General Hospital Spoilers For December 1 & 2.

Happy and unhappy returns.

After watching Jax and Sonny trying to out-do each other to prove who is best for Brenda, Carly warns her husband that his brother may be the Balkan. He instantly vows to protect Brenda from Jerry. After Carly rolls her eyes, she invites Lady Jane back to town to get the dirt on what Jerry has been up to and get her mother-in-law to lend her some support in keeping her marriage strong.

After Lucky drops out of the investigation in Port Charles to head off to New York with Siobhan for work, Jason asks Sam to move in with him. Since he seems to be offering just to protect her, she turns him down. She goes home alone where she is soon attacked.

At the end of their first date, Sonny and Brenda share a goodnight kiss and make plans for the second. Since Jason refuses to let her out of the apartment, Spinelli decides to take on the duties of preparing a dinner date for the Divine One and Mr. Sir. Meanwhile, Luke chats with Sonny and rains on his parade about getting back with Brenda.

After hearing all about Ethan and Maya’s marriage, Johnny decides to help Maya avoid sleeping with Ethan. Ethan’s sister is busy getting an earful from Luke and Tracy about how she can’t trust Dante. Tracy then lightens the situation by asking Lulu to be her maid of honor. Meanwhile, Dante admits to his mom that seeing Brenda again has stirred up some old feelings that could complicate things.

At the hospital, Patrick rails at Lisa and then Robin takes a turn after watching Lisa’s online confession. Nikolas just happens to be nearby to overhear the latest round of threats and insults and gives Robin a lecture about her unprofessional behavior.

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