Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For February 24 & 25.

Chloe in crisis.

Chloe continues on her downward spiral of manic depressive momdom. When things get life threatening the big guns are called in when she attempts suicide. “Please let me be wrong about this,” Philip says as he jogs after her. He lurches in to try and rescue her and lashes out at his mother for messing around with the diva’s life. Melanie has a tantrum when she sees him acting so protectively over Chloe.

“I am furious!” Jenn barks at Daniel, but, as is usually the case in Salem, ranting and being argumentative is a sign of affection. The doctor and his patient grow closer and she encourages him to continue playing a role in Parker’s life. While the doctor contemplates that, Hope is busy wondering what she will do with her life now that she has it back. It turns out that returning to the Salem PD is not among the available options because she’s not allowed back. Roman will have other things on his plate than doling out news about her job prospects though. Rafe uses a stolen cell phone to get in touch with him.

At the wedding, Elvis and Taylor manage to stifle themselves and hide their shock that they are now face to face again. He goes ahead and marries Nicole, but can’t keep his eyes off of her sister. It doesn’t take long before the bride realizes that something is seriously askew and demands some answers. “I would like an explanation,” she says. As her husband and sister stutter through one, Abe takes Chad aside and advises him that he’d be better steering clear of his newfound family.

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  1. From Donna Bilodeau

    When is this story line going to quit tormenting Sami Brady and her family. They have tortured them for years and enough is enough.It is time for Sami to be happy.Tired of Nicole ending up to look like the rose of it all.

  2. From dc

    yes, daniel should be a “big” part of parker’s life, since chloe is going off the deep end and philip is leaving the show.. maybe he and carly can raise parker, or even melanie since she is gonna lose her baby..
    and please let rafe be able to contact someone with that cell phone that he stole..

  3. From Precious

    Daniel should have some place in Parker’s life because he once loved Chloe and the boy is named after his side of the family. Chloe needs some help for her postpartum depression, and Phillip should help her through that, despite what Melanie might think. I am glad he steps in after his mother would do such a dastardly thing as to try and take Parker from Chloe…how ridiculous is that? I believe they will replace Jay’s part in this soap with someone new, because he is too important to just fade away..or another scenario could be that Phillip takes Parker and leaves town…away from his mother Kate and Victor, so they NEVER get their hands on the child. It is, after all..Phillip’s child!

  4. From Tess

    I think it is horrible the way the slut Melanie and Kate the witch are so mean to Chloe. Do the writers of this show know how horrible post partum depression is? Obviously not. Come on, show some empathy please!
    And that Taylor is another slutty bitch. Get rid of her please!! How can she be all over Elvis at her sister’s wedding. Talk about nauseating to watch.

  5. From Sandy

    If Stefano keeps taunting Rafe the way he is, Rafe is going to put some serious hurt on him if he ever get’s his hands on him. In this case ‘words matter’ and Stefano tormenting Rafe is the worst kind of torture.

    Hint Hint Chad’s comment about dungeon’s and secret path ways in the DiMera Mansion leads me to think he will see for himself that it’s true. Chad cleaned up very nice for the wedding and he works so well with Johnny. Two real cuties.

    Today is the day Chloe crossed over the line with her depression. The scene’s of her hearing Parker cry when he wasn’t was very hard to watch. Although we know she doesn’t jump into the river with Parker….just seeing her standing there on the pier asking for Gods forgiveness was very emotional. Nadia did a wonderful job with these scene’s.

  6. From melissa

    Realistally speaking! No Danial is NOT Parkers farther!!!! That’s just setting people up with false hope!

  7. From Dolly

    Dr. Dan has been saved from Chloe, he should keep running fast and far.

  8. From Lisa

    I think Nadia is doing an amazing job as crazy Chloe!

    I can’t belive Melanie would think Chloe is a wacko..yes she is in a way..I will hate her tomorrow ( Melanie )

    Chad will have to listen to what his brother in law say…

  9. From Lisa

    I wanna barf, rolls my eyes out on EJ and Taylor and Nicole today..

    I was rooting for REAL Rafe to call his father-in-law ( I saw it on Day ahead )!

  10. From Just Moi

    I don’t think Melanie she be within 10 feet of that baby, never mind raise him. Other than the fact that she is married to Parkers father, she has no right to the baby at all. If Phil wants to take custody and Mel stays with him she can be part of his life, but she has no rights to the baby and has no right to go for custody.

    I also agree that Nadia is doing a ggreat job with her story as well as Galen with his role…see what happens when the writers give these actors a story…we learn how great of actors they really are!

  11. From SL

    i think chloe is doing a wonderful job with the post-partum story line- it is a problem that should be focused on – beats yet another kidnapping or who’s the daddy storyline. I’m rather anxious for Melanie to be done with Phillip though – time to move on –
    kind of surprised that salem pd doesn’t have a job opening for a convicted felon! they seem so forgiving! I think hope needs to go out on her own as a PI – Bo could quit pd and join her and it would be a way for them to get close again…

  12. From Onna

    Philip and Chloe are so sweet together. He really cares for her well being. Great actors.
    I hope Daniel sees the different side of Melanie and realizes she is not perfect. I hope he finds out Melanie’s part if driving Chloe over the edge. I would like to see Daniel forgive Chloe and treat her with respect, whether they reconcile or not. His past is not better – Melanie’s either.

  13. From Leenda

    I believe that Rafe will attack Rafe 2 and switch places in the cell, pretending he’s the faux Rafe. A way to escape…

  14. From nita


  15. From cookie

    Does anyone recall that Chloe’s paternity test results have been changed so many times, it wouldn’t surpised me that he would actually end up the real father! I don’t recall a blood test being taken since the baby was born? Anybody have some insight on this one?

  16. From cookie

    Daniel that is….could he still possibly be the real father?

  17. From sheryl

    After 35 years I’m done!!!! Same old stories…

  18. From nance

    I totally agree with Donna B. Writers, you need move forward and away from the DiMeara-Brady feuding which has been going on for the last 45 years!! Geez! Get over it already and get a little more creative, will you PLEASE?!

  19. From Maria

    I think we may all be over looking something with Daniel and Chole’s little Parker… What IF when the results were switched, Parker really IS Daniels son??? Has anyone else thought about that? I am so sick of the writers on how they keep the drama going with Chole, Sammy and Rafe…Stop will you!

  20. From kay ess

    Wow! My dad had an artificial leg and he never would have jumped in the water with it on! What was Philip thinking? Take that puppy off first so that you don’t both drown!!

    And why does Daniel still wear his wedding ring?

  21. From Mary

    I’ve enjoyed Nadja’s (Chloe) acting lately. What a terrific job she did portraying a mom with PPD. It’s a shame the writer’s won’t delve more into Chloe’s PPD battle and allow her to bloom.

    It would have been nice to see her overcome Kate and Melanie’s plans to destroy her motherhood.

  22. From Janiebell

    3 times I have posted and not got posted. 3 times this is getting tireing. There never was any new D N A tests done after the first test was “tamperted with”. So yes, Daniel could and should be Parker’s dad. There should be new D N A done to prove Danel the dad.

    It was aBrave acton Phillip’s part to rescue Chole from the waters and get her to the hospital.

  23. From Nancy

    Where was Parker’s socks….poor little thing outside with a little blanket. He is so adorable. I’m surprised that Daniel is still wearing his wedding ring….

  24. From Mania

    So sick of Dimeras same old storylines and always having upper hand. How they are treating real Rafe hard to watch. Please end this quickly with consequenses for them and please dont use drugs to erase real Rafes memory as seen in spoilers let him back to Sammy and two of them turn tables on wacko Rafe 2 & Dimeras

  25. From Janiebell

    I haven’t noticed Daniel’s hands; could be he is stil lwearing his weddingring because he still loves Chole. Love can stand a lots of pain and still not go away; just the person is afraid to trust the other person, so they shut the other person out. Daniel could learn that Parker is his son, not Phillip’s and Daniel could come back to Chole and they could raise their son Parker together.


    I want to see EJ and Taylor together. Nicole needs to be with Brady and Sami needs to be with the real Rafe. EJ needs someone who will be true to him and that is not Sami who whines all the time or Nicole who stays drunk and hops from man to man.

  27. From Dani

    You would think that Daniel would be more forgiving for the affair Chloe had with Phillip. Did Daniel forget that Chole was married to Lucas when he started the affair with her.

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