The Young And The Restless Blake Poll.

Who should expose him?

Blake is doing a pretty good job keeping Cane on pins and needles. Would you like to see someone expose Blake in order to help Cane?

Please take a moment to vote in our Blake Poll today and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know who, if anyone, you’d like to see come to Cane’s aid by exposing Blake.

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  2. From Asia

    Why can’t they just leave Cane and Lily alone so they can be happy for once. I’m not buying this crap that Cane was really a bad guy in his past. Leave it alone Y&R. Just let Cane and Lily raise their kids peacefully–for at least a year!

  3. From Sharon

    I think Phillip is trying to help Cane in Austraila, maybe he is doing some good and Blake will leave Cane alone and go back to his buddies before he gets hurt real bad here. I feel like when he was younger he got into a bad crowd and then had to turn on them. It’s time they all grew-up.

  4. From merry one

    There are so many annoying plot lines in y and r now. I hate the Adam, Victor, Skye disaster, the Nick and Sharon breakup and her absurd encounter with Adam. When will Adam pay? Don’t try to make him some kind of good guy in order to keep him on y and r. Nicki with Deacon, let’s get real here.The Cane and Lily problems are also beyond reason. This is such a weak story. I am on the verge of forgetting about y and r.

  5. From amanda

    Cane and Lilly have become so very boring. Cane’s on-going stories about his connectons in Australia has run it course. Same old story just a different week.

    Personally, I think it is time for Cane and Lilly to move to Australia and bring Maulcum and Sofia with them.

    Just my opinion!

  6. From ReRa

    Leave Cane and Lilly alone
    Get rid of Daisy and her brother we had enough with re-appearing villians.
    No baby for Daniel
    Daniel and Abbey together-yes
    Find someone new for Noah
    Fine a love for Neal
    Let Jack know that he is Summer’s father
    Don’t like Adam but he and Sharon are hot together
    Get a new romance for Phyllis and someone new for Nick

  7. From Cherise

    I’m just tired of so many plots on Y & R right now. Will Cane and Lilly ever be happy? The Sharon and Adam thing is a disgrace – she needs help right now. ADAM IS GOING TO CONTINUE TO GET AWAY WITH EVERYTHING? If I have to fast forward through any more love scenes of Sharon and Adam – I’ll just stop watching the show. She’s pathetic and I am one of her fans. Can we get more romance with Lilly and Cane for a change

  8. From D. Maunders

    You have made Sharon`s character so stupied that you have ruined her to the point that she cannot be redeemed.As a matter of fact you have done that with a lot of your main characters, so much so, that I do not care to watch the show. It is so dark and stupid that it is depressing.

  9. From Ginny

    Lily and Cane are so boring. Lily is a spoiled brat.

  10. From Priscilla Bohanon

    I DON’T like the Sharon story line, ridiculous. What happened to the down to earth Sharon. When will Adam pay for murdering Ashley’s baby. Lily and Cane are boring. Can’t wait to see Jack find out that Summer is his. Too many story lines that are lame.

  11. From Annie

    Sharon go back to the love of your life Nick and your children Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,Sharon needs to open her eyes once and for all about Adam.

  12. From Maureen

    This storyline for Cane is hard to watch. Not believable. Stop dragging this out! Also, there are certain characters that need to be removed from the cast: Adam, Heather, Jana and Daisy. The story with Sharon & Adam is so far fetched. Who in their right mind would hook up with Adam after he stole her baby! Really?!! I want the writers to bring back the old Sharon.

  13. From wth


  14. From diva


  15. From Marilyn Zucky

    Enough of this story line, does everyone have to have conflict, how about leaving Cane and Lily alone for awhile!oponcer

  16. From thumper

    Colin should force Blake to choose between Cain or him and Blake should side with Cain, exposing who Colin is and Colin then exposing who Blake is to Tucker. Tucker fires both Blake and Cain, Blake and Cain become friends and go into business together. All these exposures freaks Jill considerably.

  17. From elisa

    get it over with, tired of canes lies and how can lily sit back and take it all come on enougth of this!

  18. From MOLLIE

    lilly is finally got a life -expose cane and let them make up and get alone for awhile-lilly has had it rough-no mother no aunt-let her and Cane have a family-from whats already has happen Cane wants his own family and not be like his father family. expose cane so Lilly can meet his family and move on.

  19. From Mary

    Get rid of Blake, get rid of Adam reunite Sharon and Nick.

  20. From milly

    please tie up the cane mystery. Cane and Lilly are a terrific couple, but it is getting tiresome hearing him promise, yet another time, that he has no other secrets from Lilly. Plus, Cane has established himself as a loved character in GC– one can only assume that everybody will be happy to see him freed, once and for all, from the secrets of his horrible past

  21. From Cindy

    Let Cane live. Him and Lily need to be together. Adam needs to get a good taste of his own medicine. Nick, why would you want to be with someone (Diane) that has been marrried to your own father. She has been passed around like a plate of turkey. Someone also needs to take Tucker down a notch or two.

  22. From merry one

    I am so sorry to see Kane go. He is a great actor and even made some of the very uninteresting scenes he had to play believeable. Why do we keep Heather when obviously she does not fit the role she has to play? Let us know in coming and goings where Kane has gone. Blake also was a good actor but I can understand why he had to go because he was one of the bad guys. However, we have kept Adam until now I hate every scene he and Sharon are in. That storyline is so unbelieveable and Sharon appears to be in need of mental health counselling.

  23. From Pepper

    I am so upset with the writers of this show! Cane and Lily were the best reason for watching The Young and The Restless! Someone has to stop Victor; he has become totally a terrible charactor and I used to enjoy watching him. Bring Cane back from the dead; his character needs to be a permanent fixture on this show. Daisey, Sheila( please don’t ever bring her back), Jana, Heather, Deacon, Malcolm, and some others should have been killed off or eliminated a long time ago

  24. From CARRIE

    why was Cane killed off the show? I am so piss. Why kill Cane and keep someone like Daniel, Kevin,and Heather.I sincerely hope there is a twist to the storyline. like Cane is pertending to be dead,so that he can expose his father. LET CANE LIVE,LET CANE LIVE SO THAT HE CAN SEE HIS CHILDREN GROW-UP. LEAVE CANE AND LILY ALONE.

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