General Hospital Weekly Summary For December 20-24.

Christmas wedding.

Dante overheard Lulu telling Maxie about her insecurities. He rushed off to see Brenda and she refused to talk to him about the baby so he went home and prepared a Mexican feast for Lulu. Meanwhile, Brenda started to freak out about the fact that she might have to testify in the civil suit and Spinelli told Carly that Dante hired a family lawyer in 2007.

While holding Siobhan at gunpoint, Jerry argued with Theo, “the Balkan”, about his contract. Sensing that Jerry would double cross him for more money, Theo had him shot and then ordered Siobhan to report the shooting and continue her scam of Lucky. Jerry’s body fell into the harbor but was never found.

Everyone gathered at the Quartermaine’s for Luke and Tracy’s wedding. He seemed reluctant to make the trip but his sons were there to stop him from self-sabotaging the event. After turning down Edward’s offer of a trip to the airport, Luke signed the pre-nup and went down the aisle. Tracy demanded to see the papers but he tore them away and made a big speech about how much he loved her. The ceremony started but then Tracy flipped out again. This time Brook Lynn stood up and convinced her to go ahead with it. Luke and Tracy were finally married.

The wedding guests milled around. Following an argument with Carly, Sonny took Brenda out for a walk and asked her to marry him. Back inside, Spinelli arrived with the information he’d managed to dig up on the divine one and the duplicitous detective. Carly was overjoyed to discover that Brenda and Dante had a baby. Fresh from decorating his tree with Sam and Molly, Jason later arrived with Michael to Edward’s delight. Across town, Patrick and Robin agreed to spend the holiday together for Emma’s sake and things seemed to melt between them. Meanwhile, Maxie tried dumping Matt for his own good but he refused to back away from her.

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