Days Of Our Lives Poll: Kate’s Options.

The future of Kate.

Since it looks like that Philip won’t be sticking around Salem for long, certainly not in his current incarnation, it that means that Kate might not have any children of her own to meddle with. So what will she do with all that extra time on her hands?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. If you don’t see the answer you would have given, feel free to let us know what you would have voted for in the comments section.

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  1. From Clear

    Kate could work with Stephano, but I would like to see her go after Vivian and one up her!

  2. From Casey

    Still don’t understand — WHY IS PHILIP LEAVING?? Hope it’s his choice and he has a great job waiting for him. Can’t think of any other possible reason.

  3. From Jenn

    I would like to see Melanie seeking revenge against Kate because she will blame Kate for her miscarriage.

    I feel you Casey about Philip…boooooo!

  4. From Rhonda

    I would like to see Kate & Victor together. And as far as Phillip and Stephanie good bye! Their story lines are borning!! But I wish they would keep Nathan and put him with Melanie. I am curious to see who will be Melanie’s new boyfriend?! They need to take off Chloe too! Also, I think they should bring back originals and stop bringing in so many new characters, true days fans would be more supportive if it were oldies and not brand new ones that last a few months.

  5. From Annie

    I am sick of Nathan!!! The stirrers need to hold him accountable for his actions!! He’s not a stand up guy!! And he’s ugly!! I hate his character!! He strung Stephanie along, would have cheated on her if given the chance, and disregarded the fact that Melanie was a married woman! I want the writters to have Melanie put him in his place, and call him out as not being the perfect guy he’s made out to be, and tell him to take a hike!!! I want her and Phillip to work it out and and then find out that Parkers paternity tests were screwed up by Kate (for revenge on Chloe) and not just
    mrs. Brady, and Have Danial be the real father afterall !!! But Nathan needs to GO!!!! His character is too annoying, needy, and desperate!!!!

  6. From leanne

    They need to replace phillip, lucas is gone again phillip has a
    strong role on this show & for him
    to leave his son just seems so wrong if it was jays choice to leave fine. Then replace him so parker has a mum & dad whether there together or not dosnt matter he needs to be on the show.He & mel are finished but being a dad he needs to stand up be a good dad.

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