Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For January 20 & 21.

Pushed back and pushing ahead.

Rafe accidentally discovers that his home has been turned into make out central by Will and Gabi. As he’s busy trying to keep a lid on their throbbing biological urges, Elvis and Stefano are going over their scheme for how they can boot Rafe out of Samantha’s life for good. “Bye bye Rafael Hernandez,” Stefano tells EJ.

Across town, Nicole’s pleas to Brady for his drunken help fall on annoyed ears and he shoves her out the door. “Get out!” he yells at her as he slams a door in her face. Nicole’s luck isn’t all bad though. Much to her surprise EJ calls her back to Casa DiMera after he explains to his father that Nicole is a crucial key to the success of their plan. Stefano also makes some amends on the female front and offers to bury the hatchet with Kate.

When Philip is eager to try and fix things with Mel, Carly tells him to “think again” and orders him to back off. He slouches off and tries to convince Chloe to do her part in making the rest of the town stop hating them by dropping the charges against Caroline. Meanwhile, Mel is hoping that her father will be able to accept her choice to raise the baby. Setting her priorities straight could get harder though when Nate hears about her condition.

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  1. From Kenner

    I just read you will go on for two more years! PLEASE pick up the story lines then, and don`t drag them out so long, and please ditch Vivian and her shadow! I am getting a bit tired of so many downers in every storyline…even the good news about Johnny, so far,has the bad news about getting rid of Rafe!
    Maybe I am just tired of so much bad news, since we get it everyday in the world news too!!

  2. From Lisa

    I love the fact we’ll get to see more Galen, but this is stupid! Evil Jerk and Steffie needs to DIE!

    Since Jay is or already left Salem/Days, maybe Melanie’s parents should raise their Grandson or daughter with Melanie..

  3. From Teresa

    I too am tired of the story lines dragging on and on and on and on….. and on and on…as for Mel I really with Nate wasn’t leaving but I think maybe all the stress of what Phil and Step-momma/wife of the year Chloe and then Nate leaving and Steph knocking her down might end up cause her to miscarry. Hope it doesn’t cause her future problems with having a baby. Guess we’ll see in maybe a year or 10 how the story line goes.

  4. From Toni

    I am thinking Brady will try and clear his head of Nicole by helping Melanie out by raising the child and marrying her.

  5. From Dayna Smith

    I wish that Mark Hapka wasn’t leaving then they could have Nathan and Mel raise the baby, but I think that she will unfortunately lose the baby. Anyone would better then Philip at raising the baby. Remember he gave Tyler away to strangers

  6. From Precious

    Now that we know that Phillip is also leaving the show, it would make more sense that Mel just have a miscarriage, because Nate won’t be there either. She’s too young to be sattled with a kid and parents lives that are all up in the air.
    I am not happy with this new Stefano and EJ’s plan to change Rafe. Haven’t we been through this before with John/Marlena????

  7. From Janiebell

    One day E.J. is on his knees making a deal with God, that if Johnny is allowed to see E.J. will end his fude with Samantha and they will raise the children together. Then E.J. goes and talks to Stefano about “getting rid of Rafe.” Does E.J. not relize that to harm Rafe in any way would hurt Sami, Johnny, Sydney, Allie and Will, not to mention Rafe’s only living sister Gabbi; who by the way never did anything to a DiMeara? E.J. has no heart and is lacking in the brains department as well.

  8. From Frusterated

    I cannot believe they are getting rid of Nathan, why don’t they get rid of EJ who is so annoying. He is a horrible father, mentally abusive to Nicole and I am sick of him always getting away with everything, they should just killed him off when Sami shot him.

  9. From Cherie

    Good heavens, these story lines do go on and on and on. The EJ-Sami thing is just out of hand. I just love Sami and Rafe and sure hope they don’t split them up. EJ is so annoying and selfish and the worst father ever. Can’t the writers come up with a way to get him out of Salem? Sorry to see Phil go. He and Steph would be great. I really didn’t ike Mel at first but she grows on you and has become a good actress. She and Nate aare adorable, but she wil probably loose the baby and sulk for years.
    And when are BO and Hope coming back. They were the mainestay of the show for 45 years and need to get together again….
    Just please fon’t let Rafe go….such fabulous eye candy !!!!!

  10. From Fed Up

    Lack of character development by the writers equals no acting range. The actors can only do what the writers give them. So I think they need to revamp the whole show. I would love to see Brady and Mel together in a Jack-and-Jenn type storyline. Days needs a good adventure and a good heroine again. I’m sick of these whiny beotches who can’t do anything without a man. Days needs a new angle, and it should start with the writers, then getting rid of deadweight story lines that have nowhere to go.

  11. From Leah

    Ladies, ladies, ladies keep spewing out your bias against EJ. I think its funny. Get EJ out of Salem? What planet are you from?You are just going to have to learn to deal with it because FACT OF THE MATTER… NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU DISLIKE EJ HIS CHARACTER ON DAYS IS VERY, VERY POPULAR!

  12. From vera reid

    Please, not another personality -person change in
    stephano’s basement. Writers, please quit repeating story lines.

  13. From patsy

    WHY are the writers so deteremd to get DOOF canceled with this Febuary sweeps story ? EVERYone knows that right now the EJ/SAMI LOVE STORY IS THE LEADING STORY THAT KEEPS DOOD ON THE AIR. nOW THEY ARE GOING TO SCREW IT UP AND LOOSE A LOT OF VIEWERS.

  14. From EJ Hater

    Sami and EJ have not had a “love story” in years, I call more of a hate story. And I for one would be one happy viewer if EJ would leave the show. I won’t stop watching, I’d watch more!

    Oh and Leah you can be sure I will continue spewing EJ hatred, hopfully the writers will see how so many of us hate him and give him the axe

  15. From Stacey

    12, without EJ your life would become meaningless, you would loose your name, and your main passion “spewing hatred”
    Your life would become soooo empty.

  16. From Melly

    James Scott is HOT – I like and want to see him! Rafe (also a hottie) and Sami are good together and are eye pleasing, but so are Sami and EJ. Nate belongs with Mel – Daniel and Carly belong together – Chloe deserves to alone or better yet with Philip. Again EJ (James Scott) is HOT and that accent is S-E-X-Y so don’t get rid of him!!!!!

  17. From Jolie

    I am not the biggest Elvis fan but he is essential to the story so we have to have him. I am not against him either nor do I admire Rafe or Sami for that matter. But watching them completely screw up daily makes me feel a bit safer, a bit wiser, and a bit entertained. Someone(writers and actors) is doing his job. So I for one thank them for the effort and for the entertainment. I think Stefano will have Rafe run down in the car accident then do the personality switch in the basement like he has done so many times. The machine is still down there. Nicole heard some noises when Stefano had Harold down there wiping off the dust. I think it would be a bit of fun if nuevo-Rafe hits it off with Nicole. That should keep sparks flying for a while this year. And Jennifer and Dr Dan…I think Daniel is a bit of a man-ho but Jennifer could use the romance and will eventually go back to Jack when he comes back so go for it. If Phillip and Nathan are leaving, we are going to need some new blood, the Hernandez brother will fill some that but still we don’t really have enough gents of the right age to pair off. Of course Stephanie and hopefully Kayla are gone. And after all the ranting, I am not sure I want to see the character of Caroline, cooking chowder for the masses. She is just about one brick short of the full load. I am glad Stefano is going to forgive Kate and have them back together. I do want to see Victor and Mags give it a bit of a whirl because they do look good together. I do hope Elvis falls hard for Taylor. He needs a good run for his money. I’d like to see someone else in charge and him trying to play nice to impress her, all the while playing his naughty games with daddy dearest against Sami. It should make him sleep good as it would be exhausting. And we knew Sami and Rafe would not have bliss for long so bring it. Sami gets the kids back but Rafe ain’t what he was. That should keep her in tears for a while. I am looking forward to Warden Jane getting hers so hope that happens soon. And where is Ciara since Christmas? Just have gotten more than the necklace and has been playing up in her room. And what about Theo. We got a little tid bit of a problem in that he was reading like nobody’s business then didn’t remember a word of it. Lexie and Abe were so disappointed. I thought that might be working up a story. But maybe he’ll get a new teacher from one of the new ladies coming on like Abby or Taylor. That would tie together some stories. What will Viv do next? I am loving the scenes on the island and if they bring her back too soon, I think they are losing a big opportunity for some big fun. Wonder if Viv will bring Gus back with her or leave him to the sharks and seagulls after his rebellion. There is another chance for some fun…Gus tries to make up to Madame.

  18. From maryl

    EJ Hater–you can’t honestly believe the writers would give their main star the axe–because honey, I know they see more Ej Fans who love him than Safe fans who hate him! If EJ leaves the show, it will be because he chooses to leave. And cheer up, because I read an interview with J. Scott and he stated that within the next 5 years or so, he plans to leave the states and move to northern France or another place that he has in mind as a possiblity. So maybe you won’t have to harbor the hatred you have for this guy too much longer.
    Hope that you can find someone else to replace the hatred since you wear it with such pride as part of your blog name.

  19. From EJ Hater

    Yes I can honestly believe the writers would give him the axe. They have axed bigger and better ie. John, Marlena, Lucas, etc. And I think maryl you should reread some of these posts because I see alot more people who are sick and tired of EJ and his evil ways than there are those who like him. It’s just the haters post and thats it, the lovers post and post and post the same old rants.

  20. From Katherine

    13 Jolie, you nailed it my dear fellow blogger……

  21. From Sandy

    Daniel dated Chelsea and had an affair with Kate at the same time. After Chelsea dumped him he got more serious with Kate and brought her through cancer using Chloe’s bone marrow. During this time Daniel was infatuated with Chloe, fell in love with her even though she was engaged to Lucas. Lucas was kicked to the curb after Daniel saved Chloe from being poisoned by Kate. Now, according to the spoilers, Daniel saves Jennifer, a relationship develops, where ‘O’ where is Jack, and Daniel and Jennifer hook up. What is with Daniel every time he saves a beautiful woman he becomes infatuated by her and suddenly there is a relationship. Apparently Daniel and Jennifer share their current relationships with one another which brings them closer. Oh, I almost left out Daniel’s off camera one night stand with Carly which produced Melanie. PLEASE writers PLEASE find Daniel a nice single girl to mend his broken heart.

  22. From Leah

    #12 EJ hater to quote you from above….”Oh and Leah you can be sure I will continue spewing EJ hatred, hopfully the writers will see how so many of us hate him and give him the axe.”
    EJ hater I can see your going to continue with your vulgar remarks towards EJ. I just reckon you need a bit of a reality check! You are aware all this resentment, bitterness, hatefulness and anger ARE DIRECTED TOWARDS A FICTIONAL TV SHOW AND CHARACTER ARENT YOU??? I personally may not like certain characters or storylines in this TV program but I would NEVER make it personal or wish for anyone to lose their job/income. I think it is disgusting to target a person and decide you wanna be response for them losing their job. I wondering if your young and thats why your posts show so much immaturity? And if thats why you also have difficulty distinguishing between reality and fiction?
    Anyway at least alot of us stick to the facts, lines, scripts and storylines when we debate our opinion or case. EJ hater come join us and stop all this hatred. I personally think there is no need for it in our world or no need for it towards a fictional character and TV program!

  23. From SanDee

    I agree with all the story woes!! I was wondering about Caroline and baby Parker. Did Daniel and Chloe have a paternity test done on Parker to see if he really is Philips’ son? I don’t remember seeing it but may have missed it.

  24. From Tess

    I am disgusted with Elvis’s sacrilegious promise to God. It gives me the creeps. I can hardly stand looking at the pervert any more and all his abuse. Gosh I wish the writers would get rid of him. I am disgusted with the ammoral thinking displayed by the writers of this show. I think the writers get a charge out of this dispicable child abuse, woman abuse, man abuse every type of abuse possible that comes from Elvis. Seriously I hardly watch the show any more, maybe once every three days compared with every day a few years ago.

  25. From Sandy

    #19 SanDee
    No the writers have forgotten to add another Paternity Test to the story line to confirm Philip is Parker’s father.

    In all the spoilers it looks like Caroline is not going to be prosecuted for changing the DNA test results. Right now she is stay with Stephanie at her apartment. Hope the two of them don’t get into any more trouble.

  26. From Janiebell

    It is better never to make a vow than to make one to God and then break it. E.J. needs to keep his promise to God, or something else could happen to Johnny; something that Johnny will not come back from. What harm E.J. does to Rafe is the same as doing that harm to Sami; sence Rafe and Sami are marred they are the same as one. Did E.J. ever think of that, or does E.J. even care?

  27. From Katherine

    18 Leah,
    think about it, why would the writers give the character of EJ the ax, they are the ones that write him this way, so that is what they want, the love that some get so excited about EJ and their writings. Look how it affects all the viewers, everybody is talking about it. Take him out, or write him boring, who will care anymore, when the show would become to sweet and sticky.
    So Leah, I know you get it, but some hate spewers don’t, sadly enough.
    The writers know excactly what they are doing, and want it that way. So many actors out there would kill to get to play EJ’s character on a soap.
    So for some to think, that the writers would give their golden goose EJ character the ax is absolutley not going to happen.
    Thanks again Leah, I like your thinking, mature, thoughtful and respectful.

  28. From Katherine

    corr.:…. , They love that some…

  29. From Janiebell

    Sami needs to be a great mother to all of her children, including Will. I am glad that Stefano and Kate are back together. Now let’s get Bo and Hope safely home to Cerea, their baby daughter.

  30. From SanDee

    #21 Sandy
    Thanks, I did not think I had missed it but find it very hard to believe all these exceptionally well educated and amazing doctors (the ones who are able to save Johnnie’s eye, cure cancer, find cures for extremely rare diseases, etc.) would take the word of Caroline!
    Writers we may have been born at night but it certainly was not last night!
    I think she had a mini stroke and imagined she had changed the results.

  31. From Brenda

    Leah, Love that post You are right-on! I am guessing a lot of people that post believe the writers are reading this site and taking advice from people that are watching the stuff they write. Therefore they are anxious to change the story line. hahahaha!

  32. From Jolie

    #26 SanDee, it is called poetic license I think when a writer just changes the science or bends the rules a bit between what would actually happen and what happens in literature, TV, movies, etc. I agree, maybe Caroline missed the boat a while back and some of the odd behavior is from mini strokes. That is what I am blaming all of my odd behavior on from this point forward.

  33. From Jolie

    I am wondering if Stefano will have to take Rafe into the dungeon to reprogram him or will he do it over the Net? I know you do so much via radio waves now. Just wondering. Since Kate is back, Stefano won’t have as much time to linger in that musty old basement because she seems genuinely to care about his health. I love that about them. Just shows that there is some kind of good in almost everyone. Even Vivian. She and Gus sort of made up from their spat. If Gus didn’t see the least bit of good, he’d have offed her at the first chance and buried her with the fishes.

  34. From Grandma Judy

    Jolie, don’t know how old you are but I call them “senior moments”.

  35. From maryl

    It would be a great surprise for me if Dr. Rolf was in that dungeon messing with Rafe. (HA)! Maybe Days will have a surprise for us via Dr. Rolf’s secret return! I still see and hear him calling Sami’s & EJ’s kids–”the little darlings”. When Sami and EJ were living in the mansion under John’s rule and Rolf was the appointed butler, I thought that was some of the funniest moments on Days.

  36. From Sandy

    #29 Jolie,
    I’m not thinking the DiMera basement is going to be a musty old basement or dungeon. Back in the days with Dr. Rolf it was a very sophisticated science lab with living quarters. I have seen a spoiler that mentioned Stefano was having the basement remodeled. That’s probably the noise Nicole is soon to hear in the basement.

  37. From Cindy

    think the reason everyone is so emotional about who Sami should be with is that Allison is such a good actress. I loved her with Lucas. I totally believed that she was in love with him and was so unhappy when they broke up (all 18 times). Unfortunately, she is completely believable when she is supposed to be in love with EJ or Rafe.

    So I think each fan bases their preference on how they feel about the male character. If you like a bad guy, you like EJ. If you like a good guy, you like Rafe.

    It would be nice if we could have different opinions without personally attacking each other.

  38. From Janiebell

    Cloie had some nerve bursting into Stephaney’s apartment and refusing to leave; and to “jump on a stroke victum”, is even crazier. One does not upset a heart or stroke patient. Wounder that Caroline did not have another stroke. She very well could have the way Cloie was “carring on”. Cloie use to be a nice girl and treated everyone right. The writers are destoring the good people. Stop that.

  39. From maryl

    #33 Cindy–you just posted one of the best blogs I have read on this site in a long time! You are so right in everything you said. I totally agree with you! I try to control my enthusiasm when defending bad guy EJ–don’t always succeed in that department, however, I don’t like getting personal with bloggers who don’t agree with my opinions. You have inspired me to try harder. I will, however, get nasty from time to time when discussing and debating the characters!(Ha!)

  40. From April M.

    #34 Janiebell

    I woulda pulled a Chloe if I was ever in that possion, I’d be so p*ssed, …. But 1st thing I want to say is Chloe didn’t jump on Caroline! She just gave her a good piece of her mind! Caroline had no rites in changing the pat. test results! Chloe had a rite to know who her babys daddy is! As far as Chloe being a good girl, I say since when? Sure she’s no Kate or Viv. or Nic., but she’s no Maggie either! Caroline should of seen it coming! You can’t mess with people like that and think it’s all good!

  41. From I LOVE EJ

    I don’t care what you haters have to say. I loved EJ from the begining and LOVE him even more now. Matter of fact, he is the only reason why I am posting. I also think that he and Sami made a perfect couple.

  42. From Katherine

    27 Jolie,
    You are so right, it’s poetic license, not artistic freedom, that I used once, that would be for art, paintings, etc.
    Thank you. Learning my english on here.

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