Are You Oprah Winfrey’s Biggest Soap Opera Fan?

You just might be…

Are you a fan who plans your day around your favorite soap operas? Do some Daytime characters feel as though they are part of your family? If you’re a soap opera fan who can tell talk show goddess Oprah Winfrey why you stand out from the rest, you might just win the opportunity of a lifetime!

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  1. From Angie Days

    I consider myself a huge soap fan of Days of Our Lives, but exclusively DAYS. I am most likely in a different category than most people that are submitting their blog for this content in that I don’t exactly plan my day around “daytime” soaps, so let me explain. I have been watching DAYS since a child, but began taping the show when I was out on my own since I work during the day. I haven’t missed an episode since I record the show. I had Bryan Datillo sign one of my old VHS tapes when he made a live appearance in town. Fun! Now, I have been attending technical college since 2008, I am married, have two children and work full-time. My kids are in all sorts of activities and finding balance is quite crazy; however, I always find time for DAYS and I haven’t missed an episode of DAYS even if I’m weeks behind. I visit the websites often as well to hear fan feedback and comments. If anyone were to ask me what my favorite TV show is, I wouldn’t pause, I would identify Days of Our Lives. If anyone talked about actors or actresses, I typically don’t know of anyone other than a DAYS star. I would love to meet Alison Sweeney. People often talk about all the various TV shows they watched the day/night before; honestely, I don’t know what they are talking about, because I don’t know what is on TV anymore. DAYS is my favorite show. I love striking up a conversation with other friends about DAYS. I would gladly talk with you about DAYS.

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