The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For January 31-February 4.

Wedding and worries.

Stephanie and Brooke talk over the possible marriage of Stephen and Pam and agree to go along with it, but that doesn’t stop Stephanie from issuing a special warning to Mr. Logan about treating her sister right. Things aren’t going all that smoothly in the family otherwise. Brooke finally cracks and has to confide in someone about Thomas’ unwelcome advances. She tells Katie all about the airborne kiss. Later, Ridge starts to get his suspicions that something is going on when he sees an odd moment between Brooke and Summer.

Donna tells Eric that she is getting married again. He does his best to be happy for her and Stephanie does her best to not rub the whole thing in his face. Meanwhile, with the wedding preparations under way, the Logan sisters get together to remember the mother they lost and their brother. The wedding hits some possible turbulence though. An unexpected guest arrives in town to attend and Bill isn’t exactly on his best behavior.

Hope attempts to dismantle Amber’s claim that Liam knocked her up and send the rival blond packing. Amber goes off and tells Oliver that she’s with child and tries to make him keep his mouth shut about it. Before his eyes can dart around too much, Hope and Liam pay him a visit and interrogate him about whether he, or someone else, could have been the one to gain entrance to Amber’s fertile nether regions. Meanwhile, struggling with getting over smoking is putting Nick in a foul mood and he rapidly becomes impossible to be around. His doctor issues him another warning and Stephanie refuses to back down on her friend and won’t be put off by his jerky behavior.

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