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  1. From edna white

    get rid of chance and lily neither are good for the show and let victor get caught for once

  2. From Tanya

    I’m looking forward to Billy & Victoria I have certainly enjoyed them being together as a couple and want to see more of them, I would also love for them to give Neil a real meaty story and keep Sofia out of his orbit, I don’t want to see the Winters Bothers fighting they should be healing their relationship, more of Devon & Roxy I said it before if they intend to make Devon focus on his music then I have no problems with that just give him his own story, Just age Kyle to his rightful age and give us a Young Adult love triangle with him, Noah & Eden so far they bring back Noah and he’s just been Jana’s Boy Toy and I hated the fact that the writers made Noah & Eden broke up I found that stupid & Hard to believe, make Adam’s redemption more about Adam, I don’t have a problem with him being with Sharon just fix him 1st, Nick can go on with his business he’s too controlling like his Father, She and Phillis r far better off, give Sharon a backbone, what r they planning to do with Jana the writers have messed her up. Please oh please for once let Victor lose I don’t care how and for once let Jack have Jabot back, Tucker is too much of a jerk to Ashley.

  3. From Tanya

    I don’t think they should change Victor I don’t the Show would be the same maybe they could make him just a little softer “just” mind u, I’m trying to make sense of the whole Ronan illness thing because I thought the writers were now going to focus on who Ronan’s father is, Diane the writers said they were going to focus on her past like what makes her tick but I haven’t seen any of that all I have seen is how hurt Ashley is going to be once she finds out that Diane slept with Tucker and basically that’s all Diane is doing is trying to get in to people’s pants how does that explains anything about her past yes she slept with them and how can she be in debt she had what 2 divorce’s, i’d rather the writers say she got involve with a guy who happen to steal all her money or that she has a gambling problem and that could explain y she is in money problems or maybe she miss manage her money, so far I like that they have thrown Blake & Collin in to Cane’s story they make it more interesting but elaborate more on this Family Organization thing like what, what makes this cattle thing so special and dangerous and how is Phillip not in trouble as well since he knows the guys that Cane turn in to the Australian Police.

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