Days Of Our Lives Video Promo: Team DiMera.

“I’m so sorry about the accident.”

Sami cries to Rafe until he wakes up. Meanwhile, EJ and Stefano put the final touches on their scheme to get rid of Rafe.

Check out this sneak peek at Monday’s episode and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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  1. From Sandy

    Pond Scum X2 that about says!

  2. From Sandy

    oops “that about says IT!”

  3. From dc

    this thing with ej and stefano taking rafe and replacing him with a clone is wrong.. but i just hope it does not go on forever. it is kind of like when stefano kidnapped john black..
    just get the “real” rafe back with sami..

  4. From Katherine

    If all the writers would listen to all the complaints about this story line and that story line one likes it, the other does not,
    guess what, we would have nothing to watch, sorry, but everybody can not be pleased all the time.
    The stories, will good and bad, depends on WHO is watching,
    I just watch as it comes, like it, dislike it, and have comments on the characters, and as things unfold.

  5. From Sandy

    Yep Katherine that’s me too! I just watch it as it comes, like it, dislike it and my comment this time is Pond Scum X2 which is my opinion of EJ and Stefano.

  6. From michelle

    it would be funny when they do this if it dont work and the otther rafe falls in love with sami too

  7. From lisa

    OMG this is another john black rerun….hope the fake rafe doesent fall for sami as well…lol

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