Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For January 3-7.


It wouldn’t be a new year without some ultimatums and they start to come pretty fast. The Nicole and EJ reunion continues as she receives yet another ultimatum about how to behave or else. To solidify their union, Elvis decides to do the romantic thing and attach a tracking bracelet to her so that he can keep track of her whereabouts. When he isn’t busy making classy moves like this, he’s telling Johnny all about the latest thing that’s going to come in to disrupt his already discombobulated life. Johnny doesn’t like what he hears and goes on the run, quickly running straight into Rafe.

In the aftermath of her marriage hitting the skids and hurtling over the Salem pier, Chloe gets a little comfort from the man whose comfort cost her the marriage but gave her a son. She lets Philip hold Parker and they start to form a bond. Amid all of the confusion going on, Nicole decides to act like more of a friend to the diva and steps in to set things straight for her and keep her head from falling off. Meanwhile, since he doesn’t have Nicole to distract him, Brady and Kate get busy with their plan to take Vivian down but she may already be ahead of them.

Across town, Stephanie’s head nearly explodes when she hears the grim news about Caroline. Her part in the paternity fiasco comes out and it looks like there could be hell to pay in endless monthly installments. Nathan is already busy rushing off to comfort Mel in her time of need. And speaking of comforting… Jenn continues trying to weasel her way in Warden Jane’s good graces but running off on a date with Ben the organ dealing doctor could screw that up. But Bo and Hope may not need Jennifer’s help after all. They run into one of his old pals from the merchant marines and he offers to help them out.

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  1. From Debbie

    I absolutely loved the scene yesterday when Julie was comforting Maggie. Whoever wrote the dialog between them was spot on. Everything Julie said to her was right on the mark and delivered so genuinely. Excellent acting between these two fine actresses. I’m also loving Nicole’s interaction with EJ’s kids. She’s so natural with them.

  2. From MsBoulder-CO

    Man, EJ is becoming to controlling and acting like a mad man. A tracking device on Nicole……When is her sister coming in the picture?

    Yeah for not dragging out the baby story with Chloe and Phillip. Boo for making Mel pregnant as we’ll soon find out and to writers letting Caroline have a stroke. It would be nice if we see Shane and Kimberly come back……..Add Patch in the picture then Bo could have 2 of his merchant marine buddies helping him out.

  3. From MAB

    Johnny & Sydney have pretty much always lived with EJ and now the writers have made it an issue that Johnny all of a sudden throws fits over being with Sami. It’s just another ploy of the writers to make EJ look bad. No one cared that Sami was keeping EJ from the kids, but now that EJ is doing the SAME thing, the writers are making EJ look bad, and wanting everyone to feel sorry for Sami. I don’t feel sorry for her. She could have her kids if she would make some sacrifices where they are concerned. Or, if she would try to make peace with EJ and keep her big mouth shut, maybe he would lighten up.

    I didn’t feel sorry for Sami looking into the window at the DiMera mansion…she brings on her own misery. The kids were spending time with their ‘other’ family, and were enjoying themselves. Sami has to realize Johnny & Sydney have more family than just her, Ally, Will, and the wanna-be dad Rafe. I bet if she had the kids with her, she wouldn’t be letting EJ spend anytime with them. She proved that by saying the DiMera mansion is not the kid’s home. Well, yes it is. Since the parents aren’t together, then that means they have 2 homes, one with EJ and one with her. But again, she could be sharing the kids with EJ if she would just use her head, stop arguing with EJ, and stop letting Rafe make all her decisions for her.

    Johnny (& Sydney) have formed bonds with quite a number of family members. What about Stefano and Nicole? Nicole WAS like a mother to Johnny & Sydney, but Sami didn’t have a problem with ripping Sydney away from Nicole, regardless of how Sydney felt about her. When Sami wouldn’t allow Johnny or Sydney to see EJ, Stefano, Nicole, etc., I’m sure they missed them too. So why is it ok for Sami as a mother to have all these rights to keep her children away from their father, stepfather, and once step-mother, but when EJ does it, it’s not ok?

    I’m not saying Johnny shouldn’t see his mother. They should have BOTH parents in their lives. But I don’t think Sami should have more parenting power than EJ just because she’s their mother. There are MANY men who are mother & father to their kids everyday who only have one parent.

    IMO, a little boy Johnny’s age, I think he needs his father more at this stage. If anyone needs their mother more, it’s Sydney.

  4. From MAB

    Clear – Nathan’s mother Melissa was married to Pete (can’t remember his last name) when she had Nathan. After Melissa & Pete left the show, they never really mentioned his Dad from then on. I just assumed Melissa divorced him, and they have no contact with him.

  5. From MAB

    #3 – oops, last line of paragraph 3 regarding stepfather, I meant to say grandfather (Stefano).

  6. From grandma to many

    I will admit Nicole had a big part in Sydney’s early life but I don’t remember that many close family times with her and Johnny EJ was usually with Johnny or he was upstairs with Mary most scenes were EJ Sydney and Nicole or Nicole trying to sneak around to talk with Brady or Grace’s mother ( sorry having a senior moment can’t remember her name ) to make sure they wouldn’t talk too much too loud I’m sure there had to be times where they interacted with each other (they lived in the same house ) but we weren’t privy to most of them Nicole’s character has become much more child involved since she became a mother in real life I think she finally gets it too bad EJ can’t learn to be a little more caring and forgiving some day those kids will be teenagers and he’ll really need it then LOL

  7. From coogar

    #6 Grandma to many Graces parents were Mia & Chad.

  8. From coogar

    Got cat fight? Nicole & Sami roling around again, you have to love it. And we all know who really loved it EJ since his favorite piniatas are really both Nicloe & Sami. Take that Sami that teddy bear used as an assault weapon, must have really hurt. Why it could take your eye out!
    MAB don’t misunderstand me. Yes it is a pathetic scene to have Sami standing out in the cold looking in but I and I think most fans whether they like Sami or no don’t really have too much sympathy for the mess she is in. She has created most of the predicament she is in by her own hand. Way back to keeping her pregnancy a secret; something she copped to being wrong about a few times. Then the dreadful mistake of shooting EJ. If the legal system fails to solve the attempt on EJ’s life you know that DiMira justice is what will be and is being doled out. As they say if your can’t do the time; don’t do the crime. Ultimately I would have liked to see since Alli and almost grown up Will don’t appear to have Lucas around and Sami has 2 kids by EJ it would seem the likely course of action would to try to ake something work with the one father who is around. Most kids given the chance would want both parents together if they could provide a loving relationship together. As Nicole pointed our Sami had the chance for a nuclear and blew it when Rafe stopped the wedding. For better or worse he now is dispencing justice as she prefers not to turn herself in.

  9. From coogar

    I beleive I saw Carolines nose grow today. Telling Kayla that (or something to the effect) that every thing has been taken care of. Telling a whopper like that how did she think it would turn out. It no wonder they wrote in a stroke SL. Walking around on egg shells waiting for everything to blow up in your face & hoping Nath & Steph make it the heck out of Dodge before it his the fan, well thta would give any one a heart attack.

  10. From patsy

    If you remember Nicole wanted to send Johnny to boardingschool so Sydney could get all the attechen I can.t stand this stort line .

  11. From MAB

    grandma to many – as we all know, we aren’t privy to all the time the adults are actually spending with the kids, but according to how the writers are making it look now, Nicole does share a bond with Johnny, so we are to assume they did spend alot of time together.

  12. From Grandma Judy

    Katherine, I read your post on the other page. You and I feel the same way, I guess, about the importance of the mother in a young child’s life. Like you, I have also had to preach that in my own family where there’s been a divorce. Our son had to realize that our grandsons needed their mother probably more than they needed him at their ages. About Johnny’s age on the show. When they become around 10 and in their teens, they will need their father more, – and their mom will need their father more, too, since the problems that come up with teens are often handled better by dads. And sometimes the strong arm of a dad is needed then, too, depending on what kinds of teen problmes come up and our former daughter-in-law will be glad for his input to help her out.

    EJ making Nicole wear a tracking device?! What a piece of work he is! I didn’t think Caroline looked very good today. Wonder if something is going on with her health in real life? What a doll that baby of Chloe’s is. Guess the secret comes out tomorrow. Happy holidays in Salem!

  13. From MAB

    coogar – regarding Caroline and the liar she’s become…she even joked today about poisoning EJ’s clam chowder. I wouldn’t put it past her either. She has become a woman I don’t even recoginize anymore…much like all the Brady’s these days.

  14. From dc

    it wouls bw nicw if the writers would bring back shane, kimberly and steve.. bo could use the help..
    i’m glad the baby thing with parker is now out in the open. but will philip and melanie split now that she is pregnant?
    alot going on next week.. can’t wait..
    will chloe and philip raise parker? will daniel and chloe split?

  15. From katherine

    12 Gram Judy, I do agree with about little kids needing Mommy
    but as I said in my blog given all the circumstances on DOOL SL, Sami did to much stupid and bad stuff,
    it’s in her hands to deal with EJ, and then she could give Johnny all the love and nurturing he needs. It’s a bad deal right now, so Johnny, tell your Mom, get along with my Dad and share me and Sidney(I don’t really mean for the kid to tell her….) but that what it comes down to, it is in Samantha’s Hands.
    I hope there will be another DNA test done on Parker, otherwise, we all know, if the writers decide down the road, he will turn out to be Dan’s after all, would not be surprised one bit.
    This is to quick and easy for DOOL… don’t trust them…

    Again Judy, you are so right, about little kids, Mommy is their world, Daddy really becomes so much more important like in my G-son’s case, he is 11 and he is Daddy’s Pal now, but still wants his Mommy. But when the divorce happened, he was only four, I had to preach to my son, he needs his Mommy right now, your turn will come, luckily they did pretty good sharing custody, I am very pleased the way it is. I was just out at my former daughter-in-laws house, she is re-married, I enjoyed spending some time there, was fun.
    I baby-sit sometimes too, both, my son, his new wife, and my ex daughter in-law had to learn, that love them all, and nobody will dictate to me, who I love, when and where, and that my Grandson is the most important thing among all of them. Period, he is the innocent one in all the adult drama.
    So there you Samantha, Rafe and EJ, FIX IT…

  16. From wanda

    mab – i just love your blogs you go girl

  17. From Babs

    How in the world are people suprised by Caroline? “I don’t even recognize her.” Really? this is the some woman that kept Bo’s father from him for 25 years. she’d do anything if she thinks it would make her family happy. Where do you think Sami gets it?

  18. From babyblue

    When Santa was describing Rafe to Johnny, he said he (Rafe) was sort of tall. How tall is tall in Salem?
    HE IS BARELY taller than Sami-must
    be all of 5feet 6or7. except for E
    J. James Scott is by far the best
    actor.He was so sweet and sincere
    when he proposed to Sami not to mention handsome and happy. Now the writers have made evil and selfish but I still remember all
    sami’s cruel and selfish feats.
    What happened to Amber who was to be added to the cast?

  19. From coogar

    #13 MAB – so true! That rat poison comment didn’t get past me either.

  20. From katherine

    MAB, glad you are back, like your stuff… a lot

  21. From Grandma Judy

    Katherine, – Our son and his ex are doing fine now, too. Share 50/50 custody, one week with Mom and one week with Dad, Fri. is rotation day. Grandsons are 9 and 13, now. We do fine with our former daughter-in-law and help her out with daycare, etc., especially during the summer. Divorce was hard for hubby and me, too, since we like her so much. Fault on both sides, our son and her, and they just couldn’t make it work, even after counseling. No cheating was going on on either side so at least they didn’t have that to deal with. Divorce was 5 years ago and now our son is engaged to a lovely woman to get married summer 2011.

    I hope the Parker secret coming out is the beginning of romance between Melanie and Nathan. Although I don’t know where her pregnancy fits in there.

    Happy New Year to all!!

  22. From Lacey lou

    MAB….. How could anyone not be moved by Sami watching her children wit that monster EJ? It was heartbreaking. And days isn’t trying to make EJ look bad…….he has been for a long long time. Let’s not forget how little Johnny was conceived. EJ raped Sami. He has never been good and it is wonderful to seemthe very handsome Rafe help Sami get her babies back. Yeah! Go down EJ. You sicken us you slime dog!

  23. From cherie

    #22 I agree with you totally..I hate EJ and can’t wait for him to go down…completely! No one can surely watch Sami and not feel her pain…she needs her kids back, all of them and Rafe and her can live happily ever after…Go Bo and get Hope back safe and sound. I too love the little baby of Chloe’s and ??? he is such a cutey and always smiles for the cameras..guess Dr. Dan is going to be throwing some people to the curb in a couple of days…sad times for sure..Caroline looks and acts awful…it’s time for her to go, and take stupid Stephanie with her!!!!

  24. From Clear

    Loved that rock ‘em sock ‘em with Sami and Nicole today. Too bad Nicole didn’t hit first then Sami could have had Nicole arrested again. What has Rafe got up his sleeve that he thinks can soften EJ up? Sami may have already ruined it?

  25. From patsy

    Ilove EJ/JAMES SCOTT BUT I am sooooooooo tired of the EJ show .HEis sooo depressing to watch I DON.T CARE HOW GOODLOOKING HE IS I don.t see how anyone can root for this monster of a man. the writers have ruined one of the best love storys DOOL ever had when they messed up the EJ/SAMI LOVE STORY.iT WILL NEVER BE THE SAME EVEN IF THEY DO GET THEM BACK TOGETHER.

  26. From katherine

    Watched todays show, well there we go again, Sami phycically attacking another human being, this is the second time with Nicole, she could have killed her the first time.
    Nicole was right when she told Sami, you should Not have tried to kill the father of your children.
    If anybody should have been arrested, it’s Sami for sure.
    I am picking up vibes, I think Sami will find herself soon without Rafe (amnesia), and people are right, once Rafe really get’s a nose full of the real Sami, what then, who can take that woman for too long? She is a walking disaster. The whole darn truth, about her kids suffering right now, is because of her, the victim always, somebody should knock some reallity into her head, once and for all. I have no pity for Sami at all anymore, only her Children, and that starts with poor Will, the poor guy never had a chance, and now there are three more… Lord help them, with her as a lying, uncontrollable, punch happy, coniving, deceitful person, etc. IMO, yes that’s how I feel about the character of Sami right now. And that is excactly the way the writers want us to fee, or they would not write all that stuff.
    I have more respect for EJ (I don’t approve of everything) than I have for Samantha.
    Darn, can’t any of you see, no matter what, don’t ever doubt he loves his children, he would give his life for them.
    Poor Sami, if the shoe was on the other foot, EJ could have cried his eyes out, outside her window on Christmas, and if she would have seen him, she would have thrown a bucket of water on him.
    So enough with the pity for Sami, it’s in her hands to fix this, it always has been, but she does not think before she acts, no matter how it will affect her relationship with her kids. Now today in the hospital, telling Nicole Mommy should be with Sidney, well Sami was not with Ally having her test done. ha…….
    The woman needs some anger management, she can’t go on physically attacking everybody.

    I enjoy watching EJ, especially when he is with his kids, or talkes and worries about them, his face shows it all.
    All Sami shows, it’s all about Sami, whining and carrying on, poor selfinflicted victim Samantha.\
    Gram Judy, nice to hear about your family, sounds like both our families came through tough times, and doing the best for the kids, Bless the Beast and the Children, for in this world they have No Say…

  27. From LB

    UGH I cannot stand Nicole Vivian and EJ it makes me not want to watch the show anymore

  28. From Lacey lou

    Katherine… EJ loves control. He loves to call the shots. And he doesn’t take care of his kids, Mary does.

  29. From jack fan

    Days needs to bring back Jack (Matthew Ashford).

  30. From Jennie

    agree with patsy. Writers did a lousy job when the love story between EJ and Sami could have broken all records!
    They seem to enjoy making unbelievable story lines. If they are the same writers for other soaps, then they have messed up the others as well. Fire the writers! They are terrible! Of course, they don’t read this!

  31. From Clear

    Kat #26 what you were saying about Sami is what EJ was telling Stefano in the spoiler. Stephano was warning him not to be too sure she will self-destruct. There have been times when Sami has been able to focus and carry out diabolical and devious plans, so don’t count her out yet though she has been her own worst enemy. Lacy lou has a point about who takes care of the children at the Dimera house. What could Rafe be plotting that will make a difference is what I’m wondering from what he said about planning some things to soften EJ’s attitude about the children. Unless he is up front and specific with Sami about what he’s doing, she will trip and fall over his plans again for sure I’m afraid. She is a walking disaster area lately!

  32. From katherine

    Ok, let’s face it – Mary helps out, but EJ is there also, we see it….
    Sami has had Caroline take care of them, and she did to, so let’s call it a draw….ok.
    What is this in the spoilers about Johnny and that the DiMera’s are falling apart over his prognosis.
    Sami is falling apart, and they are seeking help from Dr. Ben, and EJ promising God he would be a better person if he will help his son….What is going on, anybody know???

    Rich people have servants, but we do see EJ with his kids.
    And he does love them. The reason Caroline does not have all the kids, because they are with EJ.
    Ok, both Sami and EJ love the kids, but something is going to have to give before long…

  33. From melissa

    Lacey lou No Katherine is right!!! EJ is just acting out towards Samie! Samie has done everything to keep EJ from his children!! Inflicting pain & hurt among EJ & then having sex with Rafe!!! Hiding & lying about a pregnancy & then giving birth without telling the FATHER ( even a Direra it was find when you were having sex with the Dimera) then telling when it was their child after the baby died when it was conviniant for you!!!!! Pls pls pls

  34. From denise092875

    i think chloe and philip belong together they were each others first true loves melanie and nathan need to be together daniel and carly belong together victor should just let that witch vivian have his house and company and move in with maggie and live a normal life for once bo and hope will get back together they belong together ej is a jerk it would be nice to find out johnny isnt his maybe they could find out sami was actually pregnant with triplets and lost one and that one happened to be ejs either way i think he should at least let his kids see their mother hes only hurting the children sami is hurting too which is his plan but why make the kids suffer the dumb jerk they need both their parents nicole needs to realize sydney isnt hers it would be nice to see her become pregnant by brady then see how fast she forgets about sydney i like nicole but she needs to wake up she will never be sydneys mother you can still love a child without being as close as she is

  35. From Lisa

    I am sooooo ready for Stephanie to be ALONE after all her lies, scheming, deception, time switching things with Ian. She is on my last nerve!!! I cannot believe I am saying this, since Melanie can also be annoying, but I want her and Nathan to HOOK UP–Finally!!! Stephanie’s insecurity is getting sooo old…Yeah for Kayla coming back when she did. As for Nicole/Sami/EJ/Brady–Nicole coming back has been beyond annoying. I think EJ has been ruthless…Sami needs to see her kids and Nicole/EJ still need to pay for the kidnappings.

  36. From latrise

    I know that the writers are trying to make us all feel for her. but i’m sorry, with today show, that was the last straw. how many times can she attack a person before she learn to just walk away. doesn’t she remember that this action is the reason that she is in this mess. i mean nicole was right. no matter how you spend it, you can say is was a desperate act of a mother? whatever! you can say it was all the years of abuse or attack from ej. i’m sorry but i call bs. because from someone who just started watching the show for over a year now. i see more of sami being the crazies one then ej. now don’t get me wrong, i am hating him right now for how he is handling this whole situation with johnny. i do hope that the rumor is right, and that he will let sami in the kids life. i feel that somebody must be reading the blogs and seeing that even thou we feel that sami does deserve to pay for her actions. that maybe if she gets a feel on how her actions plays a role in her children life. that maybe she will think twice about attacking people and telling ej that he can not see his children. seeing how this arrangement is affect johnny, she does not want johnny to act the same way with her. which is werid since he never seem that way with her. but we all must admit that the children were not on screen as much as they are now. and when they are the only two you see is johnny and sydney. have the time i forget that she has another daughter. because you never see her, in less it about her other two sibling. now i’m not saying that sami is a bad mother because we never see her with the children. what i’m saying is that we never saw the children enough to know if their was any problems with them. we don’t know if johnny was behaving the same way with sami like he is now. i wish they could have show it on both levels, not just on one. can’t wait to this storyling is over and they move on from this war over the kids for a while. hopefully for longer then a month.

    i’m still mad at the writers for never truly putting an end to the whole parker story. and what i mean is, is daniel or phi his father. now i know that they say that caroline change the result, but here is what i’m hoping. i’m hoping that at the hospital that caroline cofuess that she never change the result. that she lie to protect the secret of chole and phi and all those that this secret will affect. that parker is dan, and that chole and dan can work it out. because for some reason these two has grown on me and if she can not be with phil then i rather her be with dan. i do hope that all those who told the secret pay. can’t wait for steph to finally get her just desert. as much as i do not like nate, i would rather him be with anybody other then steph. steph last alot of my respect over the way she been acting. especial when it came to her finding out chole secret. i mean she ran and told everybody. she was so worry that others would find out and kill her relationship with nate, but why did she run and tell that hacker guy, her mother ( was spills), her aunt, and her grandmother? what sense does it make to tell all these people and think that the secret would never get out. i wonder how victor would take it when he finds out that he has a grandson by chole? you know if i was chole i would beat the living day lights out of kayla and steph. i know that i cheated and it was my sin that broke up my family. but come on, why does my secret mean so much to them? that is what i truly want to know as a viewer. why is kayla pushing so hard to tell chole secret? i mean it affect everybody in town it seem, i mean her mother could go to prison, which mean that roman has to arrest his mother. her daughter loses the man she love. mel now has to raise a child on her own. if nate trys to get with steph, he might have an ej situation. i mean come on, do you think that phil would just let another man raise his child, especially someone he doesn’t like. and if phil doesn’t step in then his father will. we all know that his father keeps tab on phil other son. daniel now has lost his son and his wife that he was crazy about. his relationship with his daughter and carly might be strain, being that they both new about it and never told him. so now mel has lost her father respect. and then they are going to work a storyling were these three try to rebuild their relationship, after the truth comes out about chole and parker. i mean, did kayla think about her actions. i mean why did she go to the church anyway. just to reck the day. what if dan didn’t care? but do you truly think that he wants to hear the truth, in front of his family and friends at an event for his child? heck no! no one does. if someone was going to tell me that, i would rather hear it alone not when my family is their to remind me everyday that i’m with this person of the crime that they committed. well that is it that is my rant for the week. can’t wait till next week. hope everyone enjoy their holiday. can’t wait for 2011, only 3 more months to go until dianamaria aka bell is born.

  37. From latrise

    i’m sorry for the errors i was writing to fast. the las line is suppose to read: i would rather hear it alone not when my family is their to remind me everyday that i’m with this person, who has committed the worst sin, since murder.

  38. From raj

    Just started watching the show again and was wondering… Shouldn’t Will be older than EJ? And what about Abby?

  39. From Holly

    Did anyone see how fast Rafe “the acting ommander” broke or bent the law??? I mean the bradys are running the town…
    must be nice, first day on the job and your wife is bought in!!! lol

  40. From Wendy

    I wanted to know why Jen didn’t hang the ornaments for her kids and for Jack. While everyone is talking about missing Bo and Hope, she doesn’t even mention her kids.

  41. From Clear

    Wendy, at the beginning didn’t Jen talk about them and say they were snowed in at the airport and couldn’t fly out? The family at the tree decorating was sparse compared to years past when it was a happy house with Alice and Tom smiling and children running through the house. Ciara just sat around with Theo like a little princess in her finery. Not very realistic. I was disappointed that Sami didn’t get her children back for Christmas and come up with something so that she and EJ would share them again. I thought the Johnny sick thing was over, but see the spoilers Katherine did about his prognosis being bad. Maybe they find something else, and maybe that brings them all back together with EJ nice and with Nicole’s sister. I just hope that we don’t have a SL with Johnny being sick again with cancer because it says that Sami falls apart or something.

  42. From Grandma Judy

    The Days Cafe spoiler 2 weeks ahead (week of Jan. 10th) says “The DiMeras are devastated by Johnny’s prognosis. Sami falls apart. Stefano asks Ben Walters to help. EJ promises God that he will be a better man if only He saves his son. Bo is kidnapped. Vivian raises the stakes. Stephanie realizes she is the biggest loser.”

  43. From Grandma Judy

    So, I would say, if Johnny ends-up eventually being OK, EJ had better mind his p’s and q’s because you don’t go back on your promises to God!!

  44. From Ginger

    MAB, I do have to say the you’re right about Sydney living in the mansion all her life, but that’s not fair because Sami didn’t know. Johnny lived with Sami at the penthouse and then when she lived in the mansion. Plus, he has a twin sister. That’s cruel to pull him from his twin. EJ is a psycho so out of the 2, Sami is the better parent.

  45. From cherie

    Right on Ginger….EJ is not a good parent, he is just controlling and mean….let Sami have her kids back..he doesn’t want them, he just wants to hurt Sami and Rafe…and I’m still not convinced that she actually was the one that put the bullet into EJ’s head…I wonder what Johnny’s prognosis is, I hope he survives all of this…does anyone else wonder if he will get an eye from the illegal stuff at the prison…Jen is dating Ben now and he’s involved…just wondering….

  46. From Clear

    Yes, I was wondering if the cancer is found somewhere else in his body and they get another organ of some kind. What on earth will be the deal with Jennifer’s heart! I hope they don’t kill her off for it. They would really be bad, bad, bad writing!

  47. From katherine

    35 Lisa, when you mentioned that EJ and Nicole have to pay for the kidnapping, you forgot Sami still has to pay for the shooting.
    38 Raj, I agree Will should be older than EJ, Abbie is the same age as Chelsey, so I would say early 20′s.
    39 Holly, funny, the first “client” for Rafe the new Commander, his wife, of course we all knew, she’ll walk, what else, she is a Brady.
    I would say, The Mansion so far in time, is and has been the Main Home for Ally, Johnny and Sidney, that’s pure fact.
    Johnny and Ally were there for about 9 months when Sami was in the SafeHouse, falling for Rafe,
    EJ was a very caring Father, no denying that one, and Nicole was very good to them also, and then of course, Sidney came, I know, I know,she was Sami’s but is it not ironic, how EJ came to have his own baby, after Sami tried so hard to keep her pregnancy secret, keep him from his child, even though he was such a great father to Ally and Johnnie in her absense, and then ha, ha, her plan did not work after all. So Sami when you try to deceive, remember, it might backfire on you, and it did big time.
    So to sum it all up, yes Johnny lived in the loft for a while, going back and forth from there to the mansion, when there was shared custody, then Sami and all moved back to the Mansion.
    They have only been in Rafe’s loft for a couple of weeks, so I would say, the mansion is and has to date been their Main Home and Security, and they love Mary, just like they love Grandma Caroline.
    Sami attacking Nicole, not again, does that woman have an ounce of selfcontrol in her body, she never thinks how all this will affect her children, selfish woman.
    The first time, he could have killed Nicole, how would they have covered up that one.
    In my opinion, I seem to see a slow, slow process with Rafe, noticing just uncontrollable Sami really is. Even Roman mentioned it again, that his daughter is more than a handful.
    Everything Nicole said to Sami before the fight was right on,
    Sami’s porn remark was not called for, we all know what and why happened to Nicole when she was a young girl/Bad Father…. but Sami as always is playing right into EJ’s hand, the Orderlies, saw Sami out of control, why could they not be wittnesses, but this is Salem, Rafe will make the decision, silly me.
    Sami needs some help, hope Rafe will start to realize that..
    I guess a Bomb will have to drop on her, a big one, before that girl ever learns, thank about your children before you leap, again and again, and when things go bad for you and of course the kids, learn to blame yourself. Amen

  48. From Kayla

    What is up with Caroline going all evil lately? She used to be so sweet! I’m so happy it finally came out about Chloe and Philip! I don’t think they could have dragged it out any longer! UGH! I can’t stand EJ anymore! But then again, maybe Sami should try to make amends with him for the sake of their children. Them fighting is getting a little old and annoying.

  49. From Bkitty

    I usually enjoy JUST reading the comments and looking at things from a different perspective BUT I must say that even though this is just a soap and things are so “over the top” I am amazed that ANYONE would side with Caroline about switching the results.Really?? After all the heartbreak when the truth came out about Bo being ictor’s son. I really hope Melanie and Nathan get togther.

  50. From katherine

    meant to say, the first time She(Sami) could have killed Nicole, and for a long moments she thought she did….
    Second, meant to also say, not only did Johnny and Ally live in the mansion with EJ, when Sami was in the SafeHouse, they lived there also as little babies, when Lucas was in jail. Guess what, EJ and an on and off again with Sami and then Nicole took care of those children. How convinient for some of you to forget all that love and nurturing EJ put into all of those kids, some of you only see what you want to see, but if you are truly objective, there is so much fault to go around, and I can see it on both sides.
    I think it is about time, the above the law Brady Bunch, is going to realize, with Rafe’s Help, that their darling Samantha needs an Intervention, before she ruins her life and that of her children forever, forget EJ, what he might be able to do to her, it’s up to her, and her Family and Rafe, that He Can’t.
    No more excuses for Sami, all of the Family face the fact, Sami needs help to protect her from Herself. That’s the way I see, especially if I was part of her family, I had to do it in my own family, Thank God, it worked and I am forever grateful to God that he gave me the strenght to stand up to at the time, my own misguided Son, it worked, and he loves me even more, he knows all the risks I took, to get through to him.
    Be a parent, not a goodie goodie Yes, Yes, Friend, call it, as you see it. Judy, I am sure you know about that part, no thanks in the short term, but God, the long run, makes it all worth while.

    EJ can Only do to Samantha, was Samantha let’s him do to her,
    Rafe you are so right, realize, y our wife needs help, she is getting out of control,…..

  51. From fjd

    Welllll….take a pill and sit it down. EJ is an asp (i.e., a venemous vituoperous retaliatory snake) as well as another word with another letter at the end. Sami is these kids MOM AND nicole SHOULD marry EJ and live in misery ever after. Remember that EJ knows that Nicole framed Arianna. I wish some of us could put themselves in other’s places. If you were Sam how would you feel? ]

    Writers have gained some favor with me because the lies finally came out. Nathan and Mel belong together, and really, Chloe belongs with Philip and Steph should take that sweet looking lying face and go to Africa. I am excited to see how this turns out, but BOPE belong together, Carly and Daniel, maybe. Sami and Rafe should share custody with Asp-Elvis and live in happiness. Years ago these people were in a soap but they weren’s so miserable. I’m beginning to like Kate (who may really poison Stephanie for keeping her son’s son from him by perpetuating a lie). Maggie and Victor, HOORAY I like them.

  52. From Clear

    Bottom line here to me is that Sami is playing into EJ’s hands, and she is being made to look bad and uncontrollable. I don’t like where this is going, so that she may lose all her children plus Rafe. I don’t like the story line, and the way it is going at all if that’s how it plays out. I want Sami to get it together and overcome her problems. As far as paying for mistakes, she surely is right now. I think she should come clean and let the chips fall where they may, but then this is Days and there may yet be another miserable zinger in the works that none of us like! I haven’t liked that no story line is ever resolved this year, and there is ever more turmoil and chaos in our favorite charaters’ lives, so there is no space of time when anyone is truly happy without some threat–not EJ or Sami either one.

  53. From tinab

    People – Sami has been out of control for a while. She has kidnapped more than once. She took Will away on a train to keep him away from Lucas when she thought she was going to get caught in his paternity deception, of course we all know what she did to Bell, and then what she was going to do to poor Grace. For someone whose children are to come first it was amazing to me that she AND Rafe were going to put Grace up for adoption. Sami standing outside the Dimera house on Xmas was stupid. She brought her troubles on herself and I for one think she is getting what she deserves. Actually I would like to see her thrown in jail. EJ has proven to be a very good father and Sami has even said so herself. About her fight with Nicole – she provoked Nicole and I think Nicole showed great restraint. Sami hit her with a closed fist – Nicole hit her with a stuffed toy. Please – some one needs to stop this train wreck. Also when she verbally asaulted Abe a few weeks ago I was ready to grab her by the hair. Do I feel sorry for Sami – yeah, ha, right.

  54. From katherine

    49 clear, I hear you, I read you, I agree with a lot,
    but it is the writers, that don’t want Sami to look to good right now, stick with the story, we all want Sami to get it together, but we All know Sami,she won’t, so what now.
    The writers are driving the story, Sami IMO needs a serious intervention, to straigthen her out once and for all, for the kids sake.
    She is not being made look bad, she is bad right now, according to the story, and that is what the writers want, it’s part of the story, I don’t see Sami at all paying for her mistakes right now, she is making more and more mistakes as we see her. All we can go by is what the writers of the GOOD Book DOOL give us, and Sami is not looking to good.
    Sometimes when I read some of your comments, I think you are getting a little bit lost, between what you want to see, and what the writers want you to see, so let’s looks and judge the characters, the way the writers write them… period, like it or not, but that’s what we should jude, not wishfull thinking one way or the other…..

  55. From MAB

    #22 Lacey lou

    Oh yes, the writers ARE trying to make EJ look bad. Sami kept the kids from him, no one cared and didn’t see her as a monster, but when EJ did the SAME thing, he is painted as a monster, and everyone feels sorry for Sami. If you want to let the writers dictate your thinking, go ahead, but not me.

    I don’t see EJ as a monster. And I don’t feel sorry for Sami because she brought this on herself. I refuse to discuss the rape issue anymore with anyone. I don’t think it was, and that’s MY opinion. I may not agree with some of the writing of EJ, but no one is going to change my mind about him, not you or anyone else on here, and least of all, not the writers.

    You might think Rafe is handsome and great, but I don’t. I don’t like him, don’t think he’s attractive, I think he is the root to most of Sami & EJ’s problems, and eventually he will do something that will show he’s not the goody-two shoes everyone thinks he is. I can’t wait for that day to happen. Hopefully his up coming car accident will kill him off the show, but I doubt it. Although I did hear he will lose his memory and fall in love with another. Hallelujah! Put him with someone else other than Sami if he has to remain on the show.

  56. From tinab

    BTW Kathrine and MAB – you rock. Love your blogs.

  57. From MAB

    Lacey lou – and I’m not the only one who feels this way. I see plenty of other bloggers who share my sentiments.

  58. From MAB

    Just want to give a shout out to katherine, wanda, tinab, and others!

  59. From MAB

    #49 clear – your comment (bottom line here to me is that Sami is playing into EJ’s hands) is right on. I know we don’t agree alot, but that statement is SO true.

    And her fighting again with Nicole is SO stupid. She played right into Nicole’s hands too. She is jealous, not only of Nicole spending time with her kids, but I think she is jealous is EJ has anyone in his life. I can’t wait to see how she reacts when EJ falls for Nicole’s sister. I bet money she shows her jealousy

  60. From tinab

    Hey – thoughts please. Wasn’t Rafe brought up in St. Mary’s orphanage? what is up with all these siblings coming to town. Gabby, Arianna, and now this new brother, who have all been raised by their mother. I for one think Rafe is not the guy we’re supposed to believe he is.

  61. From Rose

    MAB I have been reading your blogs each day, and I think you want people to do as you say do. you can say anything you want to say about how you feel about ej and sami, but when someone else blogs there opionion of the characters they like on the show which is the ones that you don’t like you get mad and come back with a childish comment. I hope that you find a man just like ej to be with since you think he is such a hunk. ej came on the show being bad it started with Carrie and Austin and it went from there. ej has never been aa good person and he never will be. Everyone has there own opionions just like you so stop doing what you do just because they don’t agree with you you make the comment that there is a lot of ej fans and nobody will stop you from liking ej. then let other people fill that way about the actors they like and stop intimadating others.

  62. From katherine

    61 Rose, I don’t think MAB has ever tried to force her opinions on anybody, all the ever does is state them, IMO, and I love it. What’s wrong with that, take them or leave them….
    EJ has been trouble in the beginning, but he tried to change, before his father, Nicol and Sami screwed with him very badly.
    Why do you only see EJ’s bad deeds,\
    Have you been around for the last 20 years to watch the master of hate,deceipt, lies, hurtful disasterous behaviour, and deeds to anyboyd and all of her family, lord help me to name them all, Queen of mean,hate, paybacks, revenge,etc. Samantha Brady, where were any of you, but now all you see is EJ, shame on you onesided bloggers.
    So Rose, IMO Sami has Never been a good person on this show, that is my opinion, you show me over the last 20 years,when Sami has ever been a good person. Lord knows, Lucas, Roman, Marlena, Will, Caroline, etc. all of them at one time or another have just plain disowned her, for the the horrific things she did, anyboyd out there remember her history, before you start just plain butchering EJ., he was not even born, when Sami did her terrible deeds, like kidnapping her own babysister Bell, etc. she was a teenage monster, and then with Lucas’s help – they became plain horror, think back people, then when she got preg with Lucas, she denied him his child Will for years, and years, will fully, broke Austin’s heart when the truth came out,
    what’s the matter, she is a witch, nasty, always has been and will be unless her family will finally have an intervention for her.
    Not forcing my opinion on anybody, but lord help me, in my opinion whats wrong with some of you..???

  63. From cherie

    right on rose!!!

  64. From llloyd

    At last, a breakthrough in a story line. So glad the truth is out about Parker. Now we can watch everybody scramble. We still have Chad’s story to pick up on. And still, Stephano has yet to tell E.J. And how about Carley’s son? Where is he and will he be popping in soon? Since Will has the only girl in town, that could cause a real problem. And I think it’s going to be fun to watch Brady and Kate try to get rid of Vivian.

  65. From Irene

    Just thinking: Sydney got a clean bill of health. We have not heard of Allie’s results yet. Could it be possible that Allie’s results are like Johnny’s and that Johnny is really Lucas’s son. It could be possible even if Will is okay. And I hate EJ!!!! Even though it is a soap opera.

  66. From katherine

    65 Irene, you hate EJ, but what about that would be killer nutjob Sami, how do you feel about her,
    honestly, she is about as nasty and destrucive as they come, okay with you all she has done. Just interested in good back and forth blogging, … no offense please….

  67. From cherie

    I would love for the kids to be Lucas’..that would be so great and bring Lucas back!!! I hate EJ as well, what is up with him just watching those two fight!! He’s loving it..perv that he is….

  68. From Irene

    I wish they would bring Lucas back also. I also am looking for a great story line between Maggie and Victor. Maybe because I am 73 and think romance is not only for the teeny boppers and young ones (lol). I still think that out of all the men Sammie has had in her life, she was best suited for Lucas.

    And Katherine, no offense taken. I do not blog often, just read all of them. I really, really want Johnny to belong to Lucas and Sammie.

    Back to reading my romance book now.

  69. From katherine

    68 Irene, loved your come back, you should blog more often, I think I really would enjoy going back and forth we you.
    You sound like you have your stuff together, I love your idea about giving the older couples more romance stories, lord they could show the young ones how it is done and how it should and could be. La,li,la, la, la, yes.
    Don’t know about Johnny belonging to Lucas, the kid does not need another big change in his life, EJ is his Dad and he loves him. where in the heck is Lucas, off somewhere in Japan, because Chloe hurt his feelings….
    He has a son, Will, here and a little girl, Ally, that should be most important in his life.. I know the writers wrote him out of the story, but as viewers we see the storyline, that Lucas left Salem. Not good.
    Irene, enjoy your romance, I am going to start reading G.W. Bush, got it for Christmas, also in the middle of The Chamber by John Chrisham, love his books.
    So Irene, don’t stop blogging……

  70. From coogar

    Spoilers say EJ clamps an anckle braclet on Nicloe; I think we can see why after Viv shows him
    pics of Nicole & Brady doing the horizantal mamba. We can’t have the future MRS DiMira doing that now can we? Another interesting spoiler is EJ beseeching the Lord to make Johhnie ok, he wil try to become a better man. EJ has tried to make a pact with the Almighty before. One other time he asking for a second chance to get Sami & Johnie(the I”m not sure if it was kid or kids at that time but I think only Johnie was born). Apparenlty God’s answer was no. Someone told me once that if you make a deal with the Lord something is still expected in return. How nice if that something would be his relationship with fatha and the DiMira wealth. It would make for an interesting turn to see EJ and start over and finaly get the chance to be his own man. I really liked seeing him working for Micky. In that brief little while he got to be free of the DiMira Stigma. We got to see a tiny glimpse of that again when he represented Ari.
    Also, today I loved it Rafe telling Sami how the fact that she is related to half the Salem police or sleeping with the other half that she ahs avoided going to jail. Love truly is blind and life is like a box of chocolates you never know what your going to get; life with Samantha Brady Rafe wake up and smell the coffee. Are you sure you want to deal with a loose cannon and have every day to be roller coaster ride?

  71. From Pam

    Hello – has everyone forgotten that Johnnie is a result of EJ RAPING Sammi? Why is nobody bringing up the fact that “Daddy” raped “Mommy” – doesn’t that make him a bad guy all over again?????

  72. From Mary

    Cheri and Irene…i want SO badly for the kids to be Lucas’s as well.

    As for the rest of the storylines (just my opinion), love Chloe and Phil (ever since the Last Blast Dance in 2000). The way he looked at her = absolute perfection.

    Carly and Bo forever! Best chemistry EVERR in the early ’90s. Long time fan of DOOl and Crystal and Peter (IMO) have much better chemistry and Kristian and Peter…

    Ej is starting to grow on me…I don’t know why, but even though he’s a bad guy I think he needs someone to teach him how to love. I thought Ari would have been perfect…but DOOL ruined that.

    Finally, Lucas and Sami Forever. In all the Soap magazines I have read, other than Frances Reid (alice), Bryan Datillo is the most missed character especially by Ali. I saw SO much chemistry and history when Ali and Bryan were together. Although I like Rafe and think he’s a good guy, he’s just not Lucas. You can tell that it’s not the same. I wish Days would sign Lucas back and get into a juicy story when Rafe gets into his car accident. He could help Sami out. I MISS HIM SO MUCH! He’s always been the perfect one for Sami! ever since they started the show and they were 15 together going to prom (both in real life as Ali and Bryan and on the show as Sami and Lucas!) these two characters are maded for each other!

    Ok, that’s it!

    Lumi FOREVER!

  73. From Katherine

    This is a note to Roman, Sami’s father, forget Marlena, where is she anyway, does she care, lord knows, Grace died, Johnny has cancer, Sami tries to kill Ej. EJ kidnaps Sidney, where is this supposed super person/Mom whatever they made Marlena out to be.????
    Roman, you have had a loose cannon in your daughter Samantha now for over 20 years, you have disowned her many times, you know all about her, now she has topped a lot of her bad and lousy deeds by trying to kill ther children’ father, how much more does it take for you, as a father and law enforment officer, to take control of things and have an intervention for your daughter, before she goes competley over the edge, and don’t blame EJ then, Sami is doing it all herself, handing stupid self to EJ.
    Get with it Roman, don’t just always stand around and smirk, ja, bad EJ. get a grip and take care of that daughter of yours, lool at your grandson Will, cover up of would be murder, how about that, and now your Mother, playing God with Babies lifes, it’s time you come down to reallity, wipe the stupid smirk of your face, and face the harsh reality in your own families life. Your house needs to get cleaned up once and for all.
    Is Kayla the only honest Brady anymore, to bad the truth had to come out the way it did, Kayla did not know everybody was in church, I am sure she would have preferred to tell Dan one on one.

  74. From coogar

    #67 Cheri I think EJ enjoyed watching those 2 fight because his plan of driving Sami bonkers is working on some level. He is totally rope-a-doping Nicole into doing his bidding through emotional black mail to be with Sydney. Those 2 women are like piniatas that he is constatnly poking at. Got to admit there is something a kin to a guilty pleasure watching thise 2 have a cat fight. If nothing else, the writers are making these two characters very predictable. You ca count on Nicole to be totl dlave to EJ and Sami to react violently when backed into a corner, dont see things going her way and/or faced with some unpeasant truth.

  75. From coogar

    Meant to say that you can counton Nicole willing to be a perfect slave to do EJ’s bidding.

  76. From dina

    Did anyone else notice that Rafe never even once mentioned Ari on Christmas(or did I miss something)?
    I’m hating that this character has had his sister die because of Sami’s doings and it’s like he doesn’t even remember her! If he is the pillar of goodness, as we have been led to believe, he should be “struggling” with this love for the woman whose actions caused the death of his sister. No?

  77. From cindy

    hope everyone is having a great post-christmas…i laughed out loud when rafe told sami “the only reason she’s not arrested is because she’s related to half the police dept and sleeping with the other half” best one-liner in a long time. i like sami and rafe together, but it looks like rafe might be starting to tire of her antics and self-destructive ways. i hate to see another amnesia s/l cuz it’s been done efore (like most s/ls) remember when marlena had it cuz i think she fell down stairs or something? i think she couldn’t remember if she loved roman or john and roman was married to kate at the time. or something like that. i too would like to see lucas return. i loved it when the writers finally had sami and lucas get together. seems like there’s p;enty of oportunity for them to do so if they chose, but i doubt it. you would thinlk lucas would be concerned foe alli with johnny’s cancer if he even knows about it. i did wonder why no one has said anything about alli’s test results. like many of you, was glad to see the parker s/l finally get moving. their should be some real good shows coming up as a result. i won’t be surprised if they put chloe and phillip together. like someone else blogged, i always liked them in school and after before brady came along. too bad though…..i really like melanie and phillip. wonder how the writers will work in her pregnancy. and i agree with a couple of you that thought it odd step, kayla, nathan, and others were so wrapped up in chloe’s infidelity. especially nathan today on the plane talking to stephanie. it was really weird to hear him talking about chloe’s mothering ability. from what i can tell he hardly even knows daniel and chloe ( at least not well enough to be so wrapped up in their personal lives), and he is so concerned. just strange. oh well what else is new on DOOL. have a safe and happy new years to everyone.

  78. From Clear

    Yes, that struck me as odd when Stephanie seemed to question if Nathan could forgive Chloe. Why would it be a big deal, and his to forgive?

    I have ambivalent feelings about Sami, E.J. and Rafe. If they are going to have her with Rafe I like it, and if they have her with EJ I hope she’s happy, but I am more of a Safe fan and would like to see EJ with Nicole’s sister to see how it works out. I am not liking the child tug of war thing with Johnny and Syd. I do think Rafe has been looking quite sexy this week. EJ has been intensely manipulative and downright mean! Rafe is trying to calm SAmi, but he isn’t giving her any clue about what he’s got in mind to help with the situation he says is only short term. Does he not trust her with the information, or is it a big writing plot hole?

  79. From Holly

    Todays episod was great with ej;s terrible deal of marraige, and how nicole figured it out. Nicole clued in, and is at least willing to do what it takes to be in syd’d life and at a terrible cost.
    And LOVED the paternity outting, that was the best. It was intense, loved it, could watch it over and over…lol, well acted.
    And yes sami has been the bad girl for so long, so it is right that ej and her belong together. But when sami was with lucas and austine, she tried her hardest to be good. I think when people left her alone, she was then able to be good. I mean her last marraige to lucas, she was good and tried to protect her family by marring ej, and then at some point while with ej she was good and behavied. it seems with her, she is only bad with it comes to jealousy and her children. Doing stupid things.
    but i hate to say it, sami is more herself with ej, she is still held back while with lucas. Granted if she can’t be with ej, then put her with lucas.
    Ej is getting even more crazier with putting a tracking deviece on nicole, wonder how that is going to play out, clearly nicole can’t take it, and thats when ej is freeded up to be with taylor. But how could he trust???
    (thats my rant)

  80. From grandma to many

    just read spoilers for next 3 weeks what on earth are the writers doing to poor little Johnnie ?first he wants nothing to do with Nicole as a stepmother and runs away to find Rafe (not his mother ) and then they discover cancer in his other eye ? come on this is just a little boy I don’t care if he is an accomplished actor how can a little kid separate acting from real life when all of his scenes right now seem to be so horrible poor kid I guess if they were to have a Sami intervention they would have to import a new family to intervene as no one in her family right now is in any position to point any fingers Marlena ,Eric and even Carrie have abandoned Sami and the family who are there well even Kayla has issues

  81. From cherie

    I too read the spoilers and am upset that Johnny is going to have cancer in his other eye…and I guess ole Stefano knows about Dr. Ben because he’s asking for his help..obviously to get new eyes for his grandson…if he is his grandson…I’m still hoping not…anyway, loved the “outing” scene yesterday as well…Chloe had the deer in the headlights look on her face for sure when Daniel turned to look at her…loved it, can’t wait to see what happens next…although I think I know that Daniel beats the heck out of poor ole Philly…

  82. From Katherine

    89=Grandma to many,
    Cancer in the other eye, that’s so sad. But if they could do eye transplants, why did they not discuss that already with the firs eye. I don’t know what is possible or not…..
    You are right, intervention, when I mentioned it, who could do it right now, the whole Brady family is in the hole right now.
    Unless a miracle happens for Johnny, he would have to play a blind little character, I don’t want that from a child actor, to sad IMO
    I hope Daniel is not to shocked, the clues etc. have been all around him for months, my God there were so many, they could have knocked him over.
    I am going to wait about Taylor to see if I like her or not, so the jury is out.
    76 Dina, I noticed about Ari and mentioned in one of my blogs, it was sad, not one word about her, but then again the guilt should keep them from talking about her.

  83. From MAB

    Precious – why would Nicole remain on Sami’s side? She tried and Sami & Rafe shot her down. They are the stupid ones, just like Nicole said. Sami had her children, evidence, the whole nine yards, and what did she do? She opened her big mouth, let Rafe tell her what to do, and ended up reeping what she sowed. She has NO ONE to blame but herself.

    Sharon – it is a medical fact that a woman can sleep with 2 men, have twins and the 2 men can be the father of each child.

    bts – I know what you mean about spelling some of the character’s names. I don’t say anything because I don’t want to offend anyone, but I just hate it when someone spells Stefano, Stephano.

    Ginger – I didn’t say it’s not cruel to keep Johnny from Allie. I don’t like it, but EJ is NOT a psycho, and Sami is definitely not the better parent. For example, ripping your children away from their father, dropping them off at their grandma’s so you can go boink your boyfriend, instead of staying with your children…I don’t call that the better parent.

    #36 latrise – great post!

    # 61 Rose – are you for real? Funny, you sound just like another person who targeted me before. So what is your main problem? You act like I’m the ONLY one who comments on Sami & EJ. If you want to talk childish, then re-read what you wrote. Although, it might be a little confusing since most of what you said makes no sense. Look, I don’t care what others think. MY comments are MY opinions…or don’t you understand English? If you don’t like it, I DON’T CARE, and I don’t care what you think. Lastly, if you want a fight, I’ll give it to you, but your best bet is to NEVER address me again with comments like you just wrote to me. I don’t take kindly to ANYONE who comments on my personal life. You better check yourself!

    # 63 Cherie – same goes for you.

  84. From MAB

    Rafe = amnesia? Great, maybe he’ll leave town – of course I doubt that, so hopefully he will have a storyline w/o Sami & EJ involved.

    Yesterday’s episode was just another sickening skeptical of how Rafe uses his power, and Sami is right up his @$$, not to mention getting away with everything she does. Nicole can’t even file charges against Sami for attacking her. This is exactly why Rafe has NOT business being in power at Salem PD. He will break every law in the book for Sami, and that is pathetic. At least what Nicole said to Sami at the hospital got said, because it was ALL true.

    Kudos to Kayla! This long drawn out secret would’ve never come out if she hadn’t come back to town. I hate that it came out the way it did, right there in the church, but I’m glad it’s out. And the crap that Caroline was feeing Kayla back at the pub was nothing but crazy talk. She has completely lost it! Are they going to try to redeem her for what she did by having a stroke so everyone will feel sorry for her? Well, maybe it’s a sign that she shouldn’t be ‘playing God’, like Kayla said.

    How can anyone say EJ does not want his kids? He spends more time with them than Sami ever did, and he takes better care of them.

  85. From Grandma Judy

    What I think is that EJ uses his kids like everyone and everything else. It’s all about power.

    Although I can understand how maddening it would be for Sami that Nicole is with her children and she can’t be, but Sami was stupid to get in a physical fight with Nicole. And in public! Rafe was right to tell her it only played into EJ and Nicole’s hands. Don’t think Sami will ever learn and Rafe must feel like shaking the daylights out of her at times.

    Like others, I loved the blurt-out by Kayla yesterday. This is all going to be so good. Days Cafe added something to that spoiler about Stephanie since I quoted it. Now it says she realizes she is the biggest loser “but she isn’t going down without a fight.”

  86. From Susanne

    In what world do we have a man shot in the head and the main suspect who is running around free, getting married and gaining pity from her family and her Dad the Poice Chief and Uncle Bo the commish? She shot a man in the head, left him for dead! The father of her children. She originally was never going to tell EJ she was pregnant with the second child and was going to give it away! She is a terrible Mother to all 4 of the kids and is a whiny Bi888! No career and No example to set for any child! EJ was kept from his child and thought it had died only to learn that his daughter lives at the hand of Nicole. He wanted revenge and true enough took her away and caused it to happen, however I am not so sure I would call it kidnapping since Sami is unbalanced in the first place. Now he has both kids in his care in a stable environment, with his watchful eye. He needs to rid himself of Nicole and Sami and move on and forget revenge. Writers need to give EJ a new woman who is loving yet very self assured and forceful and to be recokend with that neither Nicole or Sami can compete with. Eventually he would then allow custody visitation and such. However…..the issue of Sami shooting him in the head must be addressed by the writeres and Sani must somehow pay society back for her crime. She has committed many if everyone remembers including kidnapping, switching hospital records, drugging her sisters boyfriend and seducing him….etc etc. She is a mixed up unstable force that needs to be given a storyline by the writers that shows her finally getting her life cleaned up and making things right. Then a job! I hope They bring bag John and Marlena as that would be the only storyline that would give me satisfaction after all these decades of watching this show. Writers need to get a grip!

  87. From MAB

    Grandma Judy – that statement about Stephanie being a loser is so true. I’ll be so glad when Nathan dumps her. I don’t know why she wants him when she knows he loves Melanie. I hope Nathan & Melanie eventually get back together. I used to want Philip & Stephanie together, but I don’t know if she deserves anyone with the way she’s been acting. Do you think Daniel will ever take Chloe back after this?

  88. From MAB

    If some of you think EJ uses his kids, then so does Sami & Rafe. It’s as plain as the nose on your face – Sami & Rafe are just as bad, if not worse, than EJ (& Nicole). And if it’s all about power, then Rafe is the KING of that, just like that crap he pulled yesterday with Nicole, once again breaking the law for Sami. He is the LAST person who needs to be in charge of the Salem PD.

  89. From Clear

    I thought what Rafe did to diffuse the situation between Nicole and Sami was cool. But then I think Rafe is cool too. I think he should be more up front about what he is trying to do with Sami to keep her in line. I really like Sami and want her to prevail and do the right thing–of course that’s the hardest thing for her to do. I’m sure that Rafe has some deep dark secret as some have said that for the moment died with Arianna. It will out eventually and we will have chaos there. Meanwhile, I still want some happy endings–for EJ too We need some space with peace and quiet. In my case I have plenty of turmoil in my own life, so I would like to see “Happy” more often, though I enjoy the cat fights and funny sarcastic one liners. I also liked Viv in the Sarcophagus, but didn’t want her to die off. It doesn’t bother me when the crime lords and their ladies get their just desserts. I’m still loyal to the Brady bunch and Hortons. I do not like to see Johnny having more problems and hope that Days gives him new eyes–after all anything can happen on Days! Don’t sweat the spelloing and the other errors we make, MAB. Most of us just want to express a thought however we can get it out despite our browser/server problems. Happy New Year to you and the others we have gotten to know with their families and different opinions. IMO 2011 is going to be a better year for all of us!

  90. From Clear

    Ha! I misspelled spelling accidently! LOL! Freudian slip?

  91. From MAB

    I’m kinda shocked at Dan today, saying Philip pawned off the bastard child on him (Daniel) instead of stepping up like a man. See how worse things get when people don’t come clean in the beginning? This child still could be Daniel’s though, but he thinks Philip knew the child was his, and now he’s being blamed for dumping another child.

    And Caroline…until recently she always felt about Victor kinda like Maggie feels about him now. Now she’s acting like the Kirakis’ to be damned! I think she’s jealous of Maggie, and the fact that Victor is no longer pining away for her. That is when we started seeing a change in her. Hmm…sounds just like how Sami feels about EJ. She says she doesn’t want him, but she doesn’t want anyone else to have him either. Like grandmother, like granddaughter.

  92. From EJ Hater

    Since the Salem PD is so corrupt they should hire EJ to be the head of it since there is no one on the show more corrupt then EJ.

    I also hope they bring in a new “love interest” for EJ and if it going to work she better be submissive, learn to obey, not talk back, learn the words “Yes Sir” real quick. She better not have a mind of her own because EJ will soon take that away from her. She better not try to stand up for herself or anyone she loves because EJ will quickly beat her down. I hope she nevers has a child with him because everything and everyone EJ comes in contact with EJ’s possession and he will take the child from her and she will never see it. I hope she is always willing to give into his demands or he will take what he wants from her no matter what she wants to give.

    Ah heck just give EJ a blow up doll that should satisfy him and she won’t talk back

  93. From EJ Hater

    #89 Clear Good writing and don’t sweat the spelling errors to bad if it bothers some. It is all EJ’s fault that Ari is dead, he was the one who was pushing and pushing her for the info she had. He was the one who asked her to find some info for him. Yes she was talking to Will but it is when she seen EJ that she ran into the street so IMO it is EJ’s fault. Guess it makes as much sense as saying it is Rafes fault.

  94. From EJ Hater

    Why would Roman have pity for a DiMera????? It was a DiMera who stole his life. They took Marlena, they took him and sent John back in his place.
    Hey if the State is stupid enough to hire the Brady’s I say all the power to them, stick it to the DiMera’s every chance you get. Get the lieing, stealing, POS and give them all the hard time you can and when the law won’t stand behind you, you do what you must to protect you own!!!!

  95. From MAB

    #89 Clear – I’m not the one who initially brought up the misspelling. I was just agreeing with that person. We all make spelling mistakes. I know I do. We were commenting on spelling character’s names wrong.

    I just love how I’m always the one who gets attacked when there are others who basically say the same things I do.

  96. From MAB

    I read where Bo is kidnapped by the warden, and Hope, Jen, and Carly team up to save Bo and bring down the warden. I thought this storyline was supposed to be about Bo & Hope? I can understand Jen being involved, but Carly?? Why does she have to be involved? Hasn’t she done enough damage to everyone she claims she loves in Salem? I don’t think I like where this is going.

    According to the spoilers that EJ makes a deal with God to share the kids with Sami if Johnny’s life is spared…EJ stating he no longer loves Sami…and EJ having a new love interest…it looks like the writers have carved it in stone that there is no hope for Sami & EJ ever getting back together. I know some of you love this, but there are a lot of us who don’t. I just hope we still see them share the screen together. If not, the show will suffer.

  97. From goodgrief

    My Grandmother started watching this show when it first came on. Then my mom got hooked and then myself. I have watched for 31 years and I have to say I miss the show when it had a little more lovey dovey to it. It use to have passion and romance and would take you away to a dream land where good looking men romanced women. Where if you had no romance in your life you turned on DOOL and for one hour felt like men were romantic and made a woman fall in love with them and women still had class and elegance. I am tired of watching stories that make me want to vomit on my tv and see men and women treat each other like garbage. Bring back the soaps that take women into fantasy where we put our hands on our heart and go “awww”. I have enough stress in everyday life that when I turn on my soap I have watched for years I want to escape into something that brings me chills and gives me that feeling of gooshy love and not have to deal with baby drama, sick twisted beat me over the head drama that I see on the 6pm news. Bring back the good ol’ days of couples that actually are “in love” and not bed jumping. Bring back some morals to day time tv. You can all flame me if you want but tv soaps now a days are junk.

  98. From carol

    i want to see that cole to tell
    her husband thay she didnt sleep with philpand that the parker is his son not philps ley cole show her husband the real dna test showing thay he is palers real dad
    as for katla she needs to be told ooff for what she said Imeen told off

  99. From latrise

    I can’t believe today show, i’m still in shock. i do slightly feel for chole and phil, because everybody thinks that they knew. even carly is feeling the rage from mel. she thinks that her mother knew this whole time that it was phil but none of the parties knew. didn’t they listen to the part were caroline say that she switch the test, so how did phil/ chole/ carly knew that they were the parents. i so feel for dan and i can kinda see his outburst. i mean you are there to share in this special day with the people you love to only find out that you been lie to for so long. thinking that you are protected the people you love by knowing a secert only to find out that the secert is about you. poor parker. but i hope that phil will step up since now he is the suppose father. i still feel that it is dan. and i think that this is the time for all these people to stop talking out of their a$$, and tell the truth. then go in and have a real test done. to now for sure, before they start pushing this baby out of their lives. i hope it doesn’t take long for them to truly clear up who the father is. remember it is suppose to be a twist, and i’m hoping the twist is not that it was caroline, but that dan is truly the father. right now i’m just loving this couple, move over ej/ sami/ rafe/ nicole/ brady. there is a knew couple that is out shining you, right now. and there storyline is more interesting then yours. i think the reason why i’m started to like this storyline and can’t wait to see how it plays out, because for once i truly care about everyone. i can’t wait to see what happen between chole and dan, does he take her back are pull an ej, just to find out that he is his kid? phil and mel, does she run to nate and tell off more people, included steph, is this how steph will be outed? will carly and chole still stay close or will she turn on her to? will vic. cause some pain to caroline for hiding this big secret from him? will steph get her just desert and will kayla pay? will carly finally tell/ kick kayla butt, for all her butting in? remember she did the same to bo, telling him off for being with carly, then carly told her off. i wonder what is going to happen to kayla, are people still going to respect her when they see the outcome of her outburst, is she going to feel good about her self and doubt what she has done? i mean so many question, hopefully the writers want mess this one up, they have me at the edge of my seat right now, and i want to see how it end. hopefully with happy ended for some and miseryable ended for others.

    other then that, it was same old same old. i have started to fast ford the other storys. they seem to be suck in the same place. ej trying to bring down sami. sami not knowing when to just walk away and let her words be enough. rafe breaking all the rules once again and again and again for his wife. nic trying to figure how she can have her cake and ice cream. brady still trying to fix nic problems. hasn’t he learn his whole lesson with the ari thing, that nic is as bad as sami, always trying to black mail her way into something only to get burn. sami always trying to solve her problems with hitting. by the way, when are they going to tell brady that it was nic who set up ari, they need to do it now before it get so old that he and the viewers just don’t care. also when are they going to get back to introducing the new dimeria? they left so many other storys uncheck. hopefully they will close them soon, so it does feel like we miss something.
    well one more day and it is 2011, hopefully eveyone has gotten everything they wanted this year. and i hope that 2011 will be the best year ever. for everyone.

  100. From Irene

    You know, I am not a great Sammi fan, but let us go back a little. She had a rough childhood. Her mom is kidnapped, she sees her mom having sex with John and a child from that relationship. She is like any other insecure teenager in life. She wanted her father and mother to stay together. I think she felt inferior to Carrie.

    I believe everything she has done is to get attention.

    I am just trying to think how a teenager would feel. But of course, all of the above not give her leave to kill someone.

    I really do not blog because once I get started I cannot stop. Between blogging and playing computer games, I will never get anything done. Happy New Year all, and a healthy safe one.

  101. From Debbie

    Someone else here mentioned this already but I loved it when Rafe told Sami “the only reason you haven’t been arrested yet is because you’re related to half the police department and are sleeping with the other half”. That’s got to be THE line of the week and describes this corrupted situation perfectly.

  102. From Babs

    Looks like some of us could use a new attitude for the new year….geesh so sensitive…..loves Days though!!!

  103. From Kenner

    PLEASE writers make and keep a new year`s resolution to NOT drag the story lines on and on….each time it gets so ridiculously long and dull, I come closer to just forgetting the whole thing…watching the show gets to be an endurance rather than a fun experience..guess I am not your typical fan, but have watched for 20 years, but it is getting easier lately to do something else. Thanks!

  104. From Katherine

    100 Irene, please keep blogging, cut down the computer games.
    I know Sami had a bad childhood, so did her twin brother Eric, but this woman has continued her nasty, mean destructive ways ever since, it does not work anymore, victim because of childhood.
    MAB you rock, but we differ when it comes to Carly, oky doky???
    86 Susanne, I love your blog, rock on.
    56 tinab, thank you, ditto

    61 Rose, your writing style is so familiar, did you ever use a different name, no matter to me, just curious.
    98 Carol, how can Chloe tell Dan she did not sleep with Phil, when she clearly did.
    However, I would love to see a brand new DNA test done, wonder if Dr. Carly, Dr. Dan, etc, are smart enough to think of doing that on their own.
    99 Latrise, you make a lot of good points.
    Now I have to go and watch today’s episode, before I can mouth off what is happening, blog you later….

  105. From Karyl

    EJ has mental problems, but who really cares? I’m interested in seeing if there will be a love triangle between Maggie and Caroline. Victor, even though he is upset, obviously still cares for Caroline, but he also cares about Maggie as well. Victor is one of my favorite characters, definitely over EJ, plus he gets the best lines as well. Again, EJ getting back at Sami, who cares? He’ll eventually get his comeuppance.

  106. From Jennie

    This is directed to #97. Blame it all on poor writers! They create these sick storylines. Sad, that all these actors and actresses seem to be really talented, but all wasted on very poor writers. Fire them and get new writers for these shows. The audiences deserve better! And, so do the actors! I have watched on and off for the past 45 years and this stuff they are putting out is terrible!

  107. From maryl

    I may come across as being a “hard hearted Hannah”, but seeing Sami at the window of the DiMera mansion made me laugh! All I could picture was her pressing that pug nose of hers against the glass and having it feeze up against the pane, then EJ seeing her and coming to her rescue–pouring hot eggnog on her nose to free her up!

    Just bought a new issue of Soap Opera Weekly and the results of a poll they did on Dec. 14 were posted. Voters were asked to solve some of daytime’s most pressing dilemmas. For Days the question was–Who should ultimately be granted custody of Sami and EJ’s children?–87% voted that Sami and EJ should realize they love each other, reconcile, and raise Johnny, Sydney and Allie together. 11% Sami and Rafe should raise the kids; no matter what Sami’s done, she’s utimately the better parent. 2% EJ deserves them by default, since Sami did try to kill him. 0% Grandma Caroline should have the kids; they’re always with her anyway.
    87% is a pretty convincing reason for the writers to take another look at an EJami union.

  108. From Rose

    Mab I don’t want to fight you see what I am talking about being childish you are willing to fight someone about a soap opera. I was just stating my opinion of the situation. You have your characters on the show you like and how you feel about them and so should other people have their own opionions. You are the one that make people dislike your comments because they probably feel the same way I fthat you want everyone to agree with you.I like rafe and Sami and I don’t like ej and that is the way different and that’s ok with me and everybody else but when they don’t feel the way you feelyou get mad a make nasty comments so maybe you need to check yourself.

  109. From Rose

    please excuse my blog. Mab said it didnt make sense. what I am trying to say once again you yourself make people write these comments because of your attitude about how eveybody else feels about who they like or don;t like on the show. you are good to go when someone is saying negative things about rafe&sami. but soon as they say something about ej you are ready to step in with a nasty comments. All I am saying let other people have there opinions and comments and you have yours and you will see the differece in how people response to you on here.

  110. From wanda

    i will be glad to see 2011 maybe things will be better for all of us as for the show i loved it when nicky and sammi were fighting looked like something i would have done but not with the stuffed animal that was silly. cant believe they are talking about johnny having cancer in the other eye but maybe that is the way they are going to bring the Dr and the warden down hopefully now sopposely ej and nicky meet sammi and rrrrafe at the pier and tells them they are getting married and of course sammi gets upset oh well

  111. From Katherine

    Rose, have your opinions, and let MAB have hers. You don’t like what she stands for, move on.
    I just finished watching today’s show. My God, the way Caroline acted, I thought she was possessed by the devil, it was pityfull to watch her.
    I thought her and Vic were on good terms, when she was stranded on the island with him, butter could melt in her mouth, I thought whe had forgiven him, cared for him, I mean that’s what we saw for so many years, harmony between Caroline and Victor. Was she lying, pretending, what all those years, or is it Maggie/Viv now, that she can’t handle. I think pure jealousy drove Caroline to do what she did/Pybacks/hate// pitiful to watch.
    Melanie, you should give your mother the benefit of the doubt, she just was willing to give her life for you, and you told her how grateful you were, how much you loved her, and now, bingo, snuff her out. I know you are in a state of shock, but hope you come around.
    Kayla, just shuttie, it’s Not all Carly’s fault, don’t try to cover up your own guilt right now, by blaming somebody else. Your Mother meddled, she played with lifes, otherwise as soon as the paternity test was done, Chloe and Dan/Carly would have known, Dan was not the Father. Carly had no clue about Phil, I think otherwise it would have played out differently a long time ago. All Carly ever did, after a lot of pressure on her, is try to keep Chloe, Dan and their Baby ( as she believed) together, she did the right thing IMO
    She did not know about Phil and Caroline changing test results.
    Sorry Carline, you are sick now, but you showed us today what a mean hateful person you are, Kayla was right to out you, but Kayla now, to go and put your present guilt on Carly….
    Phil, today, to watch him was pathetic, his skinny body with that sick weirdo hairdo, lunching at Caroline and everybody to stop them talking, it was just sickening, what a whimp.

    Rose, read your comments again, what is your deal with MAB, just have your opinions, let MAB have hers and move on, that’s what all are doing, give and take, quit harping.

  112. From Sandy

    In case you missed this in the December post. These You Tube Videos will give some idea where the Ejami emotion comes from between EJ and Sami:

    12-29-2006 EJ Rapes Sami

    6-7-2007 Sami Tell Lucas about the rape
    11-2-2007 Lucas finds out EJ is Johnny’s father Part 1
    11-2-2007 Lucas finds out EJ is Johnny’s father Part 2
    5-15-2008 Ejami talks about the night EJ raped Sami

  113. From cindy

    katherine….hi there. i don’t agree with you on alot of stuff (especially ej/sami/rafe although i totally respect your oppinion) i am in complete agreement about this melanie/carly/kayla thing. no one seems to be allowing carly and phillip to explain their sides. carly WAS just trying to be a friend and i’m sure if she had known about phil she wouldn’t of kept the secret. and as far as phillip goes he had no idea he was the father. daniel made it sound like he shirked his responsiblity. he never even knew. the whole thing is a mess, as usual, but cooler heads need to prevail. i’m actually not a big fan of carly although she has grown on me, but this time she really is not to blame. i think kayla is just upset and wanting to blame anyone but herself or her mother which is pretty natural.i read in the spoilers little johnny packs his bag, puts on his fbi jacket and leaves!!!!what is he, like 5? what a cutie. hope this eye cancer thing comes to a happy ending. don’t like this s/l at all. happy new year to all. be safe!!!!

  114. From Katherine

    110 Cindy, thank you, it is nice to blog, differ on things, and still have respect and fun doing it. I might have one opinion today, but as stories evolve, I am wide open to change my mind about different characters, that’s what makes it fun,
    Have a Happy New Year, and keep your blogs coming.
    One thing, when I have an opinion it sort of happens straight on, sometimes I think about it, or see more espisodes happening, I can see things maybe a little different.

  115. From cindy

    katherine, i know exactly what you mean. like i said earlier about carly…i hated her cuz she interferred with bo and hope imo. but then as things progressed with her and melanie also with chloe i started liking her. i saw a different side of her because she was puting others interests first (sometimes at her own risk, like we’re seeing now). i still don’t want her with bo, but i i did a 180 on how i feel about her. actually i wouldn’t mind chloe and phil together since i don’t think their relationship had a chance to blosom due to brady’s interference. if parker actually does turn out to be phillips not daniels it would nice to see at least ONE family

  116. From lc

    #83 MAB – you have your opinions my friend!! We all love your blogs and your opinions..whether we agree or not…keep em coming!!

    #106 Rose – you are entitled to your opinions..yes…but do not speak for ME or anyone else by saying “you make people dislike your comments because they probably feel the same way I fthat you want everyone to agree with you”. I will speak for myself and say I enjoy MAB and her comments and her opinions..whether I agree with them or not. Have your own opinions yes, but from what you wrote you are doing exactly what you are blaming MAB for in the fact you are telling others how to feel.

    I hope Parker is Dan’s and sadly if he is I am starting to see a custody battle coming up. I’m thinking with all this talk from Nathan and others about Chloe not being a good mom is the beginning of a custody fight…EJ can be the lawyer…in his Pink shirt!!!! I’m not sure if Dan will end up with Carly..even though I think they would make a great couple…he would have a lot to forgive of her for her part in all of this. I hope it happens!!

    Would also love to see Victor and Maggie together…such an odd couple but would be great together.

    Phillip…get a hair cut!!!!!!!

  117. From Clear

    Maryl, you make me laugh out loud! I thought that was interesting what you said MAB, I think, about EJ saying he doesn’t love Sami. I don’t know what he felt before, but he is truly obsessed with her. I really think the EJami’s should expect the love hate triangle to continue even after EJ has a new love interest for a while. I like her with Rafe, but I figured she would find a way to ingratiate herself somehow or some way with EJ or Stef to get her children back. Whatever Rafe has in mind is still out there, and EJ is pushing all Sami’s buttons every chance he gets. As for Parker, the funny thing is someone who never watched this show was watching with us today and asked who is the baby’s father? We looked at each other and said we aren’t sure, but everyone thinks it’s Phillip’s! These writers give us nothing to depend on as a baseline for a sl stability, and no happy ever after promises that last for any length of time. Look at the one that went well–Donovan and the red head (what was her name?) The tension and romance didn’t last long, and they are gone!

  118. From Clear

    PS Ditto on Phillip get a haircut!

  119. From Michelle

    Rose #107 – I’m sorry, but no one makes anyone else write comments. You maybe could have thought that statement through a little better before posting.

  120. From melissa

    Carly oh poor Carly she did what she thought best!! Not to judge! Carly’s made mistakes so she decided to help Chloe!! Chloe is not a bad person either!!! It’s , unfortunately a slip we have all had them, but Chloe and Carly ( espieccally after Bo finds out) will have the most to lose! Why doesn’t Kayla call out her manipulating, conniving, lying, and pretend to be your friend while stabbing you in the back DAUGHTER Stephanie!!!!!!!!

  121. From cindy

    your so right clear. no couple seems to last more than a few months. and if they are happy, they’re written off the show. all the core couple are gone except bo and hope. thank goodness they look like they are puting them back together. years ago, when they needed drama there would be affairs or something else, but most of the time problems were worked out and usually the couples found their way back to each other….and it didn’t take years….and they didn’t shove the kids into a shouting match pitting one parent against the other. most of the time anyway…of course there was always sami keeping her secrets from austin, lucas, and others. but everything always seemed more civil. devious yes but civil. there has to be at least one villianous, right? even so i always liked sami, despite her faults. just figured her “acting out” was more from being sooooo jealous of carrie. that’s who i miss….carrie.

  122. From melissa

    Oh yeh I guess the Victor & Caroline lovestory or reunion is done!!!!!!!!!

  123. From cindy

    #117 melissa…. exactly. agree 100% with everything you posted. people in glass houses shoudn’t throw stones as the old saying goes. however, just how much does kayla actually know of stephanies misdeeds!!!???. i know she knows some, but does she know just how bad stephanie has become. or i should say desperate!!

  124. From Clear

    Remember Stephanie’s relationship with the blonde haired kid–another it’s been too long and forget his name. He was a Horton, and they were stewarding on his flight to Vegas that was actually a drug run. What happened to that kid? Stephanie was his slut in the hot tub when she wasn’t coming on to someone else or meddling in Chelsea’s business.

  125. From melissa

    Cindy do you agree with my post about Carly & Chloe? I’ve YouTube Carly and she’s had it bad!!! And Chloe! There no manipulation! I like Kayla but Kayla never liked Carly!!! Neither did Caroline!

  126. From BigSisBoo

    The EJ/Sami thing has definitely got out of hand and boarding on ridiculous. I find myself watching hoping that Sami will wake up as EJ exits the shower smiling and all lovey with her as she realizes the last year was all a dream, she never shot EJ, her kids are all together and totally healthy and Rafe has hooked up with Nicole. Sorry Rafe/Sami lovers… there’s just not as much chemistry there as with EJ/Sami.

  127. From cindy

    i don’t think anyone in bo’s family liked carly, cuz they blame her for bo and hopes’s problems. same as jennifer but jenn also apolgized to carly for jumping down her throat. like i’ve posted before, at first i didn’t like carly–balmed her just like the bradys–but now see her differently. she’s really a good person trying to mend fences with mel and dan, and just trying to be a friend to chloe. yes, chloe begged carly not to tell anyone about the affair (not really accurate since it only happened once) but her decision to keep quiet was hers. she just wanted to protect everyone. hope mel and dan see that and forgive her.i can understand a little why melanie is suspicious and thinks carly is lying though. they don’t exactly have the greatest history. but does she really think carly would chose chloe over her (meaning melanie her daughter). seems carly has proven her love and devotion to melanie. hopefully mel will see that soon. i feel sorry for chloe also. she was played by vivian (master manipulater). don’t know what’s going to happen now, but things are sure getting good.

  128. From Lacey lou

    Rose….give it up with MAB. She will hear nothing at all positive about Sami or Rafe. Nothing. And unless you are loving and glorifying the evil, murderous, rapist EJ you are dirt. I too grow tired of this. But we need to stick together and be able to say what we want about like Sami and Rafe. Don’t allow others to bully you. Trust me they are so good at it. Watch after this she will jump on me and her circle of EJ lovers will join. I don’t want a fight, I just want to be able to say I love sami with Rafe and think they are great together. I don’t think anyon should be with EJ. He is truly dispicable an Awful human being. I find him and his horrible underbite and his condescending tone disgusting to take. His character is bottom of the dirt barrel. Let’s get the kids back with mommy and step daddy and away from the corrupt influence of EJ.

  129. From EJ Hater

    #128 I agree we should be able to say what we want (respectfully) about the character we like. But some on here will call you pathetic, nieve, clueless (I have seen it over and over) or whatever if you are a Rafe fan. While evil EJ can parade around in the awful pink shirt doing whatever he want to whoever he wants to and that is OK.
    IMO I can’t blame Sami for wanting to keep her kids from the DiMera’s no she is not Mother of the Year and no she shouldn’t of shot at EJ but the threat of him taking her kids away where she would never see them again was just too much to handle.
    I also don’t blame the Salem PD for protecting her. How many times have they tried to put away a DiMera only to have a high offical paid off and they get away with their offence. Guess thats ok with some. For me, if its good enough for the DiMera’s its good enough for the Brady’s.
    So to some EJ walks on water and can do no wrong, that is their opinion and they think there are hoards of fans that agree. Hmm look at the poll posted in #107 2% thinks EJ deserves the kids lolol but don’t worry EJ lovers will have an excuse for that too.
    Someone also posted that Phil needs a hair cut, I agree but so does EJ he went from helmet hair to porcupine look ewwwwww.

  130. From cherie

    Yesterdays Days was awesome, finally the truth is out about Parker…I think…you never really know, but I think it’s finally done. Phillip didn’t look all that devastated to me because I think he’s loving that he has a son….I feel he will get through this just fine with chloe….and Mel makes me so mad when she always blames her mom for everything…it’s not like she’s a saint, and her whining has got to stop…so glad Bo is helping Hope and I’m hoping this brings them all back together as a family with Ciara..

  131. From Katherine

    blog your little hearts out, whatever you like or dislike about the show, I am doing the same thing and so is everybody else.
    I like MAB’ comments, she shoots straight, let her, she is not trying to tell anybody what to do or think, give me a break, I have never felt offended by her blogs.
    I still say, some of you sound so familiar in your writing style, it’s like I read you before, same wordings, meanings, just different names.
    Any way, you guys keep on having your opinions, as will I and everybody else on here.

    Phil, do something with your hair, you look like a little gangster….

  132. From Katherine

    116 Lc – ditto -

  133. From sherry

    I have watched DOOL as long as I can remember. Now I only have the chance to watch them maybe 1 time every 4 months; the thing is nothing ever changes,I turn them on after months of not seeing them and in five minutes you are back up to speed on what is going on. I think if they can’t get a more intresting story line going then they should just kill them all off the show. It would be a nice change to see Sami actually happy instead of crying and being pissed all the time. She spends way to much engery being stressed out. Geee she gonna have a stroke one of these days. And come on, let EJ grow his hair back out, he looks like an idot. Nichole needs to grow a set and tell EJ to stick it up his butt and move on. Chole needs to spend the rest of her life alone. She had a good man when she had Lucas and so did Sami. Bring Lucas back and give him a great woman; he deserves it.

    Just sayin….

  134. From Clear

    Yes, we all agree, Phil’s hair is terrible!! EJ’s looks better to me, but I liked it the way it was when he first was on the show and just a little longer. I’m for Safe, but think the gangster Dimera has some redeeming qualities. I can’t seem to list them. LOL! I’m sure that the show’s appeal for me is the Sami, Rafe, and EJ triangle.

  135. From Sandy

    Katherine did you get a chance to look at any of the You Tube Video’s in Post #112. You asked me a few days ago where I got some of the videos I looked at, I thought you may enjoy these they cover a lot of the beginning of EJ and Sami’s emotional relationship.

  136. From vocalvocalist

    I hate the writers for Melanie’s character–every time there’s an upset involving her mother, Carly, Melanie takes pot shots, is insulting, and uses her as a whipping post. Pretty disgusting. What’s worse, the writers have Carly just take it in. Who is this character (or any soap opera character) to treat her mother this way? Really getting tired of it.

  137. From Mimi

    Regarding the Mel-Nathan-Steph fiasco, doesn’t anyone remember when Mel first appeared as Max’s sister, she couldn’t stand Steph and eventually managed to break up Steph & Max. And then, when Steph and Phillip got together, Mel couldn’t stand that either and went after Phillip, even sleeping with him at a sleezy motel which managed to get on the internet. And btw, Mel was dating Nathan and when he saw the internet tryst, he broke up with her. And then when Mel finally roped Phillip into marrying her and Steph got with Nathan, Mel once again wanted Nathan. So if Mel and Phillip divorce and she gets with Nathan, will she once again want any new man than Steph might get with in the future? The writers of this are so crazy. I have always liked Steph but they have made her character really paranoid. She is really pretty and sweet but she and Mel will never be friends as long as Mel wants every man that Steph gets with.

  138. From sjd

    Hilarious, I was just reading through all these comments. Been watching Days since it started. Nice for all to have their own opinions; but don’t all of you get tired of trying to dis the other? This is a soap opera for goodness sakes, not reality. The writers will keep on writing whatever they want, what anyone says on here doesn’t matter. For me, how do we all know that Sami really shot EJ, she could have missed(s/l’s do have strange twists), I like the show, will keep on watching, but I have a life other than the show or this blog so guess I’ll just check in to both occassionally and follow along. Happy New Year

  139. From Katherine

    134 Sandy, yes I did, I have seen them a while back, somebody else had put some on just like you did now. Thank you so much.
    Sami and EJ had chemistry, no denying that, something is there between the two of them
    Raf and Sami’s marriage, seems to me most of Sami’s thoughts are taken up by EJ, that’s she talks about, think’s about etc., seems to take up more of her time than even the kids, I am not saying the kids are not important to her, but even Rafe must get sick and tired soon, when every other word out of her mouth is EJ.
    135 vocalvocalist, you are so right IMO about Melanie, no matter what Carly does for her to show here love, even willing to give her life, first thing, Mel will shoot her down. It is starting to really annoy me about the kid. Like today, she confesses to Dan, that she knew about Chloe’s cheating, but since it turned out it was Dan’s baby after all, she kept her mouth shut for the sake of the family. Well, just excactly what Carly did dear ungrateful Melanie. Girl, you need a reality check.
    And Kayla, what a trip she is…
    And Vic and Maggie, did you note, it is all Chloe, Caroline and Carly’s fault, they left out Phil, how about that. Maggie, you really fluffed over Caroline’s deed, playing God with a baby ‘s life, and of course Vic will agree with you, he has the hots for you so bad, he can’t see straight any more. So Maggie, in Viv’s case and Caroline’s case, get a little bit more real, they did bad things, yes one worse than the other.
    The way I saw it, you never seem to have to much of a problem with Viv, trying to put you in that coffin, and what she did with Isabella, I didn’t hear it….??? but boy did you get high and mighty about the Coffin 5 -
    136 Mimi, reading your summaries, you do have some good points there.
    I am not a fan of Stefanie(liked the old one better) but I also have a lot of problems with the character of Melanie, act’s like a baby, but her deeds have been more like a person that knows excactly how to be pretty crafty and nasty.
    Well EJ, get used to it, those women in you life, they will lie and lie, now wonder you don’t trust them. Hope you figure out soon, that as much joy it might give you to get back at Sami, you should be more concerned with the pain it is causing the children, all of them (4).
    Nicole and Sami are not worth your emotions, the kids are. Be a Hero for them.

  140. From Katherine

    138 sjd, we all have life’s thank you, we discuss the soap, like people discuss a book or a movie, We All know this is a soap, thank you for reminding me, but we are having fun, we are not dissing each other, we are debating about the characters, and the SL, we like, we do not like.
    Also well aware the writers will take us to whereever they want, that’s their job, to write, does not mean we have to like everything they write, there are good Movies, good books, bad stuff and boring stuff, somehow, we get all that in a soap. You must enjoy it or you would not have been watching for all those years.
    So if I and all the other blogsisters out there enjoy what we are doing, it is our joy.
    I know I have a very busy life, this only takes moments, I work on the computer so it is no problem checking in every so often.
    Thank you for your concern, but not needed. Live and let be..

  141. From Alyssa

    I’m tired of all the Carly hate on the show. She has pretty much been the only one to be honorable in this whole mess. She did admit she hid Chole’s deception, but it was for the greater good. She did’t know what Caroline did. Kayla has some nerve giving her lip like that since her own mother and daughter covered their asses. So does Victor, what’s his problem why’s he blaming carly? Is she an easy target?

  142. From Alyssa

    Oh and what’s with Melanie? How can she blame Carly for this? She and Carly hashed this out weeks ago when she found out that Carly was covering up for Chole. Caroline admitted she did the deed, so how can Melanie blame her?
    I just don’t get why everyone is throwing hate at Carly…

  143. From maryl

    #128 EJ Hater–I was the blogger who posted the results of Soap Opera Weekly’s poll. I’m an EJ lover. The 87% percent wanting EJ and Sami together raising their family and loving each other was what I wanted all my fellow EJami fans on this blog site to see–we are not alone in wanting that. The 2% that didn’t want EJ raising the children by himself just because Sami shot him, is actually what the EJami fans don’t want either. We still hope for a union between the TWO of them–loving each other and raising their children. Right now, most of us want EJ and Sami to share custody of the children and quit this stupid war that’s going on between them. Speaking for myself, I would like EJ to find a new love to soften him and let Sami find her own way with Rafe for a while. But one of these days, down the road, I really believe EJ and Sami will cross that line of attraction they have for one another and with the children binding them, there’s a strong possibility of this happening somewhere in the future.

  144. From coogar

    I am really disappointed in Dr. Dan with the spoiler that he tosses out Chloe & Parker. Yes we know he was cockholded & the last to know. He has every right to be hurt & angry and deserves some space from the situation togather is thoughts. This situation could have been the other way around where he was the baby daddy while fooling around with Chloe when she was married to Lucas. Some what hypocritical to take the high road just because he knew enough to use a condom. (good advice Victor just a little too late to explain the facts of life to Phil now. I don’t know if any one else is a little disappointed that he cold hearted to quickly throw Parker out with out a paternity test and reflec on some of his own actions. I am also disappointed once again in the double standard embraced in this sl by having him completely forget that he had a one time thing with Carly producing a child, an affair with a married Chloe and another no-no she was a patient of his in the beginning of the relationship. It was not so long ago he was brought on as the hip, cool doc not Mr. 1950′s double standard heel.

  145. From coogar

    MiMi I couldn’t agree with you more. I too have observed that Mel always wants to play sloppy seconds with every man Steph gets her hands on.

  146. From Michelle

    Kate is a beautiful woman and I love her style. BUT… that blue streak in her hair is just silly and WHAT IN THE WORLD is up with that bright blue nail polish she had on today! Sometimes it’s like she can’t figure out if she’s 50 or 15 years old!

  147. From Michelle

    I took the following from another blog site where blogsters were discussing how everyone on DOOL seems to be interrelated somehow. It made be laugh, should be DOOL’s theme song:

    Now many many years ago when I was twenty-three
    I was married to a widow who was pretty as can be
    This widow had a grown-up daughter who had hair of red
    My father fell in love with her and soon they too were wed

    Oh I’m my own grandpa
    I’m my own granpa
    It sounds funny I know,
    But it really is so
    Oh I’m my own grandpa

    This made my dad my son-in-law and changed my very life
    My daughter was my mother ’cause she was my father’s wife
    To complicate the matter even though it brought me joy
    I soon became the father of a bouncing baby boy

    My little baby then became a brother-in-law to Dad
    And so became my uncle, though it made me very sad
    For if he was my uncle, then that also made him br’ther
    Of the widow’s grown-up daughter who was also my stepmother

    Father’s wife then had a son who kept them on the run
    And he became my grandchild, for he was my daughter’s son
    My wife is now my mother’s mother and it makes me blue
    Because altho’ she is my wife, she’s my grandmother too

    Now if my wife is my grandmother, then I’m her grandchild
    And every time I think of it, it nearly drives me wild
    For now I have become the strangest case I ever saw
    As husband of my grandmother, I am my own grandpa

  148. From Katherine

    141 Maryl, 142 Coogar, couldn’t it better, right out of little typing fingers.
    That poem rocks…..




    Got to go now, it’s Party Time, and this Gram, so young at heart and so young and goodlooking, according to all the liers around me, na, it’s true, she needs to go and rock.
    See you next year!!! Be good and stay well.

    Bye the way – I like Kate’s hairstyle, wear mine that way, but blonde streaked, No Blue streak, always thought that Blue Streak was a amusement park ride in PA, I have been on it back in 1980 something, scared the cr… out of me.


  149. From cindy

    very happy and safe new year to you katherine, from one grandma and DOOL lover to another, and to all the rest of you bloggers out there. talk to you next year!!!!

  150. From Karyl

    Happy Safe and Happy New Year everyone

  151. From Clear

    I love it that they are talking about putting Viv on the desert island. That’s what they should have done to start instead of locking her in the coffin!

    Happy 2011 everyone!

  152. From luvtoread

    Thanks Days for a great year of entertaining & distracting me for an hour every day from reality.
    It was an exciting 2010 in the town of Salem
    I love reading everyone’s comments
    Happy New Years to everyone

  153. From melissa

    Michelle Lauren Koslow who plays Kate says the blue streak comes from the idea of putting a white streak in her hair but her hairdresser suggested a blue streak and she really likes it!? Go figure! As for her nail polish today I thought the same thing but the more I looked at it Kate really pulls it of! By the way Lauren (Kate) is NOT 50 silly she’s actually 57!!!!!!!! WOW she looks fabulous! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!!

  154. From Lois

    If Nicole marries EJ she is really dumb her and Brady could adopt a child snd she would love that baby just as much what is wrong with her, why give up happiness for a child that will never be yours and have to live with a nut job just to see her and their is no reason that EJ might just tell her that she can’t see Sydney anymore.All she has to do is not fallow his orders one time and she history with Sydney.
    As for Sami shoting EJ she was out of her mind she just found out that he was the one that kidnaped Sydney and Kate calls her and tells her that EJ is going to take both Johnny and Sydney again she just snaped she didn’t realize she had did anything to she was at the peir, any jury who know all the facts would not send her to jail after all she was temperaly insane at the time after all thet EJ had put her through even letting her think Sydney was dead, she is not to blame for the whole thing he had a hand in this mess also. EJ is just as much the blame for Sami shotting him as she is, after all he did to her anyone would go crazy and finding out he was going to do it all over again just was to much and she snaped.

  155. From Suzido57

    Finally just had to cave in n put in my two cents worth.
    Let’s remember, this IS a make believe show, that seems to have some pretty crappy writers, that need to be retired n bring in some better ones.
    That being said and all, I guess you have to have been walking in their shoes to fully understand the drastic measure some will take right or wrong. I actually rooted for Sami. EJ reminds me so much of my ex and the pain and hell he put me and most importantly our children through. Our kids are grown now, but what my ex did pretty much lead them down the path they have gone down. If I could have done it all over and with hindsight, providing I could of gotten away with it, I’d done the same thing Sami did, only I’d made sure the bullet did it’s job real good. Unless you have dealt with such pure evil as the show portrays the DiMera, you really have no idea how disrupting an impact those kind of people can display on innocent people. Granted, Sami is far from being a victim or innocent, but tame compare to the kind of life EJ has lead or the amount of pain EJ has inflicted upon others. The writers were actually doing something right when they were writing EJ’s character into a decent human being. But then they blew it. I suppose EJ reminds me toooooo much of my twice as evil ex for me to like. I hope eJ and Nicole get knocked on their sorry asses where they belong! And soon. I hate how the writers drag out story lines.

  156. From Janiebell

    I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year’s eve. I stayed home and watched T.V.. Exciting huh?

    O.k. alright sounds pretty much like same old same old on Days. For 2011 here is what would be great to happen; Roman marries Maggie, Caroline comes through her stroke unskade and marries Victor. Bo and Hope get back to Salem and puts the Warrden and her side kick in prison. Dr. Ben leaves Salem. Jack comes back to Jenn. Stefano and Kate get back together. E.J. and Nichol leave Salem forever. Sydney and Johnny turn out to be Lucas and Sami’s children. Rafe desides that “the grass is greener on the other side”, and leaves Salem. Lucas comes home to Sami and their 4 children. Vivian, Guss, and Carly leave town. Daniel turnes out to be Parker’s farther NOT Phillip. Now if these things happen 2011 will be a year for Days of our lives.

  157. From Katherine

    157 Janiebell,
    When you get all your wishes fullfilled, you know what we will see at the end of the EPISODE….


    I rather keep on watching all the intrigue, excitment, lies, hate, love, betrayals, passion, wrong doings, good doings, etc. MO

  158. From Emma

    In the first place why & I mean Why did you let Chloe have philips baby…why does Days have to destroy lives.can they live happy ever after…now the cat’s out of the bag….Chloe and Philip should be together raising Parker…Daniel and Carly together…Mel & Nathan together…Caroline got a stroke because she has become sooooo natsty…Stephanie is a beauitful girl and should have confidence in herself….Hope and Bo will be together again.. & the rest will be history… Happy Year to all the Days crew and many more years to come……

  159. From Clear

    All the children will have rapid aging at some point and become Salem’s teenagers. Let’s hope their parents have achieved some of Janiebell’s Dream Days!

  160. From coogar

    I am kind of looking forward to the battle of the nosy body butinskis old broad that Caroline, Kayla & Carly have become. These 2 I/2 women boldly go where no sane or reasonable person has gone before. Carly: I must tell Dan about your infedelity, Chloe! Kayla – Mom, you must confess to Dan what you did with the paternity test! Caroline only gets to be counted as 1/2 because one: she had no intention of tellling anyone and two: probably as result of insanity, arterial flow issues & TIAs that no one realized she suffered she acted out of impared her judgment and/or she’s just turning into a batty old lady with lots of senior moments. It will be interesting to see the gloves come off and the claws come out.

  161. From melinda

    OMG, almost fell out of my chair laughing–Coogar says that Dan was “cockholded”! I realize that mistakes are inadvertently made as people type quickly, but this one was too hilarious. The word is cuckolded. Coogar’s post was perhaps a little Freudian slip? :)

  162. From Audrey

    Days is the only Soap I watch. Been watching sinse it’s been on. I love-hate E.J He’s a softie trying to be so tuff. Something must change him. Sammy and Faff are so hot together. Get rid of Vivian.

  163. From coogar

    Melinda, oopsy daisy! Ya, ya, ya, ah-ha Freud is alive and well on this site. My naughty! Maybe I should change my nick name to Freud?!?!!

  164. From DaysFan

    I’m disappointed by the writer’s decision to make Melanie pregnant. I love Melanie’s character and was hoping to see her storylines continue to develop in interesting ways, not yet ANOTHER baby story, with the WRONG man as the father. Seriously! Can’t they come up with something new?!?!?

  165. From Michelle

    There has been a lot of speculation about whether or not it was Sami’s bullet that actually hit EJ in the head. Before I go further, let me say that I TOTALLY AGREE THAT WHETHER IT WAS OR WASN’T, HER INTENTION WAS TO SHOOT AND KILL HIM, AND SHE HAS SHOWN NO REMORSE FOR IT, STILL BELIEVING IT WAS HER BULLET.
    Now, that said, the “Day Ahead” update for Monday’s episode says

    “Caroline gasps she is not sorry for what
    she did. “My family always … protect my family.” Sami smiles she knows
    exactly what she means.

    SO… maybe Carolien really has gone wacko and shot EJ along with switching the paternity results. It doesn’t change the fact that Sami thought she did and has shown no remorse; BUT, the only thing it would change is that EJ could no longer hang that over her head that she shot him.
    Just a thought….

  166. From Janiebell

    I only mentioned things that would be good to see happen IN THE YEAR TO COME; I have that right as do other’s. When things are done they are done, and if the same old repeats just different players is all we can expect this year; then maybe it is time to write “the end, finished, done and good-by”.

  167. From Michelle

    Janiebell, I totally understand what you are saying about wanting the “happy ending”, especially for those of us who have not had that in our lives, we want to see it on our favorite show. However, I also have to agree that if we got those happy endings, it would also mean the end of DOOL, and how sad would we all be then to see our favorite show gone forever…
    Now, Clear also has a point that we can see our happy endings come true for the long time characters and the show rebuilt on the new generation. I think that would be the best, because we have all grown soooo tired of the current s/l’s. True, the same s/l’s would probably be used with the new generation, but with different characters/actors portraying them, it could spark a whole new level of interest.
    Love you all and your opinions.

  168. From Katherine

    164 Janiebell, of cours you have the right to wish for anything and everything you want to on this soap. I only meant, that usually when everything works out perfect, usually the movie is over, or the book is done.
    Janiebell, if you don’t know by now, how I like and respect you and all you are going through, I guess you will never know,
    Did I say anything, to indicate I am trying to take your right away from blogging whatever you want, I guess then all my loving blogs to you in the past, must not have meant very much to you.

    Michelle, right on, it does not matter, who’s bullet hit EJ, Sami wanted him dead, she picked up the gun, pulled the trigger and has had No remorse ever since, even worse, she has told EJ and others several time, I am so sorry I didn’t kill you.
    So I don’t care if there was another nut out there, shooting a EJ. 1 + 1 = 2 nuts.

    Carolinge claiming she did everything for her family, well Parker, Chloe and Dan are hardly her family, so Caroline you meddling ” Christian soul”, stay out of other people’s life, last I heard, God was in charge to make dedisions about life and living, and who’s baby it is, and should be.
    Ms.Coogar-Freud, I love your comment, I sat there, kept looking at it, tried to say it out loude, and wondering, now what in the world does that mean, does it, na, it doesn’t..???? Thank you for that, First thing tomorrow, at a BD Party I have to ask my sons,,, by the way, are you……….???
    It’s a new word I learned on my blogsite with the girls, we are just so sophisticate, just like the girls on “Sex in the City” (Salem)

    Chill, just remember, we are not dead yet……..

  169. From susan

    I think Caroline might have had a stroke due to the high sodium content of that Chinese food she was pitching a few weeks ago!

  170. From Karyl

    #156 Janiebell that would be nice, but if it would happen, it would probably be the very last episode ever of Days:}

  171. From Karyl

    I think Caroline is covering for someone,probably Stephanie or Kayla(they would have more to lose than Caroline).

  172. From Tess

    Has anybody ever noticed the G Rating Days of Our Life gets every day? It come up on the left hand side of the screen right at the beginning of the show. Usually when you see this G rating there is some heated sexually charged love scene going on, such as Brady having sex with Nicole or Nathan having sex with Stephanie. Now is it just me, or does anybody else find it odd that this show would have a G ( General) rating. Doesn’t that mean the show is suitable for children of all ages? I hardly think DOOL is suitable for toddlers. Any thoughts on this?
    And on another note,it boggles my mind why either of these sweet dudes would want to have sex with either of these two ladies. Yuk!

  173. From Katherine

    159 Coogar, I agree with you a lot, but in my opnion I do not include Carly in the old budinsky bunch, no way,
    that woman helped Chloe after a lot,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, of begging by Chloe, only to save the marriage and family if Parker did indeed belong to Dan.
    Carly, I admire her for what she did, she took a lot of risks, but people do that all the time for the sake of family, just look at Bo…. look at Rafe, Will stupid misguieded little Will,
    I have more respect for Carly than I have for Caroline right now, Caroline played God, Carly did a DNA test, and it prooved Dan was the father, good enough, save a family, give a Baby a Mom and Dad.
    Caroline, you messed with life and destiny, no getting around it, look at everybody right now, what have you accomplished, nothing, but pain, cofusion, humiliation, doubts, you name it, and you probably going to walk away from all the bad stuff you set in motion, why because you are Old Caroline Brady.
    Don’t any of you make Carly to bad one, IMO, of course you may do as you please, because what Carly did comes no way near what Carline did about an innocent child’s paternity. Vic, get a grip,. that is you flesh and body, itn’t about time, you took in one of your son’s Phil, little boys. Move it Vic, or I will pull the mustouch of yours to kingdom come.

  174. From coogar

    Katherine, dah-ling thank you for appreciating my little Freudian pun. Second the Carly thing. Don’t get me wrong, I respect your opinion & like exchanging blogs with you, what I mean by being a butinski is this. Carly initiated the issue of talking to Dan about Chloe’s infidelity. A person who injects themselves in a situation that generally does not directly affect the circumstances and wellbeing of their own life. I don’t wish to offend or create a duel of opinions on the merits of our repective opinions (not my style). So I will have to say what is diplomatic in a civilized, world we must respectfully agree to diagree on this point.

  175. From lc

    Please excuse my blonde moment here but how did Caroline even know that Chloe cheated???? Help!

    Also…does EJ really have the gun that shot him? I remember he told his “men” to keep looking but nothing was ever found…and when Rafe had his guy drag the river he didn’t find it either!! Does EJ really have it!?

    Hope you all had a safe and wonderful New Years Eve and all the best to a healthy happy one for everyone!!!!

  176. From coogar

    Sorry misspelled disagree!

  177. From Mona

    @ Tess comment # 170. TV G means that its open to the public. It is not necessarily aimed towards anyone. And if you go to the TV Guide it is not highlighted in blue, which means it is not for family nor children. It does not aim specifically for anyone. So, while children are not necessarily banned from watching it, they are not exempt from watching it either. Hope that answers your curiosity. :)

  178. From Mona

    Yup they are all to blame. However Daniel and Melanie are taking it too far. Yes, Daniel/Melanie should forgive Chloe/Philip. Because, they are being hypocrites. Daniel was NOT there for Chloe and her hysterical pregnancy and was all with Carly and his newly found daughter. Chloe was led to believe that Daniel was sleeping with Carly. Also, Melanie is a hypocrite. She KISSED Nathan and was all up on him in the quarantine when she had the illness. Also, she professes her love to Nathan everyday. Sure, Chloe and Phillip made a mistake but they were HURT and BETRAYED by their partners because they love them too much. Daniel and Chloe are acting like they are these poor innocent people, when in fact they are acting like the worst out of the bunch, they are being HYPOCRITES. It should be the other way around. Should Chloe/Philip forgive Daniel/Melanie? I really hope Daniel forgives Chloe, otherwise he is feeling tooooo sorry for himself. I think he treated Chloe like dirt at the apartment. Sorry, but she did not deserve that. I mean come on, she BEGGED for forgiveness for the one time awful mistake. This proves she is human. Daniel was too far. Melanie is a total hypocrite. She does not deserve Philip with her on and off days of choosing to love Philip or Nathan. Seriously, she is not committed. And she did act on her feelings, she KISSED Nathan. Seriously. Come on, she is a total hypocrite. And Daniel is being hypocritical too. I think Daniel and Melanie should be the ones apologizing and beg for forgiveness, NOT the other way around. And the writers should give them happiness. Did anyone forget that Melanie cheated (slept) with Philip while Philip while he was engaged to Stephanie. Also, Daniel cheated (slept) with Chloe while she was engaged to Lucas. So, Karma is a ….., well you know. All in all. Daniel SHOULD forgive Chloe and Melanie SHOULD forgive Philip. Even though Daniel should also apologize to Chloe and Melanie should also apologize to Philip. :)

  179. From Clear

    lc didn’t Caroline say she had overheard Stephanie talking. She found out the usual way everything gets found out on Days–eavesdropping! EJ led them to believe he has the gun, but we never saw it I don’t think. Rafe couldn’t find it with his divers, so it would be good if as someone else blogged at one time EJ produced it and it was found not to be the gun that shot him. That would be interesting. I think it’s time Sami called his bluff.

  180. From Janiebell

    Sami has done a lots of “rotten stuff” over the years but then haven’t most of days players? Cut Sami some slack already; have it be known that it was not Sami who shot E.J., yet it was either Nachol or a “hit man”; nothing what so ever to do with Sami. Give Sami all 4 of her children back.

  181. From Katherine

    172 coogar-freud, You don’t ever offend me, my goodness we are blogfriends, and I enjoy your blogs, I re-read my blog, when I said don’t make any of you Carly the bad one, IMO of course, all of you do as you please,that is all in good blogfun, no dueling, it’s a pity on this blog, that things have gotten so sensitive, that everything should be run through a sensitivty machine.
    Coogar, you are great to have around and respect you and your opinions so much. Like to see what other people think.
    So were are soooooooooooo good.
    I still think, Carly got injected because she was the doctor…… and we needed a story and intrigue.
    Janiebell, couldn’t have been Nicole, she was with Chloe and Dan, and her FBI guard, so maybe a hitman,
    but Sami still “shot” him, has no regrets, knew what she was doing, Sex before and after, her mind should have been pretty clear, to me she is a would-be-killer. But I am openminded if ever proven wrong, no problem, I will go with the SL, as we see it at the moment in time.
    lc, I guess none of us know, who has the gun, or where it is right now… still a mistery, writers don’t let us wait to long, I am starting to forget, “somebody got shot” what, who, really………..

  182. From patsy

    From what I read it said that EJ falls for Nicoles sister .I didn,t see where it SAID she fell for him.maybe I didn.t read it right.

  183. From melissa

    Coogar ok yes Carly was being a butinsky if Carly never got involvedthen Chloe would still be passing Daniel off as Parkers father!! So what would have been the difference?

  184. From Sandy

    Soon we will be re-introduced to Nicole’s sister Taylor Originally played by Katherine Ellis from August 1998 to May 1999. Here is a You Tube Video showing Nicole and Taylor together. Enjoy:

    When Taylor comes on board in February or there about she will be played by Natalia Livingston a very beautiful brunette.

  185. From cindy

    i think the main reason carly butted in was she felt bad she had deceived dan all those years regarding melanie; so she she felt compelled to redeem herself at chloe’s expense. since her feiendship with daniel had resumed, she felt it was her duty to tell him. like a couple others have posted,,,, it was only after much begging on chloe’s part she decided to keep the secret, and only after the test “proved” dan was the father. she had NOTHING to gain and everything to loose keeping chloes secret but did so anyway trying to keep a family together. had she known phillip was the other man i’m sure she would have reacted quite differently!!!!! i don’t blame carly in the least for any of this. if you ask me, caroline was the one who had absolutely no reason for butting in. sure step is her grandchild; but that seems quite a stretch…just to protect her relationship with nath? i can understnd stephanie trying to switch (not condoning it, just seee why she might do it, especially in soapland) but caroline. you would think she would just give some sage grandmotherly advice like “forget about a guy that loves someone else” lol. and kayla was way off base blaming carly…..better look toward your own family girlfriend!!! ( i think she was trying to do the right moral thing having stephanie tell dan, but it still really wasn’t her call). i think we have some really good drama coming up the next couple wks according to the spoilers. cant wait to see the bo/hope s/l progress. looks good!!!!!

  186. From Janiebell

    How many years will it take to wramp up”who shot E.J.” and get the right person? Haven’t we waited long enough for the right baby daddy to be proven for Parker, Johnny and Sydney? Can’t the writers get these things wrampted up?

  187. From coogar

    Well here it is. I was a butinski myself once and the lesson I learned was I would never do it again no matter what. My best friend at work was engaged. Prior to meeting her and becoming a friend she was the other woman who gave in to the advances of a married man with a toddler. He divorced, they moved in together and were engaged for years to. Mutual friends from work, whose husbands worked with her fiance (I come from a samll town) were agast at the things he said about my friend. That he still loved his ex, he tried to talk the ex out of remarrying, the only reason he was with my friend was to have some one cook & clean for him and take care of his child when he had custodial visitation. He was also open about carrying on with other women. I did not day anything to my friend for a long time. For one thing I had not seen anything first hand & what if they were be just spreading malicious falshoods. One day she voiced concerns and suspicions about somethings that she noticed. She asked me, \Am I imagining things and paranoid suspicious. What would you think?\ I thought oh, boy here it comes, she’s figuring something out. I then felt it was the proper time to carefully bring up some of what others have said. I was careful not to tell her about the humiliating things that he was saying her but that his co workers were talking about him and had seen him in the company of another woman. Also that I do not know if it was true but thought she should talk to him about the things that she noticed.
    He told he it was not true and she believed him. They made ME the bad guy and my friend would not talk to me for a long time. She started talking again one day and got over it. When they eventualy got married I & my husband stood up for her and that heel. There is a saying he cheated on the 1st wife he could cheat on you. I always felt that probably had, too. A few years later I was shopping about 30 miles from home and had lunch in a deli in the middle of the owrk week. Guess who walked in. My friends husband and a woman I did not know. We spotted each other; his reaction was that of having a red hot poker thrust up his rear end as he jerked his head the other way. I did not let him off the hook. I walked up smiled politely and said hello. He stuttered and stammered about a having lunch with a fellow co-worker but he knew he had been had. I never mentioned this incident to my friend; ignorance is bliss. I think the reason she patched things up was that in the back of her mind she knew what he did and is capable of and yet chooses to believe what she wants to. I kind of cringe with a little flash back when I see Kayla blaming Carly for her mother’s actions. Strikes close to home. Enought of this cathartic confession. On to next week I hope we see more of the older coulples Hope & Bo, Kate & Stephano and Maggie & Victor. You know what they say about violins: the older the instrument the sweeter the music.



  189. From Clear

    Thanks, Sandy for the You Tube link. Nicole and Sami were so young looking! It really doesn’t seem that long ago. I enjoyed reading the cheating rat because I don’t feel alone in knowing about a couple myself. The holidays are over, and went pretty well here. I managed to avoid a serious situation I was dreading. I cannot believe tomorrow is back to work already. I’m with Janiebell on wanting them to stop dragging out the story lines so long. Give us closure and a few happy endings! Don’t the writers have enough confidence that they can finish what’s out there now, and come up with something fresh and interesting. There is always another story. I’m sure Bo and Hope get back, but what’s this spoiler about the Warden having Bo kidnapped. What happened to his visions? I really am tired of the Warden’s simpering facial smiles and want to see them put her behind bars and let the big inmate, Charlene, whop up on her, and Lee can turn on the Warden for getting her caught and take a sock (a nice dirty one!) of oranges to her!

  190. From maryl

    Sandy–Thanks for the UTube video of Taylor and Nicole. I enjoyed having my memory refreshed!

    I liked Taylor a lot and I love Natalia Livingston, so I think she will be great in the role of Taylor. I read that Nicole will be jealous of Taylor so that makes me think Taylor will have a thing for Brady(like she did for Eric). I know EJ is supposed to fall in love with her, but knowing the writers–I don’t think they will let Taylor love him, afterall EJ from all the past SLs never can have happiness. I hope this isn’t what will happen because I would like to see EJ really have someone like Taylor in his life. The writers will probably borrow SLs from the past, as usual, and create a rivalry between Brady, Nicole, Taylor and EJ. I don’t see Brady and Nicole as a lasting couple, so I’m almost willing to bet they will attach Taylor to Brady. WRITER FOR ONCE–make this SL something new and different and give EJ a crumb, PLEASE!!!!

  191. From Sandy

    #186 Maryl
    I did read an article dated 10-26-2010 on today on Natalia coming to Days that said “Taylor’s return seems to bolster claims that the NBC soap is also quietly preparing the reintroduce Eric Brady”.

    Taylor’s storyline could get very interesting with EJ being enamored by her, maybe she will be attached to Brady and the possibility Eric is returning. And good ole Nicole has to watch on the side lines and say or do nothing to keep her relationship with Sydney. Not to mention she can’t even have a cocktail to help her through, Niki is just going to explode (some what like Sami does when things don’t go her way). It’s going to be good!

  192. From cindy

    maybe with all that sami has to go through, and has gone through….especially with the spoiler stating rafe has a bad car accident….that will be the catalyst to bring eric back. sandy, can only imagine what nicole will be going through not having brady, and having to remain sober to boot. maybe she is going to get some of the misery she deserves. everyone talks about the bradys getting away with so much. what about nicole.? she’s done plenty and hardly paid at all. (a couple months in jail for kidnapping a baby) not to mention her involvement in framing arianna. i don’t think that’s ever come to light, has it?

  193. From coogar

    185 Clear hear ya loud and clear about going back to work tomorrow. I have been off work on vacation for the week so . . it’s hi-ho hi-ho, it’s off to work I go. Do tell?! What is your cheater situation like? To me it was an especially hurtful situation; kinda like the Sinatra song says “Aint it a kick in the head?”

  194. From coogar

    Cindy No, the framing Ari thing has never come to the lght of day; just like the police trying to figure out who shot EJ. With Rafe as the Salem commander I would hope that as the Bo/Hope fugative sl winds downhe would want tolook for justice for his sister – who framed her & who ran her down.

  195. From cindy

    you would think so coogar!!!!unfortunately, i think the only one that knows is dr. baker (i’m not even sure he knows) and since he’s put away and apparently keeping his mouth shut, who knows if it will ever come out. wonder how ej would fill about nicole then since he did seem to care about ari and was defending her. also brady… i would love for that to come out some how. i wonder if they’re going to drag out the bo/hope on the run s/l very long. maybe not since there’s already a spoiler talking about bo’s kidnapping. think it will be a good s/l line though with their reconciliation. bo and hope always seem to do well when they are alone, with no interference from outside forces. their love always shines through. of course, bo is always hope’s hero!!!but if i read right carly, jenn, and maybe hope?? team up to save bo from the warden. still wonder how the jennifer/warden heart removal fits in.

  196. From Mona

    Spoilers for the Week of January 10, 2011

    These spoilers are not allowed to be released just yet. We had to remove as per the studio. – Admin

  197. From Clear

    Coogar, have you heard this cheater story? The man in the story proclaims his undying love, and he is the poor pitiful misunderstood one that wants back into the fold. Yet, it is found he’s shacked with someone else, but he only rents a room and has his own bed–yeah, right! The woman listening to this drivel needs to tune him and anything about him out! Catching him before should be enough for her. My name will be mud if I tell my opinion.

  198. From Janiebell

    Sami get “the goods on E..J.,get your children back lockety-split.”. I still say twis not Sami’s bullet who hit E.J. but I can understand Sami filling like blowing E.J. away; however we can not always act on our emotions. At some point we must have self controll and simpley walkaway, oh waite Sami had walked away. Sami was with Rafe; where Sami should have stayed.

  199. From Isabella

    Finally Nathan will find out the truth about steph. She is a selfish brat that wont let anyone else be happy but her. Nathan and Mel belong together and thats IT. Daniel and mel finding out that their lovers cheated on them was the best thing that happened to this show. Now daniel will leave that slut chloe and be with Carly if they ever make up! Then everyone will be who they are supposed to be with. SECOND OF ALL, Whats with Nichole? Why is she so obsessed with that baby that she would lose all of her freedom? Brady has treated her better than anyone else. Maybe she should think before she marries a man thats just out for revenge. which is also dumb. seriously? EJ is so jealous that Sami is with Rafe but getting revenge? Way to show immaturity to ADULTS, writers! Honestly, it ticks people off what EJ does and its kind of stupid. I normally fast forward through that cause its something that i dont wanna waste my time on. I like boe and Hope back together like always. They belong together like mel and nathan, carly and daniel,nichole and brady, and chloe and phil. I sure hope you didnt make mel pregnant because that would just ruin the whole story line and screw up everyones life and i will stop watching this soap opera for good..

  200. From MAB

    #108 Rose – I think you need to learn how to read better. Nowhere did I say I’m willing to fight over a soap opera. What I DID say was I’m willing to fight over you commenting on my personal life. Talk about nasty comments, you are the one who took this to a personal level and I for one will not stand for it. Also, if you dislike my comments so much, then why do you continue to read them? I see very few who dislikes my comments. At least most of those who disagree with me can do it in a healthy manner, unlike you. Look, I could care less what you like or dislike about the show. Your comments don’t bother me in the least, but when it comes to YOU commenting on my personal life, that’s a different story. You have NO right. Your best solution is to drop it.

  201. From MAB

    #117 Clear – what I posted “EJ tells Stefano he no longer loves Sami” was from the spoilers. I certainly don’t think EJ doesn’t love Sami anymore. I think he always will.

  202. From MAB

    #128 Lacey lou – you’re exactly right. I will hear nothing positive about Sami & Rafe because IMO there is nothing positive about Sami & Rafe. If you enjoy watching the boring couple, then good for you. I prefer watching Sami & EJ who actually have chemistry. You say you want to be able to say I love Sami & Rafe, well guess what, you just did, and no one cares. But when I say the same thing about Sami & EJ, you & your buddies (like Rose & EJ Hater) attack me, call me names, and make references to MY personal life, all for saying the exact opposite of you. It’s one thing to disagree, we all do at some point, but it’s bloggers like you, Rose & EJ Hater who take it to another level and get personal.

    Also, EJ is not a human being, he is a fictional character. James Scott is the human being.

    By the way, I’ve NEVER called anyone dirt before, but if the shoe fits…

  203. From MAB

    Unlike Rafe lovers, we EJ lovers frequently admit to his misdeeds. It’s the Rafe fans who think he’s God and refuse to admit he does anything wrong. Talk about making excuses for a character! Oh, and coming up soon (according to the spoilers), EJ will become kinder and decide to share custody with Sami…but I’m sure some of you EJ haters out there will still find a way to continue to attack his character, mainly because Rafe is your preference.

  204. From MAB

    Hey to Katherine, LC, Michelle, and all my other fellow EJ lovers out there! Thanks for the support!

  205. From Katherine

    Kass, where are you???
    MAB, you got it.

  206. From Grandma Judy


    Where I stand with EJ is that I am open-minded to him keeping the promise to God the spoilers say he will make, to become a better man and to share custody with Sami, but I will have to see it to believe it. Rafe is my preference to be with Sami in any case. Unless soemthing comes out about him down the road that would change my mind. Or if the amnesia issue does hit Rafe after his car accident, then he may fall for someone else other than Sami and that would take care of that, at least for a while. As for Sami, I would think she would drive any man crazy and I think she sure has mucked up her life, although I can understand some of what she’s done, like going over the cliff after hearing from Kate EJ was going to take the kids away again and then Sami shot him. I think out of insanity over hearing that on top of just finding out EJ was the kidnapper. Anyway, I don’t put Sami in the same villanous class as I see EJ, and I think she should either have full or shared custody of the kids.

    I can hardly wait for Nathan to find out what has gone on with Stephanie about Parker’s paternity test! But I’m really disappointed to read that Melanie is going to turn-up pregnant. Although the writers may have her lose it. Not that I would like that to happen but it may be the way it goes.

    I’m anxious for Bo’s Merchant Marine buddy to show-up and help Bo and Hope. Something I don’t understand is some of the same people on this site hate Carly so much, while they are the same ones who love EJ and excuse his actions, dating way back. I’m not criticizing, and Carly is not a fav of mine, but, geez, she has nowhere near done anyting even close to what EJ has done. Wonder where the story will go with Caroline now?

  207. From Grandma Judy

    Also, I agree with those who have said another DNA should be done on Parker.

  208. From Jolie

    I’ve not been a Carly fan either but she sure has shown a classy side from all that is going on. Yes, she has a small problem with the truth but that is rampant in Salem so no one really notices it. I felt a bit sorry for her with Bo gone and she knows it is over then the family thing blows up on her. Too bad. Not a very good way to start a New Year. I want a paternity test for Parker as well. I think it will come but after way too much water under the bridge and DR Dan will be the papa. I hate that Melanie is going to be preggers because another child will be in a tug of war. Let’s have some kids with parents who are married and who are confident they are parents. I am tired of the dialogue…Sami: I won’t rest until I get my kids back (so I can keep them away from their father) and Elvis: Sami is out of their life forever. This is old and going no where. We are so over it…writers, get over it too.

  209. From MAB

    Grandma Judy stated that she preferred Sami with Rafe, unless something comes out about him to change her mind down the road. I’m glad this was said, because it proves a point, and shows the difference in Safe fans versus EJami fans. Regardless of what Sami & EJ have done to each other, or what they’ve been through, I still want them together. Nothing will ever change my mind about these 2 as a couple. Great chemistry cannot be denied!!

    I don’t classify any other character with EJ. For one, no one compares to him, good or bad. But in reality, there is NO ONE on this show who is innocent, unless you count the kids, or maybe Maggie. Everyone lies, cheats, tries to kill people, etc. Some may be worse than others, but at this point, pretty much everyone on the show belongs in jail. But then again, we wouldn’t have a show to watch then.

    As far as what I think about Carly, I don’t really hate her, but I don’t like her either. My main beef with her is her part in Bo & Hope’s downfall. She was just as much at fault for what happened to them as they were IMO. Other than that, I really don’t think much of her either way…although she has caused trouble from day one, for half of Salem…she killed Lawrence, kept Melanie’s paternity from Daniel, helped Chloe lie to Daniel, and has basically lied to everyone she claims to love. Not a great role model IMO.

    At this point, I think every kid in town should have a DNA test. LOL

  210. From Grandma Judy

    Well, I guess that does show a difference in Safe fans vs. EJami fams because I want Sami with a good person, not just with someone she has had chemistry with in the past.

    I just finished watching today’s show and think Sami rather deserved Nicole throwing her drink at her. Rafe tried to get Sami to keep quiet and even leave but, no, she had to stay and keep her jaws wagging. EJ didn’t like it later, though, when Sami and Rafe were kissing and I liked that moment. Good acting by Peggy McKay (Caroline) today!

  211. From coogar

    Clear knew of someone sort of like that. Only this guy proclaimed that he did not know which woman he wanted. Lived in a trailer with the girlfriend on the wifes property while trying to decide what to do, WTF!?!? Two things I will never understand; 1.) If they want to philander why not say it’s over & go. 2.) What makes them think you want them back unless an honest effort and amends have not been made.

  212. From Chantal

    I think that was the worse Christmas ever in Salem, not one happy person…sad. So many key character missing with everything going on…Marlena, Lucas.I’m still “greeving” over Shawn and Belle…anyway, hate Melanie’s attitude. I can’t see her and Nathan working out. If Nathan dumps Stephanie just because she didnt say what she knew, how can he be with Melanie, who as done so much worse to get what she wants. Philip and Mel have so much in common. She wasnt mad when she learned about the Viv thing. So not Nathan style. I used to hate Chloe and Carly but they grew on me and now, I do think Carly is the most genuine person on the soap. Used to think the Bradys and the Hortons were the good and the Dimeras the bad but since Alice died, the moral compass seem to went out the window. The only super couple that was left was Bo and Hope but hate how fast Carly jumped in his bed in there home. Bo and Hope will find there way back to each other again but somehow, it doesnt feel the same. The show took a weird turn in 2010. So much kid drama. I dont think its the kind of drama we want to get in the soap. The only stable couple now is Abe and Lexie but somehow, I dont really care for them. Lexie’s mom was interesting…anyway, even if my husband gives me a hard time for wathing this show, I will still keep watching and will hope for some new happy twist in 2011!!

  213. From Clear

    Theydon’t see any of that and just want to have a place to go when things go bad that is safe and warm where they are comfortable–selfish sh#$s! For them it’s have your cake and eat it too, and “It’s all about ME and my feelings!” It doesn’t matter to these selfish people how anyone else feels. Tears just make them avoid the pain by being gone or self medicating. I say, “Fish or cut bait!” A good loyal friend or partner is hard to find. All of us have our faults, but I cannot stand a lying dishonest person. If anyone out there is in an abusive relationship physically or spiritually, I have to say that it isn’t worth living that way. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens on Days with Chloe now. The thing with EJ and Nicole is so wrong. She is going to allow herself to be used by him for the privilege of seeing Sydney, and the child isn’t even her child. Sami is right when she told Nicole to watch out because when EJ gets tired of using her, (and no way will she be loyal to him all the time) probably she will find a way to cheat with Brady and then be found out.

  214. From JMW

    Everybody blames Cloe and calls her a slut. Phillip got drunk and came to Cloe apartment and took advantage of her after Vivian sent Cloe all kinds of messages stating that Daniel and Carly were having an affair and Vivian even paid a motel clerk to lie to Cloe about a room being rented to Daniel & Carly for the night. Also, Vivian had a hospital elevator set up for Carly to fall several feet to the bottom and Cloe ended falling down the elevator shaft at the hospital. Melanie is no saint when she lived in France. Daniel is no saint when he had a 1 night stand years ago with Carly when Carly was married to Lawrence which caused a baby (Melanie) to be conceived. Carly came to back to Salem and broke up Bo & Hope the same day that Hope left. Sammie does deserve to have all her kids back and not be harrassed and disturbed by E. J. and Nicole. Sydney and Johnny are not Nicole’s kids — they are Sammie’s kids and should be with Sammie & Rafe so the kids can a good family life. And, Johnny and Allie are twins and should not be separated from one another.

  215. From Chantal

    I think its ok for soaps to have \no boundaries\, like getting away \with murder\. Remember all the times Stefano secluded someone on an island or a dungeon or messed with someones brain…crazy, will never happen in real life story? That’s what is fun in watching a soap…not watching real life problems, like a broken home with kids stuck in the middle, we see enough of that in real life. Make us laugh Days…like Victor, he’s funny!

  216. From patsy

    Grandma Judy you are right about Sami/RAFE. asMUCH AS Ilove EJ ,Sami would be crazy to give up what she has with Rafe to be ej .EJ is selfcentered and caresfor NOONE but himself and Stepheno.I would give anything for a GOOD EJAMIreuionbut don,t think its going to happen.Sorry ejami fans looks like you might as will give up .Ihave

  217. From barbie

    I like Rafe with Sami but also feel like what Nicole said to her had a lot of truth to it- any man no matter how much he loves someone would grow weary of dealing with Sami’s unpredictable behavior. As much as we all love that she is a spitfire, I have to say that most men, hate to have that kind of drama going on all the time. I don’t care for EJ though, his making Sami leave and not get to stay with Johnny after his surgery was the harshest thing I’ve witnessed on the show. How could he be so cruel to Johnny? forget that he hates Sami and focus on the kid who just had surgery for cancer. Any fond feelings I had about EJ left me at that moment. He is first class jerk. I hate the Nicole is falling for his trap- she will lose Brady as a result. I cannot wait for Stephanie to get hers here soon, it’s been too long in the coming. Pleeaase do not let Vivian get the upper-hand with everyone who put her in the sarcophogus, her quips are witty but she annoys the heck out of me because she always wins, I was never so happy as when Brady shoved her in the darn thing and gave her a taste of her own medicine.

  218. From Karyl

    #203 MAB. Yes, Rafe is not perfect and has made mistakes, but EJ, is mental. He “claims” to love Johnny, yet he denies him access to his still alive mother. Is this the “changed” EJ that has been mentioned before, using his children to get back at their mother?

  219. From Karyl

    #203 MAB. He does that because, something bad happens to Johnny. It’s sad he may get his comeuppance through his poor son

  220. From Katherine

    I really don’t care, who Sami is with, as long as EJ stays on DOOL, good, bad, rotten, sweet, I enjoy watching him and his character.
    The man can act, and I love him on the screen.
    Sami, so sick of her, there is a limit to her, and I have reached it.
    That is all just me, I just enjoy EJ, he has more acting going on with his eyes and face, than all the others flapping their lips, arms and hands, etc. all the time.
    So DOOL, be smart, you have a goldmine in James Scott.
    Just look at the blogs, everybody is up in arms for whatever reason, but EJ is every other word, he can start Blog-wars, ignites love and hate more than any other character. I also love to watch Stefano, “Idiot”, love it when he says that….

  221. From Michelle

    Todays show:
    I’m glad Dan put Mel in her place about her wanting to go take Parker right then away from his parents. Silly girl, but maybe her maternal hormones are already kicking in.
    Chloe made me so angry the way she treated Phil today. The guy just found out he is Parker’s dad from a one night stand, and still goes to see him before his wife he loves and just lost. He wasn’t trying to get Chloe, he wanted to see his son. Chloe, girl, get a grip! You’ve got the father of your baby stepping up, and you’re gonna treat him like that? She will never learn and deserves to lose Dan.
    Nicole’s acting was great today, telling EJ off and then her tearful goodbye to Brady. I felt for her.
    I enjoyed the New Year’s Eve at the pier scenes. I thought they could have made Nicole look a lot better, not sure if it was the lipstick or hairdo or combination of both but I don’t think they did her justice. Sami, what a loud mouth. Rafe kept telling her to just be quiet and leave it alone, but no, she couldn’t do that, and got what she had coming with the drink thrown on her. I LOVED how EJ laughed at that.
    And finally, Stephanie…. Oh, it was sooo obvious Nathan was NOT into her New Year’s wedding idea, yet it’s like she just intentionally blocks all that out to see and hear only what she wants to. Truly pathetic.

  222. From Irene

    Can someone tell me why Stephanie, in many situations, puts her finger to her mouth and lip. Is it supposed to be cute, sexy or what? I noticed it a lot and it annoys me. I do not think it is cute or sexy at all. I think it is plain ridiculous. With all the other major goings on in Salem, why do I pick on that one? (lol)

  223. From Tess

    Irene #219, Stephanie is trying to look like a cutsie tootsie but instead she looks ridiculous. I wish they would just get rid of her character once and for all. She is very annoying. And while they are at it they can get rid of her mother and her grandmother too.

  224. From Katherine

    Today, Caroline in the hospital, Sami there, I need some help,
    she said she was not sorry for what she did, and she would to it again to protect her family,
    was does depriving Parker of his real father, for dumb Stefanie, that is hanging on to a guy that does not really love her, have to do with protecting her family.
    Caroline, help, but your reasoning why you switched the paternity Test makes no sense at all.
    And Kayla, don’t go on putting the blame for your mother’s doings on Carly. None of this would have gone so far, if Carly and Chloe would have know right away that Phil was the father.
    Nicole, looks you are coming into your own, learning how to put your needs second, putting Sidney first, let’s put it that way, right or wrong the woman loves that little girl, and she is showing that she can care very deeply for somebody other than herself.
    Someday, if it is meant to be, it could make her and Brady stronger, because, it hurts him right now, but it would also show him the good in Nicole.
    Sami, leaping Sami, I give up, you have no class, you are straight out of trash city, the way you have a mouth on you and then you leap at people to harm them.
    Rafe, when will it become even for you to much to always clean up after her.
    Don’t blame EJ, he only gets the reaction out of her, that she is all to willing to give.
    I am not to crazy about Nathan either, either love the girl, Stefanie all the way, or get lost, quit hanging on to her just for the good old sex, stay on your own for a while and figure out what you want out of life, what you are doing right now, is nothing to be proud of.
    Melanie, what do you mean, you gave up everything to marry Phil.
    Either you love Phil or Nate, you are just as bad as Nathan, sleeping with one, pining for the other, what is it with you people.??? No wonder, nothing ever works out, when you make a committment, it should be all the way, not just for the sex, or whatever for the moment, with somebody else on your mind. That is called deceipt, almost as bad as cheat.
    It is very clear, Melanie and Nate, have a lot of maturing to do, they are like two children who don’t know what they want, playing grown-up games.
    Sami and EJ showed one thing today, they are not done emotionally, it was all over them, to much protest, I saw the green-eyed monster on both sides, very green, in deed.

  225. From grandma to many

    I thought it was rather childish of EJ to react the way he did to Nicole’s pouring of the champagne down Sami’s cleavage then I realized maybe he was just acting his true age ( not SORA’D ) true Sami never knows when to just shut up but the real EJ showed up when he spied Sami and Rafe keeping each other warm if looks could kill they would be buried by now I felt so sorry for drunken Brady who had to witness ” the formal announcement of EJ and Nicole’s impending marriage ” why oh why can Nicole be bought so easily yes she loves Sydney but does she have to sell her soul to the highest bidder come on Nicole you are too good for that and this is from a person that doesn’t even like Nicole’s character pull your self up girl don’t let any man make such a fool of you in the long run you’re only going to get hurt even more

  226. From Katherine

    222 Grandma to many,
    respect all your thoughts,
    but I still see Nicole finally putting somebody ahead of herself, the little girl, that needs somebody to love her right now.
    We’ll see what happens in the long run, but at the moment I see Nicole as being very unselfish, and that is a new one for her.
    Sorry for Brady, no, until he get his own crap together, he has nothing to offer to Nicole, and maybe it is a good thing for her to choose Sidney, I like her for that, she is not being bought, how, she just wants to be near Sidney, may the chips fall whereever. Nicole can’t seem to win, she is doing something unselfish, and and there is no highest bidder, what is she getting out of it, only Sidneys love, yes she is taking a big gamble, but it seems to be ok with her, she knows EJ can mess her over at any moment, but she is willing to take that chance, she is going into that arrangement with wide open eyes, a new better Nicole.
    I think when Sami had the fat fresh nasty mouth with Nicole, what was childish, EJ just standing there and not telling Sami to shut her dirty mouth, showing some protection for his soon to be “Wife”, that was bad in my opinion.
    Poor drunken Brady, if I loved a little girl that much, I would not put my chips on unstable Brady right now, it be that child, that I loved from Baby on, right or wrong, love is love.
    No disrespect to anybody, just my opinion, now let’s hear everybody elses…..

  227. From cindy

    katherine….when i heard melanie say she’d given up everything for phillip i thought the same thing you did….gave up what? nathan? phil didn’t make her give up anything. she kept her nursing career, got to live with her mother-figure maggie, and as far as i could tell he gave her her every hearts desire. he really loves her, and she seems to bring out the best in him. agree with your comments about mel/nathan/step/phil…they all just seem way too immature. especially stephanie. i’m not a big fan of nathan, but think he’s just trying to move on from melanie. too bad he doesn’t realize you don’t do that by marrying someone while in love with another. as far as nicole goes, for the first time ever i think i feel sorry for her….don’t really like her, but she’s in a tough spot. did you notice when she was talking to brady she referred to sydney as her baby more than once. she’s setting herself up for major hurt if she doesn’t remember she’s not sysdney’s mother. it’s ok to love that little girl, but she had better no forget who’s calling all the shots. nanely ej and he will only let nicole be around as long as it serves his purpose, imo. his main objective is to hurt sami, and he knows nothing will hurt her more than nicole being johnny and sydneys “mother”. i’m sooooo anxious for the bo and hope story to move along. oh yeah….i thought it was nice of phillip to go to parker also, chloe should not have treated him that way, but i’m sure it was because she was afraid daniel would come home and see him there. i guess i can see her point!!

  228. From Clear

    I don’t like Nicole selling out to EJ, but she isn’t being so unselfish getting into the Dimera Mansion and to Sydney as it seems. She’s an alcoholic with a compulsive codependent personality, and she knows what she’s getting into because she’s been there before. She will mess up trying to have Brady too, and EJ will throw her out. I cannot wait to see Nathan kick Stephanie to the curb because she deserves it for manipulating him to be with her in the first place. Chloe and Phillip belong together to raise Parker. When Dan kicks her out, will she move into the Keriakis Mansion? Sami and Rafe have a lot of plotting to do if they get the children away from EJ and Nicole any time soon. Of course I’ve read the spoilers about Johnny’s other eye and hate that they are going to make him lose that one too. I don’t like that story line at all. I’m still wondering if he is going to get new eyes from the prison organ sellers, while the Warden has Bo in captivity, and that is what brings her down.

  229. From lc

    I do agree with most of what is being blogged about Nicole…however…I don’t think she is being completely unselfish. If I remember correctly..when EJ was discussing his oh so romantic marriage proposel with Nicole, she kept asking him about money and how much she would be getting. Just my opinion is all….

    I’m getting a feeling that maybe Caroline shot EJ from what she said about “protecting family”. Maybe Sami was sleepwalking and Caroline saw her and just shot him. There is still no sign of the gun that was used.

    Have a great evening everyone!!!!

  230. From cindy

    lc….i wondered the same thing when caroline said that about family….dont see how the paternity test switching necessarily was protecting the family. maybe she did shoot ej. had never really considered it before although the writers did put a little doubt there. sami is usually so high strung and emotional and when she shot ej she seemed so matter-of-fact. seemed out of character. plus that whole thing with the mirror, like someone else might have been there or at least watching. then again it could have just been a coincidence. who knows? even when things are cut and dry the writers will turn everything around so anything is possible. i agree with you clear…chloe and phllip were always good together. maybe they will move into the mansion. would love to see kates reaction to that.

  231. From Clear

    I think that would be cool watching Kate babysit Parker and change ciapers–almost as much fun as when she had to clean fish on the freighter! LOL! I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with the new people coming on with EJ and Nicole’s sister, and also with Chad and Abby. Will Stefano somehow get Chad to move into the mansion soon? It should be interesting between Chad and EJ too. There are plenty of interesting ideas and scenarios possible without the writers creating tragedy and death for characters. I want to enjoy the romance, family interactions and soon it will be Valentine’s Day. Who will be getting married next besides Nicole and EJ–and I wish Nicole wouldn’t.

  232. From Lacey lou

    MAB….wow what a piece of crap you are. How dare you attack me. Guys it’s true, MAB will attack you personally if you dont love EJ. Wo. Get a life MAB. I predicted that when I said how much I love Sami with Rafe that you would come to attack. And boom….there you are! EJ is HORRIBLE, UGLY, EVIL, TWISTED, LIES, CAN NOT SPEAK PROPERLY, JEALOUS OF SAMI’S AND RAFES GREAT LOVE. You see MAB. I am not attacking YOU I am stating my opinion which we are allowed to have. I told you you can have yours. I don’t care if you are an EJ. Lover. But stop attacking people on here who don’t share in your opinions. That is bullying and you need to stop it. Stop it now. Let us enjoy this forum……please. Stop! Now back to the show. Loved, loved loved the grimacing face EW J made when Rafe and Sami were kissing. Priceless. Bring us more. Sami will get her kids back from this monster. It will happen.

  233. From EJ Hater

    #202 MAB, tell me where In my post did I “attack you”? I did not say one word about you. You sit here all high and mighty and accuse us of attacking you and I did not say one word about you personally.
    Why is it ok for you to say “you Rafe lovers” but when I said something about EJ lovers you say I attacked you personally.
    I say BS to you. I did not talk to you personally ever before and you can be sure this is the one and only time that I will address you personally.
    First time I write on this blog and you have to pick on me personally? I have a write to my opinion and I don’t give a Rat’s behind what you think.

  234. From Grandma Judy

    Like Clear, I wonder if the prison is going to have anything to do with Johnny getting new eyes ( or an eye). One spoiler said that Stefano asks Dr. Walters for help after Johnny is diagnosed this 2nd time.

    I personally do not give Nicole credit for being selfless in what she is doing right now. Nicole always looks out for Nicole. That’s been her bottom line, and she wants Sydney for her own, even if it’s only an emotional connection. And then there is EJ’s money. I’m not sure, though, that she and EJ will actually marry. Has anyone read any spoilers about that? Maybe Taylor will come on the scene before the wedding and EJ will call it off. We all know he’s going to dump Nicole eventually.

    So far, I don’t see that anyone else shot EJ but Sami. Although, probably the best way the writers can pull her out of that mess is to come up with a scenario that someone else did it.

    Maybe James Scott is too much into his EJ character and it’s changing his looks. And not for the better! What’s with him having the corners of his mouth turn downward a lot of the time? Maybe he’s always done that and I’ve just noticed it lately. But now that I see it, I see it most of the time.

    As much as we all go back and forth about other characters on the show, especially EJ, it seems we all pretty much agree to dislike Stephanie. I can’t wait for her to get hers when Nathan finds out her part in the Parker paternity test and that she knew all along Philip was the one Chloe cheated with.

  235. From cherie

    #220 I agree totally..Stephanie is beyond annoying and I can’t really stand her mother anymore either…what a mess she caused with her big mouth…anyway, I can’t wait for Steph to get hers and in a big way too!!! I hope Bo and Hope get back on track soon and set the example of a stable family in…also, I too wondered why Melanie said she gave up everything for Phillip..seriously..what did she mean unless it was just her loving Nathan…I rather see Phillip giving her everything a girl could want, and he does love her…I wonder how Dan can judge Chloe when he slept with her and made all kinds of goo goo eyes at her when she was engaged to Lucas…everyone else makes mistakes but him????? IMO

  236. From Janiebell

    E.J. just keeps on coming up with ways to get even creepier. First E.J. kidnaps his own child;leading Sami and Stefanoto belive Sydney to be dead. After, being found out, E.J. is so selfrightious he “takes Johnny and Sydney from their mother”, and denies Sami the right to even see her own children. E.J. forces Nichol to break-up with Brady, admitting that E.J. neither loves or respects Nichol, but with a “you do what I say, when I say, and how I say” or I will not allow you to see Sydney” attude. E.J. is useing Sydney as a bargining chip,rotten dad that he is. Now, E.J. takes it own himself to “lay out clothes for Nichol to wear to the Party at the Pear”, where E.J. smuglely annoces E.J./Nichol engagement. E.J. take a long walk off a short end of that pear, backward while youare down there.

  237. From Chantal

    I dont particularly like Stephanie but I dont understand why everyone dislike her so much. She hasnt done that much bad. I think Nathan is the bad one in all of this. Stephanie is strong and instead of whining about everything like Melanie, she investigated the situation. She didnt do anything wrong, like switching paternity test. Maybe she wouldnt be so insecure if Nathan didnt give her any reason to be but thats not the case. He tells her he loves her and wants to marry her but hes not fully committed and thats not fair to Stephanie. She should be the one dumping him but she loves him. Its hard to give up someone you love…

  238. From EJ Hater

    I loved seeing how jealous EJ was when he was watching Sami and Rafe at the New Years Bash. I hope what little heart he has was ripped and torn to shreads.
    Run Nicole, run as fast as you can to get away from the physco man from Hell!!

  239. From Katherine

    Well from all I read, Nicole, don’t run, Sidney needs you to be there with her.
    If EJ is all you described him to be,specially EJHater, etc. aren’nt you all glad Sidney has Nicole to look out for her, unless things get resolved with the parents.
    See, I am thinking about the kids, Nicole knows totally the chance she is taking, she very well will end up the biggest most hurt looser, but she is doing it. So some of you say, it’s not good for the kids, they will get confused, well, somebody has to take care of them, either Nicole or a babysitter (Mary) etc. As for the money, she is not getting any, all he said, she will be taken care of.
    In case of divorce, no money.
    I really don’t think there will be a marriage (?), Taylor most likely will be the cause for things changing, and isn’t EJ supposed to maybe share custody with Sami.

    229 Lacey lou, the only one attacking somebody personally is YOU, calling MAB “a piece of crap”.
    MAB states her opinion very strongly, so do YOU, but she never calls people personally Names, like you do.
    We all like and dislike the characters, no matter what they are doing, (we know when they are wrong and bad) but we still hang in there with them
    The writers are writing the story, the actors/characters are saying the words written for them, the writers know excactly what they are going for, and they want us to love and hate the characters, agree or disagree, like with Caroline right now, they have us confused, they get paid for doing that.
    I enjoy watching EJ (his character is complex, don’t like the bad things he is doing) but that’s the storyline.
    My opinions change all the time, as the story goes, yes the writers are irratic at time, no logic sometimes where they are going with a line or a character.
    Like Rafe, confusing, still don’t know where I stand with him….??? Big unknown factor … to me… IMO
    Sami, uncontrollable, leaping, etc. EJ, frowning, that’s the way they supposed to be as characters right now. We all seem to like the excitement they are creating….

  240. From MAB

    Sami didn’t HAVE chemistry with EJ. She HAS it with him, and always will.

    I’m glad Brady finally told Nicole he loved her (again). I felt sorry for Brady yesterday having to watch Nicole with EJ. Still, Nicole is sacrificing everything for Sydney, unlike her the child’s own mother Sami.

    I LOVED Nicole throwing the drink in Sami’s face, and the EJ laughter that followed. She deserved WAY more than that. Talk about jealous…that is sure what Sami is.

    It was not childish of EJ to laugh when Nicole threw the champagne in Sami’s face, but if some of you think he was being childish, then what do you call the spectacle Sami made of herself to give Nicole a reason to do it in the first place? Sami has NO class whatsoever. All she did was make an @$$ out of herself. All the crap Nicole has taken from Sami recently, I’m surprised she has that much restraint. That is why Nicole is the one who is proving who has the class.

    No one is saying EJ isn’t jealous, but he’s NOT the only one. Sami proved yesterday she was beyond jealous, and Rafe is just as jealous of EJ.

    Sami will only get access to her children when EJ allows it to happen, and yes it will happen soon.

  241. From MAB

    lc – at this point, I wouldn’t put anything past Caroline (even though there is still no indication of any kind that anyone else shot EJ but Sami). I would think Caroline trying to protect her family against EJ would be more important than trying to hide Parker’s paternity. She claims she didn’t want Parker raised as a Kiriakis, but I think her main motivation there was her jealousy over Victor & Maggie. Then she said she wanted Steph to be happy with Nathan, and I find that even more disturbing, because they all know Nathan would choose Melanie over Steph.

  242. From MAB

    #215 & 216 Karyl – that is your opinion. My opinion, EJ is not mental, he is just as sane as anyone else. Come to think of it, he may be saner than most. It’s obvious he loves Johnny. And by the way, you said EJ is using his kids to get back at Sami…no he’s planning on using Nicole to get back at Sami. And if the table were turned, Sami would be keeping EJ from Johnny & Sydney. She admits to it everyday. She said AGAIN yesterday to Rafe, “we’re going to get OUR children back”. She is completely deluted. None of those kids are Rafe’s, yet that is exactly what she wants. She wants to replace those kid’s REAL fathers with a wanna-be in Rafe…truly sick IMO.

  243. From MAB

    Lacey lou – there was nothing in my post that personally attacked you. YOU are the one attacking, and name calling. I said I don’t care what you think or what you opinion is, and I don’t. WHO CARES what you think of EJ, or anything else for that matter. I guess it shows how much class you have calling someone CRAP. And that is your problem. You can’t stick to your comments on the show, you have to get personal and call people names. Oh, and I have a life, one where I don’t go around calling people names on a daily basis just because they disagree on a fictional soap opera character.

  244. From MAB

    EJ Hater:
    You didn’t name me specifically, but it was pretty obvious what you meant by your comments, as follows:
    “I agree we should be able to say what we want (respectfully) about the character we like. But some on here will call you pathetic, naive, clueless (I have seen it over and over) or whatever if you are a Rafe fan.”
    I haven’t attacked ANYONE personally…that is your job, along with you buddies who can’t stick to talking about the show, but bring up one’s personal life and calling people names. Maybe you should go back and read what you wrote. It’s not my problem if you have that much hatred in your life, but itis disturbing.

  245. From EJ Hater

    Wow EJ is one sick, controlling SOB. Now he is attaching a locater braclet to Nicole. He sure knows how to get to Nicole, which is Syndney.
    Yes I am glad that Syd at least has Nicole because since she has been with EJ we never see her unless she is with Nic and I know Nic would do anything in her power to protect her. Although I also think that Nicole is doing this more for herself than for Syd because like Grma Judy said Nicole only looks out for Nicole. Well dearest Nicole you better watch out for EJ cause that sicko is going to leave you high and dry and alone. Now if Nicole had a brain she would be spending or better yet hiding EJ’s money faster than he can make it. If it were me I’d send him to the poor house before he figured out what was going on, which shouldn’t be to hard because he is not the brightest star in the Sky lol

  246. From EJ Hater

    MAB I think you should go back and reread your post. I did reread mine incase I happened to step over the line and guess what? I didn’t mention anyones name but in you post #240 IF THE SHOE FITS, WEAR IT hahaha

  247. From Katherine

    EJ Hater, tell me – do you agree with Lacey lou, calling MAB names,
    maybe since you agree with everthing else she said,
    maybe you should separate yourself from her, after the namecalling she did.
    Nicole, what could Nicole gain, “she is only looking out for herself” as you and others have stated,
    All I see, she has everything to loose, Sidney forever, Brady, her dignity (I know, I alrady hear you)
    so she is going way out,
    going willingly into bondage with EJ, to me she is showing, her heart belongs to Sidney, and maybe Sidney really is her child, the bond seems to be so very strong between both of them.
    Only the writers know where this will go.
    Would Sami give up Rafe for her children and “Marry” EJ, the way Nicole is giving up Brady, for the love of a child????
    Caroline, I give up about her, let the writers surprise me, something has taken over her mind, Jealousy is a powerful thing, look at EJ and Sami/Rafe…
    KASS where are you.???
    MAB, I know when you feel unjustly attacked, blood will boil,
    but it is not worth it, I know, I should take my own advise sometimes.
    Peace, we are only 4 days into 2011.

  248. From EJ Hater

    First off Katherine I think MAB is a big girl and seems to be able to handle herself alright on her own and doesn’t need you to poke your nose in, At NO time did I say your name or MABs in ANY of my post (92,93,94,129,230,234,241,242 but I get acused of it, WTf is up with that. I have been reading this blog for awhile and when I finally decide to post I get this BS. Yes I agree with Lacey Lou that we should be able to voice our opinion without being attacked.
    DID I attack anyone??? No. But I get crapped all over by you and MAB for it. I did say “some on here” well if the shoe fits on you guys wear it well and leave me alone, I did nothing to you but you busybody had to jump in here and attack me.
    Go right ahead, I can take it and dish it right back out.
    I was being careful not to mention names but that is over with. From now on if I have a problem with someone you damn right they are going to know about it.
    So Katherine, mind your own bloody business.

  249. From EJ Hater

    And as I said before it it ok to say “You Rafe lovers” but put the shoe on the other foot and say “You EJ lovers” and you have a few on here all up in arms and accusing other of picking on them well whaaa whaaa go cry me a river somewhere.

  250. From Rachel

    EJ is truly showing his Dimera side. EJ & Nicole as so jealous of Sami and Rafe…it’s scary. Nicole should have been smart: stayed with Brady and helped Sami keep the kids away from psycho-dad (remember the Bundys?). I don’t blame Sami for wanting Rafe to help her raise the kids. Those kids need love and stability…something Rafe can provide. With the newest spoilers about Taylor coming out…looks like Sami and EJ are finally over. The fighting will be, too. With Johnny’s second eye possibly having cancer, EJ pleads to God. I’m willing to bet that EJ shares custody of the kids…then it becomes the EJ/Taylor/Brady/Nicole quadrangle. Plus Days will have Parker and Melanie’s babies to deal with….especially custody.

  251. From MAB

    EJ Hater – I don’t have to reread my posts, because I know what I said. You said your peace by NOT naming names, but it was directed at people, like me, who don’t mind confronting people head on w/o hiding behind their words.

    Get it right, I didn’t say you mentioned my name. And when I said “if the shoe fits”, it was in a post to another individual, NOT you.

    Just like the statement you made and I quote “Yes I agree with Lacey Lou that we should be able to voice our opinion without being attacked”. Maybe you should practice what you preach.

    I don’t know why I’m even explaining any of this to you. Clearly, you don’t comprehend very well. I’m done with you and your horrific attitude.

  252. From MAB

    Katherine – as always, thanks for the support. There are a lot of attacks on here, but I seem to get pointed out more often than not. I guess some just can’t stand to hear the truth, and are so offended that they have to resort to name calling.

  253. From Anybodies Guess???

    I am thinking that Nicole is acting as a double agent in a way. I could be wrong, but reading the review of today’s show, it say something about Sami on the phone with Brady saying that he could use her place to meet up with Nicole. After all the cat fights and drink slinging between them, that really caught my attention. Maybe everyone is working on taking EJ out of the kids lives. Ej has turned into a lunatic with his behavior, it’s to the point of psychotic if you ask me, and when I do get to watch the show, I would love to put a bullet in this head with the way he acts. Sami does need to calm WAY down and let a few things play out. Her mouth is her worse enemy.

  254. From EJ Hater

    Ok MAB two can play this game and I am not afraid to mention your name either, but no crying and whinning that you are getting picked on now.
    And maybe you should get the hint that if you are always being targetted that maybe your being such a hypocrite that that is why people are pointing you out.

  255. From Michelle

    Same people back with different names – that’s the only thing I can come up with about MAB being targeted again, and Katherine being targeted for speaking up about it.
    MAB, I know I don’t have to tell you this, but don’t change anything, as you have not done anything out of line.
    And as for Katherine speaking up about it, well, that’s what we do here, especially for us regulars and long-time bloggers. If we see or read something that isn’t right, we speak up about it.

  256. From Grandma Judy

    How ’bout you all hash this out over wine at my place here in Michigan?! I’ve mentioned wine before. I like wine! But only white or blush. Can’t handle red.

    I thought Sami looked very pretty today. Nicole, too. And if you’re going to have to wear a tracking bracelt, diamonds are the only way to go!!

  257. From Sandy

    Just found a video on You Tube quote ” Shelley Hennig is asked where the engagement between Stephanie and Nathan will go and she says January 7 is the day everything will come together. DAYS FANS, SOMETHING BIG IS GOING TO HAPPEN ON THIS DAY.”

  258. From Katherine

    240 My dear EJ Hater, or should I say, just plain hater…..
    Last I checked, this is a country that prides itself of “Freedom of Speech” so if I feel like making comments about your blogging style, I will, however you are starting to prove that you have a very nasty mouth, re-read your blogs.
    I asked you specifically, do You agree with Lacey Lou, calling MAB – WOH, WHAT A PIECE OF CRAP YOU ARE, YES OR NO.
    Because your answer or non answer to tha quetion, tells me all I need to know. And then your response to me, telling me about my nose, where it is allowed to be or not, rich, and last I checked none of my business has ever been “Bloody”.
    I don’t know how old you are, but you certainly could stand for somebody to teach you a little class, intellegent people don’t have to resort to your style of communicating.
    If you want respect on this blog, earn it by showing you can agree and disagree without getting hostile.
    Judy, did you say wine, all I like is Red, Merlot, Pinot Noir, etc. – but Sweetie I’ll bring some, let’s sit and chill, need it.
    Just to make an announcement, I will always feel free, to comment on any blog on this site, no matter what, if you put it out there – it’s open to comment.
    Lord knows I have had my share, but I know that I never resorted to nastiness in my comebacks.
    It’s not my style, never has been, never will be.
    Oh yes, the character’s actions can get me going, love them, hate them, …blah, but you never take it out on the blogger Person, let them have their opinions. As a matter of fact, the more diversity, the more I learn, and sometimes change my mind. People like MAB get me whole new perspectives on situations at times, I don’t like to be stuck in Tunnel Vision, I like to broaden my horizon, and thanks to so many of you, it does.
    Shame on some, that in order to get their points across, they have to loose some of their own integrety.

  259. From MAB

    #249 EJ Hater – are you for real…two can play at that game? Are you 5? Go ahead, rant all you want, mention my name all you want…and then I’ll decide if your rants are worth responding to or not. Oh, and I don’t cry & whine…that is you forte. And now it’s become even more obvious why I’m targeted. The few people like you who hate EJ so much will do or say ANYTHING to his fans, even if it means getting personal.

  260. From MAB

    #250 Michelle – thanks…and you are so right. They can’t stand NOT ranting so they change their names and return to cause trouble. I don’t think they are happy unless they are causing drama. Oh, and believe me, I won’t change a thing.

    #253 Katherine – thanks again, and you are so on target about everything you said!

  261. From Katherine

    255 MAB – IMO, I think I am, and I feel good about myself, that is all that matters, your Own selfworth.

  262. From Slogirl89

    Hello Everyone~
    First I have to say that I look forward to reading your opinions and see how similar mine are.

    Second, This page is full of rage and anger… I’m very disappointed. We are adults and may not agree, but that is life. There is no need for name calling etc. I am here to talk and read about DOOL.

    Last but not least… I can understand the Sami/EJ fight over the kids. They both have done stupid things and they take it out on each other by using the kids. (Which happens ALOT in real life) But Rafe calling Sami’s kids his is actually a wonderful thing. Anyone can be a mother or father, but it takes a real person to be a dad. (Rafe)He doesn’t have to step up to the plate and take care of someone else’s kids, he WANTS to be there too! No he doesnt like EJ but I think they could all get a long if they wanted the kids to be happy. Score for Rafe!

  263. From Katherine

    257 Slogirl89 – I like your blog, let’s hope all the adults will learn to work things out, but this is a Soap, and it will take a while so we get to watch all the drama and intrigue, to make it a story for us to get excited about.
    Ditto on the namecalling, never any need for that at all. Be adult and respectfully blog and all opinions are welcome about the character/storyline, that’s what we are here for, Debate, learn, disagree and learn some more…

  264. From cindy

    ok everyone…. lets take a few minutes. i don’t especially care for ej but we must respect each other’s opinions. sometimes we get a little over-enthusiatic with our comments, but we all here because we love DOOL. let’s remember that. i.m a safe person and a bo/hope lover…don’t have a problem admitting it, and don’t think i have a problem with anyone else either.

  265. From Janiebell

    E.J. has sunk so low he even angers Stefano; now that takes sum sinking. Stefano does not care for Sami one bit but still knows E.J. has”gone around the bendand back a couple of times”, when it comes to marrying Nichol and bringing her in to be “the new mom”. One does not change “mom’s” so quickly. Still it was funny when E.J. told Johnny that E.J. and Nichol were going to get marred and Johnny said”no!!” Way to go Johnny.

  266. From barbie

    wow, just read a few posts on here and it seems there is more drama on the blog sight then there is on the show- not to preach but seriously, this should be fun, it’s just a SOAP. There are people dying in a war, people starving, laid off workers, children being mistreated…. we all watch the soap to take our minds off of these realities but if you have to be that passionate about the soap, step back put it in perspective and then re-channel that passion into something positive instead of all of the negative things that are being said to fellow bloggers and lovers of Days. Think new year and think that you can rise above and do better things with yourself, just my humble opinion. cheerio!

  267. From Janiebell

    That Johnny is one cute kid, tell you what. Johnny likes Nichol but Johnny loves his mother Sami and E.J. too. O.K. I didn’t say Johnny was a perfect kid, just cute. {alright children love bothof their parents}.

  268. From Robin

    Okay so now Kayla has Screwed up big time and her mother has a stroke because she couldn’t keep her BIG Mouth SHUT!!!! Miss goody toshoes NEVER should have come back to Salem. She should have stayed away and her mother NEVER would have had a stroke. Oh she can go and blame other people but we ALL KNOW she’s the one who did it. I use to like Kayla, but now I hate her. Chloe and Daniel were fine untill she opened her selfrighteous mouth. The writers should have left things alone and NOONE would have found out. I want Chloe and Daniel back together now.

  269. From Janiebell

    Johnny ran away today; hope “Mary the maid/nanny” does not get into trouble. E.J. told Stefano to have’Mary” look after Johnny and Allie. Where are the guards to that property? People can just wonder in and out at will.

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