gone forever. Like Eric!

  282. From kass

    Even though I think that Nicole took better care of Sydney than Sami, I dont wish that Sydney was her daughter, the writers need to stop flipping and flopping the kids around. Not to mention there would be no point of that because EJ and Sami would still be connected through Johnny and that would also tie EJ and Nicole back together and I really dont want to see that! I believe that Sami would be a much much much better mom if she was with EJ because she actually takes care of the children together with him!

  283. From kass

    Marie #274 Shawn Belle and Claire were around when Ciera was born and nearly the frist year of her life, they left shortly after Kayla had her baby aroud spring 2008 I believe or 2009 I’m not sure but I’m sure we’ll see them come back one day

  284. From Janiebell

    No more baby swapoing or daddy who’s the daddy, please. We had enough of that stuff. Bo and Hope should be together now. They are the last true loves on that soap. Does any couple stay together on days, because they rilly love each other and want to be together? I use to be able to watch days and pretend that love did endure all, but not anymore.

  285. From ss

    I am sorry if this upsets anyone, but I don’t care how bad EJ is…he and Sammy make a wonderful couple…and those love scenes between them…ohhhhhhhhhh!!!! I love the chemistry…they understand each other…”it takes one to know one”….

  286. From Katherine

    278 Janiebell, Bo and Hope, we know they will get back together, and that will prove, that did endure all, but in the meantime we need a SL. So hang in there girl, love and time will heal all, even for you. Stay strong.

  287. From Katherine

    that love did endure all….

  288. From Karyl

    #274 Katharine. That would be a nice storyline if Sami and Rafe did have a child, that just may happen.
    I think Sami’s child either died or was given away and that Sydney really is Nicole’s child. Sami had more of a connection/bond to Grace than Sydney (Grace was a cutey to boot, better looking than Sydney). I think Mya’s baby might actually had been sold, but only the writers mnow for sure. Somehow, I think Dr Baker got back at Nicole for blackmailing him in some way.

  289. From Karyl

    #276 Marie, they would need to be recast, since both actors are on different soaps now. Not sure about Claire

    #281 ss, maybe, but EJ has a hot temper. Later spoilers suggest, that he may be mean/rough to Nicole, since he really does not need her anymore, once he gets his kids. I think he has some type of mental problem that may run in his family. If you watched or recalled, his mom, Susan was obsessed with John Black

  290. From Shani

    EJ with mental problems?! Yes, I can easily buy into that! And James Scott is playing it so well!

  291. From Katherine

    If EJ has mental problems, than what I ask does Samantha have, it’s been lasting for the last 20 years…?
    Did any of you see, how composed EJ was with Samantha, he got mad, yes, but under the circumstances, he held his own pretty good.
    Two woman that loved, Nicole and Sami, both lied to him, manipulated him, betrayed him, I don’t think he is going to lay himself wide open to any woman anymore, not for a long, long time.
    And that includes his father too, he is not going to trust anybody, and I don’t blame him. Woman think they can do anything to a man and get away with it, bring on the tears, the drama, the hysteria, it might have worked in the past, but now EJ is done with all that, they pushed him to far, all IMO.
    I only feel so bad for the kids, but darn it, it’s about time the women start thinking about that too, before they start their lying games and deceipt.

  292. From Karyl

    #286 Shani, Yes he does. He can go from calm to angry to calm again.

  293. From maryl

    EJ has every reason to go from calm to angry all the time–look what he’s been going through lately. Not at all a mental problem, just responding with a lot of emotion as any other person would. He’s in a fight for his kids!! EJ is no more half-cocked than Rafe who becomes belligerent at the drop of a hat. He is forever name calling,(Nicole for example) threating, and wanting to hit someone. He comes across as a mentally obessed person in a situation that he really doesn’t belong in! But I guess Sami has him so “house broken” just like the “lapdog” he has become for her. IMO, he is the one who just might prove to be a mental case–never know with these writers!(HA!)

  294. From Shani

    I don’t remember ever seeing Rafe go into an out and out rage like EJ does, – and does it often. Almost think James Scott’s eyes are going to pop right out. Wonder if his blood pressure goes up when he plays those scenes?

  295. From maryl

    That, Shani, is good acting on James Scott’s part and that’s why he was nominated for an Emmy. He puts a lot of powerful emotion in his acting–doesn’t care if he looks “pretty” all the time. Galen Goering is not a good actor. He’s very monotone and unable to show emotion in a realistic way. Even his mourning of Ari was very dry and unconvincing. In real life, when people get very angry and upset their eyes do tell all. Some people’s eyes get bigger and look like they will “pop” out of their head– as you noted. Also, the blood pressure really does go up! I understand you dislike the EJ character so I don’t expect you to agree with me, nor will I agree with you on Rafe, but if EJ is a mental case then he really belongs with Sami, because she is most definitely one. I think there are a lot of bloggers who would disagree with you on Rafe’s temperment–it can get pretty bullish and ugly. Maybe you haven’t seen it but some of us have.

  296. From barbara

    rafe is like a jr high play star! he poses and looks ok, but has no more finnese or ability to show emotion than a frog. let’s ship sami and him off somewhere and let the real actors like ej have more starring time. i can hardly think of a better solution to the “blahs”.

  297. From Sheila

    EJ hasn’t given the police the tape because he loves Sami. Looking back at all of the video of Sami & EJ it is clear to see that they will always belong together. Looking back it is easy to see that they only are free to be their true selves when they are together. Writers, give them a break.

  298. From Karyl

    #292 Sheila. That’s a nice way to show love, mentally torturing each other. Are they both sadomasochistic and get off on hurting each other, EJ and Sami, I mean? EJ reminds me of Ava, remember her? She was obsessed with Steve “Patch” Johnson.

  299. From Nancy

    I am so sick of EJ and his threats!! Not to mention Nicole, the Bitch!! Why aren’t they both in jail for all the things they have done. Please, let your readers have a Merry Christmas by putting EJ and Nicole in jail!!

  300. From Nancy

    I find it quite ridiculous that you have put a male and a female in the same room. No self-respecting medical personnel would do that!!!

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