The Young And The Restless Poll: Colin And Jill’s Wedding.

Will the wedding happen?

Though Jill accepted Colin’s proposal, there’s still a huge secret looming over him that could blow his chances at marrying Jill out of the water. However, if it were up to you, would you like to see the wedding happen?

Please take a moment to vote in our Colin and Jill’s Wedding Poll today and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know how you want to see things go down.

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  1. From amanda

    Jill has had enough tragedy in her life, especially with men. She needs to be with a good man and not with this criminal, Collin.

    Collin will murder Cain in front of JIll this week. That in itself is enough sadness for her to endure.

  2. From Rose Johnson

    Jill is a sour stupid selfish know it all. Let her marry this piece of work & be shown she really doesn’t know everything, like she thinks she does.
    And Collin killing Cain is a horrible thought. I hope it doesn’t happen. I’d rather see Cain kill Collin & be set free for killing the snake he is.

  3. From par

    colin or cain will be murdered outside of the church before the marriage takes place.

  4. From jean meyer

    I don’t want Cain to die.I want him to stay with Lilly

  5. From Donna T

    I don’t want Cane to die. I love watching him. I want him and Lily to work tings out and for him to finally come clean with his past.

  6. From Ms. V

    Today’s esposide, was really sad, for Lily. She has had he own sadness, with her illness, and her mother, Dru’s death? And now her husband’s death? Just as she realized that she Love was more than, the truth..I thought the writers, would killed him-off, but hoped, that they would not..Why now before Lily finds-out that Colin is her father-in-law..I hope when she finds out that she won’t let him have nothing to do with her and he twins..

  7. From lee

    I love this show but hate how the writers kill the most popular actors on this show. Hope Cane gets a better deal on his next job..Maybe the writers are running out of good story lines.

  8. From Bella

    It makes no sense for the writers to kill of Cain,even if there were contract issues with the actor. There were so many possibilities with two children. A nice new familyThey could have cast a new actor in the role like they did with Malcolm instead of having one of the noat loved characters die. You even brought back the original Phillip after all these years,why?And kept Chance alive,why? WHO CARES!!!JUST GIVE US BACK OUR CAIN!!!

  9. From Nicole Charles

    I hate the fact that Caine was killed off of the story. Alot of viewers are upset about this. You guys should rethink that storyline before you lose a lot of viewers.

  10. From Amanda

    Please just let Cane be going into hiding like Chance did, don’t take him off the show. Get the truth out about Colin and get him off the show.

  11. From wickedoll2

    I hate that you killed off Cain!!I also liked Blake! Enjoyed him in ATWT. nOT TOO MANY GOODLOOKING GUYS LEFT ON THE SHOW!

  12. From linda

    i hate the fact the writers killed cain why would you do that everybody loves cain and lily needs him so much please bring him back

  13. From sara

    what were the writters thinking to take caine off the show he and lily went through so much with her cancer and then the babies its not right and now i dont think im gonna be keeping up with y&r as much you just cant take off the best and think people will stay tuned in.I AM PISSED

  14. From melissa

    get out the magic wand or what ever you have to do but bring caine back!!!!!!!!!!!!!This cant be happening its not right dont take one of the best away

  15. From gail dean

    Cain is one of the best characters on the show. Please don’t kill him off!!!

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