The Young And The Restless Weekly Video Promo: In Search Of Sharon.

“You risked everything to be with him!”

What happens when Nick finds out that Sharon reconnected with Adam while she was away? Watch this weekly video promo for what’s to come in Genoa City on Soap Opera Fan Blog!

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  1. From Carol

    Sharon is disgusting. She’s Sleeping with the man who stole her baby from underneath her. She was probably still bleeding down there when he took the baby!!! YUCK!! WHAT IS Y & R THINKING? MAN, I’VE GOT TO STOP WATCHING THIS SHOW. EVERY YEAR THE SHOW LOOSES A LITTLE MORE OF ITS TASTE

  2. From czan

    From CZA It is so hard to stomach and to watch- I have waited soooo very long for Nick and Sharon to make it. I am devastated and thinking of not watching any more- can not stand Phyllis with Nick- I too think that YR must be nuts to put Adam with Sharon after what he did to sharon and to others- I am sick sick sick- truly upset over this hack job!


  3. From Sharon

    I understand what Adam is saying to Sharon about Nick leaving her twice for another woman and says he has always loved Sharon. I believe Adam wouldn’t have done any of those things to Sharon if he had fell in love with her sooner. But he still has a lot to answer for and justic still needs to be served but look at Phyllis has gotten by with. If I do remember it was murder and all kinds of things. Paul and Cricket hasn’t figured that out yet I guess. I can’t remember if they just forgot or forgave her. Victor has got to have a bolt of lighting stike him for him to see a lot of his kids troubles, especially Adams is directly his fault and for the way he treats their mother Nickie. I liked him when he first received his heart transplant. He was almost human.

  4. From ann

    I hope Sharon and Adam end up together. Ya Adam took Faith away from her but they really seen happy together. I don’t think she should go back to Nick he thinks that he’s the sh**. He keeps playing with Sharon’s heart and going back and forth with her and Phillys. He deserves to be alone. He’s just like his dad, back and forth. Besides Sharon is happier with Adam than Nick.

  5. From Mart

    I am so disgusted at the story line between Adam and Sharon. Not to mentioned Nikki’s dumb A sleeping with Deacon in Victor’s house. Oh my…wait til Victor gets back. I am with the young lady who says she is going to stop watching. So am I. This is it.

  6. From Debbie

    Sharon sleeps with anyone
    each time she gets the blues.
    Sharon sleeps with anyone
    each time she gets the blues.
    And Nikki acts just down right dumb
    and blames it on the booze.
    And Diane goes from man to man
    Can’t make out who to choose.

    I’d label them,
    but it’s a word
    I’m not allowed to use!

  7. From Debbie

    Since Sharon cannot quite decide
    which brother she should like
    Poor Nick just got fed up
    and just told her to take a hike.
    Now Adam’s in a dog-gone mess
    They think he murdered Skye.
    For someone who’s been murdered twice
    She never seems to die.
    With Victor’s cash, she’ll buy a face
    That should be quite a thrilla.
    The way Soaps go, when Skye comes back
    She’ll look just like Drucilla.

  8. From Audrey Crosby

    I think it is ridiculous that Sharon would be w Adam after what he did to Ashley and no maybe he did not kill Sky, but what about the little boys father, why dont Sharon ask about him. How could she let him touch her. He made Ashley loose that baby and took her baby from her at birth. She is sick

  9. From Audrey Crosby

    The comment from Ann they seem happy so , so what he kidnap the baby, I feel sorry for your kids that means you will put them in danger to because someone make u feel good, forget they killed someone else.

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