Days Of Our Lives Video Promo: We Are Going To Be Together Forever.

“Do me a favor would you? Grab Sydney.”

Sami is forced to say goodbye to her kids as her wedding ends. Meanwhile, Brady gives in to Vivian’s demands and Maggie orders Victor out of her life.

Check out this sneak peek at Wednesday’s episode and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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  1. From Sandy

    Whether your an EJ fan or an EJ hater what he did at this wedding comes from the lowest level of pond scum. He was heart less! He said nice things to Johnny but he was not looking out for the best interest of Johnny & Sydney his only motive was to continue his and the overall DiMera torture of the entire Brady Family and specifically Samantha. He was brought to Salem by Stefano for this purpose and he continues to show his true colors no matter how many times he has tried to “be a better man” he will never be anything but a DiMera. (IMHO)

  2. From SheriH

    Hmmm He did exactly what Sami did to him on his wedding day. I do not agree this was the right time to do it. But Sami deserves the same pain that she caused EJ.
    He was not cruel to his kids. He could have said that his mommy shot him and that is why they are coming to live with him. That would have been really cruel. Sami chose to get married over spending every last minute with her kids. Is that the right decision?

  3. From dc

    amen to that sandy..
    those kids have been thru so much.
    and johnie saying he did not want to go and ej taking him like that was just all wrong, and giving sydney to nicole (what a mistake).
    i really hate what they are doing to these kids, it seems like over and over again, when will it stop??

  4. From Cand

    This stuff just keeps happening cuz Sami has to always get back at someone she just can’t let things stop. And then when it all backfires it is someone elses fault. She is such a good mother that she shot their father in the head. She is such a good mother that she pawns them off after her wedding fails and jumps in bed with another man. Wow what a mom!??

  5. From Lissa

    He said she had 24 hours, then he reneges & swoops in early. He’s so insensitive to his kids. How typical of him….

  6. From frances

    This stuff does not keep happening because Sami has to get back at someone…it keeps happpening because EJ needs revenge. Yes, shooting him was way extreme, but she was not in her right mind. It was either that or have her kids kidnapped from her again…and as far as she knew, she would never see them again if EJ had his way. Who on earth would stand up for EJ after everything? Sami has done her fair share of awful things, but the reasoning behind her actions and EJ’s actions are what seperates them.

  7. From Retta

    Glad Sammi is getting what she deserves! But would like to see her and EJ get back together and give those kids a stable home all together. Whats going to happen with Abe & Lexie they seem to be the only stable normal family on DOOL now. Come on writers give us something to dream about…world is in bad enough shape in real life.

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