General Hospital Spoilers For January 3-7.

Crashes and crushes.

Carly and Jason rush off to rescue the children but go in the wrong direction. Brenda comforts Dante over the possible loss of his mother and siblings. Across town, Liz looks for comfort from Nikolas which doesn’t sit well with Brook Lynn. At the crash site, Olivia is in critical condition and the children search for Morgan when he has gone missing. Michael manages to find his brother and help him back to safety where Kristina is starting to freak out when Taylor tries to warm her up with his body heat. Dante and Brenda arrive as his mother is being airlifted to GH. Everyone joins together at the hospital to help their friends and family through the tough time. Brenda uses the opportunity to ask Kristina and Molly to be her bridesmaids.

Patrick has to perform emergency surgery on Olivia but things look grim and Dante fears for the worst. While he waits at his mother’s bedside, Allie suddenly. Meanwhile, Morgan’s parents have a specialist flown in to tend to him. Lucky and Siobhan are at the hospital for Cam and Jason is there for Jake. Sonny shows up to comfort his kids and blocks Theo from questioning Dante. Carly arrives and starts freaking out about Abby being there for Michael and tries to get Sonny on her side. After yelling at him, she yells at Sam and then goes off to threaten Abby.

A new doctor, Terrell, arrives and Steve offers him a position. Lisa just happens to know him from her past and has plans for him. She sends him off to charm his way into Robin’s life. She’s distracted by something else though – talking Theo out of suing the hospital. Meanwhile, Luke gets an idea for a jewel heist and wants to use his honeymoon for cover. Tracy isn’t impressed. Neither is Edward, but he keeps himself busy by trying to keep Ethan and Maya at the mansion. And Spinelli enlists Diane to help him write his memoirs.

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