Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For December 30 & 31.

Unholy revelations and alliances.

Once the baptism is over, the truth about Parker’s paternity comes out in public thanks to Kayla. Everyone is shocked so Caroline explains what happened and why she did what she did. This shocks people even more. She’s so shocked that she has a stroke. Her sudden collapse may be the only thing to stop Daniel from pummeling Philip to death with a crucifix. Moments later, Daniel and Melanie confront their spouses about their carnal mash-up. While Philip and Chloe try to explain themselves, Kayla has already moved on to pointing the finger at Carly for her complicity and the illegality of what she did.

Since everyone else has other problems to deal with, Kate and Brady team up to take Vivian down together. Unfortunately, all the holiday drinking they’ve been doing doesn’t seem to lead to any inspired ideas. They decide that the best thing to do is kidnap her. Meanwhile, Vivian sets her sights on getting revenge by using EJ. She shows Elvis the photos of Nicole and Brady making a mess on his floor.

Nicole has a hard time understanding why EJ wants her to marry him again. “Why me? What are you up to?” she asks but it doesn’t take that long to figure out what his angle is. She weighs her options and her choice doesn’t turn out to be that hard. She accepts his proposal and he starts lording it over her even more than he already has been. He forces her to choose between Brady and Sydney once again and this time he won’t leave her any wiggle room.

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  1. From tp

    They redo the same storylines so many times and drag out the stories for so long, that by the time they finish we don’t care what happens to anybody. I love Sami, but they’ve just turned her into a whiner. EJ’s always mad. Steph is a self centered brat. Brady is a wuss. Nicole is a snot becuz she gets away with everything, and what’s up with Caroline? She would have never been that dishonest.

  2. From Allie

    Why the heck does she want to marry him again?

  3. From Sandra

    I read where Rafe is supposed to be in a bad car accident. Anyone know what that’s about?

  4. From Precious

    I am so sick of EJ and his “power trips”….somone needs to put this guy in his place, once and for all.

    Nichole is CRAZY for marrying EJ just to have access to Sydney??? If she stayed on Sami’s side, she could have had access that way.

    I hope Rafe’s accident won’t be life-threatening or have him disabled?? What’s up with Dr. Ben going to take Jennifer’s heart out?? What kind of weird writers have they got? Where’s the happiness???

  5. From kat

    I want Samuel and EJ together. Rafe and Sami together r boring. EJ and Sami r much like.

  6. From katherine

    #3 Precious, short memory on your part, Nicole went to Sami first to be on her side, and maybe get to see Sidney sometime, she told Sami she had the video, and what did our Darling Samantha do, she knocked Nicole into Kingdom come, almost killing her.
    So Precious, Nicole went to EJ, I just like to keep the facts straight, IMO, no meaness involved – peace -
    If I am ever incorrect about facts, I welcome for you bloggers, please correct me….
    I think all Rafe is going to have, is amnesia.?????
    I agree, the writing is getting a little goulish?,
    I don’t think they will kill off Jennifer, that way would just be to cruel and weird even for a soap, to kill a heroin that way.
    All of the ones, that I always hear that EJ and his power trips, what about Samantha, don’t any of you have something to say about her and her crazy, nasty, evil, uncontrolled hahaviour, are you guys missing all of that, I can see the bad things EJ does, but you Sami lovers,are so locked in, it’s pathectic, IMO. Amen

  7. From katherine

    You know something, Maryl, MAB, Kass, Melissa, Michelle, where in the heck are you guys, need your help holding down the Fort…
    Help, come back,
    but if not, I can handle it, I am Grandma Katie, I can do anything, at least that is what my sunshine Grandson Nathan thinks, and my sons Nick and Dave.
    Happy New Year to all of my fellow bloggers, you are all great, agree, disagree, it is so much fun for me and I enjoy debating with you guys. Thank you, Bless all of you. Happy 2011.

  8. From Linda

    I really wanted it to work out for Sami and EJ but he turned out to be a *******. I want Sami to get her kids back. I read somewhere that Rafe is going to get into a massive car accident. I’ve been watching Days since the beginning, only soap I watch.. God Bless everyone and Happy New Year!!

  9. From dc

    rafe with amnesia, oh no..
    nicole’s sister would be a good match for ej.. maybe that would be someone who might stand up to him. but she would probably do it because her and nicole don’t get along, just saying..
    i sure hope melanie and philip stay together, especially if she is pregnant. she may not tell him after all this happens with parker and chloe..
    ya know, i can see daniel and carly back together, if he leaves chloe.. and if bo gets back with hope.
    has anyone heard how long bo and hope are gonna be gone??

  10. From Bevie

    Okay, so EJ has been cruel these last few weeks. But keeping Sami from the kids is the exact SAME thing she was going to do to him. The shoe is on the other foot! Sammy doesn’t think twice about wailing on someone to get her way but never gets arrested, It was okay to not tell Ej she was pregnant but for Rafe to threaten Nicole if she pressed charges on Sammi was UNBELIEVABLE. How low can you go, besides her uncle and daddy always letting her get by with everything! I don’t feel the least bit sorry for Sammi. If she can dish it out, she better be able to take it IMO.

  11. From katherine

    10 Bevie, right on girl, you are good and right on target.

  12. From patsy


  13. From mary

    The show has become a joke and no mother would give up her children to avoid prison……I started recording and fast forwarding through the program because of the ridiculous story line and now after 20 years have quit watching because wow can you drag out a story line….how many times can you expect the fans to hear the same conversation repeated month after month re: infidelity and the narrow minded judgement……insanity is the word and I’m surprised you still have any viewers.

  14. From katherine

    12 patsy, the children should be both of the parents children, don’t you think so too. Don’t the children deserve both parents….
    if the parents learn to put their own nasty feelings for the other partner aside, and only think about their children, is that not the way it should be, to show true unselfish love for the kids….?????

  15. From Sharon

    Let`s see, if I remember right. EJ had sex with sammy and got pregnant with twins, and had sex with in the world can one be EJ`s and one be Lucas? I think they are both Lucas kids..get Boo and Hope back togather….

  16. From paula

    10 Bevie, I so agree with you too. The good guys have become the bad guys on this soap so I do not know who to cheer for anymore.

  17. From bts

    Some people who write comments on here are so funny. Some people can’t even make complete sentences, and others, I don’t even think watch the show. They confuse storylines and can’t even spell the characters names. if they are fans of the show, they should know Sami is not spelled Sammy!

  18. From bts

    Or Sammi.

  19. From Shellie

    I did hear that Rafe is supposed to be in a terrible accident and that it will change things between him and Sami. I also read that the DiMera’s are going to be devastated by Johnny’s prognosis…no idea what that is though, and that EJ promises God he will be a better man if only he will save his son. Also read that EJ realizes he cannot keep Sami from her kids. Bo and Hope will get back together and read too that Carly and Daniel will get together. Jennifer will not die, Lee will attempt to remove her heart, or she may even do it, but Jennifer will be saved, I believe by Daniel.

    Happy New Year everyone! :)

  20. From patsy

    13 I said let the children BE one or the others child not let one or the other have them .Like JOHNNY BEING SAMIS and Sydney being EJ and nicoles.I would HATE for that to happen that way but it would get them out of eachothers orbit.I,m still hopeing for a EJAMMI renunion. BUTit looks like that isn,t going to happen Yes children should have both parents in their lives.sorry for the misunderstanding

  21. From Katherine

    # 15 patsy, help, I still don’t quite get what you mean, my fault.
    You say like Johnny being Sami’s well he is Sami’s and EJ’s as far as we know,
    and Sidney, do you mean that she is really Nicoles and EJ’s after all.
    Then you must mean that you hope Johnny belongs to Sami and Lucas ????
    Am I getting warm,?
    I am with you however – I want Sidney and Johnny to belong to EJ for sure, as for Sidney and Nicole, I am still wide open on that one….
    Fun talking to you, hope I got it.

  22. From SK

    The line between good and evil is a little less clear right now with the families on the show. You want Sami to regain custody of all the children but she is not helping her cause by being a pain in the ***. EJ is like Stefano was with Marlena, but even Stefano wonders about EJ’s tactics. The story lines are too drawn out, you do stop caring what happens. I have been hoping that Rafe would be able to get something on EJ but if the rumor is true that Rafe will have amnesia, Sami is in deep trouble since Rafe is the only person who can stand to be with her right now. I keep hoping that either Chad or Nicole’s sister would pretend to go along with the DiMera’ family but really be working for Rafe. That would at least turn the tables against EJ and add some spice to the show.

  23. From Clear

    Holier than thou, Kayla should leave Carley alone. When her character came back, I was hoping for her to have a great story line leaving the Patch in the wind and having an action/adventure and romance to boot. Sure did not happen, did it! What a waste of a beautiful talented actress with what they gave her to do.

  24. From Phoen

    I read these post and no one seems to ever be happy with the storylines but they seem pretty good to me right now. I can’t understand why anyone would root for EJ and Sami he has never been good to her. Well maybe the 1st month where we didn’t know who he was beside a car racer/lawyer. It’s time for him to move on but it seems like he and Sami are the new Stefano/Marlena.

  25. From Gina

    I agree Sami and EJ got more passion and is more exciting to watch due to they are both headstrong and prone to doing questionable things… Sami with Rafe is just making Rafe to look weak and whipped. Very sad…. Maybe he should end up with Nicole again… Stephanie…they are both the same goodie two shoes but will do anything for the person they love… Am happy to see Bo being a real man again and taking care of his wife and hopefully getting back with his wife where he belonged in the first place

  26. From Lee

    Kayla…Go Home! And take Stephanie with you!

    Rafe…Get a backbone when it comes to Sami and stop trying to “protect” her your every waking moment.

    Nicole…forget EJ and Syd. Go to Brady, you belong with him.

  27. From Janiebell

    Kayla never use to be such a “busy-body”. What happened to the Kayla that knew how to mind her own business; not everyone else’s?

  28. From Katherine

    Mabe it’s because Kayla found out how her Mother is playing Go, and no good will come to her or her daughter. Truth will out, isn’t that what we want, or is it only selective truth, that way we want, depending on the character we like or not.
    Stefano and Marlena, that was so totally onesided, Stefano was obsessed, but Marlena Never, never had any feelings for that man at all.
    However, Sami loved and lusted after EJ and willingly went to bed with him and stayed at the mansion.
    So No comparison period. IMO

    If Sami and EJ ever will learn to share custody of these kids, the kids will always be back and forth between two household, that’ the way it is, even in my life, my grandson, back and forth every week.

  29. From Katherine

    of course I meant GOD…

  30. From Nancy

    I have twins and they were conceived at different times natun rally. During my preg. It was discovered that it can happen when an asian prostitute had a black baby and a white baby (1989, NY, TWINS mag). I think when they checked for cancer in the kids they found that they were Kate’s grandkids (remember her comment about cancer). Lexi will tell EJ but Sami won’t find out till he has tormitted her with Nicole. Rafe will have his accident and remember only his life with Emily his ex. Cloe and Daniel split, Carly is deserted by everyone, Phillip is in a deep depression cause he really loves Mel. Maggie and Victor will find themselves and eventually get Phillip and Mel back together….sounds like Salem in 2011 what do u think?

  31. From patsy

    #15 What I ment IS “IF:They are not going to get Sami andEJ back together HAVE Johnny be SamiAND lucus ,s child and Sydney be EJ and NICOLES .that way they would have nothing to tie them together and they could have their own story line without the other being in it .I hope it never come to that because I am a big EJAMI FAN .theONLY REASON i WATCH dool.

  32. From Sandy

    Thought you might like to see the following episodes, in many cases it ties back to the emotions that are happening in the recent story lines:
    12-29-2006 EJ Rapes Sami

    6-7-2007 Sami Tell Lucas about the rape
    11-2-2007 Lucas finds out EJ is Johnny’s father Part 1
    11-2-2007 Lucas finds out EJ is Johnny’s father Part 2
    5-15-2008 Ejami talks about the night EJ raped Sami

  33. From Day's Long Time Fan

    Ej should be the one in the accident, I can’t even understand him when he talks he seems to mumble his words. This sammie and ej thing is going on too long get it over with and move on. Glad it is coming out about cloe and daniels baby that has also been to long. Focus more on Hope and Bo and need new story lines.
    Happy New Year to All!!!!!!

  34. From Tess

    I do not write too much on this blog but I am so disgusted with busy body Kayla I just have to say I totally agree with Lee #26 “Kayla…Go Home! And take Stephanie with you!” By the way, why is Kayla and half of Salem so hard on Carly? I mean Carly just tried to help Chloe and she had no idea who Chloe was sleeping around with.. Melanie knew about Chloe sleeping around as well and so did half of Salem so why is everybody on Carly’s back? I just don’t get this hatred of Carly. Anyways, Happy New Year everybody!!!

  35. From Katherine

    33 Tess, night on, if Caroline had not switched the test, Carly would have know right away, the baby belongs to Phil, her or Chloe would have told Dan, that was the deal, and all that other stuff would not have happened. Caroline is as bad as Sami, changing paternity test, maybe she is more like her grandma than we knew

  36. From Pawlla

    I love how everyone TOTALLY forgets that EJ raped Sammy which is how she got pregnant with Johnny! Of course she would keep her pregnancy from him and the evil Dimera family!

  37. From fidget

    Rafe dips snuff, and Sami smokes cigars. Nicole has a scratch and sniff problem, and Brady is a transvestite. Now, as for Stephanie. Pinnochio’s nose was a mole to the side of hers. The only person who has grown a brain on the show is Melanie.Phillip wears his mama’s underwear, I am still trying to figure out if Vivian is a Jackass or a mule. Except a jackass or a mule is much better looking. Stephano is my hero. Personally, he has beautiful money, but so does Victor. Is either one of them single? Maggie, besides being a nosy busybody loves KY jelly–the flavored kind. Caroline was just mad because She was too old to get pregnant herself. She actually wanted to have another son by either Victor-Stephano-Nathan- Phillip-Or any other male available on the show. Curly -oops I mean Carly, stays so confused she doesn’t even realize anybody had a baby. Anyway, this program has gotten to be so stupid, I hope this will give the writers some story lines. Happy New Year!

  38. From cindy

    carolines character has always been portrayed as righteous and religious….but us long time fans know she has her devious side when you consider she had a baby with victor and kept that from him about 20 or more years. i guess we shouldn’t be that surprised when she basically did the same thing; or was at least trying to. i agree with you tess and katherine. carly is not being treated right. like it’s all her fault—not! carly is blameless in this unless you count trying to protect a family she cares about from self-destruction. and yes, parents work out shared custody all the time. just takes a little maturity. something i think both sami and ej lack!!!!

  39. From Mury

    So I’ve been wondering how an old broad like Caroline – who owns a bar/restaurant – knows how to hack into a hospital’s computer files to change a child’s paternity!! LOL Or did I miss something? When all that was going on, I wasn’t watching very regularly. And since I didn’t watch during that time, why did she do it?

  40. From Lois

    I think that the tec made a mistake when he put in the results of Parkers test and caroline changed them before he could make the correction and when he went back he just didn’t say anything I think Parker is Chloe and Daniel’s son.
    I think that Allie will have the same problem as Johnny and they will do another perfenenty test and find out that Johhny is really Lucas and Sami that the test were change when they had it done the first time. EJ will lose Johnny and Nicole will not go along with the marriage because she loves Brady and can’t take all of his orders, it just to much for anyone even her. She helps Rafe get something on EJ and Sami finnally lets her see Sydney because she help bring down EJ and get he Kid back

  41. From Janiebell

    Just because Caroline switched the DNA does not make Parker Phillip’s baby; someone could have switched the test yet again. There is no way of telling how many times the dna test was switched, or who took part in \the switcharoo game\. Caroline was honest enough to admit to Stefaney that she {Caroline} switched the test. Just because others have not come forth does not mean there were no others. Parker is to sweet a baby to belong to Phillip. I still say \Parker is Daniel’s baby\. Best thing to do is run all new test , have the test \safeguarded\ to prevent any \mishaps\. There were 3 doctors present when news broke. Kayla, Carly, and Daniel why did one of these doctors not think to

    run new test?

    When there is a cancer case, there is always lots of blood work np, yet Johnny even had his eye removed with no \blood work\. Who came up with this blooper? It is possible that had blood work been done , as it should have, Johnny might have been proven to have been Lucas’s child and not E.J.’s.

  42. From Tess

    Katherine #33 you are absolutely right. All along Carly wanted to tell Daniel the truth but Chloe begged and pleaded with her not to do so. That is why Carly agreed that if the baby belonged to Dan and Chloe she wouldn’t say anything. Carly had no idea the other \man\ in the picture was Phillip. And Melanie is turning into a real little snot: the way she treats her mother makes me sick. She too knew about Chloe’s infidelity to her dad and didn’t tell her father so why is she so self righteous all of a sudden? Is Melanie on drugs or something? She seems so spaced out half the time. Personally everybody has treated Carly like a slut since she came back to Salem and I think that Carly is the only sincere woman on the show ( well maybe Maggie too). Remember the first thing Carly did was save Rafe’s life on the boat all the while putting her own life at risk. Everybody else in Salem has ulterior motives for everything they do except Carly and I guess Maggie. Carly truly tries to do the right thing. Right now she knows that Bo is going back to Hope and she isn’t scheming to get him back which is more than I can say for most of the other broads in Salem. Each and every one of them is continually scheming to suit their own purposes.

  43. From Jolie

    Janiebell, blood work before surgery doesn’t necessarily equal DNA testing for paternity. Even on a soap.
    I am not a Carly fan but sure have been sorry for her lately. She is totally bad but has made some bad choices in who’s secrets she keeps I guess. Vic was right about Mel, she was a match for Phillip but that ain’t gonna happen now. I just want to see Kayla explain to Stephanie now why she ruined the lives of so many people by telling a truth that perhaps was not her business. I think it will still turn out that the baby belongs to Daniel. Still a skunk in the woodpile somewhere with a computer link to the hospital. And can’t really understand why Kayla is ill at Carly over Caroline’s stroke. Kayla can hold that one on her own. Loved the fight scenes this week. Now, those (Sami/Nic)(Dr Dan/Phillip) were something to record and watch again and again. Happy New Year!

  44. From Dolly

    Only good life for the little kids will be with both Ej and Sami.
    Never good for the kids when parents split.

  45. From Katherine

    36 Pawlla, believe me, nobody has forgotten about EJ “raping” Sami, but Sami has forgiven him totally, she was in love with him and slept with him and became pregnant with Sidney. It’ over, and no court would ever prosecute him that.
    So if Sami got over that, why not us.
    37 Cindy, I agree, when Caroline messed with Bo’s paternity by not telling Vic/or Shawn, at least it was her kid,
    but messing with Parker, none of her darn business, that was going way over the top, who does she think she is, even worse, if Parker really is Dan’s, all the pain and misery she is causing right now. I just don’t see God being on her side about this…
    Tess, thank you, but you are right,
    Carly is about the best most unselfish character on right now, after years and years of abuse from Lawrence she did him in/selfdefense, we all saw that on screen, but she gets condemed all the time for anything and everything,
    Sami shoots the father of her children, out light a light, but she is a hero to some, wow.
    Melanie, now she is being and can be a real snot (Hi Gram Judy), love the word. If that child does not get it by now, that her Mother is a very good unselfish woman, she never will.. what a shame, grown up Melanie.
    Tess I like your thinking.
    I know we all look at situations/characters differently, that is just fine, I love reading how others out there see different situations, it is very interesting.
    Wondering still, if Carly is the woman Rafe falls in love with, they do have a connection ever since she saved his life, and she is a doctor, and he will be in an accident, new triangle – Carly, Dan and Rafe???
    I really don’t get the hatred for Carly, that some on here have, and the hatred Kayla seems to have towards Carly, if you hate Carly, hate Bo to, it took two, seems it’s always the woman that’s bad, but not the cheating man, he is the one breaking vows, not the other woman, she didn’t take the vows… I know, that doesn’t totally make the other woman inocent, she should have a moral compass, not to be with a married man, but on soaps they are always married or engaged or something and cheating goes on.
    At least in Carly and Bo’s case, Hope clearly had left Bo’s home and bed and marriage.
    But I glad they are getting back together. Carly needs someboyd that is not hung up on somebody else(soulmate).

  46. From Janiebell

    I hear a lots about “soulmates”, but I am not sure they rill exist. A soulmate would be forever and who stays together anymore, on soaps or in rill life, and if they do eventully they become more like “room-mates” than soul-mates.

    I hope Caroline comes through her stroke without “lasting effects”. Shouldn’t Kayla have called Roman and Kimberley when Caroline had her stroke?

  47. From Lois


  48. From Katherine

    46 Lois, I like your thougts,
    they are giving Nicole to much time to be with Sidney, I think she really is hers.
    Then where is Sami’s baby, what happened.?

  49. From Sandra

    I totally agree with # 41-Tess. I really like Carly. Crystal Chappell is really a great actress. She is one of 2 or 3 people on Day’s who, IMO, isn’t constantly scheming to achieve their own selfish desires. At least, she schemes to help other folks. Seems like Carly always winds up being everyone’s whipping boy. I’m excited to hopefully see Carly and Daniel get together. Carly deserves a good man….just not Bo! LOL! Can’t wait to see Bo & Hope get back together. By the way, the writer’s need to explain why and where Shawn & Bell have been during this terrible crises. I mean, if I lived on the moon, and my mom went through torment and back and then went to prison, I would be there, no if’s, and’s or but’s about it. That is so weird. Do they think we have conveniently forgotten about Shawn D, who would have done ANYTHING to protect and help his mother. I mean if he’s paralyzed and in a coma somewhere, I could understand. They could have at least had Bo talking to him on the phone or something. Sorry, didn’t mean to go on a rant about Shawn D being MIA….LOL!!

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