Days Of Our Lives Video Promo: EJ And Nicole Are Married.

“You may now kiss the bride.”

Things get awkward as Taylor watches her sister marry the man of her dreams.

Check out this sneak peek at Thursday’s episode and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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  1. From Sandy


  2. From jme

    This is aweful. Who decided to to this. Poor Nicole gets pimped out by her dad and then her sister with the easy life is getting the attention of the man she belongs with. Who writes this. Nicole needs a break and for someone to truely loves her for once. EJ and Nicole always seemed perfect for eachother. She was finally getting it together and now they want to mess her up again.

  3. From dc

    talk about weird. i can’t believe ej or taylor never knew who each other was..
    they sure gave each other the glance..
    here i am again on my “soap box”. get this rafe 2 off the show and FAST, I MEAN FAST. i am wanting the “real” rafe back with sami ASAP.
    the writer who thought up rafe 2 was just crazy.

  4. From Lisa

    Who the heck cares..EJ needs to get out of Salem!

  5. From Eileen

    So disappointed this is the direction the story is going. Always will be an Ejami fan no matter how much TPTB try to destroy them.

  6. From Lee

    How can EJ be the “man of Taylor’s dreams?” They’ve known each other all of 2 seconds. Nicole going back with EJ was the biggest mistake of her life. She belongs with Brady,period.

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