The Young And The Restless Spoilers For November 30 – December 2!

Decisions, confrontations and warnings…

Sharon is more confused than ever and doesn’t know what to do when Adam begs her to go with him. All he wants her to do is to trust him. Adam takes her hand and starts to lead the way, but will Sharon decide to go all the way with him after she gets a reminder of the past? She feels almost at peace with Adam and the two make love!

While Jill witnesses Lauren having a meltdown, Michael prevents Phyllis from going too far. Phyllis is hunting down a story, but Nick wants answers from his ex-wife. He demands to know what she’s doing in New Orleans. Despite Michael and Nick, will Phyllis find another way to get what she’s after? Will she tell Nick the real reason she’s there?

And that’s not all… Victor gives Skye a warning. Will it be his last? With Phyllis out of town, Diane makes dinner for Jack and the kids. Will the much needed downtime cause Jack to lower his guard? Speaking of kids, look for Billy and Victoria to make another attempt at having one of their own. Do you think they’ll succeed this time? Stay tuned!

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  1. From randy

    young and the restless, is my favorite show.. but its just going around in circles.. i hate the way victor runs off, put him and vickie together they been together so long. i don’t want nick and sharon together why put cane though all this crap! i used to never miss a show,, i love michael and kevin is killing me with dasiy why bring him back,,, go back to the good story lines,, i don’t know what u could do with decon,,,’
    i loved the billy and vicky part..
    also kay and her husband, and chole has came so far, she is great.. best show as a soap. on tv…

  2. From Sharon

    I want Billie and Victoria to have children together but not just because they don’t get to see their’s very often. The other children can’t be replaced but they could give them a new little sister or brother or maybe both. I think they have grown up and finally know what love is really about. Getting away from Victor has really helped too.

  3. From EH

    I wish they would leave Nick and Sharon alone for once and let them have a great christmas they really belong to one another i have watched this show since they first got together let them be happy for a change

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