Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For January 10-14.

The fallout continues.

It will be a week of reckoning in Salem as scores are settled and revenge plans are hatched. Chloe’s already lost her husband and is about to lose one of her only other friends: Carly. The doctor tears into her. As the diva is left licking her wounds, Mel shows up to open them up again. As they argue, Mel refuses to admit to her that she’s now carrying Parker’s half brother. As she weighs her options, her father makes a big decision of his own. Meanwhile, Stephanie is busy begging everyone to forgive her for her role in the mess. She worries to her mother about Nate’s wandering attentions. Kayla continues to convince herself that everything under the sun is Carly’s fault and prepares to unleash her wrath. Fights break out all over town. Steph and Mel get into a dangerous tussle. Nate tries to take down Philip leading to another throw down.

Kate and Victor are getting along well and she impresses him with her latest plot. They don’t get too cozy though. She also spends some time comforting Stefano. Since Elvis is frustrating him to no end, he returns to attempting to make a connection with his other son, Chad. Kate might have to return to comforting Victor though since Bo winds up being abducted. While he is being held, Jennifer manages to keep digging and find some troubling information out about Ben, who just happens to have been consulting with Stefano about something. And Warden Jane’s boss in this whole organ robbing deal is finally revealed.

Medical problems continue to plague the town as Elvis takes Johnny back to the doctor. Bad news on the little boy’s condition comes back. Sami manages to learn of it and is so upset that she collapses. Gabi and Will hear the news as Johnny is taken in for another emergency surgery. At the end of his rope, Elvis suddenly gets religious and makes a deal with God which leads to a bonding session with Sami.

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  1. From Samantha

    The Show is soo good right now!

  2. From Clear

    Mel needs to keep the baby and go to Nathen!! Duh!! Kayla needs to back off Carley. She is still mad that she got Bo from Hope which is now for all intents and purposes over. Carley certainly didn’t make Phil and Chloe do the wild thing! Stephanie derserves to get told off for all her manipulation big time!

  3. From Sandy

    Quote: “Nate tries to take down Philip leading to another throw down.” Please for once can one of these characters MIND THEIR OWN BUISNESS, especially Nathan!

    Stefano try’s to reconnect with Chad…I’m a little foggy this AM…did Stefano ever tell EJ he has a brother?

  4. From Clear

    I was asking the same question about Stefano. I remember that he told EJ about another matter that would have to wait or something when they were doing business and waiting on the pier. So, I don’t think he has told EJ. Nathen does need to leave Phillip alone, and not be judgmental about Chloe either. I hate to see the coming storyline with Johnny’s eye problems. I may have to fast forward because I can’t stand to see the little kid suffer through it and Sami’s red eyes again!

  5. From dc

    i read somewhere that chad and ej are not gonna get along..
    and poor little johnie, the cancer being in the other eye.. will he be totally blind?? they aren’t trying to write him out, are they?? he’s such a good little actor..
    and ej getting religion, come on, get real..
    you know, i can see melanie having a miscarriage.. it could be caused from when she was sick, maybe the drugs she had to take..

  6. From Katy

    EJ gets religion? Doubt it. I am really looking forward to the plotline of who killed EJ, since that’s where he’s headed. Is there anyone in town who doesn’t want to shoot him? And twice this time, no minor head wounds this time.

  7. From Debbie

    My favorite line of this week’s spoilers? Fights break out all over town. Oh boy, can’t wait!!!

  8. From MAB

    Have you all read the spoilers saying the warden meets with her boss? Does anyone know who this might be?

  9. From MAB

    EJ is SO smart. He has Sami, Nicole and even stupid Rafe jumping through hoops. They don’t know what end is up half the time. This is becoming comical. I just hope when EJ finally decides to share custody of the kids with Sami that he doesn’t let her completely off the hook. I hope he reminds her that he could put her in jail at anytime if she messes up. With Sami though, that’s all she does, so she better count her blessings.

  10. From Allie

    I just want Mel and Nathan together and I want Nathan to find out about that tramp Stephanie is a lier!!! Cant wait!

  11. From DOOL Fan

    I sooooo do not want melanie to end up with nathan, i hope she can forgive philip for his mistake because she isnt perfect either. nathan and stephanie belong together and make a good couple too even tho stephanie did fall into the lies but she did that for love and i dont blame her cuz everybody else is selfish in salem.

  12. From Lisa

    Ben Walters is a big boss! Nathan WILL find out what a lying tramp Steph is this week I think..

    I don’t think Steffie ever told Evil Jerk and Lexie that they already have a sibling, Chad…btw–He will be on more next month when Abby comes to Salem… :D

  13. From Grandma Judy

    EJ gleefully has everyone under his control right now, which is what he likes to do best. But it will come to an end when he gets the latest on Johnny’s health and he has to humble himself before the Lord. Can’t see religion taking a permanent place in EJ’s life, however, but we’ll see.

    No, Stefano has not told EJ or Lexie yet about Chad. Like dc, I read that Chad and EJ will clash. Not much of a surprise there!

    I agree Nathan should probably let it go with Philip but I would like it if Nath gave Stephanie a knock-out punch!!

  14. From Sandy

    Just found a video on You Tube quote ” Shelley Hennig is asked where the engagement between Stephanie and Nathan will go and she says January 7 is the day everything will come together. DAYS FANS, SOMETHING BIG IS GOING TO HAPPEN ON THIS DAY.”

  15. From Grandma Judy

    Above it says “Steph and Mel get into a dangerous tussle”. Do you suppose that’s how Mel could lose her baby? If she does.

  16. From Carolyn Morgan

    I think that there is more to the baby Parker thing. I think since there were more than one person on the internet changing things that it will finally turn out to be Daniel’s baby after all. I mean after everyone breaks up and things get turned around and around. After all remember how many people went into the test resulta

  17. From Carolyn Morgan

    I think that there is more to the baby Parker thing. I think since there were more than one person on the internet changing things that it will finally turn out to be Daniel’s baby after all. I mean after everyone breaks up and things get turned around and around. Remember how many people went into the test results.

  18. From Jolie

    I can’t wait til Stefano tells Elvis about his brother Chad. I can see some good family dynamic…not. So who is Warden Jane’s boss…Stefano, Vic, Viv, Brady??? Or someone at the hospital that we least expect..DR Dan?? Or even Carly. No, I don’t believe that either. I don’t think it is Stefano either. That would be too obvious but I bet somehow little Johnny is saved by stolen organs. I hope Kayla and Carly do a smack down. Kayla is a bit holier than thou and needs a comeuppance. Carly has basically been pushed to the limits lately so she is due to let off some steam. I love it that Kate is trying to make Mags jealous of Vic. I think I’ll like it that Brady and Kate are teaming up to plot but please do NOT let them sleep together. Elvis getting religion…must worship at the same alter as Sami and some of the others. They pray when it suits them and travel their own path the rest of the time.

  19. From Katherine

    14 Jolie, like your stuff, agree so much.
    I haven’t watched today’s episode yet, but don’t need to, to agree with you so far.
    I think, all of us are a little bit guilty, getting religion when we are really down and out, so I give EJ and Sami that one.
    Kate and Brady, no sleeping together, specially with Brady drinking so much and Nicole with EJ. please, no….but, who hasen’t Kate slept with on this show, I think the only ones, are her Sons, ha…
    Of course, EJ and Chad are not going to get along, surprise, we need a story here, not a Hug and Kiss festival.
    Why do so many want EJ dead, he is no worse than some of the other’s, Victor, Stefano, Kate, Vivian, whom am I leaving out.
    I think, deep down all of you just love EJ, he is such a dynamo, and you just can’t admitt that he is soooo hot, remember Love and Hate to go together, He is so Delisioso… right EJ Hater, deep down you just adore him.
    Now, if none of you can take some good humor, don’t compain to me, I am trying to lighten things up.
    Get it???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. From MAB

    EJ doesn’t need anyone under his control. He just outwits them on a daily basis.

    And when he does humble himself to God, at least he will actually do it, unlike the others.

    It will still be on his terms (I hope) that Sami gets joint custody of the kids.

    Don’t know why EJ can’t turn to religion. The entire Brady clan continuely speak of how much faith they have, yet the sin every other minute of the day.

    Either way, it will be the writers choice of what EJ does or doesn’t do.

  21. From atomicgirl

    Why put Sami in jaiL? Anyone remember EJ raping Sami besides me?
    Sami needs to remind EJ about that.

  22. From Sandra

    EJ is so tortured over Sami that he isn’t in his right mind. It’s the classic “fatal attraction”. It was a psycho problem with Stefano being obsessed with Marlena. It’s already stamped in EJ’s DNA strand.
    He is obsessed with hurting Sami, because he is wild with hurt and anger. James Scott/EJ is so good at playing this role. I love watching him act.
    As for Mel being pregnant…I know that she and Nathan were in quarentine together and surely they had someone watching them 24-7, but wouldn’t it be funny if while they were in the quarentine bed together…well it would be Bell & Shawn being delirious in the barn all over again with the result being Claire! Hey, anything is possible on Day’s!! LOL!
    Man, I love this show. Crazy.

  23. From Dee

    I have watched Days for about 25 years. I have watched a lot of crazy, unbelievable, stupid storylines in that time, eg Stefano’s submarine, Stefano’s satellite,the “alien” twins, Carly being buried alive, just to name a few. But I think I have had it. I can’t stand these new stories of children dying, being kidnapped, separated from their parents, being made the victims. If the spoilers about Johnny having cancer in his other eye are true, and losing his other eye, that will be it for me!

  24. From grandma to many

    I am afraid Mel will find out something disturbing when a routine sonagram is done that will require an amnio which could take weeks to find the results about due to the drugs she took to fight her illness if Phillip is aware of her condition this could push them very close together and create a huge what should we do s/l these are real life stories that sometimes need to be told on soaps if we can handle miscarriage babies dying and young children with cancer maybe it’s time we discuss downs syndrom or deformed children I don’t think this is a great s/l but maybe it’s one that could be dealt with

  25. From Katherine

    17 Sandra, I agree with you about Mel and Nate/and the Prego… so many blogs ago I said the same thing, that while in quarantine, they were in the same bed together, who knows what happened, they confessed their love, they were delirious, wham bang, same as with Bell and Shawn/- Claire -.
    They did not remember either, that they had done the deed, so I might not want Mel to loose her Baby, besides, she loved Phil when she “conceived”, so the baby is her little flesh and blood and deserves to live one way or the other. Look how cute Parker is, being Phil’s, so the new baby is going to be just as much a baby as little cute Parker.
    Could be Nathan’s, that would be a good twist and storyline.
    I still however can’t see EJ/Stefano obsession with Marlena.
    She always hated Stefano,
    but Sami loved and lusted for EJ so much, the screen on the TV almost exploded, see what I mean Sandra, maybe, love your opinions, just debating back with you.
    MAB, I agree, Joint custody would be in order, they are both guilty of being bad parents, at some time or another.
    I love the thought about the Holy Brady’s being the only ones allowed to turn to God, and then do as they please,
    EJ, and the rest of all the Bad Pack in Salem are just as much God’s children, as anybody else….
    He is here for ALL Sinners….
    so EJ, you talk to him, and he might hear you, and remember EJ, God is the only one you can trust, he won’t let you down, like all the women/Father, etc. in your life so far.
    Wonder who is the Big Boss with Warden Jane..I hope it is not Stefano, even though it might help Johnny, it is so bad, to kill inmates for their body parts, that could do it for me about Stefano, so I hope not….
    Carly, if they go after you, “guilt ridden Kayla” for once just give it back to them, you tried to do your best, but now you find out, the Chloe did the deed with your little girl’s husband, go smack her one, boy she really used you and your kind big heart, at the expense of your little girl Melanie, (well she acts like a little girl all the time, looking for her lollipop).
    Gram Judy, you could be right, Mel could loose her baby fighting with Stefanie, it’s wide open.

  26. From Katherine

    18 Grandma to many, just read your blog after I posted mine.
    Good thoughts, I agree, why not go all the way, and address problems out there.
    Well they have done The Gay’s, Aids, abortion, you name it, Down Syndrome, yes, look at Sarah Palin’s cute little boy, what a delight he is to see on the tube, I am sure, that has given so many parents out there a lift, to see, it can happen to anyone, even Gov. Palin.
    Right on Gram, I agree….

  27. From Sandy

    #19 Katerine
    Remember Philip’s first born Tyler (Pocket) was born with a rare genetic condition known as MMA or Methylmalonic Adicemia (DAYS sugarcoated this rare but serious genetic disorder). It would be interesting if the writers continue down this line and it was found that Melanie and Philip’s baby would be born with a genetic disorder of some kind. But this time Philip and Melanie would raise the child. And, since it doesn’t look like anyone is going to have the since to run new paternity tests on Parker now, when the genetic disorder is not seen in Parker, then a new DNA is run and Daniel is indeed Parker’s dad. I just can’t see them having Philip suddenly ending up with 2 babies to raise.

  28. From cherie

    I wonder if the big boss IS Stefano…he does go to Dr. Ben and asks for special help for his grandson so it seems he does know something…I would hope not, but you never know…or it could be Victor…Can’t wait for Viv to get dumped on a deserted island, of course she finds her way back, but still….Brady looks awful…I can’t believe he’s so in love with Nicole that he’s letting his life go to heck…I used to really like Nicole, but no longer…I hate what EJ has done to her as well..he is out of control!!!

  29. From Katherine

    Just finished watching today’s episode,
    EJ grabbing Nicole and showing her the “Wedding Kiss”, this guy in that moment showed more sex appeal, than I have seen on this show, since Austin grabbed Nicole way back when he left Sami on the altar. EJ, you got it…
    Rafe falling in love when he has amnesia, could be Jennifer, or even Nicloe, or Carly. They are three good possibilities.
    Rafe seems to be getting more involved with other Salem people, his storyline seems to widen, and I am not as offended by him anymore, who knows, maybe I might learn to like him, specially with amnesia wiping out the old smirky Rafe, worshipping at the altar of Samantha.
    Sandy, good thoughts about the illnesses and the babies.
    I still think/hope that Parker belongs to Dan, my God, the man named the baby after his Mother, maybe that should be a clue, that Parker is a Jonas after all…
    Sandy, let’s hope.
    I feel for Nicole right now, she is between a rock and a hard place, let’s give her a break, she is so hard trying to do the right thing, and I guess Sami is back,
    trying to get to EJ through Stefano.
    A bit funny, Sami is trying to convince her her Stepbrother to fight for Nicole, take her away from EJ, why, could she be just a wee jealous, otherwise, she sure did not tell Brady that out of the goodness of her heart. Brady, you must have seen through that ploy, or were you to drunk.

  30. From Tess

    I think that Dr. Dan should forgive Chloe. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. After all, when he first came to Salem he had sex with Chelsea and Chelsea’s grandmother Kate and when he was tired of both of them he went after Chloe while she was with Lucas. So I think he should get off his high horse and forgive Chloe. I never thought I would say this but I kinda feel sorry for Chloe. I never liked Elvis very much but I have to say he is quite colouful. I think perhaps he and Nicole might make a good team. Nicole is kind of interesting herself. Elvis and Samantha are nonsensical together. However if Melanie is pregnant and decides to have an abortion I’m walking away from the show. I can tolerate a lot of crap but not that.

  31. From Lacey lou

    Evil Jerk getting religion is a laugh. Not happening. Any promise this goof makes to God will last a week or so. Someone mentioned Sami and Rafe and their faith, well they have been to church much more than EJ. Where was EJ during Xmas mass? Not at church with Sami and Rafe and fellow Salemites. No he was home planning his next move to come between Sami and Rafe. It won’t work EJ. You don’t come near to the chemistry and love they have. You are a has been. Get over it, Sami is done with you. He is so stupid and vindictive. I can’t wait for EJ to leave Salem for good. maybe he can go to the Island and shack up with Viv. 2 children of the Devil shall hit it off perfectly!

  32. From Katherine

    25 Lacey lou, yes Sami has been seen in church, has she been there yet to talk to God about trying to murder the father of her children.
    She is a fake
    at least, maybe EJ is not trying to fake it, like Sami is…
    So when it comes down to his child Johnny, worse people than EJ have turned to God out of total desparation, what is wrong with that, God is there for everybody, every sinner.
    Look at Caroline, she even goes to church and tells God what she thinks is right or wrong, any comments, or is Elvis the only bad person on this show???
    Sami won’t have Rafe for long, he is going to have amnesia, what then, supposed to fall in love with somebody else.
    One more thing about Sami and Rafe’s faith, covering up murder attemt, is not excactly what God calls keeping the faith.
    Some of the biggest “devils” go to church on Sunday, and some of the “Best” people in the world, stay at home but live their life by God’s rules.
    IMO opinion Lacey lou, you are very onesided, totally locked in to hate EJ, and see no evil in anybody else, but that is my disagreement/my opinion, so let’s debate some more, but respectful.
    Thank you.
    Tess, I so agree about you regarding Dr. Dan., he messed around a lot, including with Chloe and she was Lucas’ wife.
    One thing, he never did have actual Sex with Chelsea, it never went that far….
    No abortion, I agree, the baby was coceived in love between Mel and Phil. Don’t punish the baby for the mess the adults made.
    I still think Parker belongs to Dan, it will take a while to come out, but sure hope so.

    Lacey lou, remember, we all need religion, even the jerks, God does not discriminate, he welcomes all Sinners, even EJ in Salem Land…
    Is that not, what we want for all these children, for mother and father to see the light and put the children first, so let Sami and EJ get religion, amen

  33. From maryl

    Lacey Lou–Don’t forget that God and heaven rejoice over one sinner who repents and that Christ came into this world to save the most wretched SINNERS not the saints who don’t need Him. There are also no limits to His forgiveness or deadlines. Nor will He deny anyone. As far as Sami being at Midnight Mass, she left during the service and she who is a would be murderer needs to ask God for some forgiveness and guidence just as much as EJ and more! Her lies and deceit are all at the root of EJ’s sins that he is committing in this war they have waged against one another. BOTH of them are seething with a lust and need for revenge right now. Sami was going to deny EJ a right to see his children, now it’s her turn to be denied that right. The Sydney kidnapping was a result of Sami and Rafe trying to keep EJ away from his child and in a sense secretly kidnapping Grace/Sydney by way of an illegal adoption. All of this has been a horrible stupid game of “keep-away” that’s hurting the children.

    Most of those Salemites (Brady bunch especially) who were attending Mass at Christmas, need to do the same thing EJ is about to do–get on their knees and ask for help and forgiveness because everyone of them is guilty of sinning. If EJ doesn’t uphold his promise to God after this, all I can say is that he won’t be any different than Caroline who is always making a “deal” with God–a deal that she makes sure is in her favor because she judges others and does what SHE thinks is right, no matter who it hurts as long as her family benefits from it. How right & holy is that?

  34. From maryl

    Katherine–Boy! We sure are on the same page on this subject! Ha! Wish I would have seen your blog before wearing out my fingertips! You did a great job!

  35. From lc

    #15 Katherine…yes blog sista!! I hate that I love EJ and I love that I hate him!!! ha ha!!!

  36. From Katherine

    Maryl, lc,
    it’s so much fun, to just have a little fun, Salem can use it.

  37. From cindy

    did anyone else notice in todays show when carly told bo she loved him he did NOT say he loved her back!!!no wonder carly was in such a bad mood when jennifer ran into her at the hospital. it should be real interesting when hope, carly and jennifer team up to help bo. agree with katherine, tess, and others about dr dan. maybe he could forgive chloe easier if parker was really his and not phillip’s. a lot to deal with when a baby you thought was yours turns out not to be and then on top of that it’s you son-in-laws. still he’s being pretty hypocritacal all considered. maybe he will calm down and think a little more clearly after while. still, i wouldn’t mind seeing phil and chloe together. but i really don’t want mel with nathan. not cuz of stephanie, just don’t really care for nathan. over=all i like melanie and hope she thinks about how she’s treating her mother and comes around. carly’s getting a lot of blame and anger directed toward her over something that she isn’t any more in the wrong about that half of salem!! not saying she doesn’t bare a little responsibilty, but not enough to warrent the hatred toward her. after all, all she did was conduct the paternity test; not cause the affair, participate in the affair, change the results,or know who was the father. wake up melanie and realize she’s no more to blame than you are!!! and kayla, she’s really off base!!! liked the interaction between brady and sami. liked how sami isn’t blaming brady for taking up with nicole. i would of thought she really be mad at brady for carrying on with the woman she basically blames for all the evil deeds in salem (next to ej of course). i know she has alterier motives for encouraging brady to fight for nicole, but still it was nice not to see her fly off the handle like she usually does, imo.

  38. From coogar

    God is there for those that need it most. However the EJ “Let’s make a deal” prayer, well . . its only one step. We need to see him open his heart and real change in. Recall Christ’s parable of with the seeds that were sown. Some did not grow, some sprouted but soon withered and others took solid root, grew & produced. Commonly (yes I’m guilty too) we talk to God’s when we need help and are silent when things are fine. I can only hope for some small turn in EJ (he is a DeMira afer all) but I’m afreaid we won’t be seeing him banging a tamborine and singing “Bringing In The Sheaves” on a street corner any time soon.
    I would like to something a little more unpredictable from what the spoilers hint at. Romance between Nicole’s sister & EJ, amnesia stricken Rafe then steals her away from EJ, Nicole’s sibling rivaly kicks in & she goes after Rafe. Sami & EJ can’t believe what is happening to their significant others & are left alone for a while. Perhaps in this time Sami & EJ can just concentrate on the emotional healing & well being their kids instead of bedding someone or trying to out scheme each other.
    I think that Sami trying to talk Brady into “fighting for the woman you love” was more about to getting Nicole’s hooks out of Sidney than jealousy. Jealousy may have been a part but it always suits Sami to try and up set EJ’s plans no matter what.

  39. From thelittleimp

    My money is on Chad’s DA father turning out to be Warden Jane’s boss.

  40. From lc

    I think the writers should read these blogs…some people on here have some great story ideas!!!!

  41. From Sandy

    From the Rumor Mill on comes this rumor:
    “A pregnancy rocks Salem.”

    Is this Melanie’s pregnancy or someone else’s? I think we all have suspected Melanie was about to become or is pregnant for sometime. Would Mel’s pregnancy be considered “rocks Salem” level? Not to me since her and Philip were starting to plan a family before the paternity story broke loose at the Church.

    If not Melanie who’s pregnancy would be at the level of “rocks Salem”….ummm lets see Stephanie, Kate, Carly, or my favorite Nicole with the father being Brady.

  42. From cherie

    yes, i would love for nicole to be pregnant with brady’s baby, then maybe she wouldn’t be so obsessed with sydney..melanies pregnancy would not be rock salem worthy..imo…i hope for everyones sake it isn’t whiny stepahnie..ugh…

  43. From EJ Hater

    OMG EJ praying??? He better keep an eye out for that lightning bolt lol
    Yes Cindy I noticed how silent Bo was when Carly said she loved him. She shouldn’t be surprised though, I think she should of know all along that Bo and Hope would eventually get back together.
    Oh I would love for Stephanie to be pregnant by Nathan so then dumb and dumber would be connected forever, they deserve each other.
    Oh and one more thing, please, oh please someone burn that Gawd awful pink shirt that EJ wears for days on end. Come on Days don’t you have enough money for a nice shirt and a suit that actually fits that scrawny frame of EJ’s?
    I am sure I could take up a collection here and send them the money for hair and wardrobe for EJ.

  44. From Grandma Judy

    A spoiler says Stefano is the grand master of the organ theft ring the warden is running from the prison. Not a surprise, really, except that it’s so obvious I thought it would be someone else.

  45. From Sandy

    From Days next week spoilers:

    The phoenix informs EJ and Lexie that they have a brother. EJ advises fatha to give up on him, as the last thing he wants is to have another DiMera heir to contend with! When Chad learns of Johnny’s predicament, he softens …

    Steph wants to have it out with Mel, who has been going over her options. Will she or won’t she have an abortion? Of course, when Steph gets physical, poor Mel risks losing it all …

  46. From MAB

    #19 – You are SO right. Stefano’s obsession with Marlena was just that…she never loved him. EJ & Sami’s had a relationship and loved one another, on top of sharing children. It’s a completely different situation.

    #23 – ITA about EJ grabbing Nicole and kissing her. SO MUCH SEX APPEAL!! Love it! She even kissed him back, she couldn’t help herself. Oh, and I love your idea about Rafe falling for Jen (after his car accident). I also think he has chemistry with Nicole…I liked their confrontation in the church yesterday. He comes in talking like a smart @$$ (as usual), but she always seems to throw it right back at him. I also agree with you about that load of crap Sami was feeding Brady yesterday. If she hates Nicole as much as she says, then why would she want her & Brady together? She was just using Brady in hopes that he would get Nicole away from EJ and the kids. Pure jealousy!

    #26 – “Some of the biggest “devils” go to church on Sunday, and some of the “Best” people in the world, stay at home but live their life by God’s rules.” Great quote…this statement is SO true!!

  47. From dool fan

    i hope nicole is pregnant with bradys child so she can stop obsessing over sydney like #37 said. also i hope melanie’s child if she is pregnant is philips so that they can at least give there marriage a try instead of calling it quicks at the drop of a hat just because melanie is secretly in love with nathan WHO should just either be with stephanie or move to baltimore by himself, he really does nothing for the show, they should give him a different new exciting storyline instead of secretly loving melanie yet settling for stephanie cuz now thats just stringing stephanie along who i think should also get a better storyline. its a new year so hopefully alot more stuff starts to happen:)

  48. From MAB

    Spoilers say EJ turns nice, and Stefano turns meaner. But I highly doubt Stefano’s future antics will get as much attention as EJ’s from some of the bloggers. I highly doubt those who dislike EJ will admit to his upcoming changes. I foresee a continuation of EJ bashing. Just remember though, the writers are making this happen whether you like it or not, or want to believe it or not.

    I don’t have a problem with Rafe being the kid’s stepfather, if he & Sami would play his role the right way with the kids. The problem is Sami wants the kids to see Rafe as their real father, and it seems Rafe wants to take over, and that is just not right. Those kids already have real fathers who are in their lives and love them. Rafe needs to know his place, and Sami needs to stop trying to make Rafe their real father.

    Melanie & Nathan were in bed together in quarantine…so it’s very possible they had sex during that time and we don’t know it yet. In the end, if she has the baby, it could be Philip or Nathan’s.

    I highly doubt Stefano is warden Jane’s big boss…makes no sense.

    I’m so glad Brady admitted he love Nicole, as he always has. Looking forward to them getting back together in the future, but according to the spoilers, he is going to go for the power, and try to take over Titan. What does that mean for Victor?

    The Brady’s always go to mass…that is their family church. It wasn’t uncommon to see Sami she there, even though she sins every other minute of the day. At least EJ isn’t a hypocrite by going to church. Yet one doesn’t have to go to church to believe and have faith.

    I’m SO looking forward to seeing Sami & EJ coming together over the Johnny. Their chemistry will shine, as usual. They light up the screen every time they are on together. She will never share that with Rafe.

    I just LOVE EJ’s pink shirt, and all that he wears. At least he fills his clothes out. Rafe can’t find a pair of pants to fit him…probably the no @$$ thing.

  49. From MAB

    #38 Grandma Judy…where did you read that spoiler? I don’t see it in any spoilers I’ve read. Are you sure that is not a rumor?

  50. From MsBoulder-CO

    #25 Cherie, I agree it’s Stefano and #38, Grandma Judy confirms it. I hope Mel will miscarry so her and Nathan can get back together with no more drama in their life for now. Jen will be onto Ben as well and to think, she went out on a ‘Coffee’ date with him.

    It would be nice to see Nicole pregnant with Brady’s kid. Then she would know for sure he’s truly the one. She’ll change and become a ‘good’ girl for good-LOL…

    Somehow I think Sami is going to be instrumental in bringing Nicole’s sister to town. She’s now on the warpath to do anything to get her family back. Too bad the writers are using Johnny and his cancer for this feud.

    As for EJ praying, hey, even bad guys know who to turn to for true intervention……

  51. From maryl

    Calling EJ down for the way HE dresses is really comical and shows that EJ haters are really grasping at straws. I don’t see EJ going around looking like a disheveled, sloppy, scrawny and scraggly slob as Rafe. I think it’s Rafe who definitely has an appearance problem–EJ in NO way is lacking in the looks and stature department–no matter what color he wears! Rafe standing beside EJ looks like a little twerp and he acts like one around him too with his foul mouth. Some may not think EJ is handsome which is fine and understandable, but to attack him on the way he dresses is ridiculos because there is absolutely no grounds for that. IMO!
    God doesn’t send lighting bolts to strike people who come to Him for help and EJ has a right to pray just like every other sinner.

  52. From MsBoulder-CO

    #42,MAB, DaysCafe confirms Stefano is behind the prison/donor ring. See Jan5th-Next Week blog.

  53. From Katherine

    44 Maryl, anybody that has seen EJ by the pool with Sami, saw the body of a “Adonis”, or they are blind. EJ has it all, he is Tall, broad shoulders, long legs, perfectly proportioned, and as far as dressing goes, impecable.
    Agree with everything you said in #44.
    The DA being the “Boss” sounds ok, a good way to get him out of Chad’s life for good, and let him become a DeMira…???
    If it is Stefano, nobody would care for him anymore at all, he could loose what little stature he has left in the SL.
    “Caroline is prego, she went on the computer and switched a paternity test to say its her…” now that would rock Salem….

    IMO, IMO, EJ speaks perfect English, the way I learned in school, English not American, and I am Not knocking American so relax everybody, and he dresses very very well, always perfect, and he carries himself very well.
    He is not the jeans and Cap guy, however he would look good in it too. I am talking about the Character of EJ, not the actor, don’t know how he likes to dress.

    Rafe as of late, seems to dress a little better too, and his character seems to change a bit in a better direction, wonder what the writers have in store, maybe the amnesia will turn him into a different person, a likeable one…
    I am wide open, if people change, more power to them….

  54. From Grandma Judy

    MAB, I read it on Days Cafe, as MsBoulder #45 also states.

    Maryl, beauty is in the eye of…. as the saying goes. For myself, I see Rafe as being a much better looking man than EJ, as some others on this site do, too, and I also see more romantic sparks between Rafe and Sami than her and EJ. I actually agree with whoever it was who remarked about how EJ’s clothes fit. They seem to be about one size too small. But that’s a wardrobe issue, and nothing to do with why I immensly dislike EJ. Right now, anyway, and I will see if he changes.

    I believe Sami was trying to get Brady to dig in and really go after Nicole, the woman he loves, because Sami wants to get Nicole away from Sydney.

  55. From EJ Hater

    #44 maryl, how come it is ridiculous for someone to not like the way EJ dresses but it is fine to put down Rafe and the way he dresses? Double standard, if you ask me.
    I don’t find anything attractive about EJ and that is my opinion. And if you want to put someone next to EJ but Brady and ohhh la la there you have one hunka burning whoa (Brady) and one dowdy, mumbling, bumbling idiot (EJ) and deep down that is how I feel. IMO

  56. From B


  57. From EJ Hater

    For that matter put anyone next to EJ and for me they will be better looking, better behaved, better speaker, etc. Well except maybe Sami, she is not even better behaved than Satan.

  58. From future gramma someday

    melanie needs to stay with philip and work it out ppl!!!

  59. From MamaJ

    Of course, Dr. Ben is consulting with Stephano to get eye transplants for Johnny. If anyone knows about transplants it’s Stephano. Remember Rolf stole a kidney from Stephano’s son, Benji, and left him to die in a dumpster. EJ will get caught with this, too, thus giving Sami leverage.

  60. From Grandma Judy

    EJ Hater, I have to agree with you. Maryl did trash Rafe in one full sweep, didn’t she? I also agree with you about Brady. HOT! And I love his 5 o’clock shadow. Even when it’s 2 or 3 days old!! Ha!

  61. From EJ Hater

    Yeah, I guess you can only have an opinion on here if its praising EJ’s loving ways and choke, choke, hot personna. Cause SOME say even if your bashing EJ deep down you really like him. Good thing I have people telling me how I feel.

  62. From Katherine

    Ok, let’s all agree to like whoever we like, I like EJ, my right, I like Brady too, ok, any of you love Rafe or whoever, fine by me, we all have chemistry for different people, try to explain that, it just happens.
    To me EJ has sexappeal, and Rafe is just plain boring, ok, Gram Judy I know you like Rafe, tell you what, the wine party, I bring EJ and you invite Rafe, we’ll show them real women, not whiners like Sami. Ok, are we having fun yet,
    to carry hate over from the Story into the blogging system is just plain ridiculous, hate the character, love the character, but don’t condem the blogger for their likes and dislikes, ..
    Stefano, being the big boss, let’s see how that plays out, but that would really make me sick…I like Stefano and Kate in a realtionship, but now…. we’ll see.
    Brady really is changing, becoming a real Kiriakis/DiMera isn’t he??
    Still like the way EJ dresses, taylor made, perfect, very European, he walks into a room and he demands your attention, in a very sizzling way, IMO.
    Judy, I’ll share more with at the wine party.

  63. From Katherine

    61 EJHater, I said that deep down some really like EJ.
    Did you read on and see, that I was joking around, even mentioned that one, read my blog 19 again, and you will I was toying with you and others. Maybe if blogs would be read more careful, we would have less problems.
    So 61 EJ hater, please read # 19 again, show me that you can be a gracious person, and as far as I am concerned any of you can like or dislike whoever you like, that’s your right, have always spoken out loud about freedom of speech, you say what????

  64. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    Between Rafe and EJ, I definitely prefer Rafe in the looks department. I do agree that EJ’s clothes are too tight, but it could be because he has put on so much weight. I’m not calling him fat, but if you look at him a year ago, you can really see it – even in his face.

    As for Sami, I don’t think Sami is jealous because Nicole is marrying EJ; Sami is mad at Nicole for taking Sydney in the first place. Sami doesn’t want Nicole around Sydney at all. While I can’t blame Sami, I wish she would have a little more compassion for Nicole. I know what Nicole did was very wrong, but I believe Nicole was still grieving. I think it would be hilarious if EJ started to fall for Nicole again, just to have Taylor come into the picture. I hope Nicole remains in love with Brady.

  65. From Clear

    I’m thinking that EJ may be the big boss. Remember when he was in the organ business finding one compatible for Stefano? I think it would be too cool if it was Kate prego by Stefano!

  66. From Lissa

    Kayla gets on my nerves.

  67. From Sandy it states under spoilers for Down the Road quote: “A baby makes three for one Salem couple on the rocks”.
    I can’t help myself I’ve got to speculate a little bit on this spoiler. Right now as I see it the couples on the rocks are:

    Chloe and Daniel…couldn’t be them!

    Melanie and Philip…if Parker is truly Philip’s and Melanie is pregnant that would be Baby Makes ’4′. Unless Parker is actually Daniels…then Baby Make ’3′.

    Stefano and Kate…interesting but Chad coming on board as a DiMera, unlikely! And, Kate also had a hard time conceiving with Victor so they went with invetro, unfortunately Vivian was injected and carried Philip to term.

    Stephanie and Nathan…could be!

    Melanie and Nathan…their not a couple on the rocks!

    Bo and Carly…Bo has Ciara, Carly has Melanie that would be Baby Makes ’5′! Besides Bo is going back to Hope.

    Nicole and Brady…They were a couple but a discreet couple and they are one the rocks now that Niki is marrying EJ. Although Dr. Baker said she would never conceive again…still could be!

    Please just no abortions or miscarriages.

  68. From maryl

    #55 EJ Hater–what goes around comes around–I believe you were the first to trash EJ’s dress so don’t expect EJ fans to not respond to that! Sorry Grandma Judy I know you love Rafe, but I just had to go over the top in my view of him so that I could get a big rise out of EJ Hater. Looks like I succeeded! HA!

  69. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    I had wondered if EJ was the big boss, too. But with the recent spoilers, I’m leaning more towards Stefano. Making him the Big Bag Mob Guy again…the way most of us like him. I would like to throw out there, what if Days trys a twist and makes Lexie the Big Boss. She is a doctor and a Dimera. She loves to save lives. She has crossed the line before.

  70. From melissa

    Seriously, aren’t there enough babies and kids on Days as it is??? No more kids!!! Stick to some adult story lines!!!

  71. From MAB

    #51 maryl – great post! EJ is handsome, and debonair. He has NO problems in the looks department.

    #53 Katherine – ah the pool scene with EJ & Sami! I watched that over & over. Everything was beautiful about that scene, from his body to their making out.

    MsBoulder-CO & Grandma Judy – I didn’t see that spoiler about Stefano being behind the prison/donor ring. All I read was that he was consulting with the Dr Ben about Johnny’s illness.

    EJ’s clothes fit perfectly. They are not too small. At least you can see his physic. If ANYONE watched the pool scene with EJ & Sami, he is in perfect shape. If he has put on any weight, then it is has to be muscular…or he’s “filled out”. And by that I mean most tall, lanky men like EJ tend to fill out the older they get, which makes them look even better than before.

    Sami figured pushing Brady to take back the woman he loves would seal the deal and get Nicole away from EJ & the kids. It’s pure jealous on all fronts. Besides, like I said before, if she hates Nicole so much, she wouldn’t want her with Brady?. Proof that she was just using Brady, like she uses everyone else in her attempts to get back at EJ

    Brady is hot, and he & Nicole make a great couple. I think it would be great if she got pregnant. She could have her own life with Brady, but that doesn’t mean her feelings for Sydney is going to change. Just like someone said about Rafe’s love for the kids, Nicole has love for them too.

    I’ll always love the Sami character, but I’m beginning to like Nicole better. Seems her qualities are outshining Sami immensely.

  72. From MAB

    Some depise EJ so much that they will assume he is behind all that is bad, even over Stefano of all people. Do you people remember who is the Phoenix here?

  73. From Katherine

    I guess we know by now, that Stefano is the big boss, waiting for details to come out, does he know the warden has people killed to get the organs, or does he simply have a deal, should anybody die in prison, harvest the organs…
    Nicole and Brady could be, baby makes -3-.
    EJ had John’s kidney taken for Stefano, to save Fatha’s life, I don’t think he was in the business. Please, I am not condoning what he did, so don’t jump all over me. This is so sad on this site, that you can’t blog straight out any more, so many, no matter what get offended, well seems the whole country seems to be running on the word “Offende” any more. Is that what we have become, everybody is a victim of something. Where have all the Grown Ups gone??????????????
    64 – Boho4ever, I like the way you can see Nicoles and Sami’s side,
    not just total tunnelvision… refreshing.

  74. From Grandma Judy

    MAB, it’s on Days Cafe in next week’s spoilers, the week of Jan., 10th. It says “Stefano has a cryptic phone call. No surprise there. The Phoenix is still involved in all kinds of criminal dealings and is the grand master of the organ theft ring the warden is running from the slammer.”

    Interesting line the writers gave to Jennifer today when she told Ben she would do anything she could to help as long as she didn’t have to die. Stefanie sees her fate coming, doesn’t she? Poor Johnny but he looked so adorable today when he snuck out of the mansion to go to Rafe. Johnny looked so adorable today when he sneaked out of the mansion to go to Rafe. At least the spoilers say he goes to Rafe. I hope Sami gets to see him.

  75. From Grandma Judy

    Oops, I deleted and rewrote in my last paragraph but my post went through with both.

  76. From MAB

    EJ made the perfect TRUE statement to Johnny today. Johnny asked if EJ loved Nicole as much as mommy. Of course, EJ gets flustered because we know he loves Sami…but instead, he gives him the perfect answer. “He loves that Nicole takes good care of him and always puts him & Sydney first.” What a true statement. Nicole is willing to sacrifice everything for those kids…too bad their mother can’t do the same. Although, I think Johnny is just like any other kid. He wants his parents together, and if he takes after Sami in any way, he may grow up and try to do the same thing she did by trying to get Roman & Marlena back together.

    Sami’s stupid-ness comes to light again. She prepares a scheme to let Stefano overhear her fake talking to Brady, giving him & Nicole a place to meet to have sex…then she plants a negligee under the sofa cushion where she is certain EJ will easily find it. Of course, her scheme backfires (as normal) because EJ is keeping tabs on Nicole with the bracelet. But he comes over anyway, and calls Sami out! Too funny…again, Sami gets duped by EJ. She will never learn.

    Oh, I found where it says the Stefano is behind the prison organ theft ring.

  77. From MAB

    Sami & EJ pray together, and Rafe & Nicole witness it.
    Nathan dumps Stephanie while she’s in her wedding dress…that is going to be fun to watch.
    Stephanie pushes Melanie during their fight, and Melanie falls. No mention if she loses the baby or not.

  78. From Dolly

    Remember all the times EJ was so pleased that Sami would fight like a tiger to protect her kids.
    He will see her shooting him in that light.

  79. From maryl

    MAB #76 On what site did you read the spoilers about Sami and EJ praying together? I would like to read it also. I don’t know too many spoiler sites to access, so I would appreciate being able to get more info from sites other than Days Cafe. Thanks a bunch!

  80. From Pattypat

    It took me some time to read all the posts. I love the storyline now and there will be several shake-ups. I would like to see Nathan and Mel together again and Step needs someone to shape her up or slap her up. I dont’ like the blindness for Johnny. I know it is a storyline, but come on, getting trasnplants for him. It would have to be a chlld and we dont’ want another tragedy. E.J. needs to be put down a notch or two. I can’t wait for upcoming episodes. I have been a fan for almost 45 years and will keep watching. Go Day’s.

  81. From cherie

    It does say on spoilers somewhere that Stefano is the big boss, but wouldn’t it be great if it was really EJ…then he got caught at it and Sami would get her kids back…just a for the pregnancy rocking Salem…I sure hope it isn’t Kate…that would be too much…I hope it’s not Carly either…but a baby for Nicole to call her own would be great…maybe when her sister comes, we will see the old Nicole again..the one I kind of started to like over all…this one I don’t care for…IMO

  82. From Grandma Judy

    Oh, Katherine, Grandmas rock! Don’t know if Rafe or EJ could handle either one of us, let alone both of us together. ‘Course they would both be here too, at our wine party, so maybe the 4 of us could manage some excitement. Sure be fun to try, wouldn’t it?!

    I don’t like it when EJ lies to Johnny like when he told him today that Sami wanted to live with Rafe and wanted him to live with EJ.

    Any football fans out there? Big day today here in our area of Michigan because the U of M fired their head football coach, Rich Rodriguez. 3 bad seasons will do that and he needed to go. But I feel sorry for him and his family moving here from W. Virginia and now have it turn out like this.

  83. From Canadian_Gal

    sorry if this was mentioned before… What the heck. They never ever talked about another sibling, now there is a Hernandez brother??? and is the same actor that died?? lol

  84. From MAB

    maryl – the website is:

    The site has a lot of different spoilers, and there is a lot more on there to read! You can also access this through this site, through Barb’s Salem Spectator. These same spoilers are posted under “The Crystal Ball” section.

  85. From maryl

    #83 MAB, THANK YOU! I really appreciate the info.

  86. From Grandma Judy

    Hey, MAB, me, too! I accessed it through The Crystal Ball” on Barb’s Salem Spectator. Good stuff!

  87. From EJ Hater

    Like the way Nicole handled Stephano today. I think she is one of the best actors on Days at the moment.
    I hope it is Nicole that is pregnant, she needs a baby of her own but I hope she is good to Sami’s kids while she is with them, Lord knows those kids need someone in their corner.

    Grma Judy, I agree about EJ but most everything that comes out of EJ’s mouth is a lie.

    Had to chuckle at the way Johnny exited the mansion, what a good little actor.

  88. From grandma to many

    I don’t think Nicole and Brady being pregnant would “rock ” Salem because they have been together off and on for a long time I’m afraid Bo and Hope will get back together and Carly will turn up pregnant that would not only rock the Brady’s and the Horton’s but the whole police dept. oh wait that is the Bradys Kayla and Jennifer , Victor , Caroline and even Ciara have warned Carly to keep away from Bo or is this going to be another s/l where the pregnant woman disappears to have her child so it can turn up years later to say I hate you daddy please this has been done to death recent examples Grace and Chad come to mind immediately why can’t somebody on this show just be satisfied with the life they have ?

  89. From Katherine

    EJ hater, where you adult enough to read my blog 19 again, so you can retract your accusation in your blog #61.
    It show me a lot about you,
    a lot of people on here have been big enough to admit when they were wrong…
    Otherwise I have to assume, you read, but you do not comprehend…

  90. From Gerri

    now really,would any of us,be shocked if Stefano,was the boss,of the warden,and her organs for sale,business?I have watched this show,since day one,and when the Dimera’s came to town,they brought evil with them,Tony(the real Tony)not the double for Andre, is the only one that had any decencey,about them,I wish Lexie would turn out not to be one as well.Ej raped Sami,his terms,before he would help Lucas,I don’t blame Sami,for anything she has done to protect her children from this evil family,(as a mom,I would do the same thing)It’s time this Dimera bunch,got run out of town.their vendetta,along with all the horrible things,that has occured to the Brady family, has gone on long enough,it would be nice to see,the guilty finally pay,for their deeds.I know Sami,has not been an angel,but she is a far better parent,than he could ever be.This selfish man doesn’t deserve to be a father…

    a mom,I’m right there with her,I too would do the same thing) too bad that after the rape,she got involved with him again,and got pregnant,But please writers,don’t let Johnny be his son.

  91. From Jennisyn

    Poor Stephanie. She certainly can’t handle Brady and his fine self. NOT AFTER NICOLE, ARI, & CHLOE. Parker should be Daniels and he and Chloe Should be happy. Send Viv to an Island or a Cruise.

  92. From EJ Hater

    #88 Katherine, I get accused of being a shit disturber yet your the one who won’t let things go. I do not have to retract anything because in my opinion I did nothing wrong but if you want to continue harping on stuff, go right ahead. Type your little fingers right to the bone!
    Most of the time I skim over your blogs anyway because all you do is repeat the same things over and over.
    And don’t say I’m picking on you because if you can dish it out, you should be able to take it.

  93. From cindy

    i, too, hope it’s nicole thats pregnant. really,really don’t want it to be carly, but i think hope would treat the baby good. she was good to chelsea who was billys child so why not carlys; especially if carly is instumental in saving bo from warden jane as the spoilers say. i like nicole and brady together, snd like others posted if she had her own baby with a man she loves maybe she’d give up on sydney. it’s fine for her to love sydney and even be in her life, but hopefully she will give up on the idea of making her “her” daughter, if she’s the one pregnant. it would be funny if it were kate. but i think she’s too old. of course that would make an interesting s/l 50+ woman gets pregnant!!! you have to remember when sami tryed to trick stephano, she wasn’t aware of the tracking device. can’t blame her for read where nathan dumps stephanie. couldn’t happen to a nicer girl!!!of course, nathan might of been looking for an excuse to get rid of her, and found it. it’s hard to marry one girl when you know you love another. you could tell yesterday, he wasn’t too anxious to push the wedding up.

  94. From hutch

    I would like to see Nathan and Mel together again!!!! Both of them love each other so why not???!!!

  95. From Katherine

    91 ej hater, not big enough to admit when you were wrong, such class you show, you read my blog 19, and then you commented on it inacurate, but you are not big enough to admit, it, all the insult you hurl at me, only show you off…..I thought maybe just maybe, you might have some class, but it’s not the first time I have been wrong.
    Done, over, move on, lost cause…

  96. From Nunya

    I see the EJ fangirls are out once again excusing everything he does and acting as if his crap smells like roses and looks like rainbows.

    So delusional, as always.

    Also lol @ EJ getting ~religion~. Such a manipulative jerk.

  97. From Katherine

    94 Nunya, give some blog #s about the EJ fangirls, like to read what they wrote, thank you…

  98. From cindy

    never thought i would say this but i’m actually becoming a fan of nicole….at least for today. first with chloe, but mostly with stephano. she really stood up to him, and told it like it was. i have to admire her. don’t think ej should expect a 5 year old to understand what’s going on in his (ej’s) mind. first telling him he was marrying nicole, then when johnny has a bad reaction, he tells he just has to trust him. does he really think johnny understands any of this? he goes from living with his mom, to living with ej, then loosing his eye, now ej springs s new step-mommy on him. all in a few short weeks. he then proceeds to tell him his mother WANTS him to live there with ej. can’t he see what this is doing to johnny? this boy loves and needs his mother…his real mother. i know a lot of you comment on rafe trying to take over as father to johnny and sydney. well what about ej inserting nicole into their lives as full-time mother? i know sami has taken the kids from ej in the past also..and that was wrong of her, no matter how misguided her reasons were. this whole s/l is way too hurtful, and i just don’t see the point in using the kids this way!!!there must of been some other way for the writers to have ej get even with sami without using the kids in this manner,IMO.

  99. From EJ Hater

    I wish Nicole and Rafe could take the kids and raise them together, they seem to be the only ones with the kids best interest at heart.
    Either that or the court should take the kids and place them with someone who is not going to use them as payback toys.

  100. From Debbie

    Loved Nicole yesterday giving Chloe that reality check. She really told it like it is, and with Stephano too! I like how she stood up to him regarding what EJ’s doing to her.

  101. From SL

    I think Mel will miscarry – they need to sever her ties with Phillip so she can end up with Nathan, but we can’t have it without some drama, now can we?

  102. From MAB

    There is NOTHING wrong with Johnny being EJ’s son. Why does anyone want another paternity issue to come into play? Hasn’t there been enough of that already? EJ is a good father, and Johnny loves him & Sami, regardless of the stupid things they do. I think some think Johnny was upset because of Nicole being the one EJ said he was marrying. It was obvious he was upset that his father wasn’t marrying his mother. I don’t care who you are, 99% of children want their parents together, and I think that is what Johnny wants.

  103. From MAB

    Nicole rocks! I’ve always been a fan of hers, and these days, I’m liking her more than Sami.

  104. From MAB

    Katherine – it’s not worth it with EJ hater. You’re wasting your time. She never replied to my last blog either, but I’m glad she didn’t. I don’t have anything to say to her anyway.

    Nunya – NONE of us EJ fans excuse what he does. We admit when he does wrong, much like his character does…unlike (some) Rafe fans…and Sami fans too. We are just intelligent enough to see both sides of the story.

    cindy – I mean no disrespect to your opinion, so please don’t take this out of context like some do…but you mentioned how Johnny went from living with Sami to living with EJ. Well, you left out a part of that. He went from living with EJ, to living with Sami, then back to living with EJ. He has lived most of his life with EJ. And some tend to forget that Johnny did not want to leave when Sami ranked the kids out of the mansion the night of her & EJ’s almost wedding. IMO, Johnny wants his parents together. He even mentioned yesterday how EJ was marrying Nicole, and not his mommy. I think that is why he is having a hard time with all this back & forth because he wants his parents together. Also, I don’t see anything wrong with Nicole being a step mom. Rafe is the step dad, so what’s the difference? There is none.

  105. From Katherine

    MAB, right on, I agree, Johnny wants Mom and Dad together, does not mean he does not love Nicole and Rafe, that’s good.
    Sami and EJ have to get their stuff together period.
    I don’t want for Lucas to be Johnny’s father, the child does not need any more drama in his life, just because some hate EJ so much, they want Lucas to be the father, not considering at all what that would do to the Boy!!!!!
    MAB you are right about EJHater, all she had to do is re-read my blog, and realize she misunderstood what I said, but that’s what ignorence is all about.
    Not worth it.
    Remember how gracious lc was, and now we all have nice blogging expierences, they way it should be.
    I think Sami and EJ should raise the kids/ dual custody / but of course an atom bomb has to fall on both of them first. RealityCheck-Attitude Adjustment, what ever will work on both of those blockheads.

  106. From maryl

    Does anyone know what Taylor’s career is supposed to be? I know she was going to school at the time she left the show and I thought she was going into physical therapy. If she is a physical therapist she could be Rafe’s interest when he has the accident and suffering from amnesia. She may work his rehab. case or something. This would be a typical SL for the writers–have EJ and Rafe fall for the same woman again–and of course, since the writers love Rafe so much, the SL is sure to read that Taylor will love Rafe. Then along comes EJ who loves her too and Sami who loves Rafe, working together and scheming to ruin things for Rafe and Taylor–sounds crazy? Well, don’t forget how these writers work. I don’t want this to happen, but since when do EJ fans get to have a wonderful, based on honesty and respect love story for EJ that isn’t just a fleeting moment? I know, he’s the bad guy–am I so stupid to have hope? If Rafe isn’t involved in the EJ/Taylor SL, then it will probably be Brady because I read on a spoiler that Nicole will be jealous of Taylor and that would probably mean Brady is involved. Also, I noticed how conveniently they have Brady and Nicole ending their relationship. No fact to any of the above–just me musing out loud.

  107. From Chantal

    MAB did you have to write NONE of us EJ fans excuse what he does. We admit when he does wrong, much like his character does…unlike (some) Rafe fans…and Sami fans too. We are just intelligent enough to see both sides of the story.
    I’m sorry I chose your comment but all this bickering is really getting annoying. I enjoy reading everyones comments but PLEASE everyone stop answering back. Dont allow this to continue. If you ignore it, it will stop. Thank you and thanks for the blogging, I enjoy reading your thoughs ON THE SHOW. Since when did the show become The EJ and Rafe’s show? LOL

  108. From Chantal

    Good thoughs Maryl! Could happen. Happened before but its always fun to watch an alliance, the plots, the sckeaming…LOL Saw a glimps of the old Sami when she faked the phone call to Brady. Was good to see the real Sami instead of whiny Sami. I wanted Johnny to be Lucas’s but you are right Katherine, that boy has been trough enough and Sami and EJ would still have Sydney together so what would be the point.

  109. From Katherine

    105 Chantal, I am answering you back, since you did post a question… The show became the EJ and Rafe show, because the bloggers are making it that way, must be the most interesting part of the show.
    There is nothing wrong with “Bickering” as long as it can stay respectfull. Unfortunately not everybody is intellengent to see both sides of the story, I try to very hard, but have my opinions tilted in a certain way.
    And what was wrong with MAM’s comment you posted? Maybe the word None was a little overdone, but so many will never anything wrong with Rafe/Sami,
    however I have stated that I like the way Rafe is going lately, he seems to get more common sense in his head, trying hard to keep Sami rational, I like that in him.
    One thing came out loud and clear, Johnny let it be known, he wants both his parents, he loves his father and mother, went home with him willingly. Wish Sami would not plot how she can get total controll again, because, if she does, he might just run away to find his Dad, it will never be a happy ending for the kids, until Sami and EJ compromise and share custody, period.
    Chantal, please with all due respect, I will answer back if I so choose, “Don’t allow this to continue” orders like that don’t work on me. Maybe you did not mean for it to come out like this, I’ll could see that.
    Chantal, I will look forward to all your other blogs, but all of us will always find a way to disagree, but some get nasty (Not You) about it, so they will get called out. Sorry.

  110. From Rachel

    Maryl, you are probably right. Like you I hope not. I really want Sami and EJ out of each others lives. We need a break from their behavior. Time to move in another direction. From the spoilers, I am hoping that is what they are doing. I think the cancer gives Sami and EJ a wake up call and hopefully they will call a truce. Then have Sami with Rafe. EJ will be with Nicole, in name only, then fall for Taylor. I’m still willing to bet that there will be an EJ/Nicole/Taylor/Brady pairing. With EJ & Brady fighting over Taylor, and Taylor & Nicole fighting over Brady. I hope that Nicole & Brady make it in the end.

    I’m not sure Johnny wants his parents together. Johnny does love Rafe, EJ and Sami. He loves living with Rafe and Sami. I think it is more how EJ is treating Sami – kids are smart and can sometimes see things that we don’t want or think they see. I think Johnny is responding to EJ’s treatment of Sami. I think that is normal, especially for boys.

    Not a Stephanie fan, but don’t like that she is the one that always loses to Melanie. Melanie slept with Phillip when he was engaged to Stephanie. Then Melanie went after Nathan when Stephanie started dating him. To me, Melanie is the problem. She wants what Stephanie has. Melanie has been wishy-washy and if I were Stephanie, I would have punched her out a LONG time ago. I have no sympathy for Melanie at all. I think she deserves this and much more.

  111. From Katherine

    106 Chantal, yes I don’t Johnny have to get used to another father either, good point, there is still Sydney, but some think that maybe Sidney belongs to Lucas also…..
    Chantal, I last blog to you meant to be very respectfull, so many times, when people talk things out, things can be pretty good, blogfriends, I hope, thank you, no malice meant to you at all….

  112. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    I liked that latest interview with Peter Reckell (Bo). Especially when asked about Bo and Carly being over….yeah, it looks like it is!! It’s nice to see the old Bo and Hope. Can’t wait for the romance between them to start.

    I have to agree with Rachel on Melanie. She is the pot calling the kettle black. Same with Daniel. I find Melanie slutty and flaky, but I really like how Phillip is with her. I want them to work out for that reason only.

    The chemistry between Chloe and Daniel is still there. Will be interesting to see if they work things out.

    It would be nice if EJ wasn’t Johnny’s father. I was really hoping that would come out with the cancer story. Then EJ definitely could move on with someone new. I still think Sydney is Nicole’s…that Stefano worked it out with Dr Baker. Plus Nicole’s maternal connection to her is so strong. It would bond Nicole to EJ….which would be interesting when Taylor comes into the picture.

    I still haven’t seen much on the car accident thing with Rafe. Wonder if Meredith is around to kidnap him. Since Lucas isn’t around, hopefully Rafe and Sami will be able to get through this together.

  113. From Grandma Judy

    FINALLY, IMO Sami handled things beautifully with Johnny today. With Rafe’s coaching, yes, but at least she listened to him and she did great. Quite some satisfaction for her that Johnny only wants HER as his Mommy. Johnny running away should speak louder to EJ than any words anyone could say to him!

    When someone compared EJ bringing Nicole into the kids’ lives to Sami bringing in Rafe, I think the point they were trying to make was that some feel Sami is forcing Rafe as the Daddy, but EJ is doing the same thing with Nicole as the Mommy. I agree with the person who brought that up and would also point out that Sami truly loves Rafe and that’s why she married him so he is naturally the Step-dad, whereas EJ is only planning to marry Nicole to get back at Sami through Nicole playing Mommy to the kids. Big difference in the 2 situations!

    Vivian in that get-up to parachute out of the plane was so so good and funny! Lovd it that Stephanie herself was the one to spill the beans to Nathan that Philip is the one Chloe cheated with. Not that he wouldn’t have found out anyway but it was staisfying to me that she was the one to tell him, thinking he already knew. They need to stop it with the lipstick and make-up on Caroline!! She’s had a stroke for crying out loud!!

  114. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    Grandma, exactly! Rafe & Sami married because of love. EJ & Nicole are an arrangement out of revenge. Big difference. I love the character of Nicole, but there is no love between them. I understand her desire to be around Sydney. But with all Nicole has been through with the miscarriage and losing Sydney, she should be more sympathetic towards Sami – even dispite their hate for each other. That part I will never understand. I know Nicole stands up for Sami sometimes. I do love Nicole’s spunk. She will stand up to anyone.

  115. From Grandma Judy

    I read that Nicole is the one to first realize there is something wrong with Johnny’s other eye.

  116. From patsy

    They had to make Nicole the hero here where she ,ll get everyone prasesand will want her to be the kids mommy enstead of SAMI

  117. From MsBoulder-CO

    Things that make me go hmmmmm….
    1) If Rafe ends up with amnesia, who will be acting commissioner? One of Stefano’s men on the force?

    2)Even if Stefano manages to get eyes for Johnny it doesn’t make the cancer go away.

    Also, we all know it’s going to be Stephanie that ends up pregnant. Let’s not forget she stopped taking birth control pills before and there seems to be no mention that she’s taking them,holding off till Nathan gets established. Days writers don’t want anyone to be happy at this point…….

  118. From Lacey lou

    Well Maryl, MAB did the same thing. Attacking Rafe’s clothes. It goes both ways. And the truth is EW J does wear that same shirt way too much. I would love to see him get a major make over but you know what they say…..”You can’t polish a turd”. And no way is Sami and Rafe trying to make out like Rafe is Johnny’s dad. Never has s
    Sami called Rafe the little ones daddy. silliness. Rafe is just a great step dad and as the show showed us today where did the precious little one run too? To find his mommy and Rafe! He hates where he lives and who blames him. He should be taken away from that house for neglect, letting a toddler leave unnoticed. EJ is a terrible father. The one child he has who can speak has told him that he hated him and when Sydney talks I’m sure she will too. the chemistry Sami and Rafe has lights up a room, they have love, real love. when EJ is in a room with Sami all you feel is his evil plot to hurt his children the most by hurting their mother. Sure Sami is not a perfect mom but compared to the killer, rapist EJ she is a gem! Oh and EJ. Rafe’s wife’s name is SamanthA. Not SamanthER!!! Idiot.

  119. From cindy

    MAB….i didn’t mean johnny spent more time at sami’s than ej’s i just meant all the back and forth, and now the cancer it was bound to be confusing for him, and that ej was expectly too much out of a child that age. (agree he’s very mature though). of course i agree with you that johnny wants his parents together…most all kids do. he even made a point of telling stefano that “daddy’s getting married and not to mommy”‘ so that should tell us everything we want to know. then he proceeded to go upstairs and pack his backpack. and i took no offense at all. i know we all have our own likes and dislikes. also Grandma Judy, i was the one who was trying to point out that ej was pushing for nicole to be a replacement mommy for the kids….ej has said as much. (and trying to make the camparison to rafe). there is nothing wrong with nicole or rafe as step parents. but ej is trying to insert nicole into the role as parent, just as sami was inserting rafe into that role. they are both guilty of it and both guilty of trying to invoke a negetive response out of the other. also, grandma judy i agree with you, sami didn’t have alterier motives when marrying rafe she loved him (*although it was rushed in order to protect her from the possibilty of rafe having to testify against her) whereas ej can’t stand nicole but is marrying her jsut for revenge and to hurt sami…imo.

  120. From Leah

    Days please put the BRAKES ON as far as more unplanned pregnancies go. Enough is enough!!! If we think Salem is a mess right now wait until this mixed up next generation come along… really its going from bad to worse. Secret pregnancies, hiding the truth from the fathers, lying, switching paternity results, passing a child off as someones only to find out he or she is someone elses. DOES NOBODY IN SALEM USE BIRTH CONTROL? DOES NO HAPPY COUPLE IN SALEM PLAN AND TRY TO CONCEIVE AND IT BE A HAPPY EVENT CELEBRATED BY TWO IN LOVE PARENTS AND THEIR FAMILIES? Come on Days surely you can think so something else.

  121. From Leah

    PS: I’m also over the using of kids in storylines. Yes at times its understandable and it adds value BUT over and over again as pawns… no I don’t like it! Please tell me a child who has been raised on Days that has had a normal childhood. I really cannot think of one. NOW thats sad!

  122. From cindy

    #119 leah…..maybe shawn douglas.i think his childhood was pretty normal. and belle’s would have been if sami had not kidnapped her as a baby. other than that i think belles was normal despite her family’s money. but about all i can think

  123. From Leah

    I wish Stefano, EJ or Nicole would speak up and get that bad coppa Rafe out of the Salem PD. He, Roman and Bo crossed the line in the “Sami shooting EJ” storyline and now and forever their characters are not redeemable or creditable. Rafe and the Bradys need to resign as there will be NO justice in Salem from now on with these 3 in charge. They compromised their values, their oates to the city and the people in their community. Salem PD needs some new fresh honest blood who don’t look the other way or cover up family members messes. Recent case and point… when Sami laid into Nicole at the hospital. Rafe wouldn’t allow Nicole to see anyone else and simply brushed it off instead of investigating. SO OUT WITH THE CROOKED AND BENT COPS RAFE, ROMAN AND BO AND IN WITH THE NEW!

  124. From BJ2

    Read most of the blogs on this site and all i have to say is this. Boath ej and sami are wrong in how they treat each other. Sami had no right shooting ej in the head. And ej had no right kid nepping his own child pretending she was dead. The way they forget about the children shows that thay boath need to go to parent concling. As fare as who is to blame for what happend between melone, nathen, philope, clioe, and
    baby parker, its stephanie. If you llook back on her history, when she was in college pleding a saority, one of her sisters morgen, was in love with philop.After the whole rape feasko,she dithed max and whent behind morgens back and took the job at titen in order tohave philop.When they were engaged Melomey had moved into town to be with her brother after her life and reputation was a mess and decided to change her life afer her other boyfriendwent to [resion for killing her dad. when things wnt south for stephane and philop,(after he had to save her from being kidnaped from stephino) she gave him back the ring and called of the wedding saying she cant be with him sence he wont change. Weekslatter nathen came into town and started dating moloney. Staphany kepet runing into the asking why he wa dating her siting resions why shes too much of a street persion and not good enough
    for him. When philop notice this, he figured he could use melony to make stephane jelous and get the deed to the alternitive fules project. when one thing led to another, STEPHANEY STARTED USEING NETHEN TO MAKE PHILOP JELOUS AND BLAME THERE BRAKE UP ON MELONY. One thing led to another and philop and meloney were engaged . she wrote a letter to nethen that stephone wasent sapose to read and tearup. philop and meloney got marred. One thing led to another and stephane found out about cloie and philoes afire over false rumors about doctor danale and doctor carly and nathen and melony hooking up. Stphane told her grand mother caroline about the phaternity teast that clioe was taking under doctor carly in secret. they both (with out the other persion knowing what the other persion is doing) haked in the hospital computer to changed the teast results.Ther for stephanie has a lot to answer fore.

  125. From Gerri

    I would love to see a happy well adjusted couple on days again.I thought It would be Mickey and Maggie,but no the writers stopped that.hopefully Doug and Julie will get a long storyline and can be that couple,not since Tom and Alice,has there been one,and Salem,needs this badly,with all these young immature people running around,getting pregnant,ruining lives,I know this is a soap,but lot’s of people,pattern their own lives,with this type of exposure,which is sad”,but they think,oh well It all worked out eventually for them”so what’s the big deal?anyway Viv getting her payback today was so funny!!and I loved It,that Johnny left to go to his “”real Mother”"and Loved Sami,telling EJ,you can tell,the kids,anything you want to,but you can’t stop them from loving their Mom,esp boys……..

  126. From Sandy

    NATHAN IS LIVING DAYS…Soap Opera Digest is reporting that Mark Hapka will soon be leaving the role of Nathan Horton behind him. The actor joined the cast in 2009 and has been hovering around in one of the show’s biggest romantic messes ever since. With his relationship with Stephanie about to hit the rocks and his future with Mel up in the air, who knows how the youngest Horton on canvas could exit? The actor will finishing taping his final scenes in the coming weeks.

  127. From cindy

    sandy…thanks for the info…sounds logical. he will probably take the job in baltimore. (it was baltimore right? i hope i’m not mixing DOOL with upcoming football this weekend lol). hope this means melanie will not lose the baby, maybe her and phillip can still work it out.

  128. From Christi

    I just wish that Sami and EJ would finally get together and stay together. They obviously have strong feelings and love/hate is how many people are together. I could see them becoming the “solid couple” if they could agree that they have hurt each other equally and start off actually taking care of their kids. DOOL has got to start getting their act together b/c with all this back/forth stuff with ALL the characters, they are losing many viewers. How much longer can they go on if they keep this up? I don’t want anymore talk shows.. God knows we have enough already!

  129. From Hildie

    I’m trying to remember what happened to the doctor who switched babies at the clinic. He was also the one in Hope’s medical mess. Is he still in jail? Could he be working from inside the jail to be …. THE BOSS?

  130. From Sandy

    Dr. Richard Baker is in prison, He was a baby broker, but a body parts broker, I don’t think so. Or I hope not. I can go with it’s Stefano for now. I just haven’t rationalized to what advantage it is for Stefano to be THE BOSS, just for the money, seems like there should be more to it than $$$$’s.

  131. From EJ Hater

    Well EJ was the raving lunatic he so well protrays. I think he was even foaming at the mouth, now don’t say it was because he was so worried about Johnny, I won’t buy it. He was pissed at Nicole for not watching HIS son. Well EJ are you the daddy? Is it not your responsibility to make sure your children are safe? Good for Sami for standing up for herself finally and telling EJ no matter what he does Johnny will alway love her, now if she can just get her back bone back and do something productive to get her children back.

    I hope somehow, someway Mel and Phil stay together. I like them as a couple and think they are good together. I don’t like Nathan, he has lost his balls somewhere and doesn’t know where to find them. He could never handle the fiesty Mel. He and Stephanie make a good couple, always complaining and crying, sappy and whimpy.

  132. From Grandma Judy

    I am very disappointed at what Sandy read in SOD about Nathan leaving the show. I like him and I had hopes for him and Melanie getting together. I think they are 2 young people who just missed getting together, and then it was over for sure when Stephanie didn’t deliver the letter to Nathan that Melanie wrote to him the day she married Philip. They weren’t sure of each other’s feelings and weren’t mature enough to know how to go about finding out for sure how each other felt, so she went with Phil, who she thought was a sure thing, and then he went with Stephanie, since she was the sure thing for him with Melanie married. Maybe like Cindy said, he will leave Salem to go to Baltimore after all, and they will leave it open for the character to come back someday.

  133. From Sandy

    It looks like what we have to look forward to now is Kate trying to take Parker away from Chloe(speculation of course). Sounds like she wants Chloe to leave and leave Parker with her and Philip and suggests to Chloe to change his name. Now that we have heard through other spoilers Chloe will have PTSD (post partum syndrome)she will probably be found unfit giving Kate an opportunity to move in as the biological grandmother to take Parker away. A very familiar story line for Kate since she spent so many years trying to take Will from Sami. Kate is not a nice Granny.

  134. From MAB

    Chantal – my thoughts you are referring to were about on the show, and I was not bickering with anyone. I was trying to make a point, which seems to escape some people. I’m sick & tired of people telling me what I can & can’t say, then insinuating my thoughts on EJ, that I defend his actions when I don’t (it’s usually the other way around for others where Rafe is concerned). EJ is not the only one to blame in this mess, just because he’s a DiMera. I don’t let my hatred for a character cloud my thoughts like some do. I see both sides, and I see the faults of all 4 (EJ/Sami/Nicole/Rafe). Sorry if you’re annoyed, but that’s not my problem.

    Grandma Judy – even though I still don’t like or trust him, Rafe did seem to make Sami handle things better with EJ yesterday at the police station. I still don’t like how he acts more like her dad than her husband. She has a brain, why can’t she use it? She needs to grow up and start handling things like an adult. Even Nicole handles things better than she does, as of late. Just like her first reaction was telling Rafe, we could disappear with him. Like I said, Sami never learns. If she had her way, she would take the kids and run, which is exactly the same reasoning she used to shoot EJ. And that is still a BIG issue. Who’s to say what Johnny may do when he gets older and finds out that mommy shot daddy. He may just turn on her. She made it a point to say Johnny’s a Brady like her, well he’s also a DiMera and it may do her good to remember that going forward.

    cindy – we don’t agree on everything, but it’s nice to have a civil conversation with someone like you for a change. And it’s nice that you can see both sides of the story regardless of which character you like.

  135. From MAB

    Lacey lou – Johnny asked when Sami & Rafe got married if he should call him daddy, and they said you can call him what you want. She didn’t bother to explain what Rafe’s role would be in his life. And they have more than once talked of the kids being “theirs”. This is what started this mess in the first place…when EJ overheard Sami & Rafe talking about keeping HIS kids away from him.

    Johnny doesn’t hate where he lives…he wants to live with both his parents, but they have both made that impossible for him. And he didn’t run to Rafe either. The police picked him up, he knew Rafe was there, so he asked to go there, but it was because he wanted his mother…didn’t really have anything to do with Rafe. And though I don’t like Rafe, and don’t trust him, I’m big enough to admit he was good with Johnny…then when Sami came in, it started off well, then what does she do, start talking nonsense about running away with Johnny, not even stopping to think of Sydney. It’s sickening how Rafe has to act more like her dad than her husband.

    Oh, yes, let’s blame EJ as usual. He would have been there and probably noticed his missing child if Sami wasn’t playing silly games with him, luring him over to her apt. I guess if Johnny left on Sami’s watch, you would be making excuses for her & Rafe.

  136. From MAB

    Nicole was sympathetic to Sami, but Sami blew it, as Nicole put it to Rafe the other day. Some say they liked Nicole’s banter with Chloe and Stefano, she did it with Rafe too at the church. She’s good!

    Caroline’s antics yesterday in the hospital room, talking to her own daughter the way she did, was ridiculous.

    EJ being ridiculed for being upset his child is missing…some will blame him for anything…even having a natural emotion. I LOVED the sound in his voice when he found out where he was…very emotional…he loves Johnny so much.

    Why would Johnny say “daddy is marrying Nicole not mommy” if he didn’t want his parents together? I don’t know anyone who wants their parents apart, especially when they are children. Oh, and Johnny also loved living with his father when Sami ripped them away from EJ before. People tend to forget that detail.

  137. From EJ Hater

    Oh but I do wish Sami and EJ would get back together. They deserve each other. They are both lying, cheating, murderous, scums of the earth. They are BOTH bad parents and will do anything to hurt each other or others around them, so yes they do deserve each other. As for chemistry, the only chemistry I see between them is hate. They should be together but the kids should be taken away and be able to live in a home with love and harmony.

  138. From Chantal

    Thanks for your answer Katherine. Love when everything is done in thoughs of having fun! I do think EJ is the main character in this show but Rafe, he’s kinda new to the show and is not that important to me yet. One of the many man that pass through Sami’s life LOL. I know that Sydney cant be Lucas’s caus he was in prison and when he got out, he found Sami in bed with Sami so no chance there. But she could be Nicole’s, we never know with Dr Baker, love him, I hope he comes back soon, maybe he has something to do with the organs, working for Stefano. If he was working for Stefano at the time of the baby switch, maybe Nicole didnt loose her baby and Sydney is really hers, like some bloggers think. Grace could of been Sami’s after all and Chad and Mia’s baby, sold off somewhere since no one knew that baby was a Dimera also!

  139. From Chantal

    Oups, I mean Lucas found Sami in bed with EJ LOL

  140. From Just Moi

    Wow just got caught up with all the post here….see some things haven’t changed while I was gone…hehehe.
    #18 Jolie…Love your posts, they are always well written and funny.
    #43 EJ hater…While I may agree about EJ’s clothes (I’d rather see him in much less than a suit) I don’t think we can call that frame of his “scrawny” I hate that he is always in suits, but I prefer my men a little more casual. Whatever you prefer, I think Mr. EJ is hot!
    Although I haven’t watched Days lately (was out of town) I have to say Thursday’s Days was one of the best in awhile

  141. From Katherine

    134 Chantal, I do also think that Sidney is Nicole’s baby. The writers sort of have really put Nicole and Sidney together to re-bond, so it could go in that direction..
    Thank’s Chantal, were good, like that, we should be having fun talking about those characters on the show, like and dislike and voice our opinions about them.
    Mia’s baby, Nicole had just delivered “Grace”, wouldn’t she have recognized, that the baby looked different????
    Sami’s statement, that Johnny is just like her, God, I hope not, look at the life she lived, don’t want Johnny to be like her, or for that matter EJ.
    Working together, for the love of Johnny, they could give that boy a good chance in life……
    MAB, as always,love your blogs, I agree.

  142. From Chantal

    The only times Sami and EJ are good parents is when they are together. It’s when they are appart that everything turns into chaos. Arguing over who has done worst and even if I think making Sami think that her baby was dead, again, was the worst pain he could ever do, shooting EJ in the head was the ultimate sin. They both dont deserve there kids but the kids do love them. Its a good thing Days is moving on to other s/l with them because even if that little Johnny is an adorable actor, I’m glad it will be over due to the other eye cancer.
    I have to say that I am happy Nathan is leaving, he should of taken Steph with him. I dont know why he is so mad, the whole cheating thing has nothing to do with them!?!He’s an hypocrite.

  143. From Chantal

    You are right Katherine, Grace must be Mia’s and Chad’s…where would be Samie’s baby then? I guess with Stefano, everything is possible…

  144. From Grandma Judy

    I would think Nasthan would be mad because he will have to realize Stephanie’s part in it was to hold onto him and keep the secret from him that Mel’s husband cheated on her. Whatever, Stephanie lied to him, or at least kept things from him, and he shouldn’t like that very much.

    I think Grace was Mia and Chad’s.

    On the topic of what Sami’s kids call Rafe, we know several people who’s step-children call both their bio parent AND their step-parent “Mom” or “Dad” which ever sex it happens to be. And one of our sons is one of those cases, where his step-daughter calls him “Dad” as well as her bio Dad. I suppose it’s a natural thing, since the child often lives most of their time with the parent and step-parent. Especially if the child is still young enough to be learning to talk and they think all men are “Daddy”. Like our daughter used to and embarrassed me many a time in the stores somewhere when she called out “Daddy” to some other man!!

  145. From Grandma Judy

    Our step-granddaughter is 17 and our son and her Mom have been married 8 years.

  146. From patsy

    I can,t belive that the writers thinks that the DAYS fans will belive that a prim and proper Tlayor will fall for the likes of EJ. i,M SURE SHE KNOWS HIS HISTORY WITH NICOLE ans SAMI.dON,T GET ME WROUNG I LOVE EJ BUT COME ON HIS A SLIMEBAG . theres only one woman for EJ and thats SAMI BRADY

  147. From Katherine

    I like the idea for SL about the \3rd Baby\, if Sidney turns out to be Nicole’s. Where is the \Sami’s Baby\. Maybe we are all wet, and Nicole’s really died.
    Maybe the writers don’t even know yet where they are going, leaving the door open….
    Patsy, stranger things have happened, so many times it’s the prim one’s that can fall for the \Bad Guy\.
    Judy, my grandson call the steparents by their name, I don’t think my ex DIL or my son, could handle the other Mom/Dad thing.
    However, I would leave it up to the child, what feels good to them, they don’t have all the jealousy/bad feeling, in them, they just express their love/happy content feelings who they are with.

    When EJ was at Sami’s, answering his phone, getting the news about Johnny disapearing, His Face said it all, that acting job was superb, can anybody give him that one. It looked like his world had come to an end. No matter how good a parent you are, things like Johnny taking off can happen, so stop with the blame game, he could have snugg out of the loft just as easily, let’s not carry the hate for EJ, into the land of being totally unreasonable, choose your battles with him when it applies, same for Sami, she can have good moments….
    I wish we could get Dr. Baker back, I so enjoy that man on the show, a real presence, IMO, a good actor, you noticed when he was on the screen. I would enjoy him getting a love interest, better than some of those young/boring people SL. A little bit for Gram Me. Please writers.
    Welcome back – Just moi -

    Lc, Kass, Melissa, Michelle where are you guys.?

  148. From Katherine

    Maybe Vivia will find \IVAN\ on the island, I thought he was absolutely the best sidekick for Madame, and she loved his Sex too, remember when that first happened, it was hilarious.
    She left with him when he won 40 Million in the Lottery, did they ever mention what happened between both of them.??????

  149. From DaysFan

    Vivian cracks me up. It would be awesome to see Ivan back! They were hilarious.

    Any predictions for how they are going to introduce Carrie Brady back in the storylines? Does anyone remember the details behind what her situation was when she left Salem?

  150. From MsBoulder-CO

    Well, guess we won’t be seeing a Mel/Nathan reunion.

    Interview: Mark Hapka Is Fired From Days Of Our Lives.

    Saw this on the SoapOpera Fan Blog.

  151. From Katherine

    Carrie and Austin got married and decided to live in Switzerland, recall when Lucas shot EJ at his and Sami’s wedding in the church, he sent Will over to be with Carrie and Austin.
    Still wonder, did Lucas really do the shooting???? Another open door for the writers.
    Carrie is now Carrie Reed.
    I noticed that on the show, they always call everybody Brady, even when people have a Married Name.

  152. From coogar

    I would love to see Taylor get involved with EJ while he is married to Nicole, then she becomes involved with Rafe. Rafe falls for Taylor not understanding why in the world he would have married high maintance Sami. This would made Sami’s head would explode. Just to complicate things a little bit Nicole has a case of sibling rivaly and developes an interest in Rafe. THis would make EJ’s head explode. Meanwhile, EJ and Sami develope a case of maturity and good judgment, concentrating on the emotional well being & health of their children. Good judgement between these 2 is so rare everyone thinks they are sick and put them in quarantine together. LOL But really, a period, brief that it may be, of calm with no romantic entanlements, revenge engagements & scheming to our do each other between Sami & EJ is long over due. I do kind of hate to see Nathan leave Salem. He comes off dull to me right now but I think they could develope him into the next straight arrow. But he’s got to shake the I’m settling for Steph even though I love Mel SL; just makes him look insincere right now. Waching DVR of show Viv in that parachute suit OMG hilarious! I need a good laugh we had a house fire the other day. All is OK we’er fine cats are OK even the fish. You have not lived till you drive home and discover the fire dept at your house.

  153. From EJ Hater

    I think you should be telling EJ to stop the blame game, because MR. Self Righteous blames Nicole right off the bat. Yelling and screaming and acting like a mad man.

  154. From coogar

    Katherine I agree with you I would love to see Dr. Baker get out of prison for good behavior in the prison dispensory. I didn’t think he was such a bad egg. He just needs to go to “All Bets Off” and swear off gambling. I work too hard for my money to gamble very much, that;s just me. I really don’t have anything against some recreational gambling or hold it against anyone. Just seems me that it is become way to prevalent. Know a lot of people who go a little far with the family budget or retirement savings.

  155. From smokeater64

    Are they gonna get to who ran down Ari!!!??? get rid of Ej and steph! or put them together-all the failed relationships for her has made her evil -she’s the new Sami! they are both pathetic! or stick ej with the “Ho” chloe since they never blame themselves for anything -love carly and mel-but maybe that family should leave salem together?

  156. From Michelle

    Ok, finally, we get to put the shoe on the other foot.

    Sami shot EJ because she heard he was going to take the kids and run. Can we all agree on that statement?

    Sooo…. yesterday Sami tells Rafe “We can do it, we can take Johnny and run and EJ will never see him again”. Am I still correct so far? Good.

    So now lets say EJ walked in just a few minutes earlier and heard Sami say that, and decided he was going to shoot her to keep her from taking the kids.
    If that would have happened, EJ would have been unforgivable (even more so than he is already) in many eyes; unlike Sami who has been given all kinds of justifications for doing it.
    So I’m just curious as to what all the EJ haters would have to say about that. I would like to hear your justifications on why it was ok for Sami but would not have been for EJ. Tit for tat, right? Same scenario just turned the other way around.
    I know this is not what did happen, but it is a “what if” that holds some credibility I believe.

  157. From MAB

    Katherine – I agree, it’s up to the Johnny what he calls Rafe, but when he initially asked Sami, she didn’t even bother to explain what Rafe would be to him.

    You know some will NEVER give any credit to EJ. EJ gets blamed for Johnny taking off, and he wasn’t even there at the time…although he would have been there if the mother of said child wasn’t playing games and lured him to her apt. I’m sure if Johnny would’ve snuck out under Sami & Rafe’s watch, there would be excuses made for them.

    EJ’s acting yesterday was definitely superb. I liked the part you were talking about, but even better, I liked the part when they called him and told him where Johnny was. His voice broke, and he took a big sigh of relief. It truly showed at that moment what mattered to him…Johnny.

  158. From maryl

    Rafe is continually digging for evidence against the DiMeras– as we saw all the boxes of files he is going through.(Must have time on his hands for personal “Sami” vendettas). Since Stefano has an inside man in the Salem PD, I’m certain that he will report to Stefano on Rafe’s digging into their files. Now, it won’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who will be responsible for Rafe’s upcoming car accident. No better way to stop a snoop from snooping than to disable his physical and mental abilities, DiMera style. That will keep those files down in the basement for a while. The writers may go a completely different route on this SL, but since the DiMeras are always blessed with committing most of the crimes in Salem, why not this? The writers have used this kind of stuff before. Now we will see that Stefano is into stealing and selling body parts–pretty desparate for someone like Stefano!Somehow that doesn’t fit Stefano’s crime world but maybe Rolf is back in the DiMera laboratory! Ha! In a few weeks, I will see how off-base I am in my prediction.

  159. From EJ Hater

    Ok as you all know I’m an EJ hater lol. As I said before I WANT EJ and Sami together not because I see the “chemistry” but because they are both evil. They are distructive, hurtful, vengeful people. I do not condone that Sami shot EJ but he did deserve it. I would not blame EJ for shotting Sami because she deserves it also. I think they should be together and leave those poor innocent kids to live with someone who will love and protect them and not use them as revenge toys.

  160. From maryl

    MAB–Me too! When EJ learned that Johnny was safe, that was one of the most convincing scene I have seen J. Scott perform! It was a reaction that was so realistic of someone experiencing that sudden relief of worry, anxiety and gratefulness all rolled into one. EJ blaming Nicole for Johnny’s leaving the house, was so realistic too. In real life, when something bad happens, we often blame the ones who were thought to be in charge of the situation. Whether it’s right or wrong to do that, doesn’t even enter into it at that moment because when a person is so deeply upset, the reaction usually comes so quickly and automatically.

  161. From maryl

    Michelle–Girl you brought up a good question for the EJ haters. I will be waiting to see the response!Ha! You sure made an interesting point even if it is a “what if”! How would they justify that happening? They have tried to justify Sami trying to kill EJ for the same scenario so how WILL the shoe fit on the other foot?

  162. From Sandy

    More good news from SOD:

    Gina Gallego (Warden Jane), Robin Mattson (Trustee Lee) & Treadway (Dr. Ben) are departing Days. Look for the prison storyline to wrap up in early February, which spells the end for these shady characters.

  163. From latrise

    I don’t know if you all heard the news but nate is leaving the show. they are doing another ari, in the since that they finally give them a storyline only to make them bounds, her they just truly kill her off, he is leaving for that job i think. i read it first in days cafe but he confirm it, the actor that plays him that he was fire.

    Christine Fix spoke with Mark today, about the news and he told her, “It was creative differences and a “writers choice” for Nathan’s “departure”. Apparently the twist in the stretched out storyline of Melanie and Nathan’s soul connection was that when finally given a chance to be together…somehow they don’t. I will keep my opinions of that writing choice to myself and leave it to the general consensus of the fans. :) “Let go” works because they let me go to pursue other opportunities since they chose not to utilize me and knew I wasn’t happy. I am going to miss the cast and production of the show! We created many fond memories and I’m saddened to leave them. I am however STOKED to dive into new projects/characters! Thank you all for your continued support!”

    so best of luck to what every the future brings him. so i guess this mean that maybe phil and mel will get back together or they are bringing in new love interested.

  164. From Katherine

    153 EJ Hater, I give you that one, EJ did blame Nicole right away, I guess under extreme stress, we are ready to blame anybody closest to us. Good catch.

  165. From Grandma Judy

    Yes, Katherine, always let the child choose what to call step-parents. Our step-granddauther is such a sweet gal and she loves our son.
    As you regulars know by now, I do not approve of Sami and the things she has done, both recently and in the past, but I do not put her in the same class of evils as I do EJ. I don’t condone her shooting him but I do think she could have successfully pled temp insanity, due to just learning EJ was Syd’s kidnapper and the lengths he went to in order to cause Sami pain, and then she found out from Kate that he was planning to run away with the kids again. As for Michelle’s scenario of EJ shooting Sami under somewhat the same circumstances, although not really the same, I would have the opinion he was also insane. But not temporary, – in fact PERMANENTLY, because IMO his actions are ALWAYS insane. Sorry but that’s how I feel about EJ. Now, he may change after his conversation with God, which is supposed to come up soon, and I am open to that, but as I have also said, I will have to see it to believe it. For me, a new love interest for EJ is going to be a good change in the story in any case.

  166. From DaysFan

    Vivian dreaming about Brady was priceless! I’m appreciating the humour!

    Who ran over Ari? Will this just be another dropped storyline?

    I hope the rumor about the wrap up of the prison story is true – I saw it just as a way to get Hope off the hook. It never really developed as a deep or interesting story for me.

  167. From shay

    I seam to remember when the paternity test came out it showed alot of people saying that it was done! Maybe Daniel is really the father and someone changed it before Caroline had the chance! could be…..

  168. From Jolie

    I agree that Sami has done some really boneheaded things as has Elvis. Nicole has had some low dealings as well and will again. Brady is doing pretty well in that dpt lately as well. We need them all to make the town of Salem spin. So while Elvis isn’t my favorite, I love the way he plays the character and keeps Sami up and jumping. Nicole, I tend to feel sorry for her because Nic has a heart but you have to really root around for it. I’d really like to see her have a stable (2 weeks with no blackmail/devastating secrets) relationship. I just get so tired of Elvis and Sami using the kids. That dialogue needs to move on. We need some romance and guess we’ll get some as Bo/Hope get back and Carly needs some TLC from somewhere. And Katherine, I am going to withdraw my remarks about Elvis and Sami running to God only when they needed Him. You are right, that is how we work as humans. We are fallible.
    Have a great weekend. Maybe we’ll have a fist fight next week! I just hope Gus doesn’t have to give Viv a bikini wax!

  169. From MAB

    IMO, keeping a child from a parent (right under their noses) is the same as kidnapping said child. Sami keeping Grace (then planning to do the same with Sydney) from EJ is just as bad as him kidnapping Sydney. Granted, he did make them all think she was dead, but he came to his senses and realized what he was doing. He tried to make up for it, but to no avail. And Johnny & Sydney were happy having their parents together, and I think they still want that, most kids do.

    The fact still remains that when Sami walked into the room that night and found EJ passed out cold, she knew there was no plan to take the kids and leave that night, so she had plenty of time to make a choice…and she did…she chose to shoot the father of her children. I don’t call the temporary insanity. The only way it could have been considered temporary insanity is if she would have shot him in a fit of rage, while arguing/fighting with a conscious EJ, but that is not how it happened. In a way, I wish it would have because at least Sami could have kept some of her credibility, but now, the writers have chosen to turn her into someone I no longer recognize. Some say she has matured since meeting Rafe, but I don’t think so. I think her relationship with him and turned her into a whiny person who depends on him to do everything for her. As I said, he acts more like her dad than her husband.

    Also, if every all of EJ’s actions were insane, he wouldn’t show any kind of compassion for anyone, including his children. Now I know some of you will protest, saying he only uses his children, but I think he’s proved how much he does love his children. Maybe not in the way some think it should be, but he does. Even Sami & Rafe have admitted to that themselves.

  170. From MAB

    Viv & Gus on that island is hilarious!

  171. From MAB

    Jolie – great post! It’s nice to hear that you like how James Scott delivers on the character of EJ. He is a great actor, and I don’t know why some don’t see it the way you do, rather they just hate him period. He’s doing a job, and doing it very well. You don’t have to like a character to enjoy what they do.

  172. From Grandma Judy

    I have always felt Sami just completely flipped out when she saw the gun. They showed her holding it and having some flashbacks of all that had happened and I think it was to illustrate how she was freaking out. I would have rather had her fess-up right away and take her chances in court. But then we wouldn’t have our story as it is.

    Oh, yes, Vivian and Gus are too funny on that island! Vivian in a whole new environment! Funeeee! And how great was it when Nathan busted in the door with Stephanie standing there in her wedding dress?! Loved it!

  173. From MsBoulder-CO

    #142, Chantel, If Stephanie would have delivered the letter to Nathan from Mel before she got married we’ll never know if they would have been together and then this whole cheating thing may not have happened.

    Why don’t the writers bring Nancy in?? Poor Chloe has no one to help comfort her in her time of need other than Phillip. I would love to see Patrika Darbo!!

  174. From Olive

    I need to give credit where credit is due…the writers have written EJ so convincingly evil and James Scott has played that evilness to the hilt…EJ is such an unredemptive character and for once the writers and actor have nailed it. I physically cringe every time he’s on the screen. The level of control he believes he’s entitled to have over everyone in his life is unbelievable. I’m just curious though as to whether or not he will ever answer for his crimes? Which, let’s face it, are too numerous to go over here. Why does \his day\ only last a few short hours and everyone else suffers for years??

  175. From Gerri

    does anyone remember,that when Sami thought Sydney,belonged to Nicole,she took money,thet her Mom,
    hhad given her,to help Nicole get out of the country (away from EJ,because of his threats?some way to repay someone who had helped you,by giving EJ the tape..Daniel(he Is the pot calling the kittle black)after he slept with Chloe,while she was still married to Lucas.I love the funny parts,with Viv and Gus….maybe this Island,Is where Bo and Hope will end up, that the writers have placed them In a boat..hmm?



  177. From shelia

    I liked it when they shoved vic and gus out of the plane. If they was smart they would have left the parshouts off. i saw on dayscafe today that STEFANO IS THE BOSS. i HOPE MEL AND NAT. get together.I hope Hope and CARLY ANd JEN GET BO OUT . I WILL BE GLAD WHEN THEY BRING THE WARDEN AND lEE AND bEN DOWN . I DON’T LIKE STEP, I USE TO LIKE HER BUT NOT NOW. i HOE CARLY AND DANIEL GET TOGETHER.I NEED MISS A DAY WATCHING DOOL

  178. From missy b

    i agree with #22 i was thinking the samething with mel and nath, the baby will be born with the disease he contracted from his father and it will be nathans, they did do it with bell and shawn, we never saw them sleep together… i still want ej and sami together, i love rafe but he needs to act with someone else, i read where nath is being written off the show in a spoiler i hope that is not true….

  179. From Katherine

    156 Michelle, first of all, I had written an aswer to just about everybody, but whoops,it was gone…
    I like your observation, Sami got her info about EJ trying to take the kids and run, second hand from her “Best Frind” Kate, and she acted on it, shooting an dead to the world EJ.
    But now, EJ could be hearing Sami and talking -again, remember the pier – about taking the kids herself and running, so could he have cause, for shooting her, that is the best question I have heard in a long time being posted on the blog site, writers, please note,

    Good work, and sharp observation my dear, you have a sharp brain,…
    With Nate leaving, I wonder if Stefanie is the one- Prego – well, maybe she is going with him, and you know, I would not excatly feel sorry for Nate, neither him nor Melanie were to clear who they wanted to be with. Well Mel, if you are prego, you have a lot of thinking to do about your baby, and Nate, if you got Stefanie prego, step up to it, you used her, pretended you loved her, now pay the price for the baby.. or Not, we’ll see, where that one is going.
    If Mel doen not loose her Baby, I have a feeling, her and Phil will work it out somehow, because I still think when all the hoopla, pain, and crap is over, the baby is Parker/Mom Jonas’s Name, and belongs to Daniel, sure hope so,,,
    Well, as crazy as it sounds, I like Phil right now, stepping up to trying to be a good guy to Chloe and His “Child”, he is going to redeem himself, I think, but still think after all the bull is done, Dan is the Father of Parker onas, I hope, and Phil and Mel will have their little baby with Phil being a way better man than ever before, give him a break, Melanie was not an angel either over in good old France, ….

  180. From Rose

    Hi LaceyLou, just wanted to think you and Cherie. for understanding what I was trying to say,.I am glad that the truth has come out about phi, chloe and stephanie. it is time that the bad people get what’s coming to them on this show. And I hope that after Johnny last surgery that ej will stop trying to rule everyone and share custody with Sami. And I hope that mel and Nat get together and that Chloe leave off the show her and stephanie. that is all I have to say.

  181. From cindy

    regarding the “STEP” word….i was very lucky. i have a step daughter and when she wanted to start calling me mom at age of 6, we called her mom (my husbands ex) and had a great conversation about it, whereas she gave her blessing. my daughter (because that’s how i think of her) my always been close, and when she recently got married she had my “walked” down the aisle jst like her “real” mom. in the real world sometimes it does work, and i am very grateful that it does. i love her dearly and would hate to loose that. (it probably helps were are all christians as well). havent seen todays show yet, cant see it til 6pm calif time, so looking forward to it. most all the episodes have been great lately!!!

  182. From Bardot

    Great more of Sami blubbering, I don’t think there has been a single day in years that Sami is crying on this show. It wouldn’t bother me so bad if she was better at it. As for Mel, I think her & Chloe get into it, Mel falls & miscarries.

    I do love evil Brady though, he is so much more sexy evil than he was when he was a do gooder.

    And Vivian just brings a little quirkieness to the show & I like it.

    But please someone do something w/Kate, her hair, her jewerly, I mean seriously half the time she looks like a fortune teller.

  183. From Katherine

    179 Rose, sorry to say, Nate is leaving the show, I don’t think Cloe is leaving, to much of a story to tel yet, I think in the end after so much suffering, Dan is Parker’s Dad after all, at least I hope, ok.
    PHil and Mel are having a baby, well it was conceived in love,right, she tells him and everybody she loves Phil, married him because she loved him, ok, now she claims her doubts, nobody forced her to marry Phil, so I give Phil some credit, he thought Mel married him totally out of love for him….. ja, he screwed up when he saw her with Nate, okay he got drunk, give him a break, met up with drunk chloe, they both got more drunk in their misery, and whamo, bingo…. Oh no, that never happens in real life,
    Don’t know where the writers will take this story, now that Nate is leaving, is Stefnie staying???, so will see all the twists and turns,
    but only one thing dear God, make Caroline normal again, that lunatic thing, I just don’t like it at all, it cheapens her character for all the years she’s been a good rock on this show, what’s wrong with you writer guys.

  184. From Katherine

    180 Cindy, I love your blog,
    it all depends again on the situations in divorce, like my grandson, just didn’t want to call my son’s “new woman” mom, so no problem, he calls her Sue. Same with his StepDad, that came later, he calls him Mike, ok. He by now has learned to like both of them, but it took a long time, he was only four when it happened, but lord he was so hurt, it almost killed my heart, because was living with me,most of the time.
    His Mom was his Mom, and Dad was his Dad, and that was it, period.
    Thank God we have come a long way, now he is 11 1/2 and thank you God, things are as good as they could poss. be., hope the same for EJ/Sami/Johnny,..???
    It hurts, I know, I went through so much pain with my Grandson, don’t wish that on anybody….

  185. From Clear

    I see all this about Mark H. leaving, but they put a poll on the one announcement asking if we liked him, etc. I hope they recast the Nathen character and keep him on the show. I don’t care what they do with the manipulative Stephanie. I’m thinking maybe Melanie is being set up to miscarry. I read spoilers about the Big Boss and it said the phoenix is still involved in all kinds of criminal dealings, including being the grand master of the organ theft ring the warden is running. So doesn’t it follow, that he will buy Johnny a new set of eyes. Maybe Stefano stayed in the organ business after hunting a kidney for himself. Remember EJ programmed Patch to bring John and got one of his kidneys? At that point we didn’t know he was Stef’s half brother either, so no wonder he was a match. Perhaps Stefano will not get prosecuted because the police force is mostly Bradys that want the transplant for Johnny even though they expse the organ harvesting ring. I too enjoy Viv and Gus on the island. I read where Viv dreams of unclothed Brady! She is going more demented than when she was in the coffin! She will have to console herself with boy toy Gus. LOL! Poor Vivian, she just wants to be the beloved queen! I could eventually see Melanie with Brady.

  186. From Clear

    PS Maybe Rafe gets too close to getting the goods on the Phoenix and the accident is really a hit put out on him.

    BTW, I thought James Scott was great today wether he has a pink shirt or not. He is so in character evil, emotionally torn, twisted, driven, and obsessed with Sami! Her character still doesn’t seem to have a clue what she could possibly do to get the upper hand since EJ still is in love with her. She’s feisty, but the character seems to lack the finesse and intelligence that her mother Marlena used to manipulate Stefano over the years. Come on writers, you can make this even more interesting!

  187. From Katherine

    `184 Clear, Marlena, Sami’s mother, have nothig in common about the DiMeara man, I don’t know some of you keep bringing up the comparison.

    Marlena and Stefano, Never had a relationship, period, no love, no lust,nothing.
    Sami and EJ had love, lust, hate and more love and lust and hate, so a totally differnet love/hate story, so please anybody, quit comparing Marlena/Stefano to Sami/EJ, so apples and oranges, for heavens sake, did anyboyd ever watch the show back then, they would know, it is Not the Same period, not even close.
    Well Vivi with Brady, ha, ha, remember Kate and EJ, ha, ha. what a joke.
    Hey,everybody, have a great weekend….

  188. From Michelle

    I’ve been wishing for it for over a year…. despite the age difference, I thing Mel and Brady could be a real super-couple.
    Look at the age difference between Dan and Chloe, and even Mel and Phil. Phil isn’t much younger than Brady. I know from experience, it’s the long term friendships that make for the best relationships! My husband and I worked together for 2 years before either of us knew we had an interest in each other, he is 10yrs older than me, and now 5 years later we have an awesome little 2 yr old!
    Go Mel and Brady! Next to EJ and Sami, these are the two I would most like to see together.

  189. From Katherine

    186 Michelle, yes I could see Mel and Brady, they are already good friends, why not, let’s see what happens. Still if she stays prego with Phil’s child, I like to see her work it out with Phil, I sort of like him of late,seems to take on a little responsibility for his actions, and put Kate, his Mother, into her place, loved that secene. Good luck to all the children and babies on this show, tired of seeing so much pain for them, but I know, the story line demands all kinds of reallity/painful storylines, whatever, but I am not to happy watching it when I am trying to get some happy moments on a show, but I guess we have to accept the good with the bad….

  190. From Michelle

    I just got caught up with spoilers on another site I a into, and it shows that for Valentines Day there is a “Rafe 1″ and “Rafe 2″, and the DiMera basement is one of the settings. No other details.
    I find this VERY intriguing. Maybe overdone in past s/l’s, but intriguing nonetheless. Especially for the implications it will have on Sami. We have all seen the spoilers that say Rafe will have a car accident that he has major injuries from (amnesia). But now imagine if somehow, someway, during all this, Stefano and/or EJ manage to find a double for him and replace him with someone less apt to put up with Sami’s shit. Oops, sorry, meant s**t. :-)
    Also, we have all read how there is another Hernandez sibling coming into play soon; maybe he will be Rafe’s long lost twin, who they use to replace the real Rafe while he’s being held and tortured in the DiMera basement.

  191. From Michelle

    And despite my above post that I would love Mel and Brady together, I also thing that Brady belongs with Nicole.
    I defintely don’t want Nicole with EJ, though I do believe the kids need her very much at this point in time.
    I have never liked Philip, I would like to see him and Chloe dissappear. Chloe is gorgeous but I just don’t see any real talent in her.
    Kate has been known to be a bit of a “cougar”, and with Brady’s state of mind, that could be a pairing they are working towards, but we know it won’t be long term if they do go that route. More of an “affair” kind of thing.
    I guess ulitmately I would like to see Nicole have her happy ending with Brady, a new baby (or Sydney if she is Nicole’s biologically) and the whole white picket fence deal that I think Nicole has the potential to adapt to quite well. Especially if power hungry Brady gets control of Titan, they can have their own mansion and yada yada yada.
    If that can’t happen, then I would like to see Mel and Brady. Even if she is prego with Philip’s baby. I think Brady could be a big enough person to accept a baby that wasn’t his for his true love. But then again, I’m already second guessing myself saying that because we haven’t seen him show any interest in Sydney. True, she’s not Nicole’s (as far as we know at this time), but he know’s how much Nicole loves her and he’s never shown much interest in Sydney either as his niece or “supposed” child of his true love.
    So I guess all I have accomplished in this blog is confusing myself even more!
    Sorry everyone… :-)

  192. From ky girl

    well well so we have a “ej” hater on here. well i’m a galen gering hater, i think the actor is very arrogant in real life, i didn’t like what he said when asked about the writers having lindsey hartly (ari) killed off the show. and he said something like “well some actors don’t connect with the audience.” like he does? so i don’t like his charactor, rafe, he doesn’t connect with me. i’m glad he’s going to have amnesia and we don’t have to see him and sami together. they make me sick. i am sorry to see mark hapka go, i always thought he looked like matt damon. hope to see him on primetime.

  193. From Michelle

    Ky girl:

    Matt Damon + Ben Affleck = Mark Hapka

    I always thought so too, and agree that he was not given an opportunity to show any real talent.

  194. From lc

    Please..oh please…if I ever have to wear a tracking device please let it be a diamond bracelet like Nicole’s!!!!

    Really enjoyed Sami “behaving” when EJ walked in after Johnny ran away.

  195. From EJ Hater

    I was really disappointed in Victor the other day when he denounced Parker. Vic is always family, family, family but this is now the 2nd grandchild that he has “brushed under the carpet”. Even though I hate the Demiras (get ready now, I’m going to praise one) I have to give kuddos to Stepheno for alway welcoming his his long lost children, and there have been a few. Although their mother’s never wanted Stephano to find out about them, when they have come out of the wood work Stehano has always welcomed them with open arms. So I guess Sami is no different than the mothers of Stephano children, by trying to hide the parentiy of Sydney. Just that Sami is not as smart.

  196. From Bones

    Stefano is the big boss, and the warden and doc work for him and I sure hope he is no using his grandson(Giovani) as a player in all this organ mess. What a stupid story anyway, and I can not remember who pockets mom was?

  197. From Grandma Judy

    Being a Galen Gering and Rafe lover, I found Michelle’s comment #188 interesting and think it would be great to have him in a duo role. I find it very believable that Rafe gets too close to some provable truths about the DiMeras and they are responsible for Rafe’s accident. And, since he doesn’t die, they could take him and mess with his brain. I haven’t read anything about Rafe having amnesia, though, except in the comments on this site.

    I always wanted Melanie and Nathan to get toether but, since he’s leaving the shows, I could settle for her with Brady. Kate was really laying it on thick yesterday, wasn’t she, talking to Parker with Chloe standing right there. Such a beautiful baby they have playing Parker!

  198. From Janiebell

    Doanother DNA test already and this time get things right. Results should prove without a dought that Daniel is Parker’s dad.

  199. From Just Moi

    Michelle & Judy…That could be good. I think most of the actors on Days are very good at what they do with what they writes dish at them. I also like Galen, I watched a bit of passions but mainly to see him lol.

    Funny how I was thinking Mel & Brady also, I though awhile back, when they were both trying to save Stephanie, that they would of made a good couple. Although I think her and Phil make a great couple and I hope they can make it. Mel and Anyone but Nathan (sorry Judy..hehe) would be good. IMO I never really liked Nathan he’s too wishy washy for me.

  200. From Clear

    Katherine, Marlena and Stefano certainly had a relationship when he had her in a cage. He lusted after her though she did not return the feeling and used it against him. I was looking at some of the pix from when Marlena first was with John and he was the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome! I never liked her character that much though Deirdre Hall certainly pulled off the Dr. Ice Queen and detached from feelings in story lines to do some great acting scenes.

    BTW, when I was reading spoilers I noted that Stefano is going to tell Lexie and EJ that they have a brother soon in a future episode. EJ is not going to be pleased.

    I thought Pocket’s mother was Mimi? Wasn’t that the accidental pregnancy the surrogate carried because of the “Gloved Hand?”

    I know that I don’t want to see Rafe down in the Dimera Dungeon, or with a twin. That’s been done on Days and I think I would find it boring as a story line. I would still watch just to see Galen! The Days people need to get rid of EJ”s pink shirt and the bright rose lipstick they keep putting on Galen! Neither one of them need these things! Especially EJ and the shirt, he can go without one! LOL!

  201. From Clear

    PS My son cannot stand Nathen’s character, and I like him. I asked why and he said he needs to mind his own business and keep his wimpy mouth shut. So from the male perspective, he saw him as a busybody and not a manly man. I was surprised because at least the information he got was because he listened at the door, and because he looked in Stephanie’s email, and he is up front about what he thinks. At least he didn’t overhear half of something at the pier and keep it from everyone for months. I like his character and hope they recast him if they will not keep the actor. I never liked Arianna’s character, but think they should have kept her alive to uncover more of Rafe’s past.

  202. From Just Moi

    KY Girl You Go Girl!!! and hate all you want! Don’t keep it in it is not good for you. Personally I find Galen not bad looking but a bit on the hairy side for my preference. As for how he is personally? I don’t know him so I can’t comment on that but as far as his comment about the Ari I would have to agree as I certainly didn’t connect with the character. Thought she was boring, whiney, a Stephanie wanna be and reading some of the comments on here I have to say that both Rafe and Galen have connected with alot of fans. The Rafe character I think he is way out of his league with Sami. She is too munipulative, a user and just plain mean. Her and EJ are a match made in Hell. Rafe is too laid back, soft spoken, and until Sami came along, a law abiding citizen from what we were shown. He is too good for Sami. I think he and the old Stephanie would of made a good pair. I know the age difference but this IS make believe.

  203. From Clear

    Yeah you are probably right, Moi. As for Galen, I like fur! Hairy is fine with me. I agree about the character of Stephanie when she first came on because she was an honest and loyal person. Now they have made her a manipulative, lying slut since the days of Jeremy Horton. I wonder if they will ever bring him back? He had redeemed himself somewhat and the writers could write him a strong manly Horton character if they wanted to do it, and find him a strong lady to work with in the future. Did I read that Eric is coming back, or was that rumor? I cannot keep up. I did enjoy watching the old You Tube videos of Sami, Nicole and her sister.

  204. From Clear

    You know one would think that Marlena and John would be in touch with their children including Sami. We haven’t seen Chloe’s parents lately, and wouldn’t Shawn and Belle be upset about what has happened to their parents if anyone is in touch with them. Normally parents, siblings, and children at least keep in touch by phone or email writers. Did Chloe’s parents ever even meet Daniel, and don’t they want to see their new grandchild?

  205. From Irene

    I feel the same way about John and Marlena not being around for their kids, or them even being mentioned.

    As for Sidney being Nichole’s baby, didn’t we see her having the miscarriage and wearing that pregnancy thing the whole time. I do not think that at the point, in her pregnancy, when she had the miscarriage that the baby would be viable, or am I wrong on that?

    I still want Sami with Lucas.

    And I hope the next one to go is Stephanie. I cannot stand her or Carly.

    This show has written off too many great characters and has to much repetition with story lines.

    Well, that is it for me today. Every so often I have to put my two cents in (lol).

  206. From Sandy

    #195 Grandma Judy
    I sure would hate to see the writers go down this road of messing with Rafe’s brain. This would be just to much like John and Marlena’s storyline. Stefano really scrambled John’s gray matter over and over until he was almost unrecognizable. And now to have Marlena’s daughter Sami go through the same thing with Rafe. Evil is, as Evil does and the DiMera’s are very good at being Evil at so many levels. If the writers go this way with Rafe I surely hope it’s a storyline that lasts a very short time. Or don’t mess it up to where it is just dropped like Arianna’s death. As a dedicated Days fan I want closure to Ari’s character …Hey Days writers who did the hit and run on Arianna????

  207. From Clear

    Didn’t the producer of this soap say something about a tried and true formula? If he means the same old story line over and over, there are a few new ideas and challenges out there I hope the writers are smart enough to branch out. I hope they continue to stick to traditional values though, and don’t want to see any awful violent and amoral endings for the characters either. I’m with you and what you said Sandy. As for Nicole’s baby, since this is fiction I would like to find out that the baby was sold by the bad doctor for his gambling debts and is out there.

    I wish they would give Nicole and EJ a clue that Nicole’s baby is still alive and they find her. I know it has been done before with Chelsea, but I want them to find her now, and not when she’s grown! That would definitely put a new wrinkle in the EJ, Nicole, Sami, and Brady relationships wouldn’t it?

  208. From Clear

    One more Postcript! Wouldn’t the costume ball for charity be a great idea for Valentine’s Day? I would love to see all the characters in ball gowns and fancy costumes interacting and not knowing to whom they are speaking part of the time. I enjoyed seeing them in their Christmas finery having family time, or what there was of it. It was sad and sparse this year! It would be more interesting than watching them eavesdrop if they had masks on talking to someone unknown! I’d even like one of the new characters added with a Cinderella glass slipper clue for someone to follow up on. Good idea writers?

  209. From Katherine

    198 Clear, about Stefano and Marlena, they never had a relationship like Sami and EJ, yes Stefano lusted after her, but it was always onesided period.
    Sami and EJ have children, were married, almost twice, there were feelings from both parties for each other, not onesided like Stefano and Marlena, that’s what I am trying to say.
    I like EJ’s pink and blue shirt on him, He can carry those colors very well IMO. Sorry, I gues EJ can’t please everybody, so it’s better he pleases me… because I like him.
    As for Rafe’s pink lipstick, maybe Sami likes it…
    That Rafe/Stefano DiMera SL sounds interesting, as long as it is not a repeat John/Stefano line.
    I agree, it would be nice if the writers now and then mention Family Members that are not in Salem, like Sami mentioning, I talked to my Mom..bla, bla, talked to Carrie, Eric so on,
    or where is Nancy to be with her daughter to help her with the new Baby, there is no logic to the SL to just not mention Chloe’s parents at all…
    Wonder how they get Stefano out of this organ mess?? to survive on the show..

  210. From patsy

    You know as much as I like EJ/JAMES ,I get so tired of this hero worship and hearing how prefect he is no matter how bad he is they blame eveything on SAMI/ALI Make me not want to like him or watch him any more .HE,S GOOD LOOKING TALL AND SPEAKS WITH A N ACCENT AND IS VERY TALENTED BUT COME ON NOW HIS JUST A MAN.come on back to reality and see him for what he is JUST a man.

  211. From houston

    Mel is pregnant with Nate’s child. She and Nate were in bed together when they were quarantined. He was trying to keep her warm one night and he got into her bed. Neither of them remember, but they did the nasty and made a baby. They won’t know it for a while, but it will come out eventually. That’s my take on the situation, and I LIKE this scenario! We’ll see!!!

  212. From Katherine

    208 Patsy, there is no Hero worship for EJ, I blog all the time how he needs to come around and put his children first, before his “feelings” for Sami.
    To me, he is good looking, to you somebody else might have. It’s all in the eyes of chemistry, that we all have for people without ryhme or reason.
    And let’s face it, All Man, are just Man, that’ all there is, I, last I looked, I get turned by “Just a Man”, that’s life.
    Patsy I know what you are trying to say, Sami and EJ, both make me mad, they both need to get straightend out,
    but EJ/James- I like what I see and hear, the person on the screen, if James potrayed Rafe, I probably would swing more for Rafe, who knows, but then Rafe would come across so boring.
    Thanks for letting me comment back to you, enjoy it.

  213. From Katherine

    meant: but then Rafe would Not come across so boring, at least to me, IMO

  214. From Just Moi

    I guess I only half copied and pasted by blog #200.
    I meant to say also that although I am a James fan, I think he is an awsome actor and very good looking, except for all the suits and pink shirts (sorry Katherine hehe) I am not a big EJ fan. I was when there were doing the Santos/Colleen story line and I wished at that time for Ejami but now with all this going on I am not so much an EJ fan, guess I’ve fell victem to the writers. I will alway like James!
    Clear…I love your idea of a Ball for Valentines! Everyone all decked out in their finery…ohh la la…Though I don’t care for EJ’s everyday suits to see him, BRADY, Rafe and al. in tuxes would make my day!

  215. From Just Moi

    PS…Clear someone’s gotta love the hairy ones…thank for stepping up to the plate :)

  216. From Clear

    houston, I wonder if you are on to something since they keep repeating old story lines. Maybe Mel is prego with Nathan’s–if they were sick and hallucinating! LOL! I still think that because of the illness and no one has died this week that they will probably write a miscarry in for Mel. Too funny, Moi! Our heroes usually have more fur than they show because they wax and oil them. I prefer “au natural!”

    If they had the masked ball we could have romance, intrigue, conflict, suggestive innuendo, chemistry, tension, love, random acts of kindness, and yes –action/adventure! Writers can you write it?

  217. From houston

    Why does everyone think Mel will miscarry? I think she’ll believe it’s Phillip’s and go back to him, EVEN if Nate asked her not to (just because of the baby). Then, later, after it’s born, will realize it was Nate’s all along, but he’ll already be married to Steph!! OMG! Sounds like a soap opera!!

  218. From Delores

    I really think that Mel. will have a miscarry, after she has a fight with step, I am wondering if they are going to recast Nate. Since he has been let go. I hope Phillip stays with Cloe that is where he belongs. I think Mel, needs someone who can love and respect her.can’t wait for Nicole Sister, this should be good, Since Nicole thinks she is going to marry EJ. I am so happy she will be along.

  219. From houston

    Nicole, alone? Won’t happen! She’ll be screwing up men’s lives, just like Choloe for a long time. And, if Nate leaves for good. Mel will end up with her best friend BRADY!!

  220. From barbie

    I think Melanie should have a miscarriage caused by Stephanie. If she carries to term, there will be no way that Phillip will leave her the hell alone. He’s like a dog with a bone, he wouldn’t leave her alone to sort through her feelings with Nathan and look where that landed her and ultimately Phillip. If she has a miscarriage that Stephanie causes, then she and Nathan can be in the free and clear to be together- no ties to Phillip, if she tries to pass it off as Nathans, if they do end up together it will be another lying about the father storyline. Been there done that, ready for something new.

  221. From barbie

    just read a few more blogs and wanted to add some ideas, guess I did not realize that Nathan’s character is being let go….NOOOOOOO! this is so disturbing. So someone had the idea that Melanie would find out it is Nate’s after thinking it was Phillips, it would be a great twist if they had gotten “together” when they were in quarantine together and didn’t remember and the baby would be Nathans. I also like the idea of Brady being with Melanie. They have a special friendship and I could totally see them connecting on a more serious level but I still would love to see her and Nathan together- they are cute! Wish Stephanie would have been let go instead of him.

  222. From Clear

    Spoilers that I read said when Mel and Stephanie have their fight that Melanie falls.

    Yes, Barbie, I wonder why Nate would be going instead of Steph. Did anyone figure out if the character Nathen will be recast?

  223. From Janiebell

    NNathan adds nothing to the show but then there are other “air head odd balls”, that does not add anything to the show either. If one is going make a clean sweep of all the dead weight and get back to writing good belivableabl scripts.

  224. From Katherine

    I really hope Mel does not loose the baby, I don’t wish that on anyone, Mel would be going through such a rough time for like forever, that would not be a good storyline, look what happened to Nicole loosing her baby, could only imagine what would happen with Melanie, she is so emotional. No let her have her baby, it’s is no matter what, a Baby conceived out of love, Phil’ or Nathan’s seems she loves them both. IMO
    I wish Nathan did not leave, Stefanie, yes, I could do without her, IMO. Don’t understand why the writers couldn’t write the character of Nate a lot better, so another “Horton” gone, Lucas gone, Jeremy Horton (Mike’s son) gone, Micky gone, What do the writers have against Horton’s, I would like to see more to build up the Horton Dynasty again, any of you agree, fill up the Horton House again, have Parties and Holdays there….

  225. From Clear

    Yes, Katherine, I agree with all you just wrote. I still think they are going to let Melanie’s pregnancy mess up her chances with Nathen and then if not miscarry she will come close to losing it. I don’t like it when they let the characters miscarry because this is my fantasy soap opera and all that is too close to real life events that happen to a lot of the women watching this who feel pain along with the character. I want to laugh with the characters and root for my favorite Hortons and Bradys to prevail while I watch romance, adventure and intrigue. Let the villains get their just desserts, even though they never stay in jail, they need justice and suffer the consequences, but no murder! I hate that Stefano is going to be found to be the Big Boss involved with the organs though I suspected it was a Dimera. Yet I perversely hope he gets eyes for Johnny, though it wouldn’t have to be by murdering someone. I would have preferred it to be the rotten D.A. like someone else suggested. Drugs, smuggling, and prostitution were bad enough.

  226. From Katherine

    223 Clear, Big Ditto, I had hoped also that it would be the DA, to free up Chad from that uncaring man/father.
    Curious how they will show Stefano, and how much he knew about the operation, if Lee did some “extra” stuff, like killing inmates, to get the organs,we saw she did all this for the money,
    hopefully, IMO, Stefano was involved only to the extent, of getting organs, if somebody “Just died” in prison. Killing for organs, and him ordering that, to much, but the other way, if somebody dies and no family, put the organs to good use. Don’t know what to think yet..
    Bye Clear,

  227. From fred

    the wardens boss turns out to be stefeno

  228. From Janiebell

    I hope that Bo and Hope get back home safley.
    Bad weather is coming in all over, or so I hear;so everyone please be careful if you must be out and about, accidents can happen so fast and so easy.

  229. From Leah

    I reckon Salem well and truly needs some cleaning out… BUT UNFORTUNATELY when TPTB do it they do it with the wrong characters. I hate the fact that it is rumoured TPTB are letting go of another Horton (Nathan) to replace him with another Hernadez. They did it when they let Lucas go and replaced him with Rafe. I hate it… I want to be able to recognise Days. We need to keep the stalwart families and honor the shows history. Get rid of the intruders and newcomers and keep the Horton, Brady, Dimera and Kirkakus families strong. Loved it how when Alice died characters such as Carrie, Lucas, Jennifer and Mike came back. The only shame was John and Marlena weren’t there. So out with the new and keep the old.

  230. From Leah

    As far as the continually bickering about Sami, EJ and Rafe… if you put aside your character preference and be unbias THEN AND ONLY THEN will you be able to admit the whole three are no better than each other. Rafe is a dirty cop who uses his connections and influence to continually do illegal stuff. Rafe doesn’t respect or uphold the law. I’ve never really liked him but the way he treated Arianna (his sister) when she found out the truth about Sami shooting EJ was disgusting. He tried to threaten, bully and manipulate her… what a great brother – NOT! He has continually threatened to kill Nicole or anyone else who crosses him… he really needs to get caught (along with Roman and Bo) and be made to resign from the police department and look for a new career. He CANNOT be taken seriously as a coppa. As for Sami she is yet again a victim of her own games and devices. Will the girl ever learn… unfortunately I don’t think so PARTICULARLY now she is surrounded with a group of enablers. At least with EJ she was accountable and remorseful for her actions but with the enablers supporting her its everybody elses fault and not hers. She shows no remorse and in fact justifies ALL her actions. I find her despicable now and with Rafe a total bore. Where has our Sami gone? To sleep… which is a shame. I liked her taste of danger, adventure, spunk and fiestness. As for EJ yes he’s does terrible things some very cold hearted BUT out of the three EJ gets more of my sympathy than the rest. Didn’t like the Sydney napping, didn’t like his treatment of Sami making her leave her child in the hospital but I understand his reasoning. SAMI lied to him about being pregnant with Sydney, SAMI kept it a secret from him, SAMI chose not to tell him when she thought their daughter Grace was dying in the hospital ONLY AFTER SHE DIED did she tell him. How horrible and vandictive. SAMI hinted at her and Rafe taking Sydney from EJ (her primary care giver since day 1) and keeping her for themselves, SAMI shot the father of her kids in the head and left him for dead. AND EVERYONE WONDERS WHY EJ IS SO ANGRY WITH HER? He has every right to be EJ like many others through most of the Sydney storyline has been the victim of Sami and Safes games of deception. Sami started it all… simply she should have listened to Lucas and told EJ the truth from day 1 and look at how much that could have been avoided! As I said of those three characters none are better than the other.

  231. From Leah

    PS: I’m really enjoying Nicole and Brady together. Even though I’m hating all these unplanned pregnancies IF anyone else was to get pregnant I WISH IT WAS NICOLE WITH BRADYS CHILD. Yes Nicole acted like a good mother towards Sydney and Johnnie and I think it would be great for Bradys character too! Give him more depth and keep him and Nicole connected for life. Oh wouldn’t it be great to see John Blacks grandchild running around on Days – LOL

  232. From Rebecca

    I am so upset reading that Nathan (Mark Hapka) is leaving the show. I love him in his role! Just when there was a chance for him and Melanie. I wish they could let love happen and last for someone instead of something happen to ruin it each time.

  233. From Katherine

    227,228 Leah, I like the way you summed it all up pretty good,
    it little John Black, well it would also be a little Kiriakis/DeMera, could be a very good thing,raised by the right parents…

  234. From cindy

    i think melanie is pegnant with phillip’s baby because it seems she was having a few symptoms befor the quarentine. not sure, cuz my timing could be off; but that’s how i remember it. if she loses it, then i agree with you all about her and brady as a couple. but only is she loses the baby, otherwise want her and phillip to work it out. i always thought it was kind of weird how her and brady were such good friends (didn’t she even have brady give her away?). think it would be a good s/l to have that friendship blossom into something more. maybe she could straighten brady up!!!lol i don’t realy care one way or the other about nathan leaving since never really liked the charcter much (maybe could have if it weren’t for the stupid nate/stephanie s/l….never liked that matchup).

  235. From cindy

    also….i agree with all you who think not at least making reference to shawn and belle or john/ well as chloe’s parents…is a big mistake for the writers. not having an actual appearance is one thing but they could make mention of them. like a phone call or something. they writers probably don’t want to even mention them because all the fans already want those characters back really bad, and to even bring them up would stir up those feelings even more!!! i do believe chloe and daniel did go and visit chloes family while on their honeymoon though.

  236. From cindy

    thanks katherine….i know i’m very lucky to have a great relationship with my step-daughter. i also have a 6 yr old grandson, and even though my son and his mom are not together, i also have a good relationship with my ex-daughter-in-law. i’m very BLESSED…i have many friends that aren’t that lucky, and have to fight to even get a few minutes with their grandkids….sounds like you and are are among the fortunate ones. you katherine, as well as MAB and others.. glad we can agree to disagree and share our likes and dislikes without being hateful and cruel. we probably will never agree on the ej/sami s/l but we should be able to discuss our sides without that being said,,,my problem with ej keeping the kids from sami isn’t so much that’s hes doing it (i understand revenge on what sami’s done to him) it’s that he’s hurting his kids especially johnny by doing so. that boy has practically begged to see his mom and ej tells him “you just have to trust me”. he’s way to young to understand the dynamics of his parents relationship. all he know is he wants his mommy. the boy is recovering from cancer surgery and needs BOTH his parents IMO. ej better wake up or he could lose his son all together. and i don’t mean legally, but emotionally.

  237. From Gerri

    When EJ wouldn’t allow Sami to be by her son’s beside,after his surgery,It spoke volumes,as to the kind of evil person he is,Johnnie wanted and needed her there,but EJ,and his revenge against her,came first…
    what a spiteful and mean person,he is,he really showed that father;s concern for his child,didn’t he?

  238. From coogar

    Clear great idea a Valentintes Ball. Is it budget cutting perhaps that they don’t have the glammor that they used to have. The dismal New Years Fireworks Party was the producers version of an extravaganza it was pathetic. Thought they could do better than that in Holywood. Weddings which used to be big productions have fallen flat lately too. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a glamore hog, but I expect a little more from a soap than what has been presented lately. There was a time when all the stops were pulled. A wedding was a much anticipated & highly viewed event. A very entertaining visual. Talk was about how the bride & brides maids looked. Prosprective brides would look for knock off wedding gowns, copy-cat attendant dresses or toned down versions of the more extreme coutoure. Trends were set in ring designs, flowers, colors, themes, hair styles and the ceremony it self.
    I would like to have seen a little more of a SL with Chad & his father leading up to the estrangement. The quickness in which MR. DA disowned his own flesh & blood (at last that’s what he thought at the time). It would explain some his behavior if he knew all along that Chad really was not his. To write off the remaining link of Madeline your child, the child you loved & raised for 18 years, due to the inability to forgive well, thats cold. Yes, it makes a quick tidy way to get another DiMera heir on board. But it’s just plain lazy on the part of writers not put a little more dimension to the emotional facets such a catastrophic split up.

  239. From jenny

    to bad nathans leaving. this is bs. im not watching this show anymore melanie is my favorite and now she wont have a happy ending this is bull.

  240. From Katherine

    234 Coogar, I always understood that Chad was adopted by the DA and Madeline, it was mentioned quite a while ago when Mia was still around, Not that it is any excuse for the Way the DA/father behaved. I feel very bad for Chad, in an instant he lost his Mother and Father, where is he living right now, and who is help support him, the writers never touch on that?????

  241. From Clear

    Chad has just been sort of waiting in the wings. Is he in school, working, or what? Where is he?

    I’m hoping for some good slapstick funny humour from Viv and Gus on the island this week. I look at Vivian for comic relief this week I hope. I thought it was really funny when they were unceremoniously exited from the plane, and think there are all kinds of creepy crawlies on the island that will be a problem for Viv. Can you imagine maybe Gus riding her around the island on his back, and her with a quirt! LOL!

  242. From coogar

    Up late studying for a test work related certification test did not have time to study with all that was going on this weekend. That’s kind of my point. They have really dropped the ball on how this kid is getting by. How is he making ends meet and managing to survive? Not to mention the dialogue between father & son. This could have been a 5 hanky sl. Some may think EJ is cold but Chad’s dad doesn’t win any father of the year awards in my book either.
    I think Viv and Gus are going to be a riot on that island together. Gus is just going to have to turn in to a limp version of MaGyver(spelling?) I recall someone’s analysis being spot on in comparing it to Mrs. Howell & Gilligan. Laughed my but off with thaat visual.

  243. From Janiebell

    Trees and ground are covered over with snow and ice; at leastthe electric power is still on, but very cold.

    Sami get your 4 chilfren together and keep them warm, dry, and together.

  244. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    Just read that when Rafe is in a car accident, that Stefano will replace him with a double. I guess Rafe gets too close to the truth about the Dimeras. One would think Sami would be able to figure out it is not him, but an imposter. Hopefully, the EJ and Sami part of this will be over with soon. So tired of EJ being around Sami or the kids. I really find him disgusting right now through all of the hospital stuff Johnny is going through. Even the actor gets on my nerves in his interviews. Sometimes I wonder if James can separate his character from reality. Even Galen and Ali seem to be grounded in their interviews about their characters.

  245. From Just Moi

    #234 Coogar… I hear you about the weddings but I guess in this day and age, with people getting married multipal times (ie. Sami, Cloe) that if they had ane elaborate wedding every time that the show would go broke for sure. Look at Sami 2 weddings in one week. hehe

  246. From Just Moi

    #239 BoAndFancy…I’m hearing you about EJ, although I like James and think he is a great actor, I am so hating the EJ character lately. I am ready to turn it off when he is on, that’s how fed up I am.
    I understand when people say that they want stuff like real life, but another sick baby (if Mel is pregnant) will be too much. I want to watch to get away from reality not to watch it on TV.

  247. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    I agree. I want some reality to the stories, but prefer the adventure, romance and love conquers all stories that Days used to have from the 60s to the 80s. The brainwashing and doubles stories are getting ridiculous, IMO.

  248. From Rachel

    EJ’s character is getting boring. It’s the same thing over and over with his character. He’s cold and cruel. Especially to his own children. He does not deserve them. He may claim to love them, but they are clearly just pawns in his game to hurt Sami. His obsession with her needs to come to an end. Enough is enough. He should have had a wake up call when Sami shot him, but he didn’t. Then he should have had a wake up call when Johnny was diagnosed with cancer, but he didn’t. Supposedly he does this time, but that will remain to be seen. Even if he does, it will probably be short lived. EJ cannot stand that Sami loves Rafe and not him. It has never been about love with Sami. EJ only plays nice with the children when Sami is around. It is a game to him. He needs to grow up. Sami has done some bad things in her life, but nothing compared to EJ. The writers need to wake up and end their connection all together. Past time for EJ to find someone new to tortue. Let Sami be happy with Rafe. She deserves some happiness; so do her children. They would be better off with Sami and Rafe. Not liking the idea of Rafe being replaced with a double. Hasn’t Days done this enough to other characters.

  249. From MAB

    Gerri – regarding Sami giving Nicole that money, it was John’s money she gave Nicole, not Marlena’s. Also, Nicole was running because she didn’t want to get caught, not because of EJ’s threats. He even kicked her out of the mansion.

    Katherine – I agree, you can’t compare Marlena & Stefano with Sami & EJ. Marlena never had a relationship with Stefano other than him being obsessed with her. Sami & EJ…they not only had a relationship, but they share children…and have shared every emotion under the sun with each other. BIG difference.

    Leah – I so agree with you about Days getting rid of long time characters, especially characters related to the core families, only to replace them with a new family…just like the Hernandez family. They are all a waste of space IMO. No one will ever convince the show did not get rid of Lucas just to replace him with Rafe.

    #227 Leah – fantastic post!

  250. From MAB

    I will never think Sami flipped out when she shot EJ…she shot him out of anger, not by being temporarily insane.

    I see a lot of you would like to see Mel & Brady as couple. I have to disagree with you all on this one. I don’t see any romantic chemistry between Mel & Brady, and besides, I like them as friends. There are no men/women who are “just” friends on the show. I thought the same of Sami & Lucas…always great as friends, but horrible as a couple. It’s not so much the age thing. I just think Mel is too immature for the likes of Brady. I thought Mel should have been in a younger crowd when she came to the show, but there was really no one to put her with, so I guess that’s why they threw her in with the older crowd. I think Nathan is a good match for her, but that won’t be happening since he’s leaving the show, unless they recast him. And besides, Nicole belongs with Brady! They are great together!

    Mimi was Pocket’s mother.

    Whether we as fans connect with a character or not, the actors should not be commenting on another actor like that, saying no one connected with their character. It is not only rude, but conceded.

    Rafe is in no way soft spoken. He is mean, loves to yell & bark orders, and always wants to be in control.

    EJ fans do not make him out to be perfect. We admit to his faults, while trying to point out that he has reasons for what he does what he does, just like those who claim Sami & Rafe do. As far as hero worship, that is left for most of the Rafe fans. They think he walks on water.

    Most are speculating Mel will miscarry because Stephanie starts a fight with her, pushes her, and she falls.

  251. From Sandy

    Reported by DaysCafe January 10, 2011

    Old school Stefano plots to replace Rafe with an IMPOSTER!

  252. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    I have to agree with Galen. I never liked Ari’s character or the actress. I was one that never connected with her at all. I think he spoke the truth about her. Even the writers saw it and fired her. I feel the same about Nathan. Next should be Stephanie, then Melanie.

    I agree with MAB, I don’t want to see Brady with Melanie. To me, Melanie belongs with Phillip. I may be in the minority, again, but I think Melanie got what she deserved. She always moved in on Stephanie’s boyfriend or fiance. It always appeared that Melanie wanted what Stephanie had. Stephanie was engaged to Phillip, but Melanie slept with him anyways.

    Can’t wait to see Bo and Hope’s emotional goodbye…..should be good. I love these 2 together.

    I hope Chloe and Daniel work things out. Just would love to see Carly all alone.

  253. From Katherine

    What does it mean, Bo and Hope’s emotional goodbye… ????
    I have seen EJ with his kids and the most loving way, more than I have ever seen Sami on the screen.
    I agree a lot about EJ’s coldness in his decisions, towards Sami vs. Kids, but not when it comes to his very loving interactions with the Kids, always, even when Sami is Not around.
    Let’s keep it a little factual and fair.
    Women, Sami/Nicole, their lies and betrayals are a big part of EJ’s cold heart towards them, yes it does cloud his actions when it comes to keeping Sami away from Johnny, (I don’t like it one bit) but to be so onesided in looking at Sami and EJ, IMO I don’t like that either.
    If the Shoe was on the other foot, it would be a long cold day and pigs would fly, before Sami would let EJ be near Johnny, sick or not, the would have him removed by “Her PoliceDP” in a minute.
    I know that, and every other fair minded bloggers would know that.
    However, I agree, it’s time to move along the EJ/Sami SL, enough…
    So in order to get away with the Rafe/imposter story, “Rafe” will have amnesia…. that’s the same SL they did on Passions, when Luis had a double due to Alistair Crane.
    Please don’t start borrowing SL’s from Passions, that show was the most awful, dumb show on TV, and guess what, it’s gone.
    Writers, put out a contest, let bloggers/fans submitt SL Plots, new ones, never done, and you pick some of the best ones, could Not be any worse, than what you guys are coming/repeating up with.
    I am almost sure, the way the SL went so unusually quick, Dan is Parker’s father, they are just getting a little mileage out of it, some pain and suffering, extra SL and then will find out, surprise, Dan is the Daddy….
    Got to have Chloe and Dan pay for their sins, through some good old suffering, ha….You say what???

    IMO, when EJ was together with Sami or Nicole, he was always the most loving caring man/husband/father to be, etc. until the women’s lies and deceipt came out, he would get stone cold.
    Yes, his deceipt came out too about the kidnapping,
    so Sami went one step further and decided he needed to be killed.
    When he finally found out that “Grace’ was his, he turned even more cold, but he never tried to kill Sami, yes he tried Nicole, but we will never know if he would have or not (I don’t think so) because Dan intervened….
    EJ, Sami, Nicole etc. they all need some divine intervention, so let’s keep that really honest and straight, to me in that “BOOK” of DOOL, EJ is a very powerful character, so is Sami, Nicole and Stefano and Vivian….
    Bring back the Horton’s, they are the foundation of DOOL,
    If Galen voiced opinions about Ari the character and Lindsey the actress, Not very Professional IMO.
    Now I like him even less.
    Ironic, Sami helped Nicole with John’s money to run with the child, Did Sami facilitate a Kidnapping of a child…../
    We all know that the baby was not Nicole’s legally… Sami, I know you always talk about taking the kids and run, “kidnap” them, and when EJ did it, the world came to an end for the “would be kidnap queen”, so ironic.
    Hold it bloggers, I am not condoning what EJ did, but just pointing out the irony of it all.
    Actually, I think, looking back over the last 20weeks, in Sami’s career of deeds/crimes she way has outdone EJ, some of you just forgot, or have never been privi to seeing those SL’s, IMO.

  254. From Katherine

    corr.: I meant last 20 Years, in Sami’s career..
    Just thought about it, Luis on Passions, the double part, was not excactly as what might be coming on DOOL,
    The real Rafe will be held by Stefano, and the imposter will be with Sami… or wherever???? with amnesia, to cover the behaviour of the imposter….
    Well one thing for sure, if “Rafe” has amnesia, he won’t be Police Commander any more..
    Wonder if EJ will know what his fatha is doing???? So now, which Rafe is falling in love with somebody else, the real one or the imposter??????
    Puzzeled in PA

  255. From MAB

    I would like someone to give me an example of how EJ is cold & cruel to his children, other than the same old song & dance about him keeping them from Sami, when she did the exact same thing to him.

    If anyone needs to grow up, it’s Sami. She needs to stop letting a man (Rafe) make all her decisions for her, and treat her like he’s her husband, not her dad.

    Some of you may want Sami & EJ’s connection broken, but there are plenty of us out there who don’t. And as long as they share children, they will always be tied to each other. I would like them to move on to a new storyline, but these 2 desperately need to share the screen together. If not, the show will suffer.

  256. From maryl

    Rafe being “handled” by Stefano is hilarious! I hope Stefano gives him h***, as well as a face transplant! HA! Unfortunately, it looks as though there will be two of Rafe for us to have to suffer through! I can hardly tolerate one! G. Goering can’t realistically act out the part of Rafe #1, much less Rafe #2! IMO!

    Writer, really now, can’t you think of something NEW to do with some of these characters! It would have been easier to show Rafe as being two-faced (Jekyll/Hyde) and going bad, instead of trying to perserve him and all his holiness by creating a phony bad Rafe! If that is the plan, as spoilers suggest, it just goes to show the love affair between the writers and this boring character! Maybe the bad Rafe will be more interesting–that is if his mediorce acting can handle the role.

  257. From Rachel

    I think Galen is a much better actor than James…and better looking. Rafe, to me, is more of a multi-dimensional character than EJ. Rafe is good, but has a bad boy edge. EJ is just pure hateful and evil; showing no remorse for his actions at all. He only thinks about himself and his father. EJ does not want to share Stefano with anyone.

    While I do not agree with the way Rafe acted with his sister before she died, I understand and would have done the same thing for my husband. Ari chosing EJ over her own brother was unbelievable anyways. Never understood why so many women fall for EJ’s so called charm. He’s like a king cobra, able to hypnotise and ready to strike at the same time (full of venom). Hopefully, the spoilers are true and Days will soften EJ a bit. I think they have to if they are going to keep him on the show. I think they should give his character a vacation for alittle while to get the ratings back up. Concentrate on other stories.

  258. From MAB

    At this point, the writers have made the s/l impossible for Melanie/Philip/Nathan/Stephanie. I was on board with things in the beginning. I loved Philip & Stephanie together, and Melanie & Nathan, then they had to switch partners, which in it’s self is sick…and now Nathan is leaving, which leaves no one for Melanie. I sure don’t want to see her back with Philip, especially if he’s now tied to Chloe (that is if Parker is really his). Stephanie was cool, and now she’s nothing but a bitch. They have ruined all these characters for me.

    Katherine – great thought…why not let the fans submit s/l plots. We obviously have better ideas than they do, and I mean ALL of us, even those I don’t agree with. Also, I agree about the comments Galen made about the actress who played Ari. I don’t think he should have said anything about whethere fans were or were not connecting with her. How does he know anyway? I think he should be more respectful of his fellow actors. Some will say James Scott is arrogant in his interviews, which I have not found to be true from the ones I’ve read, and I’ve never read where he bad-mouthed his fellow actors.

    Please no imposter Rafe! I already have to suffer through watching him in the role just as Rafe…I sure don’t want to see him on the screen anymore than I have to, let alone in a dual role.

  259. From MAB

    You know, disliking the character of EJ should have nothing to do with James’ acting ability or his looks. Galen is NO better than James. They are both good actors, and attractive men. Of course, I prefer EJ/James over Rafe/Galen any day of the week, and yes I dislike the character of Rafe, but I don’t berate him as an actor, and those of you who do so to James are petty.

    Ari didn’t choose EJ over Rafe, she chose the truth, while trying to protect her brother from Sami.

    Having the character of EJ on the show is probably one of the only reasons Days still remains on the air. Whether his character softens or not, that has nothing to do with keeping him on the show. If the show had to soften a character just to keep them on the show, then it would have been done years ago with Stefano, and many others as well. He is there because he is the most talented actor they’ve hired in years. A lot of us like the bad boys! And where would soaps be if we didn’t have them? There would be none. So it doesn’t matter if EJ is good or bad, James can play it anyway they want him too play…he’s just that good.

  260. From Rachel

    MAB, I’m only stating my opinion of James and EJ. He does come across as arrogant in his interviews. He made light of Sami’s relationship with Lucas. Made fun of the character of Lucas. Now he does the same to the character of Rafe. It appears that James does not like any competition on Days for Sami – other than his character of EJ. I’m not being petty, just stating it like I see it. I don’t understand people’s fascination with EJ or James. He’s not that good of an actor, at least not to me and others. It’s okay that you like EJ and not Rafe, but why tell me I’m petty because I can’t stand him or his character. I don’t see the good in EJ at all. He’s mean to his children by telling them that Sami doesn’t love them or want them. Sami never did that to them. Sami wants custody of her kids. She even let EJ sleep on the couch to be near kids kids when Sydney was missing – of course that was part of his cruel ruse to get Sami away from Rafe. Rafe is seeking the truth against the Dimeras. He is not manufacturing lies to get EJ away from Sami. He is collectin evidence. Evidence that must exist or Stefano wouldn’t take the time to create a double of him. Of course, we all know that Rafe will triumph in the end. Just hope EJ has to pay for his sins.

  261. From coogar

    MAB you are right in your comment about Steph belonging with a younger crowd. But the powers that be have seen fit to commit genecide “literaly” with the future young Hortons and Bradys. Stephs younger crowd are all in Europe: Bell & Shawn, Max Brady, Jack & Jen’s daughter, Bo & Billie’s daughter, and now Nathan. I know a lot of you found Nathan dull (I do too); but I was always open to the possability he had potential to be developed into an anchor character.
    I hope that the Mel/Steph fight only leads up to the catalist that forces her to reveal her pregnancy rather than a miscarrige miscarriage. It seems rather dark manipulation to introduce a pregnancy then remove it from the sl. But, hey the writers have been pulling that little ploy of lazy, uncreative writing with anitclimatic sl endings for some time now.

  262. From cjs58

    You don’t “give up” babies for adoption. You “place” them.

  263. From Olive

    If “they” seriously do another evil twin or amnesia story, that’s it…it’s been so over done on this show! Stephano only has one real trick in his bag and that’s mind control – either with an impersonator or a chip in the brain…either way it’s BORING!

  264. From Olive

    Well said Rachel!

  265. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    I have to agree with Rachel to a point about EJ and James. His tone in the interviews I have seen and read have bordered on obnoxious. He does have an ego. I’ve seen a lot of other boards (to include the Salem Spectator) complain about his arrogance in his interviews. I tend to agree. Everyone knows that I am still a LUMI fan, so I wouldn’t mind if EJ and Rafe both disappeared. I would love for Lucas to come back. First he needs to tell Daniel that he is a hypocrite. Daniel was sleeping with Chloe when she was married to Lucas. How can he be upset? She slept with Phillip once…how many times did she sleep with Daniel? Then I would like for Allie and Johnny to be Lucas. Still hoping for that. I’m really surprised that Lucas isn’t mentioned, even though Johnny isn’t his son (that we know of), Lucas has always been there for Sami. I feel he would be there for her now, too, even if just a phone call. I really want Sydney to be Nicole’s. Then Nicole would have a valid arguement to fit for her. I love her connection with Sydney. Nicole is a bad girl, but she does have a huge heart.

    Coogar, you make a valid point about the Hortons and Bradys. This show was founded on their families. Too many others involved now. Days really does need to bring the staple families back into the mix. I’m no Melanie, Stephanie or Nathan fan. Don’t really care for the actors. Melanie’s character, for me, is the worse. The only good thing about her is what she has done to Phillip. He really does love her. For once, I would like to see him truly happy.

  266. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    Oh and Brian’s (Lucas) interviews were always funny. That man has a great sense of humor. He even made fun of his own character…especially how him and Sami actually broke a bed on Days.

  267. From coogar

    I think that some of the fans who see EJ as cold & cruel to his kids feel that the denial of access to their mother the cruelty perportrated on the children. IMO I see it more as an act of cruelty to Sami. No matter which side of the Sami fence you are on and/or whether you feel that she asked for it, it is a cruelty against her. He acts lovingly to his children just as Sami does. Villans do pass the parent test; even gangsters love their children & Hitler loved animals. However, he is putting twins through a seperation anxiety and stressing a child who wishes to see his mother. My neice & nephew were twins; there is a special bond there that has been tossed out the window since Sami was a teen. This type of behavior not overt but very subtle and a little more cunning and deviouse. I would call it more along the lines passive aggressive. As an EJami fan I would like to see an end to this; give the kids both parents at least for a while.

  268. From coogar

    Bo & Fanciface forever I remember that scene of the broken bed. Priceless. I pointed that one out to my husbend when we dvrd it. If Sami can’t be EJami I would rather see them bring back Lumi. You could tell that they had a friendship extended beyond the acting on screen and made for the kind of chemistry that is REAL not acted. But God Sami put Lucas through Hell. Any one who could take a licking and come back ticking, well who knows maybe a few years down the road he will be back. Stephano was out for a while too.

  269. From MAB

    Where does Mel get off barking at Kayla today, blaming her for what happened? She also blames Caroline, which she has a right to do since she was the one playing God with an innocent child’s life. Why do the people (Kayla) who want to tell the truth always get blamed? It’s just like when Ari wanted the truth to come out about Sami. Ari had to physically fight with Sami, and her son Will, and even her own brother Rafe turned on her…then she ended up dead. What is so wrong with telling the truth in Salem?

  270. From Clear

    Rafe and an evil twin is going too far. Marlena had an evil twin, and Tony had the look alike impostor. I suppose over the years their may have been others? Remember John Black was supposed to be Roman for a while and had amnesia. Stefano really messes up the Brady and Horton families and gets away with it too much. I don’t like the idea of this story line, and don’t see any joy, excitement, or amusement possibilities from it either. I hope I’m wrong.

  271. From Katherine

    What I get from some of the blogs, it’s not just EJ, but also the Man/actor James that is hated.
    None of us really know James Scott, or do any of you.
    So he is making fun as stated of the “Character” on the show,
    funny I would say,… nothing wrong with that, we all need a little good humor…
    but from what one of you stated, it’s okay that Galen slammed Ari the Character/Lindsey the Actress.
    What double standard some of you have, whatever fits the hate for EJ/James, some reallity check needed here………..
    What would some of you do, if you met James Scott on the street, go up and slap him.?????????? well that’s what I get out of some of the blogs. So sad….
    James is British, a lot of Brits come across that way, but that does not mean they are arrogant, they are just different than Americans, I know that, having lived in both sides of the ocean.
    Rafe and EJ, are about as different as they come, just depends on what works for you, apparantly Sami likes both types..

    Like I said before, maybe if James played the role of Rafe, I might like the character of Rafe a bit better, who knows….
    I also agree, if EJ and Sami were not on the show, DOOL might not have gotten renewed for 2 years, they are the ones keeping this show afloat, IMO, but we have to move the SL along about the kids, getting antagonizing to watch.

  272. From Peggy

    I miss the sassy, self-confident racecar-driving Stephanie that blew into town a few years ago. Can’t they bring her back. I hate the sniveling, begging bag of tears she’s become.

  273. From Just Moi

    I’ve heard here many a time that Rafe treats Sami as a father would instead of a husband. Didn’t all Sami’s men treat her like a child? Lucas and Austin always told Sami how to act…do this, don’t do that. Even EJ did this.
    Maybe it is because Roman was taken away from her at such a young age that she is looking for a father figure in her men? Maybe?

  274. From Peggy

    I also think there’s more to this “Caroline changed the test results” storyline than we know at the present. Does Caroline even know how to hack into a computer?

  275. From Katherine

    What does it mean, Hope and Bo’s emotional Good bye, one blogger mentiond it, but explain please, unless I am one of the people on that bloggers list, that she does Not respond too, so sad, over a soap opera.

  276. From Just Moi

    or maybe it is because Sami is so immature and over the top that if her men do not keep her inline she does crazy stuff.

  277. From Grandma Judy

    Rachel, good posts #257 & 260 and I agree.

    I loved today’s show! Have waited so long for Nathan to find out about Stephanie and I could have watched that for another several days!! Some SOS fire Gus was going to build with those leaves and twigs! Ha! He and Vivian are a hoot. I read that when Chad finds out about Johnny he softens toward the DiMeras.

  278. From MAB

    #260 Rachel – so what if James made light of Sami’s relationship with Lucas, or even made fun of Lucas or Rafe, in an interview. He was talking about the “characters”, not the actors. I have no problem with your opinion, don’t really care, but disliking a character shouldn’t have any bearing on the actors themselves. They are doing their jobs. EJ fans like EJ/James for the same reason you like Rafe/Galen…you don’t have to understand it. Also, if you hate what the EJ is character is doing on the show, he’s not the one to blame, it’s the writers. He’s just doing his job…and a fine one at that.

    #261 cougar – I wasn’t referring to Stephanie regarding a younger crowd, I was referring to Melanie. When Mel came to town, she was younger and I thought she should be in with a younger crown, but TPTB didn’t do that, and threw her into the older crowd, like Philip/Stephanie. I still think it was a mistake. Oh, I read that when Abby (Jack & Jen’s daughter) returns, she will not be aged. She will fall into the Chad/Will/Gaby crowd. She should be older, but I guess they don’t want her to be. IMO, she should surpass Melanie in age.

    #265 BoAndFancyFace4Ever! – sorry but in all the interviews I’ve read with James Scott, I’ve never found him arrogant. I think people relate him too much to his character of EJ, and that is why they see him as an actor in the same light as his character. As far as Lucas, well you can blame TPTB for letting him go and bringing in Rafe. Although, I wouldn’t want Sami with Lucas, I would rather him be on the show instead. He has history in Salem, Rafe has none. I think the writers should STOP all the paternity crap. Let Johnny & Sydney be EJ & Sami’s children, and let Nicole get pregnant by Brady and have her own child with a man she loves.

  279. From patsy

    As most of you know I like SAFE, Sami and Rafe are cute together.BUT I love EJAMI ,they are so so sooooo hot togetherjust being in a room together .I think we should a chantand see if the writer and staff will notice what we want.EJAMI EJAMI EJAM, EJAMI EJAMI EJAMI EJAMI EJAMI.

  280. From MAB

    #275 Katherine – I think it’s about Bo telling Hope goodbye when he goes off to the meeting with the warden, and that is when he gets caught.

  281. From Michelle

    Maybe I’m just paying more attention to him now that he is leaving the show, but I thought Nathan was great today in confronting Stephanie and calling her on her lies.
    And I loved the scene between Carly and Chloe. At one point, Chloe said something and waved her hand in a way like a little girl whining, and Carly responded by doing it right back to her while she was yelling at her. Don’t know if anyone else noticed this but it was funny.

  282. From coogar

    MAB I misqued I meant to say Mel and typed Steph instead.

  283. From Michelle

    I think Chloe and Stephanie need to shack up as roomates, then they could share “poor me” stories to see who’s the bigger victim and more pathetic. Boo-hoo, I’m so sick of both of them.
    And then Philip could visit them and get a two-for while he’s there.

  284. From MsBoulder-CO

    #269,MAB, I agree about Mel going off on Kayla. She had no right. Just cause the truth came out from her the deception still happened when Phillip and Chloe slept together. She should be happy she found out now rather than 18 years later. I think she’s on her way to having a nervous breakdown the way she’s going off on everyone,hehe…. It’s rumored Rafe will have a brother coming to town. That should Mel’s new interest if it turns out he fits in the right age group. BTW, do we know how many siblings Rafe is suppose to have? I can’t believe they are bringing back the same guy who gave Mel and Nathan the virus to play the part. Then again Josh Taylor was Chris Kosicheck(sp?) before he was Roman…..

    Also, how could Stephanie continue to try and lie while in her wedding dress!! Nathan was clearly upset and she should have used the moment to come clean. Oh well, the cheese stands alone now……

    Last thing, is it me or has anyone else noticed how Chad is looking taller these days?

  285. From coogar

    Michelle I enjoyed watching Carly today also. Viv was the snake in the garden of Eden that got the ball rolling. Chloe was off base to say that she could have blamed Carly but didn’t. Viv predicted Chloe’s insecurity would make her screw up and she did. Chloe was the one who went out, got drunk with Philip and opend her legs. It was a bad day for Carly and I really felt for her. Next Kayla comes in to extract her pound of flesh. Kayla looked like one of the mean girls in HS with her body just squirming; body English just screamming “Take that!” But what I really loved, did you noticed it too, the scathing if looks could kill stare Carly gave Kayla. Good one today.

  286. From coogar

    Michell #283 Couldn’t agree more about Choe & Steph as roomies. Can Steph look any more pathetic on the floor clutching Nath’s leg beseechingly. And Chloe, well she should look like it’s the end of he world. She never was a wold class schemer like Sami, Vivian or Kate. She doesn’t seem to be able to finness the infedelity thing too well.
    Loved the Vivian day dream. They just had to get Brady’s shirt off one more time. Makes you wander what Gus has to do to earn his keep.

  287. From Katherine

    280 MAB – thank you for explaining…
    With Melanie, I don’t know some times, if I want to hug her, or slap her….
    Chloe and Carly today, good one, notice how Chloe always is quick to attack Carly and blame her for her problems.
    Kayla, I don’t like her right now, not because the beans got spilled, but none of it was her business in the first place. Same goes for Caroline, to ensure her Granddaughter gets a man, that only partly loves her, is that really what she wanted for Stefanie???
    Carly and Kayla’s encounter, one thing I noticed, the look of disgust on Dan’s face looking at Kayla, he did Not like that, his protective instincts for the Mother of his child came out…

  288. From Just Moi

    OMG Chloe and Steph roomates??? LOLOL is there enough tissue in Salem for these two?
    #281 Michelle…I thought the same thing today about Nathan. He finally finds his balls when it time to leave. I thought he was good today.
    Please, please let Viv have many, many more dreams of Brady without his shirt hehe

  289. From Just Moi

    287..Katherine…I agree with you about Mel, either you love her or hate her…depends on the day lol

  290. From Katherine

    Hate so say it, but some of the things Stefanie threw at Nathan were a little true, in a way he did use her, stringing her along, if his whole heart was not in this relationship. Still don’t like her, and Kayla and Caroline need to get a grip, blaming everything on Carly. Caroline, let Nathan go, doesn’t Stef derserve “better” than Nathan, we all know is not meant for your granddaughter.
    Lying and coniving has never brought happiness to anybody.
    Madam has Brady on her mind, hallo, that’s a new twist.
    Wonder how they are going to get Caroline off….
    Looks like the SL is going to get better, looks like somebody is trying to prove their acting abilities, by doing 2 characters…
    so does that mean the Imposter is falling in love with somebody???? and not the real Rafe…????

  291. From melissa

    RAFE IMPOSTER! Looks like Stefeno is up to his old tricks!!!!! Stefeno will REPLACE Rafe with a look-alike! Anyone remember in 1984 the Salam slasher s/l???? Andre masquerading as Tony! ( and Roman, the real roman Wayne Northrop) How do you guys feel about old habits realign their ugly heads in Salam? (I.e. Vivian’s biting people) and I don’t wanna hear ‘old s/l a dumb, boring, whatever! PEOPLE DON’T CHANGE THEY JUST GET OLDEY! Lol

  292. From melissa

    Sorry I meant burying people not biting people! & older not OLDEY! Thank you

  293. From Katherine

    When will there be an EJ imposter, are having fun yet??

  294. From melissa

    Katherine There could never be another E.J. One is a nuff! Singular theres enough to look at!!!!! & I’m alway having fun!!

  295. From Janiebell

    Please don’t have Nelanie be pregnant. Let Mel just have the flue, a virus, or some other “bug”. Right now there are enough babies on days.

  296. From cherie

    #265…I too am a Lumi it really doesn’t matter that much to me if it’s EJ or Rafe..I only want Sami with Lucas..they should at least, like you said, have a phone conversation between him and Sami about the kids…they have at mentioned his name a few times in the last couple of days so maybe…we can always hope..I don’t want two Rafes for sure…I don’t mind him, but I hate when they do this to people on here…I loved Stephanie/Nathan scene today..finally he knows the truth and I thought she did a good job acting today…I hope also that Melanie isn’t pregnant but it looks like that is going to be the case and when she and Steph get into a fight she will fall and probably lose the baby…

  297. From melissa

    I know threw the spoilers that Carly gets fired!! But please let her keep her M.D. Licence!!!!!!!!!!!

  298. From SamiRafe567

    Me too, I was so excited when Lumi finally became an item after watching since 97, and then they
    drifted further and further apart after Lucas tried to get revenge on EJ when the truth came out that only one twin was Lucas’s so I was like well crap. But I love Rafe… cop and schemer, interest ing.

  299. From ky girl

    well thank you “just moi” for giving me permission to hate galen gering. i guess though i shouldn’t have used the word hate because i don’t hate anyone. i shouldhave said “strongly dislike”. believe it or not i loved him on passions he had such good chemistry with makensie westmorland. but don’t like him and he has no chemistry with sami on days. and i feel like he could have taken the high road when asked about lindsey hartly firing from days and said something nice about her. i hated to se her go. also has anyone on here thought about pairing melanie with chad since they are a couple in real life?

  300. From ohsocassie

    Don’t get too excited about EJami, they will bond but not the kind of bonding that we want, its finally all about Johnny. Finally they came to their senses.

  301. From LIBBY

    I dont get why they would have an evil twin for Rafe. He is not a threat to EJ anymore since Ej will have a new love interest. Once again some dumb storyline just like the stupid Santos sl.

  302. From Clear

    Anything can happen on Days. I don’t like it that Kayla is out to get Carley. She is being a self righteous b#$%h who should have minded her own business, and is enjoying someone else’s pain too much–very unladylike! Why hasn’t Doc Dan insisted on a new paternity test?

    I may be more interested in the Young and the Restless for a while because it looks like they are going to redo old story lines while at the same time torturing and maligning my favorite characters! There is no justice in Salem!!!

  303. From Leah

    #257 Rachael
    I find your comments hilarious! Galen better looking and better actor NO NOTHING COULD POSSIBLY BE CLOUDING YOUR JUDGEMENT – LOL! Dearie the majority don’t agree with you. If this was the case James would have won the “best looking male on a soap” LAST 4 YEARS IN A ROW and it as far as the acting goes it would have been Galen nominated and accepted for “Lead Male Actor in a Drama/Soap” BUT NO IT WASN’T it was James who was nominated and accepted.
    The character EJ has been given a diverse role to play from dark and evil to loving and caring to scheming and planning to being remorseful and regretful of his actions. What does Rafe do? Stand their as an extra most of the time… as a prop to an Ejami storyline. When he does do something it just the same ol same ol. Nothing new or challenging. Galens character is dull and boring and EXACTLY THE SAME TYPE OF CHARACTER HE PLAYED ON PASSIONS. There is no diversity so I reckon he adds little to know value to the show. WHY THEY EVER REPLACED LUCAS WITH RAFE I’ll never know. Lucas was much more complex and fun!

  304. From Leah

    Oops… typo should read James wouldn’t have won “the best looking male on a soap” 4 years in a row.
    JAMES DID WIN AND IT WAS HIS 4TH YEAR IN A ROW…. VOTED FOR BY THE PUBLIC. You simply can’t argue with the truth or facts.
    Ejami also in another public vote on a soap site came a close second (only 2% behind) “Most Wanted Couple on a Soap.” Nick and Sharon off Y & R came in first and then third was Sami and Lucas… Rafe didn’t even come into the picture. Face it Rafe comes in way down the line compared to EJ or Lucas being in Samis life. Again you can’t argue with the truth or fact!

  305. From kass

    EJ hater #159 I’m so glad that you a judge and jury and can hand down sentences such as who deserves to be shot… just judging by some of your nasty hateful comments I actually think that Brady and Mel would be a great match he is really protective over her and loving towards her… I just can’t stand phillip he’s a jerk and only out for himself not caring about others…Katherine 212 I agree if James Scott portrayed rafes character I would like rafe more … its the fact that imo James has great acting abilities and rafe makes me want to sleep… ejami yells sex appeal and chem and safe is too forced and awkward… Im not sure if awkward is even the right word that I’m looking for but they definitely don’t have a tenth of the chem ejami has….. leah & Katherine your posts say what’s on my mind most of the time…. OAN I could careless if nathan and stephany both leave … boring!!!!! Btw katherine we know ejami is incomparable to stephano and marlena but EJ haters will always prosecute him any which way they can…… to Katherine and Rachel I do think that James Scott has excellent acting skills because love him or hate him he is still one of the most heavily talked about characters on the show and receives a great deal of attention in the blog rooms and think about it no one talks about phillip, Dan, Nathan, rafe, stephano, victor, Brady, Bo or any of the other men as much as much as ej. EJ is always an overly exhausted topic so even if you hate him give credit where credit is due! Imo I have no doubt if it went for ejami and the whole love triangle with rafe day wouldn’t have been resigned… all of the other couples have weak plots even power couple bope have poor writing … I don’t know but I’ve been up for 22 hours and I’m exhausted so excuse any errors in my typing & goodnight world

  306. From Karen

    I’ve missed alot of Days in the recent past. Can someone tell me what happened to Marlena and John?

  307. From Miselemeas

    No301 Galen or Rafe are beautiful specimens .EJ MR.Scott? in my opinion not worth looking at once.As we used to say where I come from, your taste must be in your mouth;that is ; all of you who go crazy about EJ.In my opinion Galen &Rafe are a lot alike very lay back California type.I married a man like that ;Rafe reminds me of him the strong silent type.Did not mean to ramble on but I get very irate when people denigrate Rafe.By the way,Nicole is a great actress and a beautiful woman highly ,underrated I believe.Thank you.

  308. From Lacey lou

    Rachel well said. Rafe is a million times better looking than EJ. And EJ shows his real self in interviews. He is so so very arrogant! He is also a boring actor. He cannot come close to the acting of Rafe. Even little Johnny is a better actor than EJ. EJ is a terrible father. The proof is in the pudding when the little guy ran away and wanted Rafe and his mommy. Smart kid. And so cute.

  309. From Paula

    Looks to me like the writers finally stepped it up a few notches! Finally….some substance to the show. I just hope the writer can continue to go with it.
    I couldn’t believe Kayla and the way she went off on Carly. I think anyone can see that her anger has very little to do with what she did, but rather her feelings about the Carly/bo/hope thing. She was just looking for something to go off on Carly for and has now found it. Yes, I want Bo and Hope back together, but I really felt bad for Carly when Kayla ripped into her.

  310. From Paula

    One more thing…I have to say I loved the scene between Carly and Chloe when Carly was mocking Chloe’s arm movements! It was awsome! lol

  311. From maryl

    EJ DiMera/James Scott–great actor, handsome, and charming!

    Rafael Hernandez/G. Goering–mediocre actor, hairy, and boring!

    To those who think Goering is a better actor than Scott, I have to say ONLY IN YOUR DREAMS!

  312. From maryl

    Rafe in my opinion does not fit the description of the “silent type”. He has come across as a nosy bully and loud mouth, who often yells at the people he confronts, with a healthy addition of curse words being hurled at them from his foul mouth.

  313. From EJ Hater

    kass Sure I can be judge and jury just as well as you and all the others on here. I have a right to my opinion as well as anyone else here. If you are not praising EJ on this site you get put down, critcized and are hated, well too bad for you EJ lovers. You don’t like my nasty comment, don’t read them but I will not be intimidated by the likes of the few of you who think you run this site.

    I do not like James and it is my right. You do not like Galen and that is your right.

    Days survived before EJ/James and for all I care he can fall off the face of the earth and Days will still survive. Actually I would not have to FF through most of Days if he was not on it.

  314. From EJ Hater

    Maryl, you want to talk bully and loud mouth that would be EJ all the way. Beside Stephano who yells more that EJ???? There is no one on this show that hurls more threats and yell more than EJ. He gets go upset he foams at the mouth. I think sometimes he needs a tetnus shot, he might have rabbies ewwwww

  315. From Rachel

    Rafe isn’t bully. EJ is. EJ acts like a 5 year old child throwing a tantrum when he doesn’t get his way. He is verbally abusive to anyone that disagree with him. Now the spoilers say he is jealous of Chad. EJ wants what he wants and if he doesn’t get it, he manipulates, lies, schemes, bullys, threatens, etc to get it. Rafe does not have to do any of that. Rafe let Sami go and she came back to him willingly. EJ had to take Sami. Nothing EJ has done has been from the heart; it was all about manipulation. Even when Sami and he created Sydney. There has never been a romance or love. As for the votes, polls can be manipulated. I’m sure EJami fans voted multiple times…no different than American Idol….it’s a joke. The ratings have spoken…EJami did not work. The writers finally have seen it. A double for Rafe is Days writers way of creating a different conflight for SAFE, instead of using EJ. They claim they are taking EJ is another direction. To me, that’s proof that the viewers want something different.

  316. From Janiebell

    I am glad that Vivian and her side kick have been “dropted off” at a deserted Island. I hope they never find their way back to Salem. Now get rid of Carly and Nichol; who can take E.J. with her.

  317. From Rachel

    LOL… I love the idea of Carly and EJ being on the island with Vivian!! I like Nicole – then she could be with Brady.

  318. From maryl

    #311 EJ Hater–I wasn’t trying to say that EJ doesn’t yell–I was making the point that Rafe yells and is obnoxious just as much as EJ. He is NOT the SILENT type that some have proclaimed him to be! As for EJ’s rants and anger–he has been pushed and prodded, manipulated and shot in the head–all by people who he trusted and loved–little bit of grounds for his nasty temper lately! As for him looking as though he has rabbies is just another example of the performance J.Scott delivers–pretty good delivery of a person experiencing great anger and anguish! As far as the foaming at the mouth–he still looks better than Rafe with that nasty, sarcastic, obnoxious grin that pops up on his face all the time.

  319. From Grandma Judy

    Backatcha, Maryl, “only in your dresms” is Scott a better actor than Goering. I won’t say James Scott doesn’t have any acting ability but for me, he just doesn’t measure up to Goering. Not in the looks department, either. The Rafe character reminds me of my husband, – when pushed too far he can go off and get really upset (like when our daughter was being stalked by an old boyfriend and that guy didn’t know which end was up after my hubby got involved). But, like Rafe, for the most part my hubby is the strong silent type.

    I feel as some others do that Nathan was so good yesterday. I have liked Nathan all along but yesterday he was great. I felt that right before Arianna was leaving, her character finally had some meat to her. Now the same thing with Nathan before he is leaving. Great job of acting by Stephanie yesterday.

    I have always liked Kayla but not lately and especially not yesterday!

  320. From maryl

    #312 Rachael–If Rafe isn’t a bully how do you interpret his actions with a dying Anna DiMera, his actions with Nicole, Nicole’s mother, Calliope, and his own sister, Ari. Rafe will and has broken the law if and when it suits his personal agenda! And imagine him–a law enforcement agent who is protecting a woman who tried to commit murder just because she is HIS wife.

  321. From maryl

    #316 Grandna Judy–sorry “back at you” too–who was nominated for the Emmy–James Scott or G. Goering??
    Iknow you love Rafe and the way he looks, so I was happy on your behalf that you will have two Rafes to admire! HA! That is if the spoilers pan out.

  322. From Grandma Judy

    Guess I don’t really agree with the rabies remark about EJ but I will say that when the corners of his mouth turn down, which is most of the time, he reminds me of how our young grandkids look when they’re pouting! But I think the EJ characer is very childish anyway.

    As for James Scott being voted best looking actor on a soap, and Ejami being voted most wanted couple, I can only think that those results are JUST as unreliable and possibly “fixed” as some on this site said of results this past fall when someone posted that Sami/Rafe had been voted most popular couple.

  323. From Grandma Judy

    Yes, Maryl, I think it’s a great opportunity for Goering to play a double role, and I will enjoy that, but I’m also a little sorry Days is repeating that kind of storyline, with Stefano involved.

  324. From kass

    Ej hater everyone has their right to their own opinion. However going as far as you did and saying that another human being needs to be shot,leads me to believe you need a psych evaluation. I know that its just a show but I can’t help but think that if faced with a similar real life situation how would you react … murder???? That makes you no better than through people you are prosecuting! Hypocritical! Another point that I had is that you can voice your opinion without being rude and making a complete @$$ of your self. You worshiping rafe and criticizing every aspect of EJ then attack people who like and defend EJ . Yet when others get on here and talk of how they like EJ and defend him, and how they dislike rafe you get all offensive and say we “EJ lovers who run this site criticize you EJ haters” how is it any different the you? Just remember by talking about EJ/James scott, using his character name as your sign on name ect you only giving him more attention. Your tone comes off as if you are immature. Just for the record I don’t mind rafe (just not for sami) he is just dull and boring to me and lacks character. He is over shadowed by Allison & James acting skills. Imo he seems like a doofus!

  325. From MAB

    #287 Katherine – I agree with you about Mel. At the hospital when she jumped Kayla, I wanted to smack her, but then I was cheering for her when she was telling Chloe off. I think I’m always going to have a love/hate relationship with her character.

    #298 ky girl – that is why I thought Mel should be in the younger crowd, as she would pair good with Chad, which she also dated in real life, although I heard they were no longer a couple, so maybe it was a good idea they didn’t work together on the show.

    #301 Leah – another great post that I totally agree with…you go girl! I think maryl said it best. It seems the writers have a crush on Galen/Rafe and are trying to turn him into the next John Black. Well, he couldn’t even lick John’s boots. He will never be that good, regardless how much the writers try to make him into a hero.

    To all you Rafe fans who constantly mouth off to use EJ fans: your opinion of EJ is just that, an opinion. If you prefer Rafe, then so be it. If that is your taste, fine. We EJ fans don’t care! Just STOP telling us EJ our tastes is all in our mouths. We prefer EJ over Rafe…deal with it. He is handsome, debonair, talented actor/man. Seems to me you Rafe fans are just trying to convince yourselves of what we EJ fans already know.

  326. From MAB

    #284 MsBoulder – I know Daniel went a little overboard at the church when the truth came out, but since then, I think Daniel is handling things well. He’s showing he’s an adult for sure, as he’s not going around blaming people like his daughter. Daniel needs to tell Melanie to check herself. She has every right to be mad, but she has no right to blame people who told the truth – blame the people who lied. I know it was bad timing the way it happened, but still the truth will always come out.

  327. From MAB

    I think it’s silly to want anyone to bring down the DiMeras. Soaps need their villains, and the DiMeras are the best! I highly doubt Rafe will be triumphant in the end where the DiMeras are concerned. Why should Rafe be the one to bring them down, when all the men before him never could? They are FAR better men than he (John/Roman/Bo/Steve) and they were never able to really bring down the DiMeras, so Rafe shouldn’t even be allowed to come close. Plus, if he was to get that lucky, that would end the storyline, and where would the show be then? Probably cancelled.

    Even though Chloe is getting what she deserves, for some reason I feel sorry for Chloe. I think it’s because she’s more believable in her acting.

    I feel no sympathy for Stephanie. I loved Nathan telling her off, and he did a great job! Too bad he’s leaving the show.

    Carly deserved Daniel’s wrath yesterday, and Kayla’s. She always makes excuses for her lying, but anyone else who does it be damned. I don’t feel sorry for her one bit.

    Daniel needs to tell Melanie to check herself. She has every right to be mad, but she has no right to blame people who told the truth – blame the people who lied. I know it was bad timing the way it happened, but still the truth will always come out.

    Caroline was willing to play God with everyone’s life because of her hatred for the Kiriakis’ & wanted to ensure Stephanie’s future with Nathan…none of it was her business. The difference with Kayla though was she was trying to tell the truth, for everyone involved, and in a way it was her business because of Stephanie. I would rather the truth be known than to have my daughter marry a man with a lie hanging over her head. I still think Kayla’s heart was in the right place.

    I think if Daniel was that mad at Kayla, he would have stepped in and said something to Kayla, but he didn’t. I think he’s madder at Carly, but in the end he will refuse to throw Carly under the bus, mainly because his concern is his daughter and he probably wants to spare her anymore humiliation.

    Stephanie did speak some truths yesterday to Nathan, but she is the idiot. She is the one who allowed Nathan to sting her along and use her. She knew from day one how Nathan felt about Mel, and if she’s that desperate to want a man who wants someone else, well then she has no one to blame but herself.

  328. From kass

    No offense to anyone but why when facts are showed to prove that EJ is the best looking man in daytime soaps people start saying its fixed???? Just because it may not be your personal opinion why is it automatically wrong??? Sami tells EJ she loved and because someone doesn’t want to believe it the facts are distorted and she’s only saying it to rub it in… they have consensual sex and again facts get distorted and boom she is raped, or in Sydneys case manipulated…. facts are facts! I’m sure some people voted for EJ more than once just like other fans voted for their character more than once, but when it comes down to it there were more people voting for EJ. I don’t like rafe much and hardly find him attractive but if he won… then he won you cant argue facts… but thankfully the public has a better less hairer taste!

  329. From Grandma Judy

    kass, it must be for the same reason that when Sami/Rafe as the fav couple came out in some survey, and someone on here posted it, some also discounted it as being “fixed”. Guess it depends on who you want to be winners. I mentioned this in my post #319.

    No, Rafe is not going to be successful in bringing down the DiMeras because spoilers say Stefano and EJ plot to break-up him and Sami and that’s when Stefano brings in a Rafe imposter.

  330. From MAB

    Days survived before EJ because there was a bigger & better cast. They cast had dwindled to almost nothing, and he is the main reason the show is surviving now.

    Some of you sound like you’re the 5 year olds…saying “Rafe is not a bully, EJ is” / “I don’t like EJ” / “Rafe is better looking than EJ”.

    Yes we ALL have a right to OUR opinions, but some of you make an @$$ out of yourself when you slam others for their opinions, especially when you whine that you’re being criticized, when in reality you’re the one doing the criticizing.

    Rafe didn’t let Sami go…he left. She only came back to him because he found the evidence that EJ kidnapped Sydney. And how did he do that? He couldn’t find any evidence on his own as the tough FBI agent. Nicole used her brains and got the evidence, then when Rafe found out about it, he threatened Nicole until she gave it to him. Nice police work there. LOL

    There is no bigger fan of EJ than myself, but I’ve never voted for him for anything. I don’t vote on American Idol or anything like that. It’s a waste of time IMO. So Rachel…stop assuming you know what EJ fans do and don’t do. Just stick to your opinions on your precious Rafe.

    Sydney was conceived out of love between Sami & EJ. Sami has loved EJ and told him more than once. You can deny this all you want Rafe fans, but it’s carved in stone. You can go back and watch any or all of Sami & EJ’s past. The proof is there.

    Oh and the writers are not taking EJ in another direction. He might soften a bit where HIS children, and even Sami are concerned, but he & Stefano have plans for Rafe. I say more power to the almighty DiMeras.

    Rafe will always be overshadowed by Sami & EJ. When they are on the screen together, he is basically invisible. You Rafe fans should pray that he gets a new storyline.

  331. From Rachel

    Oh please, Rafe will never be overshadowed by EJ…quite the opposite. EJ is playing second fiddle to Rafe and Safe. EJ has only been the conflict in Sami’s life – not the romantic partner. To me, no different than Billie was with Bo and Hope for years. I believe Sami and Rafe will survive all of this.

  332. From EJ Hater

    Kass, show me one post were I said I was a Rafe fan???? I have never said I was a Rafe love. Although I do like is character much better than EJ. Show me where I attacked anyone???? I only respond when I am pointed out first and that is my right. It is SOME of you EJ lovers that go on the attack. It is you and few others who are rude and sound like a bunch of love sick little school girls who don’t have 2 clues to rub together.

  333. From Katherine

    Do you know how many actors out there would “die” to have the role of EJ DiMera, a role so diverse, to show off all your acting abilities????
    This site alone proofs, EJ is the man. My God everybody love/hates him on this blog, he is the most talked about, EJ Hater, you are the biggest publicity person for EJ/James, thank you…
    Remember Susan Lucci/Erica Kane ? What an enduring character/actress…
    I see more Feelings invested on here for EJ than for Rafe or anybody else on this show.

    KASS – welcome back – was concerned about you…

    Some on here IMO, get lost at times between reallity-James, and character EJ, it does get confusing to read where you are.
    James as EJ is doing a job plus, and the writers know that, they must think (by reading blogs) that keeping EJ so diverse, they get the most ratings out of him, and they do.
    His role as EJ is one of the best and most meatiest role on Daytime soap. All soaps have one, that’s what makes it a soap.
    Well again, the proof is right on here,
    Most talked about -
    Most loved -
    Most hated -
    and the winner is EJ DiMera, so talently played by James Scott.
    EJ/James you might not be everybody’s cup of tea, (sure there were some women who thought Valentino was boring or whatever not)
    Oh, I forgot, Most goodlooking and perfect body of them ALL.
    However, that does not mean, that bloggers can love and admire whoever they want, but EJ does seem to push buttons, you say what.
    I am sure that James Scott and the writers are very happy, all the feelings that EJ is generating. Ratings, and they are up, check out DOOL Ratings.
    I want that show to keep going and James and Allison are doing their best.

    Rafe the new John Black, that’s good one, IMO, ha, ha.
    I am glad, that they are moving the SL in a different direction with EJ, he has new horizons to conquer, that’s what is so good about him.
    Gram Judy – 320 – on a funny note, I don’t think you meant to say “Goering” he was one of Hitler’s worst man, having a brain freeze, think his name was Wilhelm, of course as a German the name jumped right at me.
    Judy my dear, you got my attention.
    By the way, you know I have no prolem you liking Rafe, and you don’t mind me and EJ. Did we not have fun at the little wine party at your house, We ALL got along so well, the Best was, both of them had on pink shirts, looked striking, it matched Rafe’s lipstick, EJ should have tried it, maybe a shade darker….
    Are we having fun yet people, Judy and I did, right Gram??
    MAB – I agree with a lot Stefanie said to Nathan, about him usind her, But big girl, YOU let Him, and to top it off with Grandma Caroline’s help, and she is almost 80 years old. Shouldn’t life have taught her something about wanting the Right Kind of Love for her family, and to stay honest. What she showed Stefanie was beneath of being a good Grandma, IMO

    to say “Goering” he was one of Hitler’s worst in charge….

  334. From EJ Hater

    Yes, it is so true that some on here sound like silly little teenage girls going all goo goo over EJ. “EJ is so great, nothing can compare” “Oh, poor EJ the only reason he gets all upset is all Sami and Nicole’s fault” awww poor little EJ. He can sure dish it out when he is going after his apponents but when he turns all evil you all blame it on Sami and Nicole.

  335. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    MAB, I agree Carly got what she deserved. I don’t feel sorry for her at all. She only likes the truth when it suits her. It wasn’t her place to get involved or demand a paternity test to start with. I wish she would lose her license, but its doubtful. I know Chloe is in the wrong, but I do feel for her. Chloe really believed that Carly and Daniel had an affair. I know that does not excuse her actions; she should have confronted Daniel instead.

    I still cannot believe Caroline did this out of jealousy and revenge. Just not part of her character. I’m not buying it. The writers need to fix this.. I would believe Caroline was covering for Stephanie, but not the scenario they have currently painted.

    You are also right that the emotional goodbye is when Bo leaves Hope to witness the meeting. He’s worried he may not come back. It should be good…at least I hope so.

    Still not a big Rafe fan, but dislike EJ even more. If I had to choose the best man on Days, it would still be Bo with Daniel or Brady second. Rafe and EJ would not even rate in the top 10.

  336. From Katherine

    Kass, are you one of the lovesick schoolgirls like me, with no clues to rub together, are we rude,
    give me a break, what are you reading 329 EJ Hater. There you go again being insulting.
    When I incert FUN in my blogs, right Judy, I am trying to show just how ridiculous some of you are getting. Blogs should be flowing back and forth with all the different opinions you want, but getting into Personal Land like EJ Hater is not called for. Come back on an intellectual lever and fight your case for your opinions. That’s what Kass, Leah, MAB, Gram Judy and so many more are doing. Now that is being Adult, not sandbox child’s play…

  337. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    I did read that EJ’s fascination with Sami is over. He is no longer in love with her….sorry, but I still find it obsession. I tend to agree with the poster that said that EJ will move on. I think he will be preoccupied with Chad and Taylor. I feel Stefano will be the one that targets Rafe, not really EJ (even though he will probably know about it). I believe this is due to Rafe finding evidence against the Dimeras, but it will never come to light. This is just my speculation, though. From the spoilers, I think Stefano is going to be the big man again, leaving EJ to soften, like Lexie did.

  338. From Katherine

    331 EJ Hater, there you go again, insulting the Blogger Person,
    will you ever learn?,,, to keep it respectfull to the Bloggers, no matter how much you say they goo goo over EJ. Let me and others like Him and you go on hating him, without insults,…

  339. From EJ Hater

    Katherine, Kass attacked me first, I was just responding to her nastinest with some of my own. If she can’t take it she should not be dishing it out. TYVM. If it is ok for EJ lovers to pick apart us EJ haters, they should be able to take back what they are giving out. If they can’t, then don’t read my blogs

  340. From EJ Hater

    And Katherine, why do I have to learn. When are some of these EJ lovers going to learn to play nicer. Hey I was not the one who started anything. I gave my opinion just like everyone else, but since my opinion is not the same as EJ lovers, then I am wrong? I am mean? I am nasty? I say BS

  341. From EJ Hater

    Katherine I think you need to read Kass’ post #321. I think you have mistaken her post for mine. She is the one who was doing the nasty, not I. But then again I know I am not in the EJ click so yeah yeah, Im mean bla bla bla

  342. From Grandma Judy

    This isn’t my feud but IMO it probably wasn’t the best thing for kass to come on here and say EJHater needs a psyche examination and then ask if she would react with murder in real life. There are a lot of people who have wished EJ would have died when Sami shot him. And there have been a couple who have posted they wish Rafe would die in the car accident he’s supposed to have. C’mon, haven’t any of you gotten so taken up with a movie or a night time TV show, or a soap that you wished out loud that one of the characters would get killed off?! It’s normal and EJHater is no different than anyone else.

  343. From EJ Hater

    Thank you Grma Judy, These “ladies” worship a kidnapping, organ steeling, murdering, raping, raving maniac, crime lord and Im the one who needs a phych exam?
    I get accused of attacking people when I only respond when I am targetted personally.
    The only one I attack on here is a fictional, I said FICTIONAL, character.

  344. From Wendy

    What is the “emotional goodbye” for Bo and Hope referring to?

  345. From maryl

    So EJ Hater–now, we must be emotionally unstable, according to your opinion, just because we can empathize with a complex person like EJ? I personally don’t WORSHIP EJ, he’s FICTIONAL and even if he was real, I wouldn’t “worship” him because I only worship God–no human. I will, however, stand up and defend a character I happen to like (regardless of his sins) in a stupid soap opera, movie or book. So, if you consider that to define one as being crazy, than call me crazy!

  346. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    Wendy, the emotional goodbye is when Bo finds out about the meeting with the warden and the big boss on the internet. He hacks into the SPD computer using Roman’s password. He leaves Hope at the cabin to investigate. He’s not sure if he will be able to come back to her, so they say their goodbyes just in case. Bo does get caught. I want to hear what he tells Hope. Also, I would like to hear what Bo says under the truth serum. Supposedly he does not give up her location, but I have a strange feeling that he will say he loves Hope or something to that affect under the serum.

  347. From Angie Days

    Didn’t I read that Rafe’s “surprise” brother will be on the show? If so, maybe he is Warden Jane’s boss.

  348. From MAB

    EJ Hater – normally I wouldn’t address you personally, and I won’t make a habit of it, and I’m sure you will have some kind of childish rebuttal to this, but I just have to say that your remarks about worshipping EJ is a crude statement to make to anyone. I don’t worship any one but the good Lord above, and I don’t take kindly to you telling people how I think. You don’t know me or anyone on here for that matter, yet you have no problem insinuating what others think. You are the one who gets personal call people names. And don’t deny it because you did it to me the first time you replied to one of my post. You need to stop claiming that ALL EJ fans feel the same way, when we don’t. And stop bringing reality into the fiction world.

  349. From MAB

    BoAndFancyFace4Ever! – you can still see that spark between Bo & Hope. I loved when they got to the boat.

    I read that too that EJ’s exclaims he no longer loves Sami, and it’s probably because he will fall for Taylor, but I think he will always harbor feelings for Sami. IMO, it just wouldn’t be right if he didn’t. Even if Stefano is the one who targets Rafe, some will blame EJ before blaming Stefano. I don’t mind Stefano being “the man” because IMO he always has been. He is the best villain daytime has ever had. I hope that won’t stop him & Kate from reuniting though.

  350. From MAB

    Katherine – don’t know if you misunderstood me or if you were referring to something else, but I said it’s like the writers are trying to turn Rafe into the next John Black…then I went on to say the Rafe isn’t good enough to even lick the boots of John.

  351. From MAB

    When Sami & EJ are in a scene together, Rafe will always be overshadowed. He can’t hang with the chemistry that drips from those 2.

    Even the writers (as clueless as they are sometimes) will tell you the most talked about character gets more air time. And we all know who gets the most air time…EJ!

    And the old saying goes, you can love to love, or love to hate them, and that just means they are doing their job.

    It’s ok to have the opinion if you wanted the character of EJ dead, but when you talk about it in the reality sense, not cool.

    Saying EJ is great and nothing compares = the truth.

  352. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    I still see the sparks, too. Love them as a couple. They will always be my favorite!! I love Stefano as the villain. Always have. I love Stefano and Kate together. They are both bad and are fun to watch. I agree with you, MAB, that EJ’s focus will be on Taylor. Spoilers say he is mesmerized by her. That sounds good to me.

    I like John Black’s character (except when he was with Kate and on drugs). I do agree that Days is trying to turn Sami into Marlena and Rafe into John. I believe that is their intention. Probably cheaper than hiring Deidre and Drake back…I do miss them. I don’t think anyone can replace them. It’s like trying to replace Tom and Alice. They are unique and special. I would like to see some stability on the show though. Some couples need to remain together and be the example on the show.

  353. From Clear

    Did anyone respond to Karen and tell her that Marlena and John went to Europe together. John was recovering and they were back together with Marlena vowing to look after him in Europe. Now, they don’t even call Sami or know what is going on back in Salem. John being Stefano’s half brother, and Sami being Marlena’s daughter, you would think we would hear about them sometime.

  354. From EJ Hater

    MAB back at yeah, stop claiming that all EJ haters are Rafe fans and stop grouping all Rafe fans in the same boat. Look who’s talking about telling others how to feel. All you have to do in this room is say something bad about EJ and you have 3 or 4 of you people jumping all over us.
    I won’t deny I got personal with you as well as Kass and Katherine, but it was not I who cast the first stone

  355. From MAB

    I never said you were a Rafe fan, as I don’t really care who you are a fan of. You need to be more accurate about what you say because you can’t even accuse people right.

    This is the first time I’ve ever called anyone a liar on here, but that is exactly what you are. You attacked me personally out of the blue first! And you know it is true. You can keep on being nasty because honestly it’s getting tiresome, but the least you could do it admit to being the instigator.

  356. From Grandma Judy

    My point was the same as MAB’s in #351, – that it’s ok to have the opinion of wanting EJ dead but not cool to bring it into real life. As in suggesting someone on here who feels that way needs a psyche exam or ask if that person would use murder in real life.

    I really liked what Chad told Stefano today about not wanting to be part of a crime family. But I don’t think he sticks to it. Read something about him changine his mind when he finds out about Johnny.

    Kayla’s hair looked really pretty today, I thought. She is sooo out to get Carly. Not just for the Parker issue, but I think she still has it in for Carly for being with Bo. Think someone else also posted that.

    Angie Days #347, don’t think I’ve seen your name on here before. Spoilers have said that Stefano is the boss of the organ ring at the prison. Wonder if the phone call Stefano got today, that wasn’t explained, was about that?

  357. From EJ Hater

    Yes, yes MAB anything you say. Anyone who is a poster here knows you and I’m sure you have attacked most of them. All I did that first day is agree with another poster that we should be able to give our opinions and not be attacked for it. Your the one who came back on the attack because you thought I was agreeing with something else she had said. I asked you to reread the post and you were to high and mighty to “lower” yourself so that is your problem. You said that day that you would never address me again personally, hmmm what happened? Thats it, I’m done with you.

  358. From MAB

    YOU are the one who don’t read comments. You can’t even reply to what was said. You are not worth it, as you are a lost cause. I definitely won’t address you again. You are too sorry to admit that you attacked me first, but that is not surprising given how you treat all that disagree with you. Keep up the nasty work…eventually everyone will tire of it. I know I sure have.

  359. From Leah

    I’ve commented on what I thought about Rachaels comments on who is better looking and better act I DIDN’T SPEAK MY OPINION I STATED THE FACTS… Last year James (by Days) was nominated and accepted by the Emmys for “Lead Male in a Drama” and James won (by public vote) “Sexiest Male in a Soap.” So continue to agrue away BUT THE ABOVE IS THE TRUTH AND FACT ON THE MATTER.
    To be honest I think if both actors got on here to read what some of you ladies are saying about their looks and ability in their chosen career acting THEY WOULD BOTH FIND YOUR REMARKS HIRALIOUS BUT ALSO DOWN RIGHT DOWN GRADING. I don’t remember the last time I went into a store and judged the appeal and service of a the store purely on the “the looks of the person” who was serving me. Come on ladies lets get back to judging the writing, the scripts, the storylines and the characters. Lets keep it based on the TV program rather than making it personal against two men who are probably both very nice people in real life. Both James and Galen are actors paid to do a job AND THATS WHAT THEY ARE DOING. James is paid to act out his diverse role and Galen is paid to act as Rafe. To be honest if the writing,
    storylines and characters get a strong reaction out of us THEY ARE SUCCEEDING in their job. No more nasty personal critcism please keep it story related. I’d say most of us on here are adults AND WE HATE HOW OBSESSED THE WORLD HAS BECOME WITH LOOKS AND CELEBRITY so let us rise above this and just enjoy the complexity of our soap!

  360. From cherie

    Good post Leah!!!

  361. From Kelly

    I am sick to death of Melanie playing the injured little lamb, she has been in love with Nathan the whole time she was married to Phillip. She may not have actually cheated with him, but still.

    I am also eternally sick of that idiot Rafe bending the law, how did he get to be acting commander anyway? He was on the force five minutes.

  362. From Katherine

    343 EJ Hater, enough, none of us worship all things you listed above and your answer to Gram Judy, and I am pretty positive Gram Judy will Not agree with you on that assessment, (your blog 343). I personally deeply resent that remark…
    I re-read Kass, maybe she should not have said that about phych evalutation, but so much hate coming out of somebody’s mind, can be a little scary.
    I agree with her on some of the other stuff she said.
    EJ Hater, maybe you should tone down some of the language you use to get your point across, you advertise Hate in your name and I am sorry to say in your bloggings.
    I would like nothing more than to have good back and forth debates, no personal feelings, just lots of feelings about the SL and the characters on the show.

    Today, EJ’s tone towards Stefano, he could have used a few good whacks, conduct yourself better,
    it’s your father’s son, just like you.
    Nicole, the way she talked to EJ after his little scared outburst, was beautiful, finally someone that has found a way to get through to EJ and make him think, and look, he thought, looked and apologized for his behaviour. Bravo Nicole, that was great.
    If Carly gets fired, I hope that Caroline does not get off scottfree, she meddled with a child’s life…..

  363. From Katherine

    354 EJ Hater, thanks for something, but I have never ever cast the first stone at you, that is a fact period.
    Time for all grown ups to move on and blog…

  364. From Grandma Judy

    Maybe I shouldn’t speak for EJ Hater but I didn’t think she meant “worship” in the sense of how we worship God and saying that some worship EJ in that same way. I think she was just using the word “worship” to make the point that some seem to forgive EJ ALL his faults and still love him. Like I might say I worship the ground Johnny Depp walks on but, in fact, the true religious sense of the word is not what I really mean.
    I think we need to get off this and concentrate on the show.

  365. From SheriH

    Leah your post #230/359 was excellent!
    I understand your sympathy with EJ’s character. And lack of sympathy for Sami. Sami is her worst enemy and her character is becoming more annoying every episode I watch.
    I also agree that Rafe misuses his position of power.
    Good job on stating that we should stick to the writing and the characters.
    Katherine your post #333 was great too. It was nice to hear you state your opinion of a great actor. I think that is why I am fan of EJ’s character the actor playing the role is talented and multi-dimensional. He does definitely create a buzz….. You made me laugh again; that pink lipstick of Rafes really has to go..

  366. From Sandy

    Nicole was wonderful today she was able to get through to Elvis when he was projecting his ‘I am EJ hear me roar’ attitude, which I sure he was because of the fear for his son. But, he did finally come around and showed a little decency to Nicole by apologizing. He may even be realizing Nicole does have the kids best interest at heart.

    Melanie, Melanie, Melanie cat got your tongue. Just say it girl you have always loved Nathan, but then I think she loves Philip also. She’s a confused young lady.

    Stephanie OH Stephanie…well that’s about it for Steph.

    Stefano and Chad..the kid will come around after all Stefano is certainly a desirable Dad…LOL.

    Great show…now lets get on with it that’s enough crying.

  367. From Katherine

    I remember when John Black was on drugs, and also it was Sami/Stan bringing him more and more to destroy him. Nice girl wasn’t she…..and now John’s money is helping to support her.
    The next Marlena, I don’t think so, at least not yet.

  368. From Allie

    I think that Mel and Stephanie are going to get into a fight and maybe that will cause mel to lose the baby…Just a guess?!

  369. From Janiebell

    What r the writers doing with Sami’s charactor? First they write Sami as a push over letting E.J. and everyone else push Sami around; now they have Sami acting like a “nutso” a rill “wacko”. When Sami opened the door and saw E.J. and Nichol standing there, Sami should have known that something was wrong; but Sami let into E.J. and Nichol like, ” a raging tornado”. Writers write Sami as the “outspoken get thins done” person we all know Sami to be; and not a push over, or a nutso.

  370. From Rachel

    Leah, those are still just opinions. Voting for these awards, to include Emmys, are a joke anymore. Did you vote? I didn’t and no one I know that watches Days voted. So they do not speak for everyone. These awards do not mean a thing. Only the ratings speak volumes.

    If James left Days, he would have to change his attitude for me to watch him. I can’t stand arrogance in actors – that’s why I won’t watch anything from Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, etc.

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