The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary For December 20 – 24!

Nikki and Diane clashed, Tucker proposed and Victor received visitors…

Diane escaped the ranch unseen then Nick made his disappointment known to Victor in regards to him always deserting their family. Diane witnessed Deacon giving Nikki a friendly kiss and called her a sugar mama! After Nikki found out Diane was broke, she told Victor, who refused to spend the holidays with his family and gave Diane a job to expand the east wing! Nikki moved out of the ranch and in with Kay.

Ronan refused his doctor’s suggestion to have his family tested as possible liver donors. Jana drew a picture and showed up at the Chancellor holiday dinner claiming Delia made it, and handed it to Chloe, who had been arguing with Kevin. Kevin asked Jana to stay, which ticked off Chloe, who was even more irritated when Heather convinced Ronan to join them all for the day.

Sofia confronted Cane about the amount of work on his plate. Cane claimed he’d just been taking extra time to do it. When Cane warned Colin to stay away from his family, Colin countered that Cane’s new life would blow up in his face.

Daniel begged Abby to wait for him and vowed to win her back. Abby accepted his kiss but was still unsure what the future would bring considering Daniel’s baby.

Many celebrated the holidays. Jill spent time with Lauren’s family, Traci returned home, Jack took his own money and paid investors what they lost in the hedge fund, Vikki received a visit from Reed and Ashley agreed to marry Tucker.

Adam was arrested after Jack and Phyllis turned over Skye’s belongings to Ronan. Sharon vowed to prove his innocence and found out the European perfume Skye wore had been ordered and shipped to Hawaii. Victor told Adam he was where he belonged then went home alone where he was visited by the ghosts of his past. Victor’s father warned he had been treating his kids like he treated Victor. Hope appeared, showed Victor the past and tried to remind him that Nikki was the love of his life. Sabrina came next to show Victor the present and warned he’d regret putting Adam away for a murder he didn’t commit. She showed Victor how much his family missed him during the holidays. After Victor got a look into a future separated from his family, he woke up and spread holiday cheer to everyone close to him.

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