Days Of Our Lives Video Promo: You’re Not Worth It.

“I’m in Sydney’s life thanks to you.”

Nicole and Sami trade insults until Samanther whips out her trusty fists.

Check out this sneak peek at Tuesday’s episodes and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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  1. From Barbara

    That was awesome but sadly I noticed that Enormo’s in this episode too. I’m so sick of him unless I was hallucinating the evil British guy that really needs to die.

  2. From Jen

    The only person that needs to stop being pimped in the show is Rafe…EJ is the best thing that ever happen to DAys.. The ratings prove it & once EJami get back together no matter what Corday says the ratings will skyrocket.. Safe is boring, disgusting, & has ruined Sami. Also experimental pairings with EJ & Sami .. Sami with Rafe.. EJ with Nicole & Taylor.. Bad moves.. EJami are meant to be together & are star crossed soulmate lovers.. EJami need to be reunited in love w/no games being a family.. Enough with the triangles.

  3. From Sandy

    O My…once again the writers are making Sami out to be emotionally uncontrollable. Every thing Nicole said was true, if only they had written the story with Sami and Rafe with the tape going to the police. But nay nay they didn’t do that. But I don’t understand why Sami couldn’t keep Nicole away from Sydney with a court order (which I thought she had at one time) since Nicole is one of Syd’s kidnappers and the one that went to jail for the kidnapping. Maybe EJ has something to say about this to so Sami may not be able to get a court order against Nicole. I don’t think I’ve heard that mentioned.

  4. From Lacey lou

    I hat hate EJ

  5. From Knat

    Sami, Sami, Sami. When will u grow up? LMAO at Nicole hitting SAmi with a stuffed animal. And I did notice that nice cool drink of water walking in at the end.

  6. From Jesse




  7. From Clear

    Go Sami! Too bad she didn’t have the sock full of oranges to beat Nicole with close by. LOL!

    If Sami tried to get a court order, I suppose EJ would threaten Sami again with the video of her confession. Rafe and Sami need to find that and destroy it. There doesn’t seem to be any problem getting into the Dimera mansion, so why don’t they do that?

  8. From dc

    that tape needs to be destroyed.
    i read where ej is gonna propose to nicole. with nicole’s sister soon coming to the show, i bet she will be ej’s new main squeeze..
    i also read where rafe is gonna be in a bad car wreck.. i wonder what that storyline will be.. i sure hope he is not hurt..
    nicole is just playing the “good” girl to stay on ej’s good side so she can stay at the dimera mansion (close to sydney)..

  9. From Sandy

    #8 dc
    I read Rafe will be hurt significantly in the car wreck. And I’ve seen blogs with him ending up with amnesia. I’m just hoping and hoping that none of the kids are in the car with him. All of these spoilers are so misleading it’s hard to tell what the writers are going to do.

  10. From Dolly

    Love to see Sami give Nicole a fist in the mouth. Nicole has done Sami dirt on many occasions.
    Love Sami’s direct approach to dealing with nasty Nicole.

  11. From Kay

    I love when Sami hit Nicole! I can not stand EJ anymore. I use to want EJ and Sami together but not anymore. One day EJ said how much he loves Sami and the next day he is not allowing her to see he kids.
    This story line needs to get over with and Sami to get her kids back.

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