Days Of Our Lives Poll: Who Gets Coal?

Who was naughty?

Christmas may be over, but if you were Santa Claus handing out presents, who in Salem would have received the biggest lump of coal in their stocking this year?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. If you don’t see the answer you would have given, feel free to let us know who you would have voted for in the comments section.

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  4 responses so far...

  1. From dc

    i have several that should have recd coal. vivian, ej, warden jane, lee..
    and i hate that ej kept johnie and sydney away from sami..
    poor little ciara missing bo and hope.

  2. From Sandra

    I tell ya, I think Warden Jane and Lee look alike, except Warden Jane has that black hair. Wouldn’t be surprised if they were the sisters from the bottomless pit. Wonder what’s going to happen to Rafe….I read where he is going to be in a bad car accident. Anyone know what that’s about?

  3. From bancroft

    Wow. Only 17 people think there might be something wrong with the daughter of a cop shooting an unconscious man in the head and leaving him to die so she can head back to the Hernandez Hovel to get porked by her boyfriend? Nice. And eerily telling of…well, I won’t say it.

  4. From katherine

    3 bancroft, right on girl, you got it right, but the rest, or at least most of the rest, don’t see a thing wrong with Sami shootin an unconcious man, doodle de, doodle da,
    especially the highpoint, having sex with Rafe before and after the Deed. Just think if EJ had done something so unthinkable as that.
    She knows, she is the daughter of a cop, Roman, there is Bo, there is Uncle Abe, aunt Hope(well maybe not), the girl needs an intervention from her family before she goes totally bonkers.
    Help Sami, somebody, before she will selfdestruct,…..
    and Caroline, you the hell do you thing you are,deciding in this world, who is who’s Daddy, remember it took for you to save Vic’s life to tell Bo, don’t, this is your father,
    woman, what do you want, someday – somebody having to say to Parker, against Phil, stop, this is your father, Caroline, stick with the truth and it will set you and Stefanie and whoever in your family free. Speak the truth woman
    I don’t blame Kayla, for blurting out the truth, she did not know, all the people where there, I agree with her, that her Mother did the wrong thing, and I agree on that item too.

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