General Hospital Spoilers For December 27-29.

Weddings and crashes.

Sonny and Brenda announce their engagement at Luke and Tracy’s wedding reception. The congratulations don’t exactly stream in. Dante goes home to dream of his time with the supermodel and Brenda is cornered and questioned by Theo. She trusts him and co-operates as he starts his investigation. Meanwhile, Carly stalks over to Sonny with proof that his son was sleeping with Brenda and they had a baby. He refuses to listen to her, regardless of all the dire warnings she issues. Then Claire shows up and says that she might stick around town after all. He seems indifferent and she seems angered by this.

Nikolas can’t shake his growing feelings for Brook Lynn, though Tracy tries to shake them out of him. Edward muddles around, offering work to Michael at ELQ and then meddles some more in Ethan and Maya’s marriage. Across town, Lisa drugs Johnny so she can search for her syringe but has no luck finding it. Nothing seems to be going well for her. She has to watch Robin and Patrick continue to reconcile and, regardless of how much she begs, Johnny continues refusing to let her out of his service.

Carly ducks out of chaperon duty on the school ski trip and sends Olivia in her place. Cameron, Molly, Morgan, Allie, Kristina and Michael are looked after by Olivia and Steve with Matt and Maxie joining the trip at the last minute. Once they’ve driven out into the snow, Carly calls Morgan but quickly loses contact when the bus crashes.

Note: Repeat episodes will be airing on Thursday December 30 and Friday December 31.

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