The Young And The Restless Weekly Video Promo: Daniel’s In Trouble.

“I did this to him.”

Daisy finally gives birth and Daniel holds his child. However, things turn bad quickly and Phyllis is faced with the fear of losing her son. Watch this video promo to find out what’s set to happen next week in Genoa City on Soap Opera Fan Blog!

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  1. From nissie

    yes. But could you please tell the writers to take the grease out of Nick’s hair, it is not the 80′s

  2. From nissie

    when are victor and nikki going to get back together, it is a foregone conclusion

  3. From Pat

    I love the young & restless can’t wait to see it everyday. I would not like to see daniel die, daisy
    needs to be put away for good and
    jana who let daisy free should be
    written out of the show I don’t like her anyway what is her purpose

  4. From Carol McCann

    love the young and restless
    bold and beautiful
    days of our lives

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  6. From joanne

    daisys child should be put up for adoption and daisy belongs in jail for a long time.

  7. From joanne

    I like this plan on telling my friend who also watches Y&R

  8. From Rebecca Stephens

    I really don’t want Ronan to die. I think he’d be a great permanent addition to the cast. I like Ronan and Heather as a couple, and Kevin and Chloe. I really, really (add to this several thousand reallys) hate what’s happening with Sharon’s character. I like her and now she’s with Adam and seems to have lost several million brain cells. I never thought she’d do something like that in regard to her children. I just hope that she wakes up and we all find out she was dreaming the whole time and she’s actually still with Nick. I’m just saying….

  9. From Lori Fitzpatrick


  10. From judy

    I think Daisy should be put away for good she don’t no how to act,Jana should be in the same cell with her ,Daniel has to pull out of it he needs to know his child,and i wish Amer would come back to help him,

  11. From judy

    I hope that Sky will be back and Victor will be jailed for trying to kill her, i think it’s time for him to retirer from the show it’s like bad grass don’t die lol

  12. From nissie

    when will the writers get real! Adam is suppose to be going blind and yet he has never been in Sharon’s house b4 and he gets around it without any problem. Then leaving the AC a chair was in his way and never even put his hand out to see if it was in the way just went around it. We are not all that gullible is he blind o

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