Matt’s Musings: Days Of Our Lives Thoughts For November 22-26.

Thoughts on Days.

In Salem this week, Rafe and Sami decided on a life in wedlock to avoid one locked behind bars. She said ‘no’ to his less-than-romantic proposal at first and then cried and then laughed and said ‘yes’ and cried some more. Apparently Alison Sweeney’s scripts don’t feature periods, just emoticons of weeping faces. The not-so-happy couple woke up the children and told them that they were dragging them out to the woods for a midnight wedding. Johnny and Allie were confused enough to be excited but Will was worried and realized his mom was up to something. All the same, they all filed out to the Salem woods, though there were no leaping mutated fish to scare Sami this time. Rafe had the place decked out with fairy lights and, apparently, had a clergyman who couldn’t even make it in Vegas brought in just for the occasion. Caroline busted out the collection of ropes she’s been keeping handy since Samantha Jean was a troubled teen and the bride and groom tied themselves to the children. This symbolic act was soon to be undone however. Across town, Nicole was busy trying to talk herself into EJ’s good graces. She may have given him the proof that Sami literally made him lose part of his mind, but he still wasn’t forgiving her for what she did to taint his love for elevator sex. They got marginally more sentimental, but the tender moment was shattered when his spies tipped him off about the wedding. He had a fit and dragged Nicole with him to tear the children from Sami’s arms. Samanther was forced to say goodbye. Even Nicole was grossed out by how cruel the whole thing was but she went along with it and went back to Casa DiMera with Syd and EJ. He told her not to get her hopes up, but things were clearly looking up for them.

Victor charged into the mausoleum to rescue Maggie. Gus jumped him and zapped him with a tazer. As the curmudgeon crawled on the ground, he managed to spit out a few more insults as Viv ramped up the theatrics before suddenly pulling a giant blade out of thin air. Before she could fillet the old gangster, Brady rushed in, fresh from roughing up poor Augustine, and grabbed the frail but evil old woman. The ambulance and cops were called. Maggie was pulled out and recovered at lightning speed. Vic sobbed and told her he loved her. She couldn’t be with a man who enjoys torturing his wife though… no matter how nice his mustache is, that is still a turn off. He sadly slouched away. Meanwhile, Viv and Brady were transported through what seemed to be a time warp to Salem in the seventies. They were questioned by a cop who looked like a reject from the cast of “Barney Miller.” Brady even opened up his shirt to try and fit in. Viv vowed to take them down with her, which was an odd way of putting it since she just went through Hell and it was all above ground. Brady retracted his statement and the men agreed to let Viv walk free. They had to bribe the cop to bury the case. With real estate values being what they are in Salem, it only took pocket change. Babs stormed in and made faces when he found out.

Meanwhile, Babs’ other half was at the hospital making faces about Mel. Daniel puttered around thinking about bacteria while Mel and Nate sat in the quarantine room barely conscious. Since they didn’t have their wits about them, they had to talk about how they really felt about each other. Even they kept falling asleep during this discussion. Admitting that they love each other seemed to embarrass them so much that they turned beet red. Over at the prison, the infirmary was even more dangerous than University Hospital. Another patient was dropped in after eating the expired chowder that Caroline ships to the jail. Hope started to freak about what would happen to her if Lee was allowed to practice her surgical skills again. When she swiped a cell to make a call, the warden caught her and it was only a few ‘tsk-tsks’ before Hope was bandied off to solitary. And in the week’s other sideshow, Chad showed up at Casa DiMera with a switchblade. He didn’t seem to know what to do with. Apparently he’s been watching a lot of 50s melodramas and thought you had to act like a greaser if you were going to get in a fight with your father. He flashed Stefano the birth certificate and they went down to the hospital to have a DNA test. Kate’s blue hair started to turn white. Stefano seemed about as enthusiastic about having a new son as he was over having gruel for breakfast.

Lines of the week:

Detective Hanson: This is the craziest story I’ve ever heard.

EJ: I’m taking my children away from the narcissistic, promiscuous, irresponsible mother.

Viv: It’s Maggie’s word against mine. Due to the fumes for all she knows she was kidnapped by Liza Minnelli.

EJ: Why would I do that for you?
Nicole: For one thing, I didn’t shoot you in the head.

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  1. From Lisa

    IMO I think Alison S an excellent actress this past week! Wowza! I hope she get her kids back…for good! I will miss Alison when she goes I hope not!!

  2. From Clear

    Come on Sami, and think of a master plan to get the children back. She could always lie through her teeth, use her hold over him with her womanly wiles to promise EJ sex for visitation, and then after visiting with the children make sure EJ was too busy to take advantage of the deal–harsh accidents like laxatives in his food, hallugenagenic sleeping pills to mimic the Loma virus, or something else dastardly for plan C planted by the ex FBI guy, he,he!

  3. From Jolie

    So will we still be doing the custody thing with these poor children when they are 16?? This is so old. I hate not to care about who has the kids but I don’t. I’d really like to feeling invested up to my eyeballs in the storelines but I can’t seem to get there. Right now, I am not really watching but getting my updates from this website. I know I’ll miss some little nuance of some of the actors’ performances but I am not feeling it lately.

  4. From Susan

    The whole thing is so boring. The only intersting characters on the show are Nicole, EJ, Victor, Maggie, Stefano and Kate. Nicole and EJ were made for each other and the writers should team them up ala Kate and Stefano. Sami does not deserve her kids. She is always shipping them off to her newly psycho grandmother. Speaking of, what have they done to Caroline ?????

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