Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For December 23 & 24.

A chaotic Christmas.

Even though they’ve got plenty to worry about, Jennifer, Doug and Julie try to keep their spirits up and Ciara happy by yanking out all of the Horton family Christmas ornaments to deck the halls. Over at the prison, Roman shows up to investigate the prison break. After Warden Jane gives the Brady a dressing down, she tells him that she’s called the state police in to hunt down his brother since she can hardly rely on him to do it. “I will have my prisoner back tonight,” she barks at Roman. Meanwhile, Bo and Hope huddle in the cabin. “You and I are going to go through this together,” he promises her, but they get scared when an unexpected visitor arrives and it isn’t Santa Claus.

Although he’s been distracted by the problem with Philip, fresh from eye surgery, Dr. Dan suddenly readjusts his sights on Carly and notices that something seems to be seriously wrong. After she tells him whatever it is that she vaguely knows about Bo, Rafe shows up to interview her for information on the same topic. Now that he’s a cop, he needs assistance helping fellow cop Bo out of the trouble he could be in for his little crime spree.

Philip drops by Chloe’s with the happiest news of the year. He tells her that Stephanie and Nate are getting ready to leave town for good. While they get elated, Viv swans over to Nicole to burst her bubble. One of her minions caught her and Brady bumping uglies under the DiMera Christmas tree. “Oh what a tangled web we weave,” Viv taunts Nicole. This makes Nicole’s emotions fray and she turns to EJ with another frantic plea about what a SOB he’s been and how much she cares about the boy. Maybe it’s the eggnog, but EJ starts to crack and realizes how valuable Nicole is to his family.

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  2. From dc

    i was so glad today to see johnnie out of surgery and doing ok (for the time being).. i just wonder how he will react when he can’t see his mother.. ej is such a horrible parent (he should have never had any kids). he is to heartless and ruthless.. maybe they will put him with a girl (maybe nicole’s sister) who will change him..
    i feel sory for sami.. ej has just not been fair with her. so what if she tried to kill him, he should have not said he was taking johnie and sydney out of the country.. he is just trying to get back at her for marrying rafe, but hey he did kidnap sydney.. oi just wish this whole thing between them and those kids was over..
    and the thing with vivian, she deserved everything she got when they locked her in that coffin.. she has always been vindictive.
    glad bo got hope out of that prison. bet they will be gone for awhile and from what i have read a buddy of bo’s is gonna help them, i heard it was a merchant marine buddy.. can’t wait to see that.. maybe they will bring shawn and belle back with them when they come back to salem.. i hate tht ciara is gonna have to be without bo and hope at christmas..
    they need to get this prison thing settled and jane and lee put away
    for good.. tired of seeing them..

  3. From Janiebell

    Yes, Warden Jane and Lee need to go far far away and while they are going, they can take E. J. and Vivian with them. Give Sami Johnny, and Sidney back to Sani; so Rafe, Sani, Sydney, Johnny and Alli can have Christmas and New year’s together.

  4. From katherine

    dc an janiebell, both of you, such short memories,
    Samie the queen of mean depriving her children of Their Fathers, like for how many times, Lucas, Ej. breaking Austin’s heart for loosing Will, he thought was his son for several years, and on and on,

    well, my fellow fans, the chicken are coming home to roost, or whatever that Rev. Wright called it,
    Sami now is learning what it feels like, all the things he has dished out for years on the man/fathers in her lives. Not a Go0d Feeling, is it honey. Feel, suffer and learn, maybe it will make you a better person, a better person for All of your children’s sake, Lord they need a better mother than you have been over all those years, look at Will, and let’s put it that way, I want Sami to get better for her children’s sake, they need her and EJ, together in harmony about “The Kids”.
    I really don’t give a r… a.. about the adults, it’s the kids, get it.!!But as always, it is in the hands of the writers.
    Where are you, Kass, Maryl, Melissa, Lc ,who am I missing, all of you, prob. busy with the holidays, read you soon, I hope, Katherine. Merry Christmas to all and a very Happy and Healthy New Year, and so many more Hot and and feisty bloggings in the future, let the games begin in 2011, all in good fun and very respectful as it should be. Good Night,……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………Janiebell, Dc, Bo and Hope4ever, etc…….

  5. From cindy

    love it that bo broke hope out of prison. and he did it without realizing just how bad things had really gotten for hope. this might be a very good s/l with them on the run and reuniting. hate they’re away from ciarra though. but at least she’s with julie and doug. i think mel will be pregnant with phillip because she’s been having symptoms for awhile now. since she hasn’t been with nathan (that we know of) it must be phillips. and i agree PLEASE not another who’s the daddy s/l.

  6. From katherine

    #4 Dc, take a deep breath, and see both sides, Sami and EJ, she is nothing but a nasty mouth b,tch to him, with Rafe right there, same bad mouth,
    Sami has done things in her life to hurt people, that EJ could only dream of, the woman has hurt every faher of her children, denied them being a father, give me a break, it would take me all day to write down Samantha Brady’s history,
    so let up on EJ, he is only maybe oo.000 percent what Sami used to be.
    Ej, in time I hope you will let her be part in your childrens life, but she really needs to learn once and for all, all the pain she has caused with her illegal actions over the years to hurt the father of her children.
    Tougho Love, Sami, hope it wil work, for the sake of Your Children, all of the, Lord knows, Will will need a Lot of Help.

  7. From Janiebell

    E.J. is a worthless no good bum with moneyhanded to him at birth. Power comes with being a Demear also. On his own, E.J. would be a rill nothing. If Sami was like Sami use to be, Sami would have already handled things.

  8. From Leenda

    I’ll bet that Bo’s Merchant Marine Buddy will be Patch! I hope it is.

  9. From Jolie

    Poor Elvis! No one is wishing him any Christmas cheer. I still think he has an ugly awakening when Stefano finally sits down at the Christmas dinner table and gives Elvis his present…a new baby brother, Chad. I want to see that so bad. Sami and Elvis need to grow up! And please quit taking Wills down that dark path that Sami is on. She should be ashamed of dragging him in on her latest escapade. Hard to feel much sorrow for her situation with all she has done. But really, to do the children this way…keeping twins away from one another. That is just cruel. Poor Ali will be the one who suffers for all of this. She is just an after thought on all parts. Poor Roman, sent to investigate the prison break. Wouldn’t that be the state po-po? But who’s counting coups on these little nuances. Bo and Hope are as good as back together. Carly, move on. I agree that poor Ciara will be without either parent but then she is still better off than Sami’s brood. Viv has risen her nasty little head with the terrible do. She is so funny. I predicted that she’d take Titan when Victor mentioned that she was a shrewd investor in an episode. I knew what she was planning then. But she’ll still likely give them all a personal the nice portraits of Brady and Nicole. Hope those were taken by a professional so they’ll look nice on Elvis’ mantle. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  10. From Delores

    you have all forgotten, that Sami never had a childhood, thanks to the Dimers.Katherin talks about how sammie’s children never has a chance to get to know their father’s Sami never got to know her father or Mother thanks to the Dimers. When she became an adult here comes EJ after her. This is the first relation ship, she has had with Rafe, that she is being protected, and EJ is not happy he cannot have her under his control. EJ needs to get hit by a car, plane or what ever, he needs to get knocked down a lot not just a couple of pegs,I cants wait for his to get his. Have a merry Christmas.

  11. From Precious

    GEEZ…Lighten up everyone~
    It’s the holidays~ and, (by the way), where IS the “holiday spirit” in this program? Remember when they would have their Christmas parties, and everyone would gather to put the bulbs on the tree?? Sadly, so much is missing from this show lately. All in all~~~
    :) :) :) :) :)

  12. From katherine

    10 Dolores, just my point, of all people Sami should know what it is like when people messed with their mother and father ,
    but No, she does the same thing to her kids, first she messed with Lucas/Austin about Will, for years nobody knew the truth, Austin thought Will was his coceived by Drug rape, finally Lucas finds out, Will is his son.
    No excuses for Samantha, that victim card does not fly with me.
    When she became an adult, firt Lucas, Austin,Victor, Brandon, again Lucas, again Austin, again Lucas, then holy moley there comes EJ, and she just totally went into love and lust.
    Is Rafe really protecting her, he is covering up her crime, not good in the long run, putting Will in deep jepardy, not good, EJ does not need to get hit by a car, he has already been shot, bloodhungry and that at christmas.
    Unfortunately, it will be Rafe that get’s hit by a car, just like his fiancee Emily and his sister Ari, how ironic, but at least he will live.
    I see EJ with a Heart, that right now beats only for his children.
    Wonder what kind of childhood EJ had, being ripped from his mother,
    Dolores think about that, maybe he could use the same excuse as you are giving Sami.
    You talk about hopping EJ get’s killed, next sentence is, Merry Christmas.
    We all will see EJ coming into his own, give it some time,
    Ally did just fine when she was away for months and months with Lucas in Japan, Johnnie was fine when Sami was in protection, EJ was a wonderful father,
    Some of you have such Tunnel vision. IMO -IMO – IMO

  13. From Lacey lou

    I totally agree with all you who are on Sami’s side. EJ is a real scumbag creep. The nerve of him saying Sami caused his cancer! What an idiot he is. The worst father ever. Can’t wait for Rafe to get her kids back for her. He brought Sydney home he can get them out of EJ’s dirty grip. Johnny needs his mommy. Not his piece of crap dad.

  14. From Janiebell

    E.J. isa creep what gives him the right to keep a mother from her sick child?

  15. From katherine

    13 Lacey lou, EJ brought Sydney home, not Rafe, just to keep the facts straight,
    He let Sami be with Johnnie throughout his ordeal, until Sami’s and Rafe’s mouth screwed it all up again. When will she learn, to shut up.
    EJ is not a crap dad, he is the most deep loving father, but Samantha has to learn, in order to be close to her children, chill out, quit atagonizing EJ with currently the upper hand (maybe because she shot him and EJ has and would play ball with her. It’s all In Samantha’s corner, that’s the way I see it, and please believe me my heart aches for Johnnie that sweet little boy, Sami, learn how to be a bit humble towards EJ, for your children’s sake, and My God, it might work.
    All your onesided Hate outthere towards EJ, look at both of them just once and be fair, please, it’s Christmas, get the hate out of your hearts.

  16. From alice

    quit watching the soap for good — cant stand what the writers are doing for these ppl and the ej/sami thing is just terrible no wonder ppl do to their kids – by watching this stuff on here SO LONG DAYS!!!!!!!

  17. From alice

    hope the soap goes off the air!!!!

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