The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For January 24-28.

Proposals and proclamations.

Stephanie continued preaching to Nick about the evils of smoking. He took his son for a boat ride and dumped his cigars in the water, promising Jack that he’d be sticking around. The next day he tried to impress Stephanie by chewing nicotine gum. As soon as she turned her back, he pulled out a cigar and she caught him. She immediately went across town to tell Jackie about it. When he heard about this, he tried to downplay his mom’s fears but she and Stephanie continued to worry.

Brooke told Thomas that they should come clean with his father about the way he’d been acting. He assured her that the kiss was nothing. Brooke then witnessed him arguing with Madison about playing the field and he used this to assure Brooke that he wasn’t hung up on her.

Donna and Justin went out to a restaurant to reminisce. She wished for another shot at a life with him and then dropped to her knees to propose. He accepted. The next day he broke the news to Bill who called in a jeweler with some rings. Justin picked one and rushed off to find Donna with her sisters and gave her the ring. The couple went off to tell Marcus, Stephen and Pam. They were thrilled and then Pam suggested they have a double wedding. Donna freaked when she heard that the woman who tried to kill her was planning to become her step mother. Actually, no one was thrilled by the idea. Stephen’s daughters finally decided that they just wanted him to be happy and Stephanie and Brooke decided that the marriage could finally heal things between their families.

Tawny continued prodding her daughter to go along with the paternity scam. She even recruited a lab tech from a dating site to help them fake the test. Amber hated the idea and didn’t think she could live with it but was cowed by her mom into going ahead with the plan. When she showed up at Liam’s, Hope was there to rant at her and Amber finally stopped her tirade by proclaiming that she was pregnant.

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