Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For January 27 & 28.

Down and out.

Rafe wishes Sami would cool it before she loses the kids for good. She continues to sputter and rant all over town, furious that Nicole might poison her children against her. “I will see her dead before I let that happen!” she vows as she talks to Justin about fighting for custody. He urges her to stay cool. Meanwhile, Rafe tries to hammer out a deal with Sami’s enemy. “He doesn’t even have to give her shared custody. How about that?” Nicole yells at Rafe as he attempts to salvage the bargain. All of this leads to a disastrous argument between Sami and Rafe.

Chad continues trying to avoid getting help from his new family. Instead, he goes to see Adrienne and asks her to give him a job. Since Adrienne has been reconnecting with Justin, she’s in a good mood so Chadsworth might have a shot. He runs into his sister, Lexi, and she tries talking to him about what being a DiMera is really like.

Chloe continues to sink lower. She whines about the baby and makes another desperate attempt to get Daniel back. Since her cleavage failed last time, she has to resort to some ugly tactics. News of her latest stunt spreads around town. Victor and Kate gossip and wonder how long it will take for the diva to implode. Maggie attempts to comfort Chloe as she continues to wallow in her misery. Meanwhile, Hope finally tells Jennifer all of the ghastly details she has about the organ stealing scheme at the prison before she has a run-in with local law enforcement.

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  1. From dc

    philip is so good with parker. i sure hate he is gonna be gone, i wonder if it is just him or his character??
    chloe is a train wreck waiting to happen. she will go off the deep end and then where will parker be, maybe with melanie since philip will be gone or maybe not..
    i can see melanie raising parker, especially since she is gonna lose her baby (from what i have read)..

  2. From Lynne

    I find myself watching this show everyday and hating every minute of it. The only good part of the show is Maggie and Victor.Can’t stand the Sami show. Hate the idea of the Rafe double in the dungeon/basement. Chloe and Carly are like walking zombies. Like Jennifer ok. Carloline is disturbing. Miss the old Days with characters we cared about. Patch and Kayla, Bo and Hope, John and Marlena. Jennifer and Jack. Bring them all back and stop with the baby storylines and the Sami show. Geez, how much can we all take. Most of what I read here says the same. We miss the old interesting characters. Only problem is, when they do bring them back from time to time, the writers barely use them and then they end up getting kicked off the show. Listen to the fans and bring back all the old characters we care about. Please!

  3. From cyn

    i agree with Lynne. get some characters that have some sort of normalcy and aren’t all in a big need of growing up. Sami could have the possibility of a strong character like her mother and at one time her grandmother. how many times can the same family get shot, kiddnapped, have near death experiences, etc. the show wonders why they have rating issues… take a look at the stories and what they have done to the characters. no one works and everyone needs to be on meds! again, bring back some of the old DOOL!

  4. From Fast Forward

    I have to agree that these storylines are not great. I too love the idea of Victor and Maggie. I love Bad Brady. I enjoy Nicole’s attachment to the kids. I think it will be interesting to see how Taylor and EJ will become involved. I would rather that Nicole get back together with Brady and they become the new bad couple together, doing good bad things together. I think she’d be good with Rafe as well. I have never liked Sami and Rafe. He is too mature for her (actor wise) and it’s so not believeable to me. Trying to set them up like Marlena and Roman….not working for me. Stefano (EJ now) breaking them up bc he loves her….old news. So I’d rather have those two NOT together. I would have Melanie in a mystery type storyline I think. Maybe getting Nicolas back to Salem since he’s her half brother. Anyway, I think the Chloe depression story could be good….

  5. From D. Anne

    Not looking forward to the Rafe/double kidnapping/robot story. Feel like it’s a repeat of a John Black storyline. Actually thinking of not watching Days for awhile till that drama is OVER….

  6. From shannon

    I was a big Chloe fan. From her first ever appearance on the show, she was my favorite character. She used to have dignity and was this talented singer. I stopped watching Days for a while but when I found Chloe and Brady were back I started watching again. I have to say, I am hugely disappointed. I don’t know what happened to half the characters, they have changed and not for the better. I still have Chloe love, if only because of nostalgia. I kind of liked the idea of her Phillip together but that isn’t going to happen. They’ve turned her into a hot mess, and it works for some characters but not her as much… Then again I could be blinded by my old school love for the character.
    I’m back and forth on Melanie, I think her and Brady might be well suited, they seem to have chemistry, moreso than she does with Nathan or Philip. Nathan seems really young to me.
    As for Sami, she’s always annoyed the hell out of me, I think Alison Sweeney is great, I’ve just never liked the character. She’s always had big storylines and makes a great villain, but they go back and forth to much with whether she is good or bad. Flawed heroes and redeemable villains are great but I’ve always felt that there was a disconnect with Sami’s character due to writing.
    With EJ, I won’t argue for or against him, I just know that I think the actor plays it well and is the best looking guy on the show, imo. I can’t condone EJ’s actions, I think the writing of him is all over the place at times. I’m looking forward to EJ falling in love with Taylor, I’m hoping for better chemistry than he had with Sami, which isn’t saying much.

  7. From maryl

    #5 shannon–Great blog! I feel the same as you about Chloe. I loved the early days when Brady (K. Lowder) and Chloe fell in love. I can still hear K. Lowder singing “Music of the Night” to Chloe. He too has a great voice. The writers have ruined Chloe’s character by making her needy and oversexed–the original Chloe was independent and smart!
    I am an EJ fan because J. Scott’s great acting has sold the character to me. I love EJ, but hate what he does! Thanks to the writers pen, if you are an EJ fan, you are constantly being defensive on his behalf! Ha! It’s not easy to like the villians!

  8. From maryl

    PS–shannon, I am also looking forward to a Taylor/EJ romance I think they could have great chemistry! I love Natalia Livingston and think she will be great as Taylor! I am, however, afraid to hope for too much from these writers where EJ’s happiness is concerned! HA!

  9. From Yvonne

    I really love that Sami and Rafe are together. I think he is great for her, together they should have that great love that Marlena and John Black had. I think they do have a great chemistry together. I am truly over Stephanie she has become way too needy. Caroline’s bad girl image does not suite her leave that role for Kate.

  10. From Nancy

    Was surprised that Phillip took Parker outside and did not cover him up correctly.

  11. From patsy

    they keep saying the Sami show IT IS NOT THESAMI SHOW ITS THE EJ AND NICOLE SHOW .They are the ones thats on every day .I,M glad I tape so I can FF them I use to be a EJfan but getting tired of how they make him a herio and Sami to look bad .They even made Nicole look like a perfect mother to make Sami look bad.I don,t like people rideing someones coattaile to get fame .Alisons a bigger person than I would be about it

  12. From Annie

    Well gotta say I actually grew up with Sami and have always loved her character. However, this “relationship” with Rafe is just pathetic. Sami was always a fighter and Rafe seems to bring out the whimp in her. I actually am cheering for the switch out so that horrible relationship will end! I am interested to see where the Taylor/EJ relationship goes. I think there is the possibility for EJ’s character to show some real passion and fire and I want to see it brought out by some lucky lady.

    Personally I would like to see Mel get with Brady. Maybe he could toughen her up a little and she can bring back some of his sweetness. As far as Chloe I hope she falls off the peir and her whining patheticness drags her under! I can’t stand her now. I used to love the character but the pitty poor me act is just too much. She used to have fire and spunk but that’s completely gone now. I’m hoping that Mel works with Kate to get Parker, then gets help from Brady to give both Chole and Phil the boot after she looses her own baby. It would be great to get rid of whiny baby Chloe and see Mel get a little back bone and get a little revenge on all those who betrayed her.

    So happy to know that Bo and Hope are gonna finally be back together. They were always my favorite super couple! I hope the writers can do a great job at rekindling that wonderful relationship. And Jen and Dan seems like an interesting pairing. I like her with Jack, but if we can’t have Jack back then it’s nice that she can have a budding romance… maybe it may even be the inspiration to bring Jack back to fight for his lady!!

  13. From redo test

    I think they need to redo that DNA test to make sure nothing else was done to screw up WHO is the real dad. You never know how many fingers were on the key board to switch the resutls.

  14. From Sheila

    Sami’s only problem with EJ is she can’t push him around. When they first met she was scheming. They are just alike, but he is smarter than she is. She acts like a spoiled 2 yr. old, always wanting things only her way. EJ is a better father than she is a mother. She needs to grow up and be a mother.

  15. From Leah

    EJAMI all the way for me! They are why I watch the show. Their relationship is exciting, fun, humourous, snarly, passionate, love/hate hard and strong, the sexual attraction and tension make them A MUST. This Taylor maybe nice, maybe pretty BUT IT IS A CHEAP ATTEMPT TO APPEASE EJ FANS SO THAT WE GIVE UP ON EJAMI AND SETTLE FOR SAFE! Well that ain’t gonna happen with this viewer. Safe are boring and Ejami are explosive. I reckon Taylor should have been bought in for boring Rafe.

  16. From Sandy

    Can anyone tell me where’s the tape that provides EJ kidnapped Sydney? Everyone seems to have forgotten that factor in favor of remembering Sami shot EJ. If Sami wants Nicole out of her and the kids life she is going to have to come forward about the shooting and present the kidnapping tape on EJ and throw herself on the mercy of the court.

  17. From Sandy

    OOPs…”that PROVES EJ kidnapped Sydney”

  18. From Lola

    Me too i am tired to heard people whining about the “Sami show” actually Nicole, Rafe and Ej are on everyday and NOT it is certainly more the Nicole, Rafe, Ej show that other things..and all the writing prop Nicole and Rafe as wonderful parents and Sami AND Ej are throw under the bus as petty, immature people who care about scheming or screwing their love-interests than really taking care of their children..this show is disgusting ! So now the core families are the Hernandez and Walker ? That’s it ? I don’t watch that, for sure.

  19. From Clear

    No one has mentioned where the evidence is now. I had hoped to see a strong conniving Sami find the video and destroy all copies. She is so self destructive now that I can certainly see her losing the tape of EJ’s crimes or putting it close to a magnet and wiping it!
    I agree with what #3 Cyn said and hate that Sami is such a loose cannon all the time, and her own worst enemy though I usually laugh when she and Nicole go at it with the scratching and hair pulling.
    Chloe is beyond pathetic! If she was really thinking, she would ask for another paternity test!
    I enjoyed the scenes with Justin and Adrienne. She looks really good other than the way they have cut the back of her hair. The back of her head looks terrible.

  20. From maryl

    Clear–I was wondering if anyone else, besides me, thought Adrienne’s haircut looked really bad from the back of her head! Ha! I see that you also noticed it. IMO, it looks so chopped off–not very flattering!

  21. From Grandma Judy

    That haircut is very popular around here (S. Michigan) but I don’t care for it, either. Always looks so great from the front, then, yikes, you see the back!

    I find Sami and Rafe’s relationship very romantic and I love them together. I’m hoping the double Rafe sl won’t go on too long and that Sami finds out what has happened and she and Rafe get back together. And that Rafe won’t have any after effects from what Stefano and EJ might do to him while they have him.

  22. From shannon

    I have a question that Sami fans could answer. What exactly is her appeal to these men? I started watching around the mid 90′s, and Sami has always had a man or multiple men in her life. I’m not trying to pick a fight with the Sami fans, I’m quite curious about this.
    She has always appeared blatantly unstable with her scheming, hysterics, and attitude. She doesn’t come off as very charming, and yet she is always in some sort of love triangle. What is it about her?

  23. From Katherine

    22 shannon, very bluntly put, and forgive me for it, you have to ask all the men’s little heads!!…….

  24. From stephanie

    Why can’t Sami get a backbone and be a stong Mother like Marlena and Caroline? I think they should have Sami takeover running the Pub for her Gramma and then we can see that she can be strong, support her family and become the Brady Family matriarch when the generations before her pass on. Why does she always “need” a man to support her?

  25. From shannon

    23-katherine. Lol, I won’t disagree with you on that. :P

  26. From Katherine

    24 Shannon, thank you, I guess it had to be said, sooner or later.

  27. From Wendy

    The RoboRafe storyline is one that’s been done to death. How many times did Stefano keep John prisoner and steal his memories? And let’s not forget the Princess Gina/Hope storyline, either. Doesn’t sound like Stefano’s planning on brainwashing Rafe, but it will be interesting to see.

  28. From Sandy

    Shannon, Katherine, Stephanie:
    Sami’s appeal is “writers cramp” the writers just can’t seem to come up with a storyline where Sami grows up! They still have her involved in story lines where she is a selfish, uncontrollable, self-centered teenager who had little or no parental guidance in a 30+ year old body. And that’s from a Sami fan.

  29. From andrea

    Whats up with the whole blue color scheme. Does anybody else notice that Kate has blue in her hair, nails, leggins and shirt. Seems like most characters are sporing blue. Is there some sort of significance??

  30. From Patti

    I’ve noticed the blue theme too, it’s not only the clothes but many of the scenes have been painted blue and they don’t look right with the brown wood, and some of the blankets, dishes, and other props are a bright blue as well. Actors that normally don’t wear blue are wearing it, sometimes 2 or 3 in one scene.

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