General Hospital Weekly Summary For January 24-28.

Moping and mercenaries.

Michael began opening up to Jason about Pentonville but then stopped himself, moped about Abby and went home. Kristina dropped by to see him and tried to drag him off to see one of her friends but that turned into a fight. Meanwhile, Jason tracked down Abby. He chased away her psycho ex Brandon and then told her how much Michael was missing her. Brandon then showed up brandishing a gun. Jason knocked it out of his hand and threatened to kill him if he ever came back. He then told Abby she should be honest with Michael. When Michael later found her, she told him that she wasn’t actually a hooker but they still shouldn’t see each other for his own good. He moped to Jason about it.

Molly witnessed a car accident and had a panic attack. Sean, a former Marine, spotted her, sat her down and calmed her. They discussed PTSD until Carly happened by. She took Molly back to her mom and the girl told Alexis everything. Meanwhile, Sean ran into Carly again at the Metrocourt. She offered to pay for his room for helping Molly but he turned her down. After he left, Theo showed up to discuss some legal issues with her and she claimed that Sonny and Brenda’s wedding would be a disaster. Theo then went off to an alley to meet with Sean and it was revealed that he was one of his mercenaries. He hired him on as his special detective. This made Jason uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Molly prodded Michael to get back with Abby. As he walked the streets, he heard her being attacked by Brandon and ran into the alley after them.

Lulu commiserated with her brothers about how the Spencers are all cursed. She went home only to have Dante show up in a tux, offering to take her to the opera. Lulu couldn’t trust him though and sent him away. Lulu moped and Maxie tried to get her to stop. Dante went to the hospital to pick up his mom but discovered that Steve was already doing it. The doctor took her home, fed her grilled cheese and flirted. Meanwhile, Patrick found Robin happily playing darts with Terrell at Jake’s and got jealous. The next day, her garage was busted. Patrick offered to fix it but she turned him down and took Terrell up on his offer, though he had no idea what to do. His attempt to fix her door fell flat, but it was funny enough to endear him even more to her. Meanwhile, Lisa sneaked off to Johnny’s. The mobster had just been pounded on by Terrell. Lulu found him in a bloody heap and helped him home where they caught Lisa. Johnny and Lisa covered and she hurried off.

Tracy counseled Brook Lynn about Nikolas. She worried, but finally encouraged her to go after the prince if he was what she wanted. When Brook tracked him down, Elizabeth was already tempting him into feeding pureed carrots to the baby. She dragged him to her place for dinner and Brook faked a flat tire right in front of her place to disrupt the evening. Nikolas seemed relieved.

Siobhan showed up at Lucky’s after dumping him and suddenly acted like they were together again. She tried to get the whereabouts of the wedding out of him and this raised his suspicions. As she went off to tell The Balkan the misleading information that the cop fed her, Jason showed up and asked Lucky why he was so concerned with where the wedding was all of a sudden. It didn’t take long for Stone Cold to figure out what was up. Meanwhile, the Balkan sent Siobhan out to get info on the wedding space and Lucky caught her taking notes and called her out for her betrayal. And Carly felt betrayed in a rather different way when Brenda broke it to her that Jax had gone all the way to London for her to help Interpol track the Balkan.

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