Days Of Our Lives Poll: What About Vivian?

What’s a villain to do?

Since Vivian decided to divorce Victor and is being pushed out of Titan, it doesn’t look like she has much left to do around town, or does she? What will be next on Viv’s ‘to do’ list?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. If you don’t see the answer you would have given, feel free to let us know what you would have voted for in the comments section.

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  1. From Lindsay

    Who cares what happens to Vivian, LOL

  2. From Ronn

    Vivian is not as interesting as she once was. I would like to see her run for Mayor and beat Abe. Maybe a romance with Roman or Henderson.

  3. From Jolie

    Poor Viv, she used to be a force to be dealt with and now she is a caricature of her former glorious self. I can see her going into business against Kate to have something to do. Kate is a long time enemy and Viv surely did her wrong after wrong, time after time. So let the girls play. I don’t think Viv is interested in romance…subterfuge and mayhem are more her style.

  4. From dc

    vivian and gus have brought some good scenes to the story. can’t wait to see what they will be up to next..

  5. From Dolly

    Let Vivian get Sami and EJ back together.

  6. From Clear

    I think Viv and her minion, Gus, are funny! I hope they stay around for some laughs, but don’t damage anyone else. Vivian managed to wreck Chloe’s life, Melanie’s and hurt Carley. That should have been enough, but now he has to get even for being put on the island!

  7. From Jenn

    Her character is boring.

  8. From Patty

    I love Viv! Her comic timing is superb, and she makes Days hilarious when she’s on.

  9. From Joan

    When Vivian was able to switch embryos and became pregnant with Philip, she had to be going through the same procedure that Kate was. So Vivian produced an embryo with her minion at the time, Ivan. I have always wondered what happened to that baby. I would like to see that person come back and wreck havoc with Vivian.

  10. From Tyler

    Vivian is at her best when she is plotting against someone…I think to fix Vivian and bring her back to her glory days they need Lawrence to return alive and together they plot to take revenge against Carly/Bo/Hope/Jennifer/Stephano/Victor/Brady/Kate/Nicole….now that would be better than this cartoon versionwe have now.

  11. From Jenn2

    Ewwww Dolly, Sami and Ej back together, really? Is it because they are both megalomaniac psychos?

    Vivian is hilarious! She need to bring in the original man servant, Ivan! Tyler, that would be awesome if the writers brought Lawrence back.

  12. From Dolly

    As I said eariler, I do not care what happens to Viv, she is only a side story line.
    What I want is more Ejami time. Good Ejami time, with them back together.

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