The Young And The Restless Poll: Victor’s Past, Present And Future.

Worth the trip?

Last week, Victor was visited by three people from his past who gave him insight into his past, present and future. Will his voyage change the way Victor continues to lead his life?

Please take a moment to vote in our Victor’s Past, Present And Future Poll today, and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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  1. From anna marie

    I thouht that eposide was amazing about the past present furture my favorite part was when Hope talk about the love his life and said she was his furture

  2. From par

    get Jana out of kevins life and nick and diane should never ever be a hookup. Let Daisy go into the land beyond.

  3. From Soaper

    Love to see Jana and Kevin back together. They are both a bit wacko so match up perfectly.

  4. From MOLLIE

    this was good for victor b ut the ghost should have also visited his daughters-victor is the powerful.we like seeing this. hope should have visited Adam. yes victor did some wrong -but adam came to geno city and started all this-my guess is Adam is not Victors real son-he has set all this up from college. he kill the real good son and took his place thats why he don’t care about hurting and torturing this family-Sky knows the truth but she know Adam is capable of killing. Victor had no choice but to set adam up-other wise we will be seeing adam doing his dirty work. cause the minute Adam getts out he will go after victor and nick and jack and phyis again. Now let victor give his girls some money and keep his empire-hes the man. I hope he forgives nickie and they get married -because he is going to need a women in his life. victor will have to take on jack -adam-billy-tucker and phylis and maybe paul-so he will need nickies help to contain there family.

  5. From Sandy

    I love Victor and this epsisode on his visits from the past present and future, I wish he would come around to except Adam and help him out. I like the hook up of Adam & Sharon & I hope Adam gets out of jail and they find him innocent. Adam is so much like Victor, he is a good actor he adds so much spice to the story!

  6. From martha

    don’t you think it’s time to get off the victor and adam deal. think of something new this has been going on sicne 2009

  7. From TD

    I am sick of Victor. I always liked him, but I am sick of his bullying ways. He never gave Adam a chance. To me, that ruined everything about the doting mother Hope was to Adam.

  8. From Pat

    Victor received a new heart and he should be a new person tender hearted and forgive Nicki and childre.

  9. From ferry

    It seems like Victor’s character is becoming too dark. For example, this whole story with Skye is ridiculous. Also isn’t her death too similar to Dru’s death?
    I don’t like how the writing has been for a while. It is making scrambled eggs out of most of the cast.

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