General Hospital Weekly Summary For November 22-26.

Reunions and holiday traditions.

Sonny and Brenda met at their old apartment. As it poured rain outside, they revisited their past and kissed. He asked her out on a date and she agreed. Meanwhile, Claire met with Alexis and Diane and asked if she could join their firm. Diane refused to take her on since she was sure that she was still infatuated with Sonny.

At the hospital, Ronnie took statements about Lisa possibly trying to inject Robin. Steve put Lisa on probation. She sulked off and tried to get sympathy from Nikolas as Johnny loomed around with the syringe he’d hidden for her. Matt started to wonder if Maxie had attempted to frame Lisa. Patrick wondered too. When they questioned her, Maxie was annoyed and then Robin was too. Meanwhile, Lisa met up with Johnny. He agreed to keep her secret since she kept quiet about him trying to influence her on the jury, but he refused to give her back the syringe.

Luke called Carly out over her plans to destroy Lulu’s life and warned her that he would crush her if she pushed ahead with it. Over at the loft, Dante admitted to Michael that he had feelings for Brenda once but insisted they were in the past.

For Thanksgiving, Lucky wanted to run off with Siobhan but she forced him to take her to the Quartermaine’s. Edward was happy to meet her and even happier to find that Dante had brought Michael along with him. Luke surprised Tracy with a lovely engagement ring and the family joined together around pizza to sing. Over at the hospital, Mac tried to celebrate the holiday with Robin but she talked him into heading over to Alexis’. Once Robin was alone, Patrick brought their daughter in and they had the holiday together. Down at the lake house, Alexis’ family and friends gathered. Spinelli and Maxie stared at each other but their moment was interrupted when Matt arrived.

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