Executive Producer Ken Corday Previews Upcoming Days Of Our Lives Spoilers.

A peek at the rest of the winter.

Executive Producer Ken Corday has offered fans a glimpse into what will be unfolding over the next couple of months in Salem. “It’s romance and Gothic mystery,” he told SOD, which will mean that an old couple will be getting back together, as well as some new ones forming and a good share of oddness along the way.

It looks like Bo and Hope will be back together again. He’ll be fulfilling the wishes of fans of the couple and realizing that Carly was a big mistake. When the supercouple gets back together, she doesn’t want to be a cop anymore, but that could actually spell bad news for someone. Hope’s become an adrenalin junkie and looks for a new way to get her fix. Meanwhile, after the prison and organ debacle, Ben’s on the outs with Jenn. She almost gets killed in the whole mess but Daniel manages to rescue her. This means that she owes him her life, but he’ll settle for less than that. They bond over their dead marriages and get intimate.

Because one wasn’t enough, EJ and Stefano kidnap Rafe and replace him with a doppelganger. Doppel-Rafe settles in with Sami and the kids and prepares to make them hate him, but his wiring is faulty and it’s not working out that well. Although this doesn’t seem to affect his conversational skills, Sami can’t help notice something is different when she has sex with the machine. This story will spend months unfolding as Sami starts to freak out that the Rafe she thought she knew doesn’t seem to be there anymore. Meanwhile, Rafe is stuck in the DiMera basement while the house is getting crowded. Taylor is back in town and wishing to get close to her sister. However, when she meets Elvis, she’d rather get close to him. This makes his marriage to Nicole uncomfortable, especially since his cold heart is starting to thaw and throb for her sister.

Across town, Chloe starts to fall apart thanks to her postpartum depression. She sinks into a dark depression and puts Parker at risk when she tries to commit suicide. Meanwhile, Mel miscarries. With everything turning to crap, you can figure out why Philip decides to get out of town. This leaves the Kiriakis empire squarely on Brady’s shoulders. He becomes completely mercenary because he thinks that Victor has become too soft and easily swayed. Brady becomes mad with power as Victor becomes trapped between Maggie and Vivian.

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  77 responses so far...

  1. From Dolly

    Ej and Sami, they are why I watch this soap. Without then in a good relationship with each other, there is no longer any reason for me to watch.

  2. From Barbara

    This is going to sound horrible but I’m kind of glad that Mel miscarries since there have been too many pregnancies in soap land. I did a count of the ones I watch and she would be number sixteen. Well that explains Philip being able to leave her but there’s still the matter of his son Parker which makes me think this role will be recast after all it happened before when Jay left.

    Well I’m having deja vu with the double Galen since that was done on Passions. I wonder if this means that Rolf comes out from wherever he’s been hiding to program the doppelganger.

    Now if only Enormo Scumera would be the one to commit suicide that would be great since I want him off my screen. As long as Taylor or Nicole keep this evil bastard away from Sami I’m good since I’m not a fan of the girl and her rapist since that’s just disgusting only with the lack of chemistry with those two as a couple.

    I’m a longtime viewer but I’m so over Bo and Hope as a couple. Chances are she’ll end up taking off again since she has a habit of doing that. So I’m not happy about that either.

    Guess I’ll be doing a lot of complaining when I babble about it at my blog.

  3. From Sue GC

    please pair Mel and Nathan they are so right for each well as Sam. and E.J. So much chemistry between those guys.

  4. From lee

    i don”t belive that they let phil have a baby because when he was with bell he could not have kids and he also he had a limp but i think that ia all gone now because look what has happen.

  5. From Allie

    Kinda interesting… I guess. What will happen with Mel and Nathan? Thats what I want to know.
    I don’t mind the Jen and Daniel thing. But I didnt see that coming.
    I don’t like the idea of the fake Rafe- I like things to be realistic.
    I’m happy for Bo and Hope and I hope the soap make their reunion exciting.
    I feel bad for Brady- Dont like the way they are changing his personality.

    Well I guess that Nicole and EJ get married- I will have to see Taylor before I make a judgment on that storyline.

  6. From Cindy

    I think the reason everyone is so emotional about who Sami should be with is that Allison is such a good actress. I loved her with Lucas. I totally believed that she was in love with him and was so unhappy when they broke up (all 18 times). Unfortunately, she is completely believable when she is supposed to be in love with EJ or Rafe.

    So I think each fan bases their preference on how they feel about the male character. If you like a bad guy, you like EJ. If you like a good guy, you like Rafe.

    It would be nice if we could have different opinions without personally attacking each other.

  7. From Jolie

    I guess we all knew Bo and Hope would eventually get back together but starting with a problem right out of the chute…I wish we’d see them happy for a month or so anyway. I’d love to see little Ciara have a good summer. It’s a shame that Nicole ties the knot with Elvis and he falls for her sister. Does this mean that Nicole falls a little again for Elvis and there will be big problems between the sisters? I really wish the sisters would bond together and become a powerful team. Elvis may meet his soul mate but wonder where that leaves Sami and Nicole? And will Elvis have more children? Oh dang, what is Sami gets preggars by the Dope-Rafe?? So will this be Bart in disguise? I think it was funny in the article above that stated that his wiring was not exactly correct. So do the kids really like him and he just mildly get on Sami’s nerves. Stefano will have to dial his programming up a bit. Will Bo get his job back or will Rafe still be Chief PoPo?? This could be interesting. I loved the way the summer sounds…romance and Gothic mystery with some oddness. I love the oddness they come up with.
    All have a great weekend.

  8. From dc

    i always thought threy would bring bo and hope back together. but where will that leave carly, still on the show or gone??
    and i kind of figured melanie would miscarry. and i guess nwith everything going on in his life it is a good thing to just have philip leave town, maybe they will bring him back. i wonder how they are gonna write out stefanie..
    jennifer and daniel, i never saw that one coming. i ust wonder about chloe, philip leaving and daniel moving on with his life. and poor parker, i can see melanie bringing him up as hers and chloe being gone, unless they bring someone in for her.
    i thought maybe they would put brady with nicole’s sister, not ej.
    sure hate it about what they are gonna do to rafe and sami.. they are both good actors, hate to see this storyline go wrong..
    and hope not being on the police force anymore, that does not sound good..

  9. From Patty

    The spoilers don’t interest me at all. Too much recycling. A double character? Been there, done that. New love interest for EJ. Give it a rest. Bope? Meh. I like Carly better. What bothers me most is that not only do these new stories lack originality; they lack creativity. Days is becoming too much of a Passions, and it didn’t work well for them, did it?

  10. From Grandma H

    It seems to me that DOOL needs better writters, do we not remember that Stefano has already done just about everything including putting a double into someones life. I have been watching this show since the beginning and someone needs to either do more research into what has already happened and not do it again or get newer ideas. Leaving NAthan, Phillip and Stphanie go off the show is a big mistake. Stephanie, oh well she isn’t that important but the two guys come on. Also , am I the only one to realise that Phillip should not be able to produce two babies with a low sperm count????? The Carly thing is getting old, ok she is Mels mother but get her out of Bo and Hopes life. I agree with Patty Days is getting too much like PAssions, why not we have almost all their actors now. Lets get a new look here and not mess with the good things but get rid of the oh now here we go again. I am not so sure I will continue to keep watching if all these things keep reoccuring. Jenn and Daniel, give me a break, he is old enough to be her father as he was for Chloe. Put Daniel with Carly that is how it should have been to start. Bring Jack back, it seems like Days just shoots itself in the foot by messing with good story lines. JAck and Jen, Bo and Hope, Lets get back to what made this show so great to start with.

  11. From Angela

    I’m going to guess that Philip gets custody of Parker and leaves town with him. We already know that Kate’s scheming to have Philip gain full custody of Parker. I’m gussing that when Chloe attempts suicide and puts Parker in danger as a result, she will be deemed by the courts to be “incompetant” and will lose custody.

  12. From Dotty

    The plot about kidnapping and replacing Rafe is enough to gag a maggot! At least if they wouldn’t drag it out forever. They play out the plots ad nauseum, on and on forever until we just stop watching for awhile. That’s what I’ll do when they start that plot. Yuk!

  13. From Aarin 78

    Im sooo over Bo and Hope!! Im a long time watcher of Days, but enough is enough with these too. Im really sad about Mel and Nathan, I thought they were great together! I couldnt stand Steph and Phillip but who is gonna be left? Getting dissapointed about whats going on in the show!!

  14. From cj

    I have been a fan since I was about 12 years old.mariages Bo and hope, kate and stephano,carly&daneil,victor&maggie,brady&nicole,sami&ej,nathan&mel,viv&gus,will&gaby,chloe&ben,Iknow some unlikely paring.But cool story line.

  15. From Peg

    I love that Bo and Hope are getting back together..But the Rafe storyline…NO NO NO..I love Rafe and Sammy together. Nicole and EJ deserve each other. Daniel and Jen, OK I love Jen..did I read somewhere that Carrie is returning? that would be a great match for Brady or would they be related? I think everyone is related somewhere along the line.
    Don’t like the way they’ve made Caroline so mean..let it go

  16. From moe

    So excited that Stephano is back to his old wacky schemes. Hiding people in his basement, making robots. Good campy Days material. I would rather see EJ with Nicole or Sami but as long as he needs to finally get some lovin. Poor guy. Bo and Hope: they have to stay together. If there is no Bo and Hope, there are no super couples left.

  17. From Clear

    Carrie is Roman and Marlena’s daughter? Brady is Isabella and John’s son? So what happens with Melanie after she miscarries. The SL’s sound good to me except it sounds like the Rafe Imposter gets dragged out too long–months! I think that’s too much. What happens to Carley? Who will she be with when Bope returns? Is Parker really Phillip’s child? Is there still a Possibiity that he belongs to Daniel?

  18. From Mazikins

    Please…enough with the Bo and Hope drama. How many times is Bo going to stray and Hope take him back? It’s way too sexist and boring for me – Bo isn’t all that to begin with. If anything, i’d like to see Hope finally spread her wings with someone else – and NOT do it to spite Bo…just do it for herself!
    Sayonara Stephanie…I am happy to see her go but not happy to say goodbye to Nathan! I think Molly does such a super job acting as Melanie and I just wish that she could find happiness with Nathan – I pray that he will be recast. It was a great storyline.
    And lastly – can’t they calm down Sami? How many more hysterical jaunts will she go on and how many times will wimpy Rafe run after her? That really is getting old!
    I love that there could be a Victor/Maggie combo – I just love the two of them together. And I also love the thought of Jennifer and Daniel – both of these new couples will really bring new life and a little reality back to the show…kidnapping Rafe??? I really hope they don’t drag this on too long – the ratings are finally starting to go up but this nonsense with Rafe will bore me to tears. Can’t they think of something that makes more sense? Between Viv in the sarcophagus and now a Rafe impersonator…big yawn from me!

  19. From Lissa

    Carrie is Roman & his first wife Anna’s(Tony Dimera’s widow) daughter. Sami & Eric are Roman & Marlena’s children. Carrie is Sami’s half sister.

  20. From NIRA

    I only care about the story line with Nate & Mel.

  21. From MamaJ

    SAVE CARLY!!! She’s been like a breath of life to the show. I hope she and Rafe somehow make it to each other. Also, make Brady a true sob. That is what’s needed instead of the silly evil of Viv or Stephano. If Carly doesn’t get it on with Rafe then I hope Nicole does. EJ will manipulate Sami to love him again and

  22. From MamaJ

    she, Sami, will have to battle Taylor.Won’t she feel stupid when the real Rafe comes back? She’ll probably be preggers again by EJ or the doppelganger Rafe. hahaha
    I like Mel and Brady together. She used to be bad, too.
    Jen and Dan? don’t see it. don’t care.
    Bring back John Black.

  23. From Debbie

    I like all the upcoming plotline ideas except for the Rafe clone. Like others have said already, been there done that. Am glad to see Stephanie go, didn’t like what the writers did with her character after Shayna Rose left the role. Now if SHE were brought back with the personality she displayed originally, I wouldn’t mind if Stephanie returned but not with any other actress playing her.

  24. From marknsprmo

    Not a big fan of Daniel. And he is too smarmy for Jennifer.
    I will reserve judgment on evil twin Rafe simply because it might show some acting range for the actor and bring something new to the table. A new direction is definately needed.
    What about Chad and Will? Can we ever expect that these two will ever act on their obvious attraction to eachother? Please don’t pair them off with a couple of girls and ignore it. It really is one of the best things the show has going for it right now.
    Ta ta to Stephanie and Phillip. Sorry to see Nathan go though.

  25. From MsBoulder-CO

    Well, we all knew Bo and Hope would get back together so that’s no surprise. Nathan will be leaving so no Mel and Nathan ;-(

    I agree with stories being recycled too much when it comes to Stefano. What using chips for mind control wasn’t enough and he’s doing robots??!! Please…Also we just had Sami going through a Rafe breakup with the kidnapping of Sydney.

    Post-partum depression is a good story but didn’t we have that with Laura when Jen was born?

    What age will Abby be when she comes back if they hook her up with Chad? I thought she was in high school when they brought her back years ago. I’ve read they were going to do a gay story line using Chad and Will but it sounds like it must be on the back burner. We can’t have a Dimera being gay, Stefano would have a heart attack for sure – LOL.

    Last thing I’m wondering is how can Lee and the Warden get outted without it coming out about Dr.Ben? Also, what’s in story will Carly have since she breaks up with Bo and Mel loses the baby? Then again, Rafe will have a brother entering the picture so maybe Carly and him will hook up…….

  26. From barbara

    i can’t believe that nathan is leaving! he’s the best of the young stars by far. without him it’ll be too boring for mel. stephanie is going soon, i hope. i hope chloe goes away, too. both of these young ladies are much, too much, i dislike them and their acting skills..

  27. From Alyssa

    OMG **GAG**

    Here are my suggestions for DAYS to improve..sounds like they’re just grasping at straws here with no storyline really going anywhere except to Yawnsville.

    1. Bring back John and Marlena. Sami needs her mom and Brady, well his Dad will need to bring some whoop ass to straigten him out. How cool would it be to see TWO black leather jacket clad men in Salem?

    2. Give Carly a story!! Carly and Bo were awesome in the day, but everyone knows Bo and Hope belong together. However, I always liked her and wanted to see her succeed. If they’re not going to pair her with Daniel, then bring her son with Lawrence on the show and then Melanie can meet her brother. Bring someone from Carly’s past on to pair her with. She is a great character and should NOT be wasted.

    3. Bring Jack back if you’re going to pair Jen with Ben. I’d like to see Jack kick some butt and sweep Jen off her feet again. Maybe with Abby coming back soon this will happen. Where is Jen and Jack’s son anyway? And exactly WHERE is Jack, I haven’t figured that out yet, I must’ve missed it.

    4. Yes, Yes, Yes to pairing Nicole’s sister with E.J. He needs a new love interest and frankly, it’d be nice to see Nicole fight with someone else besides Sami for a change. I’d like to see E.J. grovel and beg for Taylor to actually give him the time of day. It’d be nice to see him humbled by love a little bit.

    5. Bring Eric Brady back!!! Weren’t he and Nicole paired together many many years ago? They were cute and that was before Nicole was an annoying schemer, if Brady doesn’t want her and E.J. dumps her then Nicole needs someone. I like her character, but she’s got nothing to do. Eric could come back to the show and rekindle that old romance and then maybe he and Brady will have some kind of issues with that. Sibling rivarly x2 with Nicole and her sister fighting as well.

    6. Bring Lucas back! Where is he anyway? Sami and Lucas have always been my favs..He is the ONLY man that knows who/what Sami really is and has always loved her anyway. But they need to give him a job AWAY from Kate. Maybe he can come back from wherever and be an AA counselor or something. Brady and Nicole could be his first clients.

    7. And lastly, this is super super wish list, but I’m a Stefano fan and would love for him and Kate to stay together. They are the most awesome devious duo ever! It would be something if Kate got pregnant by Stefano and they’re dealing with late in life parenthood. They’re so good and trying to run everyone else’s life, but then they’re saddled with an infant of their own.

  28. From Kiera

    I am not sure which one of these sounds more stupid. Really? reaplace rafe with a machine? They want to make this show believable or not? Chloe’s depresseion sounds about the most realistic so that one that will probably cut. Why not bring back marlena as the demon to round out this stupidity

  29. From Peg

    Stefano makes me sick…why this storyline? I love Rafe and Sami, this is the 1st time I’ve liked Sami with someone..
    NO please don’t go with a Gay storyline with those two young men, it makes me sick. Please don’t let EJ and Sami back together.
    Kate and Daniel again? might be interesting. I love Maggie and Victor together.
    Goodbye Stepanie and Nate..never liked them.
    I love Mel, put her back with Philip and make the baby Daniels.

  30. From MARY

    Yes #27, totally agree…bring LUCAS BACK! Ali and Bryan are totally meant for each other. I don’t see ANY sparks with Safe. No one could break the beds 3 times or have quite as many laughs as sami and lucas have. They were totally believeable as a couple. Ali and Bryan were that good together.

    I would also like a SAVE CARLY petition. She’s a wonderful actress but Days has done nothing but make her the bad guy time and time again. Even when she tries to help and things start to go her way, everyone ends up hating and blaming her again. I’m surprised SHE isn’t the one trying to commit suicide. They’ve totally ruined an amazing character.

    Bo and carly back in the day had so much potential. Too bad it was cut short…

  31. From Amanda

    OMG – Please give Sami and Rafe a rest! I can’t take anymore of Sami crying and screaming every episode. I actually like Sami and Rafe together and would like to see them have a little happiness together.

    Secondly – save Nathan!!!! I have loved Mel and Nathan together from the beginning and I’m so disappointed that we had to suffer through this long drawn out Phillip-Chloe affair and the only thing that kept me watching was the hope that Mel and Nathan would find their way back to each other.

    Love Stephano and Kate together. EJ annoys the hell out of me…does he really need to put his hand on his hip when he yells?

  32. From tinab

    OK – I think I’m done. I’ve been watching since day one and I think Corday is out of touch and the writers are the most non-creative persons ever. This is about the 5th if not 6th “throw them in the basement” storyline. Give me a break. I prefer the “computer chip in the head or in the tooth” storyline better. Too bad idiot Riley didn’t clone Rolf before he killed him off. I’m with you Alyssa #27, there are just too many good people and credible storylines that could be put into play. And for crying out loud sanctimonious Rafe needs to be thrown under the basement.And when are we going to know Rafe’s whole story. I can’t believe he’s the goody, goody that they portray him to be. What every happened to the Emily storyline?

  33. From janet c

    T think there is to much repeat scenes. for one, Fake Rafe is going back to John Black story line. and how can ej always on have a drink in his hand and never get drunk(except the one occasion when sammy shot him?)I prefer those two together

  34. From Pat

    I have been watching for about 7 months and was interested. I am disappointed with the way the plots are going now and I am ready to take a long leave from this soap.

  35. From mike

    It would be nice to see Phillip and Mel make it. Miscarriage? Why?
    It would also be nice to have Chloe and Daniel make it eventually.

  36. From kelsy

    I really like sammie and rafe together…so please keep them together, but i also like ej and i still want him to pine for sammie and keep making advances at her in hopes that she would eventually give in to him, but never give in. just wish the writers would leave sammie and rafe alone and let them be happy together… at least have one hapy couple in salem. my goodness it’s only a soap opera so keep the two hot looking people together who can actually act and who get along together in real life. ej should eventually have somebody new in his life besides wanting to have sex and being with sammie. it should be someone who is also in another relationship besides ej. it would be like ej having sex or hanging out with this new beau in his life but he is really fantasing that it is sammie who he is having sex with and hanging out with all the time. this would be great because then would not keep playing games with her in regards to her having half custody of the kids. yes, i keep ramping on and on about the sammie, rafe, and ej characters…. but le’s be honest they are really the only reason why anyone cares to watch the show. too bad for the melanie and nathan characters…the writers really should have given those characters a chance. well, at least melanie is still on the show- she really became a good actress…unlike that chad character…the producers or whoever should have fired casey also know as chad- ughhh! anyhow, glad to know that phillip and stephanie characters are leaving… although i think it is sad to see stephanie go because she was a good actress, but the writers made her character annoying, desparate, and boring. so, in that regard glad to see her go. phillips character was just ugly, extremely boring, annoying, and he looked to old for melanie… so glad that is going to be over. the show would be better off if they would just get rid of maggie, nicole, stephano, bo, jennifer, hope. oh my goodness just get rid of, let go, fire the characters hope,nicole, and maggie…who needs these people on the show… what a waste of film.

  37. From Yvonne

    I have been watch DOOL since before Bo and Hope got married. They are a team that should not break up anymore. Victor & Maggie would be a great story line together there is a lot to write about. Sami & Rafe together is great for her kids and he should be the goody good guy. Just as E.J and Stefano are the villans as well as Kate. Vivian can clearly leave. Melanie needs to be with Nathan after all she has gone through. Hope should leave the police force and go back to school and become a doctor like Lexie did. Especially since Hope worked in the jail hospital. This way she will be a new addition to the Horton’s legacy of the medical profession. Kate and Stephano is great together. Carly and Roman should get together. Or Carly and Daniel. But do not do the “Double” Rafe that is really stupid, thats old stuff. If anything have Rafe kidnapped after Rafe and Sami’s fight and she not know where he is and leaves her wondering if he just left her. DOOL needs to stop duplicating their story lines and get creative.

  38. From L

    enough with the breeding, glad mel miscarries so she can move on with horton. Bo and hope again is good, danial n jenn??? daniel is gross, std central, he and chloe compile to having slept with anyone there is to sleep with at this point between them both.

  39. From Paz

    Bring John and Marlena back! They could help Bo and Hope and Sami and Rafe.

  40. From Ericka

    Does Hope have to have another problem right away? Can’t her and Bo just be happy for awhile?
    I hope they do pair EJ with someone else, I never like Sami with him. I love her with Rafe. I hope that storyline doesn’t drag out too long.

  41. From LadyBarbara

    I love that Bo and Hope will be back together lets see Chloe and
    Daniel get back together can anyone
    rememmber what a bad person Mel was
    everyone seems to think she is now a wonderful person. She should get
    together with her husband and leave town with him bring back the Blacks I want to see more people my age on the show cant relate to all the kids. knu

  42. From patsi45

    My main interest is Mel and Nathan – so sorry that Mark Hapka is leaving.

  43. From MatildaQ

    Carrie is Roman and Anna’s daughter. Marlena is her STEPmother.

  44. From laurel

    Really love this show. Was happy to read that Sami will be mellowing. Shooting EJ in the head, then almost killing Nicole by slugging and pushing her is over the top retalliation. Then being so spoiled as to believe that she should be the one to decide the child custody! Now almost killing Rafe. If she weren’t to get a grip on herself, the next storyline should see her in a loony bin.

  45. From Dottie

    Not happy about Bo and Hope getting back together, definately don’t like Dan getting with anyone but Carly they both have great hearts and could be a winning couple in Salem

  46. From Clear

    No putting Chad and Will together! If writers do that, I will be done with Days and know that it is dead for traditional values and will expect it to die on the vine going down that road. Thank goodness I read spoilers and know that Abby will be Chad’s interest. A Dimera and Horton love story I hope.

  47. From Jody White

    Why do some viewers seem to think there has been an attraction between Will and Chad? I have never noticed anything they have done that would indicate they are gay. I read months ago that Carrie would return but now see nothing about it on any Days news items. Kayla pops in and out when needed. The writers are lucky Mary Beth Evans will do the short times on the show. What’s with Shane Donovan’s return? It was hyped months ago he would return and he just had a few very short scenes at Alice’s funeral. I have watched the show for close to the 45 years it has been on and do agree there is too much repitition with story lines now.

  48. From Nita

    I don’t think EJ & Nicole will get married , but they might.. But I think EJ is going to go after Nicole’s sister now that she is on the show !
    So glad that Hope & Bo will be together finally again…
    But I still want Daniel with Chole..
    So glad that tramp don’t have the baby , but would like to see Mel & Nathan together.
    I don’t know who pour Jenn needs to get…
    I hope Rafe can get out of the basement & get back to Sami fast..

  49. From Nita

    OH HELL NO DO NOT PUT CHAD & WILL TOGETHER !!!!!!!!!!!! I have watched Days for about 32 yrs. now & that would be just sick to do that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. From Monica

    The Double Rafe story is awful…repeat….come up with something original…and keep Sami & Rafe together. I kind of like the EJ Nicole, Taylor love triangle. Love Stephano and Kate together—thanks for that reunion. Don’t like the new Brady. Big Mistake getting rid of Nathan….please keep him and put he and Mel together…we have waiting forever for this…and now we get nothing??? come on writers!

  51. From Swirly

    Although It won’t happen, why not a gay couple on Days. Believe it or not people there are gay people and couples everywhere. (What not in Salem?) Since someone brought it up in the comments above, I thought back and said yeah, the way they talk and confide in each other sometimes it doesn’t seem too far fetched. But as another comment said, not a Dimera!!! Ha ha!

  52. From Dee

    I agree 100% with 28 and 32. I mean these stories keep getting more and more ridiculous. The real life way of getting an enemy eliminated would be to have them killed, not cloned and/or put the real one in a basement cell! And by the way, where you order, on a fairly short time, a clone/double of a person? The JC Penney catalog? The illegal sale of organs theme may have some relevance, but give me a break, Jennifer’s heart is taken out and then put back by Daniel. He is a specialist in everything!

  53. From josiejo

    if this capture drags out verry long I will nit watch the show anymore it needs be geared to more to real life. DO YOU THINK THE PUBLIC IS STUPID???

  54. From Dee

    Josiejo, That is what I am afraid that this stupid storyline will drag for months, like the Sidney’s kidnapping did. I plan to just read the spoilers and comments, maybe once a week. I can’t stand the insults to my intelligence. Obviously the writers think we are all stupid women and just watch Days to fantasize about the good looking men on it.

  55. From shirl g

    Days producers please please do not let our beloved days get turned into a passion spinoff! You have amazing actors and actresses to utilize. Use them to enhance your show. There are numerous storylines that could work for Sami and Nicole’s characters. When I say passions spinoff. I’m talking about the Rafe 1 & 2 plot. I’m just waiting for the demons in the basement and the
    witches of passions to appear. Wait a minute, now I’ve got it. Nicole’s sister Taylor is a witch! Yes and she’s come back to help Nicole realize the same. They will battle it out as they wreck havoc and evil in this little town. Kate and Vivian won’t have a chance against these two! Come on Days producers. I know its a soap opera, but, look back and realize that passions was canceled for the obvious. Hey, I’m just saying

  56. From Pam

    OMG…I am so tired of recording every day to only go home and watch it and get sick. Sami and Rafe are ridiculous together. Soap operas are all about the interesting couples and living happily ever after never makes for a good week. I absolutely love EJ/Sami’s chemistry but it is obvious now that isn’t going to happen.

  57. From airheart

    Please…bring back JACK!! I absolutely hate that you are screwing with yet another great supercouple!! We need JACK and JENN once more!! PLEEEESSSEE!!!

  58. From Lee

    Post-partum depression is very real. With this already Feb. and the script already written, I am hopeful that you can quickly make changes to her character and expound on PPD. So many new mother’s feel isolated and alone when they should be very happy about the birth of their new baby. It’s a horrible, mostly unspoken event that can stay with mom’s forever. Thank you for tackling such a barely spoken about depression and giving hope to new mom’s out there, that you CAN get help and IT IS OK to feel like you do. Nothing to be ashamed of.

  59. From penn pal

    I am with Dolly. Boring ,boring without the Ejami chemistry in the storyline.
    Think I’ll just hang it up and watch HGTV.

  60. From MN

    DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT put Jen with anyone other than JACK!!! Why do they always have to break up a couple because only one actor came back? We all know this isn’t reality so leave Jack be wherever he is but keep him with Jen. I LOVE Melissa Reeves & am SOOOO happy to have her back but Jen belongs with Jack!!!

  61. From KittenP

    RoboRafe should give Sami AIDs to make the story at least a little realistic. Can’t wait til this line is over with. Love the older couple romances, e.g. Stefano & Kate (hot), and even Victor and Red. Bring back Nathan please.

  62. From Pattypat

    Please writers so not have a gay couple on the show, that would just ruin it. There are enought storyines out there to write about. I can’t understand why they are taking off Philip (by the way I love his new look)I can understand Steph and Nathan, but then I would like him paired with Mel. Oh well, whatever the plots I will continue to watch one of the greatest soaps there is.

  63. From Ginny

    Been watching for years – need to show Hope as the intelligent / powerful woman she is meant to be – Bo needs to WIN her back – how could she just climb into bed with him after he so quickly has just left Carly’s bed (which was in HER HOUSE). She should open her own Private Investigation business (to add some colour to the show). Chloe needs to show as a survivor of the depression she is in (this will encourage viewers who are suffering).

  64. From Babz

    I think I am going to vomit in my mouth! EJ and Nicole…I don’t even want to watch. She is creepy, she should have chose Brady, I dont understand the logic in all of this, they wont last.
    Like Fake Rafe, cuz I dont like Real Rafe and I dont like him paired with Sami!
    Loving Stephano (and Kate) LOVE VIV…keep it up!

  65. From Linda

    This makes my skin crawl, and my stomach to turn in disgust!
    Daniel, your wife is in serious harm and really ill!! And you and Jennifer are both married!
    Never expected this, always been huge fan of Jennifer but if she sleeps with Daniel
    They killed the character for me
    Jack and Jen forever!

  66. From shay

    First of all I reall don’t care for the Jen and Daniel story better for him to be with either Chloe or Carly and let the baby be his. I really like Rafe and Sami together, there really needs to be a supercouple again like John and Marlena. It holds the story together. Let EJ get a dose of his own medicine, hes a jerk!!! I like Bo and Hope together again and the story of Maggie and Victor is heart warming. She is just what he needs. Brady needs a new love interest and Viv is the humor of the show. The young actors are needed but I hope they don’t make the whole show all about them. Like to see Jack return, he was a plus to the show. And last wouldn’t it be great if John and Marlena would return!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. From Doeji

    Days has taken a very ugly trend lately and that is taking children away from their mothers in order to punish or keep them in line. Also, I wish you would give Stefano some plot other than switching people.How many times has he done this. Switch the whole town and be done with it already!


  68. From ron kimble

    If I was part of the writing team, I would bring Lawrence Alamain back from the dead. He would help his auntie Viv out and confront the man who had an affair with his wife (Carly) and confront Daniel and his daughter Mel. The Alamains can even get into the DiMeras and Kiriakas’s business. It’s time for a visit from Marlena Evans, every daughter has something to say to their mother. ( It can lift your ratings). That’s all for now.

  69. From sandy

    I can’t believe you guys haven’t figured it out, the reason they get rid of so many of the older actors is because they don’t have to pay the new younger ones as much money.
    The idea of breaking up jenn and jack and pairing her with daniel is ridiculous,he is the show’s slut and jenn would never go for him, doesn’t hold a candle to jack. john and marlena they were great, hope and bo, patch and kayla these people made the show worth watching. Even vic and stephano. but now they just keep trying to bring back half of a super couple and then bring in old worn out storylines aka two rafe’s. I quit watching for three years when they took jack off years ago and i think it’s time to quit again.

  70. From Jane

    I am just about done with Day’s. Sick of Stephano and his taking peoples minds, hate the Rafe switch. If they make Will gay, that will be the last straw. What is wrong with you writers, “u r sick”. Finally got Bo and Hope together, now keep them there. Put some happiness in the show, ther is enough sadness in this world, we need to watch happy shows not all the sadness.

  71. From Debby

    I’m sure the DiMeras will eliminate Frafe (faux Rafe) when his usefulness is over. He won’t be, as he says, wearing Rafe’s face for the rest of his life. The moment he signed on, his life became much, much shorter.

    Would have really liked Mel and Nathan to connect. I have this horrible feeling the writers are going to try to have Mel fall for the odious, hateable and nauseating Dario. I loathe him almost as much as I did Trent and his many predecessors.

    Carly and Daniel need to find each other. There is ZERO chemistry between Daniel and Jennifer. It seems very much like a forced pairing.

    EJ will end up alone, again, as soon as his duplicitousness comes to light.

    Victor, Stefano and Maggie are necessary. Keep them. Vivian is ridiculous and one-dimensional. Is she going to conscript Nicky into helping her revenge plan?

    Bo and Hope are boring and have been for some time. The notion of a 7 year old (Ciara) running away (to where? to whom? with what?) doesn’t evince the pathos the writers might have intended: it’s just irritating. Nicole and Taylor remain interesting–though Taylor needs to lose the single-expression look when someone speaks to her–and I still like Brady, despite his 180. He has always played big brother to Mel. To change that dynamic isn’t a great idea. It makes me a little squeamish.

    Still like Kate and the actual Rafe, but am skeptical that he will forgive Sami for not recognizing on some level, that Frafe wasn’t he.

    Chloe now has nothing to do. Will she be leaving? Glad Chad is getting more air time.

    Not enchanted by the new Abby and, since I wasn’t a great fan of Ms Braun as Ava, I can’t see her taking over Taylor’s role.

    The writers need to abandon pregnancies, paternity questions, memory wipes and dopplegangers. Oh, and live burials. There must be something else out there that has multiple possibilities for interesting stories.

  72. From Gary& Frnces Jpnes

    We have been watching Day,s for a lot of years and it is our thinking that if you go with the Will gay story line , the first time it is on the air will be our last time for this show , If you look at the viewer polls you might wonder why ! your in last place .

  73. From dee

    please, tell me days of our lives isnt going off the air? i read it on line.iam about to have a stroke over this ive been a fan since the age 9 with my gramma now iam 47 …. it my stress relase from my kids and husband and house work and work….

  74. From Dar

    I think the whole “Rafe thing” is lasting far too long, as usual. I agree with the “put more happy stuff on the show, there’s enough sadness in the world” comment!
    Why not make Rafe & Sammy the new “Happy,stay-together couple” for a few years, at least?
    I think Faye’s ghost should haunt Robo-Rafe, Stephano,and E.J for awhile. Bo & Hope bore me!
    Nicole should run right to Sammy with her new info. about Rafe! Why do the writers have to drag things out for so long? I’m glad they’re not writing movies! Sometimes, I get so bored with the show that I tape it and Fast forward through most of it, or I don’t watch at all for a few days. Come on writers, step it up a bit!!!!

  75. From Kay

    I love what Nicole is doing. I didn’t like how they had Nicole not knowing what was going on between EJ and her sister. Nicole is alot smarter then that. Nicole is a good actress and I love when she gets back at EJ. I think she should tell Sami what happen and the two of them work together against EJ and Stephano!

  76. From Mary

    Bring EJ and Sami back!!

  77. From EjamiFan

    Given how they started, I tried very hard not to be an Ejami fan, but once they broke up Lucas and Sami, I didn’t like her with anyone but EJ. I agree with the other poster about the bad boy thing – that’s probably why I like him, and I know I shouldn’t. But last summer when EJ and Sami were having a romance, I was glued to the show (mind you via websites cuz I work, which i sure hope they factor in when they cancel shows) Absolutely glued. Since they’re finally giving up on Taylor, maybe this will work out for Ejami fans. I would love to be glued again.

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