Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For November 26.

Dealing with the aftermath.

Following the rushed wedding and Sami giving up the children she’s fought so hard to possess, Roman starts to put the obvious clues together and realizes that Elvis might have been telling the truth when he claimed that Sami was the one who shot him. While he ponders what to do next, Rafe promises Sami that EJ won’t get away with taking the kids away from her. Over at Casa DiMera, Elvis is feeling smug. “To Samantha, and a wedding you’ll never forget,” he toasts.

All of the miserable hubbub in their families has brought Will and Gabi close again. While they are strengthening their bond and supporting each other, Mel and Nate are stuck in quarantine getting weaker and bonding more. Since they’re barely conscious, they manage to talk clearly about their feelings. Carly mills around the hospital having a panic attack and warns Bo that there could be a major health disaster if this virus manages to spread.

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  1. From brighteyesrose

    I am completely done with this Soap Opera. I have been watching Day’s of Our Lives since I was 5 years old. This show is completely out of hand. How is it that someone can just come along and take your kids; give me a break. Another thing, I still would like to know how Ari took the video of Sami’s confession when the video camera was in her pocketbook. With some much sadness in this world can’t someone create a show that can bring some joy (like sami getting her kids back and some happiness)…;o(

  2. From Clear

    Yes, it would be nice to have some happy endings especially for the holidays when many people are extremely miserable or even alone. At least let our soap stars have some romance, glamour, action and adventure with the good guys winnin!! I want justice! I certainly hope it does not take months for things to change with Nathan and Melanie! Melathan? LOL!

  3. From dc

    yea, taking the kids away from sami was wrong.. but after all ej is a dimera and is mean and horrible that way.. and nicole should have never been brought back with sydney..
    she will probably end up with ej for awhile. i wish brady would find a “hot” girl that would show up nicole and teach her a lesson..
    she has just played brady along, he needs someone new.. (maybe to help him with vivian)..
    and i really don’t want melanie and nathan together..
    i like melanie with philip..
    is carly’s contract up? with her taking the drug to hopefully cure melanie and nathan..

  4. From Sandy

    #1 brighteyesrose
    My question exactly, how can EJ just walk in and take the kids especially since there is a Restraining Order against EJ. Deal or no deal with Sami he is still violating that order. Sami will have to explain to her family why EJ has the kids but won’t EJ have to explain to Roman or Bo why he has violated the Restraining Order? Also was there every a Restraining Order against Nicole when she got out of prison to stay away from Sydney?
    Looking at the video on You Tube it does appear when Ari sat her purse down across from where Sami was sitting it may have been tilted in a manner that the video recorder could and that’s a big could, have been positioned to see her while she was talking, but it’s a real reach. Then when Ari was leaving and she pulled the recorder out of her purse to show Sami she recorded the conversation, it took a little effort for Ari to get the recorder out of her purse. So I’m with you, just how did she get such a clean shot of Sami confessing, maybe her voice, but her face? But I’m sure many who read this post will say ….. it’s a soap opera and anything can happen. But for me sometimes the writers ask us to accept too much, when pure logic says it never should have occurred.

  5. From Jennbean

    I’d like to see a switch in the main characters, at least for a little while. I’m getting sick and tired of seeing Sami in EVERY episode practically.

    I was already reading that Rafe is going to try to lift her spirits for her wedding night–probably by having a romp in bed. Why is everything always fixed by having sex with those two? UGH!! Disgusting. :( I would like to see some REAL PLOT between them instead of all the gushy-clingy crap they’ve been having so far.

  6. From MARCEY


  7. From MARCEY

    come on let maggie realize that
    Victor loves her, and would do anything to protect her. If I was maggie Iwould be honored that I was saved. by one who loves her.

    I think she is in denial
    she really loves him to…
    too many fumes have gone to her head and why does she believe anything vivian says?
    please don’t let Brady let go
    what evidence does she have that she was in the coffin anyway who will believe the lying maggot. if they all deny it. they can have her vivian put in to the looney bin where she belongs. come on they bradys have to grow brains some time

  8. From wanda

    i am glad to see ej getting his kids sami should have told ej when she was first pg and not kept it from him and nichole should have told ej she lost her baby not stole samis and ej should have not stolen sydney now as it is a soap ….we each have our opinion as too our faves .i still dont like rafe he acts too goody goody please let him be gone opinion

  9. From Janet

    I just watched Days today and
    Victor should have kept Maggie in
    the sarcophagus, did she ever say
    thank you for letting her out.

    Also, E.J. was right about Sami
    putting Rafe first, if she was
    any kind of mother, she would have
    spent her time with her kids,
    instead of marrying pain in the butt Rafe and to have Johnny say
    he wanted to stay with Rafe and
    Sami was out of character, he
    always wants to be with his father.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

  10. From Sandy

    #6 wanda
    Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda it just didn’t happen that way Wanda. And in my humble opinion (you know we have to say that so the other bloggers don’t jump our bones for having an opinion), in the case of both Sami and Nicole they didn’t tell EJ of their condition because they we’re afraid of the DiMera’s. Remember Sami went to tell EJ she was pregnant, but she was frightened away from the mansion when she saw the Mayor murdered on the mansion doorstep. With all that had happened between the Brady’s and DiMera’s over the years she felt they would come after her to silence her, which turned out to be true. And although EJ already had a relationship with Johnny which seemed to be going ok, Sami was not only afraid for her life but the life of her unborn child. My question is who wouldn’t want to protect their child from the DiMera’s? If she had told EJ after the shooting of the Mayor, giving EJ the benefit of the doubt, could he or would he have protected Sami and his unborn child from Stefano who wanted her dead as a witness to the murder? Where was EJ’s loyalty with Stefano or Sami?
    Then Nicole, because she didn’t think EJ could handle it, didn’t tell him about her miscarriage. Nic didn’t have enough belief in their relationship at that time and thought if she was no longer pregnant he would throw her out of the mansion. I’m sure many will say, Nic should have given EJ a chance, but her insecurities were stronger than her belief that EJ could have loved her without her expecting his child. Just a few thoughts.

  11. From Shani

    Johnny loves his Daddy, EJ, but he also thinks Rafe is a neat guy, has fun with him, and likes him very much. Like when he asked Sami if he could call Rafe “Daddy” like he does his real Daddy. Kids see things differently than we adults do and their hearts are completely open. As I wrote on the other page, I think EJ handled it miserably today when he took the kids the way he did. I don’t want them with him at all but he should not have talked like he did in front of the children or said the things to them that he did. Out of control over Sami marrying Rafe!

  12. From coogar

    If the polls suggest a turn toward having Sami & EJ together again, it seems that the powers that be take the ball and run the opposite with it. It is tiresome and boring with the wrong kind of sparks flying between Sami & EJ. Both actors considerable talents are squandered with nothing but venom spewing between them. Sami on a never ending marriage-go-round of one man to another, fighting over the kids, Nicole trying to worm her way back into Syd’s life and kidnapping or contemplating kidnapping. It’s Ground Hogs Day over and over. Whether you love or hate Ejami, you have to admit there is a chemistry between them. Both these characters have such a rich history of being villans and doing uttelry terrible things to others, quite often family members. No one else deserves each other better than these two. It also doesn’t get any better than when there is something going on between feuding families, ie. Romeo & Juliet family, Hattfields and McCoys, Bradys and Dimirras. A Gone With The Wind character defnition is my persoal favorite. Rhett was a handsom scounderol whose wealth was gotten by unscrupulus means. Scarlett was a beautifull, selfish, manipulater who would do what ever it took to get what she wanted. Sound familiar? She referred to him as \that old skunk Rhett Butler\ but eventlually trun to him. But no, tomorrow will be more of the same mundane far. Sami crying and getting Will to lie for her, everone telling she did the right thing by attempted murder, Rafe breaking his oath to up hold the law. And lets not forget everyone’s favorite granmother Caroloine. She has fallen off the good ship lolly pop to commit felony HIPPA violations by entering faudulent test results at the hospital. Oh well, tomorrows another day, fiddle-dee-dee.

  13. From maryl

    Everything EJ told Sami at the wedding was true. I, for one, was so glad to hear him lay that on her. She deserves to hear all that and more. I didn’t think he created a scene in front of the kids. If Sami and Rafe hadn’t sprung this wedding so quickly and secretly, the scene would not have happened at all–he gave her 24 hours to part with the kids. But she chose to use it, as he said, foolishly and once again chose herself & Rafe over the kids.

    Sandy–Yeah, Sami was sooo frightened by the DiMeras that first of all she slept with EJ in a moment of hot, hot, passion and conceived Sydney– that shows real fear! Wow! Then she didn’t have a problem with letting EJ take care of Johnny and Ally when she was in protective custody–imagine that–all that family she has but she gave them to EJ. That really shows fear! Her biggest show of DiMera fear was when she moved into their mansion! She looked quite happy and content there, but I guess she was just pretending as to hide all that FEAR! Is there something wrong with all this?? It doesn’t make any sense to a normal person. As far as Nicole goes–I have yet to see her truly afraid of anyone and even if she is, she will trudge along with her schemes and manipulations to get what she wants no matter the price. Only thing Nicole really fears is losing something Nicole really wants.

  14. From maryl

    Great blog Coogar! I like the GWTW comparison! One of my favorites. I agree with everything you stated especially about the powers that be. I think they need to take some lessons in what makes a good SL.

  15. From Sandy

    #11 maryl
    In my post #8 I “wasn’t” talking about how Sami conceived Sydney through a moment of hot, hot, passion; or how she came to move into the DiMera mansion; or how during her time in the safe house both Johnny and Allie lived with EJ in the mansion. I was specifically addressing Wanda’s comment in post #6 as to the why Sami didn’t tell EJ she was pregnant. As I remember the story line Sami went to the mansion to tell EJ of the pregnancy, saw the murder of the Mayor on the DiMera mansion door step and after having the gun man point the gun at her she ran for her’s and the life of her unborn child. I think under these circumstances a normal person might be reluctant to run into the arms of the family where a murder had been committed. And it would be safe to say since her Father put her in protective custody there was grave concern for her life from the DiMera family.

    Nicole is a manipulator, schemer, etc. But again specifically my response to Wanda’s post #6 was related to why she didn’t tell EJ she lost their baby girl. As I remember the story line when Nicole lost the baby she was afraid to tell EJ because she didn’t feel he could handle the news emotionally and she was afraid he would no longer love her and throw her out of the mansion. At this time Nicole was in love with EJ and because of her insecurities and her fear of being tossed out like the morning trash she began her scheme to replace her lost baby.

    Did Sami or Nicole do the right thing in their particular circumstance? I guess one of us normal people would have to be put in that situation to know. But in Soap Land it makes for a good Story Line.

  16. From Mary

    I’ve stuck with the show through some pretty horrible storylines, but I’m finally fed up. Enough with Sami/EJ/Rafe/Nicole! Seriously, at this point I don’t care who gets the kids. In all honesty, they’d be better off in foster care than with the whack jobs they have for parents. I used to love Melanie and Philip, the actors that play them have such great chemistry, but they ruined the couple with the stupid Melanie/Nathan thing which makes NO sense at all. Vivian is beyond ridiculous and is annoying, the whole coffin storyline is so dumb. I’m sick o the writers rewriting storylinnes to fit with their laziness. All in all, I am just so over this show.

  17. From Grayce

    I am sick to death of Rafe and Sami, Also, all she and Nicole do is whine and repeat their same laments. All she and Rafe do is talk of their undying love and make out. I like EJ and Sami as he doesn’t act like a sap and holds his own against Sami.

  18. From Janiebell

    Why would Necole take Sydney away fromSami and why would Sami allow that to happen. Rafe and Sami stood bye and allowed E.J. to lie to Johnny why would they allow this to happen? E.J. told Johnny Sami wanted him to go to E.J.’S house. That was a lie. Writers write something beliveable.

    ing thetthecomputer” again.

    Hubbie has


  19. From Deetampa

    I would love to see a great couple who loved each other. I have watched sense day one. Great loves were all around, Julie and Doug (still together) Bo and Hope, Marlaina and John. Maybe “Love” has changed and we don’t recognize it anymore.

  20. From barbara

    #15, yes loce is out and sex is in! the only thing sami/rafe have going seemss to be sex and more sex. i think it’s disgusting and boring and hope another story evolves soon. maybe sami and rafe can go away for a while on a honeymoon or something. i’m sick of them.

  21. From gracie

    I happen to love EJ, he has tried his best to make Sami happy, and she is such a spoiled brat she won’t let it happen, when she thought Rafe was GONE for that while she was all about moving in with EJ and making him happy, but Rafe (whom i can’t tolerate)comes on the scene of their wedding and its all over. No making Sydney look dead was not right but neither was what Sami did to EJ!! He thought his child had died!! And Nicole should have stayed in prison!! But come on folks Sammi has done this and more in her life time!! She stole Belle, her lil sister yrs ago and made her mom and John suffer for months!! So what goes around comes around!! I dont even like the biggest looser now cause I can’t stand Sammi anymore!! She whines and crys and Daddy runs or does Uncle Bo, and speaking of HIM if Carly dies from the virus and he goes back to that disgusting ugly old looking HOPE, me and DOOL”S is history!! And I have watched it faithfully since I was 15 , I’m now 62!!! So let’s get down to business, let Nicole and EJ’s magic work some interest into the story, let sickning Sammi and Rafe (Ugly name) make their own kids, let Brady find a true love and let Maggie and Victor find love, let scheming Chloe go on with her shrade, Daniel will love the baby regardless, and I hate to see a wonderful gal like Mel get tied down with ho hum horton!! That guy is BORING!!!! And Stephanie just plain SUCKS!!! I haven’t liked her boring lil self since the day she arrived in Salem!!! Come on writers, let’s keep the good times rolling with the DeMeira’s , Brady’s, and any of the actor’s who put some spunk into this show!! It is time for old maw brady to pass, Stephanie to grow up, Maggie to accept a bad boy, Bo to ditch witch hazel I mean hope, and Chloe to just take some makeup off and be a good mother to her kid!!

  22. From maryl

    #13 Sandy–the hard part for me to understand is that when Sami witnessed the shooting at the DiMera mansion and went into protective custody, why did she, after all that, give the kids to EJ instead of her family–was she not afraid for them being with the DiMera family if she was so terrified for herself and unborn child? That’s what I was pointing out in my response—this theory that Sami fears the DiMeras doesn’t
    hold water because she is always doing things to prove otherwise. She uses this so called “fear” to excuse her goofy and misguided actions when needed. I guess we can blame the writers for things not adding up! Nicole, IMO, is just what I said–she fears only things that can cause her to lose something she wants for herself. If she is so afraid of EJ, why is she getting her sticky hands on him again with all this child custody thing? You would think she would stay far away from him. She now wants Sydney, so all of a sudden, she is conquering her fear? The writers are coming up with stuff that is really a hard sell.

  23. From coogar

    Is it just me or does it seem at times recently the DiMirras actually come a across as, well . . more decent that the Brady’s? When it comes to parenting EJ has done a little better job than Sami in offering up stability. He has not subjected the kids to numerous schitzophrenic partner changes. EJ no angel, at least did not wish bodily harm on Sami. Lately the Brady’s have not come across as the moral authority that they used to be. Caroline Brady, consumate scappy do-gooder, commits a fellony, everone is aiding and abetting in covering up her crime of passion. I enjoy a good villan as much as any one, but the good guys are becoming a real let down. I know this is just a soap opera and one certainly doesn’t look to this genra for morality tales to teach our children values to live by. BUT . . having said that, there ued to be some sense that on DOOL there was a responsibility to portray a sense of right from wrong. They would present moral compass to follow. Certain characters never crossed a certain line. And if they did there was a sence of guilt, wrong doing or they developed a sence of conscience. The worst example I can think of is Sami jumping into bed with Rafe after the wedding fiasco and then sneaking back into bed for more sex after shooting EJ. Diabolical. I see no trace of shame in any of the characters you expect it in: Caroline, Sami, Rafe and Will. Only a self-centered attitude of what and how much can we get away with. Saddly, that is reflection of American society today and the errosion of our ethics. No one is a straight shooter any more; we can do what we want and use dirty tricks and dishonesty with out impunity. Don’t mean to preach, forgive me for the downer. Time to snap out of it. After it is, the season for miracles. Maybe we can has a Christmas Carol type dream episode for all those bad Brady’s. The ghost of Isabella Blak can come and haunt each of them their own with a Days of the Past, Present and Future.

  24. From Sandy

    Have you ever had a situation where things have just gone so wrong you want to start over? To me that’s Days, but where is the best place for a start over? And do all the story lines need a do over or just those that seem to be frustrating the fans the most like Sami, Rafe, EJ, Nicole? Where would be the best place or story line to say it was just a dream?

    Thanks for the response maryl, isn’t it interesting how we try to analyze story lines and characters we had no input into developing and for people that don’t even exist and for story lines as far away from reality as can be. Exhausting at times, but for the most part fun.

  25. From maryl

    Sandy– I so agree with you on that! And you are right– for the most part it is fun! I guess you could say it makes us use or heads a little trying to keep up with the writers twists and turns. HA!
    coogar–I have noticed the same things as you have about character changes. It’s almost as if the writers are trying to level the playing field between the bad guys and the good guys. A Christmas Carol type dream sounds good! I just got through watching \Beauty and the Beast\ (Disney cartoon) and enjoyed that beautiful little story so much. It has always been one of my favorites. I love the moral of the story that even a beast can change and find love when love is shown to him.

  26. From coogar

    Just want to say a quick thanks, I appreciate the possitive feedback; it nice toknow that I’m not out in left field all by myself. Gotta say I agree with you about the fear angle that two of the most adatious, gutsy characters on daytime TV today, Nicole & Sammi, are using. Both women are about as subtle as a sherman tank and as timid as Tony Soppranno. Shrinking violets they are not. It would be easier to say they had a deer caught in the headlight moment that lasted for say about a year.

  27. From Kimberly

    Hummm I never want to see ej and sami together again, I want to see Rafe with Sami and for him to raise her kids with her. EJ is scum and he deserves nothing less then to never see his kids again. Rafe is amazing… and no she didn’t put him before her kids again… she included them in the wedding and she was only doing it to protect them from the scum bag.. who I think everyone has forgotten kidnapped Sydney, and made everyone think that she was dead all to get back at Sami for protecting her from a mob family, would you want that for your children? sure sami has gone through guys but sometimes it takes people awhile to find true love which is what Rafe and Sami have… so yeah Team Sami and Rafe!

  28. From Leah

    CRY ME A RIVER SAMI… I WON’T HAVE A TEAR OF SYMPATHY FOR YOU! Why? Because you’ve had it coming to you since day 1. Day 1 you when against Lucas’s advice when he told you to tell EJ that he is going to be a dad again. Lucas said it well when he said “Sami when are you going to tell EJ the man that you love that your pregnant with his child again?” Sami chose to let her fear of Stefano cloud her better judgement and she paid for her mistake. Sami pined for EJ while in the witness protection programme and when EJ rung her to tell her he was moving on with Nicole she chucked a hippie fit. (Sami was always jealous of Nicole with EJ.) After that she lied, deceived etc etc with Mr Dumbo Rafes help. Illegal adoptions, lying to her family, her own children. She really is a victim of her own schemes and plans. No I don’t feel sorry for her and look forward to EJ having the upper hand for a while.
    I want Ejami back together but now that Safe have married I’d like Sami to observe EJ with his kids, them as a family and for her to wake up and realise that is where she belongs. I’d like to see Sami pursue EJ this time and for them to have an affair and enjoy each others company and love with no one and I mean no one in Salem knowing for a while. Ejami to me = GOLD!

  29. From Janiebell

    No, no and no Sami doesnot belong with E.J. never has doesnot and never will belong with E.J. Sami is much better off with Rafe. Sami would be best off with Lucas. Never with E.J. When E.J. walked up all puffed up with himself and took Johnny; lieing to Johnny and telling Johnny Sami wanted him to go to the Demear’s I expected Rafe to knock E.J.’S block off or at least Sami to kick E.J. where the sun don’t shine, for lieing to a child. Sami never gave-up her children; Sami’s children were ripped from Sami’s arms. Those children are going to be so mentally mixed up that they will need years on the couch of “a head shrinker”. A mother deserves to be with her children,and a dad that is a true dad will relize this and at least shaire custody with the mother. Best afamily can be together but SAMI DOESNOT BELONG WITH E.J.

    There are no loving couples on days anymore; sence Bo and Hope are not together. I am not sure I belive in “man/woman love forever” stuff in rill life either. I use to belive in “all that stuff”, but I got cured and now I am not sure that there is such a thing as true forever love.

  30. From susan

    EJ is such a great dad??? he raped Sami! Falling in love with the rapist is a story line that has shown up on soaps over and over and it is disgusting. I too want some happiness on this show. Life is tough right now. I remember years ago when my late husband had cancer. I was watching Another World. Mac gave a toast…Christmas New Years of Thanksgiving…and it was beautiful and meant a lot to me at that time. Need to see and hear something like that again. right now

  31. From Sandy

    #22 Leah
    No No No Please, No more affairs and especially between Sami and EJ. If and that’s a big, big IF she was to discover she loved EJ (makes me shiver to think that) then for once do the right thing….divorce Rafe before going forward with EEEEJJJJJ!

  32. From Alison Thomas

    I’m tired of Vivian’s scheming. Let it be that Vic’s & Viv’s wedding was a fake & for him to move on with either Maggie (and change her sainthood attitude).

    Also, you would think that Sami, after giving birth to 4 kids, would have matured, instead she’s still a air head. Enough with her crying, and whining

  33. From Katherine

    To the writers,
    this is becoming more and more stupid, there is not even anymore reason to their SL.
    Roman sitting in the Pub, and saying, ba, no matter what I understand, he knows Sami is a would be killer, he doesn’t care, it’s getting really bad, nothing makes any sense anymore, even for a soap opera, there used to be a least a little bit right and wrong left, but now, I am getting more and more confused, with the crap the writers are putting out, get real, this is starting to border on absolute insanity,……

  34. From KIM


  35. From KIM


  36. From Janiebell

    There is not a true red-blooded woman alive that would not cry untill she couldnot cry anymore if some no good jerk ripped her kids away from her. Sami has ever right to cry over her children. I lost 1 baby by miscarrage and I cried my way to a shrinks office. I lost 1 baby by still-birth and grived for 16years, and even now there are days I think what might have been had that child lived. Sami knows her children are alive but she does not know what lies Johnnyand Sydney are being fed by their “daddy”. [{I keep hoping that some how Lucas will turn out to be the daddy of all Sami’s children; then Sami can kick E.J. to the curb. Yes, a mother has a right to cry over the loss of a child; no matter how that loss happens.

  37. From anne

    1–Is Carly supposed to die in her story line?
    2–Sami is not the good mother–Grandma Caroline was the saint raising those kids–in today’s society, dad’s can have custody–in this case, where is the joint custody? And what’s with not letting Will and Ally see their siblings–can’t EJ keep an eye on them during the visit–and it says that Nicole takes sydney into the garden and Sami sneaks by–what kind of guards are on this estate?
    3–Vivian is in the sarcophagus for endless days and stays alert most of the time–Maggie is in it briefly and goes unconscientious–they never did address the bathroom and food issues–
    4–With Christmas coming and only Hope (who is in prison) and Maggie left of the Hortons, who is going to put all those balls on the tree? Will it turn into a Brady Christmas?
    Days is really getting boring–need to find a few new twists!

  38. From maryl

    Janiebell–Yes Sami or any mother absolutely has the right to cry for her children, I so agree with you. However the point we make about Sami,(thank God she is a fictional character! Ha) is that she created all this mess herself–if she hadn’t shot EJ, she would have had it made with keeping the children to herself. But as you know, she, like EJ, couldn’t control her anger and needed revenge so she put herself and her children in jeopardy, just to satisfy herself. If she had confessed her crime to EJ and apologized for shooting him, or shown an ounce of remorse, he would have probably worked with her and they could have shared custody. EJ knows he did Sami wrong and has shown regret. He even went so far as to say he didn’t blame her for shooting him. But what does Sami say to him?–”I wish I had killed you”! He would have forgiven her for the shooting but it was obvious she was not willing to forgive him for kidnapping his child. Sami always wants to be on top! I also remember EJ crying for the kids when she ripped them from him–to the point of wanting to end his life! Both committed terrible crimes against each other. It makes you wonder how this problem will ever end. My heart goes out to the children!

  39. From Katherine

    #30 Maryl, right on.
    Sami only knows how to dish it out, and not give an inch, but now the shoe is on the other foot, and she wants EJ to be big, great, share with her, all the things she was not and would never be,
    so Sami, if you could have thought about the Kids and EJ’s love for the kids, no matter what, he might be more generous with you now.
    You get what you dish out to others, not so nice.. it hurts, maybe now you know how EJ felt when you took the kids from him and screamed he would ever never see them again. He is a parent just like you, and it hurts like hell, to have your children ripped from you,. learn from it Sami and learn to compromise for the kids sake, love the kids, put them first, just for once.

  40. From Lorraine

    To #28: Jennifer is a Horton, and she just returned to Salem. Nathan is also a Horton, although he’s stuck in the hospital with Melanie.

    RE: Sami and EJ — I love their chemistry … when they’re alone in a room, the heat is on! I hope they can somehow get back together. Rafe is dullsville, although he’s a sweetheart. Cliche! : )

  41. From katherine

    #18 Cougar,
    I just read your blog, scrolled back a little, since I just got my computer back yesterday,
    that is some good writing, you are right, remorse, being sorry, feeling guilty, things of the past.
    The only one that has expressed any kind of sorry, guilt etc. seems to be EJ, about the Sydnapping.
    Sami and the whole clan, you are right, sceeming with everybody, how to get away with things.

  42. From katherine

    #14 Janiebell,
    Sami and Rafe allowed EJ to take those kids, and as far as lies go,
    should he have told the kids the truth, Mommie tried to kill Daddy,
    and Rafe is helping her to cover up, and big brother Will also hoped that EJ would have died, yes, kids, they All wanted Daddy dead.
    The truth hurts, that’s why EJ lied to the kids. He loves them as much, if not more than Sami does, so what now…..

  43. From katherine

    #10 cougar,
    I like to see the day, when Sami wants EJ back, and EJ(Rhett Butler) will tell Sami (Scarlett)…frankly my dear, I don’t give a dam
    I have noticed a lot of good new bloggers on… good stuff

  44. From Clear

    I think you hit the nail on the head, and that The Sami character will be on top again. On top of what or who remains to be seen. LOL! As her character has been written, she will do everything she can to get the upper hand again. I hope the writers make it interesting.

  45. From coogar

    My thanks to Katherine #43 & 41, and Maryl #14 & 25. My husband is forced to suffer through my Tivos of DOOL. A funny thing has happened he now seems to enjoy it, too. He turns on Days rather quickly to see what happens next. He claims, as he eagerly reaches for the remote, as I come home from work later than him, that we should get “that sloppy opera out of the way so we can watch something decent later on TV.” HE would like to contribute a suggestion for a new story line: make EJ & Rafe lovers. Now wouldn’t thatmess with Sami’s head.

  46. From bettyg

    I worry, too, about how the Horton tree will be decorated with the family decimated the way it is. There’s just Maggie, Nathan, Jennifer in town. This beautiful yearly ritual always made me cry, but it seems the writers don’t find family very important right now.

  47. From katherine

    #45 Mr. cougar, EJ and Rafe, maybe they will have a big coming out party, so many on here a looking for a good party. You are funny,
    both of you enjoy DOOL,
    maybe you should blog some time …

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